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Monday, March 5th


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Hey Charlie Daniels on the hotline right now legendary multi platinum Charlie Daniels I got. Lucky enough to meet Charlie. Com downtown Kansas City at the end of the big motorcycle event. And he in my discipline to his bus and he sat there and and we just spoke and you know it's not often you get truly starstruck. But you know who's looking at Charlie I'm looking at that I kind of big beard that it. And he's just talking to me and Mike. I've spent my whole life would do well I mean like an old friend like an old friend I'm telling you man. I mean. I went back with a bunch of old Charlie Daniels has had that until you forget how great a lot of names don't mean like really just. Rock and roll it and that so he's got a great event happening with some other friends of ours let her smoke. And of course are Brothers and Skinner to Billy Gibbons and easy topic it's a tribute to Charlie how great is ethanol onto your gym Wednesday night in Nashville. Born October 28 in Wilmington, North Carolina. He's a musician who got his start playing sessions in Nashville for the likes of Bob Dylan before. We're launching your career that has found them releasing numerous gold and platinum selling albums. Grammy for his record for example went down to Georgia as well as being inducted into. Ole opry in the country music hall of fame but in this Wednesday artists such as my queries globe. This easy Thompson Billy Gibbons and many more will pay tribute through volunteer jam twenty in Nashville from. Please welcome music legend Charlie Daniels. Charlie how he bit. I'll follow all the things that. Couple budget gap I don't. I don't know what are you. You tell you what man I'm I'm excited for you Charlie this is big run. A number years volunteer jam and that some of our friends and Blackberry smoker playing in Skinner of course Billy Gibbons and a ton of others but. I didn't realize that Charlie's stop are you know from what we're smoking you were friends and you knew each other. Oh yeah I get a lot hurt them that it fact of the show that was the reason I didn't play as a tribute show. It is the end of employee. As they are just Turkish special and I always double play older get one. The front side if they did in Atlanta for a understood better. At blackbird well whatsoever I had never heard of the Ford power couple but I get per flight that was changed. I would probably should always thought this battalion. That was started by the ultra change we have we have a finished it and you know it's changed or. Registered great are great but I had that their debate got a tremendous. Following insult at all sure what was that all people. Well and you know from your mouth to God's ears and didn't you know music you know music is as well as anybody in Nashville could ever know music. And in a bid makes me proud formed here you said that because I think those guys hung the moon they're one of the most talented songwriting bands. Incredible players and I mean everybody in that band isn't. They are they like a setup of the first outlet for locals who won't be any course and it got back. Downloads of being picked by political play right now I am but I have always thought he. I think the F. It just COPEL the neat thing about they think they cover so what is different aren't just being you. Could put out will appreciate it original article was. I have to play a variety of music I want application a national affordable and both guys. What national air space Soviet republic it was a 00 no I never underage girl just about garbage is concerned. He has no concrete. And I knew exactly what this comment suggestion out there. It's like. Understand that we could have been well. A sort of collaboration but quite opposite view it that they understand this she's definitely got all the. They make it says it is so I consideration they put their fiscal first or they could finish. Well just like you have Charlie and you joined the show the great the legend. Charlie Daniels. You you never fit into a mold sometimes it was country sometimes it was rock and roll sometimes it just somewhere in between and people liked it it didn't need a name. All we usually get this solved long cold if it were a couple of double I'll probably go. If you were trapped it might face certain solvable certain genre she broke a focal quote lobbyists trying to stick to watch Corey. Let me quote critic so wouldn't worry about Florida for court you are such as critical carcass into our. Guess it is important to think accommodation of all the professional partial. Just a way to go. It probably didn't that's that's what they keep the dollar buyout is. Right is because people. I mean a lot of us may June through devil went down George would you let me go back like long haired country boy would you be covered by rockets and well I might add. Uneasy rider I mean just huge start think about that. It's still in Saigon which. Is I mean that's still a heart wrenching song I mean it still appears. That would take. And I wish I thank you Earl of American history. Our soldiers they've ever been treated. The way this. They were treated equally important they came back from Vietnam but the disrespect to dictators or shall post questions overall. Or I assault oddly well. It. I don't so I did not quite as complicated if a couple different directions. That was a little apprehensive about recording this because it's the biggest hit service that I ever present. I'm never sure that it all. Anybody what service did not look like I was also called for a place are also about the result ball (%expletive) out of court or yes go. I was always I do it because technical ratio will eat their currency appreciate you appreciate. Good reputation and cattle understandable. It would solve. Well are they didn't it was it was just a couple people use this as petrol. For making a lot of people. If any as should mean that that is one of the great lyrically and I know you didn't personally relevant. I mean it is such a great powerful song and as a guy I've been to Vietnam. And another obviously in the orbit just to do walking to see that I've been through the Hanoi Hilton and and in Scientology try to get a better grip of one Arba a poor boys went through and and and what they were thrust into the middle of and then you know they would come home and in his shoes you know it's. I don't believe that everybody was against war would would treat a soldier badly but he be the one does it's it's one too many and so those those stored. Understanding how popular little bit of the partial withdrawal there are perishable or go at all it would it was so I think. Tackle our politicians and our media it you know great big thing Gaza belt if upstart that what is what followed. The fact that it's simple pop art feel fit and I'll let you know how. And just how little they're extremely pleased god didn't warn her and her camp is no organization stations that there. The common sense in this world Charlie. Francisco Yahoo! is there an integral. Yeah okay think this should be a personal point oh you know all all of so well. What without. Quote that I achieved because if people are current and Qatar are those ghetto. There are kind of democratic eldest socially engineered it should anything jitters just how all the things is that people are getting recruited I don't want Erica polish up courses. It's just figured out pork open. I understand it I'm calling card good for certain what has society it is being quiet the final purpose let us. Great goals or they hit Chris just this is just. This country has decided that he has. It doesn't display it. Be eighteen years not Coppola I'd ever do it like this like art and the other is 08. Depressed so common ground. That are put aside the politics of the race because they. Always of local police that this sort of there are so I'll let go out one little piece of copper glare there we're could still be began. There's like it's a concept that we all of Greenhill. And Coca married another girl. All the whole kernel level. Unfortunately these horrible things sometimes you're that it takes to do it for what everybody's. That we get out some of coffin going all that this perhaps a bit difficult I would love that place that we can't. Eleven. And the fans as they prepare for this little. Burger King court interpreter thought it was a good barking which has great quote perfect apple has occurred all all on the road. There are part of the finer person like he could not an American flag once he's a group oh I was so good airport. We are also common ground. Unfortunately. We're very simple work openly as. And hopefully it will not be so horrible situation are awaiting the concept of we all agree else. And it broke their. Yeah well listen you called it before when he wrote that in America you know. Cowboys and hippies a rebels of the yanks. I tried. Well if you get together. I'm a great. Listen I didn't give me the wrap let. I hope you have a great time Wednesday and add to your please tell Charlie historical for us and that enjoy it you've earned it and it. Anderson's glad he's still making music and that is still stop mother Sheila thank you very much. I.