Tuesday, March 6th


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I lose John and it course seven best eat it they're going to be on the and to show and the brand new album coming out policies war may eleventh. In that post and up and I love that the other side the FaceBook is. You do stay in touch with people. I so. Bush might make my dear friend Whitfield crane Ugly Kid Joe another animal when he had the band was based on God's mad that Sally. You know the life of agony he's done a million fantastic projects. And I you guys men and a good job. So all of a sudden it pops out. We Jeanne. I love that guy tell my single clothes my hit metal balls well. So seconds later a video on my what's that. And as musings on there. So straight. Forget that this solemn and Matalin a live and half an animal. So fantastic memory stuff. And it's a band called yellow cake and he's this is not released yet it's sick. And that it leaves me. A sweet message norms and arguably if you guys. The sugar we create here Melbourne Australia so the above musicality is yellow cake it's project two and and Australia. On the tour with the kids you know. Interrupted April summit opened up for myself but it. But anyway the first song suppression SATA the second song is I shouldn't microscope and Ross Wilson was two time rock and roll hall of fame. Master seven years old singing was being Connecticut Monica. Third song or fourth rusher for the exits are because excelled at the end zone as but also because we. That has don't think tells us got big pipes so in the vs. Tapping into an issue W. Just as you know. 2008. Kansas city's only. You do LJ. More and good morning good morning. How about he holds and we Bob's sudden say hello to you below if you had said that you music gives you look into. Project all the way from Melbourne Australia. It's so crazy cool. You're not far as they get to. He's somewhere in there anywhere in the world would get a check tool or or personnel will be woosnam in a moment Polamalu want to bet we'll we'll hold. What about would be far it. These guys I told you meant. In earlier days like and it doesn't seem rapid Greg then that they were torn you know he and they don't I ask you permanently into the girl. Until liable the Florida hot dogs. Probably won't be that guy was great story. For the a lot of incredible. Now he's one of the of the best I just I was fantastic that he immediately was just like in Andover content to other LJ. So cool a little weird we always check back. Or you don't have we are struck. I'll tell you that I can take back before he had gone off the team as it worked. There was some pretty fine. Thank chemically fueled in the evenings and so I maniacal pontificating. Like we it is prime. Could give up on stand up on a bed with a bunch of girls that room with a whole bunch of talk and powder and and literally go for 45 minutes not taking a breath. I can't believe it's not welcome fit at all. Hello we do what you. Some good right at this as I assume this is definitely won't give us one track off the new album I. You know what we haven't talked everything you've been so close or. With book fighter bowl scoreboard and we have a lot of victories coming out so try to believe up to this all right. They're happy with what's formal kick out of course you pictured with the Q you don't stop all the things we could may eleventh thing. We went through LA a bit of video of you have history that it won't be really happy about that. Signing with lies records would definitely help. I opened fire under the banner it's really exciting to be back at all. Well some people that are behind it will defend victory also a lot of victories to expect it to your. I can't wait to get back here for laughter applause for. We have got that we're we have today by the way. I this the week we'll let you figure you know Aziz and went out spring training I saw that you're the only great. Picture this then there is a you know it's like oh you go oh you're all having dinner. But look at it. There who about free trade him I've never experienced that matter to create so many people. All just there for that event which you think about it these people come there and somewhere where they're probably never get cute teen plaguing not achieved so the latency. A day every day we get from your favorite team around the world and these kids will line that's little more income of shredding trees so. Flew below the flaws flaws and who if you pop culture. Very well. Windshields. You would you'd want he would you be using rosy using losing. We'll let you using decay right. Everybody you can be can you believe that there. He's. Accelerated rate you won't be long when well what we can't wait release brought it up. So we didn't the other night you and I Jamie in my control and it says he didn't actually firmer greens everybody in that can bet that really that got him quick didn't it. Our goal but it it hurt at six. It would betray move separate you know the gentlemen or ladies were all right. Who can wage doesn't posters who Kagan and up Jake can unseat. And being lovely and I don't know what exactly I believed in everything sort. But look I'll remember look you know rich you knew you had your say it in your hands. Hopefully he wanted to beat anybody else who brought what happens there. So when Jerry was throwing at. A steak knife and incredibly nice very heavy steak knife at the ceiling and there was an open area there which is gonna shoot that with Barnes they can somebody's head I was like. They're you're doing now. We'll what are we doing now you're ready for something not to be cool. You guys just can't there's always your resume we're Niger bonnets and we had the basement. And they grow there aren't. When they grow drowned her drag dig in their own it just says so stuff really fresh organic stuff for the occasion is an amazing show is famous chef was it wears a writer Brian. I think who lives. What a cool place man in the states are great all we've been so well loved that stuff. I think we've taken some of them and I'll wait to eat this console thank you guys very much. They're mashup abuse control about. I Steele who served. I think so you know we did shut down the girl remember when we're down dip in editorial about it before we are ready to go. By the way I was before just failing to sassy and knocked them both down on the sidewalk. There into a bit of it if that's the kind of order great. Yeah that they just can't get that get fast. But it always says mentally ready for the spring that I know we talked about Iran test but let's get the important stuff out of the way are you win or are you win. Well okay the awarded for heroic you know I'll leave a hole the first seven vessel from beyond all from here. Until April 20 we are big girls is that what ought to debt plus. Bearing rock and all the way through to the last show which is genes that. Mess hit or miss in a while to get would. Let's Bob Mozilla and see where he's at I mean that's early but if we do the we can before I mean I'm will be doable we could we be cash and whether. Well just let me know storm although you know little achy body where it all off. You know do a little lucky we'll see gentlemen picture got it and after that after June 2 mall together we have a few the few weeks off before we start back up. Well maybe that'll be a big Jeremy promises to bring his. Throwing state throwing knives. All right here's. Throwing his knives right. Make your Medicare you have to keep up the same level of government curable all that we'll open Dillon has. They are welcome somebody doubt there is to give up its. Really clear bullet you're like oh god everybody how good I think probably the language that they're like yeah we're quote. Yeah. It's great for the storm spared everybody out clear out at me but how reasons not just going to be a big I stick. I'll wait let me tell you what happened but I Obama played yesterday in the HR block our hopes. And you know when you land the phone comes back in the service well and make it billion tracks that we could do about that the Beijing goes. Everywhere grad about. All of you media that particular of the showed I don't know exactly on the show it's going to be a great fight for your goals to how I can which he won't won't find your finger that I won't. Walking years ago so yeah we'll go do other low level all the bad develop all the to be a sudden this severely in the school's almost first album in my home crowd you know look all you got it. Well I. Is the Colombians like. Like I read some rising and I like ten years is is been fantastic but under oath is gonna smash it and now that that's what a great we're entirely on the stage. Heavy bag love it yeah it's great they'll get itself together I got political and beat way fit. This way because less than replace the speedway. It was a thunderstorm even longer loved motorcycles around attracted you to be credible. They would he do that again one day in future lol like to be back elect someone to tell us that. Don't go over eight would be fatal don't go pick it up are well balanced ballclub they definitely look over bike. We work we are racing and then it turned it went from being in front of the pace car to unite us and we're gonna race each other. But yeah. That's what bad influence on each other anymore and that night that storm that came and the footage style that you guys and then we will talk about this is this what a great band does. You know it's not that huge storms coming in the crowd wants to see if it's it's the night before the Sprecher that that we give the Sprint Cup race. And instead of it you're going to pieces they're mad at the cameras out let's shoot this and in the funny that came out was phenomenal. All man let me tell you I can tell the story goes quick pat. Being on the table book that stake in this blog often. We're on the walk to talk that you're able to do and we ended contribute what he saw me Wear the more thunder lightning. If crazy we colossal statement everything is more than it guys you'll recognize what birthday. And the UK all the Berkeley. And the confetti bomb went off in our member or Raymond didn't pull all of. What would really the purposes although autism slashing almost take on the lanes lawsuit. Well book. That was not a good dynamic ram back in a fault at all for that I'm Salt Lake which mobile energy was good at what you Diaw or crude. But football about. You emotions ran high and believe. I may or may not had a near altercation with somebody on the crew. I think in the metropolis. Well you want to speak about what you look. A separate Quebec Britain depth and along with also is. It was the most such a powerful magnet and that's you know this whole thing was seven dust is you know we joke around about it. Having great times meeting in and spending a lot of time together but in the end. You know the reason you guys hear it because it that this band is just an unstoppable Bowen and it is it's never lost on me. How he does continually concatenated music it's always fantastic and nobody and I feel bad. This you have to follow you guys who tell us and he's you know Motley Crue. That sink down without a doubt the biggest man in the eighties know there's just no. That's respected Morgan my drummer. Actually in Bob Barr and his hand on the set all where the station more than with a woman came upon an alternate bill there. No small the world is now my my buddy burned and all of a it's deep in my but. It was a hero yeah I was Byron yeah and that's my old roommate. And if his defense I shouldn't say it like that Tommy will tell you he put his hand in the wrong spot and it missed his Q and that's how he got hurt. Dale we've heard this story will be AFC a small world actually able to cool singer. And eventually open you know what we know each other it's cool web site at the pleasure to be Allstate will vote cast at all. I've done it you know I read of the pioneers of that already get all its you know story that. I think walked forward and cheered you'll want to achieve good too to do about and to be like we also force the school experience. Well that's it and that's what makes it fun I envy you guys you can to walk up there you know with a ten foot penis because you know. Without fail. Like you can follow any bands and you don't funny man and they have to be have to deal with what just happened on that stage and I remember watching an element we're. Washing the other bench just lose their minds watching seven does because you know you hear it's always been mutually. You know respected but old they love watching you guys I mean friends from you know Morgan gives it to you knew it everything in between it is an unstoppable lab band. All of that now we know why didn't they irrigate it you know we like do. People at. Don't let Cutler and we've still got a little zen. It's a real tocchet for you guys you really don't like it. Yeah I think it. And are like little dollar bump looks. Craze that takes me all the way back to Lionsgate are you. Well it. This is going to be the video never put the video and wall. She's playing tour and so many people want it bad about your post about all or cool song. So when I when one guy was all jerky and mice programs like it's about respect then you've told before you do that I'm like oh my god you think we just walked on the landscape I'm. In blue velvet would get us a photographer with this week that people wearing horse adds the fat Elvis and twelve. It's always warm guys got to be division fact. Yeah. I'm like well Chauncey simmered down this golf digest. Is a once you set it up with a whole umbrella I need be we didn't explain the flame thrower but in my defense I said we might take a shot with a little pyro. Every bit hectic it is that it that well. They're everywhere law. Here we as. I don't know that there's ever been in time we didn't end up in some sort of trouble. I'll tell you don't always teetering on the air you know we'll build up but the fact that all good I wonder or they're very true man. I check it out can't wait for everybody to see what seven look up companies who would come to campus because he isn't going to be good because hot right now. Course you know and a little talk with decent and everybody does it didn't put additional guy loves release. Really try to cannot make sure you mortal are opening week. Shirt it absolutely is RG BZ I know that'd be great doesn't geysers and you know I know no complaints are. Our problems this year. More and police say you're a beautiful his wife is now that as a human being well. I yeah I mean we heard the moonlight bunny ranch at the brothel my phone rings and I see. Do what. If you. She was there I was so well. The phone rings I. Can't see I see your you're once they can mob informant oh so I hit because you know I. If I almost panicked and she is on the country we shouldn't be using her grandfather. And there's a dog out there. Who's running a Vanilla country road he's gonna get hit if she's on Haiti. You know you know some people just BCA what can I do and in Reno is she's out there corral in this dog and making sure it doesn't get hit mention that don't get home that day. Like we will also a million phone call she's coming back she's out there watching this dog. Finally and then the neighbor that I don't know if you don't investment. She's just such a genuinely good human she is actually the person stops to help. Okay let me give you different scenario about the sport yeah. Ask. As the ball bouncing around all want to law. And so meanwhile. That morning I remember that Bible for our from the old older dog intention or rail that it could mean why did they can be put off. Pay it. There might want to be which we eat the apple face okay. They're ball is in the middle of the cemetery with my wife. In the double game. I'd doesn't look that look like he met little under sawed off felt funny in the whole time. I'm chief told the story about a hobby because I know that you got there on your that you somebody Ramadan. They keep all too well. How involved in here based on the air like when you talk to doctor. Yeah. That's all the that would but it all came together like what you're talking about your arm Kuwait. There are still below if you guys have merit me even in the middle of what you don't. Your check in or would it take the dog and everything actually turned out great. But people that she met their senators have double layered. And put the ball okay. And they weren't able to keep your book. Certainly brother I believe was able strict but also the dog that we got a picture. Well the ball will reduce family and there are other ball in the bad under well since. You know made everybody happy about Obama I think on the cap it we were able to find somewhere that vulnerable because that's all follows headed this way we'll. Go right to left in the game when you know what happens we've always was an amen you know if you're ever out. And anything goes wrong and all you need the Ali and his call to get that phone tell Richard Nash knows. So I thought I had that Palin moment because I realize oh god damn it it eat into she's built a I'm not a bar a couple thousand miles away so Marty my role thanks to a brutal another angle beat somebody effort. But. I got a call we've got guys that. Got a guy could be called don't be like yeah we're grateful fair to say so what did you ever felt so hopefully we'll. I'm picture Waldo on the worst period of corporate uncle not to let don't wanna play edit that out but why. Let let me have you had a bit hectic you what to do while he was bad building so it. Hey when you listen Hoff by the way if you are whose birthday party here a couple of cute he's going that's actually that's his cool. Already that I couldn't won't be guys feel lost rant. You are full of that there's no chance she won't put your head off and take it down the street. Don't we talked about it with Putin's important that the court that you're not corporate structure to go all that typically you know of course there's ago it. I don't know poll and we'll. I'm about out of it out of collect about pay very weird well. It is we've yet. I'll do just about thousands and and relentless decision Madrid's best thing yeah. You know we don't really do anything about thanks Dave but to really make that even better. I'm leaving the next morning to go to a brothel cheese like hello. Well I don't have formed an eight foot. She's like why you call me ten times a day a month I don't know because. I guess what's just if I'm not doing anything wrong record record restrict what that's not conflict. Mardy every. Second though yeah now constant feast on obviously your homes like these face and everything you're. What we worry about it doubt it was a good what it really wasn't it was a lot. Oh you know I think before I'll always go one Fiat you know recently conditional say that's almost so people. It's something to talk what they are we're paired up if you look at everyone talks about knowing how cool their that I think that's what people. As I cannot wait to hear the new album all I see is war may eleventh it's close really collects. Wanna know what you guys have done the job like you know I'm very excited because it's such a weird time. In this world is so divisive and everybody's got an opinion that may center dictum each other that I think it fuels bands like yours you know. Absolutely have to realize that we memorable quote carpet out serious should completely billable swallow the world. And as far as that all those. But they're closer or a loved one of these pubic children playing in this world. Bob how and that you know that no one does with what also the citizens of the children. Well we almost need that we've known each other so the cost feature over at all circles. Well he's cute golf school in Boston to new law that you know that's what they see it and that's what's form alternates oral well. I kind of or like it's stalled energy and maybe local wanting to get out of that we've got you can't get struck so beware. Now we have to make it feel how terrifying it is you know. For you and as a father would you looks. It it you beautiful children and their their perfect innocence and they're taking care and every fashion nothing bad ever gets near him you know and there's only eat you know. We all grow up that we all have to get some freedom and they're gonna what this world that's got to be is a father just. God didn't gut wrenching. All of them all and you know this Jerry this evening as we look very probable. Even with kids in school eleven. You know itself. If we can you know about something ball Lauren we can't live your vehicle we've got to be aware Marshall on the and shot prepared him or agree that might come along to make sure that they are sacred and hopefully now. And it's Jake is heartbreaking he and his wife bought these kids bulletproof backpacks and other. 00. And I just is said and I'm glad he didn't. But it just makes me he said. Why he had not heard about that saw but I do know that they were available already wallets crazy that you know what I did that get prepared. And that's how the people might feel like K people say April and may look for the walk mammals all week you launch catered. And distracted. Or may not believe him think about the reason that they're mourners to mark so you know that's that's. It's crazy the other thing couple's children choose what they are all capable enough. Members you know what will re afraid the blue too it's almost 121000 flag in the hallway yeah. We'll let you know. If you don't get along at all. I was afraid. Jim 'cause my Medford didn't come in early. It if it's a 1006. I. Other mobile world because never did like you go always hear me series I'll to see all of my adult you know maybe birthday. I don't look afraid of that but I just didn't know you know because some guys who I was always. Sure god yeah well. Member mr. in like July. Yeah you'll lose your words you're a judo champion. I think you'll be ripped my idea at all and we had a great all grown up all of yeah. I rendered in getting my ass kicked. It. We have ever had to do a lot of fight in school where I think that we have a lot of who got the. I do remember one believe. Or you don't refugees football team with me. He would always. Be the guy that would all walked on all you don't think it will group prepared to be involved in the rock and roll he didn't like that might want to make on the golf. I remember the one time that. I've followed them fight the whole way this guy always talks. Oh look let's keep we beat yuppie. I have met who thought he could put all the smoke smoke smoke that you live there one day that's one day we're in the hallway by ourselves. It we get where Eagles total what is now is not that they want going all in that Russian broke you don't. Let me fill you let me tell you what. Rifle for being an odd my body had almost July almost shaky ones that didn't really go down already think maybe I just twisted game completely wall. They never bothered me because we have people we gave me ask you what we're desperate well I got certain. I don't know what just happened it's. I would. OK we were you bothered you the red Alfredo one basic facts about. And the guy's a CNET looking your eye when you walk up on that stage like that. You know this there's another. There's another chapter in Saudi you today and I think that's what all great singers also is is always another cliche YouTube you have to get to walk up there. Definitely that you know who has like Tikrit Michael that looked only at my wife there'll be no well that's got to get open will get put under radical. I. Until I see your. A sushi at any age. She's still like it's a really isn't nice smile pretty face but her eyes start to narrow we bids are my pool we went to our football or. Yeah. Yeah. Let you all my love doom and Canadian kids school and it didn't. Then I just again congratulations and all I see war male of the comes out and of course June 2 Kansas Speedway seven dust on the main stage. And yet let's catch up against UMass and I love it. That's very very gentle always look you've been bare walls and it's better to always a great Mormon should be because I'll see off soon and thank you get the ball more harder from the band. We'll be a horrible offense beginning cannot wait off Casey love god.