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Wednesday, March 7th


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A French budget minister bay rays didn't show. You guys film self made millionaires just from their one of us think these guys are great guys. And that west Texas investors' club did Olympus of these he's trying to help people you shall love the way to. You know prosperity if you will you know does it takes a lot of work a lot of creativity you gotta be kind of fearless about the whole thing injured damaged. We got to be a little bit crazy attempted to jump off the deep end of this we all everybody dreams of not working for the man right where you all want to be free ever almost wanna be free but it. You live work and twice as hard as you ever would have worked for another version to a forty hours a Wii because it all falls on you can be stressful but if you successful. You know there's a lot. To be said for that and these guys are always doing something kickass America I spoke to bush briefly yesterday he was planning helicopter do you talk. Who want to edit in I don't know why but to lose it but Georgia. Next guest starred in Texas man who started working in their teens below. Who shafts but eventually realize that their larger than life. Isn't bad decisions and to become Stephanie multimillionaires. You've seen the stars of the see. Series west Texas investors' club. Every Wednesday. Series Christian bush please welcome. And what steal him. Brewster welcomed the show would tell my brother. We're gonna react and can push each pitch just tell me that you reflect helicopters and if you talk. All the way and all this way they eat in Wednesday and back to these. Well we'll get protective. Oh vote you to all. And you know we got there we had. But for now 300 rockets yeah late on a full load would that not fit well there are a lot. Back albeit not very. So today that I made it good but I. What why did you appear you know you fly a helicopter which is really hard I mean much but I think much harder than that airplanes it or not terribly fast and they're not extremely luxurious why why would you take it. Helicopter UW guide patient dropping it off. I would drop an adult we're. And no inspection. But I can't tell you what I gotta tell you ever look beautiful helicopter ride. That will be known in my lob it up there all the helicopter ride that country between here and you suck you off from the great days. That's awesome you know once I have other than trying to find the Bard Utah which was not the gracious speech remember head. It's a beautiful place to make some crazy Mormon drinking laws images and you know makes sense at all. They're for anybody who loves. Yeah yeah. Two when they're friendly when you get drunk you walk into one of the young Mormon stores and tell me one of my apparent magic underpants. No 100 up and yelled at main event they're friendly people I've ever met and it's not thought he'd take and where did what we are but we're not Jewish state. That's fine I just I prefer the word colorful for you guys. You know I thought it through a metal that help. If it. Hey out what you see those crazy ass ultralight experimental helicopters the mosquito they're the ones heaters. We're happy note I'm a little bit I'm not. I'll blog that any kind of Ellis got a bit. Whoa Bret Baier. Our party where welfare for anything it is that those Bret Baier Mike Madden Bob lucky dropped a lot eat a lot Saturday in and they are right. Actually. I thought well that's kinda low grade or did you have. Like to play powered parachutes as we built one it in my garage we built with a roach exclude tapping engine and it and number Americana deeper waiting. And I think they'll go to school looked like a lot well. Yes well you can drink the guy I live next to a landfill and we should go up and two for bringing cooler full of beer and recently got a little I'd be the front it'll be. Any avionics package and steer your feet. We drink beer and drop it in the landfill as we when we finish a six pack we go home. But there aren't salute go to court you finished our order is. Stupid completely. And that handled so that Anwar. But then again they don't mix you've got to be and you the F why we always that we and rule could responsible after three H we go back we didn't think twelve points. Didn't like about it. Thirty bear to coated it with us yeah. Ultimately what. It's the show going guys how much response been to west Texas. Millionaire Bob Bayer like everybody lodge where tech D'Alema blog which not very pure lack whitbeck but it's simple and it he is going all right. Luckily. The reason you're so I guess I really did it. Wait wait wait wait we came here I didn't we're not know dug up an Internet based. But I mean you know look like failure to connect temporary never did little loud unit labor leaders don't want people they wake up being me are. China share. Absolutely which is fine and as long as you guys you're crazy to get the views that's all I care but it's integration of that group. Well you know what what Baghdad root out we give them a lot of people that we think we're really proud of it it it. No matter what let the outcome particularly it. What I bit that we get a lot of people that cannot tell us that they. Or did they really liked it and it didn't mean tough and tall men in India in a different way to get. What a whole reality TV show mean people would. We've limo I think you're. That means but did anybody we've actually had a bet it's what kind of crowd to give up you know trying to make a statement saying in deliver that message. We'll do that across. You guys and look. We all need someone to root for and neat you know. When I see a guy and he's he's the X condescending or at least above people and wealthy you're not happy form and against a memo that before when she got a look at I don't. When one drink beer they're gonna handle that guy and he does well I root for you and I see him help others that I love the guy so yeah that that formula works because it's humanity. An advantage of that throughout the hearing that that. That reported about you know remain number wait wait to completely say no way we. Don't forget where you in our candidate or don't don't forget where you came from all we know we never left. Brad right that isn't why why would you its potential for people that are shaved to where they come from. God don't get it Leo emanated if you wanted to be we. We did happen and a good idea. And by the way here's my idea. Because Mickey just petty news article about drinking is to end and buying online stuff is is way way up it's it averages. Have been huge and I don't but pinball machine hammered one night. Hammered it. It. It gave us an again that I but let me do it. Over overly patient on the international flight because there's Wi-Fi for part of the flight. I imagine drink enough and by a Tesla coil and it showed my house I didn't remember buying it. Broader attack technical that it. Tickled the. Oil. Yeah I'm writing you predicted that it hadn't. It's yeah you knew what critical but well yeah and I couldn't get one back from the last relationships and getting new people or people. I. Do. Yeah. Let bullets I wanna I think I would benefit greatly and my credit card bill benefit greatly if there was a breathalyzer on my computer or make it. Well well well well if it did did that you know and I baited. They're every word that well thank you ought committee is debate me many if you had to be Dropbox. I'm being remotely not. A great job thanks a lot better than a rarity UPS guy I ran out there one day at the name are you here every single best. Yeah page a number I'll call and he's definitely amount so bad that word got the next guy out there and up my car down the street. In an eight probation he really pulled up next here. So. We have. Yeah you've been hit where it lay it up don't get out the route you love it may not play. So yeah. Oh yeah. Thank god day and we're not while I am not bought you know spending that amount that there's smoke. I. But I pulled my. To explain to a guy the other day isn't totally true register much and I got a call more of a guy who's bringing my free daily news. Yeah delivered to you again we talk about what exactly are these and and go well. A bunch way to tell because the company and one conference that there were water containers and those are 1973. Vietnam era propaganda bombs and you got forum and that there's nothing here. Oh. Well did. Get 308. And. Well when I did you know if I can email noticing you've got to we just did I just rebuilt a liquor cabinet out of the lead fabricated things and then open it up and then. Did shells on the inside you can open up to six foot tall bombs it's a real military bond is empty. And it isn't an old 60000 pamphlets incited so. The first quarter net so good we're gonna build 45 boards who gave did. Are you remember the army navy surplus they don't. No I'm not but I just gonna have to be. India and cheaper to do that opponent knew he would have deep now guys they're Brett your own argued it would work girl you'd get a good camp. They already hit me at all it. I'm not a big nose gear M commercial. Yeah wake up in the middle they don't like salt and I don't cannot wait gut bacteria to get started the morning and yet they live Merkel donor you not and it. And I get the ban all occurred with Britain and allowing everybody in depth with a crop walk the great job it's terrible. No I don't under I'm mad about it doctor Gartner Marines. We pillow. Man that's a good here. Here. It Annika did it all that I Altria Group it would wicca was bought morning. What took out an injured it mark strong and you're saying you feel your local guide me. Yes and yeah. I think that the yeah. It throughout greater. Sense that he saw the league's. Little bit. It pop pop pop up and. Yeah you guys Mickelson are we gonna complain to you bring your kids city or you go to Sturgis which will be of the motorcycle rally the full frontal saloon that. We gotta we gotta cross and that's an end fighting drinks and tell some lies. So little girl who. We'll come up there I'm glad they've really got going. In that my hero or bother me Allen about to go all the way do you go. Man I tell us. I look cooler to fly a helicopter I just did not them but man that's a that's a really complex. You know situation since it's hard. Yeah I've got an helicopter gridlock that won't let that that. You know if it can differ at all. You know right when you can protect what capital detectors they were capable of really good tactic story. You know what you know what when you really pictured here are really good. That story they also we did say no. All the best ones do all the best pitch to him no doubt. This EUS. Anytime and you know you're always welcome everybody AD tonight 9 o'clock it's time return but true. You know you guys feel like family already so we got to catch them. We are he won't guiding.