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Wednesday, March 7th

Emails, Who Sucks Less is back! Plus the Return of A Positive Drinking Story and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. I'm listening to. Overturn a positive great historian has drilled during Intel's with a shot of the day our question they get a bad. What did you find out after the fact the story comes to us from Alice in Minnesota. Several months and the relationship busy brand decided to peak indoor boyfriends wallets. On the one hand Richard Peterson was a godsend dad an Afghani veteran wrapped company. Political science doctorates at the university of Minnesota who is also divorced with kids at a motorboat governor bills when you lost your job as a flight it's in a blob of up. But there were things about this guy whom she'd met on our time dot com dating site for people in their mid life. But we are of you heard this no knotty problem of the first tenth of my life found an ID in the name of Derek myelin. Eldred. And and in this long piece that was in the Atlantic this guy is apparently just a serial con man to man with a history. Dating marrying women and stealing huge sums of money they wrote about him in the Atlantic. It turns out though by stealing from people savings and retirement accounts. Basically even know. A group of women after they got together one woman particularly had to know were arrested. Two women did meet up into stumbled upon an entire group of women who were conned by this guy. And the reality that this guy Al dread had not been charged for a crime tied to these women knew he reportedly stole over one million dollars from. It seemed to count on the fact that's with credit card abuse it's not often taken that seriously by law enforcement. When the victim and the perpetrators actually know each other sure but they were determined to take him down once they found out that it wasn't a one time offense everyone thinks it's a onetime fence. Since I you realize data god does you marry this guy he screwed you over he took off another villain in farms glad it's done with it it took 20000 dollars while luck. All got together what went on that thousand dollars into that sort of found reality that there's now I got a million bucks. I'm gonna battle did you find out after the fact a 44999. All I do like the fact that the guy kept them. Article written about him and an unflattering lighting kept the article. Folded up in his wallet as impressive. I'm just say I give it to meet in the FBI's reload for me because I've killed seventeen people. Across it like I wouldn't keep the local liberal about me I'm my wallet but that's just me. Hello to him welcome to the grown. And all. Yeah. Early on so I found out that Margaret Heyward a junkie. And I'm not Helen that today. I'm Al not a bloggers. But it might be the M and I had my body anywhere but I let. In the military at Lemmon I'm bay decided by about blue dot based in my next door neighbor boot used to live arm based. We used to hang out our old time what he wanted to make the money is so right. He could move in with me so ignorant then. I'm big and you know you can military's screen all of our and his girlfriend are you Florida she seems not science. Don't problems are also little go to street that one that certain but it chair that Barack. And I hey. Had to go and or nose surgery I think what my fourth warrant at the time Jesus. Resorting to this mergers. I had. I'd be equipped big armored door and spin off smack you baseman milk are quite sad and almost the Sunnis I don't know I just using good breathe through their. Yeah pretty much to set them and all that wrecked and so. They do but he built what have you and I set my alarm you know. Six hours take this many bills. And my wife comes home is like every time you are bought I ordered to acquire a lot of your tilt mr. You're taken more than you need it might now are not take my build back now. And were like well. They're in the medicine cabinet in the back lit everybody shares. Right okay so. I had a restriction bottle or. Seasick but still. It's so we take those still. Put him in my pain. Still bottle and put back in there are white marble column now. Well long story short about this chick was snort in my Tilton vote she sported a lot of busted that missed the. If you're not never say if you don't he got a toughness that day with that we. Are on sales of its regular breaks you resist. Rip it up so was it her or was that both of. No just Kirby because he you know he was still in the military and he still got tested and meet basically said hey. He told we we don't meet it entered are Kirk first confronted him but I think she's taken my stilts. And he looked deduct goes talks wrap our butts to the opera that Mike what are we not an act that's what else was Johnny listed hold it to. I oh look man and I've got an uncle I've got a dead eleven Florida. And as much as much as we know about week. In which we know different strains would different types of we do animals all these different things that probably the average person who never smoke we would just be like of course under earlier could result in you know we slogan dude what are. We know a lot more about that but when you go to floored the average person. During durden knowledge of pharmaceuticals. Is insane as Lauren how bad man my dad has a tackle box I'm not getting you a fishing tackle box. Full of drugs. Now we need another pills now. Do you how nice does he need what percentage of them I didn't don't know is how little surgery eyes and all kinds of surgeries but I mean like. He doesn't have one type of pain pill he's got nine. And the one type of pain Billy has he has it in five different milligram forms or time release form during. If it's humble we think if you're like. How do you know that if you weren't a pharmacist not gonna help. In a Florida they had some of these pain places for so many years labeling drive through their pay is good drive and a hell let's put if you radio host got busted doing a right right right individual drug plays and get their own thing from different doctors whenever but. I mean. I just it's wouldn't. Even my friends who are from Florida who don't do drugs know everything about prescription sure it's just what they do. I percent which is just Florida I guess to some crucial messages each too late the children are dealing Warner what you have been linked. I now I I have some friends of the family they're a little bit older. The only one waiting it's like she's like a heroin junkie but she's just she's supposed to be somewhere takes a couple of those pills and and she's gone but he likes nods off. Or even like my mom was in her kitchen I do are you a rapper. She's an what do you mean I do. I have a bottle of code changes sit now. He's confident. He's written snippets include which is Nevada and Alice glass of cold water helping other chains and retirement. All right you take a little waned now camera my digital sincere and I don't care and our primary ingredient bright and good looking up resolve Jimi Zhao reaches. Why don't ask her. Madly in a hotel but this is a bitter battle did you find out after the fact they for Ford nine I learn a lot. Hello O'Brien welcome to the men's room. Yeah okay. Well I got a story Korea aren't so I met this woman I won't say where because I give away too much and poked. But. These two full round species can give me some. I guess some I don't know how you say in summary don't know. You know or a laurel run fly it we will be that's why we can now configure it is like meet up and shake hands and analysis and I didn't in the Atlantic where another game when you get in there. I don't know. I. Children and. I wanted to pyramid Brenda. You know we we can piece together. Did you don't need all the aisle we on the Ozzie their lives a mile zone there than I do we we know and haven't would have to look at whether you're paying for another Craigslist or whatever the dealers are you get off of African exactly we're also adults he said yeah we would have sex sleep OK let. We never actually still full wrap. We got to feel and we have what was driving guys are going to love this guy we know rule. Not map quiz theme we know what she's doing would you wanna look good yellow thumb drive yeah we fathom it knowledge is power he's. I mean it that's just the fifth at and I Houston are now that this is this at this. Law IR I was saying to hear get a bad what did you find that after the fact yeah. I do wonder what he found out after preliminarily disease. Until I love couldn't have been why is that parents. As well as you can probably progressed after that aren't any deaths. You can edit it's got a dvd like all of that little look you said they were the only thing they all urban maybe I mean I look I mean what. At the moment he found out he did you got if you brought the fact hey we were having sex and and you finals either she got pregnant or get misty the united. No I don't know what it up happening is he tried to go first or more than that and said well here's the deal I have herpes. I oh. Choose choose opening out. Okay she was helping him well. I'm not a heads up yeah all right well and lives a little OK not to get too crazy here or there is little unwritten rule in that world where if you have it. No matter where you before you get to that point it is understood it did you have to beat a guy or the woman to have a conversation with some who what if your archer. Then you probably gonna must live forever and you problem please whoever whoever it is okay no matter who you are you guys sit down and have that conversation. I have had the conversation. I'm told to me. Couple different times. Pretty sure that I can recall correctly good all day much. I have had a conversation as well he's. There's a nice little her for help in Atlanta say hey absolutely sure that out yes that's what he's probably should be but don't think for one minute that that also depending on what kind of thing you've got going on the debt. Is no way to transmit that you don't know you don't loan depending on ammonia. Looks like Atlanta. Loud lion. My closet fraternity of people come over 68. Fair warning is going to mark the corporate allow model I don't know I'm literally that you don't say don't open my closet door relate if you do. Just know that the wild linemen don't of course they don't open the door and I got. Out attacks somebody basic and reward. To just straight up that's like sometimes when I go to somebody's I knew if I go to somebody new. New to me yeah I go to their house I don't know bomb it's weird right at the discounted judge them on who they are a walking out. Do you wanna snake. Know that nobody ask him that he is a tablet because in my bag you look like conference that was sort of. And I paid out if this. What you should do it will be out of conjured after ridiculous question but but it's a good thing begin may come our men. Him and you'll snake but who is the grays and the does. Who is this and things looked so at that point in my locals say listen I'm not trying to hurt feelings I don't life's basic free map and and frankly. You look like one of those dudes over dorms yeah I think that's where you look at. Thing is her name. Other turn up who's not plus deposit bringing story holds the key to a long life would get your emails coming up as well from the men's room at men's or live dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. I should go badly you find out after the fact here come those emails in the men's room amendments or my doc job. Guys a friend and I took the girls back to their place everything went great tonight a attributed that increase does smell of sex to the dance all sweats. Everything going great altogether woke up the next morning in the bathroom one of those ladies that don't flush the waters off and off for awhile. I'm sure how long it been since they showered but I guess the sex was renting. Now from Ryan enough Fort Hood Texas you have to click on that in the morning time and putting me sing and play the water doesn't work. Oh yeah they get up earlier than me yeah. Matthew I don't even know it watered and power and everything it generally like I think when I get up if it's time to do. The first order of business found out guys after my hacks and I broke up at one point I got a pregnant and she had an abortion and never told me. Not sure how to feel about it her body her rights not sure if I wanted to kid but I guess I would've wanted to be a part of the discussion. That from my journey geysers was actually my father but anyway in high school he drove a Ford truck with a railroad tie for a front bumper. Went to a party was Sig the party was leaving noticed a piece of crap Carla bad man bats pain and all over it. He said it was on blocks and the wheels were missing anyway it was parked on the edge of eight gulch. And near the house party and he decided upon and off the ledge with a struck basically just ran it and knocked it over the side of the hill all right no harm no file. Roll the clock eight years down the broadly starts dating my mom. He sang on a family function when my mom's father my grandfather. Starts telling the story about how he had to pay 2000 dollars down multiple tow trucks still my uncle's best car out of the gulch. My uncle still claims it was not a piece of crap and still had all the wheels. To this day don't know which one is telling the truth my grandfather passed away and I don't think anyone ever told them it was my dad to push the car off the cliff. Yeah I think I just keep them reps. Guys toward one day and asked to take down an exit sign that was weird in. Wired in the attached ceiling tile. Which was directing the way out I asked the electrician I did they decide to send out from the ceiling is power turned off for the sun. He did look at maybe the answer to answer I was about eight feet up on a ten foot step ladder and I started the process of taking the sign down. Fast forward a bit I remember my body in my face tensing up and I scream loudly and then blacked out. Came to on the floor and landed on stacked ceiling light fixtures tried to stand up and couldn't. Foreman asked you what happened and I told on the electrician was also there he replied I didn't know which side you're talking about those signs are all still wired. I destroyed several tendons and ligaments which required surgery to repair never trust anybody like that that from the bottom like cowboy. Only time ever bought a new car was a disaster we had trouble getting financing for several days and suddenly one bank was OK with us. Unbeknownst to us dealerships finance guy manipulated some numbers and left out are 500 dollars and sales taxes. The bank later told me that if that extra 500 had been on the application they would have rejected it and now we have the car and didn't find out what we have done. Until timed the license. Had an extra 500 dollar tab to cover before we can but the license plates. That was the money we had allocated for the first payment so the bank got to do with out. When I tried to talk to the owner of the dealership about his attitude was so what we got ours the rest is your problem. End of story the car was repo to we went bankrupt car salesman wonder why people don't trust them. That day in day out late. I've done review actually now given the men's room amends in my back out. On to the birthdays it's a year. Abu bridges it's my 23 trip around the sun I'm not a big old LeRoy Jenkins thanks guys that from Thomas. I. Bullet dinosaurs and now please wish Melissa I have a Tony for a trip around the sun with some turtles sex and maybe a little bitter banner from Mike. Thanks guys she would love it's thanks for my her fiance Christmas. They ons in Christmas. Lights. Stay about a month to let's set this stuff better if I put them about him about a medicis about a bit about about a hundred innovator meta metadata about a betters a better read about about a bit about it but. Mark my Tony thinks revolution around the sun was already hear the birthday song and get some love from my bald and bearded and dirty German bred the red. Thanks guys and rock on that from job. German did not know what you can eat some good but we've been giving you chest. John Bolden give it describes me and now. Good news today is live a life here is merge evidence probably Tommy in Tina. I did you give him some journal actually joy just not in the bonds. Thanks guys appreciate that from Bryant. I. Does not ever myself this year Tony sixers all hoping to see if I can get they get from thrill amid a lousy dead and some German from blob and maybe even some time Shane thanks guys love the show listen every day that from Casey's can't. Bad. There that Casey Sheila. Don't know. I didn't didn't remember him they have come on down from Canada and then go play with you most plentiful this. Yeah I'll fully in the books that. Actually didn't lose today yeah. I was leaving the tough questions and over them. Please don't put my glitter all over your face. Well just as referenda John's birthday he's celebrating 26 years on earth Greg guy with a huge waiter he told me to put that in. He go to Joey chestnut and an island think thanks guys that from Toby. Let's fund does my fiance is birthday he has match can get the dirty German tabby 33. Honey I love you warmly that from Rebecca. Not to mention the time you sort of new embassy myself. Grab some doughnuts and put him on my time. It will have a defense. I didn't out of other games thirtieth birthday I was hoping you guys who gamble to relax and enjoy chestnut thanks so much have you heard they gave and rock on guys. It. Okay. Hope look goat. Guys this miles a friend Hubert birthday please games internal lack do we have the Frances McDormand from the other than thereof and as I tell them a guy we'll get that in their for a I just fills a bit in the gap there happy birthday Hubert thanks for all the awesome shows and all the laughs at from the I Dow. Let's cool it NJ yeah. Okay. Probably. This is it's my dad Kelley's birthday he's tonight forma non harbor island in Seattle least 54 today let's make him feel awkward with some dirty Germans that from day and the viking god and. Quote about just who some YouTube but to come. Yeah if you work on the dot dot com or six yards top ten. It is not always my husband Brian had a 4030s great husband father and friend can you give him your penis is too small. And the bond wrap love from your wife Chrissie. I finally from the birthdays guys have ever they show today for my 62. Trip. Around the sun have been listening do you guys ever since you love the dark side of the East Coast hub of the dirty Germans at the rusty runner at Dewey beach grabbing a beer together. Thanks guys that from steep. If you want to go to the rose zero total opened my. Yeah we shared the lead he treats are love we have some extra sugar into the bottom and pull open because I want to visit his dude dude. He says it will record low but he. Go through and it is it's fun collegiate. Suzanne flooded out or. Guys there you know. I mean it's. Okay yeah it's okay Pat Buchanan let me. I figured I group the group that day. As Steve hubcaps or to. Young as a daisy Jeremy Bronson. Available through duties will pay a men's lives does come another sign reads news. Im sure might apply to. Movie. Mr. green jackets. For the hubcaps for a our guys die as far as what avenue downstairs area my buddy I'll las one of his testicles when he was in his twenties his dad also lost one of his testicles when he was young man as well I'm assuming it's disease and how to do that happenstance and famine together you get a full sack family rule says that those like they're just fallen out yeah. Gonzalez moral of the condition called oh boy high posts previous it's where instead of your urine. And semen coming out of the same hole. You have a tiny hole somewhere else along your your wreath. So I guess you have to. Sometimes it's halfway down sometimes is near the tip like minus. So. To where it should be it's just it's underneath torso. And I was like thirteen even before I knew something was different was watching some porn with friends when nine guys finished on Mike well. That's coming out of the big hole there aren't friendly to me is that I want to see that this is that I said yeah I don't you guys do that the bottom line and then to be comes out the big run. So no woman has known as much as I told them the benefit distance I'm 43 and I can peel over a fence. And as far as a horrible. Yeah the thing about the there is returning goes on in the putting your thumb over the of holes across the room right now because the birth defect. Anyway I try to keep it as medical's possible adultery. Thank you. Margaret you were fed doesn't goes from Emily oh man oh man. Passes guys hello. I had an in grown hair in my region. There was so irritated that it became infected. And turned into assist within days old thing of a small bouncy ball underneath your skin went to the doctor get a drained and packed in the doctor Tomiichi. Good numb the pubic area. What Jack called her a liar but I've Bob my pain threshold aside. So I'll let them cut in me I said there cursing and squeezing the life out of the corners is and as she drain the entire thing well. Told process takes about three minutes which to this day long history in my life. It's only imagine three days have an impact and we see were our friends. People in the waiting room of the small office and receptionist can only stare out the gate as I walked out to my car. Fast forward 3:4 AM. I decided I can't take the pain and a longer go to the ER mind you I've only been the 25 years foray split chin when I was three. Churn up they had no problem numbing at duke had to do strained it patch that gave me antibiotics in Sydney on my way. Luckily habits enough to the office manager of the doctor's office with the doctor quit and then moved to Alaska why now cheers fellows that from health inspector red. Red red loom very next week's. Imagine your vagina synagogue and I made the sale but I didn't go I read your dog wedding grown or notably the first thing I thought I had was your exact answer it. Coming up the return of the positive bringing story holds the key to a long life but parts yeah. This group wants to know. Yeah John and blue. A time let's get bar whose Sox last did throw you bring us three stories from the news every week is ordered us to determine. Which of these three stories some Phillies now do I commend them on FaceBook or follow us on Twitter Edmonds or mine the debate is already under way in who sucks like CS indeed and today as always we bring you three stories and guys that the states of Oregon with. Will be competing against the city of Chicago competing against the states. A floor so quick overview woman in Florida and a teacher I'm sorry a woman and Oregon and the teacher in Florida are both on the racial intent. An employee in Chicago he's more on the monetary example we covered him yesterday look start in Oregon. Org woman is facing jail time after being found guilty of repeatedly calling two young children ages 411. The inbound. And then hitting the moment the head with a beer bottle when the mother went over to complain I. So do boys owes us an aged four to eleven to play in the courtyard of Portland apartment apartment complex and against the attention of one Brenda may go ahead. I don't mind she's easy on us if your boss now it's not illegal. It's not illegal only young Joseph the Obama nor again but it is illegal to hit someone in the head with a forty ounce bottle of hurricane malt liquor. Which is what he was found guilty of going to the boy's mother now. The mothers that would you confront that are cute basically ended up model. A ball girl before Edwards fought since she yelled racist insults at the children. Before Fulton mother. Prosecutors pursued the hate crime truck. The defense attorney argued that sends the racial slurs were only ruled that the children. There's no evidence that her second mother. Was racially motivated for those ridiculous but the law's the law anyway what will move up the apartment complex after the assault stiffer sentencing back in February. Leaving a voicemail about how to needed to get her out orders. They met in your affairs in order before being sent. So now currently she's wanted them aren't they are now look it's all right now let's go to Chicago who brought this up yesterday where. It just tactics. Pretty rough in the business of online dinner reservation so an employee of Opentable that's the nation's number one flips or was made 300 page. Reservations over three months and dozens of Chicago restaurants you go rival service called reserve an idea to make Missouri look bad so. As many as thirteen hundred expected diners did not show up. Including on Valentine's Day which of course represents a significant loss of income. For any restaurant. Now reserve figured out the scheme after looking into the data that may notified Opentable. We've been fired employee day letter making clear that the person acted alone its stature it's. And Ellis go to Florida war for a little school teacher. She even hosting a white nationalist podcast. She's been bull in the classroom as the school district investigates the claims and I am a bull to which she supported by girls social studies teacher. They Crystal River middle school. She hosted a white nationalist podcast tape yardage goes on apologetic. And she did it under an alias but the news outlet made the average based on information posted online by the woman Melissa well. The pictures say her bios the same last name Hussein also bed. The street the first nine months you'd bragged this last month on a podcast about introducing silver racist views into the classroom. The two of them and interview. And they've episode you both about bringing her white nationals beliefs to the classroom any of hiding their ideology for administrators. He said among parents complained to school principal about how she's injecting political bias. She does slide to the principal and said it wasn't sure Joseph supposed to racist anti Semitic and anti Muslim rhetoric of social media under another alias anyway. They're relieved or from her teaching duties as they invested. So we have a woman in Oregon. Who is insulting young children and that's maximum over the head with. And CC sucks the most strike. I again I am I'm I'm gonna say the organ a woman without question physically assaults. Someone yeah I'll say she sucks the most. Well right if she physically hits a screaming at kids you know let's not really necessarily and then he would support so there's reason she's they wanted felt. They mostly get just get the sense in practice. He'll be back. Not because she hit somebody with a bottle of the guys is greater for our program now if you want to know a lot of people are gonna seed yet they're employee and Opentable make him take reservations. Why do I think you know give it outlets that sucks the least it's pretty easy it impacts a lot of our people to battle a lot and servers part is that right you're finished well a lot of people's jobs not only for. The future with other restaurants do defend nineteen Beatles reservation glee. Waiters and bartenders count on pit because there's a lot of our time to pull us over it easily cured your book and overnight the traditionally does not only are you losing money. What you and also not taking an additional customers because they truly believe that the restaurant has book. Four billion anomaly this exponential. You're given fake person who's supposed to be there they're not there if other people you could fill that spot and actually spend money. And then you're paying to staff that doesn't have any of those because there's no one there. The only people around you normally effective on the coast originally been flat rates. Right but then wanna be they're not doing everything with the server remic on my money to pay the rent mortgages such. But I also struggle to sustaining the teacher was like sopranos sex Phillies but I will say this. Nicest guy without legal to be a white guy better podcast Sox I'd be curious to see how many people down like you don't already loosened into me like diseases diseases affect ten people. I mean how many people are really listening to this woman. But it's not about a protest if that I'm her by tension makes mention teach him to bring it into G clarion call here is that like I don't care Michael was races everywhere and orphans to raise a don't hit good for you speak Howard have a nice. But once you see you're gonna bring it into the classroom from a completely come off and the thing is he much you'll have to buy your own admission surely has. In the few parents and had complained to the principle she just deny to others say she's still sucks at least if she's out. She's going to be a leader announced a nine dollars and Mulder closed gets under and she had not been. He's only. She will be but she has not been. When you right that's the big issue I like races feature on this one but I'm not sure. It's crazy he's just doing the podcast went into when she introduced into the workflow and write about the diet and acquire own and math at a firearm that is right that apple TV they're trying to recruit more younger white people to join her news. Or just think he'd. Other students feel absolutely our hope. But who's socially if the guy who in theory by making reservations. It affects people financially and it's actually pretty significant financial hit in Chicago for the guys who are I don't save back guys that's the least. I was not a lot of people hopefully bartender thought. To have later on dual side with the real line. Yes if you look I don't know I don't outside of the racist the president you know it if you are being led to the I don't believe what I need to have an animal Republican races like the men's or month. They is going to me is under way most people say the Opentable love people such at least I'm still sticking with well with the races to. Yeah I think a group were behind him that hey these candidates the thinkpad with. My guess races this year and for the way. I had made those coming up the other shot of the day is on the way we hold the key to a long and prosperous life coming up next. With a return of a positive drinking story you are listening to the men's or radio network. Think she is your. True. We'll bring it doesn't show today is minutes away the first head. Wow that's room. Adds another positive drinking still. I Debra closet bringing story ironically enough right before the shot of the day another positive during a story before we bring the sudden we just mentioned it a men's room original red as far as. Do little good day every time you think of a delicious men's Immersion red. You're benefiting the local Fisher houses in the area we appreciate that when you get a black and gold to read whatever you do just know. Then by drinking beer you're doing some good now. As far as this new study. They found that the key to living a good long healthy life is. Drinking alcohol. All right all right area according to a massive new study that's the big one by neurologist named Claudia callous of the University of California could be key to living a long life. Quite simply is alcohol. She studied more than 17100 people over ninety years old for the past fifteen years. And found the people who drank around two glasses of beer or wine a day. Where 18% less likely to die early that is significant because people who exercised between fifteen and 45 minutes a day. They were only 11%. Less likely to die early. You go to the gym with out go to the bar just fine without that that serious if you had two drinks. For most of your life and you're 18% less likely die early. If you exercise fifteen to 45 minutes today. You were only 11% less likely to die early in other words alcohol is more effective at keeping you alive than actual exercise I rest my case. Was not a bad thing no more to say. The good news by the way is no assurance that right tutoring today yes if you do any more than that Butler probably headed down that road via I would get a like this a lot of been a go to the gym and get on the treadmill and yet. And maybe they don't would go thirty minutes for the they've been assigned to go to our ahead. It was a while lets you browse sold to eat what I am doing much like. Much like the guy who stayed on the treadmill and they did signal sixty minutes to improve his health I planning for the future tent. We'll go ahead and have like six or seven or eight drinks. Because I'm trying to get ahead three flat where I could never keep they were I don't drink miles when I don't think one day we could have fourteen drinks. I don't think that's gonna work the same according to the surf on the plus side I respect that I respect the theory is that's that's how I try to logically get violent. What's up the good news does not stop there. Well I try to do it OK so Dave fourteen minute business studies unbelievable again somewhere else play you know live longer he had to alcoholic beverages a day that if you exercise between fifteen to 45 minutes today according to the study now. Is she also found is it better. To be a little bit each other just move over Lleyton or a little bit under way so I go over very thin or a little bit away what's better I would think a little bit away. I know based this on anything other than him. I don't know you don't look healthier to people who who were slightly overweight but not obese were 3% less likely to die early. Coffee drinkers here's more good news people who drank two cups of coffee a day where 10% less likely to die early. And there's one other factor that apparently keeps you from dying early and living a long and healthy life units don't have kids. They probably a very important one that's a good was and is doing improvements is now probably got enough that you brought here it may give regular believe it or not having a daily hobby. Something that you do for two hours today lifted them. Okay. Good. We all caught and I'm. Masturbation and now Ike is open to a I don't have a hobby and you can do that a couple hours every day you were 21%. Less likely to die. Gardening although I need a hobby so again. One to two glasses of alcohol a day you're 18% less likely to die fifteen to 45 minutes of exercise. 11%. Exercise woods speaking of that we admitted to bring it to somebody else they're just six if you read. Israel no. Jessica who it is. Usually heads of the very best chance even throw a flat out you're toast it. Doesn't need today. Today we toast once again 24 year old Lamar chamber of Essex England. Much like Charles Barkley hosting Saturday Night Live for the fourth time Lamar is making his fourth appearance. As our shots the first time this is ever happy is the first time but this guy man he has what you would call stick to would've missed if you're not familiar. Lamar was arrested. In England and January 17 on suspects suspicion of possession of drugs or drug trafficking whenever the point is at the time of his arrest he swallowed. The evidence which would be the drugs cops said that's great. We terrorist ass in jail. Eventually opened them out well sorted out we were evidence we could proceed with the case. What he's started holdings group we keep in mind he is still ET he's not eating he is leading. He's just apple is refused to prove he said almost a week ago. He would rather diamond hoop and that's not a statement a lot of people make but in this case. He's been kept in the jail cell under 24. Hour observation too small woody boobs they're bigger for the drugs OK this is the scenario. That's not a good when I want you understand. He has made it to day 847. He still has not approved but here's a genius of this plan. Based on the way English law works making you do adopt it up to five days at a time before they ask the judge for an extension act. Now the judge kept giving it to them because they understood situation is. He's got the drugs and on he just refusing approval guess what. Did give him to approve of the sitting into the house. But do they don't want to guy I were kind of like the guy I would want the guys want to prove they won't do it. They had to drop the drug charges against may have with a lesser charge he'd be able drug charges to deal and or government. So we've almost losing my drink this booze because we think it's yet make out that although the wrong and I look forward to party in our Tommy's. Down not a whole hour vigil and you go to online now eight point 4999. Old. The show and many things continue on the men's room. Radio network.