01-18-18 Seg 4 Mens Room Drops the Bomb

Thursday, January 18th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. Was thrilled. This does say by car 9844999. A little played profile this coming up in miss. Let's head and we are your headlines on only one hour from now firstly check in the Mike Cox is some of the stories and headlines he has. Not working on man in Canada still in front end loader used to partially destroy someone's house. And the drove to the liquor store apparently divide those but the police arrested him as soon as they got that night I don't know much about the story but I think you should probably read that he was the liquor store to buy more boots. That he really know what I'm saying there's no way he did the initial actions over. I yeah you're not get another shot right we are giving this to look like David Mann I'm gonna drive African cloud of those guys have now when you're drunk you might actually do. Otherwise we just say yes you will bulldoze her or you don't mean a backhoe or some like that don't miss that guy out. Photo really did you fill that well yeah it's important. And I'm pretty sure he was drunk and I'm just guessing. That's stood plow the roads do something different. The other doesn't but definitely like you ran up front and Laura the first thing you artist father roads it. I'm sitting in a hole do you about a huge hole and beautiful actually a pool. Tobacco to at. All right from a motor to balloonist. File that there's another Claude you gonna today would you scoop with a run in the event when I would clear the other girls. It is also on the road Manny knows Canada moved from cars. They don't let us know remove the cars will look how I don't know. A woman in Denver recently got her first cat ended a photo shoot world looks like she's giving birth to it. So the photos are going viral she's also posted it as a quote new baby announcement on FaceBook. Am I go our dad's doing everything we can go out of the house going wildcat people are crazy. Gas. Under total through my dad argued Berger did a little seed you never hear about this stuff but with what dog people. Give them again these are you able sleeping with dogs so. Yeah. Never thought I had my work done photos mice and dogs and I guess so yes Mikey chronicled every day of your Catholic. Not every day you know most of AM until the last few of them do and number. Few number of again and you viewed it when children still live and in color my baby edges to die color all over God's sake well nobody you're really really into the whole thing about letting everyone know go over yet like that if there was I know a lot of people that wanted to know. There are a lot of people along the miles usual reason that you liked it. You have any idea that's right I hesitate doesn't it dead gold gloves and attention back and it. No I mean might we all liked it like the first fifteen it's fifty minutes and I now have cooled down as did not and I noted gun guy. And he big development she now for the first time today. Top units are gonna that though it's expected cheated on it is Zetterberg flirted with the reality of the cabin along the out of fifty. Nine I was doing a flashback there must and the screw that. I've just never let go the good times like to turn for the first time why it would I don't know. She jumped up on the counter she broke her first thing. She's been my hand she's a jerk she keeps we don't hold things. She did Gavin curtains and I've been no issues there's Josiah fusion scared the living god they've been Jesus I don't like me nothing like pouncing on my face at 3 in the morning to just. Your cat when they get up at night. Do they are of this case they called him Qaeda. After data rates on the as soon as he gets out and I my camera there in the day where it's nice warm it's just sleeps all day you know lazy time bottom of that art that's out the attack. I don't know what the hell I'm the testing is already is. I don't know me like your dog no dog is if your dog is right beside you or is dead asleep the last place left right. Cats are always somewhere within striking distance from the least expected to meet the president just. Freaks out on watching TV before we get an intact and and she runs off. Going on. I cern has got a Birdie Putt there with hipster the last couple years how grapes and throwing tax I don't know what they're doing and now the newest trend is acts are and divorce parties were used photos of your ex says the targets. Day oil and no that's fallen to a trend while a divorce I'm mailed people who don't have forgotten the a year skeet shooting with photos back when they used. You know as these ideas I don't know I do really I do appreciate that doubles a do divorce pictures. They do divorce pictured Jeddah all the Disney look I mean they agreed to do the league they still get along beta is going to be very here's what I got you guys two people I have. Brian address guys sitting there and a tuxedo for smiling they're very happy is her wedding day then right decide if it's two people. At a table with a guy sitting in front album flows better hands of overhead the guy smiling big and he's ever smiled before they're both sitting there signing their divorce. Patty's day in my life out you can definitely see the difference in the smile one's a real natural smile and Evelyn wasn't the case smile smile out of you think America. Also made people familiar to weddings. Got to get a gauge of parties play guy I think you're damn divorce is why they were getting divorced American minds the clock back now. All already battle for all against and they have to write you a thank you letter she ever asked if so expensive though would you married catches pictures if you're listening to do not take acts are because actually kind of enjoyed doing that. Actually I would get film that's what might really yeah that's going to have more of that. Or those yeah up for pictures from the guest Mike you bones of a storm boots might go with gruesome lyrics to my did you enter Paul Bunyan enough Boy Scouts. I got my day I got my age that. I don't know it's it didn't have a Paul Bunyan thing what is this thing do you think these are Paul Bunyan loan debacle to some different mentally and stereos and oh boy motto don't change anything where do driven divert got a boy and I know I got his property and minimize their daughter and all abundant different those called a craft there was the fireman's chance. And then there whoa whoa hey he's always seen seen eight they're really aged guys fireman's she's like whatever like him ever met no one ever get that never got Dez. All you've never drug you've never cut down a tree on your own recorded and uploaded the files and all that stuff I did all that stuff and it was called something different. It let's listen under a multiple hit the uninsured Paul Bunyan what's been war. Miller got that what is that like on don't like you're an Eagles towels save I can with the trump card. Venus guy John O'Neill I was married I distress I'm gonna give Obama the UN's and it's over Paul and I don't Paul Bunyan metal or miles I would take a Paul Bunyan or ward off of my boy scout uniform and I'm with a give it to wood carvers chip. I believe is what I got. The San while you're living you've got a lot of thrown Max you have your Paul Bunyan I thought I'd. Through as is like crazy man only the best when the truth I ticked off their asses would you include the Mets acts or yes Luka. We did the justices can't do it was an electronics campus. Wait for the did it was only tries camp. And we did all this really fun stuff we did orient cheering and we did. Yeah it's great we're dead and actually won among metals like everybody wanted might need to be on the eighteenth and actually because I had that thing I'll do you still store nationality was and probably Coca. They just need to fiddle while this year's red festival are usually I get a higher authority that are you throwing an ax are you throwing a hatchet. It was had to throw OK come on let's does gazelle like there's a big difference in throwing it axe throwing hassle I overlap acts. Believe it or not accurately I mean I can throw things to do in my life and I always talk about you need to have a challenge right here right now is that the seven now right here right now I don't know I guess seven I'll probably figure. Throw my glove and the rank is rotations based on the feet take me on your own. I'm just saying I think Iran festival this year you do you need to do you have a you have an eagle I don't want to that. We'll take bets on and I'm a gambling is illegal I don't care. I don't have to Islamic my body was in Brooklyn his fortieth birthday they were thrown accident packets at a bar conflicts. Of interest. Can throw darts. I mean they god that it did the free in that lumberjack beards the Demi got the really deep V next though none of the belly buttons showing off their minor chest hair. I'm not that are. Pulling on the there's a story about this week about a man who ruptured the back in this the road trying to hold in its knees spread that the ads. Now there's a story about a 66 year old woman in Massachusetts who recently cough so hard she broke a rib it. And I am cough so our governor sneezing and break and read but coughing is new to me sounds like you've proven that chronic do you hit it. It broke over come you'll never guess where Internet traffic spike didn't lie after the missiles scare words that I'll. All about a one hour now regular guy cannot vote away one hour from now the first game as. Recess. Struggled to please everyone how profile this is playing a short ten miles of the simple game where we sure do real life news story. Something that happened right here on planet earth yeah. Her and I do listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make bless you would it is you think Mason story a story. Hello day hundreds of women drew and I. Off on how hard did you understand how does your game is played. I do yes all right here is historic. We go to saint Lucie county Florida. Worst surface deputies. He was the residents were reports. Although men's flashing his bucks to people. Went right you loony people about displaying his Bucs. Again that's a point out what to do and we called Moody's generally considered a show of defiance. But disrespect now the accused rove revealer. You subscribe to the police of the police set up to find them and by golly they do in fact blouse. This very very very typical criminal. Bob's story short the deputy reported that the dispatchers got calls about the same guy flashing is as at a school bus. We got a cracked down and he was in fact arrested. I'm disturbing the peace and my question is do you believe the Guzman and repeatedly slash his ass to passers by. His black white to make the orange juice. And Florida I guess. That would come vote yes think. I think that Saddam. Depending on your age and the surprise factor. Sean you're asked someone has dollars and entertaining thing. Always fun I think you can't do it two random people that you don't know low scores driving on the highway real fast he's realistic about the window and entertain yourself candidate for the women is okay vision of the season is here live in the same neighborhood and walk down the pins them relive. And I mean. And am moving people back to back out of crime and I don't believe this I mean there's a time in my life where you saw me you saw my dad so he moved some. Because people and I get even knowing you persistently you know the people called into tomorrow. I finally tracked him down based on description they gave him I don't know if they arrested and charged and at every race and religion whatever. Tiger a good clean fun but I guess there's a limit to whom. I flew fast and I've been slow blues. I have topped Florida to be tonight kind of I'm going to be 11 giveaway here. One thing to do what do you think it. I'll look I mean yeah I guess that could have a villain Dirksen. Other. The fact that he's doing that repeatedly you think you can get away with that kind of late in LeRoy who don't like had. Yes they've both been closed loop. I went by and visit Motorola's the black white and I feared Joyce next batch was fatigued you are listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles. I'll follow phases of Florida and a serial flasher got our audiences are glad they're. But sellable because of his exposure of his but so many times and finally a must. Yes it did then then Dave wins viewed did you think this guy was black white makes it or do and you went white. And god. Oh rose Clancy is black jazz all looker. Black cat naps humvee to me that was that there is he got arrested generous piano to be inside the bank and I didn't just flash and how much that is I'm jinx. Collins who she's now a rough period is now proud to have a TV doubted there. Because you're both radicalized. Engine countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. I'll start they talk a little bit about ratings I was in an article that said Saturday Night Live. Basically. Is that have a great ratings and stuff but I think it's a mixture of things like number one. You know last year is an election year so S and l.s ratings always spike sure but for the first time ever last year they started airing it at eight that live on the West Coast as they get on the East Coast. So I mean I would have to think that up your viewership. You don't think so absolutely help a lot today thirty a lot of them much and really got home and 830 on Saturday night but I'm Elaine got home on Saturday in any third. Yeah I do with it yet to late for whatever reason I think you get to a certain age like. Friday night tonight I'm gonna stay out the latest. And then Saturday. Public demand. I sometimes you wait too excited if you go yeah what you think thirtieth will be tried out slightly you have words used to record drilling golden man you're celebrating the into the workweek right. You don't golf Friday night and Saturday it's who. But Joseph little bay you know might just think my thing anymore so the went a little better Lleyton how late I'm not as like. Can I just sleep in for one day. Can I just have that one day I can wake up whenever I want and I can just sleep all day and I realize some of the five. It's like how much how my body up right now I just this is the one day I can sleep then. Yeah and I mean for whatever reason to right it's always associate like staying out late on Friday night you go to bars and clubs or whatever and sad and I'm in house parts you know people are your other events if senator ally was on 8 o'clock on the East Coast they would they would do better than they do know. Yes I mean. The after the show I mean the show is getting better I think that's got to help. That that number one yet so much political Celso going on in the number two they people on the West Coast to watch I think and 830 they're fighting for years I would always watch it actually I still don't. How about Jesse and Al on Sunday he just DVR. But you know if you don't have a DVR or whatever like number one who was up to the nineties I practice I've gotten up papers. And back never go back. If you watched any decreasing your own I think. Live programming should be done that well at times we have a live on something we'll still sporting events Dmitry are different because it's live we know if Thursday. Awards ceremony whenever he grammys and every on should music awards is gonna it's gonna be lives. So it's going to be earlier in the replay it again but if you wanna watch it live you watch a lot of things in stride take a page out of that because it's live. For us it's live and airlines moved his threes and you gotta get up what time of the morning to watch Premier League soccer. Yeah I know I live. Yet get 530 or more on a Sunday to watch what your team took a terrible quote fun stuff. Yeah I'm with it's the only sports sometimes they don't do alive and it's the only the Olympics. Well Olympics obviously it's a good or do it with with anime stuff and it's an appellate Torre thing. But they'll air it live on the what did Scott paper view it's just is just on not a recipe spike now's the Paramount network. So sometimes still tape delay and I'm with you much it's a nice word of it like it's so easy to get this and they made it clear and the main thing and late you're watching you've got to feed from the East Coast somehow illegally just you can watch this did you care yet exactly. That it's hard to sit there and do that. You keep reading of the articles about how the ratings for the and I fellas down which they are significantly doubt but they were still so far thinner body. I think dominate them a show that's in the playoff game. Elliott which one that was the titans and the patriots that was the worst one. It got out there was but again it's the paper it's primetime on Saturday night yet you know anyway give you if you're on the East Coast to wherever I keep your watch decade. And and probably the patriots don't hurt either a year and a massive free market there are. Yet they still do good what would you guys honestly think do you think they eat it's because of the days. Do you think it's because the the political climate. The kneeling do you think it's because. I do believe because the play. With NFL games just take forever and then we got some really weird rules now it's kind of like it did the daily thrill I tirelessly and they still football we should ideally if people. Right now and future of all the way it would then. Leaky ship her own way and I think a year later this year I mean what the first two months that you're at so many UTT know guys go down. Using Gary JJ watt for a year or go back and you know for like these are stars you've got to see. I think it has a lot to do good gone back alive I think most people watch their television as appointment. Viewing I mean. You can watch your shows anytime you want to and if you're not there for and I think the younger generation more so than anybody there or not they'll watch whatever they want when they can't. Go watch it on the phone you know like there's no set time for their life as far as how they pick entertainment it's always there at any time when they needed songs there's a new announcement is fairly. I think sometimes too it's just cyclical right like fur for our parents generation make baseball was hit. But the idea that anything would ever on thrown baseball asleep that national pastime is crazy right so for years the NFL just kept making. Billions upon billions and it was like wow you know sitting I also think take away all those assets are just talk a ballot people much the entire football. You could maybe so maybe so it is a massive resurgence of basketball stuff now. Does serve internationally basketball's. You needed damn ball and you could fashion a goal out of something you could fashion a group that I thought that but in the day for most of the world. Yeah the kind of money to be but I don't equipment for the law. I was say this though as far as that we can playoff games were those you know. Patriots did run all over the times but all the other games were close they are exciting games. Also gates last Sunday to be was like a bright shining commercials where you back in Vienna as it wants to play off games like we get looks pretty good to get closer than blacks with aids vaccine and of the easily. My very long time. I've done one of these in a while but it always makes you laugh it's always good for good giggle it's like Kimmel savor things that he does just a little lull drum track. I. Farmers. There's do you. Those farmers during. Farmers. Good news. I love. Because women had as a Republican or whatever state he was neither the he was that the farmers lake convention or whatever before he went down to give another speech you start of the farmers we put up a little past. Well but a ligament in FaceBook page or some of the best truck trumps of their through watching kids you know I always talk about the slowing anybody down or make him sound drunk is funny. But somebody else. Who I know who's a drum support or even that like it's one thing to slow it down and think. The way he talks to run the way he toll from new slowed them yet his taser her. I'd like to repeating the names aren't I very basic wording but it is failing money that may be funny here like edit they get slowdown anybody feel like the way he is still the way he intones everything in his task. X. Cramps. I Ellen pack beyond pantheon. On I Pompeii Pompeii. Pompeii old puppy I don't know your unknown. She's Grey's Anatomy right at broad gain popular ever Pompeo Pompeo. I don't know. Hello we lose pompano Pompeo it's. Gonna blow like the volcano. Pompeo who did during the big names guards acquaintance and that. Tickets. Pompeo sometimes he just disappears. They say Pompeo knew from Disney animated star the rock and Brock is the voice of volcano aren't any opponent about to watch an animated movie with a man. Mo won that he does pretty Alamo while he's the voice of the giant duke yeah of course he's the voice of the died there it is a diet nude boys the boys of and I do. But he actually six have you seen the clip of the family in the cost though. In Hawaii he had yeah the whole wide view that legit looks like the character. And then make the big two little girls governor talked normally does that was the guy's a two year some I don't know where he says but the thing is these kids think that'd that dude yeah. Any like it I think he did he dresses up as the character all the time. So this'll I. This'll make you feel good for her bad for your current situation. The new contract Grayson at twenty million dollars per year and she's Obama and 500. In 75000. Dollars per episode. How long was that Cuba and Armageddon for her man of preventing jumps right to rely on for. 1011. Right I just can't I would say I can't imagine what Ella 32 commercial cost to be able to pay one cast members that much money. There was money they make him into making a ton. Hillary oh we hope low deck and well and right dvd there's other ways they back and you know like. I will see that in his syndication gonna make that much more money or I will say this is far as the being here in Seattle with Grey's Anatomy you know. You see those guys on the street all the time walking around everywhere. In the film crews are here all the time and amount of money that that show brings in. To the city is it's tremendous so we we really appreciate that as having according showed the film in the city. I'm not in New York girl I know when not know what not that I'm not a show us an idea finally killed most of the past about the difference. Yeah I may go through town for a minute computer polls amount Dorsey threw to him in a ferry and shall Como comfort and because that's the affiliate here. That Ayers and so if you see a helicopter. It's go global last stupid Biller on organ known. And the newseum on ferry and that's it yeah you're right rightly most shows are never felt and I'm I'm as much now. On the airs yeah yeah I British legion outside smoke demand elsewhere film and LA and I amount of rain would you make face grave. Man. To do it all the time and want that known. It's a better they wouldn't watch a degree for each and addition of its sweat a lot more but remember or was labor what's the most in North Carolina. OK I don't know which it. That's downtown being batted Q folks are so it only took some how much TV but it's really relevant they look at left it about like you've got to do it I don't. And I would get used to it that are at the uniform Beverly Hillbillies and another in his job in my duties from the word may very overrated and what do they delay was today. And now oh by the way. Pompeo compound oh. Is now the highest paid dramatic actress on TV according to fort silly actors make you more. As sitcom stars whose so feel a guy. Who's ranks in a ranking now at 41 million a year you only one really cool cool. Who makes about 46 million OK the both of proviso fund it is like a lot so he went off anybody but those like me you know the cast of the matter fan but I think the very funny show that they seem very happy they'll seem to get along quite you have to make embankment and I also admire famines and show I never sit down and watch them. And every time like they did a night there's a bunch of Omar in a row yeah you feel much like. Had a sound sad but I don't watch it five episodes that you have an elbow room you're out they show is it isn't a really good show for whatever reason I struggled to make like an appointment to watch a network shows couldn't say what day it's on but if it's ominous of balances. Yeah we'll put those things too like man I really like black issued out well it would de Luis and I don't know. I think month when. Well they just don't give a pretty short earmark faculty. Yeah I think. And yet I don't remember. Safir biggar about a way Johnson makes a ton of money in endorsements that's part of their relatives Allen told the Hollywood reporter 48 averaged mansion. Look last year coach but I liked it when I'm paraphrasing. I would think that tuna. She is 48. So if I got to place route after what I deserve which is something that comes only with eight each. How she says is look I'm not the most relevant action stop I am 482 and I'm not relevant actors. They have that a government. Can you don't have the money mean. About a relevant actors I'm 48 so have been relevant actors and your I'm been relevant years. We were gonna certain. He debris and it's. All right so everybody's talking about Matt Lauer he got fired from on The Today Show wouldn't this be the best time for today show to do vote where in the world is Matt Lauer. Why is that they know there. Really don't know goes you don't work here. Do we do with goes out there it is commonly known matching the given all we know now is Bobby out someplace back then and ask you do build a. We theater club sleep in whatsoever that a year ago or two and Coulter lost her job on the sedation and that everybody basically when I'm kind of said hey. A flower pushed her out. I'd like right in biker so and Coulter went on the CBS morning show and was talking to them a little they asked her. About Matt Lauer listen very carefully what she says here. Do you believe that do you believe that Matt Lauer abused his power I'm. Trying to do harm in these conversations. I can tell you that I am not surprised. By the allegations. Okay. They're gonna have a real serious conversation had stuff. I just think the first part. Edition of clearly kind of screwed up which you trying to save button right Andy what she meant to say was I'm not trying to do not tried to do so it's funny is the isolated just that it just there's Spacey says I'm trying to do harm here are not you believe that Matt Lauer abused his power. I'm. Trying to do no harm in these conversations. The invited all out. I can add. A statement that the best way to go like look I'm just going to say I'm not surprised that that's everything from. Yeah I know may follow up but what does that mean to take but what do you think me he's not gonna sit out and I hate rush hour was that like she's getting she's she's sane as much as she can't. Right and they way she just don't do what she meant I'm not surprised. Where does that mean it will would you leave when you're not surprised we probably mean the same thing. You'll go home to a surprise party they'll surprise we do they're gonna be their newborn surprises not convert I mean it like that. Like I wasn't surprised. To hear that dirty darted open man always smelled of his fingers I think one of those surprise parties is not on your birthday. In the ideal way for like a month or whatever that's that's terrible. Doesn't have expressed or not I had once. Do like it yeah that's also Dow's Garrett at understandably surprised you don't know Pulitzer Prize. You know it'll do it for the good surprise there but you like it leave you win the lottery you probably surprised that you won the lottery I bet you would like that surprise surprise you won powerball. I like surprises and the only about surprises he gets me is the people that can play around your birthday or Christmas because they technically don't like surprises they keep on. We went can't win it like no shot I can't wait. Urge you to look I don't I don't low yeah like I don't care. I love for her. And mutate a sporting event try to watch. And a plume has destroyed banks. So work with a jackass like certain images don't Tom would have been in the this year I don't know. Damn I'm one look I'm taken at a homeless a big game didn't wanna get home to watch and it'll be a little bit. Aren't related very much thanks ma'am you know I'm just not gonna watch it now thank you very much. You dome at dome. We told you so watching the soccer most of are not better at some technical itself it's a good journalists across the pond though technically I really didn't people highly one Buddy Baker that might text him gently and it was repugnant that. You guys hear about that Cornell at times going up it's going down. Well Seth Meyers talks about bitcoin and a brothel at the start accepted it. A brothel in Nevada has announced it will start accepting the digital currency bitcoin is a form of payment because there's a huge market for people who understand that Klein and also can't get a leg. How. Do you think he's legit making fun of people understand that claimed or CC and if you understand the accord you can argue late hours and you probably don't give. Where you if you have money tangible money or your credit where we can recognize drove a lot of money. Do you remember our time get laid because people like much if they did you understand. All the nuances of bitcoin. If you're that much time to invest in understanding how that works chances are you're not getting it. Yeah. I do know come of you that are into are one body and who does well. And I'm sure does very well brutal with the latest always saw Ali yeah. Ease ease the superstar Q&A half I know when I heard that joke Mosley has and which Lisa Myers go if you make it funny nerds just enough maybe he's not. Now let's stick with redefining nerds I guess current got some jokes about hackers at the Pentagon is reportedly considering nuclear retaliation. As a response to cyber attacks by hackers. Yeah. Yeah the biggest biggest challenge is building missiles that can penetrate a mother's basement. I think eight and he's got a got a little older school there but I didn't write. Mean I know it's funny that some guy in his basement right now. You know the coin money back second you know those ads. I really don't ever have back but hey my profit votes but that the Iraq traffic tips I have all the pigs about the blanket at the you're dead area I think intelligently get your headlines gun I would Mike got in minutes you are listening to avenger radio network. And twenty miles. Now see what's happening in the real hard here go another Bullard in Hawaii proved to be false alarm or hear it soared by 50%. Guys ABC a deer with Adrian Peterson to attend wildlife officials would like to Nora was. Nebraska man goes to Domino's drive by we would know it's a weed energize our pizza what nuggets are we'd. A millionaire higher servers for his son's birthday because at twelve that's what he needs a porn mag calls 91 month to report his wife is a spider it is down your headline. It's time they didn't. Yes here's Mike Cox. Our shots started a website warned how that an interesting statistic after the missiles scare in Hawaii. It turns out that Internet traffic on their side know why spike by 50% after the threat was issued. Which means I think it was probably already high during the threats. Yeah I think like alas they're like all right man is sick and then it kind of went up a little bit and then put everybody realized that it wasn't like I. I'm blog you know am I just I don't know how alive Paula zealot was okay. Yeah you're gonna like it that the my world was coming to when and I don't think it would assist on my laptop. Glad you miss and I guess I Yang you're gonna have battered youth. I try to take it away adamant he can dynamite team in nuclear strawberry gonna go tonight news star running back I. Do you tried figures out loud I won't report on the ground and it's double and trying to bury myself I don't honestly got a category I never could come before. I'm a veteran are always discussing with you know what the hell that a little doubt so how did people just got flagged. Because of doing exactly lawyers say that there are familiar with remind your guns and horses okay. Drug of northern Italy flag to and it's an option. If if if if if it assists. He's Piaf and I fret a bear or animals. It's hard to shoot even do that took you probably would sounds like you're close relatives and guys fragments are. You. I was are no longer an album born or go to the real thing I mean. And I think in the united do I would post one look look one more hot dog legs picture on the beach the fifth fifth fifth fifth fifth or fiftieth day of my location. Cue the dogs lifts our order Pina colada and say like let's do this right now indeed and yeah yeah oh I know I'm why not era great call to everybody great telegram is mug. I am Twitter and I don't know what it looks like fluent. Around the world men and Omaha Nebraska tried to make a trade for a drink and a pizza joint that went horribly wrong. You're really tried to pay for his pizza witty I taped together fifty dollar bill but using twenty instead when the clerk told them that they wouldn't accept it. He then wanted to had a drink to his order but could not afford it so he's won some we've her way and the employee told of her manager envoys for child. C and he got a drink about relive. Since it's the well yeah I mean is that some of that is that you need to kind of size up who you're not to do here. Yeah I think that goes a long way but diocese in its own guidance too worried about fast. But I wondered was it like a bottled drink that he tried to get our foundering because of the fountain drink then it's on her than she's just stuck out. Our great program it was them because she gets those foundry prefer. To give the man cut I can give you million. Thread so make money I don't care. If someone else come down the nuts and stuff that the the course is you gave me weed to sell in a place where it was illegal I would probably just get myself in trouble. Why does so we do I think you might be talking to some of them right now what I'm aware of that but I'm not gonna I can't walk down the street and say. The lesson we Unita knew that when you're with us there I know we got to back we'll go to work but I'd. Probably just have to get a few guys that would expect you guys pay for a dollar hole we will try to free your drug code to get to go to our we've picked up at the trying to keep that under wraps months unknowns a video on YouTube is topping headlines after a millionaire father wanted to under his twelve year old son in a manner that. The video shows the twelve year old receiving advance from too scantily clad strippers. Come on man does Clinton team waited out like the rest of us writes. About tennis and we've drawn to all those twelve was really really. Bryan yeah well and what I'm thinking is that there are people that are my age or go to strip clubs and don't understand these women don't actually like me. So what does it do under this twelve year old kid who ironically you mean you have to go to a strip club for that. Do you go to these grocery store before yeah. Double room as an unlikely they'll ever analyze and as I got the trip but did I snap fraternity members of the FCC bad jokes and we will drink it tells with a shot of the day yes indeed it's all true we'd be all about Elizabeth but which are returned. Until then do what you do best and orally for the sake it's. Okay.