02-16-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Walks The Rope

Friday, February 16th

Emails, Ted vs the FCC, Bad Jokes and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. Silicon Trinidad vs the FCC bad jokes also on the way our question what could you now believe it's happening even while it was happening 844999. Hole hello Adam Moore one. And it. I'll. You guys do all right I'm not gonna ask thank you that's that's money right out receipts and has asked the man's room. Not that Aso Lee. Not a way it'll ate all grown humpback whales how did you ten to well. Oh I worked for a small clue why I'm an engineer and now we're anchored up one night and about 2 in the morning. I hear what you're like another ship fittings are both. Turned out a little oil coming out. One seeding which should you guys don't know they come up to the circus they open about the big gulp a thriller whatever. And I go back down. Well where this guy decided to do that our anchor chain was hanging down right it is a studio includes diesel his own mouth league team. Yeah I Jesus. Yes sir he opened it now. Went around Dick Cheney loaded it up that was down under intense heat or water. So aegis open his mouth took a chain into the back a bit which has about eight C law. And and started twisting by Jeter but you know our so wrapped itself it is not. And it took about sixteen hours after that. They did this guy Surrey. All of. What do you do aren't Siegel hey we want to get a free my question is quick. Kudos Attica humpback whale free for my giant interchange. So let the debut of the person who did all the Coast Guard they contact no luck that there are Quayle it's entangled recruiters are better. Two actually just go around and get well that. Or you know what have you done. It was the first time he does see that though that's for sure. And did you watch this operation has learned as a or did the same out. Oh yeah so we. So I called up right at the morning I was not shipped him back what happened at a guy said well got get our well. That I all the oil that's gone on back to bet. I'm about five hours and where my head was under the water was right where this whale put it out they're freaking out. So I started it he's great earnings else. What we totally devoted to why hundreds if you were to royals keep covered Biden so limited oh but three bloody. Well know it was a. What drew an American and all my eye opener how look how old is rumored to be does the bolt who what does it what does that salad when you're on the other side of the hole for all. It's crazy and he put yourself in a ballot it would hammer on it Jesus lived it was capital woke everybody up each showed us around probably a good eight RL. The couple hundred yard little circle you know trying to get free dot actor's sixteen hours Coast Guard there and so. It's people out there we had in the bag a lot of got to blow it. Yeah our debt alone is that is going to be here at the end of the year and yeah I am glad no blog and I hey how you. Finally I that would pop up back yeah that's fantastic has been OK all right Alison do you think did you think the oil made it. Hi yeah so oh lead. After we got to change. We saw him. Take up what is. I don't know maybe half mile out we saw oil and believe researchers. That all came out from the don't know where I am decided that all of the well. So. How big this thing compared to the sugar. I already ate them decide I mean look at school. We're gonna cruise would mean Michael ware was automatically what does that mean like how far he has gone out with Lou what does that entail. Yes so we are at this ball past leadership. You know it anywhere from sixty. Our passengers but no action occurred so maybe about a hundred people we do collapse. In the summertime that's. Is it an older boats is that what the they were a little what is the choice is it the small it's the food better isn't it and what what would you know like what I paid members of their list 6000 giant with a pool and tennis court I mean I don't want to know wanna cruise but why wouldn't be jurors over over the big. Well it's a lot laureate spent I mean if you like nature do you like you know people get out if you don't like people around you all the time and that's a way to go you know they are a bit more expensive but. I don't screw you attitudes great. Each get to see all current beta. I don't know I don't know tangled up front and anchored what do you know Gracie little bit more intimate areas as far as the water everything goes well it was this deal were you on the Shipley is it when you're working on a ship like this is it just it do you get laid a lot. No I mean I don't know it depends man. And really orders but people here. You worked with the same people for months on net you know so yeah I mean I've I'd. How or when these guys wrote a decade and a number of sessions and ride. And I could try now are. It would look at my minister and I was learning about the crew's life you know what that's like being out there for months at a time eventually you know everything is gonna start looking good I would. I think if you were to like one of the giant ones probably being a third rules book every rules have been broken and would you like working in a restaurant depth. I don't know man when Mike in my cooking days. One of the mile fun while doing mostly trying to cook on a cruise ship because in my mind slightly yard you paid crap right but does he travel see things and I mean every single person I talked to let. Drew about the wise I do not do they consider your existence as a coach is all all the ships apparently a lot longer. The rules are so strict protect understand because you know you're isolated them but they're like man it's not or. Every single person I thought to go to Donna plate back but the reason I worked Jenner and brick and mortar restaurants now. Don't do what look at you now believe is happening even while it was happening 84499. Yeah. Yeah okay oh yeah. Walker I was very cold about it at the back early night I thought I looked back and won't include any blues. Diet can cut a deal I know and fireworks there a couple of months before the orbital I would have abnormal. Doubt upon my grandma you're good about what didn't go off and I get out okay can. President Obama were using Mo can bump she spoke an adult. Did you himself and he definitely in the garden. That played well about or have now. Don't Louisiana you can tell the wait portal to explored everything values moral and put an animal these account fireworks and I combine a stand off the road are these the kind of they blow up when you go to the mall to watch fireworks on the fourth of July. Golden ticket collector made that Byron York city Barack didn't go well it. OK this is a different level of fire where they steal our war this is the real deal that right. It did good work my outlook play and it still might have a fair wage. Jihad saying well why did you say that they get blown up. I about Bora Bora putrid port four hours. Same wild. That is straight was it better than the actual fireworks this LA this maybe get a bad I mean you were you treated to the one of the best private fireworks displays ever. I'm oh yeah it would Beirut what we do that we all I got it back ready. I don't believe it now held up best fire or some overseas in years ago morals poise and so leave these are the fireworks awful Barbara the defense and one for everyone in Elizabeth OK fireworks display in the world outside smoking a cigarette man enemy does. First of all kinds of those close to go on they didn't they didn't go had been detonated but they had to detonate them before they took office is all right so they did it all once man and good relies whole week. So I'd be told is this an available like all of our dad. Almost hurt that looks so cool. Oh Rosenberg boy that looks cool oh no third isn't a boy oh boy that was cool exits and we don't there at 1 o'clock in the morning. What delegate do not believe is happening even allows happening 844999. Omaha hello Andy welcome to the men's room. All that well. So. When I was thirteen of 1992. And my younger brother and I went to school in Columbia that's where my mom's from. And we looked at my uncle. And on the weekends we go to my other uncle split out he had a cottage on the country a couple of hours outside Bogota. And now one night before dinner couple deadlocked in a pistol. And then. Told them not to move not to any thing and at first set that was my uncle playing a joke and a and then vote obviously we listen to what they're saying just ridiculous through this and then. And then a bunch of guys were outside the machine guns and stuff but they were looking for a judge. And it ended up in a fire guerrillas in Colombia yeah yeah and a look at prejudgment medical and accident. But they cannot held us up. Overnight and then they had them made cook cook him dinner and breakfast the next morning. Well you were there did you stay with a man nine. At some point there that they lack a solid one room in the I'm the first sort of the betterment Iraq is solid and it padlock did you. Did you think that they were going to kill you order. Did you figure like a mental fails I'll leave us alone. Yeah it was 1992 we're pretty sure advocate that Nick Barnett then my brother and our from the US so I am so excited about. Yes so that made dammit this situation will have to answer a little bit but then. Then that figure now we'll know. Why you're tall and really do anything out of your breath customers don't and. As anything bother you since then are they Obama and hostage situation with Colombian guerrillas Butler grads about to some crazy guy meth but like. These are real deal business guy serves I can't imagine anyone ever intimidating me again for any reason. But it. I do and I Colombian rebels in my house I let whatever your side and if you want them to still talk to the uncle. But I had another note that the Zealand. Is India. Does he always bring up the time that you guys got held for ransom for Tony more hours. Now I guess is try to get as usual into letting go OK. Let's not bring that stuff just happens and you. Coming up big signing her turn up dead vs the FCC bad jokes also on the way as drug charge rank castle be indicate got a bad jump right before during a tells with a shot of the day so a lot to get to including your emails. From the men's room at men's or live dot com and those are coming up next few are listening to the major radio networks. Look you're not only was happening even while it was happening and here come those emails in the men's room and a survived doc job. Hanoi we go guys I had used we'd since 1972. Matches is the only patriots that's it's to where they don't as the years went by just broken it now dog nobody accused and it's for high. I developed up pinched nerve in my neck that keeps me in constant pain. So two surgeries didn't help my grown kids kept telling me try we try we'd just that as long as it's illegal forget it. Well the day became legal asset our gimme finally. Someone I knew a guy who knew a guy who knew a guy the next thing I know I had a bag with a Nate what the heck is this I've never seen flowers before. Had no idea what to do them broken gobble up enrolled the world's most pathetic joint. My oldest daughter was right there to help me smoke at and when I took the first kids. I did like we did in 1972. Pulled as much energy can hold up for as long as you can the joint was pitiful enough that I took down half of it with one big hit. The good news the pain was gone instantly. The bad news. I don't remember much more because when that full load in my head they tell me I was standing in the kitchen and just sort of started leaning over Ford folding up like a piece of paper. Mixing error an Oregon in my youngest daughter is taking me by the hand and leading me come on daddy let's go to your chair this way daddy knows standup daddy. You're not in the chair yet this was daddy daddy and so since then I. Still use we'd for the pain but I did a fair bit of Reading up on the subject before I had my next Dell's. That from day. I want to be that guy Monday with. But in your fifties or something needs stops broken for like ten years have been a let me hit that young buck I mean just like cheaper real hard and to make our mark absence downtime. Hey what did you what did you hear about how do you we're talking the drug charge right Cassell gave many deciding about Ozzie and his smell in his story of what was just he couldn't believe it was happening at the time. He was interviewing Ozzie and in Los Angeles and they they hole up in a room Ozzie does his interview with them to have you know half hour out of the dealers. And then Ozzie goes down the hallway to another area where they're having him science and stuff and getting ready for whatever he needs to do on the toward taking care to those obligations down there so he's not. With Ryan in the room anymore he's been quite a ways down the hallway. And at the same point in time Nikki six who was doing his night time show which probably Ernie is he's going and record in the same exact area. NEC's Ryan any stops and he says. Where's Ozzie if I can smell and Gloria cell based on that we're wondering like in Ryan speculate what is this million dollar Cologne. But because understand that and before Nikki sixty would approach him about the smell that engineer that Ryan was working well said you know. It's great to do an interview with Ozzie because he's well known as the best spelling man didn't I guess if you are rock if you're in that and rock. If you're if you're Iraqi person. Is just well documented the Ozzie. That's a good smell my yeah well apparently we found out what that is as anyone wanna know what he smells like yeah out of what it is a check I. People check in speak who make toilets and bathroom fixtures in Europe. So this will be high trouble boiler makers to make a good cent according to this article of what Kohler or American standard coming out with a line of luxury for Ryder they've just been around for awhile so. This one particular brand the check in speech they have three different school loans that are popular maybe they have more with the three your featured here. Citrus Perry DC which smells like California grapefruit. Coriander. Pepper but actually an old miles why would wants only can you. Then there is their frankincense. Armor which I would assume it. That would be the one that Ozzie would pick smell like baby Jesus you smell like frankincense immersed cedar. Sandalwood orange lemon and and basal but now rustic. The one that Ozzie apparently. Where's is the number 88. A check and speak let's untold number 88 number radiate smells like an old fashioned English made it. Lozenge. Oh. Come. Balls that are broad spot dead due and sells real magazine English made it. Lot of who usually only globalized. Burger month what is Bergen not smelling like gold bug a month. I don't know that it's I don't either injuring him Cassie. Rose until. Plume Airpwn. That never. Man I'm on the I don't know Michael Holmes and senate either way even sandals even on the company's. They select either case lean one way for royalty more towards this. Winston Churchill used to Wear this Clint Eastwood worry. Some of their Cologne as well. JFK used to Wear their stuff it's a who's who of very well and our men and Winston Churchill and then it's us closer to home. We are gratified to hear our Ozzy Osbourne sporting check in speaks number 88. And that's a big deal because as he appears on rolling stones' greatest metal albums let's more than any other artist we think. The unusual gets masculine dark grows and sandal notes Al number 88 suit him perfectly. Sure to let it. I don't remember him smelly unity and attitudes are forgot to talk to improving those bad out of remembered and smelling like it is so little Italy the stuff cost. Sig Clint Eastwood. It's as if he'd be combined in. In England. For about 47 pounds well and in the United States prices range from a 115 to a 185. Two dollars. I thought it was like five and not an unreasonable around. To smaller Ghazi Al I guess if you want us all accounts if you want to smell like Gaza yet I kind of do a friend my guys agenda a university in Saint Andrews Scotland. Totally by coincidence is just down the street from the royal and ancient golf club of Saint Andrews the birthplace of golf at a big time destination for. Golf tourism. One night and house party Bill Murray an avid golfer of his of the course walked in the parties and a few others and then wash the dishes and left. He washed the dishes. Time for a few extreme out there of the men's or momentum buyback job. I. I actually do that today. Paranoia go guys today as my daughter kaelin's tenth birthday she and I love the show and we would love to suck it up cupcake. And a little kids they say it was that would be great keep on raji racquet bitches that from Samantha oh. Yeah. Guys today ironically enough is my son Ozzie boxes thirteenth birthday good smell and boy please officially welcome him and to the teenage years with really broad. That would be Elvis dead an Elvis thrill. Wishing him a happy birthday. Thanks for being the honest knuckle heads that you are that from Josh it's. I. Followed through your old joke. I remember when house to help turn thirteen is when momma gave me European opponents and that's a problem. If for some blessed and I don't come to write down your dad who thirteen until he loves chicken won't. We're gonna work on this a full sweat just don't do draw oh I hope mom I don't go to like a word or two. How I got to send us an on time it's my son rocks thirteenth birthday and I know he loved here the only draw a jig as we listen the show every day and enjoy the heck out of that and he has to say LeRoy Jenkins every time he hears itself thanks. Happy birthday buddy love dad and I. Gentlemen whereas my bouncing baby boy juju sweet sixteen he is wrestling of the state championships today I'd love nothing more. The kids the high schoolers what they want a time to take off the leash and another LeRoy Jenkins love mom Ezra and the dog you hates. So it's. I. Guys say my daughters he turned eighteen she's been waiting all year for those so good view please give are now hitting the window. And as Sarah Palin suck it up cupcake thanks guys that from David. Oh well. Had ever day Jenner congratulations on graduating and and Al disease soon bench given some dirty Germans that from spam the Fishman and Amanda. We'll both fellow troops in the content management was the misconstrue my toilet from. God and man some of the good. It's unbelievable. The golden brick road to the golden about. Why George drives and Alex AKA Bob on a happy 21 birthday have a little kids up fish sandwich and some dirty Germans may be Robin could talk dirty Tillman German as well thanks guys love the show. Don't a good enough have you addressed. You can take off my pants and jacket. Yeah and beautiful in the don't worry. If you didn't in my must've. Young kids playing trying to next election. Israel that they don't guys. It is my genius NASA's whose birthday is today she's turning 22 can you get a big gold bond grip and you guys talking all over each other happy birthday and that for a mid that's from a look he's mama. I'm from bloke he's mama low teens smoking is my moment I want. Do float and veteran you know being politically you know socially of the Singapore might be a grandma pursuant wanted to know if money was much different from what we get look he's mom's cookies. There's also adores my wonderful boyfriend Jason had a birthday Alan up big sand wedge and a birthday song thanks guys that France family's. I'm gonna ever they shot up from my amazing husband Richard Christian he has 25 years old can get a second up update and some dirty German talk that from his lovely wife and this. Oh. Mostly bullpen went through jubilant welcome no mention stupid and. Job know give him a stamp of approval. Paying after the box. Guys tenure Lesnar are making my 28 rotation around the sun unfortunately. Very few people listen to the midterm show so you guys would be so kind could you give us a fish sandwich it's a dirty German. Thanks guys that from Joshua. Sandwich. Twenty Google's move tuna to chicken that was shooting like Huckabee. And then after that killed when the you can hold multiple rooms to. Design my co worker and Logan turned the Big Three L I know he would love a big old Joey chestnut and also something sexy but nasty. From Robin thanks guys appreciate it that from Jordan. And Duncan's good dissidents in Dublin strewn Munson. Inflation. Or do things they did elevate Jolo on main chain longtime listener call in often love the show or during most of it but. I go to the extent of hiding my phone in my hard hat in streaming on the act. Today guys is my thirtieth birthday and I don't think anyone's gonna give me a shout out so how about a little of the absolute dirty is Germans and a little Ozzie Ted please. For your book that was featured looking dog. You don't check you can slow and now you're the inspiration. He. Dad did it send it for the reason titular god is big show hope. US tour. Full assault there's not 30% first serve thirty fist. My thirtieth birthday now. Pad and on that and then I wanted to get definitive 31 trip around the some of the show always does indeed as well in the word there on the at the German co workers think there's something wrong with me as I answers to big dummy questions all by myself I love to get some dirty Germans please rock on that from Alex. I'm afraid field both of them can't give you do but it will give you. Yeah. And she couldn't hack things and again. I don't know with the consistency of pets lost that he used to have. It is today marble like Gettysburg data did as a stand up guy but an absolute maniac and he listens to you guys. Out of a Philadelphia on the podcast. Is three stories are legendary he has busted out eighties raping a partition with cokes and pastel lovingly with Caesar salad in the bathtub. He's a good friend that deserves a little turtle sex with Ted calling for an ambulance in the pots are rock on guys that from Lou. We're gonna need an ambulance. That's defense I will say that I think perhaps you're clout among blue this has nothing to do with Ted. This is and every. Single person who lives in the states of America. If it is not just Ted it's an amble Lance and it doesn't matter if it's Campbell Lance no matter what my wife says amble Lance her family says them blend the avalanche driver and Baltimore says he's driving and Campbell I don't think that doubles I am a Lance in the in the state Aminu is the actual word ambulance that they have done an album things you can't read it because they write a backwards these in your rear view mirror so it doesn't matter at the Korean to Ireland. I don't like that they had me how birthday to my super hot girlfriend brandy Michelle are all right turning 33 please give the dirty is German jockey can think up thanks guys that from Kobe. She is so go through. The demonstrates the rest of the tasting her. And a third she's super high hopefully. Hopefully making news Jerusalem brandy. The movies books for what do and shift to close things that don't just but they do choose to be the key. To have been. It's okay. They love a mile I've birthday happy birthday Al like Audrey and I love you to the moon and back can you guys do some certain super dirty German foreign banks the tallest. That from the cold. I feel broke down to new budget this crew chief for much. Yeah to the moon and back I couldn't ask for a million and Hitachi. On top guys I ever there goes my lovely wife Irene she's 34. And I got to listen you guys when I come home from work how would you like that and the dirty is the Germans thanks guys rock god Matt from CJ. John wooten should shouldn't eat to the millions who. Yeah sometimes the word Irene reminds me to a town so get ready for love. All my husband and I refuge transit raises 35 birthday he's a hard worker great dad also Muslim and an a hole can get a fish sandwich followed by a Joey chestnut that from Lindsay and the boys spent much. Guys I'm 51 today and all of a big old bong rip with a golf and you guys talking all over your selves about the sticky icky love the show that from Suzy. Floating out there laughing at you that he if you ask me I don't when Carter and I thought well it's underground and it also brought back regularly even he may know guys like he down in their hand and it plays usually. Stroke or straight hundred hours of shut customized client right now he'd be nice cute guys my mom's birthday please don't wish ally happy unhealthy birthday she's great mom and amazing grandmother in a very caring. And loving person. She also loves to fish so how to barbershop faced sandwich for upcoming trip to Mexico thanks guys from the Russian speaking Ukrainian mainly shop. Is it to move people around this and wins. G.'s daughter on the side. Though it is Stanley is he's still really is in them on hand at noon and you and I cannot. I guess it's now once I again time noise robotic Kinney happy bird day. He has the big double nickel today in honor of these two events and im also getting off of house arrest. He deserves a birthday song and your penis is too small that guys is from rob. So. I mean I'm I'm I'm. Yeah do you have a car okay have you had any. I can you tell you can you bid. Doesn't guarantee German brought by men's. Also available through these we'll stay on men's lives doesn't come another sign retailers. And shoreline fly food. No match O'Donnell don't drink it tells with a Saturday the first time to go back in time to last time we played Ted vs the FCC all. Let's go back intent. Container nick needs bigger knickers for his bigger and dockers. Rigor nick nags digger nick saying digger nick needs some nicer knickers. Not Reagan bigger knickers for his bigger and dockers dot back. Dig a mix needs bigger knickers for his bigger and doctors rigor nick thanks figured mid city Digg and nick needs nicer knickers. Not pretty bigger knickers for his bigger knock her blood. Nick needs bigger knickers first bigger knot current Ridder NIC bad hitter nick saying did and it needs nicer masters. Not create bigger (%expletive) for his bigger or not. Blue here next big thing and it does her husband and I apparently. Pressure and it begs the essay yeah I heard at these guys I guess that is not a threaded bigger records birth credit are. I. Even at a. FF. We're gonna al-Qaeda and on the Delaware last regular zoo today is. Whose 320. Plus. We would not play this. Gordon says this is the FCC. We were up until like 330 coming a little rhymes and Reynolds does that wasn't the latest now we've had but that would ultimately inevitable slip this turned out if you eats up Irish spring soap spread on the box man and hope to be really down below Mulder coming and we get a Ted vs the FCC submission from our listener named Barry. And very they Ted vs the FCC. They go something like this keep in mind if you wanna take on the FCC just download the men's or app that is absolutely free and you can drive is just like Ted does every week so. On the front for very and it goes something like this. Police say man I am not a shocking cannibal in overalls and I suck and shut up that's cycling duck on a truck so get hit with sit and shot the duck up. The way we do ten vs the FCC AG Henry that one time through and then three times fast. I think that pat. Holy sick man who I am not a shocking cannibal. In over a house and I shot and suck a fat soccer in duck on a truck. Since then you get hit with six and shot dead duck got a contract. Fully fit and I am not a shocking dependable and overly than I thought you just think that's struggling duck on a truck. Still didn't hit with sick with a shot that stock got wide poorly sick below. And I think (%expletive) I'm not a sucking dead have all been over how the eye socket jargon that sucker in dark truck. So give it was sick and shut the Dhaka cool poli sick man who. The company didn't need Shockey terrible it over how that I shut it something that's stuck and docked in a trap. So get hit with six and shut that back up. The ruling on the field and is now. That's the right now there's another way and it and Ted vs the my little isolated that they got that right there at all. Why did a good dog bad dog try to go bad joke time is coming up next 844999. All I needed email the bad jokes to the men's room at men's or live. Dot com and it's Obama put there to follow cement to live as well bad jokes coming up with a drug charge rank castle next you're listening to avenger radio network. Fitch is you. Prove I'm Fredricka tells the shot of the day is most of my first time for bad jokes 844 or 999. Alone. Hello rusty welcomed the bad jokes. Yeah it's. Hillary got a copy. How do you feel you wouldn't have opened. It crept so. The press so the president hello Mike welcome to the bad jokes. Oh dot com. Art what do you call a Mexican little person when he called Mexican little person. A paragraph this he's too short to the NSA's. Hello mark welcome to the bad jokes. This is your time to go mark hello Ryan welcomed the bedroom this is your time to go around. Yeah. Or not. Why does no do and don't have in common. What do tofu and until you have in common what. They are all he did. I. Very often I don't mob would have limited periods somebody else they're just share your severe range. Men's room knows just. Saturday and as usual way ahead to the very best Nancy with the oil find out. Or toasted yes indeed today we've tells mr. Lamar chambers of Essex England we brought the storm and up on our. Very program before and you might remember this guy he was arrested because cops and England suspected that he may have been dealing. Or doing drugs furthermore they believe that you've been swallowed the drugs to try to hide the evidence is this guy who has not pooped in all these are all this time of the big news was back in February attempt that was date 24. Of them preventing himself from Cooper give my. He's under the jail cell this whole time. They're watching him the entire tiger d'souza pope's right they can collect the evidence. So he's greatly gone runny poop strike but he's still beat that should be noted nice. He is now broken right the record was 24 days without food with these are date 29. He is still refusing to prove a firm deal. Stan yet. They pull those boos imagery does lose because we think it's yummy I bags all the talking and down the throat you've already in aren't Tommy's. Downed power outage. The shenanigans continues on the men's room. Radio network.