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This is the men's room. I'm listening to. It's a result that standing by we've got profile that's coming up in minutes. I've got to wait one hour from now first quick check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he has not. Working out all right Amazon is rolling out its new Amazon key service in 37 cities. Her rule where you can sign of delay delivery drivers actually enter your home when you're not there and drop off packages through. I yes I mean it just seems like he's gonna go back home court that's gonna go back and understand new rules in place with a look man. Obviously you know data we know if he's glad that that African models already rules in place for everything but the film lawyers police and jails you do the math yeah. Celtics' one person a bum rush the delivery guy with a door open and you know. I mean Arizona wanted to just kind of infiltrate the delivery system you know it Ted and I are having this conversation that people will. Choose the prevention that goes with their illegal activity wouldn't do. I don't let me look if I can hack into it to me I mean again you know people are going to do that's not a question but. You go by zip code. Someone in the rich desert code it's anything from him I'm a target there look at your broke ass neighborhood. Nobody cares nobody cares. Not only thing I want but if you look at them wealthiest neighborhood by Appel has been whacked I got one of those skills such bad they're not easy to program with the field numbers out new numbers and like. Peppers in my not work for the company anymore. But they've got to go. Who says they're not gonna come back in later today he says and I'm gonna give the go nobody you have to be really good breaking in the homes. Martin said the market began a bag of her and go to their house and take death. And I think you'll hear the door the dogs are gonna run out. And they were it's just a bad idea man whose many cash. What is your cat ran out my that the guy just opens up the bill yet how many went dead but the cat's name Mike. I was thinking of going with kid has ever stink because she can't stop firing. Kitten is ever stink this damn man after what you gonna name it Robert till we had a different Antonio slay me you know now. Bottles now I would not gonna name it and I'm probably when BYU to get you go oh my god. When I wanted to come up. I can't models Paulson can. How they Jesus Mendez also Vito the name stands today is a let stand the constancy. And she comes out here and and you can't stand syndicate the intelligence tanked and up the other ships that sank. A lot David Souter brother was arrested in LA yesterday for child pornography. The guy who was who shot in Los Angeles her and Las Vegas yet his brother is okay all right that's at the same guy they kept interviewing and Orlando we must have a few wrote it was a different route okay. Yet we should talk to the parents. Well something went wrong and that fan and even the guy in Orlando seemed a little off. I'm with not illegal but all all friends. That began his. Didn't want the idea I don't know anything about the brother in Los angels obviously I know and I don't know that story right but when they initially when this when they're just doing the investigating to try to figure out what the multiple is anything about this guy that they Kamal what. They ended up talking to his brother Orlando originally came out of gonna shock intent of and they got I got real happy about being on camera for I don't know exactly what happened because that's a great sentimental but yeah he was he's he's in crazy stuff like avid it was a million dollars and after a weekend evolved was a big deal. She's like oh all right who's who you regarding commented it was almost like well the big. Budweiser is selling a new type of beer that's based on an old recipe from before prohibition. It's called 1933 repeal reserve and it is six point 1% alcohol content. There's under current recipes based on a recipe before provision eat things that maybe they had to change it up for whatever guidelines you know after I don't know. You know these guys in new start of that that was a guy who the Russian guy who brought out who bought up all the independent Marines there were still around. The lone stars of the world rational bohemian ironing your days of rain years of the world all that stuff. He basically bought it said hey do me a favor go back to some of your older recipes because the carriage Rainier I've re neared an original tale well. Iron city did appear black contains coming back on the that it votes at the area I know he's bringing back all that stuff so that payment wanna. I think for fear it's okay but like. Ever we talked to bill Samuels junior from maker's mark he was like. You don't wanna drink the stuff from back in the head now these kids I think not and yeah I don't know I don't I don't know I didn't take the provision the stuff is like if I mean. Fire Lou yeah I. There. A new study found the dogs don't sleep as well when they're stressed out just like people just like every animal and what Playboy animal when it's stressed out of the top address as they drew burger. And from my life but you know unless a seven that. To come home. A dairy company called oak Hurst is now selling blueberry flavored milk. And then I'd get on the gas. I don't know that I put added cereal but I mean isn't going to be deliberate no way. Strawberry milk but ma'am meld shock no fats and I'm thinking yeah right. He had been highly viewed chocolate milk of its pre made all the other melts like the struck a rather stirred the powder and to get that flag I agree that but I will save the Vanessa Lee Giles fast quick whatever elements of the money. That is some serious foment Hershey's on the East Coast is to have talked about. The whole time that god difference to me like chocolate milk do you go to nest nest quit right. They isn't quite right yet you that he was and how dangerous Hershey's. Came out of the tube in his Williams who's I don't know who he's got. And there was always that big gold amount of the bottom and lastly redundancy in the new reservoirs to get ahead as Achilles heels shot that's straight up the bottom you get no. Cause I know we live in a row absolutely not a shock value added a liquor in his cushion. Jack coach Jack soma gave their hairless cat HS tentative. All right now and in animal rights people are freaking out what is the tattoo FEC it is of an organized tell me it's an eagle. And why it's Giant Eagle eyes and tell me praying hands I don't think. Can you both very typical lake perfectly barb wire on the other Harley logo. The tramp stamp to me if you're gonna check the cap and go down we can go out and ask him Lycos full sleeve ones something if it like that man. Then look at that dad had a couple of good oval Friday. That the data that cash. Well it's going to get tattooed on and on doctor government there miles. God doctor Gomez do not that they not I don't know that I'd probably stay that apple way and the cast an Achilles fairly praise run the with. At 41 year old woman from Boston has been traveling around the world and digging unattractive double chin photos we've been in this landmark or the if you seek all the questioning it. Spinning spinning chanting it's hurt his picture of her grandkids yet she just because you do that thing where you gonna do. Make an ugly face and you get that. Did the multiple since gone on most of them don't have their sexy face on when the double agent Josep again about it and I'm going on where should get tired of Cheney. I do is Jim I don't I don't work. And finally a woman bound for Greece is probably the best flight anyone has ever had ever thought that I'll sell about a when are now. They've my god we do better and I've done a one hour from now at first the good. The room. Precepts. See the drug at least everyone else profile this is plain absurd ten miles it's a simple game where we share with you real life news story. Something that happened right here on planet earth or who were. And as you listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make. We'll ask you what it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Linda welcome to the men's room. Our job I led by you understand how this year games played. Oh fantastic. And we go to New York City where police are looking for men seem masturbating. Twice on subways. During the sit in the city. And the last month. Authorities say the 32 year old man riding a southbound any trained and reported things suspect masturbating on the train. Less than two weeks earlier a thirty Fort Irwin had seen the suspect master baiting. On the north bound for an this was at the height of the morning rush by the way he's not gonna be subtle. This is not 2 o'clock in the morning good to be about. 7:38. AM height of rush hour ages since their new master Bates now know injuries were reported and even in the cases and bush is that released a photo of the suspect he was last seen wearing off my jacket blue jeans and believed to beat fifty to sixty years old but should also be added. But when he met estimates mills throws proclivity to pick is an up. I mean dig deep to bag the photo they have he's got. He's got to knuckle deep one nostrils. Penis and the other hand I've knuckles in the none of them have about threat the president. Do you believe that this nose picking masturbating subway rider is black white Maxi or June. I'm heading toward the white I'm excited. Played eight. I think you can eliminate Jewish right away simply because it identify known automatically and also what if he was Hasidic. Or something like that there was a tell on him being Jewish and even an arson. Yet you moved to hell there's itself I mean certainly tells old black and white kid he's. You can tell. The not my be confused for like two. It's New York City right this is the New York City train them into tomorrow on a train hang on so. There was a southbound atrial fourteenth street. And it was another time he's on the northbound you train at 53 street and 53 street near city you don't know that's. He's very busy. If you didn't amount train right doing what you think he is nose and master it reminds got manly could be any of these. Matthew I got to lose not racquets I don't like that that uncommon. I'm really masturbating on yourself like a billion near cities are more common than it is in other places where. The nose picking up the same time is that it's a bit of a departure. Yeah I I don't know I don't know and I know a lot of nose pickers are all white. I'm just an estimate to but it you see that you both of the same time and a non person cannot imagine that you aren't mentally thing we're not much help. I don't know I hate my final answer. We'll find out of this nose picking master bedroom was black white mixing your Jewish next. Tease you are listening to the metro radio network. If you. How buzz phases in New York City and I don't think an estimated straight and has been spot on multiple times about multiple bastards a multiple drains but to do the other rush hour easier to becoming. And that not only is he masturbating is picking his nose at the same time it is not known to be funny. He's going to definitely know that Linda. We ask you do you believe this I was black and white makes you or do you what why you don't quite add to be getting your stuff quote white all the way through. It's. Not. Our bench wait let me doesn't want to write English and we now. Yeah black. No kidding yeah oh I can't masturbating at my nose monitoring did you guys here and generally I have news yeah. I could do would tonight. Think you know legitimate trade. This is going rogue valley pac and his existence of the so much going on there I don't know what did you think you know and it just under a commitment fees which he did it by mistake he just knows one time now play. Don't know whether you like now. Well that's okay can do not do it on the turning. That's all they're saying. Now relativity is enough time to average each time a day. Because you're pathetic life is confined to countless hours in front of a talking box and the presents. You know if you miss the show at all you you know big fan Kirby and there was yes miles is as well one of our favorite characters on there is we. I'm not wrong I think you Leon Lashley to just black and yes there's when he adoptive family with the black the blacks that we're actually. Physically black yet. I order for the black trim. Jason JB smooth is the guy that plays Lee aren't you guys know JBC news greatest movie that he was it. I bring it up and author Bhutan breach our and I think that the act. And have to Jamie smooth obviously he's a comedian got a bunch of stuff. The character we aren't he'll be dead honest it's kind of ridiculous you can't live your life like that it sit around so what he's done now is who wrote a book it's kinda like. Half serious kinda half tongue in cheek as Lena. Last night he was on Jimmy Fallon miles mention this to me pretty funny stuff here he's a fancy author. Now you know how to do it that's how you do or they JP. I'll pipe that is fantastic to me while the outcome I hit any other way I MO all over and Julie left that's optimistic and obviously I don't grab a nice tournament yet. And they had a lumpectomy in the in the and they hit you yet now we're Wal-Mart wool jacket with a little piece of the love the warm it's available. Whispered sweet but now was create this sort of mentally or whether the crowd but I do think I make a perfect model of the we do have. On the writer's award. So pleased that the red. Get the JV gets the reward Davies who look at that that Santana mean it is towards you got pulled off the bad hole bad. The body perfect. I gotta gotta gotta gotta gotta Google or bad no idea who put these naked boys you know body suit. Does a fair question he's asked about the Oscar guy who was the model for your perfect prep as if this kind of weird like it's so nice it's a big award but at the end of the day is getting a gold chiseled dude yeah a likely gimmicks are about uber feet. Of his again to start over feet you wanna walk with some I just talked itself off your chest I'll walk five blocks summing up with a bull walks. You see that full interview to the mention FaceBook page it is very funny and he's also two feet I make it back down. I the has super coach wrote from your house and a maybe you guys get notified to everybody can't rectify the situation he'll probably movie of the person that's. It does ever own one of those jackets with the Swede on the elbows now government Smart enough to deserve that my house now. This guy like most of my teacher's gonna. Who brother did in his graduation picture aside from his temporal sideburns he had corduroy suit coat with the patches a leather pandora as just Arnold to run your brother of your finance and from him thank you pretty Smart I thought that this is. And a quick get cars daily read a book. Like I don't wife wrote a book my brother my. It just makes me sick man I mean I should be happy and I get to be sure to children's book and then the giving all the critical reduces and a copy to my kids. The kids love imagine Brenda sequel. Among our do you think you're also disassembled rifle through second team of football and every thirty yards just. That's just great size and the book that I know could be she George of the federal government I would not say which eight. But I guess what two years they have to do the recertification. On the farms compacts. So if you visit my brother DC. And go to the basement they've finished basement these kind of on section so. He isn't dame football from cold games that he's my coach officiated novice in the the other half of the basement. She has so much poise that she's got from childhood so you're thinking oh this is a magical thing. And vendors like six of that paper numbers up there in our six bullet holes directly to head. Any real creepy written all in all my kid mamet you go anomaly. God damn dude sides of the brotherly. Be cool yeah whatever she wants for general drop your past and we see them miss it's it's keeps each want to meet you. That makes me there pretty marriage broke my dad said you're looking at her Barbie doll collector when she was a giant and a sharp shooters in the next of that right do solemnly this is this a weird combo. It just scares me to pick. He doesn't watch many and you shows negative not yet I'm I'm I'm getting related to a little Curb Your Enthusiasm catchup but that's about it. All right aren't aren't kind of stuck in Vietnam special on PBS. That's like eight hours long and I was let's keep it light and fun I do I like to have but dreams a night rounding chase for the national we Julia there like I get sucked into this thing man. That's an added I'm Jason the dot dame Joan Walsh and I think they'll like it is very Alia. I had a really sad dream tonight what happened you wasn't amused though it's sad it's sad but my we're gonna make is that what it means it's at about one well. I think it's sad that I lay my head down tonight. Get a dream sabbatical fancier this and that it was a bit of famous in both offense and you don't. I open my fridge. There's two were to certificates of it if it hit a dream was sad that you and your fridge was at the barbecue or the live in November. I think they're just standard I don't know what store they were friends may include a Bagger of the plastics they're both from plastic and plastic tub get better and there was to purchase your tickets and man administering tighter unless you have man and everything contained. Good for you pass Ted you went and got tickets. I woke up in the dream. While. I mean part of me says that was not northern part of me says that was absolutely repairing an important I'm talking which went way too late. Was that the biggest waste my time or is that actually one of the most fantastic things the governor yet I had a big dream had to rotisserie to. I have a dream. One day. Our all of a mile spreads about no one but two rotisserie chicken. And form and as then that's what I'm talking about thank you. So villagers to. Three is an odd number. What I dreamed of or four legs and never regret waiting for me. Rotisserie chickens. I guess I was Agra what that yet besides this is the chicken into the main thing was just that they were already there are writes I was real excited in the dream a lot of other stories to check in here like nice worked. And and if this suspect if if if if if if I'm the regular Joes on its both of those of the Daily Beast. Basically they have and a breakdown of the best and worst of some of the new shows that made it isn't just their opinion. Young Sheldon they're saying this is the most promising show basis say it's pretty good it's been doing well on the range and I mean. It's a lot different a Big Bang theory I write is still based on that but even the camera angles are kind of different on its. The ditch studio it's a multi camp format. Coming across more like the wonder years she's. Okay are apparently aren't very good built in audience of you know minority there pivotal thing if you can they do it would Joey to. And only that it's like that that's the slippery slope because Cuba build an audience if you add that up by some of the whole legacy goes down. You could be Frazier you could be or Jordan. Joseph yeah. I like this do they give credit to will and grace as he is saying that it returned an eight. It's actually still good but somehow they updated the scripts like people still like it. What now this show I just watch it tonight for the first time crowd Kevin probably saves the world. Natalie I've seen a commercial for rides I don't know my body is also went up this way they may relate for the best effort. Good trial war Larry I remember and are now cool while the helmet where a war. The honorable mention a field day if he didn't win any participation ribbon you're here and we noticed David Harris and hates that your. Yeah why I like it they said it's adorable it's pleasant it's fine. OK fine all find nothing is fine. Yeah I find is not fine is only fine if it's dining. Other than that it is not fine or someone's asked. Yeah all he had as true dining all right it's almost a millionaire that they're the only things that if you find words were estimated in late Marv Levy and Steve answered that. Fine dining. The one for biggest train wreck. Megan Kelly to. I look I've watched it but I've not read anything good about that sir first of look I don't notice when it's more. But things that are read about the show just not being good it's all about her specifically does not bad yeah I just read the excerpts of things normally are. Did you have a stroke I mean did did you forget how to do describe how it is a stroke. It's is unbelievably bad from an effort. Yeah I it's kind of hard to be I think critical that early on the show but of it is that matters it's that bad they're not being critical of her shoulder being critical of her specifically so. Evil would not like it would new hope and that's I guess that's at the root of it so why would anyone takes over hosting. Anything you give a little breathing room but a lot of times it's the bugs in the show but on the person. It's a moment no one likes to relate Stewart they say all the wrong things all the time out that's an entirely different that you. Make it dailies have all that. Some of the people just don't like her short they've also had the ridiculous kinda late that camera guy comments in every in the shot and then he dropped a curse words like if it's just played great that they're saying here late in the daytime did debuts there was a little weird about this one just messy indeed. Nobody but she's not good post I think that's the thing it's messy that's the way seems right I won't give her credit they're right at the height of her. It's whatever our power whatever like last year like I like it might you know she's like I would assume for holding its huge contract they're really does anything else. Well Joseph Flacco. Which you this like that she's the Joseph Flacco tell this. Yeah okay we need to let her know exactly what that means oh thank you know no known I thank you. The award for the best new sitcom nobody's watching I was just talking about this in the day that may. As the show it and do that the rapper in the becomes the mayor of the town is pretty darn funny. Okay there's no rousing. Yeah I don't think it's in the best rate that's any ranking isn't the best show that nobody's actually watching it. So if you are on that list would you rather be Heyman is a good show but I was watching you are a lot Arrested Development. Or that's cute in a really drives we. One that Kevin might save the world was probably say Zora I think my woods won his Bentley came over door to good children I was watching us or people want to use this match. Great I'd rather be the mayor I'd rather be a show that nobody's watching them like critics like it's a good show as a bill isn't working again yet as opposed light. Kevin probably saves the world like yeah like you who think that it's probably good third two. Rightly what do I say sometimes like how is that my sandwich of that restaurant. It's adequate and yet I also the name of the placements like it tastes like exactly what they say if you get a ham and cheese it is exactly that. But thank you. To make a lot of a lot of funny bits this when I always like its ally Eyewitness News of their asking people about a movie dirty grandma that doesn't exist. Can we get you talk a little bit about what you love about her he'll grab your rights of the camera so act. Go for only guy loves the issue Brandon grant it was truly inspiring and I can't wait to see it again. You can just put my momentum tell us how much you loved studio ranting I love this movie it was so awesome legs easy it's pretty agree on a it was blown fist and yeah series. I'm not to have her eyes sometimes that is awesome man and I work but he's inside and my daughter loved it it's a perfect movie for kids. Yeah it's flat each and Annie and. Fake check. The funniest thing you've ever seen it's. Not a comedy into drama. For a drama. Is pretty. I live there. Please wanna run right out of the theater. So Mike can I have this argument today right now I can tell these people are just liners oh yeah he contends are set up. Not necessarily set up he more intense that they are like panic coached up and away to vacate his act like you talk about even if you haven't seen it right. Okay well yet that would make sense of the memos he was just gotten on and I do like and misery of the appreciated by kids that they come up with stuff like that. They think kids say and diarrhea parent does it seem that outrageous and the iron and give full bladder. Really dozens are re just you know I've been around and that is oddly specific manned space shuttle the data. There but that's what the child would think it's funny but the thing is that that's what you can fact check. These people are I think that this is an actual movie I had no second third the diarrhea bared his movies doing. I mean that's easily the boats. Doesn't from a kid there's no moving our overall yeah. The idea of going to don't you know their own movie that the big. Don't know that there's no movies of it has come up with these random wrong for. And that's why don't they the kid had the best tribute to the least there was Barley. Again I mean right kids right I. I don't know what diarrhea or care what movie that's going to be on Larry I don't know if they wanted to go see it hold it guys are real bear on their wife made up when I may have a good. Take my money. And I have we have better answers the question about the list is potato ever hit headlines on oil might knock on eleven minutes you are listening to the men's or radio network. We actually smiles. No let's see what's happening in the real partner got a good time to Saint Louis as police fired forty stolen pumpkins for people's homes and can and want gore. Other times when you step on a 757 degrees and find you are the only passenger on board. Japan where after eight years elusive ninja deepest thoughts and surprised he had 74 years old. You to my ranch in Arizona from an alien fighting rancher before it sold and a pop beyond walking terror what. I'll be brought back to life the anarchy and away anytime your headlines. It's time to hit. There's Mike car I don't wanna apply from. Reese of flight to Greece experienced probably the best flight ever as she was boarding a flight get the count how many people were supposed to be on the plane probably because the gate was so empty. And the attendant informed her that only three people were scheduled to be on that flight and keep in mind. This flight holds upwards of a 180 people sales from Poland degrees right but get this the other two actually never showed up to she was really the only passenger. Almost like how awesome is US thing rights you would think you would get moved up in the first class just to make it easier. Osu graduate or would I eat you know the first class food you would just like say hey man like that it let's take care this first yeah join the mile high club of and I've been gone. Now on the other side of that coin as the passenger I'm freaking out. If I'm sitting in the gate and there's nobody else there I might what memo did I miss student. It works though and they move get a continue to hear the announcement. Go someplace and come back there's people sitting there that they're going to another city you don't realize they just did this he did remember when I was trapped down in Houston. Yeah this switched my gate. Minutes before I boarded and that freaked the hell out of me because this is like my last chance to get out at all it's never just like to gates down dude it's always a. I don't have to score card down here all the way around it did eight. It's almost as if you know that came to go ahead miles apparently the biggest nightmare and all that might give hope that never happens you man as the Miami International Airport scenario though there. Okay snow was huge and it took forever to get into my other day I was scared to death I did spend an idea Miami airport and had it all they don't say about it Doug airport fault American Airlines I decided that it was the thing. None of the seats at the Miami airport had for all of the seat to Miami airport and arm rest. So I just wanted to lay down like there was no word delayed. I don't sound petty but would even have reported for our footprint and it is just bigger was. The boy and it has it's a pretty big airport my problem all the way in my. I won't look the whole thing below three short months they have by but wasn't any one particular case I was like OK well try you know gates even after I try 88 dad's side. Did your steps and around the world and Ohio a man defended his post at a gas station as a man was attempting to rob it all he kicked his as the man showed up and attended to jump over the counter to rob the place when he was met by the clerk who throw chemists would punched in the face knocking him out and leaving in a shiny black diapers Jack knowing that but the guy I was like oh now it's on my keys. He did he jumped over the counter in this dude hauls off man. And I mean. He was like one of those when those punches were Ukraine which. You're just like all of gauntlet he rippled that do. I rippled back police were called and heard quote he's still in here I had to knock him out you need to get a trooper here now because he's in here he's been here all left out. If you didn't miss them a man you thief and a fat guy going on. Probably doubly from Saint Louis measure tracked down a few teenagers that a Donnie pumpkin fest free. After the trio was arrested police line at the pumpkins and photograph them putting them up on the Internet and asking residents to come claim the pumpkins that were there as much red there is anybody on camera or remember little clip their loved it looks like absolutely wants their cards are on your porch he had other than the court that said America. I don't think any of these have been carved. I have no losing via via embarked pumpkin yet for the kids may Jacqueline is absolutely a much oh yeah three alignment noticing a trend though of the and carve pumpkins that's it on the fourth of so boring there's there's a lot of religious that there must take flavor of the Rockies. Little little tip though they don't lose like there there is there than their guns. The prosecutors we never carved until late that gave before that's the difference the people who don't carved them don't have kids. That is funny bumper I had really enter a kid you're not gonna you guys gone through all that crap that I love pumpkins these I don't know. We got to Japan where for nearly ten years police were on the hunt for men dressed about the ninja committing burglary after burglary well. Don't know what and the man was constantly from the electronic sub president to get up but he was surprised and pleased that that in fact he was 72 years all that's a privilege and an iron. General cynnex ever bad jokes and the return of dead birds as the FCC yes indeed were out for now but we shall return until then the what to do best and Orly I think it's. Yeah. On this the day before a live studio audience wardrobe makeup provided by Manchester limited their presentation now. Radio network.