03-06-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Takes It Downstairs

Tuesday, March 6th

Mens Room Question: What's the story about your downstairs stuff?


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You what sure love to hear is real. Trying to look. And anymore. There's our. Invited to join the party. Yes he's done. Other than secrecy. This is done. They say. Or radio more than three times. And Jordan. And wanted to go log in Arizona we're 2700. AD the. Along with Steve the scroll hill. Sued Fred Smoot. Blue ball. My con. Yeah parliament a. It's hard drive gasoline usage can spin today where the money is actually ten the best selling musicians. A multi. Steve word goes to the worst accident in a low. Go get ready to play profile list plus headlines and has a job and a fumble this very males and everyone's favorite TV time of day for class period you're hired it would go Opentable played Chicago Bulls 300 reservations on rival service. Just to make him look bad. Well I wilderness screaming I am god and tries to open an airplane door until she's tied up by a passenger name change. Good daycare worker uses special gummy bears do not the toddlers out. Two or injured in a brawl in New Jersey Chucky cheeses patrons scream and shout that dead man and India wakes up and more. It's all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. All our bench is good day for you and yours aren't under the Sarah headline with you. May only had seven inch plastic six or remove. Through his pain. We'll show the rest of that story in a bit all you need to know for now is that. Mets went to be the story of his jump you'll number I'll do that however not to be outdone. Amanda Malaysia who got a weighing stuck on the screen. Instead of giving healthy drug use scissors deprive all those got stuck to. Eventually he went to the hospital and having it surgically removed from store. Now this guy like the last guy. He has appeal this story for law and it might sound stupid but were betting that each and every one would you have a story that revolves specifically. Arrived to private. Dinner Italian the kitten who belittle and now reality gravy train you know we're playing so today that's all you want to welcome. Bob left. The moment. There is a question for today what's the story about you're down there stuff. Her brother Joseph caught a four point 999 all you can like the men's room on FaceBook followers on Twitter have been survive and in those emails to the men's room had been through my back count. You're listening to avenger radio network. All loved it chill. You don't have turned the men's room. Now I know there's other 2780. Will. Our thereafter as the word it gets to be worst and best accidents in all of the United States and America as you remember wasn't too long ago maybe a a week or two. We brought you what we know to be the sexiest accents from around the world yes yea and part of that discussion was well are you talking about a a southern no American accent or New York accent it knows just the human error all right thanks Susan outside I understand there it was the Syrian accent when I was did some sexes than. But I believe it was was the French are the Italians and one in the worldwide poll yahweh French but I think in the get out of that we've got Florio the best and the worst accidents in all of America. And there are a lot of different ones should be count forget how many different types of accidents we have here in this country but there are quite a few. So that is coming up with a return of the word and the drug in charge right castles and today's Hispanic and today Ryan goes where the money is that would be the ten. Best selling musicians of all times. And that includes all formats so John really as you sold a bunch of music cue you make the list and you made a whole lot of money so. That's coming up with us and spent had they were talking about the story about your your downstairs stuff. In your lifetime you're probably going to have at least one note or two stories. To guarantee about downstairs stuff if you have genitalia. There's a story that you know about it it's just that easy now. And does some stories about than others we'll sure it depends on the situation. Well look put it this way. There so we are willing to share right well yeah I've never stores about it yes you would not Sharon but there is a story that you do share about Trojan time I think question about I think the one of the most painstaking. And oh boy well those Kudlow. One and I'll never forget is that my buddy Chad gave everybody well just myself crabs and the apartment it was just me and him to live together. He does have rights no I ate you know what man I herald's did you guys sense that you know I didn't they should lose good looking man. Share to town. Or he shared tell mine I'm pretty sure doing Chad he shared my towel. So he grabs your your time the whole the whole apartment the Euro are towel was was basically. He was covering crap so we can't take a. Old movie somebody else's town when you have zero would you know no he didn't know and she was there there yes. You know what he knew you know we are core you knew that day that's why he even narrower only never told me he used all this stuff you'd just bigger. He knew I regret that's why he I was in Georgetown jazz that I was doing the same thing. He's incredibly here again you really Jose hairy they're very. Whatever the deal was so. You know the big industrial. Machines they have the laundromat so not only do we have to go buy that stuff. But we do everything the rugs and towels all the laundry how does all the peace read that fast how long do the Democrats. It took him a couple she was there that we the weakened before if you look like you remember I don't know beatle why because I. And it was a good roommate we had such a small place and we shared a bedroom together we had two beds queen stuck in the corners. That I was gonna let him have a place so he got the place I told you all president of perhaps any president fat. That's it seemed like by 200 airline hasn't mentioned that the economy could have gone either way either way I mean if you don't always know what I'm not a guy Ingram write but I'm you know it. For me it was more had to get real mate Lou the US and happened to go to the you know you go drugstore men as not a fund purchased a magna and it is and depending on how many loads those two. But he wasn't like we won't we bought one box of grid ranks were by like eight feet I mean it looked like a whatever only download it at blues and way you worse than I should event if you remember I Bret Lockett you might if you don't regret right but do carelessly look. I grabbed onto my and it sucked and I bought a bottle of right and you're adorable purchase but here's the thing about eight model. It was done crap I mean like the moment I realized what was going all. You economist in the irrelevant he waded to listen you're the only birth throughout the story that I know. He waited a few days in any huge day. Your entire Europe apart everything. You're memories he never put it close a way that does is lower than Lyles let those crazy everything was you know like big they had eight of a virtual they do live anywhere Annapolis. And and we brought so much ribbons as a was serious or somewhat he'll fit it in Connecticut in a vehicle that link if you're going to lose your hold if you guys get them both Democrats vote because we had to wash everything that's what you have to do. I understand that most of what I had programs I don't remove my grandpa. The don't know they know not all of the entire place went down to the translators there like I handle the sheets but anyway they want in my culprit they were not my drinks they were not on the tackle Jimmy and if it was a small to before tree you know any uniter of a war right kind of vehicle that are buying that and a five gal who you hear me like how many ports do you have. I think it was like that amount of stuff we had to buy. Slew washed everything and we bleached everything and else another thing that I I I mean we had the windows open for at least three or four days after that because when I say we believed everything. I say we bleached everything immune from reaped a bleach it. It was it was horrible so as well if you crime scene. It it GAAP. Pretty much promise I pretty much yet so it was and I think you'll later in the night that it was just you know look good and that many grams of by the viewers are having settling down but that's the story you just told day. How did crowds without having sex hello miles good gummery experience that was like in the 1989. And 1990 like army young young kid like we didn't really trim up a lot then. Mean surely a whole body was Harry's Georgia she gave ourselves that you know in the west I shaved my whole body and I never shake my body before so really how bad it was and pitch. Like yeah you like so thanks but I do remember that his days at kindergarten are dot. Now I just always and in grown pairs of shave your whole idea who you can only go into my field I this alternate aria like I was I was so pissed off my disease but I'd say my Bob all I should get everything right because I want error by the government you had a little window I think all that grabs in my chest and Mike. Hoff melanoma go to school and I have not let them what you're doing so would end up like a military haircut that I'm gonna bus got. I anti death we want I can go Herbert of anyone. Of regrets this bad accident or do they were they ever read moderate Arab man dad he leaves the middle of their own West Virginia. And I just think oh she probably got to plug it appears. If he's. I. Thought that it ever sought yeah always the story about your downstairs 844999. All of our got a couple comments a schism in my three Brothers we would compete by seeing who can. Never done when I was young me my brother there were shooting according to a to a fire ant hill are blasting dirt into the air. When I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my testicle. A drama penciled totals. A fire ant Miley my net. That's exactly amounts from both guys are suddenly a sliver Luc Margot or from the time she ran to the bad the woman hugged the bad about not a bad club novel form our. Yeah in normal on a warm and stuff is not. I'm not afraid to slow news stuff that went into weren't an element is out does and turn and not just the just war. And an enemy more friction I guess I kind of authority warm. This guy owes the normally have to say it. So brother showed with a pellet gun volley sat on the deployment in and I don't own knows what would you do that lets off. We talked about therapy over a million someone sitting down I mean maybe Thursday Lucy no reps I for the girl through her superb while pan to show button a bigger understand. And in this one says look this is a horrible topic. I'm gonna be cringing all day long but instead I'm gonna make you cringe when I was six I was talking in the woods and some friends. We found to train them of all over into another downed tree and landed right on the full court. So were you were using it as a pewter cup now this was the first tree broken branch of Allstate and mountainsides. A local at least your feet diameter so when I slid off. I didn't fall to decide my sex lives caught the tore all of well holding out of the trunk long story short I won't stray from the front door. Into the emergency room back to a little room it was met about two minutes they don't be up and they media push polls over shut off any and all through this day we're Carr horse with long Johns protect your boy is okay. Wow do I am. But now what does his story about a downstairs stuff they 44999. Cola and old. John welcome to the men drew. They did at our top. My story asserts that the by about fifteen years old. My grandfather invited me down a little the other to the Canadian island in the month and a half you're stuck with your grandfather said. Sounds more like go go own his own identity as a really that bad guy that really good Canadian island Zenyatta mean to me is that it's as though you're going to boarding school are there. Well it because they're tonight is dead beautiful part about it with a boat was so big slope we were gone backward in the tied at the time they leave that might have got ten knots with the tide and wind pushing us aren't let. Anyway so the site ever change too much to take a long time to teach them different after a month now and see kind of in need daycare business Soledad though Dirk went out. So look for a loose and does so I think he had with some called a salt water shampoo those years as we can hear portable water for showering so. I use that hole my gosh. I have burned and burned might everything jump ball is red and next few days everything was healing all the included I want to. What is salt water so so you see what you showered within in a salt water. Shower but the wanna I wanna. Yeah and I guess regular so doesn't Lew Butler doesn't I guess you got to put it right back into the waters so what do. Live yes I know I know exactly does anybody have their eyes yeah that's her liver kin man. Don't don't don't. Dallas and it isn't it kills me. When it comes. I don't need the lubricant you know mainly Muslim showers is an absolutely I need to probably no it's not you still in a business Duncan is gonna. I mean billion out of a man technique in how involved did you bit. I've only isn't a knock in one hour is gonna do need to get out of my system obviously I'd rather be having sex right well somebody do that does that. Simulate the sensation throughout ratified rock climbing indoors I'm gonna come around. Bush losers who go aluminum is a bad stoke on a farm but none greater Israel put. But I don't even look like it's not this big preparation rose like doing business in this check it's like man pull your team has go to town B don't. I'm downwind yeah I hunted around for a while I mean who makes it better but it's not a show or I'd never thought oh man I can't do that. I need to find Lou Blake did just go home misguided dated twenty year old a college student from Bangladesh is is our shot of the day yesterday got completely naked shortly after take off. Meanwhile is naked he started watching pornography on his laptop one of the crewmembers told him to put his clothes back on which he did. But Danny tried out the flight attendant if he got aggressive when she rejected his advances. Several passengers helped hold him down the crew members tied his hands with a piece of cloth the rest of the flies not clear if he'd been drinking or whatever but he definitely was masturbating. In his seat. Airport police arrested him when they land and our question what is the story about your downstairs stuff 844999. Cola oh god dammit hello. Scott welcome to the men's room. They're the. It's. Got. Back. Well I mean almost very sure you know cure all the current terms. Is no engaged. And all right if you. Let the older. And. Did you look I didn't grow our desire to Jose grabbed used written today meatballs okay why did you. Okay okay I'll. Our new president could Arabs. I haven't thought yeah I'm I think it's. Relying. Like you're all right you may amend. It under an incident that I. Wow it's there than what good is gonna be honored at that's literally I'm. Earlier had learned let me get a little limb here you know now articles I have not done I believe it. Clearly. The big bunch of guys and icy hot and I know what you would ban gay and you jump I would watch her huge challenges that we never know about the book and audio today giving you couldn't. I never play her and Motorola c'mon are you yazoo. Religious war. There aren't a lot out there. So new evil knows the story slow when he got a. A grew up. Yeah error emerge to. What's really jurors to we know to Jacob's ladder is great peers do this activity shrank. There needs to ride both the rehearsals and on top. Until our air and used elaborate. Yeah well yeah. And I had any. Chris our current dvd gets prescreen by the TSA did that help with you the it just you know show him picture what's going on wow. Rarely do you always learn more as anybody who gets a prince Albert. Just know that you're just all over there is hearing. I. Thanks guy all you accidentally. Craft they're all you know more you know I'm we'll for Brent on the you know. Hear from the overt irons Albert is now it'll heal up spend your money nor will loosen Bauman is how about a broad outlook sometime fearful of your professional cook in the kitchen and Alito and never forget. I made money no doubt you're gonna be there if we look the fact about me and Hollywood. I asked what went so how he sees no I grabbed me out its camera is that these are you still have gone on are no easy to get out. Not just LB. Look you have to you have to search surgery. You know they knew electronic electronic. Healing themselves very content in our little weeks ago from the guys. I'm not doing well Honolulu and we'll get a surge in Britain will get a surgery do you have dead. I guess I do want. Who has do the dead body. Parts putting my stomach hurt. They can be amber yeah. We really that. They fellow bay shore but what does that do with European and I'm so terrified. Absolutely do all yes let's. Yeah look you know I understand yeah how are you very gotta pony party of two guitarists are our guy makes little more sense and why would why didn't lose the kid is the body parts from the cadaver in your stomach. Time or day you have bowers session they called it together. It's got to see numerous monetary yesterday and got or religious animal that's one of those downstairs visited just a mess right now. He outlined there and I like your bags the master France the mess the whistles in the wind and with an out. You like a flu like yeah let me just a bunch animals down Perez doesn't fully heal well when you pull us to know how can you look. And it all in all feel that reporter just. It is all real you know movement scars. The united during noted it is only that I cleared all the rest of those. Serb pleasure and look what Karzai got loose to get out is hurt. Our teachers are unless you did see you still together. Our you know our and now I'll have to put the gay army's job Ibrahim. And I think he uses of the unit. I'm not gonna let our mother who has an opinion honest and I would neither ordinary it's a matter how bad doesn't hurt. There are as bad as this site. They did to a unit chair and a Barber's chair now. And they guy you have probably Guerrero cedar cedar daring woman you know especially lose prince Albert you know through her. Who wouldn't move listen once she did to print so we're I don't know you know as light. I particularly chests and doctor clerk treasurer. You know as sites. As part of the or which side of the it all right well okay. My restraint that off my bucket list and replace their usual from else where we are on fire today I was kicked. My usual were to happen I don't mean. What tell what is the story about your downstairs stuff they 44999. All hold the line or because coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Contractors are drag that's all the medicines very bad today where the money is the ten best selling musicians of all times it's gonna. The way it's rank castle and since then all right our question today one is a story about denounced their stuff 844999. Alive tonight here's a good common I think a rule appreciate my ex wife cheated on me. So I swapped out all of her baby wipes with chloride slim lead 212. Or three months to figure out why if you direction. That is. And see at so if that's hard core. I the quote Billy Madison but that's assault brother and that the fifth and a FF hello Maria I'm now welcome to the men drew. I oh yeah yeah. Oh I was about sixteen or seventeen and me in my lured from her being responsible and key Ulysses a Condo. And afterward. Into the bathroom. They get so right it was burning down Marek and I let chip and everything down there had just ballooned up. I'm my dad all the time don't worry about it there. You have to look at them that in many did you find out that you're allergic to something. I honestly. Right like all my mom network. Not to the dogs. Unless you have you've heard Jeff are just doing great the if it. Is it right there he is yes. And I I'm. All right down there and then she takes me to the doctor Aaron had talked to the darkness filing its form your beer allergic too late. No. Lol so what did you know that I mean. When you go to a threat at that Ainge would you say you're more different. Like hey man I love what did you just have unprotected sex or did you figure outs of the economists are coming what do you do. Well then I started birth control pill can. And two 23 years later. He is next and we have very kept. I don't know what the guy wow. Man all male mom OK scared him the death row and then you better Merrimack notre. Is is there anything else and data daylight the winner realize it's latex a latex gloves so you can't put those on. Is there anything else and does LL leave that. We always wait for your lives are gonna blow your party you accidentally global Bullock won about a dermatologist. I don't know what he's using his bare hands anyway would you like many kids usually takes blows on blow up down and what these guys. Can I go to the mid. Are you know like an iPad kids don't spend and Elie just very allergic to latex and they have other gloves. I'm gonna okay aren't aren't you know would do that in my if I ever you know I got hot nurses assistants get certainly out of southerners are hot female doctor and like dude I'm I'm allergic to latex. She's there and let go bare hands on grass well Hala Banja a pact to get a bad rantisi AEA AEA. It is that it dried. There's no where on your charts are the clothes that I yea yea yea yea yea Philly you should say that's your product. Again regardless of the page document don't get the word love your good looking guy out of LA you know if it. They're playing largely due later this threat though your figure comes as little Latin. Check my bras date of birth and a half hello Dave welcome to the man drew. Yeah yeah they didn't. Its. Own three. Yeah and a lady bears an adult or all. I don't know Arianna we like I love you more effective if I cancel the flavor. Go in a green top five public. It onto five. And implement. What Dow one of this story about a downstairs now they four point 999 hole. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.