03-06-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Has Sexy Accents

Tuesday, March 6th

Emails, Ryan Castle is in to Sit & Spin with the Top Selling Musicians of all time! Plus The Word and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. I'm listening to. Not right now but Doug Johnstone instead Scranton bestselling musicians of all times and as we'll bring it tells the shot of the day is moments away our question. What is the story about a downstairs stuff made 44999. Alone. Hello Justin welcome to the men's room. Oh yeah oh yeah. So Liberia. I've been geology these don't borrow my life saying. And you know you got some crack crops thirty minutes and these are using this season that they dean winning the bowl. Our. They were like. Lately almost the wisdom which are key and probably at that. Long though I wish they heard they were big. And so delusional your read through to the reason. I woke up 1 morning couldn't do it all. And Russian hospital there are saying. And can the find out that they Daily Beast theory are so bad to discard our friends and flock about completely. So. I want also hate the word you reach three just had to go I don't I have is that word ma'am today had to go rebuild it. You. Ahmad. Surgery done back in October. Call your regional black ski and I got a big star in my mouth they. But out of big delicate skin had a little cheat. And trot out this image section and rehabilitate. Look what you can. T here lives Davis Hawke okay. Yeah that make sense because it's been your ballot and is used to being evidence tells me if I need surgery in my mouth of video taken out of my urine there it's like. And that's in company like this morning broke for days' time. A senate. Far not a lot of these little to say that there are kidney stones I guess Medved that does not so under what tell what's in store venture downstairs stuff 844999. Hole he has cheek in his penis and I'm saying there's not a lot of people can say right now visa Matthew due to appear with him he's gonna T shirt hello and yeah welcome to the men's room. Oh yeah pack. So I just living god basic training about a year ago recently and we could have kind of keep ourselves the way external debris so we're gonna get we're at a time we had like. Sexual harassment training and stuff like that. And so finally the only thing that they would sell it to the commentary can we could have Kathleen. One day we are going to be debris for about four hours and we knew what we're heard so we went into our crew are our barracks. And we played icy hot. Down there is trying kind of keep ourselves the way. And that's is that the Kamal them. From there are many options there and I'm like I really do run. And I tied ya gonna get messed up inside jackpot again. The other one that a candidate like became Italian by people are caps on do we are doing. And so I decided that for whatever reason I would view I yacht and a higher I think I. And it just they went out they went south so so quickly and myself we must now. I died of heart and it hurt really bad mind you it was it was colder birth the man got really hot and I got really hot. And I really really really yeah. And one of our drill sergeant came in together at the end of the night right before we would have to go to bed they've come in and make sure that I. All the weapons were secured and everything like that. And add became man and like real that reduced squirming around and they did know that what happened and finally there like I was going on and we had a tellem and they've made a duplicate and they said that that the wet it would help. And it didn't aid to create a lot worse yeah. They act in lag and the I've had better ideas but I have worked. I guess is that the worst parts of basic training for you I have to think regardless the push ups the running all the exercise everything else was that the worst part. I think the worst or just the cold to beat out the weather like when we reviewed land now leery about sport sill Oklahoma in night to get a winner. And and they told us and we have back camelback herbal water sources. And radical if we didn't blow the water out after we drank from a bit of freedom we would be able to use them for the rest of the day. I'm sound yet that's met that does I'm wondering what horrors that are just absolute humidity and a 10510 degrees of bugs and mosquitoes like. We'll be well good faith that worsened the two evils there that go through that. I don't know man Leo I might have to go winners based on the fact that I wouldn't pass out from the heat. The bug the bug in the hands of annoy me immensely MA and I hate the wintertime problem with the way some went down with a story about a downstairs stuffy 44999. Alone. Hello nick welcome to the men's room. They're going ma. Benedict. I. Got it aren't. I don't I. Got a date at all. And I bought the debt while I don't go. And oil. That there. Double check and a bit more. Out there and look up. Tool at. All I thought. It quits. Quite wrap it and you're out there gut it out about evidence quite order. At holy cow love. I don't know how watched all my area and basically you know oh well time. My mind how how how old are you and maybe six or 70 my god so your. Yeah a lot might not it won't come late and it. And you know being a multi at all about it all he had an. Whether it slip this robot arm and a dollar take it doctor. How long was the worm again 78 inches I would expect. I don't I don't know. Iron Man okay white go to our vendor and what kind of moral worth ten hours as the tape worm is no that is. Knowledge system called Warner actually exists all apple don't watch mop that he does. You put an end Abbott epic rock upon which we're evidently how. Hear any wow I never would have thought I'd eat an apple though some are gonna sixes or more and under about it I would sneak. You're really double check you do it while would feel it's the second story. A lot of that can add back about an entertainer at all but I doubt particularly the lower back end of my mom or cooperate. I had to stop being hurt so bad. Edward mile per year record that's kind of any and all of the green mile are linked. This isn't it all out all. It's like it's an ready to play I kid you not. Did the worst thing ever. I. Only. Okay. Yes these console thing about the tape work tomorrow I don't call eight or whatever the house that tabor and it's no matter how horribly and it does it matter golden delicious. Would you care what kind of worm does like I don't care if you do while falls out of my job I don't care what kind of dog. I downloaded you it doesn't matter when no more emotional harm my god it was more like I don't parenthood the worms in our eyes and underwear is in your I mean how obviously don't to get there pick where decree the worm we're a world where you lives right here there's a woman to have him in her I although that question I wanna tape on duty for like three or four months whatever I want I mean and then they'll eventually get on me but in the meantime I'm I'm gonna live like him skilling and Robbins family and orange in him you might a story that first time through downstairs stuff paid for Ford 999 cola just for the citrus Forbes junior Robert guy seekers were. Then about. Hello mark I now welcome to the men's room. On on top. So real quick are actually technically in Chile Krieger is what my life or not like you're the clock got its name right. I do not. Back in the day the only way chair itself would crystallize in your email they would take two breaks and lack admit caught them. Well that's not because of the content really is I'm ready for a taco British armored gun on jeopardy in his last night. Suddenly go oh yeah I've had to detect these and then get ridiculed and they're. You Matthews you recognize that it is into vasectomies. Yes what are you Antonio Cromartie went that's what is it just keep reattaching her doesn't it doesn't stick. Well this the first time they didn't stick. And that was like. Twelve years ago and then couple days ago woke up always go sum up my girlfriend words certain mr. period. And were like what's going on here. We do doctor yet it's unfortunately so. Well done man in this so this will be your third. Disobedient daughter yeah how many kids do you have it's none OK but he got one on the way. Are not anymore I'm mark America aren't Oca. Let it become a shock to agree with I have to as being get a vasectomy don't just assume you do did you did you initially believed that it was probably not gonna be yours. Or nor initially believe he's got the that's good. Extremely strong cash box on the hill. Okay I'm. That would really be that I got out that would be my first like I hated and I guess yeah I guess our media yeah I examine each year your chain are now it's similar to me and presumptive. Or is everything good that would happen you know and I mean statistically speaking. Should well. It's possible it just seems so highly unlikely I saw in the reserve brought up Antonio Cromartie SI retired in the day respects got how many kids fourteen years ago a lot of kids that many now but he's where he went and a few times that he went in and try to get tied each or whatever the hell and they just did not take a mean anytime that guy had sex or not only that but. When he. After he went and got a vasectomy it was like then his wife had my twins. That's right yeah you just got worse you know like every time he had sex it was like now we're excited to get like you got triplets. Blow holes through a vasectomy that was what boy continued to start giving kids a to easily get ten the only time. I overstated he's very responsible and check not understanding of some what are your outlook I got sank or were given four way to a good home right like you don't puppies. Some time to wonder if he's cute you know taken out of let's just too many kids in the dugout and yeah yeah own pride dazzle drug charge on oil sensibility and a best selling musicians of all times and yes we will drink it tells coming up with these shots. Of the day you are listening to the major radio network. Smiles and thrilled. My. Our question what does a story about her downstairs Dublin here come those emails in the men's room bids are my dog guy. Hi guys years ago gave my then girlfriend hey back massage using some icy hot well it went the way massage is usually go onto inoperable they get and going at less than a minute after we start. Ar moans of pleasure turned into screams of burning pain as we both race to the bathroom to wash off the icy hot from our generals never again and I used icy hot for anything. Love you guys even Ted. Our guys getting together was my college boyfriend and his dark bedroom I grabbed the lube right next to the bed. And then I realize its hands and it's as there now that from nurse branched. Ten years ago had wrist surgery and I was prescribed OxyContin and bikes and at the same time so I met this really hot woman she had four kids and was just absolutely smoke and after due dates it was time to move to the next level. She challenged me to find any stretch marks anywhere on the body. Well after twenty minutes of searching I found none. Problem was junior not responding the most embarrassing sex experience in my life days later SER and friend what they hell she told me hot season bikes. Very good man not Albion a downstairs area we haven't taken pain med since guys. A lot of the unfortunate luck to have the doctor. That certain size we cut off way too much skin thing I found this out at a young age of eight. The first time that I got excited at toward the skin and the few places it felt like my stumbles on fire. Ran to the bathroom took a pants off screen muscle blood in my underwear mom came in nationals going on. Make myself bleed I'm crying and I don't know what happened went to the doctor he suggested it after I healed I shouldn't. Start masturbating to try to stretch it stretch it out the next two years there was painful but let's say the dates I was prescribed to do that by doctor. I use that excuse for having borne virus. It. Yeah I guess he can't wanna. I'll move into thirty years ago when I was eighteen and Akram from somewhere they could've been from one of three different people anyway I was Zach hanging sheet rock for this guy Rodney. He was the biggest. He was talking to some guy out his window and I looked at myself than marijuana soft crabs crawling in my eyebrow look at first I panicked. But I picked it off and I'm looking at this thing in my finger thinking what should I do. I looked over saw bosses had laying upside down next to me so I'll flick the little critters that lunch was over. He grabbed this had a lot of said it fast for a few days later I've already done the red I'm clear I'm brushing the sheet rock dust out of my hair. And his Smart as says to me what you know of crabs I laughed so hard it's a no would you do. We're gonna face is priceless and the way got defensive about that I knew I got him back for being such a jackass. Thanks guys and while and love the show any comments. I got to use does not read a worthy story for you guys until today until the move care about logo on David Jude takes have a junk ride out the tip. I was early to my house my dog jumped up and bit me right on the sack rip my score them wide open when you god yet thirteen stitches I was really excited when they said there again sinden Anderson. Only to find it to rebuild every dude I was fifteen. But says I used the ring device when having sex and I would take a dolphin. When I was about to climax. Of the bitch who typed in broke all the blood vessels in my job and was bruised for some time to. He's not Arab Jewish females here for the men's room amends or my back I'll. Guys get to play who has my son Michael happy birthday he has five years old loves the show Kenny get a little kid fish sandwich thank you guys that from Michael's mom. Guys please and have you heard Tatum a broad Justin with the European as is too small and some dirty German thank you guys love the show that from eight jury. Not an instrument for the public to visit curators. Yeah the original votes cast. Some teams don't consider myself. Guys like Zetterberg they shot from Maine man who's always wearing or injure John Hilliard AKA John Denver. Our guys today is my baby girls to a birthday and like the last five years she's been thinking of what she wants a request to be firmer they show up this year she decided she won the air miles reading email that has no punctuation talk either short miles there birdied twelve went to Georgia thanks guys up from Kayla. So I know time and that pronunciation is our. No it's not so we get it every day. Today's run Tony torture or rather someone love a little kid they salads and all of you talking over each other about your personal 24 birthday experience. Love the show been listening since I was a young team. You guys are my heroes give me laughing love and. And given a big F you toward life few of those radio show of all times they've beautiful that from my show on who wants to. As a sort of talk about our 24 birthday experience when it comes into possibly even tell you I don't want you bro or what anybody in the three years in front of their hero you know that's really unusual or it will give me an illustrator into Timberlake is he's now got how confident are some. Stimulate. Resulted as my toys expert today out really like bitter baby batter from Mike. Thanks guys that firm Richard the arts. All of them and as it that it doesn't nine's. My religion my these elite malaria and tireless and mistakes to get a better baby batter. How many about a bus about a budget has been that if a third of a better than a matter there's there's about a minute better about it but it and have been about a minute later better medicines is better Betty bought about a bit better about it. Guys is going very birds as you reload your second I've got billions of dirty German about her dirty dirty thirty that from ship chains well. And we saw two Oklahoma Luke Q and all three of whom brown. Don't remove something tasty for the Baghdad. Did you did you shoot up. Just as much of a brother Jason and Eisenberg they were both thirty seeing as how he's computer nerd. About them dirty Germans talking about computers thanks you guys that from Justin. I do much about she's so go through local round and got a disruption not judging the wind a microchip. NASA is my K drunk driving brother John's birthday getting you know well deserved big long bong hit thanks guys appreciated that from Clinton. As my beautiful I marriage birthday she's put up with me for another year and looks like joking around for another one too she needs a dirty Germans to givers and ideas for tonight thanks guys that firmly. And I think it is through this might want to horrible and apply. Now after that the needs a few of these super. That's just maybe you enjoy you know. Yeah I did my very first would love to hear some dirty Germans are from thrilled to add and a lot of rock gods premier loyal listener jubilee. I would pursue the play on home improvement should not apply to treat them could. You have to wait even some. No offense when China had an election. Does boyfriends birthday today 36 we recently visited Australia and New Zealand. Wondering if Ted can do a birthday shot I geared toward the key we love the show I recently moved to San Antonio Texas Elizabeth show on the podcast thanks for all you deal. But boyfriend's name is Adrian thanks jazz. There Danny at Mellon. And a friendly with WikiLeaks had gotten his way to bring affair with a presumably the only all blacks. Guys I don't know I may be able Maggie had a 39 careers and dirty Germans. Thanks guys love the show that from Jeff. You were close behind the Adobe usually independent. Job now. TV Jeff. Please could still lady mercy happy 41 birthday with a second I've got gay get a kid faced sandwich. Thanks guys cheers that from Charles. It's not. Yeah. Guys that they're says the anniversary remember I'm 49 unbelievable didn't think got to make this more have a big Leon draw Jenkins thanks guys that from jays. Movie. Hi guys do you know. I mean yeah. Okay. Yeah yeah you heard hey have you have you ever okay. And please do. But. All available through these real shame on men's line doesn't come another sign retailers. He. Shrine inside she. Those are good doesn't he shouted in a war against do the worst accident in the good old United States of America above first. Yes friends it's time once again dogs and six and is now and then let's gather around the old radio and listen to Arizona sweat. It's not been announced its. Good morning afternoon or good afternoon for an hour here is Oreo and it occurred to me is I'm looking over my list of the the highest selling artists of all time time. Yeah time other none of them are very contemporary and end it there there's two reasons for one the obvious reason is these guys have been around for awhile so they've had more time to sell records but also. People adult by a music anymore period so no one ever catch these guys we know so there's no there's no point there's no beyoncé there's no tape or just lifter who nobody whose fever there was nobody who do. Are you close I don't think I don't think that they will ever catch up either we most of the artists on this list are not making music now but if I'm dead if beaver some of them are dead some overcome maybe her put out an album every year and was. The successful by 2018 standards with all of these albums for the rest of his life I don't think he would still catch any of these artists a successful. For 2018 standards I don't match up to if you were putting out albums in the 1970s near blown up worldwide if you could sell its caught a runaway hit it's far is he's artists are concerned local time. Mainstream music of popular music of the time yeah. It's you either like it or you don't so as far as he's artists are concerned are these artists that you actually like them or are they just ones that you know they sell records whatever and until it's it's a combination of the two I think this remove respect just about every artist on this listed over for one reason and so these are the top ten best selling musicians. Of all times content spread. I'm eager to us. Hearted fun. What it's like something. You can never tell Melissa that sold 72 million units worldwide which is pretty impressive. Those old time in their career where the wiggles outsold them it was the number one act in Australia problems over a decade but those guys run double world. We Eagles though that he CDC was put on out. Writer for those window there were like wiggles Dominique I believe without Malone back in black holed something like twelve million now when there's something great. That's what we've just just for perspective the spread between number one and number ten wearing CDC is there's over a hundred million laugh why. Outstanding safety these these rich number one real experience and a ten bestselling musicians all time. There are no. They're out who's out. Against the boy did not while Lisa. Over the course of almost their entire career and pompous could really start talking about dark side of the moon and the walls. Home tomorrow for what I think of ridges musicians only five million units I know they sold some I just don't think it's painful. Bottom line got somebody tell me a story one time about digital killer well maybe I I don't know. Waters it's not a pretty ridiculous show up if he ever took pictures of money doctor in announcing and it just doesn't seem like I have a look back. Somebody tell me a story years ago and I can't remember who was. Which is gonna save me from name dropping the mound to face that they had access to met David Gilmour at one point early in their career. They're just gushing over David in my life I think he's brilliant your great guitar player didn't promote this. Thank you now please stop talking time. Sadness knowing musicians of all times on things. Game we were. Residents of opening bell thought I thought affiliate earlier here. 37 million units fell John Bell John it's one of those guys have been arrested for the rest of the fight and make money toward Cleveland in the tour for from where you're from them stuff flew to. Because the play. Shows everyone's life I think you know other BMI game works look better than I do. Elton John. Real all the music sure is part of writing on her music by the way that band still together to seem like he's Davy Jones stagnant not a joke but no lowers its final turnout and a top general words get so here's the other half of that combination it's like coach to your home right sure. Bad dudes gotta be low that it depends on who I guess who owns the publishing on the music you know these guys. Yeah I guess it's possible they're not making any money at some real phone call Republicans. Once they don't like what Michael Jackson while all The Beatles music. Down to the form ten mr. selling musicians of all times on this. Actually feel about fifty. CHU. Had to pay for bubbles Juno is season three it's it's surprising. He's number seven on the for the 81 million units sold the but somehow when he dies the story was about the rookie what's. Which might Jackson once Michael Jackson didn't have any money so he owns him a bunch of Beatles catalog that he had he had. Well fairly extensive assets but that the guy was broke in Canada. That's right okay and filter music art. Yeah here defeat bubble putting and you let anybody go to the kids are due in theaters now Elizabeth Taylor took the exact. Tennis selling musicians of all times on six. Owners say. I don't know. I'm Hannah. Julie Jones huge over the years I've been put in an access number six on the clothes Elton John and I'm Emily brother day is pretty impressive. Spent all this money and do you iTunes I don't. Food and water is an all it's. The Christie Brinkley avenue vineyard or something negotiate. Ten best selling musicians of all time. Under the. I egg roll. In honors the fortieth anniversary of debate about who this week it just only say I hate guessing it's. May I think guys they go on the road this year they've got us. They've got Vince Gill has been a friend of the van for a long time and they've got Glenn fri sun elements. Slowly grind the other so caught after dark brown anticipated. Go after me hey look at a dozen of those seals and Eagles fan who goes the other that's right. Visiting on the Ted miceli musicians of all time. Her fall and mean. Eating yeah. Now with bad I had heard us report today. And you played stairway they're called Led Zeppelin. Our focus was only you were supposed to play when you're learning guitar right at Tulsa right now that's not allowed but I'm not allowed to more quickly I know what zeppelin is total 111. Point five million years zeppelin fan and you've got all of you got everything your presence here Cota and even you don't go to Chicago at three different versions of every song because you bought the box that and the BBC says on the remastered the BBC said hi I'm traveling Riverside blues on. Compilation anger here in Internet open fast at this Saturday on ten bestselling musicians of all time. He'll make about every song it's a minute 57 seconds why it happened how this idea how this kid broke. And everything I broke I was worried because it broke you broke. You know I don't like my caddie and I'm literally. Yeah what about for so. From vanity I mean I think it got me moving on world affairs and basically I gunman on the live so that beavers defense stuff right. It should now bestselling music. Hundred. I thought I broke some glass floor I have never been in a world full of more poorly behaved wasted this forty plus year old adult from time I'm in a room and I OK with the dome how many people were in that thing. Probably need 15161010. How many now goes did he do and how many days three feet deep threes three shows into is no portion of the worst you're chosen three days was 17161000. People selling you TV in order shows youth. If you think you can't get in front of course like. Don't look Garth Brooks concert because everyone there is wasted on course like it around no joke I've been to hundreds maybe even thousands of shows in my life and never have I seen anything that it was a blast. Don't get me wrong area it'll be great people watching and there were like carrying people into the show like just pull it together we've got to get through security until golden rail car. And that's going to visions of all time great. Well. 178. Million Cali The Beatles and think about all of these solo stuff beyond the guys and be all right I'll try to be even Ringo was making money after The Beatles. We have more hits than any other member of The Beatles were The Beatles broke up a crazy stuff I don't know I was saying. They Iraq has rivers did very odds and made ten bestselling musicians of all times all right you're gonna wanna hang out bridge or you're just going over the shot today. And the word goes to the worst accidents in the United States of America. That's coming up next you are losing to amend your radio network. Did you know you don't have turned the men's room those are again tells the shot of the day is Mosul I bought clothes and my mom have heard. And all of this but a few weeks ago that we told you got to survey that found the American accents. Haven't dvd eight sexiest actor in my in the world. I drive I don't know if that memory and other mid southern accent at valley girl accent New England accent what the hell they were talking about what is your favorite city access. In the you know they've what city do you like the exit from the moment it depends for sheer entertainment value cargo Baltimore. Because it does not the way it was described as I mean I'm gonna get sexiness that I've got to be our biggest city in the south. Subsites accidental Charles. And I am do you guys like these the sound of someone who is from tag up. And unless there. I'll debate as far as sex and well I don't know until you can tickle Wisconsin somehow still some soda. It doesn't invite me do what I hear from a from a scant and I kind of laugh though I think the worst day as far as such a move goes and this is just me but the Brooklyn. And I to work with a woman who was drop dead gorgeous man she was from Brooklyn and didn't matter what she said to me I got this gorgeous face and I'm like I could never date as well. No me is yes question on the southern accent is dead you like the southern next round whenever that I admit. I think I was gonna say what if it's a guy who works out some women's events guys in the south. Just people think they're done they have and I think that it'll women sex in the Gaza don't just say we think we'll Brooklyn everyone's tough right yet even if you're not. I any guesses on what you believe. According to a new survey asked people who work its hostels different European countries to vote for the sexiest American accents. And basically they just have this from most people who were. Either visit the United States or dealt with American tour this is I was just informed but they could name a total of seven different accents. And Dave with a one to judge the sexiness which is fair because we don't feel I was say they like New York Ahmanson and attacks. Here's a Texas yeah believe it or not Texas came in at number five as far as the sexy accidents are concerned I. Number one by far. The southern accent spoke out people love the southern accent but Ted I'm with you man becomes from a guy it's just not sexy and more now we're talking NASCAR. It's like there's not any sort people in the south Lebanon and reduces its what do you attribute to the shows like Dukes of Hazzard don't help. In early and again the standard that's been set that's what TVs organ Beverly Hillbillies all that stuff. I want to up play Saturday in a woman called me both honey and sugar before I left. And I haven't experienced that a long time and I was like I'll menaces. Who's going down right here you know I just realized no she's up she's just being friendly and she's from the sides all of those men exactly it's not utility wound well I don't know ousting another aisle honey you don't want to do that more journalism like hmmm yeah. Yeah but it fills a dude. There shouldn't be patient you know I don't. And we'll turn your Ryder. New York accent believe or not. The second sexiest accent according before. Good yes and we believe that's the New York that's a nice looking good off the bird burrows is that's crowds mean more borrowing everybody you tell me. It will say broadly you might be from queens but Long Island in the one to me that sounds different than any worlds and what do you think is the most irritating it. Not irritating the discount more brash Boston Boston and believe it or not is the third it. Sexiest accent according to Taurus it's the same sex in this as they think in New York accident. So Boston. According to any foreigner is a sexy acts if you listen duels and AAF. Book your tickets to Europe now Friday right I mean yeah we called him like get thank and it none of them they want that they Nina that's ounce accident hello Philly. Phillies not on their I think Philly you kind of roll nowhere to a New Jersey in New York are next having more returns yet. Southern California comes in at number four when I think Southern California I think the California. But this sketch on S and Alec. Yeah and there's a I guess it's just very cut off everything doesn't really end of the word got desktop and cinemas on night. This neck okay so here is the accidents. That foreigners take them out but they hate the most they hate the most the Minnesota accent. Well how bad why I never guessed that in a million years that the hey hey good embargo unbelievable. There you go. He's sexiest at least sexiest American accents number one the southern accent the last on the list that would be Minnesota it was all right a lot of that we made to bring into. Bloody end is there still be ready. It's just who it is. Added that as usual way ahead visitor and Afghan Steve throw hill to find out nortel's debt yes indeed and today we toast and a novel was banned from Lisbon Portugal. Now reports say the edge of the goal of drug smuggler appeared nude on plane is to try not to draw attention to yourself right then inevitably is the goal wild. Our third Gerald hero he was far broke loose from port school to Brazil. More when he landed in the airports and agents they are realizing he was under investigation investigation for drug traffic. They did network to Hartford out how are you trying to bring you the drugs reportable. Because a wildly about the guy released an. His big big but voluptuous squeeze a bull backs. The agent thirsty guy and found out he was wearing to fake butt cheeks in each had over a pound of cocaine inside he was arrested for drug smuggling. My. I don't know how big his as wells but he when I went to search and like look man just take off for good. Take off and didn't know what you have an athletic there's no way you have an ass like that you're now blackjack Brennaman like bay him. That is not your Alley and ensure that terrorists. I don't know analog boy time has done about payments does not like normal. Like you to have tapped into the live comfortably you just give your ass implant them with a cocaine and haven't taken out when you get them. If you do that you would for the Obama during this lose because we've taken Yemeni. All the talking and now look forward to Barney in our Tommy's. Down oh yeah there's. Good DEC 09 analyze her little profile this 844999. Old love. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.