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Monday, March 12th

It's time once again for the Random Question Question!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. Well our president 989 Iraq Kansas city's rock station and our friends at the legendary rock 100 point five the cats in Oklahoma City and of course WA AF in Boston jumping on as well but Joseph Torre today making your guess is as good as money categories break ups and food and we do have the return of a positive dream story and basically just talking about how you being drug and home of solving the economy as far. As shopping is concerned Draco and set in the meantime it is our random question question. 844999. Old love brands hello wiley and welcome to the maker of Bradley hurt or hurt at all our. Spend their lives you guys aren't so not a good. It is a good morning to our prison Anchorage Alaska. Do you do then they're done. Well the bellboy Ezra Morrison fans sitting on MS. Strain. Got a quick guy answer three guys so that's that Deere truck question he had earlier steps. So severe comes in on Israel to accuse judge distribution facilities. And then it gets judged trailer loaded onto trucks and the trust ticket to the smaller local facility. A regional areas you have a lot and athletic. The comments came and explaining mentos and you're done masses that was the general tone. I guess people will be delicate moment read it out loud like. The think we're stupid are just going to be fun for May not that I didn't really appreciate school but sometimes those heart and others who was the worst teacher that you ever had in mind. Who's the worst teacher you Everett. See you celebrate. The better teachers don't give Iran but in this instance we have to ask you who's the worst teacher you ever has in place Dumbledore but as individuals I think we all celebrate the teachers we appreciate absolutely right and wrong name one or two that made the difference or whatever but. Yeah a lot of rallies most of murders gunman baby gotta forget but the curfew that I hated pension and lose it you know some some people did really well in school I just wasn't one of those people and I struggled academically. You don't say yes it's true I am stunned by this is all true mirror what I'm frightened face now you wouldn't believe. This either but the West Virginia public school system they did the best they could okay. But every day every time I see Sarah Huckabee Huckabee has hooked up Huckabee thought every yeah it just reminds me why I hated school. But she was done she like. Looks like Avery was ET shirt that I ever have like that was her like. Dressed like she was Amish are pure know whatever is nasty and slap her room learning and Yemen Manges mean. Sarah honey you know and that's that's what I was whoever don't press coverage goes on like oh god I get that sick feeling I was stroke are good to look at it like up I got only a C minus. So I whose worst injury ever head. All of that eludes it out to be in middle school was English teacher at. She just. Oh she. You that you couldn't understand a single word she's dead let alone the curriculum that she was trying to teach us which is endlessly are ball. So that she viewed it made absolutely no sense. We're seeing like old are losing her mind or or what. Don't let us I couldn't stand out. I ages I tried everything we do know that a big lesson they wouldn't change. So in our case it's not that she was like me wondered if things had just as they teacher she was not a good teacher. Oh sure you without it. Time I love people like that is a good day event you know and I know that's bad and as I would you want incurred to kids really you miles in just. I hated being in school could that has been a George school but beyond that it get a flaky teacher like that like man listen this is. To me that's the best possible if you have to use it to the scrap. I always wanted to Detroit. Look we think about bad teach late and he sent the moment you fifth grade Jews just mean I didn't like her. Mean there's no I had a very tough teachers in high school but it. As an adult it's hard to look back and say they were bad teachers they were just tough I had that there's two addictions are members of I don't mind yet well it but when you're a teenager going through you don't really know that. But the reason loved to do you saw as a team and we know that well all right another thing but I don't woman when I was an upstate New York and are much ms. McNally. Straight a racist hate to black people on the wall like in a class. Things got ugly one of the other students through tomato. And things get ugly head and regular. She doesn't like black people I'm the only blanket right class a notes or would it to me our obviously and it doesn't matter what you do you're not gonna pass a house so much is such a blog go to what are not while I have some choice words for an appointment that one class this tomato. Smashes on to the blackboard right make sure that the person who aren't was trying to hit Herbert went right next door. And receives blown or Aaron all the stuff so she's turned around and obviously she's upset and tomatoes dripping down the blackboard. And she is screaming underclass. Wanted to know were dead. And no one role and an about it we enjoy and it's amazing no one ever rolled on and wants no Sunday thing the and its entire class will be held responsible which can safety in numbers of retired admiral William work. When several parade we're not going to jail we don't care. The principles when she leaves the class of cheaters you know she's very certain principle comes then. Any dress do's deep threat you know whoever it is that's responsible. And again nobody says things like it and everyone knows exactly and it very cool chick in what is. When actually kinda got trouble but in the end the day featured try to put an lol I try to put about it. Andy yeah but but she got called out my parents my father an idea of what her disposition of some files like why would you think that he. We'll sort of an. What have you done that my son would feel the need it mentioned enough in the same things got a little but act is like our. OK that's it my son to throw tomatoes view it wouldn't have hit the blackboard would have it you gotta my debit at all there is grass worst injury or had a Florida middle school teacher has been removed from the classroom while these school district investigates a post Huffington Post report. They see also whites are from this podcast I'll may have been murdered Diana Baltic teaches social studies at these talks on a different name their Crystal River middle school and also hosts the and apologetic podcast with. As the lovely Donny on a daily chills. The report includes a sixty minute exert from a podcast on which he talks about her white Nationalists. Views. We have to take these institutions back children are very important the Communists always knew that they always one of the minds of the children that's the future. So we can have more teachers in those positions that would be great and I do hear from teachers all the time people who are closet to read ice listeners. That support what we do. And I think it's fantastic Winnie do a lot more of that also set my teacher wasn't around in the days of podcast is this would have been right opera alleyway there you go ms. McNally. The website angry white men dot ORG angry white men and orgy do we have any idea about the things are right I know how to work. Thank you very Wahid and in my diet or are known as they did did you register your. Angry white men that the lord. On the podcast Mac barrier there not a good territory. Already gone to question a fourth. Are 999. All Rendell brand of defense miles she might be fantastically. Random hello Josh welcome to the man drew brands. Oh up all the bad. Guys. Not much on you guys. Best judges and I get a Desmond. When did you just get seriously shot down asking someone else. Every Friday night. Every Friday night with the best one. I still have to be right schools. And asked. It was a girl that I clearly. Like there's not that you like we do we were hanging out and I just cannot assume the issue is gonna say yes and I had all my friends and her friends think in that. And ask don't tell your medical evidence gathered to do this to say I ended up not on the financial their. Okay I've managed to shoot down. Oh well changed totally don't rob my buddies socialize something. I mean look I got big dramatic being let. Out everybody got you got to say yes so it was pretty embarrassing. And get them. Was an hill know all I know thank you know. I was pretty much don't know. Yeah. Changes everything future no longer around brother Elmo bragging about what you're about ready to do if you haven't done it in your friends they're like. Do you know bureau work I don't think you're. I don't know why the probably a good idea and on the got the hair don't do that every New England is ready but now the ball exactly right you commit not winning now I admit. BP's feet I'm ready they're gonna know bug you know do that with the idea. This guy hasn't missed a field goal a 49 out of house he's gonna thirteen foot chip shot here. That'll never go wrong and I've never done this is the most durable player Newt he's patrols in the almighty god and the leg is snapped and more black my fairway it was I think for the rest of their Tom Brady was the MVP of the league. Well as other teams in the bowl is usually break with the late before they. Follow our policies don't feel I'd say he got photographed. Let me just idiot I've taken back Tom Brady we'll never picture I asked if I don't have done the Chief Justice. Exactly but mostly I now for Jerry Stiller didn't juniors I thought we regionals so we're involved in junior high. I knew this girl we're good friends I thought well you know I've been really thought about asking her to the prom. But apparently she thought that I was gonna ask her to the problem so I walked up journals an event and she's like and what you ask. And once you know. That Jason doesn't go with me then all go with you cool so obviously I'm gonna night were like what are you talking about rockets he's like. The units to the prom like. Oh god no do you think well no god all wow now might odd man I really OK all right that was weird was she ugly. No losers the whole idea like. First I was gonna ask you a prop. Think involved. It did and then on the back I'll be live mega whenever I even if they didn't do your body back like somehow I just as much as can step in and you know that all of you do let it. Gonna steal your homework and I think I top via. You know just something stupid as you probably my later exactly for months for the cheat and that you take really good notes. What India shot that ask you some and I here's a great story guy was drunk at a bar in Athens Georgia last week and he's inaugural. Committee. The other issue I don't that he tried to guess or. And she wanted nothing to do with them and her and her friend said hey you know what could he get away from the table. So apparently he tried to save face but making a bad ass exit any backed flipped off the Booth above them and over the table. Well unfortunately he was drunk it is not clear he's actually able to do a back flips over. So it catch a crash through their table and also tell you need a new helmets. No one of the women's head knocking her completely out. Tuesday into the hospitals sounds like she got a concussion. He flew the hell out of there there's still trying to track down who he has he has loving god he just kind of but you wanna make it cool thing a cool exit. Slid back put the Bay's gonna do just agony and knocked woman out of that then gets the girls every time you are no you can land a back flip. In public but that's the beauty of being drawn. And their standard pay well and I thought ma and yeah I have now you're seeing people try and they dislike of. That's not how I normally think radical President Bush today 449990. LaMarr your calls coming up you are listening to the major radio network. Did you know. You don't have a gentle men's room. It's not your guess is as good as my categorize of a break ups and food we'll do that right after emails in the men's room Evans in my back down in the meantime it is our random question question 84499. It's OK. Okay. Welcome to lose it's. Not exploit hello I. And I imagine that a guy would go do you run the wind tunnels. Trot to thrive and I apologize right those guys yeah see here the black deviancy from street this thing. Everybody and address and I made from the stern rail center drive those killed as well what did you break ruin almost immediately. When you got it almost immediate. Outline. Yeah I'm not run a blind eye out leading Procter and no I won't read lately don't unlikely that it. Yeah. I will be a lot of things here and I've never done a land and I. Eight weren't the grinch we'll I. I ordered back to hockey and today we'll want to hear or read it like an honorable. Don't let the light bulb when they didn't you know I didn't even when they're still wouldn't be yeah. I'm I got a backpack I'd be right rotten just don't. Literally I was wondering how warm up or addition. I don't take a blocked shot she couldn't figure it out leash. Patterns wish. Through. Okay. I. Man. Some people say they just can't have they can't have nice and have nice thing my dad has rules clearly cannot have nice things or breaks everything is. I. The reason I ask question what did you break a rude almost immediately. There's got in Australia 37 year old guy from my yell at me and I'll I any idea Ted note. He about a portion on Saturday morning and what's the first thing I do I you do I guess would get a new Porsche speed that's it illiterate and do the thing to do unfortunately for him. He was almost immediately pulled over for doing over sixty miles an hour. In a 25 mile per hour zone. So the cops just don't give you way to get in that sense they impound your car. After he'd had it for a grand total of ten minutes. He's got to get his new car out of the impound lot for thirty days so he doesn't play if they are pretty happy feet and the minute you better drive and a hundred mile highway are ones sixty and 25 mile and I was right. And I imagine that it yeah friends hello and you're welcome to the major us. All oh jobs. Was out there and next. Yeah I just didn't dilute I think my break from nice night. Part of the game days. And now let's go loose when there. Maybe ever thought about this but do you have a bedtime routines and you're selling you every night which are bedtime routine. Oh man stole a one starts out with a glass of milk sorry and now every kind of pulled. Every night I am glad to know what I'm Laura can be good. From the time you actually go to those ten minutes before five minutes before when do you start. Improper all of this start probably about 45 minutes apart even think about hidden sheet smoke gun guys are here you can your hard juices and going into aren't. What happens. Well I have a generally outplayed sheen's. With sat in media couple pieces that I am iron that just about wraps up my mind nightly routine besides Netflix. So it's just a glass of milk at our two's I think of the Hamels led the trustees. You watch it all down to Mel Watson Netflix and an alphabet. And it's off to dad. I don't have that's exactly how did you get in the ham and Swiss is snack orbit. Well I you know I I have no idea I guess I just it's a little too much and then. And I'm not around I know I've read never like I ham and Swiss sandwich or like maybe him this was on a cracker. Not a film on this if it's I'm still owned and I know what to bed soon. I would do the same thing read you grab stuff out of the bag to shovel out your mouth like my American family golf fan I just and although the cells got through it listener was kind enough to bring me a full box of cinnamon toast crunch last week and are slated to box kids know nothing about it so they go to bed I get stone and I'd forgotten. But I haven't launched air and on poke around for something I see the cinema Toronto to invite angels swept right. And so pour the huge mixing bowl and basically long story short too big mixing bowl little boxes and toast crunch. Is a box of cinnamon toast I know guilt about it did not care delicious meal a marked as bad TV the problem is being lactose intolerant right. It's in the mine at its general YO. Since I've been just a huge bolster gives us an mentos front brought not insert itself. I forgot how bad it was forming man it took maybe fifteen minutes and mrs. Luke fifteen minutes and I'm like did you all know people mine and I eighty box. A cinnamon toast crunch and some milk and that night man my gut hurt so bad idea of three times about what might just take a dump it was. It was awful and guess what I will do it again because there's another Boschwitz Alex involved that's a lawyer out of milk well is that what dude I know unbelievable what I knew when it opened at the box I knew. This boxes while. I've poured the first mixing bowl four and a realist it's more than half the barge amount of load is unfolding tonight and I did. Do you do you do you days did you watch Netflix do you watch the show to completion you falsely watching television. Is or TV in your bedroom you watch TV and illiterate how do you do that. Well you don't start the living room. One start getting close pulling out when he met Tom not to hit achieved so lap migrate to the bedroom and put the TV on in there and continue watching the show and until it's over I'm then you turn the TV off. TV off and on go to bed. Are you brush your teeth before you go to bat I only ask of I have to think that after you eat cheese and all the weird enzymes like. Bad emissary right right right like you have a mouth the bad breath struggling dude. This is like gold there's this debate and here this is like going to win these in get what I wanted to stay in most of the time you don't. You know I don't know brushed it he's gonna do that right now. They're Arnold does not want to know marital study them O'Neal's brushing their teeth once today. Months and they know them today that's not gonna cut it my 1990 can't afford anymore nobody candidates. And got and then you go to betting your perfectly good coming hours and I'd easily 67 Somalia. Yeah I try to get 78 hours of sleep. I'm generally and then I'm in bed probably about 930 years doesn't have to be up early every day. Good trio got a nice way what time we have to get up. I don't want dirty squash. And kept I don't know what do you do for a lot of I deliver appliances it's all right I've won breakdown tonight. Let's say other US you have a bit hemorrhaging people do have bedtime routines lumbered different. It seems that everybody has one. Most of the time to certain to make a smoker I know the last to know when to do smoke a cigarette before online and yet I do that the farewell today cigarette and I need to take him Metamucil before I get a better outcome and have a rough morning so I have to do that. But the weird all the time but an hour now Montgomery and I won't drag myself up to bed like I know you don't have a television. In your bedroom correct. So I want for fear of never leaving said room yeah I watch TV in my living room for the most part but it's it's not uncommon for me. The fall asleep on the couch and not make it up to the bedroom until like two or 3 in the morning or sometime yet that is every Milligan upstairs with the TV on the entire time. Now I just have to sleep timer. Social start watching your show over the years sleep timer social set a flight ninety minutes of the TV has to shut down yet so shall watch it but then it's gonna turn off. In my world the thing to be on the entire time so when you turn off right exactly like I don't think I have very good structure as far as I try to go to bed early and had to go to bitterly about. They they say I try to stay like house that my living room even if I'm not Tyler sometimes out Johnston after one. 130 whatever but obviously my living room watching TV in the fine but our contacts I don't proves nothing else on there you go developed drew one and two. Like I never been a buys them and that's just. The kids forced back for up to me that would not be the case but you know five or six hours sleep the day and it fine for me. To sleep experts recently came up with a a six step routine that takes about thirty minutes that's how long they say you need to relax a mentally prepare for bad. Here are the six steps would take about five minutes each. They say number 130 minutes now before going to bed. Main gate to do list for the next day just jot down a couple things so you don't lie in bed thinking about all the crap that you need to do tomorrow. However whenever I make a list I keep reminding myself all the things that need to add to it and my kids it's been good anyway are silly guy and heck I can just write down everything and he Russia wiser. Yeah yeah yeah aluminum foil that I write that down my. We I don't know a growth is good or bad I never. I buried very seldom go to bed. Worried about anything that relates somehow. Tomorrow doesn't cross my mind I'm likely to know him meow mix commercial blow when a wake up in the morning the first thought in my head was everything I need to do and as a 25 minutes before bed stop using electronics that include your phone or computer the television the blue light they say gives. It tricks your body into staying awake. Because your brain. Thinks it's daylight twenty minutes before super brave brush your damn tee. It's also the best time to take make up off wash your face doing the right before bed that might wake you up. Now fifteen minutes before bed they say. Take a quick shower. How nice I love a nighttime shower make sure it's hot mash hour. Now ten minutes before bed use the bathroom recent study found 42% of people don't get mostly because they get up in the middle of ninety OP. And in five minutes or bad stop talking and get your ass naked brain starts to wind down the jump in bed and your body should be ready to go loosely. That's what basis do you prepare water. I was have to fill a giant glass of water put an ex met that I don't know what they don't do that yeah I don't ruin what I hate it when you wake up again thirsty. Yeah I think that caught their man welcome stuffy and all that Pam you know I mean yeah Felix salty and your assaulting and prayers for half a million that I got. Think I'll just did all this sushi you re it and I had anything to drink just hope to god and as I don't. Friends friends friends hello and they've been broken into the men's room at all. Going wow. I didn't. When. They're the ones have you taken the advice and listen to the to the warning signs there. All the way you look at first. Your first visual warning I don't think that's exactly minutes off our. Time wise that madness there. There's no you don't have a job okay well if you're working at Jordan won and I. I mean there are a lot of time delivery and instill it is still out of sacks right. I didn't mean okay not in what was though so other than that slow or some of the other warning signs. I've just the fact that. You're started Troy and I innovate. Okay and television of together. I'm all out so no one said hey man don't do this is was all just your own intuition was like about people said hey I'm not sure about this. No one's ever gonna do what. There were a little bit Bulldog and not do it all out. Follow him like that probably not a good idea. I'd rather subtle hint hey man that's not exactly his girlfriend she's not just if I stop it right now Rego wouldn't say voting. I think that thanks Randall plate are you sure you know he shares of the mom yeah. You sure she's miss October the problem man if you have to be so careful. And we've also this before I'd. A body mind dated check for a while and she was nice of them really do not a problem too but they were starting out the for a while very intense couple. The break up the back together they break up but the second time the breakup is like man this I can't do it anymore it throws in the towel. And so we take him out drinking and of course I won star roasting. This chick in a but the one thing about Jim real big gums with teeny tiny teeth. I demand you know I can't believe even at the kiss that mouth for a all of that I got a little weird little chick with the bottle of and we'll look at them in on what what it's like yeah I remember got back together like fool. I must do cellular. Oh well that's that Jim didn't provide us the Iraqi units if there's just no way out of both. Definitely tougher with romantic relationships oh yes yeah so we were you tolerate paying homeless and either way but it's easier light. I am now people move seen this sort of act. I mean like I mr. Mueller. By may you know move here move there like that's trial adjourned accuracy any of these people again ranked player if you remove it in your life just don't McConnell to map. When did you take any advice there around us in the warning signs as you know every other day a nor'easter decides to smack into the northeastern coast of the United States driver Colin and nor'easter earned them a rose to go grandmother was like why. And it's now like nine. I driver New Jersey made a final fatal mistake when he nor the road closed barricade signs and he decided to drive on a shut down a road. The reason the road was shut down was because there were live electrical lines and wires were down by the nor'easter. As six ABC in Philly reports the drivers as UV and the S huge shots. That she slash. At about 9 AM when the vehicle hit the live wires in fact the inferno was so backed the driver and the vehicle. Have not been positively identified as of the last report. So they may have an idea what they believe the model of the car to be yeah I mean there are the color of the car. Well that in black metal yeah right and then they can't figure out who the guy is in so that they. That is a guy who ignored the warning side round. Not acquires our friend Bradley I just don't road closed concluded and looked at bat out of Danica look that bad umpire does as good everywhere you go right now obviously if you look at will be. It sucks up. Something you had to throw a club but yet. I do think commanders there's just different levels that you should put on socks. As it is now closed for construction type robot for the struggle front. I've looked about road closed because there are live wires across the road that's right no one's gonna ignore that. Look we have acquired immune to labor over close deserve the pack of wolves but you're right but it also does say. I wrote quote is because they roads closed and I'm now old would you know how people are right. It's like I say hey you broke the law OK you broke the law are in some states like I mean you had sex in a position that was not missionary they could also be murder. And also I just feel like with these kind of like this is this is like Phil when he wrote quote. This is bad you really really really really don't wanna go to on the tour I think you got broke close signs people choose to disobey him. It's all meant. Did she ever get here it has maybe there's less than we did the alarm was going off those telling us so evacuate the building now because it was a drill. They're telling us to evacuate the building because it was a fire and wells on fire on four points short yeah and we sat here and and we did not move and we did not budge and we did not we did not heed any of the signs is that you have to evacuate to the point where. They shut down the elevator system as they showed normally they don't shut down the elevator system in the building when they put off an alarm because most of the time it's associated with the drill. So in the times are the alarms have gone up before the elevator still work because. It is in fact to drill in this time the elevators are shut down because the twentieth floor was on fire yeah that was a completely different scenario anonymous mood. We decided well well the flames come down here than maybe you Moody's. I think that's where. Like it might I don't will join me on this calendar such from a driving my spine and when you're done away and I was ready to leave. Not everyone and then you're not doing now that we're running a fire alarm would go through the most uncomfortable out of the kind of I think you're the 100 or inflate it might rise exact I think this guy who die the if you think it would have been added indebted to them what sorts out these bad debt the bed that that's exactly right but what if it's written by hey here's the difference all right. If they said our floor was on fire but it went to. Well normally and brought you just a little smoke and what happened hasn't hurt themselves who. Out of your guys is goes minor categories the only break comes. And totaled is that right before we drink and tells with a shot of the day in more of a random question question coming up 844999. Oleg you are listening to the may consumer video networks. Sure yeah. Positive train story gets hammered and goes shouting we'll do that ironically enough before we bring it goes with the shot of the day in the meantime it is a credit question question 844999. Grandma. Rendell are. There are welcome to the manager and Brent hello hello I don't have friends around and we ought to an event are you. Good good good let's say here's venture. Who in your life. Would you say. Has been notably creepy. Or just didn't you know just gonna creep you out whatever their disposition was maybe goes a neighbor. For teachers somebody. Maybe two miles old labored and saying yes that's one for sure. Creepy and regulatory group and until they've been creepy you are the creepy person. Wish. I'd say when or got this new neighbor now. This guy to make. I don't know repeatedly country Eddie from National Lampoon. He just he sticks his head over the fence what they would. Marlboro hundred hanging out of his mouth and it's all quarter. And mister churkin agrees with me about it just a land of their content knowledge. There's at least something going on over there and I only wanna find a lot. What would you be least surprised to find out he's up to. I mean the concept Cameron a neighbor Eads Katz is bodies in the backyard Jamaican meth like what's the thing we be like yeah I could see that. Now he's. I mean Matlin to err I mean he's not. Sincere and really result like this guy might be on the level never doubted a member of 100 and it's all boil like all right we frogs a regular guy right. Or no down because they might not know there's Uruguay got that well I'll just say uncomfortable I think he's. Some folks should install or if I had the other kind of medium like we are neighbor drinks Miller Light like beads and a spot. It's. God found itself we're not racing related it's somewhat I I don't I. I would say that the hundreds cigarette is it different kind of smoker they stand upon. In what way. I don't know commissioners but to be fair there's smoker's right is right in the middle smokers release vote regulars meant balls then there's the guy that's looks the hundreds. And then there's gat that never takes out of his mouth he just kind of hangs there. And he can ash it with his lip and how much she got in the day walking up a very steep hill smoking while walking and it never left his mouth and I was like. Impressive or he's close to death. Yeah Iowa I did that last week as it was particularly cold at an update my heart but. But that was their you to write the summertime there's guys that we'll have a full conversation with the cigarette never leave your mouth in an only ashes when they wanted to get people into that has some great golf and I. And I don't know what they do the tornado siren has herself in the book a hundred sent out sometimes I'll I just I am thoroughly convinced that one hundreds. Are the only product. With a company gives you more. At the exact same price in the majority of people who buy that product. Don't want more of the product that the exact same front but it tastes a little different and that Alou. Little did taste a little different words like blood I can get a large pizzas missive from losing they are bright red 100 taste of in the regular red absolutely okay absolutely crap and and and shot but it tastes bad but I mean. If you're smoker you know those three true dual sole lawyer you probably more loyal to your brand cigarettes you looks up to free one from anyone in need but. You're more loyal aren't brand cigarettes than you or any other product I can think of late. If I want Ty did wash my clothes who can do what abides for the what I know. But of this and Heyman were sold out of pocket of my game it's not I'm not gonna go to another store look for if you don't have Marlboro reds. I'm not buying cigarettes for. And I can't lives. It's felt weird and map okay. But that's the thing I can any man give you more tobacco the exact same price to pick Mota did a ranch used to buy that now but I'm telling you they like they all taste even when you smoke Marlborough lights are. Never want to why you get to 100 Andrew Lloyd because they gave you the one thing what are we gonna around them a lot of but he won't bomb one for me I'm like. And order Barbara lite taste like. This almost taste to Barbara way but it's it's just not the same and I don't know what it is and cigarettes may I mean you're killing yourself. But you're loyal to your personal murder like his neighbor. To me when you buy a hundred cigarettes like they come at all points. Then they called him yeah ask energy and 100 cigarettes are smoked it right right you're doing everything just a little bit more wannabes and I truly everything ended RE PO I never finished once they get the under Stefano got it. That everyone that I most of the people that I knew who spoke 100 feet. Yeah memories let's bring us ultimately in the bag they got Ayman. I I didn't. They should many games continues on the men's room radio network.