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Tuesday, March 20th

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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. It's not sitting Biotech dollar 944999. Hole a profile that's coming up in man. I am in your headlines and only one hour from now firstly check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out. A little kids inspirational note for his dad is going viral because of how he ended its let's hold on says quote you are a hard worker. You can make the world a better place and if you work harder. He combining game I want us. If at all this act and applicable we're hopeful we'll we'll hit a. Sandwich I thought yeah. Yeah. It was then that a merger didn't isn't it. Great can afford it Redknapp then she either or cars we're confident he can do. A thirty year old man from Long Island was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident. And in turn out his license had already been suspended 26 times Jesus and a more relaxed than operatives named any. 841 year old from Long Island got pulled over for an expired inspection sticker and his license had been suspended. 76 times 76. At what point you just think someone's license away right when you get a little us. Put the good the people whenever you have an eighteen to your sleeve they do now have a license to avoid damage you've been suspended them many times when you don't have a life. You're driving without what would you know stay away his license plate if the licenses venerable they normally say they can think suspend the right hand man. Wanna yes yes he can Leo I guess what else do you call like driving wild. Driving Qaeda and tell you did he caught driving without license yet they don't call. I would do did you got pretty good ticketed for really it's only has suspended license not only that are suspended just found. Do you suspect the president or he's trailing what you don't have you revoke the thing right you could still get an ID card that looks like a driver's eyes bright eyed. And it'll use all the purposely Unita drivers except driving except driving legally vet three s.'s problem today. All of fourteen members of an Iowa high school's graduating class from 1958. Are still alive. And according to the Des Moines Register the odds of that are astronomical about one instance 177. Million. My dad and fourteen people fourteen members. Either way it's under that fourteen people right if they graduated in fifty gave them either born in 1940 within the same here's my file Ernie is in good health. And I feel like you're pretty well the numbers of Sony on being around and it's nice thing about the people grow what you you know like I mean I'd I got married we couldn't go to our clients. I do I could've done haven't won in medicine Baltimore a couple of big. I don't know I think the 19 school this. Is that yes sadly I think two years after graduating is right that though here I don't think minds of their lungs. I don't think I adapt or amazing I first I saw fourteen resent that impressed I don't think correct right and I think like graduation night. That's that record a drug get out of this newsman. And throw out today Laporte this is my locomotive. And hopefully I that I got out of left. A 41 year old officer in Florida has defined a new job after she got did you lie while driving in reverse. You know what I've seen one person drive drunk in reverse in duke was in Florida. You know who read the arrow remember those cute blonde hair big blond mustache Hawaiian shirt. He stumbles out into the big gas station he's not there to date dead but they have a little bulletproof Booth and it made your goodbyes to expect from this guy would clearly. Newly drawn. Woman deny care sold most expect he walked back to read fear most of the book and I think he's reversing just out of gas station. He hit the highway look winnable highway out revised view still going at river. From LA Canada got you beat he's being. Right what's the just what is the justification for driving in reverse do the like if only in Florida I guess. A new survey download each hour of cleaning you do per week is associated with 853%. Boosted overall happiness that mr. ray was put out by the person does all the cleaning once you're lazy ass to help. 80% of people feel more relaxed when their homes clean it 77%. Feel more focused. And 72% actually sleep better yes. I believe all the all that is true but no one disputes that it's the part of clean that you don't go we understand that even if an active when it's done you're like Oz I'm glad I did it right good place to get better and you just is going to when you're done cleaning like gods are vile I have of Ralph. If you look around like. Displays is pretty nice right. And I you know accomplish its yardages down to nothing. According to food bees doesn't come McDonald still has the best fast food French Fries I believe that. I you know what. I think I do like my five guys. Five guys Fries I think here's some of the most underrated French for use on rise limited and the fans were food world they do of the top five here so mcdonalds be number one anybody's guess what number two this. Five guys up a say Arby's curly Fries. Mouse. She fully waffled. Jeanne below lawful prizes number two tie it at Arby's is number three I think we're on the ball game followed by 62 Wendy's. How major hedge picture I'd never been there before know. Our goal we should check my underway of often all the consciously give me. They can be a more. To say this a large plot of a stripper promoting movies say this. Yeah OK okay I got plenty of doubts that color they call this Jay Jack. Einstein Rosetta for residents and the fear of the murder to be thrown Fries they're greet every move move move. Einstein bros bagels has created a new shampoo that smells like eggs and a conditioner and it smells like they can now. Why aren't other than eggs themselves what does everyone Ebbers bad. I'm glad this moment and he's put ads are the real breaks are common race like cheese lettuce eggs and bacon. But it's not actual eggs now so like I've never had an eighty smell rough off Lennon made great I'm really hungry for only cool if it eggs like you physically could you do boiled legs as you board but. If you're no eggs present but it's mostly blue list or nothing. That is sexy I would just think that somebody would use a just a trip out who are there west. You know you sit there Kudlow and only Cassidy just here it's. You know and I do I would while front cubic you're both and try to get. One other than try to take home like someone who I mean that a diner later she pupils learn how to lose obviously the smooth direction you can think I have a good news world. I'm OK and I think him sit there relic out how to lose somebody we like and make it smells like business flows like breakfast police. The holidays you didn't put an aids an incident foiled a timeout but if it's pope's day to scrambled eggs still souls. Competitive mind if I was ordinance at. The tears of joy MOG which is the budget that's laughing with tears coming out of its eyes used to be the most popular one but not me walk through this apparently the number will of people using and has plummeted since early last year. If it's got a BA player now right. It's a fluke. I had no idea and organize okay. He gets me through everything clicked. Todd coop mode you just do it doesn't matter and any contest and did you make me smile and like their hands slapped in the face like Jesus there's so many. There's a harness social media trends and people sharing southeast from six years ago which is oneself he's really started becoming a thing. There are also posting a current somebody for comparison. Yeah you gotta facts. And you're expected to. Right do we could say that and that with a friend goes away if I'm not trying to be mean but like it was one of those friends have already you know would you just common and our role of god then got back I asked them you know you didn't you know right out of both. And finally at the small percentage of people have gotten better look at those years yeah barely ever had to think through what can we hit the ball movement. But what does that terrorism much veteran manager wise bomb now yeah it was good to cut a deal is just like that what a good. She married that we had hair. If it's now look at just used to shoot back up I think it's literally look at all I hear you okay. Put your multi the best possible alcohol although he grew another kid that if an earlier tees back now about that. Amid a Philadelphia was clocked going ninety miles an hour and led police on a chase that lasted 77 miles because of what he was smuggling woolsey's smuggling a sale about a one hour from now. They in my garden and I don't know it one hour from now the first the good to bow to the room precepts. Yes this is throwing early to please everyone how profile this is playing that's our ten miles it's a simple game where we share with you real like news story something that happened right here. I'm planet earth or. Or. An as you listen to a story based on the stereotypes you believed to be true of people. And the decisions that people make we'll ask you what it is you think makes the story. Story how load free now welcome to the men's room. I haven't done. I gonna die. All right Katrina you understand how this new games played. Yet but they'll our Katrina your interest of my trainer is called a litre I know I didn't approach our house why did you point it. It was supposed to slip under the surface tree in the miles of the gallon as manager and a. I've got to the wedeman in diaper brand the truly yours different outcome. I had to do it an elementary school teacher and floor she left the four year old boy at home to give in my new authority is not disclosing mothers even her own kid. Look the poor girl boy at home alone while she went to buy marijuana. The team achieve. The sticky icky of a holy smoke but the 46 year old Walter she was arrested after the trial was found wandering alone outside of her home. And about 7:15. In the morning wearing only a T shirt and underwear. Now the woman who by the way the fourth grade teacher at an elementary schools to return to her apartment complex. About an hour later he told deputies that she had to leave the house unexpectedly. To help a friend whose car broken back now investigators later found marijuana and grinding device on the to do downer. And text messages from cellphone person to her 2:30 in the morning including almost an address and another good read I'm here. How weighing everything they can go wrong went wrong for that we need. Another moment later admitted to deputies that yes she lied about the story about a for an average car troubles. She told them if you want to get some marijuana and for a boy was asleep so she assumed that he can drive about ten miles away quickly to meet the friend. He gets some problems. Now Jesus said there would you return home. She had consensual sex with a guy in the drove his that's what she drove her wiese did allude to a place had sex with them in there and drove him back home. Now travels later take a former custody she's now facing all whole slew charged that the question is do you believe that this brilliant woman. As black white to Mexico or Asian. The world. Don't know why it. When they want. Arnett pleaded. I don't I don't know I just you know if you've got him just what you think my gut is an easier gears turn. I can do drug dealer the guys yelling we don't we run and then he she picks them up correct he give it to stern how early like taking your house. They have sex and I'm sure to check on the kid writing have sex there. She drives his ass back across town and take him back home in the drives back to her house about this for the cops are back. I don't know what I feel like. If you think there's more. But I'm awake and it's never a car he was a reason I think there's more Brothers don't have cars and relaxing doctor Catherine and I got to tell you know mark Graham but I think it. Can he convince her to driver there at sex drive back. That sounds pretty smooth black dude me. Of the teacher all the teacher why I think he's he's black so you can't trio single white final answer oh no impact. Tensions grinding enough he ran down primary Clinton and a lot. And guide you still human why you don't follow deadly. Are injured or did you get online ticket worth a bucket if they always want to find out if you're black white Mexican or Asian next. Sat with his teeth you're listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have gentleman's room. Thanks to Florida and a four year old who has no left wondering around all alone outside at 8 o'clock in the morning and prisoners was take care. Teacher by trade anyway she was off club buying weed ten miles away. And I guess victim Byrd drug dealer came back had sex with him and went back to take him home it would she came back. The time I was out wandering around and she was dressed that is correct and three days you guess that this woman will waits bush. Our man. Content as his ways of looking at things and in his case he's a life. If she picked this dude. Brought his ass all the way Mac cross town and so that he can have such viewed your house and then you immediately drive him back in his career. Sounds like his brother dropping some. Yeah he's a mansion grinder. You're saying. Maybe goes doable at. And all that sounds terribly racist but I don't at all. It's all the clues when I go to new. That always follows every available holding their ground and into what like 80% 85000 homes and pretty good lately and I knew our good races now about TV news knowledge not anytime for TV time could there. Countless hours in front of a talking again them. Presents. There was I don't quite clear sometimes it to be uniformed police didn't read that if she. All right greatness right a lot of times in sports the word go it's thrown around the greatest player are the greatest of all time correct. It was the greatest player who all thought would be good right. So humorous I don't maybe some of I don't know using accurate and you know. You know this person is the goat that's what they're talking about Brett I think I first heard from LL cool jays preacher renowned called coat closet with everything from. That got Michael Jordan right or. Yeah he's pretty easy. And I when it comes to boxing you might put Mayweather in there. May know whether I'll be Brett Ali writes it means every sport and has those people. Yeah what for golf Jack Nicholas. Dubbed Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods for awhile so Tom Brady kinda gets tossed around are you'll think as far as quarterbacks go shore he's. And yeah I. It seemed reasonable given that the current pay as you we think this they're other places do not sure sure so. What we're gonna listen to here basically is just a goat do and don't stuff Tom Brady is on the Stephen called where it's horrible little bit about his diet demand. You know have a little competition. Now what is the thing that you wish you could have and that is no longer on your Superman diet. Well out. Things I don't eat very often like when I was young I just at the worst guy yeah I think has gotten older it that that's improved a lot so there's anxiety much less over the art. Far less often now yeah I'd say cheeseburger pizza and beer things like that teach you don't appear. Rarely. Yeah. Your shoulder back in the day you're good you're each other yeah. Do want to watch out here. Want to. Joy do this again this is a we can't easier we just are returning and I don't know if they're competitive guy. Right yeah every time a all right OK can we spill there was no. And Tom Brady will do is but it's it's yes and I didn't put his putt he would just left a little in there and had time to retrace back down. Before Steven Cole rare but he's got that. So he wasn't lined. He does not want you to tell you doesn't drink a lot because you for himself as a pretty good beer trucker. And Jack rightly taking peoples and obviously Jackie Judd beer prepared they are just quickly out of the certainly hasn't been years since he's done a solo if you can do agenda beer chug her just sounds weird comparison Alitalia a racial and so. And the beard punitive Bruce how missionaries. You should watch a video that hallway and into FaceBook page. If you heard that but when you see it in action is impressive. It's quick either you do I don't plow these video via a check it out all right you think you can take it that I could not Oca is it was out of luck a glass pipe last. Yeah then again and then applying right out of a cage is simple physics what I've said though the last few years Manning and happen well for your voice. Really all the competing with people my age it's one thing but the youngsters and yet. Doing the veteran on the team man Bremer and days are numbered you've been training these guys and well they might Carter who dunks and they're like wow. You know yes the worst thing is train you know you're if you're one of the established members or maybe talk a lot of trash men make any. A mid twenties female co worker Wiltshire but obviously we'll try to back them. Yeah I might have been retired but I Brady chug the crap out of happier and you should watch it was pretty awesome. It's what makes you like a more. The two things he missed most of his diet are cheeseburger pizza and beer kind I just varies the synergies murder pieces and bush at Yahoo! says is very specific because that's not only gets on the menu most places. Most places don't have round they don't have the cheeseburger in braille hamburger is not an option for Pete's let's say specifically make the taco pizza most of those chicken though. I don't know message you get crowned before pizzas. You can I like out of Hamburg I think that he hasn't had a pizza and so far for Tom Brady he's just remember and ordered by whatever realm of run of the mill. Yet the prime all right I gotta make it almost sounds delicious. So stranger things like you really like that shell. So people like the shows a kind of a natural thing like you're gonna pay raises but it's kind of weird because. But some of these people are children crying right so Winona Ryder in this David Harbour guy late. He now he's taken 350 per episode. It they've basically they're making a ton right but it. The younger boys and they went from 30000 per pursuit. To 200 in 50000. Dollars per episode go under the stars that's at 750%. Race. How does that work and that. And Hollywood acting or anything right so our child labor law. Well you couldn't just putter didn't work sometimes Social Security number ultimately Heyman and look for eight years old to nine years old. But if you're the Olsen Twins were full house was on originally three years old. And totally object goats have been and I know you can have parents did that monitor the account but in theory I can do that my kids not to trust me. I'd love for the rest is the work I believe that's obviously did the only difference it just doesn't like a trust that like the parents in charge but couldn't like do the same thing then Lego my kid's got a job at McDonald's and goes into it draws. Our market that demands his money I think maybe the difference is that McDonald's or someplace like that doesn't need children don't work there. Deployed jump they would hire cheaper those kids on making thirty grand an episode until now so still cheaper and cheaper labor relative then you don't you don't same thing in this case it's acting but like. And I understand there's a difference between I don't know. African taken apple has some glimmer of being a janitor or story in stranger things from Indiana right jobs job. So in theory as I do say and I'm sure there too hopeful but it just seems like in theory I'm the director producer whoever our runs the show. I okay you know to about these kids. Essentially dealing with some weird stuff. And some of those are looking man unit the higher you know like an eighteen year old boy a ten year old because we have. Child labor law what we do and every other profession in this country. Except for actors except that being an umbrella I think if you can't pay a lot of money it's okay but it acting like you specifically need children. You do. There's like I did you need child they've all got CD America. Our did not start a foot problem people but I made it look like if a double B would you like you know what I think looks TGI and the kids respect your child labor it's like. Hollywood in NCAA athletic food I do real weird ones that just don't have to. No rules. No no no no throttle rule. If you work for free for five brick in years. The older teens on the show by the way they're now making a 150000. Per episode. There's no word on how much Millie Bobby Brown makes but it sounds like she's getting war. There's streets down slate she's getting more than the 250 that the boys are making but it's less than 5350. Bet that adultery he answers it. Carl I know. You hope that she should that they warned of kid just for one reason. And I'm William wants to show if you have watched and you'll probably agree that she's a very good actress there's no question about that what she doesn't say. The top TT actual all the ads for their eyes she does that on the screen more than the other ones. Not really amid all the kids get about equal time the Republicans are core gore more important all the kids get a whole time did bolt obviously get time to help move the story along but. She's a great actress before speaking parts go it sheet and statement and that's the nature of the character the way you know is money you don't soon. We had them and it's amaze. He's estimate that. Kids anywhere remaking that kind of money and all over writers not even acting she's just playing herself I don't know I don't know Emily ever get Grady. Crazy person drugs I heard Anthony Hopkins they don't highlight our up do you ever given that how can than actual script or do you just say like for what's gone west world now. Anthony like and we Kamal on some weird cryogenic sleep that he has there been a good onto his haven lets some white enemy and you say hey. Anthony you do know that is where you are mastermind of robotics and his old west I like. And they're not given a script. Tuesday yourself from creepy some of a bit I believe when he played Campbell he probably eight people just to note it was like to be cam. Before playing the role. Yeah I told you there's a story that who's in a movie Jodie Foster dirty false or right she was so creeped out by shouldn't talk to a multi it's an illegal one honey talked to very likely drop more depth. Yeah he's agreed to do like every life that he's ever had. Why I'm on dad's consider these in the mold and lead again I can imagine that one law. Being famous you'd be one of the most if you're to change places with somebody the hardest famous person to get laid. At the hotel bar. He's just so you know. He's so much let him it'll give a speech I don't hours ago when the Academy Awards and you bring honored for something which he should be. But he walks onstage to give a speech annoyed man armed with the dar and this is Hannibal Lecter and tuxedo. They're real Littleton and it's an extension and the academy. Well morning Christmas prestigious I'm like he's going to kill people in order to kill people before he leaves this event. Yeah I think some chanting for the identity fantastic. Okay giants bit weird I mean that would creep me out. But it's an after party do large breach of peace is the Chevy got right back for par and a very straight to. Saturday the people's lives maybe I don't even think of people meet like I'm down with your weird people we can stuff but like Chile. This then you know I know being the I think beat. He is experienced injury that needs. And Netflix put out a list of but see they're saying these are the movies that are so scary people can't finish watching. They like to the data and found that people to panic give up or semi. But seven and as they turn off but here's the problem it's not the most scientific data right now and it's a little movies or just groups. Like the human centerpiece to. Okay right not scary false full sequence right whole sequence of like great like I don't know that that's the scariest thing in the world but I could see dean even halfway through the I mean I actually got to watch it Brett. And archers to find out what should people just turn off but this is so madam out that I had like you said that after mutinous 72 he started right exactly what I'm refreshed. Was your say number one on the list was cabin fever. Don't remember the name and guidance it's either hold me it's only for 116 lieutenant so cabin fever carnage park. Carnage for yup he's almost feel like teen horror movies and that's why I haven't seen what about the conjuring reported thirteenth was that the 11 with a creepy doll. They can't come out yeah about what YouTube why did all that looks like that expect to be haunted me. Might get the Toys 'R' Us closing eagle birdie freak and all they have and it doesn't look like an active we wants to kill OK so I watched this movie. Pretty good movie people for dude you should check and I don't remember to be getting this dude or whoever brings the ball home for his daughter and I'm like man. I would not give mapping to my kid in ten million African near it looks like it wants you to die. Why would you buy your kitty doll that looks like it wants your kid to be dead. I just yet I honestly get turning that movie off and rolling over for a long but I was watching with a girl. I couldn't either if you only hang in there yet hang all I know and then that night it was all part of the room I think Elena spoke out at. I had a sense of linking the suspects it was a ragged. Look I'm going to read it and brought it every idea though my house growing up I didn't really kill us now and again luckily the one that Dave brought home. Yeah that's good in the movie look man what Everett in the movie a weight that goes not looking exactly like. Raggedy just announcement comes issue very shortly after that like me who don't need to watch really scary movie yeah I don't want me but I can tell you was again and was gone there all night girl I can hang with a romantic I'll only. And they did in Iran can't mope about it. I thought that the expected. Oftentimes. When you have up when he looked out it's that it got to the chase here general or does a great job this'll last week tonight. Saint Patrick's Day is gonna sound so course here's a montage of local news anchors trying to do bad Irish accents. But the Marlins stadium now. Including Julia yeah. Aren't employee yeah hey yeah right. I don't know marginally in my luggage. There always seemingly happy child that brings us bad critics like yeah. That was better than. It's fun but park and do we have heard all. Delhi again yeah gave up Elena. I don't know how I make fun of them for doing bad accents but we did terrible accidents. OK let it equipment or an open there's an economic Obama like comic Cayman. Pac man. That's animal. Not to contradict your group creepy movie rights oh we got we got Dole's mixed up man. I thought they were both the same movie when was just a sequel and one was annoyed you might be right or tip my hand. A big dead right Annabel was in the conjuring she was up a focal point. Right let's she was in the conjuring yes okay. I wasn't about that doll that was Annabel black and then the next one was Anna bell and sex doll had been in the country right. Ties it all together don't be around dolls that look like demo follow. I don't know the kind of creepy in general Barry and yet. So that yes that means you did a girl that had the dull sleepy New Orleans porcelain dolls the idea that should collect the masks and put those in the all American Donald Bell's. No that's American girl got my daughter has an American girl the more French ish looking down on another word for a minute just there we look at the little weir did the American girl ball all right for the whole thing's a scam I hate it and I tried to avoid it does recognize the scam. He's someone outside of the family purchases for her and now my night my my wife to come tonight but the dolce got up at the time she got about two years old looks a lot like her. I had that same air saints into all the stuff so. Whatever I I do understand them through and all my kid Dora tonight or my kid was in bed and as I get up. To go to bed myself more than home which he left the doll face down in a little hole. And I'm thinking it's my dollar medal I cannot explain the adrenaline rush it was an cheers and I'd mama floor pulls got them ballroom like I will kill this bill. Tons when my daughter. Don't ever leave those anywhere there's daddy daughter loves you man. It was a bad moment of Brooklyn pure adrenaline does not go away for hours and it looked like it was dead face down on the all eyes are stupid cost. Do don't even you yet and I'm not sure it's not okay bill Baer was easier a whole lot easier. So there was plenty yellow stuff to build bears didn't build a little firemen. Attack but he's a winner firemen what is a better. Cynthia Nixon does that name ring a WTX in the city yes are. She was of course a Maria about cops are all my goal there sure of that name yeah. Six in the six and so did sex in the city how courts are there and that's usually known for six seasons of 982004 and a little longer than they had to move the beloved than ever having a third move because a couple of don't get along I know that much. So Cynthia Nixon. Basically she's gonna run to be governor of New York in real life. But it's not a Jack I thought it was a joke at first but now. The thing is she's going up against a sitting governor Andrew Cuomo. Who's seeking his third term. They're both Democrats obviously she'd have to beat him in the primaries. Before he could get to the actual general washroom. But an inch steam. Her whole thing is I guess what's the fix the subways. But Jackson if you live in upstate New York is a good program. Yeah let's federal and Russia's like yeah OK but you got my votes in the mobility give New York City on money. It's Seth Meyers the stock around had a pretty good joke about a Seth you know Miami at that doesn't I. Chris Cynthia Nixon today announced a bid to run for New York governor and she didn't do her campaign slogan mix in 2018. No relation. All right I did they sit right there if that's gonna go to pounded California. That's kind of you know make sure you do that boy. She's. They are dead there guarantee that would then I'm negative headlines hello my guy did not minutes you're listening to the reds are ready on network it's timely and Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real world. Arterial Florida man's dog attacked another dog the dog park so Florida man beats the other owners ask to. Meanwhile another Florida man fight with a girlfriend and his nickname is captain give. To members were five women and not not decide to be the managers asked the Australian. Brewery according to red heads lacks grace and class and if you live in Austin. Do not open any packages it is time for your headlines. It's time it's. So there's my car. Yeah John story and Philadelphia. A man was painted by police going ninety miles an hour on the highway. When police tried to stop him below the money 77. Mile chase instead you Paul because he was smuggling 40000. Dollars worth of cigarettes. Spam manager and police found 369. Turns and untaxed on stand cigarettes in his car in tears. Actually need that money. I don't know I'm bad though at the leading eleventh. I would call went right over cigarettes. A well it doesn't make enough money that nobody growth drove 77 miles three exacerbated the situation a bit now it's a thing yet right. Around the world in Florida police arrested a man after responding to a disturbance at a local home. When one. He tried to get the man who identified himself he continued to refuse and resist police it was only one that put the man in the car that he finally identified himself as. Captain. Camp rarely he wants. If it adventure and serve there you are through through it you are right he's now facing a misdemeanor obstruction charge and moved captain. And to be had. And I can't say enough. Yes. I guess we'll announce twister to Florida where a man was enjoying a day out walking his dog when another dog came out of nowhere and started to attack kids. Turns out of the dog blown into another man and escaped its lease ran over to where the attack began. We'll try to separate the fighting dogs the man was suddenly struck the outside the head with a tennis ball launcher belonging to the attacking all of two and a half three let's fix America yes are you act. How I should know it was a it was a doesn't know and lawlessness that was again. I own a gun well yeah. A launcher Donyell but apparently it's called a larger stake what it is is it's coming a little bit of a curve still has to have gotten introduced. Oh god I'm very CNET. Thousands of about a chocolate yet Jack and a little jacket of the meeting with the jacket that would be a good weapon on God's gonna do we're but it got a tough. No this thing is is just a big old plastics Canon rally that launches these tennis balls. He's a whack him upside the head when it. Going door separating the fighting right all right and what is the happening is. While he was trying to get his dog the way he was gonna tugging on his dog's leash than his dog escaped its. Leash and collar as well Hudson and east did basically is a whip on the underdog trying to get it to lake gold his dog how. Which I'm guessing the owner of the attacking Gaza which had no restraints whatsoever. And I have the Canon and did the other guy and Edward abdomen and yeah in whipped. Police arrived on the scene and arrest the man and is now being charged with a felony battery charge and can't. Am sometimes you sense the dog park. You can you can relax and then you know it all really useful your day is when you get the dog home and improves on the floor. And young person you had a conversation with before and after is just the dog that perhaps it's always seem like. You would do Don Clark do re taking about but didn't get them into an underdog but let's get in the car video of the dog bark and go and I've argued talked to one individual new unified. Fresh fit if I get this. A dramatic scene erupted at a Tennessee I now put a rowdy family refused to quiet down and they're making enough noise that merited an employee to come over and asked if they would on the conversation down. This of course go to them into being worse not better would stay in front of the employed I see them out of the restaurant altogether. Despite being kicked out of the restaurant the drama did not leave the area and instead continued to taunt the employee through the doorway. Was saying created an all out brawl between the family and the employees. Plates shares in punches were thrown in the brawl that left the employ battered and bloody police still have not located the family. Come on man. I mean what does that what does that groove and make in the quiet down there's obviously your little out of control these are quiet back. That's all and you don't get your ass beat and you Morgan African I hop Miami it I don't I don't I now on eight overnight. Right you don't did beta now don't get paid too much the guy who works at new lives if we couldn't do regret it let. Yes this did this happen at 12:30 AM that's when they like to learn any help it's yeah. Exactly and misery in their eating a delicious food was all you want and then all the suddenly he had the oldest to serve and trust me I don't wanna have to tell you to quiet down. A lot of people look at me and they're angry they your conversations a loud and they can't tell you themselves have basically you're working eight jar head groovy ride no way I went crazy entertainment while I eat out like medieval times and I mean I'm not I've out. And that's not real fighting miles recognizable with the report. And this I'm tired of people saying in and out on the employee that literally has nothing to do at the situation under the messenger and I house and I solidarity kind of drug fight with your family. But you're gonna kill the messenger it's the right thing that's ever even if like if you're already past that point of these somewhat reasonable Helen do you think that employ a similar level for the quakes. Often been done hopefully guys the other day shift given some severance premiere ratings. A teenager I have an Amtrak back. It's an analyzer that I got the Christian within next time their turn up whose Sox last the word profile that they'll bring associate with a shot of the day yes indeed it is all true but right now we be all about losing out. So until tomorrow please do what you do best and poorly for the sake it's. Diane. Do.