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Wednesday, March 21st

Emails, Who Sucks Less is back! Plus The Word and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. I'm listening to. It's doesn't Saturday as some land return Lou Sox last armaments are blank question the only story that you need to know about the relationship. Is blank gave 44999. All love. Hello Rick welcome to the men's room. AI don't always. A who was and I won't. Basically what happened and I went to John gore. And my girlfriend. Convinced me to go to this job cried don't wanna go to that one but I did it and apparently she cheated on me. What this other guy from another dorm. And us I found out. You know and I was mad you know you know and then his girlfriend. Gives girlfriend found out about it today she was crying on a porch. Are on curb. And I want to consolidate you know. While the well you know I had the same thing happening in. And they come to find out there her boy there was cheating on her with my girlfriend. Poll wow okay lose complete random. Is this how you found out your girlfriend was cheating on you from her. No because what what jacket she told me a day before. And then I shot him an outlet you know I wanted to go out and let you know my period not a job corps. What exactly it is laid out LA judge you explain John quarter a lot of people called say they've been to job corps I think I might have an idea but I actually don't know what Validus. Basically it's like did you read it right to help you with your future both Egypt be like carpet herder. Truck drivers or mechanics. Go to vocational thing OK but he wanted you to go to this into the do you think the reason that you. See I wouldn't think she would want you to go if she knew that her boyfriend or somebody that she was going to be wood is gonna be there. If piazza like what did you go to the judge having a job corps and I'll go to this one in our. Yes it was a planned herded courtesy just a double this guy. No because basically like. My girlfriend was convinced her boyfriend because they're so they can be together. And they seek and its need to look older so then we can be together on the center. And then they met up there in the same dorm. And they and they were all around then. You know I found out about it all the math and. Still lets all look like I want you to go to this for me to go we can be together and then oh here's a top person in the dorm and on how bad. I don't his did you Mugabe and his girlfriend. I get in we're actually gonna go today and get and how long is that the about twelve years lies. These. Yeah but you guys actually got married too when they got married and got divorced and had just recently they actually got back together. Are you rooting for them or against them at this point. I don't care since yeah I don't career as I've been quite successful what I do you know when. You know not really care either way anymore doing what I need to do for my Pamela. That's right attitude I really is not about everything you can think about everything and I cannot. Made. Men's and likewise is the only story needed about her again another positive store yeah. I mean descending on parallel is I believe it and always start positive within what in God's yeah maybe that they that should be similarly put a file on the road exit. A real story need to know about the relationship has blanket 44999. Old villages is a little lucky. Definitely looked but it will end well I mean they NFL if those who get cheated on you just kind of it's gonna be all right and that day it is like there wasn't another check waiting I sent him pricey on the curb crime path. As I like about women who all wanted to try out there load she's broken let me go. I mean sir it is a gift from I guess I usually don't go under the pounding and rescue voted on and I'll take care of this waitress Q the Sarah McLachlan. Hello Greg welcome to the entrance. Oh I mean. I guys I got pretty out is going to be got about the sweetest girl on the planet who can think. So called the thing about my relationship blood in his back in high school I was just a huge jerk and this girl is just this week on a planet my parents loved everybody loves Derek and I did this stupid thing and I broke up but. And there is rumor going around the school which is gonna take my house and got this 1 morning I do right. Does sound like the sweetest girl never. Oh absolutely. So I go outside and find a carton of egg is. On my front porch all smashed and a card that said I beg your help us. So that the man. Not so bad she didn't know to throw home at your house. And it could pretty much. I thought I got revenge a little later and I won't go over Ellsberg now it's working over there and dot. I left a carton of eggs are shared dorm. If there. Erosion just try to mop and elegance or you leave bags and went in them and the need to take revenge if that person's version of writing your houses and leaving that revenge so that's got less sweet like. I'll get you back into the value each other and that meant something we got some comments the Kamen says. And are all over the place I met my wife on MySpace back to 2010 and after another drinking I gave my poll number two at least 100. People. Is she was the only woman called me the next day again I met my wife. After one another positive story isn't it 99 belliard. But one positive step in American politics I want possible threat. I add to the Greg's list adds seven years ago she was a booty call now we're married for two years and have a four year old or. I'm great environment and then and then I don't I can't even on pay even on Craigslist immigrant was normally where you get like you know. To my own party what they saw your stuff lives in on this one it it's starts where you feel congratulatory. But it doesn't end as well as it. I've admired for ten years and haven't had sex with my anniversary of September 1. This year. A last year but yeah okay stow let's have a year don't matter what direction ago and half a year ago. That's as much thought right when I don't how how well a couple. My boyfriend and I met because we're around the same flight twice one to two different places we've now been together for those six years and I help him take care of his three kids because miles as you said she says because I. Really really really really really like him. I would have to think that I would think that there would there there would be more. Relationships is start on planes and airports. But yeah that definitely doesn't really seem to be that way doesn't. Just as we like Curb Your Enthusiasm mesa and they don't say let's just don't last long and then now now we did go to the Australia wells were estranged and a million region two of these but. Apparently this is how you meet women and awestruck I have so. My my wife a World of Warcraft 2009 she moved from Australia to Washington in 2010. We know two kids together no regrets. That's followed by those who met our words with friends turned to a dirty words with friends she came here from. Australia Jews deported after six months but we still talk and plan to be together and supported us is that a boarded that then I guess it's like gotta get married. Men's in my quads are the only story need to know about the relationship has blanket 44999. Alive hello Ryan welcome to the mentoring this whole country. I know both are. All right so much sorted out Shanghai. He had Jiang hide. Yeah exactly say. So and spin up dating a gal. You know we did each other in high school never really hooked up and then post I've only got together. Fast forward you know maybe eight months we knew men and I dug into an old girlfriend minding your tech Mecca or and cannot go on she catches wind of that and she wanted to you would expect like Ed alien. I can't I'm a phone and then that she's in all of this Eric that you. Taken out and you know down mean summary that that. Stewart eager to us calm down the go on the conversation and not the best decision. That's for about a week later mom why is up. C'mon it's ordained at the ministerial and she's the issue in our wedding. So weigh how long because but the governor. This could have been about nine months. Really America Dirk. I did get married tour is doing OK. Ed the data anymore. I'm confused Maine your I dropped off for second right she did the X Tex you hide the phone. Then she thought then the girl your with finds the tech. Not like there's a mutual friend between that my. Calder and they can't you know Ryan dug into the gal again you should probably ask about that. And I don't know how they found out about it. All of a Goodell told them to you married the other girl. I'm a Dick de Gallo. Because among Karachi texting another girl. Hit it it wasn't the best position eleven the most which is I don't know which is still married because of this. You know our oh okay. While I was only moral decision finally that decisions are now married now okay. I'm not I should have been married in the first and how long did you stay married. At the beginning. Barriers. Thrown out and did they all start I mean did you come to know for all three years that you made a mistake. Well like we lived together and it's things are kind of gone downhill and all my friends who were like what are you doing other well if I can still get out of you know I. I have an exit strategy and that just three years him. What are your exit strategy. I hadn't I don't know if they made gains big my own death or something I don't know. Are you really are not bought right now you really really good looking. And I got me. I reviewed until they figure you're very average intelligence I'm just assuming that you're carrying a very handsome and dumber than a box of rocks like. They're just have a section you guys are good looking man in his tank and in that one reason other than that I'd like Ryan Lochte they really want a bang I'm talking minutes have gone nowhere for you know the only decision you made what you have insisted you're exit strategy and potential as you go you don't even have a good fake my own thing oh record all else fails I get paid by you know all star of your lives you know you're on your husband are really muscular good look embarks Iraq is dumber than dumb as a doorknob and having good look at this and that we in the Daniel Ryan trying to picture you yeah instead OK many have sex all the good look when you want you just can't talk Duma dinner in debt load runner the parliament to be exact I guess. Regular and very honest with him for a long time if it's said. I have an exit strategy and it's a fake it death I didn't like dude just kicked up right Julia you should be vigilant as I gotta turn him pay for. Yeah I mean appealing when your exit strategy like. I mean look at some people commit suicide who bothers legitimately wrong discuss like well. I would just let it like it happens to go to something more wrong with you who didn't he is with them well during it doesn't gonna shouted out the way they're turning Broussard flies in the word does this say goodbye at a classic names. And hello to some new words plus or get your emails go to from the question there as well it's all on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did Joseph and gentle men's room. My glasses had they only started that you need to know about the relationship his blanket here goes emails in the men's room manager my doc job. Guys resemble is turning ten years old today wants to hear an original faced sandwich and would you be so kind to head to dirty Germans wishing him happy birthday from his dad. Not too dirty because his mother will kill me. As a side note he misses when profile this was called black what makes your you because he is all of those within the last two generations of thanks guys and while they knew all locked. That from delayed fish sandwich. Your mother of thirteen to otsuka and happy both. I'll stay in school. It is big wanna dog cans of the dirty logged chartered today must then why it is twelve years old and listening to you guys in today's on the buzz and listen on the men's or map. I downloaded the app for my son on his phone today how about a little turtle sags and your penis. Is too small had a birthday while at Columbia that from dad. It's amazing Sanjay you're sitting down and a big old bomb ripped out from Kurd the ex grand crack. There's a bit. Overzealous I turned one year older and allow more Ballmer today I enjoy your show every day and always listen to the podcast since I only use the app. Any random sound Bible do I really appreciate it thanks guys for all you do that from Chris in saint George Utah probably. Apologized today is my little Brothers ages birthday he turned twenty. He's an awesome little brother he is station in the Coast Guard would you guys wish him happy birthday with a little dirty Germans he still too young for the bar but no longer a teenager. And Ebert they say is that from your older brother Brandon. Leo boasting your gift to be that I would be yours sounds Dion that's new supplement. Happy birthday suits have come over people. Almost always evident very have you heard there would love to have the very dirty German stock to about towing. Is driving around is still drug today he is 24 years old thanks guys. And I don't know much about food delicacy to tell a drive my very own animal told. Don Overton true change. Thanks. Guys like Jared Allen Illinois or Tony four year old son Nathan happy birthday we try to raise and rides but he's just like me. He always wants our kids to do better army veteran hazardous material truck driver at the same company that I work for from his mama mama Sarah Palin. For me a big old LeRoy Jenkins love the show guys keep up the excellent work that from Dennis all of. We. I've always my go bald husband Kelly had 26 had a birthday today he's my rocket don't know what I'd do without any loss a year Alan thinking and Howell hitting the window. And specifically he said no dirty Germans so of course I had to embarrass him and request. Some dirty Germans thanks so much love the show that from Lori people look at. All of a. And I feel busta we will play the game of twister when you've been doled out and introduce you to one eyed mug shot. I'm not surprised to go with his birthday wish Kelly you know what's really and I dependence. I never did a boyfriend Jesse who turns to what they love you may have an original face damage and a big old bomb ripped thanks guys that from crystal did he averaged. Guys auto hours my beautiful girl the cola very happy birthday today and please can we get Ted and thrilled to help me get her fired up for this evening's German style activities. Thanks a load guys that from getting guests. Young we'll move into mountain retreat to a house like a Chinese street. Now the diplomatic touching feeling proud that I have something. She now. We ourselves my fiance corny it's a thirtieth birthday she would love to hear the dirty Germans and Ozzie Ted talking about car guide nibbles. Thanks guys that from Dustin. Job of this injustice just FICO Hulu and Obama talk about two eyes a. Dad stated Mellon. Thought about stock had nickles the they caught him that he got a couple logos on a good piece of me Australian mandates. John do John Rogers Zetterberg day from his two n.'s Ronnie ouster have on your peers is too small. And other adult 34 needs a wedding if you guys and a suck it up god gave them from his amazing life when Mets did well. And vigils Mike Wes has been losing your show since dinosaurs walked the earth. Today is his 35 trip around the sun how are given a big old bong hit and Akon said because that bitch off next Keller believes that from errands. At itself. Red column color they shout out happy thirtieth from my friend Eddie AKA journal can get an uh oh look out and LeRoy Jenkins thanks guys that from Robert Becky Taylor and Eli go look go. Yeah. There's nobody mark Brown's Darryl had a birthday 39 still I think it's one year old cause internal sex with a you like daddy in the applause. Thanks guys keep doing that they show on radio that from Travis. You. Yeah. So did anyplace in our best friend or family brother mark mark happy birthday with a you'll like that Tammy 39 Trevor on the sun that from your friends. The German Laden's days are fortieth one can get some dirty German thanks bids as you Iraq bad from the lovely Megan. Yeah. I'm looking at some of the nineteen with the same way as my health and a good decision is tomorrow. You can sit up and over the Panthers with. On the south he. Holly out numbered days and ads are in the big a 42 years old and I would love to hear the dirty Germans talk nerdy to me thanks guys that from the lovely Heather. Yeah. Obama to prize entry a black hole. Job and those payments since planes and ships that is the way it was and open your rookie. You have the hug and he had no rights. Because there's my forties there's birthday how about the dirty German Nazi dead thanks guys that from a long time lesser known as man it's. Yahoo! continue teach German lessons I hope to put the issue of the study done I was for a supposedly. Dad. It is amendment and its a birthday good news coming about obstetrics. Egypt dent on the injury didn't. Go to my penis. Hi guys cereals. Yeah yeah. And I have in America. Do I do have a I thank they're taking a video bits and. Does it Digi German Bronson but men's room. Was available through he's world fame on men's lives dot com another sign retailers. Trying to fly. Deborah collections emails here for the men's room injure my back I'll show. Comments from today's question the only story you need to know about the relationship is blank you have to draw quickened to the point all you need to know Bob Barr relationships that I haven't had sex in ten years. I hope. In your in relationship to count as the unit relationships that's I really do still injury leaves eleven cents for a decade. My ex wife put a knife to my throat and gave me the clack that's all you need to know about my relationship I'll buy X at same time. And these do these are gonna disturb your I don't have all the details this is as much information as I had so again the question is the only story you need to know about the relationship there is. We met at a family reunion. Followed by the only thing you need to know my girlfriend used to be my stepdaughter. Old Manhattan. Lose them all me man. I've read so many positive always man yelled out of the whole match a firmer union people I I have an open they're distant distant cousins is a couple of lectures here subject Mike hawk is the wise men ever. I'm losing their show and I had in the path of losing you all talking about the decaf at night and in thinking about. Buttered rice mayonnaise in his inability to talk about sexual. Seeing it and generally being the wise man alive my caucus may be realized that I love me some white men. Keep being bland they're girls out here the love to do that from the one trick pony. But I had to be right now might catch. As well as I go hollow blended man you don't. I just let him. That's how I just a couple days ago would now as the defining moment of my wife has. That they you are too. You hardly an unbelievable flavor flavor it's for likelihood that you're the flavorful and people like me who I think it's really your own way the other really big block distressing YE. He didn't want any. I think that's super. I don't know what I like a superhero right king why I didn't inviting. Destroy our pop shops and if it's just it's just. They put him in the game he scored ten points of the back bars with a pair of khakis and belts can lighting for night. King of the past thirteen assists and five shots all of the back bought a the hardware parents were at on the subject to puke a hostile act. Most teams Benton yes crabby at gun throwing out the Taliban as a coach. The top fifty feet I don't think they they all happen baseball fundamentals know I don't know about the bomb. As far as that goes guys most during my brain guard Judah on the little I. He's not he did present from my Blackberry and attempted a shot from behind me are we prepared this go to a taken out for being too flamboyant 03 point. One stunts the nets played Canada bond. What's the effect. Anderson didn't win and spirited Gmail voice and all of that aren't already there the importance of what support base for a couple of options. If the thought of crystal it's quite awful awful awful. Oh good programme wagering is tells with the eyes shot of the day the word does says goodbye some classic names and hello to some new words but first yeah. Newsroom wants to know. Yeah John yeah. I tell what's good for whose wife last even throw hill every week you bring a three story from the news it's up to us which of these stories such released although they all. Some pretty badly yeah. If you follow the other men's room there on FaceBook were like this on FaceBook or follow some tournaments in my. The debate is actually already underway in who sucks less now king why he would you agree that today's stories are not quite as heavy as the weeks passed you add these these are pretty and once they're good at an oil stock rings does not have. So this decade what do I don't feel like you Heidi people ethnic question if if if if that go on live at stake and behind that the conflict Iraq from the laughs and why do think that a Muslim who can lead with can ways favorite food to. But her brother is an end of their ticket think butter right it's real damn nice cutting its included with the opponent and how enamored I. But if they go out of life John jones' itself. 'cause that was the story grip they've all three of these we have about we've covered on this thread program of the world's repeated with a Boy Scouts association of America. They boy did all of the merit badges of a teenage scouts. Because he is down in fact they wanted to win become an Eagles. I would taking on the flight attendant that forced the passenger on the united Airways flights. To put her dog in the overhead compartment during the flight which of course calls the dog to die during that same flight and out. We go to India were after amputating a man's leg doctors use. She suffered leg as a pool for the man as they took a moment. I mean just think about half are so let's start with a boy scouts of America the father of a boy who has Down syndrome he's suing the boy scouts of America. For blocking has gone from becoming an eagle scout. And revoking of Blair Betts will comply if he's been scalp to the national parks counseling himself. His father speaking ahead says that fifty year old hasn't abeyance because of councils made accommodations when necessary he says quote. All holds badges. He does little to do the best he could no local leaders accepted it and were happy with now. For his eagle project is on a plan to create kids for babies with special needs of local officials signed off on the plan but the national organization. They've been disagree now what's more the national organization definitely avoided every single merit badge of this kid obtained by the way Mike or miles wanted to you know. Company merit badges you have to have before you really. In position to become anyone wanna yes when it was 11 okay so a spokesman for the boy scouts of America listen to disagree with a fairly assertion. That the decision is discriminatory. Adding that the group offered the family a path to earning alternative merit badges based on his abilities. Which is the definition of discrimination but what we move. Now go to lovely United Airlines who hates to fly in did show. Now let's face it more more passengers late or traveling with the pads. An abuse of the emotional support animal protection that's actually prompt a lot of airlines including united to restrict which types of my animals can be carried on board not the wrong way back. On united flight 1284 from Houston to New York City for passenger boarded the flight with the TSA compliant pet carrier and had a small dog inside for unknown reasons. The flight attendant insisted that the passengers stole the carrier with the dog inside by the way. In the overhead bin. For the duration of play. Now other passengers reported hearing barking for part of the flight booked by the end of the trip the dogs quiet because the dog had died during the flight. United says look under no circumstances should the Petit bit required. To be stored in the overhead bin etc. etc. this a look at pressurized McCain guaranteed circulation. We don't guarantee situation to this not design for living creatures. Actually as an editor. And how. Let's go to India over the very bizarre and then look for stories weird. They say and yet another case of medical negligence of this particular hospital. The severed leg of a victim. It was used as a pillow to prop them up another victim play in the hospital staff uses everyday that leg under his head as a pillar. And yet the strong and they hit news's this does not plan drew on his leg unity resentment after the case came to life the director there since strict action will be taken against those they're found guilty she said look he was given immediate medical aid the dock to look for something raises head. The patients attended. You lose the leg for the same purposes as well aren't pillows. We've set up a committee for their debate about a watch also informed the four member committee. Was put together to find out who. Put the severed leg and a vision said. In the meantime to doctors and nurses. They've been suspended while there's an inquiry centered sentence so again we have the boy scouts of America who have we're both old 21 merit badges Joba. Scout who has Down's syndrome we have a flight attendant. And United Airlines that's. Forced to pass injured but again the TSA complaint that carrier with a dog inside the overhead bin. The dog died and and we have the Indian doctors throughout two prop open base Ted which is thoughtful use his severed leg is. I don't know I was saying. I think the boy scouts of America's side the least. If they so I deal why I think they suck tomorrow fighting beside the least based on the fact that I know for a fact. Dead as far as local troops and all those. No they're all fun they they do a good job with the community and they do a good job giving back the national boy scouts of America. They've always just been deterred they look horrible decisions this is nothing new I don't know why there's such as soon as they are I don't expect anything more or less out of them. That local Boy Scouts local troops they do a great job that unfortunately the people atop that just sucked. The planes and kill the dogs and I mean as that's bad I just don't have a full underneath your head. That's bad hopefully they can reverse this grapple Boy Scouts and it'll be okay once a backlash Avago. I don't well yeah with a good Boy Scouts are the most. It is not the most I don't know I think they think the most just because I mean I can't hear you say anything to four choices and an organization but I mean. Does human being most people have a soft spot for people with disability then. He still did stuff he just couldn't do leave their story and it just couldn't do exactly what I guess I'm just not shop. I mean I've been as mean as a son died because you saw called time doesn't mean there's no point we can't stop something. You don't mean they would then you have the ability to do it if I could choose not to. And that's part of reason I don't like because it is par for the course from the depths like c'mon guys I don't think equip 3 July then about what it's about I think the doctors actually supplements yeah I think the doctors or police is what I love they did it also and use your leg but it's Kyrgyzstan riots the first told your leg up someone else's. While inevitably they amputated his leg to save his life right so they did save his life as a boy they just made a poor choice by giving him scandal. Big debate continues if you like him as a month FaceBook or follow us on Twitter events are live. On who sucks less all right still to come gonna drink a toast coming up job and is on the way and the word says goodbyes and classic names and followed as a brand new words that's coming up next. You are listening to the men's room radio network. I don't go very filthy. Nowadays and impairments of our. Who are as we have taken by the mold into classic names you say all the classic games were any mobile leader on our name. Only classic names are on going away. And this is according to a naming web site by the name of name Mary ugly and not Gloria know this is the mayor actually it's just in all my kids are young right now right solar wanna drop Martha school it's. We just what do colonial phase legacy and read may your kid after job has pilot hears from third centered center. It seems that all the little kids now have the traditional and they're saying that believe or not well. Maybe not so much your kids but Moline meals were really the last generation to get basic common name so it is a name that today's kids are getting our. A real testament to their parents creativity at times and some other things I guess is the best way to put that's a loaded statements so believe it or not Ted. You Walden and my generation these the last most ten popular names. For guys and ladies you all contaminant. If you know anybody personally with a following names because these are the last time you overhear them at least the rest your life will be in this window of a record right. So as far as the top ten men you guys know any Michaels gets out yet one Ruth Christopher. My brother yes Matthew. Yeah Joshua yes Jack Daniels yes David yes yes Andrew yeah yeah James yes yeah Joseph. Yes yeah and jock yes yeah draw classic names the last of it in the millennial the last to have. For the most part as far as popularity. Now for the winner. Do you guys know way. Jessica you have actually yeah at Amanda yes. Sarah you have Jennifer. Editor that definitely dedicated hitting a woman that does not heavily on these made him a couple of I think I know emulate the yeah that's Samantha path you know those of us now yeah Stephanie. Yes but Denmark and Lauren Holly all of those no cumulative David. Two who. 345. Photo half of them that we are names broke when they're a new study analyzed more than 500000 resonates the final which names were connected to the highest paying jobs. Over here at your surgeon for a baby name and your interest in the money you might think wannabes I keep in mind has come from The Daily Mirror over in England so it's a little bit secure but not do us. The boys' names that make the most money any idea. Police stab in the dark George. George is number one visit Jordan is the number one Iraq Oscar this number two. Oscar Ali got a name Oscar couldn't it's kinda silly you know they've gone through the first school athlete or not those there the two names and make the most money the world by average. The boys' names that make the least Jack and Jake. Ruin they say it's more of a blue collar type meant jacked up Jackie Jacobs. Again this is out of England as an ally you have way. Joseph mall bright tonight. The girls and make the most money are Lily and Isabella in the girls' names and make the least are Olivia. And Jessica I will say Isabella if you look at some reasonably good thank you be Isabel I have one idea by you might be. You knew you didn't name yourself if it's Isabella I'd just assume that your series up our good would you do us. Or are Disney princesses and one final update here as far as awareness concern as English language keeps on changing forever. Merriam Webster just announce a bunch of new words are adding to the dictionary so here are the real new words of my real I mean like. They're actually in the dictionary you've heard most of them crypto currency is. I like that going any form of currency that only exist digitally using eight. Decentralized system to record transactions how about life pac Winona life back is right. Oh yeah nobody like me vice kind of that yet you flow with spiritual life with a patchwork. Covering your play did you beneath their awful enough Saran wrap therefore you don't really have to watch it you just pick it up for the ball throw away. Bringing life back right there may mailman. We got that bad. A man's blame it. Hey watch glam thing which is outdoor camping with the amenities and comforts such as bad electricity and access to indoor plumbing. That's called Glenn and I campaigned glam thing going I think and finally dumpster fire that's about where you go on the word are a lot and we made to bring its act. The chances CS XP right. That is usually heads is entering dance dance you throw a fun out nortel's. Yes indeed and today we chose the authorities of Jacksonville Florida now. It started Sunday night in the mail rule what public condominium complex resident was a matter he noticed a suspicious package. So why was the packet suspicions well. There was an M unmarked box with no return address just the address. Oval former tennis it turns out the former tenant. There's been involved and is currently in Baltimore to call it a very nasty lawsuit for years with the Condo association. So what does happen in Austin still very fresh in this guy in knowing how this particular former tenant laws. He called the cops the seller man of no return address it's addressed to him he has outlived her cute remark and out of their four years. But the thing is addressed them. No one's Coco this in the company showed up they actually evacuated all 42 units and a building and they send in the bomb squad we all understand why. Five hours later and determined. It was not a bomb. And those facts sex toys but the guy ordered well yeah. Oh yeah executives. Now if he said Collins and oh yeah I think you put the wrong address on Pennsylvania. Bomb squad Winona lake. A reason to some different stuff are bad not a bomb can't not a bomb what I love about those stories and really he's that guy that you know annoys everyone. He's kind of conversation and out everybody there kind of knows what he's into. Yeah I would be the problem that they don't call him Blair package here for quit quite a scary thought it was a bombs that it Drobo notified sounds like sometimes when you order some online and pops up like in your Amazon earlier like in your Yahoo! feeling it and stuff that's on very careful about what I order on and oh yeah I know for a fact is gonna show doesn't add go to check out the slim lead to come. Reporter who's who's an injury his moves because we think it's young mailbag over the pounded down the throats of Mardy in our Tommy. Now not all lab I don't laugh stick Arnott line 844999. Obama. Shenanigans continues on the men's room radio network.