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Wednesday, March 21st

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines


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This is done men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. It's those very micro 9844999. A little like profiled as in minutes. And we got your headlines on the way one hour from now first place check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he has not working out all right a new survey found the worst thing is that you can Wear on a date. All right the worst things you can wearing thin and tool which includes footwear. Croc one. All all out of our shoes and sandals are socks and say yes size is annals of many Els and wrinkled clothes corner on its feet. People are wearing socks fan corner I would be winners here they are man I mean just if the dates at the beach tend to. Take your socks off to replace you can take into it it might. But even he gave delighted you're not that white you are now learning gore I think corduroy would be we're. Court order. We're almost out of the o's back the fashion but they've made that's hurt OK it's no longer you're Williamsburg fire between noon time. You don't hear people walking from ten feet six and a turtleneck sweater. And eternal lesson yet because did you see my good that would tell you like I'm real real real uptight or I have a lot of hippies and I'm covering news. Are filthy rich only or brilliant yet where journal that may be true I get through as well. Believe it or not victory believe it or not mullah meals like doing their taxes. According to nurse new survey 52% of them enjoy it. Vs Tony 1% of people over 55 novatel race tells me they're giving money back Benson are getting their refunds bad food and we're like I don't enjoy the process of doing taxes but if I'm when giving money back what a great time I thought oh well it's not the older you get the more complicated your taxes go just based on life. Fuentes is whenever something. Detectives are never simple mouth. Finally doctor Mary world you know reactionary world on the front contractors so there's a tax taken on much next on all of the onus is not funny at all and if you put money aside you go to the year man possesses I can man we don't know when they called the irony that an option maybe you can get your as I visited it and love it I got my background pentagon had to an opportunity stupidity that they're aware of 3030300. And I had formed it didn't have much as. How much would you pay to use a nice clean well stocked public bathroom moment. Half I thought Bucky and about a quarter and a according news news surveyed 56% of Americans like miles would be willing to pay at least Tony five cents in. And percent like ten of its been one dollar or more field and I think a really nice to toilet for like a buck or two months. Many you really Vanilla it's a loaded Cuba you know I like he was my whole thing right and spending a lot of money out of fear or food is there an event. I have no issue Thorne a dollar and try to take out a good proof if you need to yeah absolutely right there's nothing worse and it's like. Half time on sporting event right to your past the first half and Garrett meet periods of your hockey guy. I think you've got a what's not what's up I've got to prove what a game and bright you don't find this dollars and eighty years of online. But I know when they pull that curtain. I cannot go there improved with a first class people do fellow who alleged they paid more money than me I can't lose like five people who could prove that toilet and then the other in the violent. There's an eight state police here young you've there are older and I can get in but I still feel will be cleaner based on numbers based on numbers get a lot of them so you're older you always so the people most likely to both foul your bathroom. Brian Mitchell did you have no since available people who do know Garrett and you can go ahead you first class that's crap I was sit like right behind first class in the couple that he was burial like reading newspapers this week before we took off all. Hope is heating up that took effect confusion about four weeks ago. Fred I think it's an even if given funny that if this day and go to squawk that's text and you're not gonna turn you back into. How a new study found the jobs where people feel like still below only just and the least lonely. The loan wheels job in the world gasoline. College's school. Tollbooth workers. That's bad says if you're alone again like oh my health worker maybe a lonely is our lawyers and engineers. A whole. Do people do down the drain the fanfare in my column owner only. Emily's lonely our social workers and people in marketing forum yet talked a lot of Red Sox it's social workers daily to talk to anybody. You don't think I can ride with them they leave after awhile Ted. That's what I like my cousin as a social worker married to a social worker true and like there they're often hang up at the right. I can always talk. Oh sure there a new studies on the cheapest cities in America based on their cost of living do you want to or would you be willing to live and any of them. I've no idea what they are not organized OK fair enough time. Well you know they're not going to be the cultural Mecca is that you want to be out there I would think so are there if they can't be cheap for reasons. I mean or not we're not. Without re right there's there's a reason they're cheap. I'm sure you go to a lot of places and find cheap place for me you look around a girl saying grander way and that is that is why it's cheap let's feed off. A new poll asked people what's worse are real fur which is considered by many to be cruel or fake fur which is usually made from plastic thank you take centuries to bio degrade. 24% said fake furs worse. And 16% and real as worse while 41% said that they're just both bad 100%. Of animals responding said real for a work. As right before it's. Eat more chicken recipe I'm wondering if they in 41% of the both bad because they put it that way. Try real fur where they killed animals or fake fur which is plastic in the ground. If a bit drinking under the water Baltimore mount about the fur coat for my money says if you'll face furcal. What is or if you only fake fur coat but do you have one I bet you probably have. More than one bottle warmer today per bottle something yeah he probably had like ten fake person. Yeah yeah. A man and Orlando is running from the police and happen to run past an unlocked bike. But as senate jumping on a getaway he threw it at the police and the needs of the new relate to hide but he got arrested. More capacity. And found a cap does the dumbest thing no one is struggling you're you're Orlando Florida with. Accusing Disney were rolling and got eaten by an hour here for a you don't jump in water. And even your old fool you turn relied on in you look and you gonna do is there an alligator mouth pulled and I mean again no all right I didn't write you a million hands is. No I would take any other option than jumping into. Fresh water in Orlando Florida he knew the last thing any other options. When there was going to be his third strike. You can leave my side right the guy in the photo that I could not to run if they did guilt. Those dry out a bit random by agreement. Risk to zero delight in miles above standup paddle board an aircraft and throw it at its biggest do but I do until dinner Michelle. Jury ever have a these. He loves it. Is gonna get even alligators. Elegant and easy to make. I was LaMont now they're trying to all right if I don't do there's no idea about I didn't jump into fresh water in Florida. I was through a better look at this could go. Oh my own way entirely. Data raises. And I couldn't indicated that the president Clinton's. Now you feel quite a home if that prevented us this afternoon ma'am valuable bigger view if you Colorado loaded with. If if a woman in Florida brought a new car to car dealership to delegate math but she lit a cigarette decide on the car caught on fire. The couple announced their elders gave the nearest that are you know what that is actually our our next story for profile low wonderful author of the tail you are good it's. I've got ads like these guys are working on. These ladies yeah it's a cigarette said they're not dole and operator got a phone call from a citizen concerned about strange animals loose in the park got a handle on cell bottle when our. Now Taylor got headlines are given a one hour from now first David Zahn. True precepts. Soprano to please everyone how profile this is playing I'm sure ten miles at the simple game where we share with you real like news story. Something that happens right here on planet or. And they do listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make bless you what it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Andy welcome to the men's room. Are not be so wow. Aren't Andy gimmick than others here games for them. Yes sir I've fantastic Mike this year in storage and here it is again deputies say they were called to a car dealership. I'm reports of a suspicious incident now on the cops got there. Nevada 62 year old woman inside of one of the dealership business before windshield of the car. Was absolutely check. That's he told deputies that she broke into the vehicle that. And lock yourself inside she says that she did it so that you can go to sleep but before she dead. She smoked a cigarette for reasons we can't explain instead of extinguishing cigarette. She simply threw her under the front seat of the car. That's what of course sparked a fire now. In the mind. She broke into the car she throws cigarette in front seat and now the inside the cars on fire river just to give you an idea for state of mind. She told police she couldn't get out of the car solution begins mashup before when Jill with their hands and feet. If you don't mind and he's talking to the comes she's still in the garden standing and outside. So deputies were able to show her how to exit the vehicle. Unlock the door and she was removed and you can fire extinguishers would put up flags. Jimmy transported to the Marion county jail on charges the burglary. Of an unoccupied structure and felony criminal mischief. Do you believe that the cigarette smoking genius as black and white Maxi or Asian. What'd you depending on. Hang on here it is and Marion County fla Americana floor. Who. They're kind of floored smoking inside of a car sounds pretty white trash. We get a brand of cigarette and the things it does announce that the only aren't huge stone right. Did know why the car I don't fired other than just looking to inflict a cigarette in a car it's a new call or so I don't know maybe they had paper still number you'd normally put your feet right economic I think this is the car load trying to sell she breaks and she gets in the backseat T. Places there and up front I'm assuming maybe they had to pay for that is the new new course. Either way can't bonfire it has not occurred to her to unlock the door and so we climber Alison she's running taken on too. Wait for the Bruins do this just seems like an alcoholic. Smoking old white woman from Florida telegraph. I looks like Arabs she lose like leather in her boobs are now between her belly buttons in and we might be severely charges yet in the us on. Would see it woes burglary of an unoccupied structure being the car obviously fell felony criminal mission I think there's something about Mary that owns the it's an I'm picture I'm trying to. Started a combination of Florida. Smoking inside a car and fairly lenient charges against church. I make a white I'll answer end. Violence. We'll find out if your black white Mexican or Asian next fat with a tease you are listening to the consumer video networks. Say is you. Proved plus plus phases of Florida and a woman who breaks into a car to car dealerships they see some Maryland and who has to go there and smoke a cigarette and he does. And then she takes the cigarette just carelessly throws in the front seat that catches on fire and you know alerts fire and the police who come and fortunately get her out of there because she didn't think she could get out of the car because she didn't know how. Which is crazy because that the car anyway. And we ask you. Did you believe this enterprising genius is black white makes you agents and start it was white you stop with one. Businesses. I. They're beautiful part of that and and it's great to me that so many different people said look we think the woman's white more than that. The first in the comes to mind is she sounds like the your pain as his to lose some. Okay. Who's all now run TV news downtime TV damaging it and it. Countless hours in front of the talking and the presents. Go to sporting event what you like you eat. Dependence on them pretty standard ram might you know I'm fine they've only really have a hot dogs I'm very happy if you offer a bratwurst or other sale which. All of all manganese open if we meet in the bond I have a bag of PR guy all right I like the soft pretzel. I'll get there. Yeah America like the sporting event it's one place you can get the hot soft pretzels salted pretzels solid choice but not classic up that's fine rent. Yeah do we always good to get soft produce dry and I'll always add that my order is because lake basin and that's the only for a complete you can really get it. Like I can do to win another time I actually eat I mean you can go to affair and ought company would emulate. In the course of my normal life the only time I'm working get a hot soft pretzel MM sporting event. I owe a bar there is that's got to make gonna come generally are clearly ask him Jesus stuff ahead. I've had more pretzel bars a ball or threatened the bars and they have been. Sporting moment. But I think there's like a standard kind of food you expect Triton and then you know I will say nowadays they expand into a lot of different flavors and isn't that different ballparks. Which is great. But I guess you could still bringing their own food I was comes to us from hockey game so basically they're coming back from commercial that the camera pans over these two girls and he'll describe what they're doing. Most I am pretty convinced that's not man is if it is I don't know. All right videos of him from FaceBook page is just two girls at a hockey game it looks like he ajar manic. Yeah it looks like the helmet into the best through container pale outside Mississippi your own. And I mean they're just one girl takes a bite she passes it to her friend she scoops it out and takes a bite. But as of an Opel and mandates. Luck has journey on a no. Turning all of the other intern George got to think a woman medals so they're even doorman is like you just have to think this is not good. You're gonna die disputed dock it. No but I'm saying but did you know well in the bedroom my own guy get me like I'm above anything Jesus in the mayonnaise out of Madrid horror an audiotape Ira. Ever are from a civic day like I likely innings shore but he has been pulled from taking geeky things like. Zealot that spoonful peanut butter and get some milk emulate a spoonful mayonnaise to meet you it's just weird to me more than likely they're just doing it is a joke. Blake for a while they're people or bring in my boxes of cereal still like basketball games and stuff parent and every disappeared you know personal I don't know how you get it there are militias. That's the difference sleep you can do it as a joke we need to write cereals kids are known for years we Brigham frosted flakes rice crispy anywhere right. Maybe it's funny but it's still delicious I just filling eating a doorman if Clinton there's no joy and they didn't take one bite each and got caught on camera they just sit there right in Indy mandates for awhile before somebody with a camera what. Hey those two girls over there even at Hayes an enemy to probably got through like a third or half of the jar before they even got on camera. It doesn't look fall. But that's and many. Yet just go watch it's crazy urges these two chicks. He managed which goes sounds like a subsection they've done is right it's a thumbnail size an equity assists Tucci exceed millions. There's at least a thousand to show supposed to move them hash tag lunch for any threat. Weapons. The spotlight. Column Colin. Colonoscopy. Done all right that's procedure that you need to get. Especially you get a little bit older so you don't get colon cancer inning ups now obviously. The idea of going in for colonoscopy is not a member of the highest thing on guys looked straight correct. So Katy Kirk was on with Jimmy Kimmel her house been died of colorectal cancer and I believe so I yeah I think you because I was not I was gonna say that Romney does pretty young too yeah like twenty years ago right. So obviously it has a special spot her heart that she kinda cares about this and wants guys to be healthy about it. So Jimmy Kimmel went with her to get a colonoscopy done now afterwards he's a little groggy still kinda funny. But I don't know if you guys are like Elvis had a cents. Mom wouldn't mind a few inches. Thank you so really this am we can do it's easy. Sounds old Jersey when you look even though I was happy you know you're convinced investors small. Oh money yeah you're running since Jimmy some concern you at. We found a news conference no ponds here this is my healthy collision we'll play so well see I'm still not at all. Thank you guys think UK firm and very moderate core in your personal pain. Very nice of him so a lot of people sign up to get a colonoscopy brow pages. They saw that their doctor Kurt and tell them when they turn fifty or 45 if your African American Shani needs baseline screening. Most insurance plans cover it Rudy should take advantage of it thing. You very much HL Jimmy. You're good miles OK you're out on my airmen Ahmed and I don't cook I call when I shouldn't laugh loud and Larry is that record that you all play that clip I need to call my doctor and I'm from the darkness in front man. If this kid who I am holds dual. A mob boss the area. They'll play this put a two years or both that like. Had cold until the motel and it will be eighteen or not go outside my house you're all right no really get it there any told him twice listen again and sees that you can use to have died in mild still and listen to. And now he's did. That's tonight that that you might get your stuff let me know if it. I know I I never heard that again. It's easier if I work with you know if I just ridiculous that all drills and hate that yeah I don't like that they've got a double to from I mean I don't. I mean there's only read good manager Joseph but I guess down and out. Did you write after I doubt it does seem like in my lifetime every time I think any legal and for what they keep loving the years was doesn't bring me much comforting comedy goes to drop a positive new wells forties so read before leather like our celluloid your pitino might. I'm kind of on the fence about how I feel about them like Anwar I don't wanna go it'll maybe alike and I don't know maybe or stay away. No because you know what a science why doesn't he do wanna go there make sure that everything's were looking man I'd like putting things off so when the doctor even says light you can kind of put the saudis to leave for me now but. Meg Wendell hey we raised the age I'm like that is also that is so awesome to be because I like putting things off OK yeah. Can get people of color and it's here you you went in there isn't any doubt check it out back there no object you're doing O loyal because I have enough problems back a memento hope you're right I think it. If you've already had some so worked up Ali act in a brand new asked. If I have a minute this kind of sad but. I think the same token. Obviously there is a little kid and he wanted to have a stranger things that themed birthday party effect. So yeah for which you could tell it looks like they went all out he invited eight it was from friends that hired real monster. Yeah well in my eight friends they've lady friend and never showed up. At all today and it was pretty elaborate there's a stranger things cake happy birthday message of Christmas lights hung on the wall. Demo gore and blood punch. And it's not a food they even figure it almost looks like he was eight at so much through the work but nobody showed up. Are they friends women and children were to prove that age man in mountain. Do you live in that member of the problem is single most important social game and reflect in my movie and one of the few. I don't know toilet is an hour Saturday throughout two to to the sister had. You tweeted this out like you know let them loose pucks Lee showed up. Let the good news is that it turned around. Millie Bobby Brown plays eleven inches of bunt allowed you know basic she's they love it if we invited us who have come to next year please invited us. The other guy and it's on the show the pleased DOS days academy into I'll bring the truck that putting obviously you watch the show you know reference I do not. But I like this to visit the sister said the brother has not confirmed that if anybody else now because yes kind of famous friends invite him he's not going as payback. I did an eye dogs don't part of a vote present as nice as that is for the stranger things people look at an iron do that in just showed kids side. He hit every also our kids just are just really nasty mean people. There are mile an hour hole. And I'm guilty of it as well I've ever had been done a mile but it but I look at it now of my own kids in my meant. Kids can just be really nasty votes short I. Feel differently about my reaction thing I told you he'd do Mulder apartments like you can't tell you did that but that's what I'm thinking let. But that's what it is to be dead that knowing everything that level historical to government like. It wasn't a bad guy but the way he told to people the one conclusion we realized we ask about the flagrant 100% confirmed we were like man. He's ever gotten a basket. There's no doubt about it I think is a real that's kicked read you comment he did you come up as you figure some things out so we asked them him. Have you ever governor has to whom Ruben fluent in relation always into. Did you Joes don't know if you still told people how about a little kid attitude. And they I mean. I don't know it's like I don't have Kingston and I remember there are only part now I'm back. Free to a good oh people you be thrown off. Yes they blew it. Kidnap them accomplish this service you gotta go and play good for mr. Oakes who. I'm apathetic if that is pat solutions men's option or no wrong and until we do not work in China we are pro kids aka. Elvis logo while Columbus than a remote we have losing ground its interest rates there you're killing animals that you throw can't tell we have pizza girl stands there and hop in the police are now. Yeah I mean I ever be any kid not invited to like other kids birthday party but. I don't if she strangely also would have these eight kids who just think I don't wanna go their parents like Kuwata happen to think yet. But I don't think you know how well it's either quickly usually to no kids are harsher because they eat they tell each other. But it doesn't meet the same stuff goes on when you're good don't. Bridges and as a breadth of that exact we don't there's won't go to each other like punch in immaculate and the for good reason to appreciate your comment like we drag it out that talk about it we'll bring it up later I don't think granting him over this weekend wrap my kids deal with the holes in that moment that is that is for sure. Yeah exactly right our Gary graves dug sly Edmund finished the series he said whatever. It's tough with kids to write like I talk for a living I talk a lot asked reference. But when I was a child I did speak. But I just didn't I mean I could talk when it couldn't throw not to I just really didn't talk to I went delay puberty which was a little bit later in the Portland. And then all of a sudden the guy had a personality when the top people you know those tree to kids that they have an outer world I don't know yet and a tarnished. Isn't it I went yes man eighteen kids I was wondering about what level. Speaking to kids there is the single and around the net flicks from the start given out patches to kids. Basically like the kids account on Netflix to get a little patch if they watched TV shows. Obviously there were some backlash that's why that's what to sell real war years were not given out virtual path patches based on how much TV with people I've. Teach kids to get a sticker for the Latinos in the men's zero perhaps as a clean plate club perfect I think if if if if if we've involves. If it if I mean look I did briefly got Netflix yeah it's hit me it's one of those things late you tell some friends you tell other people how much would watch it. Tomorrow but I think I don't know little same position like because we're not Blake's. Cuba are maybe it was in the second season of whatever it wants to last night. That's what I understand everything else but did you see the latest episode of both Netflix sort of what's in the can episodes of whatever the hell show was was owed to foreign morning Greg joked can't whitewash its second season. Well accidentally was on Netflix then about it the wrong person in my kit. And it loses as soon as I hit the buddy just our replay what else who wants him for a Mike Hough gone Christ what is this trend in and out. Dominant voices cartoons and I don't recognize. Daddy I know that in drama Michael I don't. Care X. Sometimes they call us we'll go out have a few too many beverages. And I think it should be assets that it is just brutal and are thus yes Jimmy crowd here around seven outs of my drug story tweet. Now that I share so my favorite my drunk story tweets from you guys cereals first ones from that. L and M lowering. She says one and it got so drunk at the bar that is still a girl's birthday crown off her head went to another bar and made Eminem I need birdcage. This one's from that Jordan white before she says my drunk friends and I ordered the Hoover once in the driver texted me I'm here for you I texted back. Oh gee that's so sweet. A friend whose husband Matt Matty shaved 524. She says this is my search history entry netted the bar. This is Max pizza sticks and how do under on yourself. Fans got. This one is from at dab aura she says. The once struggling turn myself into the lost and found at a baseball game after it went to the restroom in the seventh inning stretch and could remember where my clo. Maybe I'm missing. Who's your map the polish she says. She says that once got so drunk they began crying when he realized my parakeet had to live his life down and you've had too much to drink concerns. As well as for Matt and see 125 she says my friend got so drunk one night he went to the tattoo shop across the street and got the name Brad tattooed under his arm. So we have made grad. I mean that's ridiculous. It's funny but nobody's gonna see it now what you want to doubt that's. That's a good story but what do you brand and air to the two Brad Pitt. Yeah got drunk this is a decision I'm talking normally guys does Ryan have tattoos is like you know as we we always talk and now what's. In little weird for the worst stats are decent look if there wasn't the worst it was just mostly comparable to do. Because it's an actual friend of his this is so when he knows and sees all the time and as it comes and get a debt due to nothing new. However you want to add to. I'm a stroke so automatically you know that's gonna suck because it's your body you talked a little boy is sort of in my hand and I'm driving and it'll limit but. His body wanted the dollar sign. On his screwed on the so gonna look like a money bag from the cartoons. I'm ingenuity goes journalists or terrible Brinkley as part of the body did that humane you want this communal smooth you can do it proud of these reasons when what did you do and he's like. We had to stretch it. It's. A game room. So that he could put about Osama rubber band on I don't know man he's like it of its soft and not just quantity over with. The one colonials are very Kokomo news getting cancer is. If so we years. But I Europa think to inflate the older you get man acting as if it going to be about Osama diamonds now now I will be green. We look like as a holding out here that I guess similar. He's got a couple sticks hanging out on there. Officer who I know there's a lot of different sports aren't stuff but. The number one show in the land of course. And TI asked how much a good thing just without us. And CIS New Orleans and made it tough credits well and of course and CIS Los Angeles. That's an hour to hour Mark Harmon might secretly be like one of the most successful people on television and he's going to ignore her husband tonight. Oh I think a lot of I think there's a huge section in this country that loves mark colonel and army that you just don't think a ruling is a household name whatever like he might technically be the most successful guy in television you know less film you're about I don't really goes to Vegas he champagne just. The Marmara regret that I got off on the off of Lafayette and that's something more power. I think until everything is still a delegate to headlines on the way oh my god you are listening to the men's or radio network. Please tell you Swiss miles. No see what's happening in the real arterial you know I Arizona where police were called after its citizens these dinosaurs in the Barak. To the movies in England where a man is even killed by a chair as he said in the theater in the dark. And until Florida people on the lookout for old woman playing with pebbles on the streets. A man seals carbon kidnapping charges he'd actually kind of like to beat another one year old actor says he is not the bitchy thing she is it is time your headlines. It's Sunday. So there's Mike Cox. Our job story and I want one operator an. A lawyer you Lloyd got a call from a concerned citizen that that's at the city's day of the dinosaurs celebration at the local park. He Obama won asking of the dinosaurs were in the park were actually real. Come on man they I don't know I don't know remover if they're just big plastic dinosaur but they look governor and real. But yes he actually asked and they were real. When interviewing a man and own the dancers and him and he said he you'd be surprised it happens more often than you think where are you calling from 65 million years ago played. Saying it is favored incident was one animal control was actually called. It's dinosaurs field I don't jump into a lake in Orlando but all the way. Why would you go if there's some things are just not in your pay grade Obama Morgan animal control Anders legitimately a ball las Iraq during the far right hand man. You need to call the world's gonna shoot that did manage the same reason why you called the army of god Zell was terrorizing the town did you know go all the cops it's Ramirez back exactly if you're gonna do a threat do you adapt waterfront ballpark rated whether it's true I knew the calls that I didn't have to deal with what's going on. Now basically. I can do is somebody else. Around the world to go to Florida Georgia and other criminals do in fact have a conscience. Near of this story is actually a robber that now for the warm start a gas station. But surveillance footage shows the rubber pulling up to another gas station on strapping Norman's babies from the back seat and rushing the child into the adjoining restaurant there aren't too overall us. Soon different strain as stealing a car and kidnapping and I knew I guess it's a big differences are you serious if you take someone's child face and often AMBER Alert every one is looking for that car. No kid that may. Maybe insurmountable your way out of those charges but they will still try to hit you with a and the birth of her agency's Eagleton nor impartial Razzaq cabdriver and nobody wants someone else's child now I'm Dan and I and his agenda on America about that they tolerate out all the woman's car I unload the car wanna ged it. Think nice is not a car that's like you know. I think just at the kid didn't know is Melinda I think he made the right decision given the circumstance but I do not believe he does now he's not going to half. Happy because I accumulated an underdog again cancer has announced its. And I. Just dogging it in cancer is not supposed to be that wedge is one of the key guy. I don't want a child and then and he learned that they've got some part of the deal here there's enormous I equated to like Sully their plan via. Yes I did great jobs they believe people's lives but remember. But I blamed on a few without thinking about the passengers he's thinking. I don't want to die annually for the other people on the plane did their commitment to solve the landed Wednesday the hero Omar knows a hell of pilots tell him good lawyers posted a little water landing but he did hit dale first. I out of here and battle as it's know it data that's and you just jacked up slightly and answering confident 72 and I got this am ready he would then Cousteau purpose. A bizarre accident and a British movies via air amana drive does so much when a couple of reclining seats in the theatre and went to retrieve it. Fly under the seat of the chair shifted and clamp down on his head. He began to panic and actually went into cardiac arrest t.s paramedics metrostars are but he passed at the hospitals and when I am trying to figure out how an element eleven yes and it's one of those electric automatic recliner right. Series is done these phone and drama the last before rest comes down on his head on his head. And as a result of going to the movies and may attacked Maher reclining chair he is no longer on the correct that is. Well under is an afterlife. I think he has every right to show there's and is wondering how hard it was Clinton said because he went into cardiac arrest is now like he suffered any kind of a brain damage or anything other than with the cardiac arrest Monday on the little. But he's freaked out so much and give it a heart attack so how hard it was a clamping down or did he just have this massive fare aren't what you choose not to find out right. Fairness so did their lives. With. Blitzer in and in fact. Actress Olivia de wow minister of that word. Olivia de Havilland. Is doing a fact or avert a naughty word. She was portrayed in a project called feud Bette and Joan in which she is being portrayed as being gossiping and told her sister Joni bitch this. All right keep playing this is it couldn't hurt used that word to describe her sister. And there's the studio had had no right to use or Indonesia said that she did admit to telling her dragon lady. Think that the purpose he would never cholera bench I would never thought I'd read thank god they're Dragon Age will be having their all 101 years old and say the hell that's like why do we even have to have a squabble here should we do I have either were breathing on her own power. But I did not say admits she wants to be remembered the way she was miles. I bride. Dress that's made a day impasse apparently and use that where'd at her house all to get your mouth was Dallas south. And never got my sister events I got our dad and letting. You and I has not asked. Yes that would be the most that would Vizio was a drag and I'm fortunate thing you can call 101 year old person that dinosaur flesh yeah John historical are gonna guy had a lot offensively but he's just Armenia to handle that I wonder if you're the lawyer do you just cannot hold out among us just how brush you the paper sort of spreading crown losers officials in Idaho have been forced to put down a snapping turtle because of its recent diet. A teacher at a local school was quote demonstrating the circle of life after Hurst after school to a group of students by feeding a terminally ill. And he formed popping into the snapping journal. The Idaho department of agriculture and and sees the animal and put it down because it was a non native species that required a permanent. They miss that internals are highly adaptable and tap deer predators in their environment that they feel the Sammy journal the next day yes. Put it down and that's every headlines but that's. Brazil CNN San their turn a big dummy Ted's meat and potatoes no I Sherlock and another round profile that yes indeed it is all through all of that tomorrow. But for right now we'd be all about this bit so it until tomorrow please do what you do best and poorly for the sake it's. Okay do.