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Friday, April 13th

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I hope I vigil. Particular night online right now a 44999. And a low profile this is coming up. This and many pins continues on the men's room. The radio network. This is dumb men's room. Listening to. Spring break a result of standing by will take our nine right now 844999. Hole you play profile this in mid. And we do have your headlines the way one hour from now first quick check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working on. My cock off today Steve to throw hill has headlines coming up my title or Torres I don't work I'm not Steve is not working out the biggest ongoing working on now. He said you're not a new study found night owls are 10% more likely to die young. That makes sense and I am a girl can flat out die young and also have higher rates of diabetes psychological disorders and neurological. Issues basically safe. If you have sleep apnea and if you are drinking if you are on drugs if you are worried if you have all types of things. These things can keep you up at night. Acid reflux. Physically abused me until it is they have the right I wasn't drinking or smoking Bristol sat up to like 130 I stable in the kids go to bed and and give you peace. And ultimately turn mile that are. That's a 10% more likely to die out as somebody in New York thought they saw tiger running around Manhattan yesterday morning. It turned out it really was just a big ass raccoon how big was that read how big is orange direct group of people thought it was a tie it must add some really nice stretch what would freak you out more to see a tiger that's a sizable tiger or here raccoon that is in fact is big is tiger I think it would be better to see tiger the size of racquet. Hi I'm literary who decides the tiger your big trying to isn't a regular tighter. Or rent at regular tiger the size of Dracula the raccoon is now decide to join a way that it's the tiger. You raccoon besides their regular size reconciles the type that tiger is raccoon so are the raccoon has become tiger size would fall they do the record died. Really a way I take a little tiny tonight no yup. I am I don't know how you can write direct the tigers now besides Iraq through debt taken out there's a direct contact I'll smoke are gaga. I'll angry and RA the tiger raccoon with a raccoon that. A bakery and organ to shatter a world record by making a giants how many pounds cinnamon roll. How many pounds. Fifteen a big 125 higher. Bigger 75 higher higher higher higher a thousand started 750000. Move upward Jesus thousand pound thousand higher. 15100. 1150. Pound the cinnamon roll it was made at. Wolf for man's war may be a great. Any idea here baker avenue in the what I gonna do with the mask you don't they do you know they do honest to god you know those throwing a lot of food they you were get a Harry and David magazine at your house. Here I'm new dollar going up baskets there's. Through all my money is to get delivered I am married that a lot of my demographic however remember the junk mail that we would get. We occasionally get a basket of apples it's the bakery that makes the Harry and David's. Federer Philly Harry is not a name you should have wondered on food and I was whatever and that giant food's good. Let me put that knowledge could bold things never go friendly with a league the giant pizza or the giant amber like is any of it and do it. People. That's an enrolled at it a larger. According to us scientists may be take it easy this week and a new study found drinking more than ten alcoholic beverages a week will cut two years off your life. And drinking twice that can cut five years off just remember this those last two years probably suck. If Kobe yourself. Oh sure soft foods can't get around very well under Hoover himself as a golfer you know it's like people don't put their animals down quick enough and it is alarming the bad years. A lot of bad news today. I'm religious nut as I doubt you're dying young now you have more than ten beverages on weekend you're dying young short and I thought you're single you're die here supposedly you're gonna die I'm not yet if it's about a rat a religious not a slave in the world in later this month on April 23. That's a big deal to the also predicted the world would end back in September. Well he's got some one day you'll be right once like five times a year like once a month month every two months you can have. A rapid test probably always. According to. A new surveyed the United States states that has the most French speaking people at home is a resident and a no I don't lose my guess and I guess that would come but it doesn't what do you think we're stupid yeah it's Louisiana man. There's the cajun there is the crew real good at the of them are out and maybe it's New York because Montreal so. The correct answer is main. Yeah how many people you kiss in your lifetime before you find the one according to a new study women will guess how many people. Thirty close how many woman kiss a 125. For men 22 for the ladies would not be strange because. Kissing is one thing that we've all done in various forms of fashion since we were younger and I didn't know zero failures like you know in middle school or high school whatever could you imagine. Being able to see all the people that you actually locked lips with in your lifetime in one room. Let me ask him the only weird let me ask you this what would be worse for you that you had to sit there and have a still photograph but the person is before we get to look at for. Played before they remind you. Like we all get to see who you can think of more relieved strangely and oh my god yes could be very weird didn't have to remember because you re look and emotionally just a handful of people you probably forgot most of the people that you've guessed do you think you remember each of the next. I'll say under no I don't know. I think I mean I think I made public to see that her I would do I would like to see about a lot of blonde says. I think there'd be some of their if you look at Workman like Iraq have you know the way that we kiss with a new survey asked about a divorced people and annoyed them the most about their acts. The top five answers are they still my number. And guests. I didn't they were married her now what a morning Tebow bad bad and they are now divorced what annoyed in the most about their X while they were married. But talking. You know it trickles selective hearing in other words you are talking is just what your hearing. Snoring coming at a number two of being a control freak at number three being bad with money number four and avoiding shall hours. Number five. I go out again I guess what you are trying to save the environment. Those hand dryers and public bathrooms are spraying fecal matter all over your hands according to a new survey. Researchers found with the drier side of the fecal particles in the air as typical fans do there's an intake. There's an out take it enables them right back on the your head right Sosa as the coupon on the air heats it up in the blows an underhand pretty much is that including in the cold Dyson Roland. Yes anyone that has. Change at any anything that as a fan and it's gonna evidence they gonna and most that intake is coming from the outside which I would find very unlikely that your average establishment is that. She's jiggle blow hot move back on their hands and it never picture him completely dry mouth that I you have to warm wet proved. I knew her name. Johnson & Johnson is gonna start selling contact lenses next year that have the technology from transition lenses and glasses. So they get darker when you go outside. The downsides is they'll probably give you the freaky dark in the united when your walking from place to play. That's our very Gloria an alien phones involved in the phantom wavelengths until so that would be kind of creep in and see somebody with our guys. It was short the new study found the most hipster cities and all the world baseball things like record stores copy shops in seven of the ten are in that. The United States of America any guesses what some of those hipster cities could possibly be Portland Austin Seattle Portland number two Seattle number five. Also and I agree Brighton England. The leader not a good number one also Spokane Washington really make a list at number ten the whole northwest. A video game collector in Georgia bought too old Nintendo games and a flea market earlier this month and he when he came home basic you know. I collect these things these seem heavier than normal. Who is only decided to grab a screwdriver and open upset Nintendo. Three found drugs had been vacuum sealed inside. He called the cops they are now investigating they believe those drugs to be. At least. Thirty years old so the quote I remain is thirty year old cocaine still good. Trying to do they say with the drug is okay. But that's fine but does spoil them anyway. And and what they cut it right putting nine year old man Louisiana got out of jail earlier today was to be impatient to wait for his Ryan homes waste all by. Got arrested again and got put back in jail. Two years ago at 44 elbow and Arkansas was preparing to give up her baby for and adoption. When she met a woman on a flight to North Carolina. And they became friends. Then she gave birth three days later and the woman she met up inning adopting the kids. In my people like dumplings and I'll have much you get to see it or kill all the time. And the moment she met on the plane is the mother of her children that's so can be anything gets their get all the time like she kept it. Yet even if you want to hear your bag hit Oprah about a plane ride was for talking to someone once getting their business card that never talking to them again not and having to make them. I am lucky in the bathroom of Africa. I had my Dorado I want an hour from now where the guy. Room precepts. This is prohibitively several high profile goods. It's playing at your ten miles detestable game where we share with you a real like news story. Something that the right here on planet are. Are and as you listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make. Molest you what it is you think makes the story a story hello Steve welcome to the men's room. While they killed now. Our job I had Stevie understand of the your name is fully. Fantastic yours your story two men died after one of them fell into the seat taking a self. And his friend dumped in the state but the pair they drowned at the seaside town of a real gut in key today. Now they hope to take some memorable pictures near the water but tragedy struck one of them slip what faith in the picture. And his friend tried to get him out of the two men waved her crazy that day so essentially the way suck them back out to sea they couldn't make it back to shore. Another friend percent to have been traveling to the Chilean capital Santiago they're gonna start a new life. Family member of one of them said there were traveling to fund important. As is the dream of anyone who traveled to another country to look for decent work. Every young studying it spenders for college it was stunning for something more tactical. Anyway the men's bodies were apparently found four days later after intense search by the Coast Guard on Q the question is do you believe. Of these few for injury due to drowning or black white matches or Asian. Moved concert that there. Mean. I would. And so he. Does that they're not from Philly they were there visiting dual what are we as a dog but. Yeah they were in the country took. I found out why the deal KM and moved it cheerleaders. Find myself are now find myself in Chile as they were doing lay's own version and ground I guess you know of. While they are a lot of lanes came up pulled out rip tides whatever look you got good balance primary it's not a black people can't swim joke. And I'm like this is serious stuff August yet the waves they dragged the way drag these kids right now. So yeah. What the old now. Alert that so I'm not even that I think you already said. Yeah I don't. Play in you know I mean yeah move it. Silly and they eat they eat. They went in the ocean on their might they wanted to finish and now they want to thank itself Iraq appear. Are once he had felt in his body jump in the sable with the wave made recently enemy appears to welcome back out of the earth and that's all she wrote. I would ban on now it is TV got a final answer. I don't allow La plaza we're gonna find out if they were black white Mexican operation next. With the team you are listening to the men's or radio network. It is you. That story up profiles that you may work you guys are starting a new life hurdles school there in Iraq and they get down there. And look for a job that person you know on the beach down the pier one of the guys either Johnson gets swept away by way of who knows what. His body jumps in both of them found four days later. Yeah and Steve we asked you believe these two enterprising young men like white makes you or even an endless white. All are okay. It makes. Yeah. But on the Q let's start low medalist beat the light was it good to go. Now overall TV is all about this opportunity to have a day and. Sure pathetic life. And did countless hours in front of a talking. Presidents. You guys ever been to like a hot tub that has the seats inside. And then in the middle of it is they can really deep part right. I don't think of that and one that big. Where did throw deep in the middle. Seats on the side chair and I don't mean like the deep deep anemic three feet oh yea the hot yeah hot and so basically have a bit and hunt a lot of people with that but I. So writes that the outside ridge right but you know that's who you're sitting but you know is in the middle it drops off because there's there's a stamper seat there. So we got a report here from the BBC. And he's basically he's doing an interview with a swim team now they're not in the pool they're sitting on like this top I don't over think it cooled down cover whatever doesn't look that hot. Sees. He's as the interview starts he's standing there and then he stands up he does not realize the cliff is there alone and you know fallen water equipment doesn't work. Out of blazing at him pacing shall we at Columbia. I'm proud enjoying sky congratulations. This has been put up. So about that. Plus he Milligan. Presence inconsolable let's just let them fully get it as simple if you try to make it is still hit it. It's like. Ed is carrying on to looking we got here because among that he got Mike fan in the Melissa is packed Quentin and he doesn't know we can't hear it now off. But second by Mike. I didn't lecture given that it competes repeat the video is great and besides Diane laughter it's not Natalie back. But now he realizes that legends there are so when he does the interview but the first girl I mean he is flakes gaining in between her legs do when you. Well. And oh yeah. I had a buddy years ago that I had one of those kind of hot tubs in his backyard write that down California's that was hot at the airport hot sure so his son was like to. Luckily you won't hear this so Matt says that is still. Basra and around the edge of the hot tout her he's I think he's he's he's making it. And he is scared he knows that he steps in the middle can be over his head right to Bob's kind of sneaking around the edge of the hot tub while there's jets. And Bob goes by one and loose with the spots up to it and any stops smiles and he used. IPod you heard about matter you know look up what you do live if you have that video strict recruit other. Eighty feet if can you imagine you have to beverage in the afternoon watches the you don't need to see that it yet that's what you're expected there Bob is all the more adult than that. Well it was. The BI discovered something miles yet salt and the magical spot and it was a warm tub that had a place but it was dining and entertainment district. Billy Bob did all day with that as little kids or want to do. Is keeps saying aren't as junk of kids came out and then the other hand he had big bad chips okay I'll just aliens and obviously becoming ready to keep walking by and holders Jack hand you some chips and sorry Bob we don't want junk gypsum. And his name was Bob. Yeah I think they call basic. They call I think they column by is is property now but I. I can't imagine a two year old named Bob right below embodies what Monica we thought the way edit I don't know that pretty funny it's wife thought it was awesome bird quite well they need Bob they named above its of Kenneth and his name is Robert alt as being played I think they called by its property we were to speed Jack yet to hear about. I heard Bob wants man and get the same amount crowd crowded tourist area. And look at maybe three years old but he was running year over the water isn't I don't harbor and so you don't parent like anything they are younger to did get away from the water but of Bob. Bob Edwards who want it in your right to something weird Leggett stopped me in my tracks the money. This kid like through your thick. You don't Carl Bob yet and right he's still even RB and rock Oliver yeah right and even the most Robert 200 robbery bureau our Reza your life if you make the choice to be. Bobby from Bobby to Bob or whatever the dealers you know you've you made you make that decision on hero the Bob is weird when it's a little until you die young that's something that decision did not was not made by him no clue by now that was made by the drunk as a as a market yeah exactly thirty hours ago I'm like blogger ID chips grabbing his job this Bob always to. That I'm never wears clothes you Dolly gets obligated neighbor with a pick it. There's always that we are you know people that own their own poll the counseling naked in yeah that's why you want your own pool deck of that people that own little pool. It's just alarming when their light lunches that are there to say they're making. You target the waters he already has happened a lot but my at a neighborhood a little close on trial is full. And he'd invited guilt or all the time in effect like he would say. In the summer if you wanna come over its web come over and slept cure but just know this when I get home the first thing to do is strip them off all my clothes and goes look. And it mattered most of daylight in America those who wondered dark he'd come home strip off balls close goes swimming and has full disposes life and you knew. Walked off their delight. You guys Denard as got a home and I'd like okay bill McCoy have a bearing tonight we come back at fifty meant. They go back you know he just wanna be negative for anybody swim naked with a I'm sure his wife did the that was the whole thing like he was very cool about you being able as a kid like in the neighborhood old dog and it's our like you know I know I got a pool devious of my beard I can a guy but. Ultimately when I come home from work I'm gonna jump on this full make it would assume around this ally in a guy in my day it was what I do. These guys I hear me out here just know I'm naked. Yeah I think it's fair warning it was and he would let this woman has pulled during a day and we we would take care of it and you know scan the bugs all that crap for our team I think it was a really been hot tub naked with buddies is the one guided have a suit. You're at somebody's house music like I get naked some solidarity we all are off and attitudes were negative on them hunt them for. LHX for an zero O. Yeah medical yeah. And maybe one or the other solidarity. Yeah what the other governor's state but let's just say you did this and in the dead that own the house was like are cool whatever than the bogged emails that mark you idiots they can map them. That's our quote. It's been a man was awkward at bat yet even here yeah and weird here. At least chick I used to work with the man she was restored restaurants and that she was house sitting around the corner just look they have a hot tub on the media are on the roof. Invite everybody over Obama wore to the restaurant like hell against same thing ever want but make it were party and grabbing disrespectful but it will draw grab a good time but all the action is and how to witnesses and roll home so we are on the roof of a third floor built. The point being say the homeowners come home early. You don't hear the front door open because he did out there put. Man this couple walks and I don't recognize that I don't know I don't know whose house is watching and me but you knew really worse original. They're trying to be cool what you talk about it raging party just it's dead silent. Once quietly get that idea how to. Did stressed leaves for a girl that want to house I see you got to stay back and talk with them so we chauvinistic work like out of ago and she's like well I'll be like they were in schools are going to be bought I will not be their house sitter anymore. Now I'll probably that deserve a lot droves of lead but we hope we beer you name it and I'm well that's a party but that's up hearted thank you. It's Alan we get a little wife little skiing weekend and we had that would come back Tuesday. And more we weren't the place was packed and in in this crazy Canadians they loved drinking Beers and in the hot button yeah so there Friday and Saturday night and got the point where you could not get a spot in the hot tub on loan to people. So we can ever take advantage not to. Sunday night comes around and there's just two people because we got to see from the window in a room the pooled on tub in the hot tub. This is our moment we can go down there reading it not to. So we get down and yet to where you are you wearing your robe you get your bathing suit on it's freezing and it's like. Twenty degrees you'd see this team. Off the pool on his team off the hop you hang up your row you walk over there are you flip flops. And you get in the hot tub and we're talking this couple they're very nice couple and we're talking with a lot of it's they were there and had allow us. And so the bag he's like hey man he's like. Jesus Christ I'll lift off of that such got you know. So. Man I hope is that started yesterday Jesus please so the guy says Heyman we're gonna get some need to drink you won anything. And it. That though McCleon. Golf occupation a beer as they. Julie go get it in music none out and take care summit in ways guide the couple's New Zealand. So the guy gets up any bolts towards the ropes right and all the sudden you see this flat white. Bear act that he's got like a bigger guys like you like he's a kind of pretty stacked you know that does. He's got a buzz got he's just Khaled waddle on over there like like it looks like sergeant in on this big thick Maryland and they did so but you see is flat white Macedonian and grabs his row when he puts it on. And his wife's listening to him and then he that you see him come back over. And he gives her her bathing suit. And it turns out like David in there with a stock to the whole time there are butt naked they're probably had a real good time before we got the ball yet and they always showed up like guys I guess we crashed the party a little bit over the and like are during and so nervous he's got a drop of the bathing should offer her his bathing suit that went bought beer we came back and hung out for you know another hour and a half after getting out I don't know I Wilhelm Kagan almost has no idea their vote they can we got a letter I indicated that that you resort. Hot tub thing that I've done it's it. Night I was making captain in capita diet to the the Dow's late I have share payment works. Do veterinary librarian at worst it lets the funding lets you resort hot tubs everybody knows Rocco in the morning. In Africa if it's Kuper and particularly pretty you know you do fresh fresh million all right so you bus that guy and hot tub right. You didn't realize he was naked and his wife right kind of caught on there Jimmy Fallon had the funny I got busted tweets. Kind of go I got busted carrying this was true at AJ Doris he says I want through the answers to a final on my hand on the way out the door amid mistake of waiting and biding my teacher. This one's from that miss Momo girl she says one time and threw a party when my parents rather Tenet titles in the clear to my death on beer can pyramid and every single kicking out. I love you than anyone in the Obama. Good grabs come on man that's pretty gonna. Switzer Carol Hannah one. She says that once asked my monitor your picture on my phone friends to Graham at dread and posing for awhile shield while heading to do and people are watching. Jackson early Saturday lie for. This one's from at Irish rose eight. She says my friend and I snuck into a bar we were seventeen the Barnes and abroad over drinks and some of the bar we turn to thank them and it was my dad. After this last one is from at Sarah Spain from his pin high so I think for a plane hit she says when MS first day with my now husband took cubs cardinals they game at Wrigley Field boss us in the bleachers on TV intensity how the game fares then. You know it's funny I just saw our to markets earlier there was a story of a kid. Until cubs' big game and yet. So we had a sign that said Blake. You know at the game don't tell my principal Skinner at school kind of thing right so who Major League Baseball weed out the picture but they kinda like blacked out his size. You know just that bars he couldn't tell who was with the thoughts pretty cool though. That the pay policies pants are big baseball fans than at the eighteen he runs into his actual principal who's there with his kid it gives a picture of yeah and it's funny it's the principle was even like our man I didn't wanna see him either right they are all over all what we're supposed to be doing right now. We shouldn't. Probably shouldn't beat. Cut interest in here it's a list of the top ten Netflix show people watch what they're. War. Yet. Watch with your pet may income. Yeah. Well here's the stacks. 71% of people find their pets to be the best in binge watching partner. And did your part to hang out with few but they don't care Richard do don't know hang on what else don't pets do you. Paul yeah that's the you're watching TV of course it's the ultimate person to hang out with. Urge shared a local store with is about why that is I don't know how I am thoroughly convinced are certain animals are definitely like certain shows based on whatever the stimuli is whether it's audio visual. My cat doesn't or Larry. He loves Bob's burgers there's something about Bob's burgers make show it's the animation. There's a voice on there he literally goes and he stops and he just watches Bob's burgers. Now. Gomez. Is a big fan of Megyn Kelly in the morning. So for whatever reason when they switch over that today showed Megyn Kelly you. My cat comes over and lays in front of the television and watches are trying to figure out why no one else want to I would tell that I I think it granted Megyn Kelly is a very attractive well. I'm not certain that but but there's something awful there's something about either the way they start to show. The clapping I don't think I'm trying to figure out what it is the beginning of the show there's no music really anything like that I don't know and I don't know what it is it's her voice I guess. Maybe you don't President Clinton but he was he was a straights I don't know if the person sounds like that that there's got to be something. Is it can't go over like physically like sit down like I make it all film it and I'll bring in our guys can watch it you know like what is this this is insane I don't understand. Some of the shows people like to watch at their animals. Better call solve. The ranch. I've never seen the show but I'm assuming it's about the delicious stressing. The rain into their head out of there they're hidden valley gas to be that they learn every alioto. Every episode is that a standoff like its French Fries and top Steve put ranch on it but Amtrak. It's a daredevil black mayor does what black where at I don't know if you options. After that's that's when you get into a charity event. It's not that I mean it's. Episode to hit or miss because it's it's not a serial minutes an apology so each episode is unrelated to anything else Schuessel as well so. Will there good there good one or not but now but it's not in and it's not a cliff hanger but. All of that said I think if we're checking out those kind of tripping. And it just about or technologies Kennedy leader. Four houses on the list all of you know I want to not to bet I do. I think fallen out don't have friends if you're an adult want to pull our house I know what I want and do not want to with a dog you much and went. Thank you I'd just say in Seattle must attend your home we are watching television or on the couch in the comfort zone your animals are with you they are paying attention whatever you're doing like. This is their time to. Jesus god left to ignore and it was just ignore it just sounded well I think that's part of this list to right which range Harding is number one though like. Is there really a list of its huge moment your pets like now that but you're right if you're sitting on the couch and hang out and cuddled up the dogs running it's that they with you either way to our guys or watch I would argue that the captain's home rainbow black cat watches the news overnight because that about 11 o'clock at the cat goes through it brought. It's normal routine. If I'm watching the news the cat joins Minnesota like a softball sized paint ball hitting a rubber raft kinda. It kind of felt like that. But I'm open to gay cares about the news I'd think like at 11 o'clock every night get fired wherever I am as were the tag goes. I think I don't understand why these people's pets don't like Archos special on Netflix. Here's another step after wants out of your Beatles twenty and 28% of people have turned their pets for comfort during a Sadr scary seat. There you have seen the pain but c'mon man out of 27 homes that of people have talked to their pet about the show or movie they are watching. Don't do not mean but I do talk about just dumb stuff with Cuba ambles through budget day that he's gonna say they backed and again I. Our rules I do of tanks yellow lab screamed at them now and I'm only what and then what he's not going to say hey. The football game gauntlet and I was like responsibility decide which is. I was going to do what happened. You rally don't get it. The content of the grilled pork thank you to an average let's go we get them headlines on the way without my cock AK a Stephen throw he'll admit you are listening to the men's or radio network. Retired twenty miles. No let's see what's happening in the real arterial doubt John Barnes Dick Cheney aide Scooter Libby saying he doesn't know the guys. Biopharmaceuticals. Business of making up their defense so if you under the New England who's a good chance you might to. Rescue dog chews through her kill a Canadian airport then the story does not end well Ron Burgundy drive back from San Diego and has a car wreck story to tell. And Donald Trump not happy with James come. It is time period. It's time to live there. Let's start this might cost. Funnels cut off where I am not Mike hawk. But I do have some news I think Jack briefing in Germany when a man grabbed a stranger's child and jumped in the path of an un oncoming train. At the train station. Now the man is believed to be an asylum seeker that's that's the way to get inside. Ice spot avoid the smaller grab them without single board didn't jumped from the platform with the boy onto the tracks as train was approaching. Now there is good news man at a board both survived after the train rolled over the boys suffered minor injuries the Mahan inexplicably. Unhurt the child's mother who was on the web or both or other two children as they should compliment by fellow travelers this is medics pulled some. Safety now the man. May have address and it himself to prevent deportation but it's not clear why it took the kid with them police though say they he's known to them all yeah. That's a heavy duty he continued president trump has issued a full pardon to IA Lewis Scooter Libby that's the former top aide to Vice President Dick Cheney. I do not remember this guy he was Cheney's former chief of staff Andy was convicted of lying to investigators. And obstruction of justice. Follow in 2003 leak of the identity of an active CIA operative that was Valerie Plame. There's a whole reason for apple mantra why would you part disguised it well I don't know home but I heard he was being treated unfairly. Brother he would not be treated unfairly he was not a student. I was go to Britain where apparently there are about to run out of the lifesaving epi pins this of course with thousands of allergy sufferers of risk. Now source working with Hawaiian healthcare. That's United Kingdom's only distributor of the epi pen so they burgers were stuck earlier in the week. And this came amid warnings by manufacturers but a potential global shortage of the device. Meanwhile Marlon Aston Pennsylvania based from the manufactures and by then warned about a life and death situation. Earlier this week. As that was evident in the bottom line is is that they're now putting those. The priority is the highest price point first most of those evidence goes to the United States and and then funnel down from there if you have a central health care system where that's don't work for Kraft. Then they're not putting those pins they're first they're making their money where they can even if it's over stock in certain places so they could the price point will go up. Still in England where you have universal health care. The idea being that. You have to pay as much that kind of stuff. Well I don't want to die right but beyond that here's the thing but what they're doing there been shorting the sorted because they're gonna make more money from England who normally would not pay of my grunt. Home becomes like that we know about it a jacked up price of those and are those the pens and Everett are now fastened on our team. Well it's not too far off of your throat swells up because you got stung by the year yet and that Allergan here you're gonna die if you don't get that shot you know what they care that that. Are you have a chance to you know not guaranteed but yet. A Canadian rescue dogs journey toward new home but ended tragically after he escaped or kennel rail booms and an airport runway this in Winnipeg. Greta the two year old Labrador mix she was our way to northern Manitoba. If you gonna head to reduce it but to do to black support from the kennel. It's skate from the plane's door was open airport officials say they had no choice but to shoot the dog after she abated. Wildlife control officers attempts to prowler and that you ran near an active runway. Don't jets meditative galls me coming flight from Las Vegas for abortion clinic I don't blame on today they gave us some of thing we were on the wrong way we hadn't taken off yet says. We're gonna have a we have to delay the flight there's a dog on the runway and I'm like final of the engines and rolled toward what I know about dogs is bill moved. I imagine it out of the way those handy rule eight point dogs on stupid they must have a huge fence around sea tac because there's coyotes. Everywhere around that around that there. I mean they are everywhere they they they must have some kind of offense keep the Gatwick and run the risk the dog will move to leave him. Actor Will Ferrell you may have heard him use a mysterious car crash to seven on Thursday in Orange County California he was and and as you beat you with the passage. But that it should be outs by outside swiped by Toyota out there on I five I guess what I've car flipped over. He was taken on a stretcher to the hospital won't believe it or not you basically escaped injury free although I'm sure he proved his pants at least a little bit. We may have brought to the story I'm not sure but 37 year old man named Bernard Jackson you recently got evicted from his house in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. When the conference take about last week it naturally stored before hour standoff. He claimed to be a sovereign citizen meaning you run out of excuses and it also means that he's not gulf marble walls of the US they have to be a politician for. But he would not come out so we'll swat team and maybe go and he got up once they're inside it smelled gasoline government tried to go upstairs and arrest them. He held them off by setting fire to the stairs and actually worked it tells me caught on fire then he needed the medical attention. I didn't make it all the way through. Thanks Dave a theatre Denver the turn of the Iran a question question your guess is as good as by the words back profiled as a will drink Intel's with a shot of the day yes indeed it is all true so until next time. Please do what you do best. And morally that sic. Stay. Beautiful. Yeah. Yeah.