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Monday, April 16th

It's Day 1 of WEED WEEK! and it's time once again for the Random Question Question!


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This is the men's room. It's real. Our friends and I had my five K five is out bass classic rock and San Jose also buy you 957. In New Orleans. And low five point three the bear in Blacksburg Virginia welcome to the program it is day one of wheat. One here is completely hide it is up to you to go and vote I do so if you follow us on Twitter Edmonds or live there is a polar bear Steve myself to had to O Bob and Mike one of us is stone. And you need to figure that out just based on losing the program and now and votes in the meantime it is our random question question 8449990. Much. It is sad story about a guy who and he has yet to be caught. But he can Darrell someone's back door completely obliterated door frame wins and how rob did too but doing things you actually stole. We're two nuggets to just enough food chicken to chicken measure triggered and it was valued at one dollar which is fifty Cincinnati. And relations is that rightness of going great I don't know also some says look at six piece chicken meat nugget at McDonald's. It's three dollars and fifty cents also it's more wow soul the way I see a man they got undervalued on the nuggets right. This fifties there upon Ochoa will be buried like 65 cents in another and how much but still more men and they need them more money to have night and nobody wants diligent nuggets are worth more than fifty cents a pop. Friend umbrellas or do you welcome the men and some friends and friends. Hello I'm. Sorry statement. OK okay life it's there all right Steve we talked about me mosque. Now let's talk about mom and dad. How did your parents. As competitive parents make it tough for. Amid the might of done it intentionally. They might have done it might unintentionally. In my view like he'd wanna bring a date back home because I don't know your dad was old fashioned or your mom was crazy year like that. What rarely deliver the situation as maybe they just made you work your ass off growing up but how did your parents make life tough for you. I'll Walt I got there and being in military brat so my that was pretty strict gears of a police officer known to the military. I'm not even make it worse like military dads are to come off frank gets married under bad can they you know and 72 balls but now you're like all in Europe Cowell. Within the military adds I can't imagine he brings no more than that he laid on Humana was a pretty cool to you because your son's. Well out it was cold to me about those kind of like a drug investigator also. I drew and that's the house interns. Drug investigate assets through I don't look back at home all investigators even tobacco investigators all kinds of investor are going out. I did you have them. Well liked it just felt like a teenager. You know of course I don't experimenting you know what he. Smoking pot America like baton so he's found out loud didn't I. So. Yeah do you normally aren't aren't as also police officer and your his son writes illegal. Soda and what are the repercussions of a police. Military police officer father who investigates drugs finding out that the smoking weed. I am restriction. Couldn't hang out my friends. Back at saying I am yeah and I'll I'll probably collect amongst all the news Abu. God every three years. And we can do all did you live. Are on well I'll born Japan on the San Diego 0:8 o'clock Stonewall and Bremerton back to Japan again. And back to Seattle. Bremerton seem like the I does fit the ball the play threat Japan and Guam San Diego olasky exotic and and so Whelan Bremerton. Yeah I mean how many of Bremerton though is if you go through the course of cities that you list they might that's that's the woman you say one of these things does not like the other thing Bremerton is that. Right you don't owls going in dolls are about 910 years old at that time so you know starting my young teenage so I shouldn't. Dole pretty interesting living in Bremerton so at least let. Probably go up. Have you been back to any of those places. Since you brought up when you go back to Japan drew nor the woman or San Diego's center. All my. I'm out they've sold our channel will there but no I had not gone back to Japan. You apparently there are. What why and why not do not get along with a like look I put it this way I look reported you to go to Asia and a barrier to our got a place to crash right love most my golf and its family. Wasn't like we are now the concede. Yeah well just a cost of going over there Erica you know. I don't know much out well but there's so my cousins and my aunts and uncles are going that I'm losing my mom's passed out bosh along so. That's now passed soon Fahrenheit every scenario isn't sure it's that maybe you're gonna mono lake got Salmonella so he seasonally up. It's not yeah cheap. Well I mean it's gone up so it's like eighties but it is. I know I think it doesn't change ray and policy or drug prices. We call to say ladies of the dozen our enemy and only. Think Elvis. Seattle when I got out smoke and lead now also Jim yeah if you're ever in ever in Bremerton go to Noah's Ark restaurant get it ceased. That good gap sort of got here is a one of the original two animals from nos are I think it is that would be my dad and my heart cheetah and then part two doesn't this is aged beef and the randomly asked how did your parents made life a freelance I mean that is stuff you give him give a girlfriend you have to move every three years regularly like some money like you know really even any good but that H Konami guys are currently get that's perfect here. There's a 58 year old guy his name is Stephen Michael Paris. And here escape from prison in Oklahoma back in 1981 he was supposed to be there for wanna see nine years. Any got outs where he escaped a year and a half into his nine year sentence for drug convictions. So he's been on the run basically for the last 37 years. Well two months ago his mom's side. And her obituary mentioned the sun. Name's Stephen Michael Chavez. And Houston Texas job and demand say job well Champaign since they say who estimated he Morton for the dazzled like US marshals connected the dots and obviously a Stephen Michael Jaffe as was probably. Stephen Michael Paris and of course in the morning they went to his house. And arrested him and a fingerprint confirmed his identity so basically you are doing just fine there on the run for 37 years. Until his mom's obituary. Listen I don't know where that is my mom's fault in this case if you're going to change your name because you're on Iran. I would not make myself Steve the federal Holloman. My name right like I'll move group to play her you were on the rough him right in the future I think they may not going to sound remotely like what are really into it does Indy know that that your mother and she's passed garment she had one son and you change your name to that. Chances are that's would you change your name to you wouldn't know she would know the award by our new green jobs you would never tell you would save it. And out of meanwhile everything I got back to rent out at random comrades outside help that out today from the Delaware. Well hang on acquiescence if she's connected dude I'm getting some Nogueira is that you only have Burger King Big Ten nuggets for 169 that no way I know I I saw you say you really high price arsenic now wait I'm getting information as it doesn't get things has been blown. Because again somebody broke into a house stole two chicken nuggets V remote there make maggots tenders of the system chicken nuggets is vital one dollar and fifty cents a pop. There's they have been at my McDonald's. Before peace is one dollar to six piece that this does the makes it before before one dollars. 86 peaceful force 49 nothing about the drop of why when you just get to four pieces right so you can spend one dollar and four or three visas for low thirties and for six were. You can't be that bad. At ten piece for 59 to nine. And it's seven piece for seven but as I got three. Four pieces for only a dollar that I would have had three dollars and get twelve nuggets lose all the guys as you Ghazi and rob under nuggets. Task appointees is a blocked. Of course I'm an NBA and the things are cheaper here you'll then nuggets are like other like currency around the world in the value of the dollar and I knew that out of some dungy go do what will be good out gone yet. Al guy and yes I got to mean you're gonna get a lot more money for your dollar a dollar and achieve. You know a man. I'm. Obviously get my phone and trying to order some food on line to how much damn nuggets are a fair weather friend. I don't know I don't know they're they're gonna need a limited immunity like in hundreds order form I don't know how that would give they had no menu so yeah. Yellow carpet and I don't have yet nugget I I guess we should organize plus. Obviously you like oh yeah vastly whenever you don't like candy night if you wanna like Motrin I haven't. But if you're gonna get nuggets any just yet grown up it's twenty. Q I delivered the African home that's if you join me the happiest I make myself feel better about a quarter point and knowing you're drawn to make is a little better but you're also right. If it happens. Let's being hello Max welcome to the men's room. Well amid so. You need. Matt what we have here for you let's go this one what's now what was your latest significant injury and how did you injure yourself always your latest significant injury. Blue. Oh. And it shouldn't be hard to think of your most significant injury. Yeah I mauled. I don't want to say I was lucky now to London and result. Now today it's being injured I mean like most of those don't into the right I don't yet we're not talking about the time I hope is that they're bigger face and with a hammer overtime LA maybe not a car crash may be broke some then. I'll play loose. It was stupid it would actually voted dog I was arguing it's all about how they were treating her dog. Being they are only about oil business and very candid did did you don't do this a bit after dark. Okay. I don't want home. I don't know I get so I Lester bird dog in my opinion ha. And so we saw in the base bill lose either the face. Yeah I hit an oval I don't know I'm gonna hit and. I don't know if there's anything more disrespectful. In the just the general. I leave back generally. I mean like that's I think Illinois sits on the night. Yet and I had sex you white ram if it's ranking guy with a litter. And so I did you get your ass beat I'm assuming. Yeah dude it was your article in really good one kick one Superman punch MySpace and I was oh era yes. Yeah Italy and Ireland is okay and donated the our new Garamendi Carol can I just I I understand and equipment. How why did we ask what was your last injury outside alive because Huey Lewis and The News they've had to cancel all the remaining dates for 2018. It should also be noted. He is on the tour has prior to the news had been on tour this year and you might wonder why because Huey Lewis lost his hearing it happened two and a half months ago for show and Alison turns out he has an inner ear disorder called. Mountaineers disease and you can't perform again until it clears up if that happens if it actually eventually clears up. Is it like in your music want to sing lower frequencies to store violently making it impossible for me to find any pitch I feel horrible that wish to sincerely apologize to fans. I want to concentrate on getting better but yeah. We usually if you don't pony when an apology undergoing death yeah you unless they stay amendments we get it you'll be working for eleven. I had a question question may form in order drugs 9990. LaMarr your calls coming up as day one a week week rolls on you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have gentle men's room. Lined up legally grow lie coming up your gas is gonna mind categories Stoner movies and comfort foods will do your guess is as good as mine. Right after emails on our ran question question incidentally if you'd like to vote on which member of the men's room you believed to be stoned our league. I gotta do is follow the men's room on tournaments are alive and get devoting a good also vote to view issues an email to the men's room at men's or my dot com all right more of the random question question and I'm hopeful or not and I'm not an old friend. Hello Cody welcome to the men's room. Pull off going Iraq. Cody and so as soon as we hear what does go to when did you find it was a little bit strange what did you find that was on it. Let us time now with a little bit late innings maybe senator mom's drawer maybe about a walking on the street. Founded don't go on golf course and not a big deal but I was like that's even that is written. No life none of the dollar golf course. I you know what I'm not playing golf as a woman that offensive and we're now playing golf but I am trying to build Jose quote unquote tournaments a year ahead. I wanted to really blame to put their movement. It's more of the view that the guy could think of my friend decided to get. Sport period. It was the period before lunch did it take him Alan how long months you walk by burger king and everything and on the way to Burger King we found that the buck on the ground. Some bad. Luck on that yeah no wrong finally can I didn't know there is zero and little burger you know Alan Dell. I never really you know I'm about to Bonaventure and really found many things in my much as you believe there's been some good and well I had a flight to go back and that that strange that I did he grows question. I another one of he had wanted to do it. What's that. I'd like you get that he'd like inappropriate questions. I'm glad Murray and yet read Steve's approach requires good guy and my field. I got a big usually. Okay. Leading off her own right. But now yeah. You talk about animals is not doing it is and my name his name is I would be like who had an abortion. And. Now I did I think if I was really into that really could they are and that is. If your mom and your girlfriend Swiss body and the only way to get them back. It to make love to them which one do you make relative. And then I would say goodbye to both of them yet but limit my girlfriend just your girlfriends and mom's body but he. But no amount those to which I still get I've centric your girlfriend which he looks like your mother or so perhaps I should you mother botched. She's normal while they are bringing back which hey man I don't know the hell is wrong not going to be you do that is my life and sick and stay down man and I am glad. Resume as soon as you find those strange. After Graham does it on my question for awhile that's and I know thinking about it. Arrogant wart hogs not surprisingly are not native to Florida. So today is wildlife officials are investigating how one it would end up blues in a suburban neighborhood. Well I think we know how. Per the Florida fish and wildlife conservation officials they said that. They happen to capture the Toski animal last month testy after a five day search and had about fifty miles covered the north of West Palm Beach have just that included failed attempts to capture with traps in a ropes there before a wildlife officers spotted it. Ran after the damn thing jumped on it. And tackled it. The newspaper reports the officer got some guts on his legs in the process under state law owning a wart hog requires a permit but no one of that area had one. Officials of the beast his team and his friendly when offered food look at that thing man look at that thing. Our most animals friendly when you all for them food I would accept mall yes exactly tigers relief by him a great white shark is happy right got a piece of meat I mean come on this isn't shocking news like puma was super nice who boat don't scuba. The Norwalk well I'm. Oh yeah ATA airlines these are brand another name brands. Friend's friend felt like he was removed it was important Disney movies go to your childhood idol one that aren't. And elevating the fourth largest my nickname in the Disney circle is symbolic. Why. Did you wait begins. If it was a poker Muqtada. No fluke told. You live in a different world and do it's course and hello job welcome to the bedroom. Oh I thought all. Aren't. Our fourth and fifth draft completely ma'am but word humility Kelly mode negatives. Aren't goes went. Woods what was the last thing that you cheated that was the last thing you cheated it. Why you stayed up all my taxes not OK okay. Whole great Britain and caller I'm I did a much I don't know quite get it right so I don't look at it. Well how they think oh they don't know it doesn't matter. How can really even Canada cantina it's not you have I think all you can and I have she's got gas taxes you don't really need to know a lot about text audio and you get to be it'd be immediate cash somehow and mortal what okay well. You know gave you catch regularly don't wanna have to pay money I owed this year which is fantastic like if I was among a masseuse and I was just like cash only. There's a chance I get I could see the government frontman and everyone I don't ever and that's another resource that you Delaware to check on the cash is a good a lot of people do get paid cash as you get all the doubt that the bank was the right records on science. If you just keep your cash and usury cash tonight to make. And then you could put money. Elsewhere there's no record company there as well command the owing anybody is all about laundry money well basically I tell you how the only late could possibly Chee how I mean there's no we could. The government will find the maybe you have a business in the Cayman Islands or there's only so many ways that you can. If he goes through payroll if you get paid through payroll right and if you're not gonna be elected to cheat the government out attack you know what little. Included such a manner you want Eva yeah. You are isn't that lake but that's what changes. Like Brett you can see you don't have anything. Generally you know eventually you gonna get caught right look how you don't expect Andre I think this right so most narcotics were legal in this country. If every drug dealers and I'll tell you why it. Will run should pay taxes they would legalize it is based on the sure money in order. Why did they know they're gathering that listen I saw her and I I've made six million dollars this year. You don't care and counseling help parallel to give you so boxy so we don't you don't hear about that that's not the issue these youth. I'm not paying taxes so what I've done is. I made things and I am I you've got a problem 45%. I'm telling you right they all did it one year the most important thing now cooperation is just finding a way to launder the money that's goes on marijuana because it's still legal federally short they're technically outlaw businesses that Stiller pay taxes yes they do they live federally illegal just Boehner gloves or Melinda who now remember it's only what they wanna compete in a bitcoin does not recognize. As currency in the United States and the Fed refute bloated you're worth this and bitcoin they are taxing. I lost money ubiquitous. It's lose. I'm putting 900 bucks to listen Margaret ought to ought ya got to tell you look hot so I put my not a book plug now let's work. And not at all I think you have liked. 200 dollars. Yo man don't don't sell yet and it's aloe already pretty well already lost your mind of my money says like anything else so good down it'll bounce back it up in the next thing you know you if you only smaller unit you're gonna win some money there's no way your little 900 dollars for and you ball like what a bit going. Not other different kind man who like he's now like a liquid you can get. Cash online thing about that's. I think they're going to equal to almost 8000 dollar grant from treasury and other government recchi now. Luckily we're going to you can put in. When I say yeah I wanna go to the big coins not worth Jack but he can't. So what would you do them like if you if your wealth as a big corn some people and the Fed's gonna come after the tactically you don't recognize this is currency an I won't do anything I don't man I was you don't recchi. You're asking me to pay taxes on something. It's like basically according to look obvious he recognizes currency here's my contacts but basically based on the Fed's position on this you're asking me. To set another place setting up the table for imaginary friend. Like that that's basically regard they're low rent or recognize them as currency. What you owes taxes but like I don't have anybody has got to go out UPU made money. Right with a capital gains or whatever. But if you all right let this current general have the reverse is ready to hash it out it turns into a fight rationale and get occasional accident here bright if you tell us about you make money I understand attacks that that is income but if I hold onto it as an adult life. Probably eight million dollars bitcoin world but I am not traded for cash because I'm doing my transactions are they tell you do all of those. And I love paid Utah you don't recognize this is currency you're taxing me on something may you don't believe exist therefore it can't possibly only when. My money says that you go to the British Virgin Islands or you know those places you open a business. Marlins man we see him in the front row of all the stuff on television Correll all the big sporting events everything guys obviously gotten quite a bit of money because some of the biggest sporting events is in the world. You see a guy he's wearing a Florida Marlins Jersey which is a bright Jersey by the way and what makes it even more strange is the fact that the Miami Marlins have fan period Florida called. He went down after they had a little. The owner of the Florida Marlins had a little deal with the government there as far as once that stadium was paid off money etc. etc. So they've been trying that a lawsuit to try to maybe I can't remember exactly the specifics of what was going on live but either way the Marlins van went down to check out the office. Of the Florida Marlins which happens to be located in the British Virgin Islands. Yeah it has little hut right here you see that that's where that's where the Florida Marlins operate waste not want. Mark I mean is it a war right now with the Florida Marlins apparently some Miami Marlins what do they. I guess they didn't wanna give his ticket late in this same exact spot in the way so he's kind of beef with them and now he's out in all the stuff. Is he like the greatest PR thing you've ever had. I mean like you gotta think like he's the guy on television you would even think about the Florida Marlins in Miami Marlins what's he was sit there and a bright orange Jersey and you go how on the ability get those seats. Yeah I mean I think I used to be a lawyer something or other is we asked senior. Cheating what did you cheat at their it's high drama they say in the obscure but passionate world of old school arcade games. The organization that oversees records has stripped the time gamer as high scores in both Donkey Kong and Pacman. The group twin galaxies of Iowa concluded after a lengthy investigation. Did Billy Mitchell did not play on an original arcade machine as required but instead used the software emulator. The more damning implication is that Mitchell previously credited with being the first to score a perfect game on Pacman the first crack what label is a Donkey Kong. He faked his games he adamantly denies it and promised in a video statement to prove the scores are ballot. Still the Guinness book of world records acted in accordance with twin jealousy and white Mitchell's records from its book books. Per the Washington Post a more casualty a more casual fans of the hobby might recognize Mitchell's name from the 2007 documentary. The king of Kong a fistful of quarters that was not a pornography by the way. The the king of Kong a fistful of quarters. Fans a bad film it viewed the twin galaxies decision as well deserved vindication for Steve we'd be. The lovable underdog or chaser who saw his fraud attempts to make Donkey Kong history. Repeatedly and suspiciously. Sorted by overtly villainous Mitchell in the film. We B is now recognized as the first hit one million on Donkey Kong. After an original official challenge lodged by another gamer twin galaxies studied the videotape of Mitchell's 2010. Record breaking Donkey Kong game and concluded it. It was not played on an original console. The group not only scrub all the Mitchell scores of its records it forbid him from submitting. New ones while that'll teach him that is some heavy duty how many I how many people do you think compete in that world. I don't know which you know what I do early arcade those are two games I play I simply miss Pacman grossly doc I. A lot of friends friends friends don't let the ball on those are my two apparently. Another bridge ouster some of the old school and honors go to them like I'm the last guy play. I'm a ski ball against evil regardless. Of new questions answered yes he by would deal. Really getting involved. Are subject to Soledad and had no control. And its employees thought but there's. Hello Caleb welcome to the men's room. And I thought wow. Are careless goes into what looked. Boy what was either the your most expensive memorable dates or your least expensive memorable date. Oh yeah. Mostly bad about it no doubt it's. Back in high school they in my act you do a lot of a lot of blow. OK okay back in what is tonight. And high school were you getting out AME blower is what I did you sleep did you go to Beverly Hills hi all over the. Going on here. I agree about I thought I'd love Beckett. All right OK okay. They naming naming running things. Hey guess Hogan and obviously he's a wiz that's crazy that's part of the show you want got to go to bed Ohman got. It's. The good Don that it didn't know that's the that's an illustrated there got from her dad I think from my good guy. It always did all of that outside. Turn around and spend are about 3500 or about them. Doesn't read the live via. The stats. And that would guard pretty much our dinners. I heard you wanna call it dinner our date. Did he realize you've got the wrong there is faster is that why you replace that before you notice. Oh no that's why we're quite there but the bad started we got this didn't do it all again. How guys aren't. And how long did you date that tickets going for bad blow. How about forty years. Around the nerd. I don't get a scholarship. The baby off it and she would be here younger being. As she darted mental outlook and that it did so side. Love my connection to all that stuff. And just not so I'll let women where it's now also we broke up and broke mark now. I lost my connection to my beloved Los Hockenberry got you know about it did you get these. They have these game when you think connected now man another way every break of a bad losing my connection to my drug dealer baseball players are a different breed yes they really. What position did you play baseball. I've played outfield. Center right left and don't talking to him and Jack very good and not any pro scouts ever come your way. Yeah actually have a white duck I don't know can I don't think you're the White Sox found this. Well good the bad part about it. That was my last College Baseball game and I don't run the double triple. And the doubt about the coach says well you didn't. You can October they could mark the day about the that there never go to the glass party. God damn man lowers after the with pro sports as simple Dennis baseball the color baseball. We here in the interviews I'm not telling the of their ego. It is and I got a committee today and well beyond that's what happened there with that coach was he didn't finish off the cycle. And he's exactly the clip that I have the beds are that last game. I would got back to Vegas California and probably do it about a hundred point eight all the way back envelope. And it did they didn't dive for the game. Yeah. She says dries out your coach at a point we got to give him that right. Landed out of noise at all known. I mean you hear these stories of baseball player buyout group corporate damn well driven all aisles yeah I can't imagine a baseball it matters. Reason as well as your most expensive dates a woman named Amanda Burnett from Indianapolis went on a date with a guy earlier this month and afterwards basically she goes to them and advertise to them back. This humbling time last week she got something in the mail from a which turned out to be a full invoice for their date. He charged or ten dollars from Moscow mule. Ten dollars for a beer 1454. Pulled pork tacos plus a dollar 99 cent processing fee. 256 for tax and 47 cents for shipping and handling. That took it to a grand total of 39 dollars and 52 cents Tom like his will be proud of cinema for the dollar limit that he used to composed. It jabbed him and I said gray black. Amanda thought it was ridiculous and she tweeted the picture of the envoys would started going viral in the next day the guy texted her to follow up and said he'd send a collection agency for the money if she didn't pay. Anyways since then she's deleted the tweets and set her account to private maybe she wants to make it tougher for the collection agency. Do tracker down to you I guess and earn and what does not even too expensive 39 dollars and 52 cents. That's out of for a I mean look wanted to unsolved an article like funeral collections anything make about themselves but. Would that does understand deal and averaged that they make with collections is about 5050 so there's a new over 400 bucks. I'm Tom collection called you. Strike a deal to original creditor you write it down about two about it. Do you worry with good values. Now he follows on what our men survived lovers and here pretty hot. I your guys is gonna buy go to the category Stoner movies and comfort foods and more your calls on our random question question. 844999. Hole if you are listening to the men's or radio network Sri. True it's. Your guess is as good as mine as day one of we we girls are. Categories today will be a Stoner movies and comfort foods your guess is as good as mine gonna break after emails on our random question question 8449990. Wow friend hello Jason welcome to the men's room. They would also ran oh Iraq. All right Jason ran does. Well above memories from high school what crazy things happen to you why your eyes though what is one of those nutty moments you remember. There's very little time doesn't have to be at the actual school because during this period you were in that in this state your life. Okay this is like right after. So it's just went back to the most expensive things this guy's talking about a schools a little while. So. I was stationed in Europe Germany we grow through this once but he in my. Then I'll see you on our way back or the tree system works pretty good there either it's pretty much on time but at a certain hour it slows down. And so you have to wait you don't a couple of hours for the next three goals and it was about Torre went to Italy. So we went into bomb a local book my district to have a beer. Yeah so I would say the most expensive date words we when he entered into an art bar. Our guests ladies of the night hookers whatever they were off so be in my body and they were about a 140 Euro keeps. It translates. So what about 220 bucks a pop. Are you about yet American and I would want to bet on any juror the dramatic pay back. Oh well see that's funny that he Armstrong here. This OB ECU would give them shut out there real good with monitoring everything. So our big potential there that it is I swear I get the cart this transaction. So while swiped the debit card or whatever and you know we all got Chet to consume the girls remember there was a guy remembered. Turkish owner whoever you want. And sold out Monday morning I gotta be felt from the duke going to be dead are. That there was suspicious activities. Arafat is no there wasn't. So I just told them there wasn't this cricket yeah my debit card they wanted me all the money. And also needed medical yeah. That is on sub meanwhile these EBC you right now is like all the guy did wow that's a great view I had double my pay for your hookers. ER notable is the colonies. Got to that is we went back to the same place a couple of weeks later and he did a by the hookers is. And we had yet to deliver governance and so he went bananas credit card and then ran out of Billy club since the start of a certain amount could easily get. You. Move right around apple. Man. I put a crazy thing that other skills that's that's I mean that's good story right man my car got cut off when I want the bunny ranch. Is it just comes out of cash advance. Mayor disliked it there's no way you're getting out this much cash and in doing Jim limit like I can only take out 300 dollars a day. Well I was my back physically taking out cash miles I was charging on the card but it says on your recent. Hole there's dozens of labor moonlight bunny hey Bob Welker in the mile yeah I'll cash Brandan Wright exact so. As he's they had no Providence if the reason we ask what crazy things happen you in high school boy oh boy this is a doozy specially if you're a freshman fourteen year old kid name Britain walker. He lives in Rochester hills Michigan and on his way to school Thursday morning unfortunately for young Brendan he missed the school plus. So in in the meantime is momma take it away cellphone and he was lost. So it goes up to a random house and knocks on the door for a little bit of assistance and help bring in my always black and a woman who answered the door will bite and she started yelling. Why are you trying to break into my house and Vernon said well obviously I'm trying to break into the your house by knocking on the door no he didn't say that he just said no I'm I'm I'm looking for an album looking to find my way to Rochester high school. I'm a student there. And he needed directions well she kept yelling in the her husband Jeffrey Ziegler walked downstairs and shot out empty fortunately he messed and they had one of those. Ring door bells which recorded everything. So on Friday Jeffrey was arrested for assault with intent to murder and felony use of firearms does a nice ability he got lost in those phones ago that they knocks on door. And because he's black and issued Adam brown. Friends very friendly people. Knocked on my door moved from a program that's there now you said there were those like emotions and through Carol there's a camera on their I broke out the door valiant tireless. Ryan casts the drug could charge those students chemicals as he. It was a got a new dog so now we have to go to home and his show was Robin match today. He has motion sensors and so if anything goes only Eddie Taylor the so long as he shows it can record five seconds and emotion was his one dog was standing over the other bow wow. Crazy you like to all fully shield only know you have one don't cover and don't know what the. Within all along they really like each other a lot they're getting along yeah it seems that Miami right now. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.