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Monday, April 16th

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This is the men's room. Listening to. It's those sitting back yard line 844999. All play profiled as in minutes. And we do have your headlines on the way one hour from now first we're checking in my car for some of the stories and headlines he is not working up. Right more than 200 million eggs have been recalled because they could be contaminated with Salmonella. Sermon no looking woman alone to buy that story they say do you call this number. To find out possible symptoms in you don't know. You will go get examined believe it. Thriller as both at a map that shows the most iconic job in all fifty states. I've been I didn't hear it. 30%. That's how does. Purse that why why do you think you know that because he's an example maybe you stay what will nori the code natural gas track for a say is I'll still say oil. Oklahoma now these days though for other thing I would think I brought home from gays and iconic countdown. Iconic so well last year would be gold Monica all right ram reverend I got me. California. Texas could be cowboys. Good job absolutely and Florida could be tourism probably for Gator wrestler Gator wrestler flora to be a lot of things yes. Somebody still bunch of cash from a travel agent's office last month and loosely shoved it into his pockets and he went outside there's a video of the wind blowing it out of his pockets and all the rest. The test you see the video I did not an hour and on how fantastic. Our new survey found only two point 6% of Americans think they should be they'll be able to retire by the time they're 65. I guess self that's down from 29% three years ago and 37% of us think we'll still be working in our seventh. Yankee thing about what job you would do in his seventies. And what is your day. But I think about it I you have to do some yeah I did have a pension and you were right here I wouldn't do a good drive around a golf cart serve people drinks. You know wasn't so bad at all. There isn't she. I never seen an old do that don't I don't know it's a hot blah Reagan your drive and had like my testicles got to hang out satellites are charged crowd around it. Like wraparound sunglasses like they were in Florida where it's like you're just a big plastic shade and Motorola and have an African bucket had realized hey and hi guys good. It is very odd then. Amazingly you know provide them relatable scenario there. He did it to keep the discipline he's right it was gonna hire you should not know you have to have been then you can't he now could you poverty discrimination and nor. But look we gotta play golf on this guy I looked like then here's the thing man I don't care if you need a beer you don't care with the person looks like brings through they really going to be alcohol really have done right now yeah. I was golf with you you'd like this place I mean I had a girl the golf cart as well I regard I wouldn't care about that as long they had a car person. I'll bet you they don't have a card person out of orbit like dude miles you totally off his testicles are supposedly get a good improvement let me pick that he I mean at the tail end here. I don't know the back of my including urge to throw. And I think that's why we aren't though yeah. I I would buy drinks she picked act or drugs only there was the new design would need. I'm only by drugs or anti trade download will let her feel the noise you're that if you're if you're an attic that you like cigarettes man's got a cigarette supplies cigarettes off. I was already endured this configure the buyout if at all we may end its 730 you couldn't get a coffee sure your buck from Paul's company you are. I don't know it's ball's gonna see the newest cared trend is to pay glitter on your hair behind only right where you part it. No it's not an amateur on your hair of him to do what not it's not a trend. I sorting out the media is challenging you to do do you think you really dumb enough to do this because we sent on the people who do on this and he yes. I'm now old. We got to come up with anybody that accompany. We stuff the glitter in the U Corinth. Thank you. We'll Peruvian police didn't Messi does everything unicorn in this letter on everything the glitter and are within the glitter need to go like series' best. And double near Vancouver British Columbia found out there at thirteen year old daughter was texting with a 28 year old man. So this at their own sting operation intention to like the show to catch a predator now they might begin the charge for assaulting him after he showed up. It it's. I think fifth and that's BS right he showed up to have sex with their thirteen year old daughter right yeah things if I am feed up. Exactly how we're doing a new us survey looked at me in jail so give it a new survey looked at what kind of jobs pot heads are the most likely to have. Top. Yeah. The man I'd lose more ER I T workers everywhere I if you are all Kamal miles you can demanded that hotel and restaurants yeah there it has renewed threats. And had been served what I entertainment radio radio talk. Journalists. I'll against flu threat actually that's number two on the list. Clearly this aluminum and alumina and Indianapolis went on a day with a man earlier this month and toasted him. The last week she got an invoice for forty dollars from him in the mail nearly brought that up earlier about anything. It's. I think those historical data and video store bigger this. Did she really deserve the invoice. Now putting out old. Yeah that's three better real crazy accumulated a Moscow mule Gaza say it was a beer that was a thing about the envoys that is really he bought her actual meal oh I don't know adjusted in those thousand. Dean movement. Also money within our date right they had eight date you're not talking a minute model instead. That does happen before ever get somebody in these region values district of that's. I have now been down since they invented the phone and then grew do to go. But you did I mean you've had of hung out of them for a little better at least had sex with them. Am one DJ whoo somebody on one date honeymoons are outside the new trend is to take many moons as. What they're saying many moons. More on that wedding that's the mouth words that have taken one launcher to celebrate your wedding you do a bunch of shorter trips together it's not it's not birthday month. It's right back Arnold's 'cause. I'm glad you think I wrote the first Puerto Rico Obama like our idea I hear you I'm adding. Some eyesight and heavier revealed on it. A restaurant North Carolina selling a burger when they hole oven roasted terrain in July as a topic and I know and Allen died that's right who's really needed to some guys and of that problem. Imagine a scenario like our panel and both of them climbed within their many got a gigabyte of those kinds of parties and you always want Angela the inside of its rental scored in my mouth on draft its outer surface the only women are they telling anyone disagree. I just don't want you don't have to the is enjoying life mentally Cadbury eggs you have those I want you don't wanna eat a deep fried terrain tire. Chili's is testing a new 17100. Calorie cheese burger that includes five different types of meat piled on top money teller or. Pound beef patty tablet bacon how looking at Jenner smoked sausage red meat. Smoked brisket or for the same price you can never hit me and shoot you directly and hard. But the bullet made a war that is you can put your mouth around it. Think exists that uses them I would guys and it's been a lot of magic eat better and if drills a got this right all of the Ben and Jerry's flavor from best to worst. You have the best in the world I know have the best and the worst okay what is the back. Late night. Late night and on balance flavor of the tonight augment those vehicle America. Now on our American dream got to play well and is so much that it Steven Gold bears and in front. The ice Trinidad and oh yeah yeah yeah I don't think so in a car I like the pretzels and the fifth in the shop pummeled by the cinema violence. Worst is Vanilla coffee bar crunch. Who I mean that's like like I'm one you're really eighties helicopter. What what exactly at all it's just an English thing I'm really taste. It is. A man that was known as the first to get a perfect game a pac man and the effort to crack a million points and Donkey Kong has had his title stripped him talked about earlier a gesture of memory one our mouth. You might not know I've got a one hour now port could move on. True precepts. Yes prohibitively journal and help profile kids is playing. Yes thank Dan miles at the simple game where reach every few real lightning story something that happened right here on the planet earth hour. And I do listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be true about people. And the decisions that people make OSU and it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Michael welcome to the men's room. Looked. Did you talk minor league solid only you know hasn't. I'm Michael who. You are you understand how this year David Boies. They do plan to ask that your story. Now no way this makes sense that the guy I was on a whole lot of roads. Or. If he's legally blind and spoiler alert he is not block. A 29 year old guy and South Burlington, Vermont. He ordered pizza and thought he saw the delivery car pull we've we've shared the story before. He goes outside he walked into the car to pay for now it's not clear why he didn't dissuade at the door like Brussels but he wants out of the car. But somehow he failed to realize that it was not pizza guy it was a cop car. Another unmarked cop cars and actual police cruiser it says police and have liked the whole month. So the Compton are running his name and he had an outstanding warrants of arrest them and they found a small bag of heroin and Ecstasy you know I. Then they realized that that's the friend he was swift was also one month I do larceny and they arrested back I took. You believe that was genius is like white backseat or he's. The kids. That is until moms that is correct Burlington. On lonely channel and I believe just. It is South Burlington that is the north western corner. A Vermont source close as you can get to Canada without going into the water. And what did you call with. Other found I heroin and Ecstasy in spots this sounds so white can draw on nomination. I don't know that we religious which is a lot of stupidity in this just spleen is why I don't have a G gravity yeah. We just talked about Ben and Jerry's ice cream yes that's Vermont Burlington avenue Lake Champlain I didn't see anybody there who was not. Why do you saga drunk person trying to say is that we're we're fish hey Somalis and the Chinese empire Champlain please this. Our Champlain aren't con game isn't Champlain and for that nine non and he walked over to the Tom Harkin he thought bottom pizza delivery and I think and motorists are gone. Flew his wife ordered people finally his wife. This is so why. Yeah. Yeah and if they see my absolute just host Dubin. If there was anything other nonwhite I would be shocked I was. We remind you might editing using the drugs actually you hear when people don't use them flew. We'll stay Iranians walked over forays intent I think use monitoring when the dollar won't notice the cup car are you gonna go while white finalists are Michael. Why final answer miles on out there are black white makes Eurasian next fat with a T you are listening to the men's or radio networks. I. I'd probably say is the Burlington Vermont a guy who owners speeds up and wants us to guard against it and turns out it wasn't a pizza delivery driver in fact it was a police officer. And this guy had a warrant out for his arrest only heavy into drugs on Amanda's. Friend that a warrant out for his arrest is so both of them are arrested for him walking out and not winning for the pizza delivery guys to knock on the. How this offices friends protesting why wouldn't dissuade the door like anybody else. Michael we ask you do you believe that's that this guy is black white makes you agent he's a white you insisted I'm white you start what might end up. You all know my a no I. It makes me I'll love. OK and I. Now relativity is a bad time for TV time a day. Sure. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. Would you say is the worst rendition of the American I mean yeah. Of that. What would you say is the worst rendition. Of these star spangled banner you'd ever let them write rose I think Roseanne's is bad because it's bad that your brother Carl Lewis is just little. It's just disrespect OK you're playing someone who made the effort but soft Carl lewis'. Honestly is probably my favorite and he's trying so hard Carl Lewis course Olympic athlete who who try to get into singing and and it just didn't go so hot but there's been some bad ones right. Amir Mike retirement this earlier in in this girl's defense it is a hard song to say sure it's also aka Palo and each new music people that. A lot. A cappella. Back decimated permanently if if if I don't hello seduce they serve in my home country of all gone yeah if enough people I think it if it could get rid archipelago. Got a cheese so bright it's arts on the same. Blah blah blah this girl's name is Rachel platinum. And high seas that's that's yet to pronounce is what's my name is Rachel Platt who. What she looks like Patton but there's an alum there are gonna play some boots so she's a figure out as he goes if you go to a sporting event the times W like there what is it. Our national recording artist miles Montgomery like I don't know with the studios in again for the Bruins game unit got money to see him. So she's singing I wanna say this is that you tall as new women's soccer team. Since she's singing the national camp on the is gonna hurt by this moment in soft man but we hear her yeah ha ha. And. Blue. CE. You do not know. The. Oh it. I had news. CE. Yeah yeah. Oh god it's over the next night. And I don't know if you heard someone tell me the next line by the dawns early line. Those things. Movement by the nuns who looked as they were really okay I'm very little news yeah because that's what I mean it's it wreck and I get the heart's song I don't know bring that no part of something big key after the line we've seen a nationally and rule and yeah it's up pretty well a lot to. Yeah it is well we display a recording government that. Allowing listeners I do that if rules city can I can't lose we Erica all right but. And any better than you can make out there and grounded her off her own it's own two eyes Willie. Only one of the only countries that is weird like that like the military guys like I understand they're standing at attention in their quiet. But like we're all Americans. But right we should be singing the song with. Well have you received in hockey league when they do in Canada they basically just start the song and let the crowd there ought not let the World Cup play them but every almost every other country people sing and play very excited but in Canada it's the same person singing both national anthems in case there's an American team playing there. And they don't have up either one of them. So like now like any Toronto blue I don't know them and groups to the maple leaf. Hockey game or whoever they health plan whoever raptors game whatever blue jays then when you go to a Canadian team again I think the Canadian National Anthem the American actually been dancing in the French right. Now just a man you can understand the regular out of yes and yes there. Think Kim. We feel like I doubt he even though. Man. I mostly as a little kid I ever go into a watching capitals game in the airplane and one of the Canadian teams. And I guy I mean I don't know how my parents weren't just like shut up but I don't think. I think and a Canadian lines while basically because at that point in time and a half the team books you might as well. As soon. Yeah yeah I mean regular National Anthem we I don't think about this if we did that in hockey. So not dig difference war they brought up how many different national anthems are Gypsy Dominican that would be for Halloween. Our hockey is Russian right Avian and maybe polish I think I would let you know the Czech Republic why Czech Republic. Or best you know all important I don't know Ukrainian one for basketball you might you know Ukraine want to and and of the French National Anthem be insane man was a little nationally league baseball though man still rely occasionally a fluent Japanese National Anthem certainly of the Cuban National Anthem the Dominican National Anthem. Mexico Mexico. Stephen Ashley if if you wanna see that new ways need a person very tough for what happened there that Ford girl. You for the mention FaceBook page it's up you got through it. There are positive gesture that she did with the help the audience. How about woes are applause tell you really don't HME to carry out your error Monica often felt that the Carmona you know you're an assailant who is here her harder. Than does any better than element. Yeah I guess we doubt that there are no laws. If you're happy for him in the world is I don't know why you lie and that he's gonna help the Mike down the Catholic I'm sick it's a cover band right I thought everybody go to ArcelorMittal today do you. Partake a little more than you thought for the Chicago if your odds defeated like can you would you mind easily that is blank you know I I doubt that. And I doubt yes. All right Saturday night live at. The special guest appearances I gotta say. I though it was great episode John Bellini I think he's very funny man I do not realize how long you've been a writer on Saturday Night Live. To some of the skits a moron we're actually won that it didn't turn down years ago. But did he was the post he did today go back and say we should do this right he got to run them so there was a big guest appearances the cold open started. Actually with Ben Stiller. Play in president Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen and then Robert De Niro showed up as Robert Mueller and basically they just he attaches them to a lie detector and they re did need to pay. It. Once in your whole team is president's presidency against the president not true. In fact we used code names so personal feelings never come into. Oh yeah what's what's president trumps code meant it used to be put his little. Now it's still unreasonable. What about your vote this code name. Girlfriend. Eric this game and all of the girlfriend. On junior America. To Freddie knows. My code name. Dead Man Walking my. But I don't have to take this from you I rights. Now do you listen to me you little weasel. You know what rights should think you have to you broke the law and now we're gonna catch holy you fly after she got that. Like Beckham who was already to tell what they are redoing that when he dropped the line at you and the calls in the same name from meet the parents like it not forget it. I was forget to. They have a deep complete dependence from with a massive movie down. Got a little brother finally made a block tiller was in like three movies a year almost got them all confused when running. I think he just needed time out I think so too and that's I think they like him he wanted to do we need we need one like everyone that would Adams and we need this new movie that you nodded and only two of those guys had to go away for awhile both on. Ben Stiller remember he was in so many movies and even showed up in May have bad boys video with night did he. He can Ben Stiller came on he said like dude I'm into many movies I gotta get out here we regard the PR people I'm going to. I Obey the rule over you and away and they do it happens there's a lot of people to get super famous and like on the that I mean look I've been banging the drum for Timberlake being a great artist and actor for years but even for me disappear like all right there's too much differently and dog by him and listen don't feel bad rather than a lot of other people they did not get the same memo. Intimate trust me. But I think if if the grand scheme of things. You'd much rather be beat somebody that's oh perks moves and so what David did give job dad if you don't have quite a violent that was different obviously for its. It's your movie you saw artery and as I'm sure he's doing just fine. Yeah hopefully Nick Cage being regularly he's in so many movies you figure out who's gotta get money but like Goodell was watching gone in sixty seconds of the till what. Cut indicates in some slack there's some movies I like that he's in turn showed what about Florida. Ski can be. Yeah well there's a lot of those dudes in Hollywood to be Jimmy pitted. His forehead you know his four used to be called an ice that's not a hair Gilligan HI an error raising Arizona thing's been gone for a while I don't know how this seriously came back so it happens and good news. They've announced he's gonna be on Dancing With The Stars this season thank god and it's all athletes no way people get RD athletic. However right to it popped. Somebody's you've I don't know who they are but they've got to lose you're out there. From the Olympics is. We do here is huge here usury. There's a figure skater. Adam grip on the okay. It Egan dance he's a then years later he doesn't regret romance for illicit Rick if you prefer I don't know what it's like great hoopla the threat I'm going to be out for you I got really in the Winter Olympics I don't watch for your state. Well if you I didn't understand it's choreographed dancing women is a floor I mean my god of course you can dance yeah. Snowboarder I genie in a person's gonna be on that Arafat about this for and a former Olympic softball player Jennie Finch. It's an end last name. I think what you'll eat right on eBay and you don't really care she still jedi pitcher mayor's own enemy who are husband as you are kids. Crush crush her yeah. Crash crash act. Johnny Damon you remember him for playing with the Red Sox and then whenever played with the Yankees and all of Froyo. He had great hairdo. Phenomenal Johnny didn't answer Johnny Damon cornerback Josh Norman. NBA legend Kareem ethical troubles are over there I don't know I don't know they'll get rid of him first premarital Jabbar domain in which average day and you know I'd be remiss to the did not mention he lost his first high school game to tobacco capital. It's part of the deal wouldn't go there you got a magic and everybody okay. Another figure skater that amateur and then a figure skater week and I think he's dropping the kind of got me here nick Osce. Maybe. Somebody out there it was like hold him up well here's a figure skater I can pronounce the blast from the past. She's got a new movie out again and hard and try to Arnie is he back yeah man. To what happens when he just assault someone. That's what you need for Nancy Kerrigan is no my game get regain its leg. My average women have been doing though I plan. If it attacked eagle hit on my opponent and I'll forever be famous. Good movies made about me in the purse that I tackles that it only drive it in the bond bonds and he I've gotten. Cool I was just think that admit to carry guns already been on its with the stars. Could be could be she definitely wasn't much of the Olympics. So I hope you're about models but you couldn't be you don't like the president honors you know like bashed in and what should I think she would the next cycle. Jeff Goldblum yeah you date a guy named go boom you know leading did some stuff done its US and delude we know you hate Britney unique relaxed Jeff go movie. What a weird drink that involves some milk I don't think I am glad I got it brown slacks I got freaking cancer the bloom Jeffrey can dilute. What do you Wear underneath slacks freedom polyester and tights. So they just underwear. You can worsen McKee before mention I guess maybe it jock strap probably. Yes maybe around so we weren't be honest you have naturally I would totally go by series you just ask you real real reference in February. Hello hello thank you hugs while still because they'd like all right okay. Since O Larry John Rocker on the ground dead even sending everywhere and Johnson and Paul plug jock but he's a Russell Crowe a couple. I think the financial issues so he was gonna sell off some I don't go through a divorce and pay the wipe off. So for those whose jock strap. Now I picked me and I think they mutually agreed to do this. All right so they both of you away so yes Josh rap is so Josh I've that he warned Cinderella man. There is a lot of room. Reversed at the box on the all threaten there was radiate is you're getting all the crow about Iraq all right I'm requests. Hitting frank the little Russell Allen on whether he sent hope that it. There was a lot of rumors going on around online they maybe John Oliver had bought this jock strap from last week tonight John Oliver addresses those issues. When he was on talking about jock strap. John take a look. At this week today. You remember that we told you about Russell Crowe he also doubles I'm auction in which to celebrate the end of his marriage he was selling artifacts. From his Korea from the drug guide to child gets to this let the jock strap he wore. In the film Cinderella man which was expected to attract an absolutely ridiculous fly 800 dollars a one of the more curious thought comes from when none of them with only about growing. This flight crew and crew. He told the 7000 dollars through telephone itself clean water. When he's okay. 1000 dollars and don't let those things and speculation out there and what we were the ones who bull not jock strap and although I admit it does sound like something that we would do. No lawyer Russell Crowe's jock strap I'm saying it's one of lost too many blockbusters in Alaska they've not sentence is absolutely incredible to try out loud. The bad news is we didn't do it's I'm I'm sorry I'm sorry it wasn't offs we didn't box. We did go. I. The guys the thing that's easy I don't know what the budget is very good show it did you guys keep mine unless intimate like a year or two ago they had at. Supreme Court made of talks. Praying to death if they made their own mascots are bunch of stuff. They play flowed up the traffic pandas from South America did the train for the folks in Pennsylvania that town that people were all pissed about the change that's gone and it's not odds they think the sentiment you sure yeah if you haven't seen. Plus stuff yeah I mean you were straight yes obviously the budget is massive but that's got to be awesome but said oh geez for use jock strap. That does sound insanely here yeah. I mean I'm trying to think of an athlete who's jock I would pay for. Q I never thought about it I mean I think if I can. I didn't go to my name ruined my favorite guys dawn Friday and there now I don't know maybe Beirut what are you that you know I don't know I don't know I. By any easier. I would about jordans John like that jacket I'm going to like you only gave it you're arguably Tim Tebow is could it be clean. What did loosen present whatever vision what it's advertised you billions weird yes that was just Josh should have holy communion and tonight is Tebow if Tebow the B the only safe choice he Goodman is long as he's being honest about being a virgin. You got the by the Tebow Dexter. Yeah I mean you really got to like the Dubai by a grass jock strap might you might find like the beginning of cancer on that thing you don't even know if all gone he was with millions of women. But Biden's rounds no hell no. And everything it definitely didn't win it I don't normally do you do now I don't know why we had and you get a blister on your list is getting a big get a bit. He's seek quick feet and I got all the sudden this payment is Vernon in the corner your mouth yeah you got to do that if it now. Good news because most of my friends have been talking about this and bitchy for years on end. That they're great classic TV show mad about you went off the app I was always late due to an area who doesn't love Paul Reiser. Very hot topic without a doubt and this'll shock no one Helen Hunt off. I thought right there. Have closed deals that do are mad about you revolved you don't see thank god. Yeah mantel on it bringing it back while bringing everything back they still mad about each other well we don't know yet but I bet I bet they are updated gold mad at you. I'm. Prepared for awhile now and I'm mad at her and she's that in each. Secretary of Brazil gets the headlines on the way of my kid and a few minutes here you are listening to the men's or radio network. And Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening the real. Hi Eric go to the premise guys where three dancers explain mid flight while they college easy jet fuel woman traveling on air China. As a man golf and put a knife around her neck which supplies that you'll never forget. Police in England Tel burglary victim to look for stuff funny Dave is frank quite frankly they don't have enough time. It seems he record holder for Donkey Kong an old school video game crime and Australian server gets a boxing match with a great white shark it is time for your headlines. It's Sunday. Scares. Might call. Our jumpstart a legend in the world of arcade games is about to have his title stripped we talked about this earlier today. The man is on to be the first to get a perfect game on pac man and over one million points on Donkey Kong. But it turns out that after an investigation he did not achieve those scores on an actual arcade device could use an emulator apparently a guy in Seattle is now the new reigning champs. It's nice and Jeff fizzles have been implicated and he takes the games in which he got those scores he claims it has scored a legitimate however and plans to prove his innocence. Look at thankless and party don't believe is that bad aboard a passenger have you seen King Kong. Things don't know I really think he'll call. There and okay in the continuing vita members is b.s we head down and out. Where server went noted so the shark while out on the lot of Sox would you do when you're all strikes. Usually fully expect to do that class and sharks. Where was that he claims that he thought off the sharks during the initial attack before it circled back and dragged him underwater he managed to escape the attack but was serious injuries to his legs he was flown to a hospital. Well he's lucky to be alive. Yeah but he's unlucky through men attacked my short while he was alive. This is straight out here yeah I know like everything I don't believe me bro I do the same understandable reasons the bulldogs. The most unlikely animals found roaming the West Palm Beach, Florida area. And African war on. Is that the least likely released by fed doesn't surprise me really in floor looked yeah I mean there's a lot of dinosaurs in Florida but I had a war all the I just can't its floor had never been to Florida little all you gotta go you gotta go why it sounds like everything is trying to kill this. It's like the quiet people that are remote Bosnian number I don't moment you can just walk in a public you might die if can John officials had no clue how the animal made a validity area of Florida as owning one requires a permit. But after a lengthy five dale hunter live multiple failed attempts the animals captured and an end the investigation is under way I think it's fair to say came Disney World. Paloma. Learns dead and things like this is gone political efforts amount I think I. There's word yeah they'll well done dead well done. A dose. Boy gonna get a bite at a local Morrison's where our race to find that they couldn't purchase something off the counter. Full list are they saw some fresh made meat pies behind the counter and wanted to bite compared to a giants. But the stars policy says that they can up purchase meat pies before 9 AM they thought it. I rules are rules. How forced honest about the media tellers stars as tell the story dictation of what they can and cannot have meat pies. But the media showed up. I don't think anybody else relate fan I don't have confidence and grace sorry it was still pouring Dagestan. There's this are basically said in hindsight we should just give them a dandy fine yeah then may have to be ready at 9 AM because these Dallas against album before 9 AM when exactly the meat I want my giving vitamin there's like gravy in it and certain ground and eat right yes. I don't know has got to meet its needs. Yeah there's different kinds of meat as I did chicken pot pie without the vegetables to its New England pretty good as the pipe. Just apply. We wanted to match last year for the first time mind blown think a little pump I hear the good those little little little drive right and had mushroomed. Didn't. In Manchester budget cuts to law enforcement led to a woman getting a pretty defeated response to a report that she and other rod for the second time in five weeks. Please tell the woman that they didn't have the manpower to send someone to investigate the break in and instead told her in check eBay. Personal belongings. And that her case is now closed and it'll be like all your vigilantes. Yeah exactly what's so bad and thus. It's helped and really there's literally all my automation I guess a cop Leon and he Randle get out and I I was going to have parity ensuring that we take to the skies were three women had to be pulled apart after having a few too many on the flight RI the trio on the he and his friends were laughing and. Join each other's company but of the flight and on the vodka was involved in conversations turned a bit hostile and boulder. The Kerr responded to complaints by out relinquishing the vodka from the women which did not go over well I applaud brawl between three and soon. There are elements are separated to detain into the flight landed and they were taken by. Police obviously are. I want that are much like it is literally Johnson both in the ball maybe that's why it's memorable ads and realize an island that my god. No wait wait till boning Ted comes in at 34%. Thrill comes in at 30% I'm into money might get sixteen if you guys well know who desire on the show today whose time and goes bad rap lyrics I was yeah. I got a first time. Laid in bed at. I've got it isn't doesn't really. I didn't smoke over a week you people think of stone on. There and can't we stone losing your marvelous drug charge rank castle innocents in another round profiled as and the word retired all right bitch is really all about those bills. So tomorrow please do what you do best and poorly for the sake it's. Jail beautiful.