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Wednesday, May 16th

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This is the men's room. I'm listening to. He's grilled by. It's just getting Multi Color 9844999. Hole and you will play profile this is minutes. I would other allies notably one hour from now first we're checking my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working on all right recent years in the Netherlands and uncover two hidden passages in the diary of Anne Frank that containment. Dirty jokes page is dirty jokes yes but it also jokes off. There once was a man from my understanding. Now motherhood and made them think that jump budget when you're a kid man if you knew a couple good dirty jokes are all that about a host of other authors did you did you share dirty jokes hack job while wondering if if it's if there's reason the didn't share were just because they're kind of circumstantial. There's only here's rode out the man from the start getting Steve. Now I get the feeling deep that she's thirteen I remember being managed they are probably doesn't. Four leaf. Filthy dirt yards and you know they that he didn't want to go run accused George McGovern is generally don't like a rite of passage it was like your dad and have a severe. Imitated their jacket don't tell your mama but there's just a minute now don't tell your friends that a year ago he had trouble for my first class slap across face what do you won't joke and you can save you know I can't bowl ad revenue and while. Literally takes a long time I don't know I don't know sorry to break it well it is forever does that you know yeah I am you know totally wrong at all with the methods of that if he had done outside Atlanta with a motion activated security camera Michigan recently took upon looks like an Angel. Or more likely it's that the blurry picture of a mosque I saw back now I saw a picture today. And also a quick interview with the people who owns a home at the vision so tired so. I agreed that was remotely your mall close to the camp. Phone interviews these people they were straight up life I'd go to that pitch at NASA but yeah globally but I got a big drove an Angel. Okay that was a quick but they're judgment like. They they never took the time to consider. Thank you be anything other than and they go that was filed by I legally golf I've pastors that I'm Victor finish that well how may. That is my guys you've you have really be considered. Anything else you we are an Elvis and Mike and and a lovely Robin she went to the Robert Lang studios here in Seattle where the Foo Fighters accorded their. And I found her bomb Sony legendary record jail right. As Robin explain there's a there's a legend of the ghosts of of this place. So while the believes that she is an applicable pictures of this goes a matter of fact if you watch I do this. If you follow us on NC grand Internet. While that will put up the picture you can actually see the face this is our it is warriors. Are there not electing you can't put that on Friday take this a photo of one right here don't expect that read we heard the story isn't it up can mean if people have seen lights flicker or whatever and it's cool fine. An answer taking photos. And it's also in the sound Booth. You could if you took the photo of the microphone that Kobe knew the last place he ever sank down and then it's pretty bizarre I don't love those days you guys inside yeah. And yet rob Lowe's Salomon you know we're going crazy talking. But he showed that the regularly get out damn man cavaliers will see a microphone so insecure and we are at men's room lives yeah so get their moment Barack. We heard about it a while back but now you can buy at Greece's is selling a new candy bar called the the Reese's outrageous. I'd tell me more the talk of our stuff with Reese's pieces. I am down with whom he's he's he's OK I reviewed he is from Greece's I would put people's rights but they called the Reese's pieces. There is this doesn't mean I save like it turn up and Iberia they say look good Babe Ruth that's what we would say that the company I think most chocolate bar guarding the quick turn though if you met like Reese's pieces out of the right. At least he chunk fires. Yeah young star grant it the shock catch on fire jumped far there's a 64 year old bus driver in Cleveland is now driven over one million miles. Without sounding an accident. Don't gopher nation is that it yeah that's exactly right he does and it's all here is perfect on field goals and extra mile and declared it's. Will be another game winner from. Off the gloves. A new study found a top five cities to be in if you're just starting your career. Okay if anyone that won't hire or use the you know working that's right and organize around as they hired you go and address. There's a man and on the Hilton Head Island in South Carolina who regularly wears a chicken suit and stands on the side of the road trying to get be able to stop speeding. And he recently got fine for wrestling an alligator that wouldn't get out of there. The video like this guy already and I have seen this yet it's awesome and maybe we can all see it later maybe path we can get a ticket at. A couple from Cambodia recently got arrested for killing and eating several endangered species in order to get more YouTube hits tough blow that it worked. I don't know now working on it is not. How it's publicity we're talking about it at the maronite let me ask you this question I must say we do this roller say yeah. We endeavor to do need to either an animal it's about to go state. Not write a guy would and more you choose I'm December on the way out maybe they're protected would you drive polar bear. What I try a bowl around you wow I think would be doing that and I don't at all I would feel too guilty about eating something on the way out to be an appointment to guerrilla. I'm in. I think I'm gonna go worse when the horse horse horse forced a quick and are all these animals but it is to get animal it's gonna feel I get to be one ruling in May view of center right alien himself at all always doing the panda. I think wallop there IdeaPad that he called me. I'm rose wrote rotisserie Calder and you have to use bears always tough through this who've done a bit offended manages to believe that the do you think if you are misery to koala it would be sold under the branch itself. In an orderly there really isn't affiliated despondent at the old well I think. If I may slow meal of Sanaa. On a go may clash took yeah that I didn't use the toes is a toothpick and some coral and northern Michigan is that about a fifty pound the pine cones under the hood of someone's car. I don't know paradox yes it does poorly at the squirrels every spring breakers on the whose brave move on through it. The weather fifteen pounds of pine cones I don't know whether with physical hunger and an NEC fifty for a while ago. I would not think it. Magdalena heading humans do this it's worlds these girls did this world did do this yes the man got into an unseasonably cold there are disabled before it goes. Think that's their Costco. Exclusive pine confidence any court. Yeah out as seven point guns in their religious holiday of our rights growth and his deep they got the artillery go morals Riley might be hungry yet. A group of researchers in California just received a 213. Thousand dollar grant to study cal fire it's. Right well I'll go that so I'm all right I tell you let's beat them all that out on their part and maybe it was better grass right. Busier than I think his whole theory you know like just make animals eat grass what do you know do that and I think they were born each. There's an audio recording going bio right now where computer generated voices either saying Yani. Or laurel. And apparently there are few factors that influence what you hear including things like how well your speaker play lower frequencies. It's the same thing as the dressed guy now I know that anybody listen to it yeah now. He's saying laurel and miles and I've thought about brutal outside the way. When Jordan do you think gives less of an afternoon as I I just made it 24 hours without listening to it today and my good friend Steve was very upset that's NRA outlets and I avoided it to you yeah but sorry Steve I've heard both. I don't know yet. Nice man I. I heard czar I heard young on the first woman every other time to get involved I now so now what defined it's a higher frequency on one and a lower on the other much every morn finding here. That's what you're gonna hear is not a big smile even I think this is just to scam from Yoni. That is and it is ugly Danish media you know and I haven't thought about him so long right if that's not a I. It's like Fabio economy and if you bring another guy F Fabio got out of Sunnis Laura to do that help bring of those donning one of those one million people read and by the way our Mike yeah yeah they'll let you know Lucy squirrels eat seeds out of pine cone jackass dumb ass. By god that nothing left of corals the latest update from landed early. Squirrels are Jews these. It's the world needs this needs to come directly yet and it they're done very tree seed Lisa call we score on us for a stuff that you go after euros are not in the month. Police there was gods and have demanded a high school prank made by the seniors and things are pretty impressive follows that of the Eldorado are now. Thank god you are deadlines are on the way one hour from now the part that day. The men's room precepts. This is thrown to please everyone else profile this is played at Georgia and miles of the simple game are we sure do our real life news story. Something that happened right here. I'll blue earth. Or. And if you listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be drew people. And the decisions that people make less you would it is you think makes the story a story. And lol. Just then welcome to the men's room. Thought and thought wow. I doesn't understand I've this year Davis play. Easter fantastic here the story we go to Milwaukee wore a ball on the prosecutors say. Fired and gone during the memorial for a homicide big dome. There's more to get rid of the gun has reached a plea deal in the case against him. But he has a convicted felons use prohibited from possessing a firearm in the first place now the 38 year old woman. She did plead guilty to one count of possession of a firearm by a person convicted felony. Jews and census are warned about a block but according to the criminal report on the evening of August 6 27 team. Police were dispatched to the report of shots fired now who spoke with a witness who indicated that won't pulled over the vehicle during the memorial. For someone who'd been murdered. And what this says that he played several bottles at the memorial site for leaving the thinking back twenty minutes later when he came back an argument broke out between her. In a murder victim's sister no one's quite sure would your argument was about. But as a suspect he's leaving he did threaten Biederman stand that she got her car pulled out a handgun and sort of waving it around. And finally to close car door fired shots in the air. And then drove off. On the day after the shots were fired. The search of the poll revealed that you'd also removed researched how to remove gun residue to visit a website titled sit on removing gunshot residue. Suspect urinate on hand to wash away any gunshot you're never residents are around residue. And did urine block out gunpowder plus five Greece uses for peace these remote region so it's fun. They're by no accused convicted of a felony back in ninety magnets which can apply anyway I do believe that this classy woman is black and white makes your Asian. Well it all beaten Milwaukee didn't burn it down. Tell me why eight times. I have means. Of that then I'll go look I always laugh. Matt what are you don't. You little tip you off my theory is the the amount of research. Played and I now he's a good white lady thing to do commoner researcher bunch of it and then threaten them and shoot. I don't know stuff man. Final answer they did it. We're gonna find out you have black white next generation next that was a t.s you're listening to the bands are ready on network. And smiles. It's due Milwaukee Wisconsin woman knew fired a gun and drive died during a memorial for a murder victim she is tell her she's not supposed to have a gun. Did you get a magazine got an a fight with a the sister of the big doomed the police found on her phone to search for ways to basically cover her tracks. Yeah I did you gun residue off and I guess. I guess maybe there's the rumor that guy he just get pretty generous and they did she really seemed to harbor I'm backing. Over five searches for the bad news piece removing them residents but Justin. We had huge did you believe that this woman was black white to make here Asian. Party lead white party weed whacking and you play the odds just one of the fact that his Milwaukee Wisconsin and you said white. Coach. I had a slap. Just really thought it was light you don't like Dennis. I am. He was so premeditated cynical like this I idea why you think that to be the tip ball the was going to be tough ball we'll be. That you showed off at the memorial for homicide I trusted I'm hunter accidentally write the right thing for movement of her she looked at that much. Now broad period is no doubt it is time for TV talent Dan. Because you're pathetic life. Countless hours in front of a talking again in the men's room presents. You know. Bad you know you everything about them that you should have done in the earlier in the day just raise it happened most of the time yeah yeah. There so why did mention this earlier today it is news c.s but they're there was a guy right. He lives down south. Hit healthy and I don't now there's a Gator he's. He generally dresses as a chicken to help people slowdown in traffic area. All right guys and there was a Gator he felt the need. To go out and just get the Gator out of there. I've watched the full thing he explains the video like do not do this I have kind of wrestle gators before is that Ruslan pro wrestler. Not rational and had a boy that is another animal to me if rational the bid to bear for it to Gately was not a human being with you were actively wrestling than of restless. So rates and he goes out there he moves the Gator this and that but he post the video on FaceBook today and he got arrested. Her you're wrestling for Gator wrestling thing here he is kind of explaining to the local news the. Firefighters said it's your liability if you get injured and you're responsible for damages to happen any thing I've had experience with them. And then some people more to think inside the box and I'm just not one of them. An analyst Leo to just walk up to one and upon the start messing with it I thought given the circumstances. They would need to be out of the area for the public safety in his own. Now the amazing part about this is right like I told you that he dresses and in a chicken constant in the cement the entire interview he does with the news. He's in the chicken cost we need to yes that's what age he just not talked if you're gonna have a moment. Yes he does not he is not a great get Brinkley you know character one minute but he's he's in the chicken thing the whole time. You know they should do honestly if someone like him why and I would just do this if I were a direct right so. Dividends that today geek out on these movies north of the for some hidden danger. Like there's deceive an oval is seen that commercial timeouts in the movie what is of that avengers infinity war I. So obviously there's some BS scene at the end of the shows of gay guys in the bag as our our rural Georgia. I would do this and if you look closely right got all of your rent superior of an and the background. To be the chicken do them right yeah. By Wada Helm out of the guy and I like naked cowboy from Times Square the chicken due to kind of high adamant about Carlos you notice. I think if like John Albert does with the which that the traffic zebras. Down in my room or something in South America coming out here miles you watch flats last week to ninety like last season they have these traffic zebras right RO you've. Folks are going to be honest with you now their people dressed up as the day there are real people and. I don't understand why it's like only when people put on a wetsuit and go surfing. And they look like seals and great white shark infested waters. To me if I'm an alligator there'd be nothing better to eat The Daily Show I. Why did they wanted to look terribly bad about it dejected like I feel like look you don't want it particularly if they said man you're bigamy headed dog articulate our daily taken a 100% of these are seems to really be wanting to be involved in other people's business. It's all right it's the whole thing is strange. Give the video of them injured FaceBook page but doesn't say watch the whole but he could lose. He stranger when his actions but let me explain that sounds very normal except. These beautiful chicken costume minus that I thought was on death and say it's distracting he's just sitting there chatting away. That's why you Don did toilet where led to a job interview I'm already nailed the quest I'm Tanya. This guy knows his stuff right this might be the greatest marine biologist several lots of props I'm gonna director do at a chicken out for when you are disseminated to start talking to them if they were dressed like a chicken. Probably you look I'm more likely to talk to them than just someone and they got what they started dropping like chicken references in in in just jokes you know and the funny I appreciate it all right let get away from me before I plucky well look policy I do I like you do find answers I am glad man I'm Elizabeth oppose the alligator. Pay your. He's been laid there and complete match my brain to scramble for doing. Bryant for a while divergence of eyewitness. I of course the runner over to a manager could cost him a look mascots. As they did is he got a ticket customers for their children could stay away from Tim Hinton take a package but hey you wanna touch me all right chip demand. Many different here to us lesbian buttermilk and marinate with phonetic and so. It's roaming Cincinnati. So as we know not to long ago Mother's Day came and went god dammit. And I think that today's governing you have very life. So Ryan Seacrest. Now full disclosure for years in a years ago he started American I don't a lot of people thought Ryan Seacrest was get. Mean we've seen over the years a date and he did a lot of women different women in the cement. I really don't think Teri Hatcher they needed some hot women which. Now one of the rumors mature enough but now I don't think he meant to but he is finally confirmed. This says. Heterosexuality. Was willing to afford to say managed villain played well homosexuality. Heterosexuality. Pedo I am had no right heterosexual up. Now realities. Point is they have they come back if although American Idol and think that the new head over Sarah myself and they come back from commercial he does that realize they're back from commercial. And it really sounds late. India Katy Perry's mom that he says I'm Katie there. Broad demonstrative. Well I hope apple doesn't fall far from the great pool. Complete just for. I think we're back throwing doubt yes a mix of cheating on this is good Paul. So he's leaning on the desk panic talking to write music your mom's pretty you heard that pretty clear. And him she sits on the easier pretty you don't go you are your pretty used don't have you know a mom yet and and that's when he does one talk about it. And. All the guys who love this as a sexual harassment allegations are animals that says it was all I forgot about us now having hard all the Melissa let go through lid designs like yeah. Heard the rumors abound whom you like me don't break maybe I could do that. I think there's I mean look weird thing it's just bad times he's tried as that which. Aaron all of you heard a big mound lately breeder. I'm not around he's got to do you I have no way tomorrow lawyers mavs Murray. Celebrating a deal on mine around for the bar. And Joe's average copper and air guy here. Decades and you know what I forgot about that I just at first when I just cracker that purposely Mahan he's just going after the Asia's all American shooter shoot but it late. He's a hope for so he's on the set of his job then right around other co workers and then Mike. He must he must have known they are coming back at some point usually yet they're hot arms on. And developing new moms Goosen. So we're attacked tennis that is strangely vulnerable I'd really like to be on your mom and dad says who's your mother because that's exactly the way to anyone's Aaron you lost the respect me for Thanksgiving JD I'm I'm not a mom will be the calls me on the weekends and then ended ended. Right I mean I don't now also like sometimes scary typically. Not all women have the best relationships with their mom so I don't know deployment I don't know and seven right like I I can assure you. You do not gonna tell me I look at my fob now right even though I'd say we don't have to say nothing of the city it now gotten stronger tack to take with me right. South that is not accurate you know I'm really saying a bit yeah elements you know the amount Jim you were allowed to go the Sprague Ted tonight. All right she will be our zone at the end and I do more of like that frosted like Christmas tree. Goes the new. Note to go to the spray tan this. Good talking about no globe the snow as mad dangerous and not the. If you could talk a lot about the different shows coming back. ABC and mostly shows that they're bringing back a like Brooklyn 99 fox get fat which filers are depicted by NBC that one was kind of shocking that late ABC's they look. Bros and Jackie enough got renewed then within 220 which finally 20/20 visit. Ever been canceled I mean this is kind of mayor and it's changed the way used to be more sixty minutes like there was no decision minister of Arizona a little more summer retreat sixty minutes and dateline what he could that's I think I think 20/20 twenty used to be that show. And then dateline popped up the deal I decided showed up every night of the week and then we leave mine mine especially. You graduate into an air Barbara Walters that was durable Hugh downs what what do you call that type of shows like it's an hour is done that you draw I moved well you really shows just I don't really take hold a news magazine it's a one story truly love magazine magazine had their way of saying those who is also ahead Lima man oh man now yeah I got simply drag out one story into an hour. I just remember kind of like we talk about sixty minutes but Friday night as a kid. He was eighty secret ABC that's a sweet warnings on and they had like a nice Friday block of shows and wanna say like. Step by step but I was full house step by sum it all back there was there was great it was like it was a Jose TG IF for like teenagers in the you know families well family stuff right there and I will let you know start to go to read it when you heard 20/20 thirty solve our you know you knew right either you're gonna how our while law of man that was going to as a child I did not famine that joke in my dad told it to everybody. All the Saturday Night Live bubble while Walsh yes and it and everybody would laugh amendment as a child you just seem like an annoying thing he did though wasn't sure he's. But I get it now I mean we've did you try to join in and around so long to do a 6040. Yeah and inflate your now maintaining Tony Tony Tony Tony America's own funniest home videos black finish. Do you know what many casualties they don't get the shows you know you can't just brush off the America's home videos without acknowledging the fact that thing has been on for how long did I'd take a mentor to my kids love it. It was not on like the last two weeks for every man and heavier crude output. My kids identify the America's Funniest Home Videos means it is Sunday sold may Sunday to say yes today is Sunday just doesn't mean anything so hard as far as home videos maps on for the cycle we can world not live and let this past Sunday. And my son's life. About today was Sunday said ma'am it is Sunday this is not a why it's not I'll probably has baby Jesus hates you look I don't know to tie a man it's just not bubble we actually went on demand. And download a love and of the I mean they doubt it it's it's absolutely loved it it's. Typically stay there and watch it in May tell if it's a repeat. Oh yeah. Now why do they look literally videos go back 67 years anyway what's weird about them and then I'm Mike human this USSR it's not only that they remember something might be a repeat and for me Argo. I think maybe I remember this video. They look at Ringo. He's going to be in this private parts you remember the next big and they were rattle off everything I do that but they remember every single video on the show. But those don't want to just go for a look old people falling for me troubled things and all be able fall. Little kids fall. Dad gets it and Joan mom get scared by fake animal mammal thing and videos these are the four things are gonna happen to people and out of those four out chuckled and all the old people phone to me it's still. It is naturally the most hilarious thing in the world. It's a bad examples set my kids out or not relent until a folly so much harder. Well I mean like little kids fall regular dolls Fon do a prop up an old person Paul vote. And all of those horrible. These in the video of the tennis sub ball boy eat nick ran into the back no so it's some tournament it's got to getting ready for the if what do they play on clay the Australian of the French Open. I don't know I don't want to counselor like on a clay court or whatever and I wanna say it's rod Roger Federer. But he just kinda takes two balls and he doesn't look behind him but he just kind of late hits them chemists in edges are back to the ball boy ball Iran's over he grabs them. As he runs back there's like a little Mac or something but he trips sonic in face plants. Into this time that they put it makes them well and noise right in its golf. Our tennis is a little bit off you're not supposed to make noise easily about deserves the right. Hang in federal turns around in shoots him the media's nastiness look just pour kidnapping rep he's not hurt road where users and at least answered around and fetters model yet because they they have bad days and those guys you have to accept it's very important. Miles you're talking about it off the air today you just you're soaking up the royal wedding. All mother get all god you know if there was a channel just about weddings and wedding stuff I'd watch it all the time. There's our address is the whole thing do there's there's I'll get you a whole lot of shows like guest of address he had I don't brides almost always say no to that when the so perfect I now I think yes to a mob. But we have a so goal I goods as good luck with the coaches do it tomorrow through not to hear about it they just give it begin to be done what is this thing supposed to have suggests Jim Jefferies very funny comedian he has to show yet on some actual members of the monarchy now and now it's higher ups he would recognize her veins but basically he's a little annoyed about the weddings well okay fiasco of some simple things about the the royals in the market. I guess so we have Gaza is another morning keep. I'm seeing red. All of that is good and inbreeding back in this guy's life that would account for child's disease are issues. True that the queen James full court files and I if things get really tough did you have a large college town so it's tough for its arms and I does this play. Between what she likes to drink when she as she gets up in the morning and has won that. Okay easy included die just to get over the hangover before it she's trying to. Diana remains that she's a complete alcoholic. Over the most acute lung. He beat it into their credit. What else is he supposed to be done I don't know I mean I I'm jet. Is she gonna be used did you cease should be retired didn't matter what he's doing quite the thing but your queen practically hear retired Pete Dye were violent queen weigh hey and I'm having another drink. I'm also how old got them clean old and his relax and just hang out I mean and I think queen to be retired but I knew he wanted to wave to. Okay how wave over the outer I love just like Michael Jackson news. Maybe some fire ball. Out dude I would get wasted just go down like a royal closet and put on all the tools and stuff while the summer. We just walk or how played all the jewelry on deliberate and head is really bad again when they go street heckled people. When you say I'm the grain the idea terrible monarchist. Monarchist yeah. Well I'd be open in the windows waving at people which is those who secretive autos clothes when those the op I about the W me I'm mixing it up with the people how good they get a Renee Graham a paper. Main drag all the jobs. Every morning at 615 he walks out look at that central swinging top of the Marlins they act. It's almost out it was me. So for the Google guys are gravity is just not kind. Rose and still dominate in the ratings she's not number one anymore but she's that she's on the top five that's that's not surprising jets' second season I also read. Little tidbit that say they are gonna try to appeal less. A little. A little less political match show next here the motel. More political animated Gonzales we will enjoy watching the show on the show return today show include air appellate brother show that that's one. Two I don't know if they know what it was like to work with Rosie and years ago but. If ABC is saying that there's going to be more political. Now and I think Rosie and her okay if she said did I really goes if you try to tell her what to do our show which is going to doozy I opposite of any public statement you made. What I Woolsey I love that about. I think is is happening and how the kind of brings both sides together in the late U seized some people on the left they're like hey. All right but it's the same jokes there and I don't think ship's charts I think about shorter furry you're on the right you know whether it's Bruce and share this or that likely you know. I think overall everybody's just so political right now I greatly you didn't sometimes like for me I want to watch a comedy show to escape. Are realities of my work and here's the good news both sides to get duped and I really downside to relax. Flag salute you the NC IS is still dominate they'll keep making them and CI a New Orleans eleven antsy I guess I'll let her up. Hey Dan great. Steady hand at all not doing you know they manage this that I would do things you've made and he's come in and did the bounds instead like this what from Seth Meyers I really like is he just he just takes a quick Paul the audience to make sure they'll get this the joke which is pretty stupid but I like they checked it. It has ever heard of the Pew Research Center. It's like a nonpartisan fact tank. It's really important this next show. Researchers are developing technology that could one day lead to humans being able to emit laser is from their eyes it's just one of the many amazing project is coming out of the research center. I'm like the typical right if it's just it's just seriously do you think you guys know before America right now if you look at. Thank you did however sit there you go against deadlines get a period just few minutes of Mike you're listening to the men's or radio network. Please tell you Swiss smiles. Now let's see what's happening in the real. I will open up by the jeweler unveils new pendant that looks a lot like he wandered down under. Meanwhile two women get no argument its importance and she's walks down and delivers the funny thing is just one moment. Colbert mirror of the Hawaiian volcanoes don't think the heavy stuff gonna come down for quite awhile. Please congratulate high school pranksters are going the extra mile and they pulled tells nuns get off to whether it is time dreadlocks. It's Sunday it's. It's news might call. Aaron John started. Pleased with governor had to give kudos to a group of high school seniors on the ingenuity of their senior prank. A photo of the frank shows a very early look realistic car crash scene that students made a complete with a jumper Carl that they had cut in half. 7UP against a brick wall of of the school that they had rigged to look like a giant hole and it may completely breaks laying around laying on and around the car. But the guard repeated at the Sandra because Tony team if Andy's eyes all the figure out what it is is that how it's unreal it's rather impressive and then you start looking and it's like oh it's garbage bags in middle. The way forecast out fast a lot of around the world the Vatican has to really and there are none from Twitter. A new story says the Vatican has come on said the none should communicate more with god and left was social media thing that too much tweeting and downloading music through double life of prayer and contemplation. Leave the nuns alone. And after sorry my mom's a big non person and the church is kind of in doubles they want now undoubtedly true. There's a bigger bonus they'll media regularly hitting a lower pay and and just right after this week. Again they don't let women if it's not going to change she had nine had a very good influence on her life she swears by the ninth athletes they're the life out of the church. I won't say the bill the most terrifying. Teachers. If you had to keep him as a coach used to be in not knowing you're not messing Christian if you won't break your novels of the ruler and not feel bad about it so let's say she's having. None of it. She's down and non you have to. Sister and and it who has. So I might move back and do yeah. And none too pleased. Independent outlets to pay an air of railways has issued an apology after one other trains left the station a water main. 45. Seconds there let it all look massed on the good you can say a lot about. Transportation bitch about delays and every once in while something will happen and yes there is a delay vote for the most part I do like the fact he trains. Believe there's a reason they carry a pocket line yeah. There's a reason that time Madden and trains man. They start rolling on this and I like about I think that's also the media thing can ministers of of jackets and I thoroughly let but not Ehrlich. Sorry everybody had come forward and apologized for the quote truly inexcusable incident. And and they great inconvenience that it comes. From being too early to their death and I says customer service weapon and in other news on Staten Island a man was wearing damaged trees at a Missouri that he was gonna replacement bamboo when he came across something interesting box. The man had for years but that it was just tequila bottle when he finally on earth that adjourn had to be something better a safe. When they finally but the door open the safe they found zip lock bag affiliates kind of hot and I'll go for about fifty grand they fan who has flaunted death every headline and that might not about. I usually as good as ever big dummy head Jeff dead meat and potatoes no I sure like a drink it tells who shot of the day yes indeed it is all true but in the meantime we be although about a road. So until tomorrow new and new Macs and Cora Lee could say it's. Then I.