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Friday, May 18th

Mens Room Question: What happened on the plane?


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He what you're about to hear is real the members of this radio program yeah. Trying to offend anyone. There's our. Invited to join the party. This is done. Other than secrecy. This is done. You know they say. Or radio more than three times. I don't know they go to Arizona or 2829. Now. Along with Steve the pro he'll. Do retreads and good ball. I could buy car. In the men's grow. Hey here comes the bad jokes. Pitches the return of dead vs the FCC. Get ready player profile list plus headlines have been from shot of the day fumble this or emails and everyone's favorite TV time with the click you're getting your I don't know Oklahoma elementary school teachers in home after showing up for work high on the map. Well three robbers are Cobb would stolen prosthetic arm that they got from a guy named set. Florida man threatens the wall monster gets cut bipolar I AD. A convenience store clerk was three scratching lottery tickets so a winner you'll never be. And in military helicopter drops ammo into a Texas elementary school good tips that is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. All have bad news good day to you and yours RA if you ever band and a path from point. The odds that you had a weird or were miserable experience there about 321 in favor of the sheriff from recent headlines with. Man misses flights robots and tarmac and tries to pry open doors and Rampage. That deadline comes up from Australia a little closer to home Florida we get. Passenger steals life vest Stosur than toilet delaying flights. I would just pissed me off for another as much as if I had to deal the nice headline. Naked man tackled on flight. Lesson be crazy if you have to be crazy in new just put on some god damn close I promoted as the people. Were on the plane were stuck in aluminum tubes together. Can you not thought of a human being produced if you are truly that's all we ask you each other and repeatedly that answer is no next headline. Moment brought in ten years when passenger next door refers to her as and I quote smell the fact he. Or why that we've taken off yet man. Smelly fatty some really fancy this is putting more older man referred to a grown woman. Pat Abbott didn't have some of the headlines from a plane and the thing is mainly economic playing Europe on. Eight it add to what with a sea of humanity. So let's face it ma'am thank you weird things go wrong maybe something great happened but for anyone have been on a plane this question is review. What happened that on the plane fare brother Joseph caught a 44999. All you can vitamins or month FaceBook followers on Twitter and mr. Graham amend your life. Fans and those emails to the men's room have mints are my dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network yeah. John satellite radio artists and number 2800 into NI. Program now or it's bad. Come the bad jokes bridges as the drug charge frank castle BN to get off the bad jokes and also the exciting return of Ted vs the FCC. As Ted tries to get another one in to the win column of course profile those and we'll drink we'll toast. With the shot the day and our question today what happened on the plane 844999. Cola and man oh man oh man. There have been a lot of crazy things that happened that was in the last a few months here as more as it I don't know I held his hand. When it rains it poors again it seems either words I think street suppose happens on planes. It does it just seems like the frequency of these new stories this seems to pop out more maybe I'm all grazing I don't know. I don't know. And look at end part of the crazy man has been the backlash believable not against a one C united. Because they announced there are some of the bay handled some TL article on animals support animal support animals and listen I don't believe that the being unreasonable to say what you like. Support tarantulas. Support hedgehog or I like my dogs my catalog even monkey out. Here's a story. American Airlines is making it very clear insects goats and hedge dogs cannot be brought on planes whoa whoa whoa toward animals are hedge talks though Ed columns that's the end now that's why just goes acute. There's no pun please do there's something I can replace a hedgehog mineral need to be that Iran's army a little line you guys talked to Carl my head chock. The airline revised its guidelines up recover animals on flights. Those who want to bring the such animals on board. Now have to file paperwork 48 hours before a flight now my glove and you always say this about the airline industry for the most part man it's it's. It's commodity it's is service you use it because you trying to get from point a to point B but if we need to get to Detroit for whatever reason the airline it's gonna get us quickly bar quickly to Detroit calls entirely at its present all I do is a look at how long is just like lunatic you know in trying to find a decent one it'd decent prices are ridiculous. In the get on that airlines so. If you need to avoid it. Flying that. You was an American Ellen yeah yeah bunch of how to get a head job right and anyone you're with Carl in on me maybe your guys all hours later or whatever it might not be convenient but you can still bring Karl hedgehog. Now you're flying southwest are still getting to your destination. Maybe I'm crotchety it. If another airline even allows your head trauma and aft I feel like they're being very accommodating. An absolute pure you re absolutely like come on man. And if you do want to bring such an animal on board you know left to file paperwork 48 hours before a flight and there are new restrictions on which types of animals are permitted. We support the rights customers from veterans to be able disability is a legitimate needs for train service or support animals. Unfortunately untreated animals can lead to safety issues for our team our customers and working dogs on board our aircraft. Emotional support animals provide comfort to those suffering from emotional psychological conditions anxiety depression whatever. I used to be back into a weapon it was just ladies would reach into the person just handle xanax and pass out their body and mind Visio Plano will forever be a problem the minimum wage may have figured out mrs. right. When that wind did this become a thing when did. I have flown for a long time a lot of years in my life and only in the last five years as the concept. Agree that the support animal or listen I've seen dogs armed flight began. A flown for a long time but now it is. So remarkably pro the prevalent in on Carl what what does happen to human beings and suddenly we need a I think there's huge part of it we yeah everybody started like. I heard that right read it but I think right I leave with my service animal rights to the Florida openly people just started getting those best in the plate. But he kind of ruined it for everybody else that needs them because now it's natural now when I see dog tonight is that real is that person just finally the Clinton. Brett I get command understand it. People who fly for a long time and you just don't know watcher your pet or whatever the case is but he didn't need that it just didn't have always gotten Evans who. I thought about to work in the horse always organize like an you guys if that is Clinton country down and I was. Are tired Alaska's state lawmaker says a naked passenger was tackled and on an Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle to Anchorage to mom and good times. The you know it's good clothes are right if you have to be crazy and far and be crazy. Why do you have to didn't make it I don't know any you know what man I'm I'm one of those who voted this way it normally I would love how bright the path of his own ruling papadore unemployment I have no problem. Helping out if it if it's a case. Baldwin may give may give them flight. You know I'd love to help him but I do is among other women making people like the love people like to they like they'd like to read a book on a plane it'll download television shows and bench watching whatever they're doing. I any window watcher. This is one of my favorite flexible time early is just based on the fact that it's just a scenic a beautiful over British Columbia and all that like this is the I just sit there and look problems huge mountains and everything is beautiful. Until you get this snake like I've met a flow well thank god damn jeweler did all I righted it does for three half hours I suppose I'm as the we're near the stairs at the seat front. The whole time yeah what other triggers another variant in front of your I think your for the plane now on in just watch it like. Are probably three and a half more power over Nebraska mountainous Nebraska then there. A former state that senator Johnny Ellis said on Twitter that the incident happened after a man ran from the front of the plane to the back yelling and waving. Alaska Airlines spokesman Bobbie Egan said in a statement. Then it's the flight from Seattle ended without incidents he said shortly after the dissent in Anchorage a disruptive male passenger was detained. She said he was removed by law enforcement after the plane departed the gate and was in transported to a local hospital I think they either put him into the bathroom closed the door. I think he was having a and incidents you know what kind of incident what my mental and today and I don't well I know that well a guy like I know I have a guy who wanted to wave to I think he was from Florida rules at a China. He was on animals he said he was on animals he said he to make animals which she knows crap weaned. Yet you fall asleep that that's exactly it is that many cases the people eat too many notables who think they think they're gonna die. Already don't like Falwell really really has all the cops. And feel like I'm freaking out or check Billy generally lake. For instance if if you knew somebody may need it had some animals that doesn't usually have them and they really have a tough time sale workers something. Like they were very mellow they just couldn't move much which Yoko would say impressed that oh my your hypothetical sounds so much as they are the Democrats out there. It's always I think his hypothetical assists. Does this take you get I think that's. I can possibly be talking about I show it. Who is a person very profound and I would like this thing and that's I thought because it goes from hypothetical the very personally. We will cease and even the guns he she can that guy that I am all right Manuel. So our question today who had quite simply would have been on the plane 844999. Cola. Hello Peter welcome. It's. A bit auto job. Are certainly taking beat had already a note did you sir my deeds and don't you didn't pay yes that was the moraine. O'Donnell and literally all my being a good vote I'd you're ready. If you have liquor also you guys salute some sort of Christian lawsuits don't have the nice come in handy on the plane until. Girlfriend. You know just you blanket thrown out. I don't know obviously exactly on issues going on America's leader. She's pretty slide she Kenny borrow that I jogged everybody's all my support ought to announce their own mental mindset that there's a porno I'm conservatives and a Martinez has a red vest and well it needs to do things a whole adult life is. That's so important there is a. Here is restore the Soviet my editor travel and Ramallah op I Amsterdam airport to CI at all. And we stop Friday outgrew all our the year station. Are out there are there armed to their mayor or who you know has few Beers where. Catching a little close to travel might aspect to the US. I'm I'm eighteen sheets I don't know like seventy or eighty whatever the parents are. Well yeah. I love you all the love seventy or anywhere else. But I doubt that if at any rate so we we had a pack Obama Marlboro reds since you know we're all kind of jarred my dad's ordered drinks and trying to you know cooking up on the side would he drinks that didn't drink on the airplane but I couldn't link at the airports. And you know we just wanted to smoke somebody that goes where she goes into the bathroom. They're not she didn't tell me who do smoke at that time he comes out and it's now it also has him you know this oh yeah. Written. We're facing continued okay can go over there in the smoke and didn't complete credit cattle production suction from the toilet and it. Oh okay. You can say all the radio. Children there. Keep them working night. You know brown words mean. Yeah our personal information preloaded better rule Missouri was prepared for you. And sooner you start talking everybody made the move so your dad goes in and smokes into the bath he smokes in the map here. Any tells you how to pull this out and you should go in their two in smoke as well. Yeah he's he's he had me this figure in the lighter away next you know on it and it's just better when you walk out like people keep trying to challenge yeah oh yeah and I you can smell that. Yeah a little bit but we don't smoke and I hope not actually in that slider looked a few dollars that we you know we had like sandy. You may know knowing you know Barakaat. I mean I don't like righted they stop smoking on the planet think you know than like 2000. So now I. I don't necessarily see him he's got college wise I think many many many years before that they are those. Good days till Atlanta. We've been giving me trouble you know slowly dry while click upload it to that in and of the church without saarc where out of tickets like. If a guy if I sound like he's here if it. Yeah just because the arm rest still had an ashtray you should be scared at the age of the claimant that doesn't mean you're allowed to smoke a report. A lot of they always remind America and Americans wanted to know about the way who doesn't view the may or may not be neat feeling we just wondering why did you get into ours in this five hour flight and so did smoltz woke this is a reminder that this is a nonsmoking flight won't won't did you give me a reminder about the one that's a smoking flight direct interest in fund that will be Iowa that would be interesting would have possibly leading get caught. Can either. But you can absolutely. Is not sure anybody coming in their utility even if you need to they could smell. It's when debate started I'd ever be in on a flight from Seattle to Orlando. And this old couple they were just they put away in their seat if you move into of nobody really cared. I was where. The good old days what what happened on the plane 844999. Cola. Hello Amanda welcome to the man drew. On top. Eight so I'd build airplanes and carry. Should we know he's scared. Well enough should we be scared. No apparent. Death the way I hit an outlet quite a bit. And it feels like it's just a big bust really. God I ride the bus every day and I'd like to disagree with that statement that they and well you I don't. Eighty people on national laws writer I would like to step up and say that is incorrect on this planet this city people more money. And say yeah the guy sitting beside me on the bus didn't pay 450 dollars to be there right that's all. At Syriana's I have another robot hardly sell many but it gives and Ken you need. Transport vehicle doesn't feel like it says a debt trap or anything it's just deal transport vehicle third. Well. So how are you better believe with all played you don't feel like death you drive did you think the general consensus will be different you mailman amended and did you think of people in Canada. Did you think of people who just think it's a floating death trappers and it. I let people or chair outside aid they're scared a plane you know they leave a service animals and they do that it had no. College financial a very I don't have observers are soft fly with them with money number pianist has got to as a local. So what avid viewer homeland. It's so it'll stop that while we're building a would get around the world that. In my area this is a few years ago in my area. The floorboards. Seats aren't they and and the scoreboard Symbian put down. You know I've got to clean enemy gunmen. And put him in the place and all Latin. And also in the cargo under heat. It's this feeling in the cargo is not in order to direct hole between the captain Pat Buchanan in the and the car gotten. So just in the same position. You can you can. All through the air no we've fallen but damn. It's just being worked on seem kind of open. Oh my buddies and the cargo. And he's seen you know to open a hole from above. And it seems. A but. Lowered down into holes. And I'm glad everyone and. Cargo if I think that's great I love it. And income level up but the landlord. So you had yes Sony just started on the 08 yeah let's all hold the wheel or order the you know I doubt who was responsible. I didn't. Want to it was just funny there's this moment there is a brief second of disbelief and directed burying. That. And that just snap it right and then it didn't appear handling to get out isn't allowed part. Consistent mediocre. Is correct irregular I had not on garnering even that's. I have to admit the census it's pretty strong I don't lose them. And is going to right now. I'm a huge fan I have to I I knew if I am glad there's still hired I hope nothing happens I received these. You can't tell entry type of pranks you know listen that's Diana on another time I don't rule wanted to do that now. How Giles and I definitely don't like. Is her business and right into that we're gonna eavesdrop as Omar is there is that what I'm I'm assuming that there is a secret place and I'm playing someplace where you can lift up I had to drop down to cargo if you need to from. From the cabin right not. Mine not in my own look at what look I'm not an hour on live. On the 37 on the M 777 I think the and it should no it's 77 out of some down. Yeah sorry its own window hey I honestly I got you. He had no I am a bigger one there into hatch. Okay that drug zombies and out of the world wars and today when you are this front would new when you see stories like that happened was like the southwest flights of people get sucked out of windows right. Yeah the rest of us I mean obviously that's crazy but do you think. Do you have the inside now listen think like man you know those rubber seals or is this are probably that any live that kind of thing or labor is an Airbus is ever bringing in doughnuts and guys like dance enemy camp. Like yeah yeah oh yeah and a government monitoring and Airbus work highlight how through those guys. Be prepared and finally passed I don't know I don't had a power Powell and I'm half ass crack as it about going to. It just hit it it. One of ours though everybody gets kind of worried as we're all know we wanna do their job nobody wants to. Be responsible something like that. Sure enough to go back there we understand and we can we can't believe we aggregate community. No no one wants to to have the restaurant gives people the food boy who killed and yeah yeah that's a terror Yelp review yet there. Para our question what happened on the plane a 449990. That's great I love to stall out that reminds me of other movie waiting when they were just you know try to expose or testicles to their co workers in the back kitchen. That kind of prank government that's bill once it starts it doesn't stop him on Amazon probably goes on forever remember it never did any time you go anywhere I. It's about a total since almost doesn't wreck. I'm actually an oil man. Full disclosure I'm thinking about it so she says someone brought the rest of the whole favre's honorable below their close close that a person. I realize. VD who we work with that a suspect him of hard to fart in a formal buzz office I will backtrack walk in his office with a leg important. Every single time without fail some of them bad some good I realized. And as about right yeah you're mainly you working employees were if you see me for a reason he has been singled out. When he sees me there are 5050% sales this affording it now it is up to 49 year old man down. And I farm bureau and I'm not gonna it can't it's dumb idea and apologize to command the fringe benefits of these jobs that are amazing that we're like I shouldn't feel bad but I honestly I don't draws well really concert figure refer to them yeah yeah what's now what happened the door and whatever on the plane 844999. Although I'm Mario golf coming up you are listening to the men's or radio and at work. It is you. True. Oh boy as a man in Melbourne Australia. He was arrested on Thursday after allegedly assaulting multiple airline employees when they told him that he had in fact missed his flight. According to the Australian media outlet nine muse the hang in action nine new lose. The unidentified 57 year old man showed up hours hours late to his jet star Airways flight. When he jets' star employee told the man that he ended in fact missed his flight. He allegedly became irate and physical demand and allegedly began smoking a cigarette which is not allowed inside of the airports. And ran to the nearest gates where he pushed the crew out of the way and then ran onto the tarmac. In a video obtained by nine news the man to be seen trying to forcibly pry open the door to a Sydney bound airplane. A witness identified. Olson let describing incidents in nine news here's Suzanne here's what you said. We were sitting waiting to get on the flight when he's away Australian Jim Talent that Ahmed added Julia Allison where some did you do dare I want the awfully good this is exactly what would you always hear the sound of Basra. Play and another. This. So then I Suzanne Suzanne Suzanne Dennis van early. Boy meets Susanna. We would sit and wait to get on the flight the people like oh my god what's going on so let's run on the tarmac. This man trying to get it to stay as he was physically played with staff sergeant Strachan Jesus Newton while we're gonna. Oh admits there's a free and reach for the daughter playing. It's. After that sort Canelo. And other the workers got a man tackle them. Normally don't want to know what happen on the plane 8449990. Look at what point do you think that's a good idea right you know you mr. flight we understand your set but. So you even got the door open a drug take your seat like you have to know the American what Jim playing right it no point did he thinks. Maybe I'm over react like that dude who oh good due to I was like 45 months ago. He just over the dam backdoor and Johnson got all of the point is well when they are on the tar there or ninth brigade or whatever is right now that's on his latest. What happened on the play any 44999. Lola. Hello Mel welcome to the men's room. To the I have. Interest in tow Ers are applying. For me is kind of terrible all the crimes I'm really all alcohol. Q did you learn though I am I and expect it even worse for him Crocker says that includes. You guys have kids. We view we have cute kid you know and directory and then I'm going to be one next week are they giants for kids their age. Yeah yeah I thought as far as are they. Guys play basketball. Than they do loses its raining yet. My theory is Ari B on almost scene scene I am almost seem like forty pouring into almost worth it. The and I might I'm wearing clothes trickier than. Maybe should I do Ancestry.Com. Final what branch or by humanities or come from mariner all early I don't think you're gonna hit alignment curiosity but about is I want if there is an. Airline and Steve you would be you would qualify I would think it's six foot four but but you're just. You can't sit in the seat you're just to tell me what should they be able to just give you Waco like a business class seats automatically just based on height. It's like to strike an evening they don't they're not gonna do it again. The magazine get yeah me and rose on memory and I'd rather than we think we're not allowed you know. I got so maybe southwest is better option if you get in line you sign up to another system where you could get us down I felt like right now I'm gonna wait a bit. Got good luck a lot of that windows sucking probably won't non Manilow and infrequently as my taste I. Yeah well I doubt that I window. Jazz her. But note that a lap actually had the most legroom of most of the commercial airlines are thinking you're wondering. And you know I'm in control of the Catholic connecting players. Luck victory I am and I was in college and I couldn't afford that I through. I was back in Nat and regulate it and 100 smaller even I don't build airline they're mean I don't. You know the name of it called upon a number. Yet yet okay yeah I call 27. Ones that have felt that he is one row and it's just like he when I was at Netanya where you actually get the opportunity to walk on the runway youth. Yet not quite as a pretty close. That. That particular time I was buying and usually. If I ask a person in front of me. And they paid you know would you mind not reclining your feet usually they're pretty cool about it. But sometimes people get bent out of you could really plus eight where I didn't get pregnant if you've got to have her. Oh. Though at this lady was very impressed me and it is just small plane anyway that my knees every literally jammed and the basket they eat I'm trying as much as possible. And not. Mike meth the first heat with my legs click there's really nowhere to go. And gas. And I said hey you know I'm so sorry that would you mind not reclaim your the only on the plane for you know 45 minute and she gets really mad at. To the point where she called the period at Dover and Ed and me. The flight attendant and you keep that in 1990. But it with the old fight that he couldn't actually giving needing Eli. And does it. Look over her shoulder to data may not be relied you know right she said confront you so. Doesn't she doesn't tell you if you lean forward to you free Kara. I don't. Yeah I know you would think you'd think somebody looking back and somebody is quite significantly larger than and they might not do that but. Now this bridge showed no doubt of the lock on. Did she turn it seemed to turn around to see how tall you were that right. Yeah I know he didn't turn out only see this kind of giving me and I mean Eric Bell and then turn around but at the end. As we get up in the air and they tell people you know you can. Do you chew on she dirt dirt heat back. And on and I my in the way. And explore it require only the issue literally rocking out in court than he banging on it with her back as hard as she and and she fractured my needs. I get me wrong. Now very fractured the top five in your in your that your ear 1819 years old time I would add back toward your responses. I curry yeah. I hit I got it. They know out of preacher and that some words that are not allowed in your show me and the outcome of the dead and that. That you know I called it then why did you know ranking leader debtors heat up their Italy but they did it actually the top nominee at Ben. When I got up the clean it regularly then got a wheelchair or me and I would. Eat crutches and a break in the whole nine yards for a couple months afterward. She apologized. Helms. No more stuff like he does he look like you've been shot took a moment I would jackass. Steve and I. He bonds very good night. What's what happened on the plane may fourth ward 999. Cola. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.