05-24-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Finds Their Personality

Thursday, May 24th

Emails, Ted's Meat & Potatoes has what your favorite foods say about your personality! plus No S Sherlock and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. At that game is big Delhi for Florida 9999. All us Steve who's our next contest and ready to play the big game are nice kid does that read don't play the big game is saying hello Shane welcome yeah. Colonel. Saying it's over now for the of course. I live if you read them not so overcame arrogant group called change as we think Phil 51 bigfoot UFO aliens likeness monster or other. Oil I'm gonna go for aliens if it's like those super high aliens from the old school or church. Kevin Kirk was more yup not so we'll see you Mandela will agree to those terms about it like. Don't even bring it up the lovely and apple all right so we don't care if you find proof of alien go everywhere but. My you'll burn out sexy well why would we possibly want. They let Hillary isn't really exist for my sexy that little platform you are back to pillar of society glad to have you weapons were first contacted only if they're hot really mad. I'm really moved. I. Hear. Here's the question what country provided floral with the orange crop. All. And salute. Have you Doritos. Are a floor left. China Cuba strange things. Right now I think. Quote China. And meanwhile Florida's easy YouTube from Thailand there are a lot of episode aren't it settles everybody does overall vote at all when Brodeur gave them onto the well have you already and I think the food you gorgeous that they could horns in gotten beat. Com no way aren't sick game wasn't there are other nations that support and I mean we're already getting to elevate America. It was that I have a handle at a Miami while orange beef and Ireland through there there's a manslaughter. Is yes there have been citrus. Right next to what is Shanghai. 00 yes. I made of the same guy and everything else crazy things yeah. All right here is your question what units are used to measure sound intensity. Our auto. Did you Olson. It's up and have done gave his big dummy 44999. Alone who's our next contestant right to play the games oh let's see here you know or you lover hello and get our welcome to the manager. I overnight over today. They've got a. Yeah. At times. Angle look at. Greg you got them somebody made fun of and you provide about last week global warning about what do you think you know Herman Drupal there will even go 51 big foot beautiful Loch Ness Monster or other. It. I thought you know I like that too that's our first big foot both of the day as far as our contestant are concerned about how would you feel that somebody. But he would be exciting man he's gonna come down he's gonna not only unpleasant side you see he's. Looked at Walter camp find is that is right you'll find and then become the problem problem product and it's like now you do some aid that live yeah I'm afraid you were. And finally he's here he's broken and Wendy's latest medical times these may include do you agree on anything don't mean they could login during the day you know because it would disturb people so he's sorry for the long hairs and telephony and so he knows how to drive right exactly at me like he's living his life is difficult diseases so nocturnal we just want to friends and Cleveland Indians. And Detroit is at a mall people. OK tell everybody Sarah the opinion despicable change very quickly. Here. Thanks for the roadside statues there and so while. Art is closer to crack he's out of the woods with a chainsaw carbon stature that you. Right now it looks nothing like it technically you know we're gonna find out the big foot is kind of my. Cool really assess watch. I think you're gonna find out got to play your own gold eight legitimacy in thirty years. I thought both god damn man it's so big. Are you acquire all let's go back to equals MC squared so what does see. And the equation. MC squared standpoint. The seeds. I think you. You know I got. Out right now and back or bad. Blue dogs right now and you know Larry and eight. And I should note this link. If you went to schools on born like yeah I edit it very little. What is your degree in it. Biology. I am now. Do you do well and I recycling used every here come close premiere of aluminum and glass. Yes. Yeah. As we've proven to sober thought I go to my neighbors south American group and then they just found out yet all that would add even a phone gonna conserve water. A total in the shower and just do everything from awful samba group and class America crowd called green batted ball to stop us that he hasn't come our. Get this. Yeah I guess. Are you sure. That you are going to get goes. I miss my birthday. Yeah. Yeah you really think you can get this if you can look at Obama asked. Hundreds brings it all together conceived represents the speed of light. You life and part of the start with the seat everything calorie. Bright dot but I don't or let me I. Every day I don't know why you're nerdy errors of the there. To ensure all like an old old old problems rolled out even the most out of there. And it would be below. We need any easy way out while we don't know if that's true I mean I was saying anything to make myself feel about a man ball would ever rolled is that right. Are you a questioner who was the first president to appear on the US court. It. James bloke. Same as it's the things. That's the first point really is your personal I don't know yeah you're gonna tell you start right I don't think I've center in central and therapies into the dollar. You're making the coins I think you started. Number one. I don't know I know my logic and genome is true about whether it worked. Parent in question Norway Finland or Sweden would Scandinavian country is normal modes. EST. Yeah yeah. Yeah. No we only benefit. But they've got to in the name. More what it. I bear with me I got to try to pronounce some medical ass. Oh good. It's phenol and gagged and extreme no Valentine. Ding billion U Rocha. Or something like that is the scientific term for what common ice cream relieve the discomfort. All of. I called after brain for all of that gap so again there's a sign. To the term for brain freeze seen no talent time gangly in your browser. If you're suffer from see if your doctor told that I wouldn't you just break in the two years do you love you just to suit your diet mr. Montgomery we abuse for a we did some tests in your head hurts because you're suffering from. So you know how long time gangly and your browser why don't hear a cure tribute to hold up home over rival would go SMU had a case of that. Right here is doing it again whoever had anything really mean it when I was a kid does seem like we get counseling seriously yet. Would you do. I try to jab Margarita a half of one young Braintree did you like pulled aside your head. Was like that's ever paying regular all pray and pray that he's no out what was done done with it. Not passed it on. Okay I'm good he had just to give brain freeze you have to put a lot of cold stuff in your mouth rise at the basic categories chugging Marguerite can get yeah. Every time and you all US time chart. Did they do I mean 44999. Nolan who's our next contestant ready to play the game hello Peter welcome to the men's room. Hello bigger yeah. Have been robbed and data either highly loses either. We'll also be. Peter beat at. Home I have. The Dow down here yet. We will feeder and we love the way you want in an interview with. If there wasn't at that we're not the first guys to lose big lose they'll load the job bother loved to be. Well he's never get his feedback. Yeah frank if you followed dole look into the men's room. And it all oh or use overnight sober. No mention of the good shape. Can we see there then you're definitely think the fibers Joseph bigfoot UFO's like makes monsters or other. And I don't go to our that's our right you take your time what do you think the planet first bigfoot UFO's Loch Ness Monster or other. It quoted other being I'm curious you all. Hit our dad got my dad. Yeah Macedonia and they're. We got better yeah. Around the moon and that includes. Album that apple creep me. OK okay yes it is I'm a very good Baylor Q3 oh yeah. They aren't near the ground you're not alone. This year alone the shortest verse in the Bible that would be John 1135. And it. Consists of two world what are those two words who can. I was using IB now it was a few now Donald. Didn't beat. Yeah. Yeah a manager. Noted that Jesus wept 00 not that it's there is little that. In particular vessel in order to about a group are. These. Yeah yeah Julia of an old testament name you probably don't know. Yeah. I'm sure it. Yeah. Thirty year. Yeah I never really good Norman. The bubble that was printed up and go read he had told dozens of prequel and call him out to Asia or watch the movie. Here's a question what birdie get to the caller from leaving the algae in the shrimp that it. Well actually a lot of it I know that's got bitten your. Absolutely man enjoy your drinks there at the bar. I still got dead meat and potatoes on the way they had Jeb has what celebrities hate to each. And based on what you like to eat what that says about your personality no Sherlock is also coming up if you are listening to the men's over radio network. Smiles. Jeff go up says we have details as somewhat celebrities may deeds and depending on what you like he what that says. About your personality tends meat and potatoes coming up first time for a few emails from the men's room mad men's or live dot com. We do have made a few comments from our big dummy. We do it specifically about brain freeze to head of the world like to know when you suffered brain freeze from chugging your Margarita. Jack Marguerite I am margaritas are giants Margarita out what did you do after got a brain freeze what did you go to move people offering remedies they want to know what you what you did. I think you. I said surveys or four amigo and I used this stereo we're all right look up. I got. Putting your warm finger on the roof of the mouth and stop brain freeze or something I do you know auditors warm do to drill went to war figure Momo the debris drew bruised unit. Who will be good for your mama and her that you move boot. I'll see you get brain freeze and called ams pro stock to the roof of her mouth adorable well shall we know how to get brain freeze man. That's several in my want to get rain brief which I don't I know what I would do to make that that it's underway apparently your income anyone's warm finger will do on the roof of your mouth but it's only with those type the tricks are better than I've got a brain freeze from each group. Really back Felix Ortiz in marker Reid is the batteries I'll provide welcome to make judgments and I think we got here on number there cause guys up my boss Stuart has completed another turn brown do it he's always willing to help revive questions on project and helps keep me focused. I would like to request the following in honor of his birthday. How that I homer thought Simpson faced sandwich and some gifts from thrill thanks guys keep on rocking and that from Michael fish sandwich space here. Ten. Half. Guys Sudan's. Happy birthday shout out to my lovely wife Janelle she's a great wife who makes a killer strawberry cake from scratch. Teller I love her and admire her beautiful spirit and that this year is going to be special. Can we get you like that followed by an intro penis and an Allen picked up old look out thanks again guys you rock band from Nathan. And broke and it's so look out guys five years ago today are crazy child breed was born. She is wild and spunky and has absolutely no self control but we love it. Was your show every day on the way home and she would love to hear you guys singing the birthday song it could you please talk all over yourself about how a lack of self control. Has gotten you into trouble in the past. Love you breather from mom dad. And doing well I mean we're out of the right now I know Carlos or the way until it is probably share up from Ireland I don't respond to a more than likely it is clearly told he probably aren't just remember I don't know prostitution. Money I don't enjoy him hasn't and I could see that we're going to happen have you. Guys when my beautiful wife Brickell AKA baby mama turn 27 she is Tony seven today she does not like the show but she however cannot stop laughing when it's on so please give her the dirty Germans she deserves that from her amazing humble husband hobby air. My penis is much cookie shall we knew she Q it looked like it but you will that. Guarantee 27 birthday simply super critical solutions in the open. Guys manage sketch today is my dad's 33 rotation around the sun he would enjoy a barber shop they sand wedge and did you throw in some dirty German talk about how old years thanks guys and happy birthday I'll leave thirty day period. And movies oh era this and we had. G.'s daughter on the side. That's melodies and the reason he's still really gays in the morning and and you and you and I am not. Darwin need to and 23 years old you're 53 if you look at it and she also bodes eye view of the world with big moves the front. Yeah I possibly turn 33. Football play tough defense shook them like after the show Larry Bird. Go to a drive amazing president nine years James they have a birthday please give him some dirty Germans. Talking some gibberish love you Dave that from the lovely Britney yards into the coma induced by doing that in June. God double brings the cops. Four miles. To go and end up with that cap. Always rather adjuster every 36 birthday today even though he was your biggest dummy ever. The pretty ones get always be Smart to go. Now wouldn't be fair but a barber shop they say oh Janzen dirty Germans talking about his gloriously perky gas thanks guys that from glare. Is it to movie Laura vsan wins. G.'s daughter on this. Well it is a reason he's still really is in the morning and afternoon. You and and in no. Yeah cookie and hung close dollars in the solid including. There this like gum bubble gum bubble. Luke our guys available for having having haven't. Having identity card they're happy that it's. I I heard I had the U. Big day on either you generally run. So available through these world sings a men's lives doesn't come another sign retailers. Know him shine plus do. Loser lose I know it all to LSD all right well boy guys I don't wanna call it because someone may recognize my voice and I have a job without my or my reputation yet exactly. Guys I was the first person my family wanna go to college and I found it very difficult as I had to work my way through with no family support or scholarship. I growth and housing project I managed to get into you don't have done a very challenging. One day I dropped acid with some friends and saw my whole life before me laid out and suddenly it all made sense and I saw my path. It didn't happen overnight of course but all over the course of several years I was able to get it together and work and pay for college and graduate. Power to raise the businesses for awhile but pay was pretty bad so again I dropped acid and figured maybe I can make more money. In real estate back then you could buy a Condo for about fifty grand I about one fix it up sold it and made ten grand. That I did it again and made another ten grand idea that a few times until I'd saved up a 100000 dollars. Long story short a little when those big nice houses on top of queen Anne hill and own a half dozen other nice rentals. Lets you think you can't do that anymore you can still go to work and a forty go to community college and then transferred that's what you wanna do. And I still see Q condos for 150000. Bucks or so that you can buy with. 3% down non FHA loans I'm telling my kids violent fix them up it's still possible to do if you work and save a couple thousand bucks. So drop some acid by Condo and get started or at least get started with fear getting your life together. A much older now in my sixty's but I still think gas and Andy mushrooms every once in awhile just keep my mind clear you just because school commencement ethics attack there it doesn't matter Iowans do what you get out of mom and dads out there to not use the thirty year old. A couple more here guys knows your show what did you do drug tire hung over let's see my story is the one night after at a couple drinks. I decided to visit a local casino I was playing black Jack in the guy sitting next to me was up about two grand. So he was buying drinks for the table. I ran out of money to the guy gave me a 25 dollar chip deep ball in play and next thing I remember I'm waking up at home in my bed. With 1500. Dollars in my wallet the ice needless to say it was a great night keep bill which are doing that from jolt in Bellingham and one more. When I was a junior high school I drag entirely too much vodka the night before an English final. During the next morning I showed up for my final still drunk in the same clothes covered in grass stains and kept passing out during the test. One of my teachers gave out to me and mentioned that someone felt like booze and it was most definitely need. I failed the test in the next year how we show the tests I've failed and you could still see the pen marks wrote fall asleep and drag the pen across the paper. Love you guys those every night on WC MF in Rochester New York. That from Jeremy are right I did do that too but it was just computer. Class was the last one might seem right senior hammered into your dragon we have gone out like a party the night before I went and I I was the only senior had to show up that day. And I'm pretty sure I woke up with my head on that on the screen. After a while it if you think that it. So Donald Gregg a totally shouted they know as Sherlock is coming up but first I Intel. Okay. You know I have a couple things here we're talking about it. You wouldn't know what certain foods say about your personality. Okay. Did I know. Okay. When they. Powers go the personality test first. Well again please use for an dog bones back where I know we rally that you do so we must now do you celebrities we'll do. Turn them off the and the Obama shifts and all right. Who thought well now a lot of head chefs you all right Brent. We can't Acapulco. If I doubt right out of spicy sweet sour. Bitter salty. Quite. This is tough because they say which which why you love the best but like I like bitter so it doesn't like sweet thing in a president that ICC may be lol yeah. I don't know nice nice I didn't write one dots on there mom the what does that say about your personality if you like spicy foods if you like spicy food. You're more likely your risk taker. Spicy food fans tend to like new Xperia I think fanatic out of all the fat excluding. Corporate broadly though the apple. Roller coasters and horror movies. You know irrelevant eligibility rather listen mile high club gets spicy enough you don't have sweet Donald spicy publicly is placing them meaning. So spicy food being your wrist take care not spicy food fans tend Blake new experiences like roller coasters short or movies. Our big armed Al Bozeman. I'll watch Joseph Moore movie on the road goes T I like roller coasters I hate or movies and that I can't have that much spice EU. News the next day amounts to buy dot com whole movie watch some food and if you like sweet stuff who you more likely to be easy go. And give China you're trying to help and other debt other people without expecting to be rewarded for it OK thank you pay to your gullible. If you don't even if you're a PR one worker exactly. An all out. If that yes I mean really nice people never get checked out diagonal Iguodala devalue the rest of the top pick they're they're very seriously so many. Now top honor I had a great example of corporate strategy there. And if you like sour foods. You more likely to be cynical or even harsh would you tell people what you think Ramadan satellites our young but I have very high standard took two I think that's tough right. But I'm pretty sure I guess I would soured sour mood but I also light sweet stuff and so he's done is a route this place for all of about I guess what they say is if you like to tend to lean on this is tends to dictate what you personally. I yeah sour it's like a bomb upon leaving the house and on and order food. A new Republican enemy new despite here's our completely unlike what would you call so what does this will would you consider a sour fruit like they say now we're chicken market issued a real change of now obsolete Salomon anything that you sour cream like a lot of vinegar and stuff like time trials that you can only have you and go that's our worst and I love it. Sour beer once in awhile that Jim dual pedals yulia pickle argue look ridiculous I sucked alight by crowds our. You talk about you Robin. It's if you allow women in Cooper I hate if you like bitter things like black coffee. You moral anybody you're you're black offered an area Mike off gas and my that a major an arsonist or something grandly this. Now you're just anti social manipulative. And insensitive all of my call him out about you does for. You might even be a psychopath all right make capitalize psychopath. Don't lack of interest in reformists like go back and say the Philly guy the lab because the woman don't wanna study gorilla got mauled by guerrilla bodies and I got. Bears spare my bad if you like salty stuff I won't say for me I probably use ultimately salt vinegar chips. You don't want that doesn't like salty foods are we overly salt when you're talking chips. Half of your appetizers and you know we leads and you eat out we lost races for all dominantly under assault basically yeah I mean come up. If you like salty stuff you're more likely to be competitive and get frustrated a little faster than others. I don't have done that well. Arnold is bad during the match. I had somebody over my house of the day and they said I see you have fancy white person salt what is fancy white for all your family has really like McCain is all or did the debt limit if people who say able eighth and I grind it is an animal I have a way and I arrived you have. Yeah pink Himalayan Cecil right underneath my prayer flags and I don't have a prayer I was up yet but I do I just never grinder. We'll see that's the funny thing I don't I just have the regular cheap every ball you know and I why did you split up the topic of the slope of the non-GAAP rappers tapper from pink hello my have a way of movies Cecil he needed you to have a grand worst of the Himalayan C. I did not really is just the fact that it once was is he now television OK I got those brave and it off a mound right there were people die of them. We get two things good tourism good songs got salt these salt. I am well I got done the girls she told an umbrella wouldn't listen coaches polls close out the back I got grant blog I got salt what do you need it. Bob any device found in the same house went tastes salty. But you get away with those of Obama guy but they make like my body was sales and you think what is that healthier it's still salt of the GA. Yes socket are foods that people can't stand. Not have a list of famous people here. Off the top your head what foods can you not stay energies go amount. Broccoli pickles like you brought up earlier ma'am the one that causes a reaction as the smell of liver. The and I and I can I can hear people right now going to be dead did intended it to get addicted to pork belly is still mustard stripe. I've even had sham trials my friend no blanking of passing this is cottage cheese. Why would god she does good things Chad but I feel like it meaning little maggots out it's morally someone authority eighty. Yeah this until I don't want Reagor urged hit a bird food and things like that. The consistency is his publicist created the problem if you were in obviously dreamed is much more sure out of religion came to three put an ounce on the bracelets cheeseburgers from Conan when our blight. It's soupy. And on yes maybe area governors presented to get through cheese cloth I was I'm Laura she's law I'm picturing you do hold my god damn forgo to the containment line out here man oh man houses with no certainty filtered on him. Yeah he grabbed the thing is golf I know I'd. No I have smokes all that's that would be my parents are so I have smoke we have smoke but I can't live alas I'm my news. I think you know what I know why haven't bought it I haven't used the actors smoked Tom Brady you know fruity and fun. Strawberries. Roll up on the hard to believe I thief who was natural I figured he BO I figured he would hate like gaelic rice crispy treats. Nice I think against a man from two all right Jimmy Fallon. In this I'll give you hit this is strange for a white person the one the eighth strange for what for Brian May's. Bad faith okay yeah I'm just. I'm glad profile of the bread and allow us on the slow unable to the Levine is whether or not any other. It just seems that look at the black guy I don't know this to be True Blue berets to my observations it seems that what it can't okay just seems that right. Hi I'm Ella a love managed food and I guess that that was correct a couple of what I really don't Allen is now wide mr. Hooper and he's out and tell Obama. I'm gonna give you can't there's an even reasonably happy and healthy it's super healthy roughly I can't they run things. Now. Brussels sprouts beats many I don't eat dog hair all I am. All right what about Martha Stewart this is a fifty verge it was a cheap version of something fancy chambers and something fancy she came grabbed. Truffle oil. I'll. I hope they don't truffle oil man don't believe the hype. But probably no real truffle on our run out of room and Newton do on gas so much trouble Fries or just tries what is that they are still plays its trouble clean water and right. Orange soda has never met an orange and of life but I enjoy me some orange and that's a good call but orange soda doesn't cost front. Sure you've been sentenced very hard Gordon Ramsay he picks one of the most popular things right now to hate you know monitor you hated units there was talk about it. Pineapple pizza. Butler vote Christie Teague in which she hates really kind of shocked me here because it's delicious. Shots were covered pretzels. Now. It's delicious you have but it ought pancakes. If you just finance eating it straight here honored you're getting close. No new tell all no I don't I no longer out of a good puritan. And new talent come on man of god given right. Khloe Kardashian frankly honestly tell you she hates pork RD time it was over her break usually don't work go through it it's not a religious thing the fund please yet. Noon Newport and only played sticks in my mouth them. Kelly Clarkson. Broccoli but those are calls you almost at all. I knew he knew he would do to help yourself Brussels where she authored you lose your servers in November so that app after app. Are you laughable lift the Queen Elizabeth she hates this thing. It comes involves its flavored a lot of garlic thanks Carla. Which is well you're right much apple bought you. All. In bad breath in my house so basically she doesn't like food to taste it mean if Karl at the white sailor had a bad garlic this year I mean. Bad bad days in the hang garlic in it both on the garlic it would have been worse yet yet garlic stuff is good and very deadly version I still don't drink it tells with a shot of the day return in no way Sherlock is coming up next you're listening to amend your radio network. Coming up we'll break and tell for the Saturday another round of a profile that's on the way but first our own steam the thrill hill Combs the globe pigs. They first started. I didn't win. And Sharon I've. By one to sit down to lose one no one has ever told Moses before. Stunning NASA study. Shows that humans are responsible for major changes to the girls water availability. Oh yeah. She cannot. All that fluffy stuff swirling around in the air it's gotten world. Hello. Our top. And makes sense but I did teach them on TV you know what is. Assembly was the year before back into Google. An independent. We continued car GA west Twitter philosophy does not broke real academic philosophers. And yeah. I know Sherlock. Democrats voting to deregulate banks are up three times more money back from the banks. They act. And. New research says the drivers and hands free phones are more cautious than those who old bones and her hand. Monkey's uncle. She watched the fact that. I'm can read it as a headline presented. Kruger Petr says quote I was a very bad decision play well. And that's the whole story right there and read it I'm a noble whip cougar better says quote that was a very bad decision mean nobody entire story. Prefer to her pattern we continue the heck. And Hitler not alive on the moon study confirms. It's a weekly world news stuff around and drug used to be a liberal and or. Health officials say stay out of the pool if you have diarrhea. I know. And sure I'm. Keep that small children there who piano and how tough. They'll put a magician Vienna that now hope. They don't know what to appreciate it right exactly that's and that's really the only reason I did think they get lucky and hot tub at the front and Tootsie Roll. And we nobody wanted to do roles know miles this one's going to crush you. Assorted jobs the headline out of the buses do not come from Christmas hello. Jarrett are current. Using a mode g.s to teach Shakespeare without help disadvantaged students. Yeah. Yeah. I. NASA clarify is we don't have child sex slaves on Morris. Drew a lot of play well. And I don't know though wasn't more to state the headline is that. NASA confirms. That they do not have child sex slaves. And as Joseph Lieberman's well last one hotel pools and hot dogs are major sources of water borne illnesses outbreaks. The CDC says. Well and I knew I wanted to go to bed and you back so many out there. It's to be ready. Men's room knows just. Added then as usual we had doesn't bring death camp Steve throw a fine abhorred tells that yes indeed today we chose an unidentified woman from Lawrence county Pennsylvania. Ozzy recently visited my titles mill state part I don't know much about it suburb waterfall buyer and she in fact tried to take pictures at the top of kill do fall buzzer sound vaguely familiar killed youthful and runny nose and now maybe it's as anyway. Unfortunately as you were trying to take these pictures she slipped on Iraq. Fell onto the rocks below emergency responders over called the scene then repelled down about sixty feet to reach her and then get your ass back up the hill. While she was flown to the hospital in serious condition and believe what about the good news is she is expected. To make a full recovery that's good news but the reason we're toasting her is because she slipped on Iraq Eddie and I don't waterfall and the place. Called slippery rock. This is right literary Iraq Pennsylvania she's a slippery horizon as a man on the moon and slip on Iraq who. If only the missing got a warning or something like TLC's science and I own the mama all well to beat by Arab government to bring government and of course nothing. And I entered into accidents and safe. These amendments and up everywhere deliver for yes she wasn't slippery rock Pennsylvania. And literally slip on Iraq fell sixty people are the good news would assume that they Specter to write a full recovery. Next Kirkland slipper. Don't ever visit Beebe Arkansas horrible place I would for the food and drink the boos because we've taken. Yeah I mean guys all the tone it down the U party in our Tommy's. Now now nowadays are I. Get to go out and live for profiled as a 449990. Look to. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.