06-12-18 Seg 3 Mens Room FEels Hungry

Tuesday, June 12th

Emails, Ryan Castle is in to Sit & Spin with the Top 10 Bands Named After Food! Plus The Word and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Listening to its real. Hard drive about 110. Best fans may never crude volatile. That is coming up right after I emails on our question good or bad when I hear the name or word blank I think a blanket 44999. An old saying about this idea of naming vehicles after his people names you talk Londonderry. I have no doubt that's a mini band Tammy I feel like they're doing a Ford F 150 Wright like a small bit of drug pretty durable but like. You hear them make the check. You came up to tell the chance to four cylinder walls and cedar you don't mean it only comes in the colors of yellow and red. It's no matter what it looks obnoxious it's not really fast but looks fast you know I meant to one of those guys or the name like. Arnold Vivendi or the Eddie does like to me that really the Brandt remember that might not to mean it's nasty want to look our apparel division not. Yes they generally Vinnie the should be banned me a little bigger dove beneath the big dude well Billy's don't know how to spoil everything means that at I think that Ed he's gonna be bigger than that. Think you're funny little sport I think many and you was a large tank Fella OK thing about the okay who do you know that has like a two seater sports car. Jazz chair. Like what's his name the guy that you know that still has a two seater sports car does that guy. Or I guess is it me or even back in the day when he did maybe he's very latest kids what everybody who but he lives in Derry who always had to lose and Ravitch that now are trying to Gary it's it's the car first guy. In other words I will be represented at based on what I drive and this is very important for me to drive a sports car the first name that comes my mind is Bob. Jan the problem is I know to Bob's one of the Bob's. It would be an airplane or big gas truck that's thank Garrett and vendors and other Bob who lives and dies by what he drives chart we all know who this guy is right. You know again and only comes in yellow or red minds Chad. Chad Chad and Nissan shed Chad had a sports car man but doesn't make sense yeah veteran I mean like I've I've by chance. Iso single you're young it's like to discuss the chatted it's worth the money it's only two seats you know whenever he gets jury needs ago I was to get Steve just as our brother had a buddy named Steve that you suggest I have a little Mazda Miata. Oh that's a really a sports just leave the people really man look it's typical archetype a back up but yeah that's me they'll with the Steve Karr named after me is going to be out of school. So we thought overall he's a real nice Steve. I really would you at least three to Malaga luxury vehicle what does the family can fit but as an SUV right yeah it's affordably to drive and Ted gill like sure man in America. I can fill one more my got a fairly or Rockefeller or more let's not a bad car gets you where you need to go if write your name is Roger to me like you drive and a PT cruiser. Really yeah Roger. Until Rogers drive in the small pick up rod just drive and PT cruiser top at that. No matter what I hear the name or word blank I think a blanket 44999. Cola. Hello Christina welcome to the men's room. Yeah. Well my name I mean yeah they could say that I have a couple Allen and even after I aides say my name my engineer and all. I usually attract led by that by the people actually asked me before you dead at the at I mean like they. Even king brought in the movie about the car that. Oddly enough you know that's Chevrolet Christine not a Carney one's gonna buy you a bad name is definitely ruined on cars. Actually enact Carla Bernanke could get on the very. Of course you know that because he's you aren't I actually like cards but yeah. Armed and it and it's my name actually comes from I'm named after a tanker support. Yeah it is completely ironic try you know a car that killed people and don't know. Saint Christopher is very bad driver that's a little and are you back are you gonna are you religious. My eight dad's a Stanley lit the Catholic my mom I'm not. Particularly but I do let thinkers and I do believe and that there has been time they've been battling saved my butt. Are you what are what are you good and rivers. And I couldn't leave their. No I thought well but that the patron saint of travelers. Let's patrons say a bush ran as they need took little baby Jesus through my shoulders and crossing across the river through assay Grossman yeah. All of us yeah he was wearing a baby Bjorn literally come over the shoulder kind of harnessing the first and northern I don't really argues it's got a great topic got a little fellow exactly. Are you say you can't slam. You know I feel like a chicken what would you do would you just drop right to the bottom their view if you're in the water bench I think eventually yeah. She died smiles yes usually I'm like let's let our let let him I think Christine US 150 yards to shore their man we're we're sinking on this on this canoe could you could you do it. I don't know I really don't pay I don't know. Now does that keep you from wanting to be on a bold because in the worst case and. Oh not I. I exact opposite like checked on my buddies at my. I mean my parents patty gave a boat they had a slightly education jump off that they all that. Parents had a boat and you can't swim. Yeah ad they started this year lag somewhat wet may and that kid would not want my feet. So I kind of became hot under normal at the about the kid left of my feet and then I just don't know my LaMont blogger Nikki came unemployment that in fact. Then I'm not gonna take a look who else. But look I will say this you know get the idea going promoted can swim by here's my bad people get on a plane I don't know anyone I can fly. An Emmy about it and about them playing goes down that no one wrote to me can help me. Not a single person I'm not playing good they're gonna die with me and they're gonna say new ball pull the ball and lets everyone hates you somebody might be able to do something. I'm just say okay he's I can tread water in the back and swam. I can tread water for men and screaming help against people get I'm playing Lleyton does anyone here and ought to fly me amend. We fall out of this thing can you open the door flap away from the sky news he can't get to the fallen out of a boat are much higher. Absolutely. I think your chance to the rescue or are much higher in my well again I'm terrified to be on the water park and swept. Are you get in the plane I know that it and apply I would have more fat you can't thread later but the look look into everybody else on the plane to fly and I couldn't that would be the problem you see like that's why be right. Everybody made a bad decision here exactly it's a bit of the boat captain says I can't swim I would feel weird about Bentley well. You have to happen I don't care about the gap and my only wish is that I can stay alive it's similar to cancel and they foam on water and they're gonna sink like a rock I mean I can swim but if you start sinking might. I don't know about you know fight for managed to get three good bobs from MC Hussein fought right it is nothing to do it backwards like well. Yeah. Invented the third time like that's the charmer you fall out of the sky and thought well no matter what he gallantly we can't help it better. Just with how we sometimes obviously tacky believe adults can't swim. Are par and I kind of amazing. But I understood and I would make it makes more since we get on a boat in not knowing I'm assuming giving employing an amount only had a flock I think if I didn't I didn't know how to swim at this age that would be something where I'm like you know I'm gonna do this year I'm gonna learn Osama excellent do you think you do don't you think we like learning a language like once you become an adult I don't you know a moon all the haven't heard any good at physical stuff most of the time unless there are not heard you can't care and lesser wheels involved yeah exactly because there's they've I've wheels underneath my feet I'm screwed. Easily ride a scooter nobody I think well I'm talking about like it. Like roller skate and roller skating drills ice skates anything we're moving like skateboard and there's wheels underneath it like I can't snowboard. I can't ski is like if I'm moving somehow my legs are still below me there I can't do it. Let him for what everybody movie you but my legs are below me right in my body is moving well you know Bledsoe basically if anything's on your foot besides issue. Your notes and I'm not Jack you know and I got it and it's just. Freaked and just trust I'm at it pisses me off to man because got I want to be able to do it we wanna do most well I mean the best thing I can do assert. So the best thing of the guys you need to get off the DM skis get on a snowboard but it did serve you can snowboard Yemen and you sir. I have gotten up on a certain trust me I got the first time I did it successfully and opened near the launch point to the shore. I felt great about myself and in Myanmar who the way about Islam had to be six feet MM SC a picture of the quote on quote we seen that erode and it was so embarrassing like. I might get like. I don't know if the way it was more than six inches and and or folder to all white foam and I'm looking at this picture and Mikey Lowell because they're not looking behind you you know look confronted. Am I am telling me in Myanmar and it'll play the dimming of Gandhi and Hawaii 50 we can only I'm crushing the and I would have never ever know mental assault fictional like OK obviously I can't surf but I can keep my balance arms surf board for a second. Don't matter when I hear the name or blanket I think a blank hello John welcome to the men's room. I. Yeah. So. RA. That's part that you like you remember I don't hate it my own name because my mother decided to meet meet John some. John Smith. Yet so. I mean I think it's boring answer. This I I I don't like the last neighbors. Just John Schmidt and growing up in the nineties. Where. A living hell. Think the models for girls I'm Pocahontas. Let a single one and you won't. Yeah yeah you want it so John Snow White undoubtedly a new light on the stage to thank you meter Napster like Vanilla. I think that's why Ted wants to dress up his own son's name a little bit because when you haven a common name like Smith tour via a common name like John. You know when you're putting together just kind of sounds like Al Johnson has come and torture middleman. Edmonton so I was going after my eight exactly I mean after my eighth. Dead grandfather who it's from Europe and my mom dad who passed away but when she was a kid. Or in Turkey it's so early there's I don't mind it now an amendment in adults but as growing rapidly hit it was just under might. I understand people wanna do family names and all that and ended nothing wrong with that but really. Consider the name you're giving them and don't wiped if they're my great grandfather who's a wonderful guy and his name of Allah wishes well just do your kid favorites that. We named you Al. As a tribute to Allen which you don't have to go all land of the poisoning did some of that terrible because. Names were different back in 22221. Names that that's that's that's the worst if you get your first name terrier like Tammy joke. Any of that era seemed like someone multi vendor to first game slate and Heisman Heidi hi art because it's one maim and apple Sally K whatever the deal is how he came to America and here whoever relatives like that's. If a person in your first name is two names and get that hell away yet move out of the Bobby GO it doesn't matter if you add it job get your right run. Run as fast as you can the only 11 name they have 21 names or something a little bit off do you think Billy Bob Thornton on the team takes stage and told her something wrong with Billy but not well he'll tell you and his name is Billy Bob you take possession William Roberts and and for him to the sudden and make it Billy a solid Billy about. I just know when everybody I know with spurt with 21 names is out of their mind. I'm from West Virginia and there's a ton you would know they're all crazy. They're battle and I I hear the name or blank I think a blankley go through emails on the way for the men's room at men's or live dot com coming up next you're listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have enjoyed the men's room. Imagine when I hear the name or blank and I think a blanket here come those emails in the men's room mad men's remind our jobs. Hello guys the whole thing about women's names starting with the other T is so true my mom's name is three C and she is the scariest person I've ever known. I've seen her beat the crap out of so many people I know she isn't listening to the men's are right now. You'll find out Paula Jones and Robin some are trying to be a down everything that anytime I hear the word cool pool in this is it was a pretty deep on here. I'm reminded of my body who on the employment got hit by a vehicle. A in an improper improvised explosive device mean basically. I took my spot on a mallet convoy of and Els working on some communication equipment. I didn't make it back could have been me to this day I don't really go swimming all that much really go anywhere the people have billiards or pool just because every time. I hear someone talk about it I get extremely depressed and sometimes suicidal thinking that is a family lost their son when it should have been me. He eyes a name withheld. I would do white river high school during a volleyball game we were chanting wide river white river. And the primarily blacks who we're playing thought we were chanting white power white power him through. Funny names I've come across in my 57 trips around the son Richard Dieter. This is his real name parents. Could have shortened this but Colin crater. Colin crater. Richard Hyman or Robert bishop. Guys my dad and bought a new card to my mom. Had bought a new car to my mom in the same year we moved to our new house. As such my dad wanted to customize the new car license plate to the occasion without telling anybody. License plate back in Brazil are made of three letters and three numbers so we decided to request the license plate after my mom's first middle and last name initials. Plus the home number. My mom's name is Anna stances to keep my brother was laughing madly when he saw the license plate thank god people there speak Portuguese. College is alright here you go my grandma's names at full Bernice and grace beautiful names grandpa is frank and herb officially beams don't don't hear those names anymore I've spent over thirty years in the service industry here a few of the customers I've had. Barbara Walters John Rambo and my most memorable customer bong daily. And from a burning the Glassman. Guys may 2000 whenever I mean someone over certain age they start singing Elvis Costello is Alison nine times out of ten. I could've been named pearl because that's what my grandma wanted because I was born on Pearl Harbor day luckily my mom's in no way in hell. Rock on guys and while that wasn't your show about names my name is Chanda Zaragoza. And I am white. When my name gets called out an appointment or something everyone looks at me when I stand a black wide to tell the truth and are you aware NASA names on it means golden lion and far side. If you pronounce that wrong it's okay because I love you guys you shall rock central most 27 years it really doesn't bother me be more when I get college Connor. Maybe Zain never met anyone else in the name though and if I did I'd probably be kind of pissed. So I had to say that anyone who hears or sees the names on would thank me. I love you guys and finally from the emails on the question names buck not set and we have some. On its ideas for a name Roger and Ted he says and I'll PT cruisers and Roger okay all right these are the two takes a comment. That's not cool guys my name is Roger and I don't it never have owned a PT cruiser machete guy and always have been a little else to you. I'll benevolent my father in law's name Roger he owns two. Good call miles an hour as. Being on a boat not being able to swim so I can't swim I own two votes. Follow it. My dad lived down my dad lived on a boat can't swim to cool for electric. And in this guy eleven why there's a lot of guys named kibo you can do the math on chemo on KE MO you're right I did you hear it it's just models. All right we have a time for a few extreme else hear from the men's room amends or live dot com. All right so we don't hear that as I printed up emails today during the show thunderbird their request some it has some denounce our back there are so if I missed you today Paula. I was having an aspect wore out war I bad you don't mean like if there's if it the predators broken some that they accidentally come out of this trust yeah exactly do not want mess and was Burton. Please push my son Zach happy birthday get most Sarah Palin handsome sexy German nasty doc what how old how old losing fourteen Kano and he's up fourteen it's is you know what he says he loses you dazzle time on the podcast in Boise Idaho. Also today is his birthday but yes he's he's not Ford team the same exact so very. Oh. And I do and my team the city and you can home loans. I'm and the voice users assume you've been around sit around. Oh good my loving girlfriend Kate stories they strip around that big ball all of this guy. I promise that right into the show for birthdays and we love you guys so it would make your day if she got a little kids they sandwich and you guys talking all over each other. Keep on rock convinces that for marine year. Still have to I'm done and when somebody under an amateur and you have to you can use vegetable oil and Turkish jets shoot holes plus she's homeless and united regarding achieves its smells like finishing its solvency problem Greeks went a rain check just not sure there's an onion dissolve expense amounts legal matter for the red back there and Sony's home and still smelled like coach I don't know I haven't got another Juno now Illinois my girlfriend Jennifer happy birthday if you get a big old barn rep I'd appreciate it. It's also my boss Teemu stay it's his birthday he will like it time do. To cut the leash a love the show guys thanks. Love this 1006. Solos today's my baby boy Nathan's 27 birthday he told me all he wants is a birthday song from you guys in a bag we'd. You guys have been a big part of our life from his losing his job three years ago to meet you would maybe a man and hanging out at our whole family loves you guys my four year old grandson even sings along to the birthday song daily. Could you please GeMS and dirty Germans and the Melbourne deadly things like guys from the lovely Angela. And I taking joint Shia and the. And it ten years from now live. Sign up and down we did debt being realized out and then it got no Amanda a mixture of illusion virginity. I advisors or seven his birthday Casey get a little Joey chestnut and how hitting the window thanks guys and brother Steve. I'm. I haven't heard they do Shannon from Scott and love love some dirty Germans believe. Yeah are humans or animals here this mantra McQuistan Alicea lips move. I'm sometimes electing Tehran's Shannon prove again they're like I'm I'm. Guys I know what pronounce his story I birthday he's a bearded doe doesn't go to gun toting blade forging stud muffin. And I know that he would love some dirty German talk for his birthday thanks guys appreciate that from Marin. Yeah how would they would toy gun show my stretch Armstrong and into your foot into the tickle your home. Not just come over here with two big yeah he wrote them together. The downstairs yeah. I say my girlfriends thirtieth her name is Deseret browns ms. booty full seas six to blunt and German with curves in all the right places. Could you please get a suck it up cupcake and some dirty homeland Germans Lovie made thanks guys. You sound awfully sexy remember who cure you of adjournment of the Clinton dropped. And now to the very messy. Tasted decision time. I enjoyed a stroke Demorrio tickets. Hello mega lining is that my friend Johnny's birthday today please originally just not followed by European as the is too small. Thanks a million from makes. Oh OK. Okay. Room. Years ago are scattered. Our car sisters Erica if you screaming out of her mom's baby again and you'll get an original face and much love Shiloh and Christie. Yeah it's amazing what floors 34 today she works nonstop to make sure family stays on track and we lover very very much. Can you are now on take into dirty Germans place thanks so much from Todd. Oh look out. Are reluctant to send the German great how's the Tibetan sit down Newser two gunmen on. And I'm enjoy Dave Allen their speed and their. So could you please where's my fiance Shane I'm very happy believe that. Story six here's John and celebrate five years of sobriety today would you please gamma Ray Lewis time to take compilation original fish sandwich please. Haven't seen the Spanish yeah this is Shane and against wishing my friend Sheila fantastic birthday season deserving fantastic person please give the dirty Germans I appreciate it. Are you more about possible restaurant on all the long soft taco and a brown pull people. Jana hormone Paulson says shenanigans again they're gonna come and I'm thinking if it's not my Barbara Jason he has 37 big fan of the show could get a big old LeRoy. All right jury appearance. Thanks a bunch guys that from the lovely Sylvia it's. Yeah. Guys out birthday song for my brother Rory AK Bruce's 41 trip around the sun how about an original fish sandwich thanks guys or madam fish sandwich and as my little brother John's 44 he works our crew the paves roads and other stuff. He's pretty responsible and a good dad was three daughters and has had the same job for who knows how many years. Get him now hitting the window and I'll look out thanks guys. Oh. Look on email you guys probably for an Austin's birthday Domi to be greedy but I just found got to get hit by car while walking in a parking lot today and you must suck it up got okay thanks I'll Google bought. Well. And I have been birthday guys and as for you that's good luck is about and download your remarkable and are now living in Winona zug have got a big bullies and oh it's Ali. Guys alleges in a big asset emerging and miles and brother Steve always one hell of bud dude I wish he was joining me for live David he's got to be super dad how please give some dirty Germans please appreciate it. Yeah for the super bad images to use Joseph but does the oven that I make the stinky. Not steamboat gets over governor Jim Acosta Jack yeah. Does but it's Borneo and I'd love to hear the birds based on an island they can now hitting the Winona sucking up to update thanks guys from Aaron well look at it. 00. Hi guys merry go. It's. Okay yeah yeah yeah. Yeah I'm really not a. I K okay good I know. The day and doesn't guarantee German Bronson. Available through these world in a men's lives doesn't come another fine retailers. And shiny fun. And American does this show today Hulu and rumors of drug charges in how appropriate it is time to sit and spin that. Yes friends it's time once again dogs and six and spend lose Amarillo radio and listen to some as well. Crew had to figure a Boyle elected chili pepper then it. We came up with an astonishingly. Long list of bands name after food it is amazing to me like you would loan yourself back in the day you know you're like the sad night and ashamed gals and then we can you name yourself after an animal that neither I am white tiger. It looked food is always stuck around you know Mike Ben is going to be what's dropped pizza. The ten best brand name under food goes. Under ten. Like I know. Home black guy. I think I got me that there were a bad mood are you know like why god please return him. Okay. He's a debate the bats the flew the flew low there of course okay I'm gonna convince them drowning out the truth. They're now. Okay. It's. This is Lauren yeah white lights and Jeremy and why pray quite you know what they had their they had their slang they were way ahead of the curve this is baby mama want you Obama wants you. All I'm wolf real cold GL AM hoop but he's. Ten minute spent an hour through about. Number eight. Wow good. Okay love the delicious meat companies and independent of Nintendo's. There's. Saw I Eric. Sometimes that's not necessarily proven to be put on all my company now come off pit again can't you put my bread or Black Eyed Peas rice and the jets and those bands in order food multi. Numbers six and. Slang term for master page and literally dug up some time and I don't really remember Eminem rap I slice the memo. Tend as fans there about. We better off. Big red. And a Thanksgiving general are delicious dinner. Her car and easy you know you don't ever imagine that Boston I had you know and we almost didn't put them on the left but we can't do this we'll come right out miles under my favorite of the food bank and this is your favorite song these are the investor manager Lou bootable time scientists. Almost a lot because I love the man then so much. Fans hot tonight it's. Fun facts the album is called birders. Yeah. I'm 110. Head start like golden army performed its Georgia event. Apart from mess that won't happen so far as dinner sounds pretty good these Denver fans named after football times we have met. We'll have to you know actually visited only kicker an idea of influenced earlier. We stood and a new country and the guerrillas and the monkeys to be on the right and cancels an infrared had infringed collected all. That your eyes out as a very young governor of arena during your toes a shot of the day is mostly coming up next the word has secret words the airlines don't want you to know or understand we're. And that's all coming up basically you are listening to the men's or radio network yeah. Yeah. So how close again shout out today is on the way and another round of profile is coming up but first. Optimum. And learned. Secret learns your airline. Crew does not want you to understand. Pilots in Canada grew heavy secret language the passengers are not meant to understand that there are some code words or Jirga probably wanna know. Pilots because they called is used by all airlines to avoid miscommunication at 30000 feet and many pastors have no idea what the sometimes bizarre words and phrases may. And believe or not this for good reason. I just tell me were always in danger goes for use by crew in order to maintain calm and order in the cabin where specially trained in emergency situation. And panic and cause us to lose control the situation enough an injury or death so. Especially true because they're quick aside I was one time in bad turbulence and a look at the quiet and tend to be about. Leave they should bring you some some level of comfort. And being in the guys in across and we look jobs small puddle jumper so when when single flight within the Saddam were facing us. Realize his eyes were closed and he was crossing himself during a silent prayer and all but Jesus Christ and I was called turbulence doesn't bug me too much more muscle that remark I think I'm going to prove myself sir if you tell the pills they use now you're in the airport in your coat that. Any idea code add up. Movies at home and we ran out of ribs no more apple. This is used by airport staff from the airport to alert people of a child that is missing in the airport. And this is an honor of Adam Walsh. A child who was abducted in a department store 1980 wants a code Adam means John Walsh whose kid deli there's been missing child. So there wouldn't want everyone an airport to help you look for McCain I make fun. If you hear a pilot's block 757500. What does that mean. Science dump 7535. And I know your plane's been hijacked. Oh I'll I'll anyone you've heard all the time right folks were just appeared get rid of material we've got some last minute paperwork. Yes they Carol even though the mobile early show. Last minute paperwork without any Duke's last and paperwork according to Patrick Smith is usually a revision of the flight plan. Somebody to do with the plane's weight and balance record okay are simply just waiting for the maintenance staff to get the flight log book and order do whatever they gotta do bulletproof glass okay board means anything that you need to do to get the plane ready to come off of I remember about okay. The term crop dusting. I walk through the cabin imported into performing well it is a method of retribution at the pastor is being very rude into the gulf and it's not unheard of for a flight attendant to breakaway and in crop does pass the offender all right man nice out there I met how to viewers across Jack cross check. How they always say cross check out I just got locked the doors he does if you hear this phrase usually made by senior cabin crew it means that the emergency slides. Attached to each door had been deactivated. Otherwise the slide will deploy automatically as soon as the doors open up. So that's a cross check means why it's so important I was never happened and Jack how about equipment he has no equipment as they say like just about equipped. No idea it's the plane engine so they're never gonna say some things are with a play. This plane and a freak people out so they used the term equipment on the flight deck what do we know the flight deck are different handset is hot air pockets. Big turbulence or islanders have a dead ahead. The front of the plane trouble. I did heading pilot or flight attendant is one repositioning as part of an on the duty assignments. This is not the same as commuting to work or engaging in personal travel. A dead as the person who works airlines is sitting next young black cop okay. Some phrases and terms in the airline and. You're gonna imaginary attack. Bloody out there deserves to be ready. Men's room knows just to. As usual we had good catering death can't seem to throw notified that nortel's yes indeed today we chose 44 year old Scott boulevard and his wife forty year old Laura Devard both of Staten Island New York. Now the couple labor therein Holman the basement just talking but the Scot he stop talking mid sentence stumbled over to account. And collapse the turned out he oh deed because he he'd been shooting heroin and just you know. Lori and her husband they've both used their own in the past he was back on it she was not so when DO DG app and have nor can analysis. The promise she was panting and ended up breaking three bottles of it and couldn't administered. But she did have the presence of mind to administer CPR. Until the ambulance Iraq. Not bad for Lori continued back with a panicked. And pretty that the police would arrest him or her for possession of heroin. She scooped up three bags of heroin and flush to down the toilet in an inner panic. Snorted one. So while the medics were in the living room trying to revive her own deep husband Lori well she stumbles out in now she has a deep Jesus so they both ode. Right there in the living room believe it or not the paramedics were able to revive both of them. Both of them made a complete recovery. The thing about her snorting moment heroin flushing the other two down. It should be noted it was nothing for her worry about because believes in New York State may have been I'm on one good samaritan law. So basically if you call mama want to reported overdose you would not get arrested for misdemeanor drug possession. She didn't know that no clear cut right associate of snort a hole by god she could flush adultery. See that's what I thought because the thing you should they go to jail sitting get arrested in the following week she's on the news talking about a month. To which snorted them to have leather. There for the food and drink this booze because we think it's yeah. May god national over the long and down the boy to Blarney in our tummies. Down our whole our guys know and I. I'd get a jacket death on live profile as we will take collar and I'm right now 844999. Ol' luck. They should many things continue on the men's round radio network.