07-14-17 Seg 4 - The Mens Room Has Some Fightin Words

Friday, July 14th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted has clips from 50 Cent and Connor McGregor! And we End the Show with Headlines


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This is dumb men's room. There I did as a player profile this dollar nine right now 844999. A little play profile that's coming up in minutes. Drew headlines on the way one hour from now the first a quick check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he has not it's working on already a couple of Idaho is accused of stealing the placenta and umbilical cord from the hospital. Whether doctor gave birth last week. It's stealing and a junior habit yep but maybe you could yeah I guess some belong to the daughter and maybe she didn't want them to have it but they stolen anyway. They were worried that their daughter would test positive for drugs and didn't want the baby take away. OK okay. Stolen. Okay we'll than they know. You have to. And it. That's I mean if you're worried your babies who test positive for draw some probably Helio dropped some people have a placenta frozen and that's basically in the event that anything in the future could possibly go wrong there's a lot of good in the placenta as far as being able to hear your body their distaste and did it really Estrada a little little flower and what it tastes like eggs. I don't know. No I observed it'd blow for the bump bump Brad didn't fingers. Out of there out of when alone with the liver and onions and unharmed Zoller and listen to and that's why wouldn't they think an eight. Because we'll send them yet. No real babies get all the goods back when in fact having a negative. The chicken placenta could. The cable than advertised in the suburbs who dozens of chicken flu symptoms on sale now and I guess I just never really thought about it that would write an app part of how do you like your chicken plus and this beside. Oh reason. Stuff let's give me some scrambled the chicken placenta as an aside sausage. Patty please know what goodness coach Mike. I don't want to Paulson to whites can you Benedict hasn't listened to for me. If you've beaten with a militia Cullen Davis if it I don't know wild animal now Vinny del these placenta eating a sentiment that's the and granddad looking not a word came for implement its. A ball hog all the luck I. Welcome this didn't include moot if upload that in up up up on multiple patent should Hispanic. Rhode Island good gross according to an hour here now. And I'm I'm I'm and make that this teacher because you're still didn't really sandwiched human beings mattered engraving tomorrow this it is over this I thought. It's got. The thing on each and every Saturday at 10 o'clock all of our hot topic I thought I. It's good guy natural rather than to boost its. Good equipment and Africa. You really open at a bit erratic. According to a new study the United States is one of the ways she is countries in the world. It's yeah you think and it's making us fat. Call now the best candidate they conducted a study for this phony mob mug into gonna do no wrong only did was take people's phones and measure their activity as far as the walking steps basically. Really when the average number of steps is per country that brought the people you're paralyzed China comes out I look halted three decades threat. Didn't I'm into watching game was thrown I think sometimes I forget that live and sitting don't have a car right Reggie normal will not yet so little has never even take a walk daddy I mean you're you're in shape if you live in New York City. Yeah they have. A Findlay and South Carolina just wouldn't want me to affect new Yorker. I had to use of energy that a black thing when the governor. A village South Carolina just welcomed their the first born into it and all and it. What is the BAT's he did it. We have an. If if if this is the Tim and reads we'd have ordered that he does really look like Humpty dump the puck well. Back to the eggs tuna it's yeah. Fact that the missile strike with they give me on this. So called oil and making hundreds there's always joking about these risky new day is a joke and can. 400 students are at a still frozen crust. Mean people who put yeah I don't know if. Sourdough and good ones you're thinking he eats. Some that are missed it there. Well apparently it's South Carolina planted seeds all over it build it up with the hello strawberry didn't look good. Moline at your cup. The truck or the record that it's. These things. We'll be code for so lucky enough. Okay bundled home that want you coming by ID two tremendous news. It's. Of their lives that Carolina is welcomed the first girl born and their family and a 137. Years who I am not that they've been trying to while. Him and the girl on. Double wanted to do the dirty dancing live for their wedding but decided to practice well they were drinking and ended up in the hospital. Yeah how badly injured they knocked each other out all really didn't see a picture of them I did their sprawled on the ground was the same dirty dancing you have Patrick Swayze right. And what Jennifer Grey Obama broadly I don't know they knew what sort of rural drug store them and they do the move where she kind of gene Jones and Andy Katz's about the weights and hold drove over his head. And Ted and I we just Jennifer Grey made with wheat at both logged on but maybe yes maybe a picture people who ultimately solve a brother he's. You've got no chance some people are. This is a bad idea and have Oklahoma go run and you sure it was his idea they're. That's what we're watching movies third in terms of Mike did you go to the gym go to Leslie did you really watchable movies they practice a function like a river being. Bet they had it in L article but they just right they just went sport outside the club and an end up knocked out in him the room. There was an accident on the road and organ. It truck carrying hundreds of appeals overturned and cover the road and other cars and steals and slide did you guys see those photos gather some of them it was on believe it's disgusting. I've got right now I now it almost looks like soap spilled over the all over the row except it's eagle do rough is exactly what it is yeah really you. Take the time to find that picture look at me and I love I love freshwater he'll. That is why my favorite through no sushi meal in my Nadia yeah sushi being washed up and announce the tragedy in the and battle as he'll just the snake. What is you don't outsell about a one hour from now they are hardly do better headlines coming up one now. From now of course the real loan to the men's room. Resent. Helping to please turn on how profile this is playing a certain miles that the symbol game where we share do you reel like new story something that happened right here. On planet earth or are. And as you listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be true of people. And the decisions that people make Willis you would it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Mike welcome to the men's room. All audited. OK. Okay. Might you understand others are games played. I do fantastic now look I wanna open this by saying. I'm not saying go to 39 year old grown ass man cannot carry around a cookie monster stock animal. But do something suspicious about right so in this case a 39 year old man we got pulled over in Key West, Florida. Because license plate was blocked. And them and the cop got to call the cops smelled marijuana so researched the guy's car and he did not find any weed but he did far under suspicious cookie monster ball. The guy but it felt a little heavy surge got an open Andy found about two thirds of the pound on hold keen insight. That's dragged. Could you mounts are still full look okay. Nice to resident George cocaine trafficking and possession of drug equipment question is do you believe that this guy is black white makes you or did you. Wu. So few at Florida. You are Florida events correct guy driving displays played blocked out from couples a moment console are relieved coming out of car searches of car doesn't find we'd. But the cubs can't stop looking at those weird as cookie monster. But no caller seats in the car and it's a 39 year old man. He picks up good amounts and ways too much. As we know these two thirds of pounders and two thirds of them hadn't been should be because that pressure wave was all that delicious cocaine. He was the kennel like him. Pending the best way to describe it it's likely combination of a mini Las Vegas mentally wise and may be new more votes. So elegant but it's a healthy bit of culture but a lot of lawlessness Malia so you got the food you get the music you've got all that but then there is just craziness going on it's almost like you're still exist. OK so it smelled like marijuana. Immediate from a broad view out the window. How on the map. A lot of cocaine yeah. Strategy. I've got to ask you never met a Jewish person so tweet. Out they don't usually know like we did screenplay. If I don't know I don't I don't think that it almost biblical proponent of that about Jews and I don't know like no matter whose family members smelling marks up. Yeah. We had Heidi I do is we dealer in fact going out Nomar. Value of those Christians you could smell have a model planes stick apparently thought they want my I'm a family member who is of the Hebrew persuasion who maybe had some of the best we have ever small bat on the idea I admit it I'm telling you what it was still some of the blessed we donors that said he did not smell it we don't even smaller rooms of America. Or cracked Armey. Birdie accurate. Now the racial consultants I'm gonna say that its Key West and it's a lot of Coke. Yeah. There's a lot of white people retired on their skin like a little Jimmy Buffett theme park with a real. There are still out little sailboats lot of water. Guard ninety miles away from Cuba. Karma. Lot of lot of cocaine but. I think you gotta go you've got on this mountain news and think clear cut you act I think god has gone black. Because it's a cookie monster doll right yes. Feel like I know a grown man to Wear the cookie monster jacket or shirt can be a bronco at a black man Iraq as he did you make fun. What about a while born dead guy couldn't muscle my dad the man 340 down then pounds six foot eight. Let's Allison who write the house cigar smoke weed and finding we'd like I might keep searching. Let this get passed and that's a good call I like that political black yeah final answer. Yeah that's what are all right we'll find out if the owner of the cookie monster dull as black wife meg C or Jewish coming up. That was a tease you are listening to the men's or radio network. Well miles as we had a Key West. And a man who was pulled over because his license plate was a partially blocking the view of these numbers on it saw topples them over to us now we goes to the card is not find in the week that he does finally. Cookie monster to all the teams have been heavy. He also accounts opened the doll only to find out a whole bunch of cocaine and this phone call came. As far removed hundreds. And Mike we as a huge did you believe that this guy I was black white makes you do now one would come at you Mason I'm a rule due out listen wise and while many don't. They don't smell it we don't not want to know that's a comet came in at you said that I'll read it. Exactly so it. I'm a Jew and I smoked this week 'cause every day zionist. That all caps. Upon murderer like they get a batter realize that Rogen you're down by Pineiro and currently Arianna. They're Augustus. Coker smoker no weed smoking no tablets you've of those Senegal. I'm and and you said you believe that the this particularly guys' mind. How are. Card game cut open until he monster dull. Our coach has pretty hard core hard now for all the TV news all the time it is time for TV time Ted. Because you're pathetic life. I'm just countless hours in front of the talking and the men's room presents. If somebody kept you on the street and said hey which your opinion on somebody famous. You buy one think much of it there's camera crew to film and then you just give your opinion Joker does Jimmy Kimmel knows that sometimes it's pretty funny he'll take somebody famous right. No album. Behind a door went to a studio and then now have a camera crew out front and others feel like hey. What do you think about this person and that person obviously is watching listening read write and we'll come out that point. Is so they give this a fifty cent. Bid basically it you'll hear in the kind of set him up like easy degree he's the greatest rapper right now and you could tell from the skies Reggie could tell when he noticed fifty with this reaction completely changes. Think what happens when fifty cent is standing right behind you. Outdoor living magazine just being fifty cent the greatest rapper of all time. You agree that disagree tired. It's. No way around a lot. This museum very inspired by this. I think I think things got out of furloughs Jackson over the current state of fifteen dating back in the day you know listen I don't the only man not a really good tell them. Did you sit down state. Right now right behind me. For the moment right now. Like right now yeah. Right now. Case of the Mars you. I find him and he's still go oh yeah autograph and a religious and you forget how big fifty years yet. He is a large large media and its wholly. Yeah but he's right about Kendrick Lamar the. Yeah kind of apparently independent spending a ledger and fifty cent right like I mean and I would never give it to thoughts of the music he's the best reference to come on mainly got lazy eye he's got the best rapper ever. And then if I turn around and write their lists do you bet you can hear pathetic and I had heard a guy over the crew. But now back hot fire yeah. If fifteen UN I know this he does a lot of things right. He's either an actor and this and that he also produces TV shows and what Nazi show power. Actually goes up is Sunday nights against game throats. So basically kill kinda asked him like hey like why would you do to him on Sunday night says in big nuisance. What time on Sunday nights is not you that you and is it correct me if I'm wrong is that not the time that game of phones do you literally most popular show in the whole world is on this is not only show. The only show and premium cable period that I was behind is game for a okay. Well I started it so I have to that episode four whose idea was it to put your show on against the new season of game of throw that's what I wanted to do this is your own idea of us as I'm gonna recommend you shoot that person. You might have to shoot yourself I'm not watching me do me yeah. So many of them don't you might not be and does that. And we'll go back play over there and listen something is happening now. Pretty good then I doubt that but maybe another. A period pieces like I generally thought about game thrown that it finally you gonna see the video fifty surprises people out of the mentioned FaceBook page now. Became a thrown obviously but Wiki was just saying one of the most popular shows on TV. So they're in their film in order. They're gonna have four. Spinoffs basically right but they might not use a mall so we have four and production and there but then they say and they they might end up just doing one. First of all the last season the game throne will air on HBO here's some rumors going around they're gonna make it a Mac or to stay a movie yeah movie theater to see it. But it will be on HBO. But basically HUS president programming he said they don't wanna over exploited. Like they did make ABC did with Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?. Seems like kind of an odd thing rightly that's a strange time. But he gets his old news I think you want wanna be no error the moral boy knows grolier exploited. And well all right so what's the billionaire right with the super popular show and and they put it on four week or forty OEIC. They kind of crushed tendon Cuban saying about the NFL having some of the games on odds waters dump truck. But it still seems a little operate akin to losing him apparently that's not the show but what that what America so basically just ties together. Simple as this one of the I think one of the executives. With touched touchdown he was. Working on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? I eat apples and that's what he that if we're not doing that too and the show I'm working IC entrepreneurial way what is the connection he's seen the movie before media he's got a little personal. Play in this one. Oh elevated above interlocutor in which. My little person and let all our our little personal okay it has it play. Even Molina was little person right now it's got to be is Tammy baker house like our own call to he got to go home for a while. The lose them how can how can I can who's the main guy the one guy's got a what about everybody what I mainly. Burned shorter. Yeah yeah he was on top for a while but no it was in general by Daniel's numbers we may have to go there for a while and I don't failed there again importers of words. But I got a big big loses his lead the way most deeply is gonna rot forever and. Yeah I feel like I only know for game and throw into that picture of him on a scooter important to see it on the razor scooter. I think there is it was just a random thing that put that picture showed up everywhere if it's the kind of make sense. The side the people who use the normal they'll Newton. Yes and then right the other a little personnel like I can't remember his name he was in willow I think he's original no walk in the in the rituals. My heart yeah he was he wasn't like remember him then I don't know Billy party. Wait that was willow yes I was the only Barney now learning. That is a little personality and well I've got no idea though like willow hill so he willow yeah. And Saddam Hussein and I've got I got I've got I am DB's top ten. We'll little real interest I didn't know how we'll see if we identify with the event and hang on there and Garrett is a number number one went way over number 10 yeah I don't data did I attack art. It different strokes Gary Goldman practice becomes an attendant comes and it's populated by the next. Yeah Fantasy Island surveyed Billy says signed here. Over time bandits. I remember the movie actually give a load the movie I know Jimmy baker was nmap but he was also in that movie like seven each other local people. David Rappaport of course. Bruce Charlie and the job of actor. We should put that blue blue blue yes. So he's right it was his name and add this one as well. I'm a delegate Ali Barney I was thinking about more deep right more Davis hundreds of it was becoming. Birth. Bad Santa. Oh learn guy. Black do you we I mean have you establish knows the black dude yeah if you could Tony Cox Tony yeah. It yeah I am Tony. Now. Alright rhetoric a technically he's known as a blue Jeep. And CIA as Los Angeles. Isn't metal brought a little who just a little burst of Linda Hunt on Sunday unless. All but he's angered teenage mutant ninja turtles. Who was a little person that they are full sized Danny would burn the bricks. There's who would also be well Warren Davis all right here's the show by the way he had a show with. Ricky Gervais on HBO for a while that was. Office now we did get it to number one's. There really be anybody else. Burned drug. Petered English all communities. French word meaning to make the list. Ads are designed to the top thirty so give me have a second. So managers on how it's all right I decided not seen night Gary number of respect and. Well figure mini me that's a loaded blast from the past right short. For you guys fans of Jersey Shore now know Robin. Did you net are we did lead the gym tanning in bowls of laundry like easy out the GT a lifestyle we did that for one month. And I have to admit that. I was already pretty well on top of the laundry. It made me go to the gym more there but the thing that I really enjoyed was going to the tanning Booth and you think I'm out of my mind but I that was the one thing that I didn't think I'd like. After awhile like after I got into it for awhile I got draft carmike. This is relaxing and cancer goodness that you buy an error and I like this I feel so much better yet I'll walk out of this place I would no idea and I was the last and I've done it as the years ago but I doubt but it special thing. Pass this up terrible. But it it's like wintertime it's called our office we did hopping mad bad for six and I'll look for six minutes and pasty but man you're right I think I shot lead I finally yet. If you look at my face. It. What did you do get the winner balloon floats you I'm. I'm a notepad in bad. Try attending got no idea where some black folks that don't wanna get in god damn Tammy and I want you to be payment we should I got a prayer for a vacation we should. Have you go into attendant was all right and fulfillment. And you couldn't hosting content just to see the look on the for the people's face no easy doings you should walk into the improvement in the gulf. And our outlooks I got them up. Yeah yeah. Etc. it's army it's cool. Lotion did you want guys look out the tally your dug in enemy of god damn him in look at this is unbelievable I'm gonna hop in my step now it could. Who at all but I hate it I I I'm with you detain without I kind of like different it's additive but you do feel terribly embarrassed when you're walking out of pining for a lot of things that were used to any. Yes yes. I'll tell you something about somebody I knew. Not real well but new. Was. Which side going to the same to any place that I was in the same time. So the person behind the cameras and oh do you know such and such and I said yes and as such and such. And they said well they come in here all the time announces I'm beat team so the next of us all that personal Mike so I hear your regular tanner who like how did you do. Go to the same spot a man yeah it's wild once I got to spray tan. I kid you not I got at least five compliments that night. Russ what have you lost weight have you done this huge you know as high grade math as an orange blood and I was like frustrated knows that now I got to spray tan. Went and they're good chip cookie easily it works it's easy. Why didn't break a sprint I have all the time the man. As in I don't know me and what did you do altering it is to try it. Yes because I honestly I'm so pasty I was afraid to go to the actual teeny bit about something on a are just getting burned and nothing amateur women and I mean right now I found out like everybody goes and they make it yes the story template grits. GT LC Jersey Shore. That show's been off for awhile. All those people are still around there's a rumor going around but they're gonna have currently got a reunion special some sorts they basically just did like a six minute Burger King commercial. For the new chip in power shots that much. That. Dream days. And I can MIT I watched like three minutes of the passing. Which is funny is it's like called him back to get there and then flake the situation that all of whom you lot of chicken Paul Holmes from supervised enough here's snow he's doing a podcasts are all doing something different now individually so maybe you like a reunion thing would be to benefit people who like to. Writes that the seat he basically says commercial but the situation is insisting there's imports the reunion in the situation probably also needs through union more than any of I would think so I think they go for real. They're reviewing here a long play Friday where all he's like I go back to Vegas and DJ and stuff man as situations like I'm not change my last name to critical. And you welcome the other people on the show that we know that smoking Snooki Pauly. Jwoww. Jwoww I'll announce things and jwoww. While if it if if if if half moment and wow that's. Yep 1000. I've been to that beach a number of times man and I just remember having a blast there but I mean I never saw any of those types of people but that boardwalk in seaside heights an analyst of the you can have washed away with murder case it was a cool book boardwalk. Great food great rides than half of a got dumped in the ocean. I was used to Jersey Shore is actually a beautiful beaches this if you ever get together but I deathly ran into a lot of those dudes right I was so Astoria. Nobody will work broke the door on his car was a different color than the rest of his car. We're coming out of his breakfast place in these guys just like real aggressive dislike. All you guys can get it right color calling you with usually got a problem what the people why it would pour blood of young fanatics and if to divert goes as doctor continued bad. Like Rosie shows so that it was Sammy Sosa out of Wal-Mart and get a whole red on its like that. Yeah. All right it we're always talking these days about the Mayweather McGregor. So just my personal opinion there's somebody accuse you of being racist generally you don't wanna save not not that far off for racist joke. But come McGregor is different and they haven't. Periods. A lot of me. At least I am. I'm against me. That's not good newly. Ridiculous. They don't want my blood. I've read that many booted him. Good yeah plus. This little brat didn't. My my beautiful. Black female. Last. Agent trying to steps. Jesus is it my Baghdad. Some around the other real proud mother can actually make honor. I keep saying the same thing how many more weeks of this to the place finish weeks when you on the fact that I think they're only doing a couple more these. I've tiebreak in the great I think they had four total whatever to the first one everybody loved it the second one. I read this like yesterday when he was negative Kyra when everything he's kind of read about a third one night. They both showed up two hours late yeah. So right you're with your past press conference they sort of one neither of them show like 3 o'clock. And then I guess McGregor is they were in Brooklyn kept China lake lake wrapped with some big he cleared since he's from Brooklyn screwed him off from their dislike. They like everybody seemed off their game right near the two best trash talkers in the world but like they couldn't get it out right. Either way wasn't as good as this is better we'll potatoes is better hide the most sporting events get two or more people watch this. Oh this is going to be because huge huge paper view the beauty of the world of fighting is only the NFL Major League basic NBA but I don't like commissioner Dolan which came against that seems they do idiots in this limited run of the mouth not only that but that anybody who has ever been interested in fighting a note to your more on the intimate tips Steve and I grew up in more of a boxing environment in the mail obviously wasn't part of our youth because it didn't exist the time yeah. But there's always been the two sides. The kind of just debate the merits of both arts Bakken Fortier to bar you know I mean you're talking about what boxing is one thing well you have all these other disciplines yet to learn if you're gonna. Compete on in the may level and I think in an interesting way. That's gonna prove a lot of people's theories about what they think about each and every oh sure there of those sports in Annan saying. Right but it's not fair it's not fair but that but still it's still going to that's fair evil looks up the fight yeah it's Bolton Moammar equipment you'll understand what you're stepping into this and we you'd side of the dove perfectly for you agreed to the terms like I don't think you should do it but it's an. I don't think it's fair to say that point of boxing that's a big issue because I think Floyd wins this fight in him and then the Russian a lot of you'll go well. But that proves it boxing sisters sports and but Floyd couldn't get in the cage. Well we got McCain aides definitely did submit that that in that do not gonna go total told the guy in front box and because you can't would you be bald Russian charge from rapid mob taken down to exactly that should be the second part of it. Do you know I mean like leveled the box and one time as do the amendment the next did I tell you and the third one you just don't like kids or her off. Or like I was gonna be as a discipline noted that you eat but sharing their man for the latter a trash cans and go latitude to streak overall grip might end up. When you pay for that. A lot I would order I don't 200 dollars for the fastest tight credit. Thank you generally appreciated their regular TV time what did we get your headlines coming up when my cock you are listening to demands or radio network and timely and Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real world. You know our robber out remains at large after stealing a walk first curb dog and a four ounce bottle of doc Johnson's joy juice. Mother nature not content was swallowing one home in Florida opens up wider and goes for the deuce. What part of Washington State hopes that more kids who can't swim avoid is pulled. Woman takes LT and knocks over 200000. Dollars of what some artist thinks it's cool. And a member of the giant face tattoo says it's tough to find a job it is time for your headlines. It's time day. Yes there's Mike Cobb. Cash out Dario woman in Los Angeles 'cause 200000. Dollars in damage to an art exhibit. While taking a self me. What did she fall backwards and that helps you do all right so here's the deal I got to take care about it. The exhibit was a bunch of creations on pedestals and son of a large room cash. There's just there's a ton of these things all lined up one right after the other like dominos exactly she crouched down to take a photo of one of these pieces. Fell backward into it causing a domino effect. That not all of these things down to be a relief. Lose the love and. Seeing it hello Paul you know here's the truth of the matter in my mind. Artists objective. Yes older artists objected to the person taking it into the artist himself to everyone else and so is it monetary it would. Now if you look at this piece of crap no offense significant it is just pillars that definitely do not cost 200000 dollars the items on top of them might be very valuable I don't know the name of some of those broken crashed I get it. But I high elite. Doubts that the overall value. Of this piece of art is 200000 dollars 13 of the piece of art was destroyed two thirds remain standing. You're trying to tell me that that's a 600000. Dollar displayed no wasn't trying to tell you someone is dumb enough to spend 600000 dollars and that's what I'm in his state it wasn't 200000 although they insurance might pay that and they're they're rich now but there. Yeah I had that when it's whatever he says it costs. As you're affect our at a around the world in an effort to bring a light to a quote lack of customer awareness. UK found it Wi-Fi company known as powerful political closet of their terms and conditions for two weeks. Binding users to serve 1000 hours of community service if they agreed to the terms of its. Terms and condition. I got there according to their record 22000. People now are legally required to serve a thousand hours of community service. Jobs include scrubbing toilets festivals and manually relieving sewer blockages are. It's. Of course they're very likely not going to to enforce this but no Muslim but they just made everybody. Pucker a little left them short but if that's gonna have this money. Guarantee it doesn't make a single person read the terms and conditions up there would still wanna that it would Newton's again. All right now police and Missouri are on the look out for a man that robbed a novelty store. The manager of the store says that the tattooed man ran out of a star on foot with quote the two biggest dogs myself. Check takes effect as well as the bottle of lotion. It's acts he stole the eleven inch all American hold for a whopper RL one of those. And another tenant one and and four ounce bottle of duct Johnson Georgia police are looking for a man with a slight left me. Zach Johnson is doing you guys Johnson's it is lovely. A man a New Zealand is having issues finding jobs report is that to support his family. Could be the charges of aggravated robbery escaping custody or even the assault with a weapon. For the most obvious reason. As to why he can't lie down a job that he's got a massive tattoo across his mouth that doesn't capital letters letters. Dev list and the number eight to spell out devastate. Tip distinction not a math wasn't good planning and all of the employment that's right keep an eye toward the future. Did you hear how he got it he now locked up at age seventeen. Got a when he was he now he gets locked up at like seventeen down his brother's RD in prison is like paying the people message he should get this tattoo. Embarq people Imus and we do we meet future employers he's not ever think anybody I was just troll and amp. Now I mean. I'm guessing maybe the Brothers in there for lifesaving care I don't know that's it must then I think it did work people didn't mess of them but right now he has a tattoo for the rest of his life and he's out. Yet and he's out yeah exactly. All right and Delmon the most exciting moment of any life guards are rare event at Washington State saved two kids struggling in the water within two minutes of each other and left the other five did Stoller drop kids off with a pulled they can't swim parents. I age though as we'll see you next time for the return of the random question quest in your guess is as good as mine the shot of the. Eight and profile this yes indeed it is all too well almost but it's my you know what I'm asleep I'm trying I don't know he lives life. Anyway we will look back so until then please do what you do best and moral lead this thing. Today. There's been taken before a lot of studio audience. And wardrobe and makeup provided by. Presentation knows. Truly feel that way.