07-17-17 Seg 1 - The Mens Room Moves Their Money

Monday, July 17th

It's time once again for the Random Question Question


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You what sort of thing here is real. Trying to offend anyone. There's our. Invited to join the party. This news. All gathered in secrecy. You know they say. Or radio more than three times. And Bjorn. Go look at his own number 2640. Flat. Along with Stephen Drew hill. We Ted Smith. The lie car. There are in the men's room a. Today Iran question question is back. We were abused the men's room rules your guess is as good as my categories food and sweat dot. Get ready to play profile this plus headlines beds are shot of the day fumbles or emails and everyone's favorite TV time with him like clapping and don't part you don't Florida. Where four year old riding the wave. He is hit by a pickup truck. Tony president then putting the flu but just fine with a no pants wearing them. Detectives were seven year old gets fired him trying to stop two people were robbing the store I doctors prepare Oldman for cataract surgery but wave their souls so much more. And North Carolina AT&T'S keep doing CPR and say the man thirty minutes after he dies that is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. All that good kids good day to you and yours all right let's face it. People have all kinds of problems flow problem there small bit frustrating you know I. Bad Internet service despite big chargers though you have good about it. In no way in my base and bat I'm my own personal experience this morning I wanna you can pretty clear here. That is not at all why bring that up I have that thing about. So problems are a little more major however like out of the Canadian. He's giving his speech at his daughter's wedding it jewels after telling his son in law. That is a lucky man. He struck by right. Like that it's the last thing he said before lightning hit the sound system fouled up the Mike cord that's in his hand and basically is that you say you've gotten that. Matt. That's an African. Turns out he did survive apparently a meg a full recovery and yelled right after failure a look at my hand and struck by lightning which I don't know about you. Does not make me think of being. Lucky I put let's face it that's not through any fault of his own. And other hand there's a moment of Britain mild to speaking about her she experienced discomfort in her eyes so you went to the doctor. And it didn't take long for doctors figure out what the problem was for I heard because of the 27. Contact lenses that she'd left in her eye. Over the last 35. Years. And yet you heard me right the woman is actually that's to. Now these are certain things that you need to take responsibility for and alive. Proven your contact lenses for maybe. Cleaning your bathroom. And now I'm a single Wal-Mart doesn't routinely put in a bathroom what what little ploy by the dead body in a bathroom. You can't help but wonder especially when the body had been there for three days. Again I must and they don't clean about the movement to doable. I think to some of the stories result that left us with many questions questions we'd like askew in the form of the random question the question and this is how. You call all's we ask you a question at a complete random. And if you share your glorious story of those we'll show our review of the story that inspired that question your brother Joseph an Iran question question calling for. Or 9990 look like an interim on FaceBook follow us on Twitter amends remind fans in those emails to the men's room and men's or live dot com you are listening to the intro radio network. Oh did you know. You don't have enjoyed the men's room. Begala there's no number 66500. So we've got to bring out hey your guess is as good as mine he categories food and sweat. Booty sweat sweat as in sweat TS like from your body and your board and glory food in sweats knowing up and speak with your guess is is good as mine and today is a day that we do our random question was friend or for a 999 cola brand hello and Dave welcome to the men's room. Okay. So he's. Donate. Don't let somebody experienced and learned some things good day sir about that it just I don't see another again on my duty to remove them. Now no doubt it stuff but they're fine of course and connect Dave let's go this looks good job where you fired from why were you fired. I don't know or I don't think I've ever been fired from a job you've never been fired. Well like if they've picked up that I hit 35 forewoman edit the opening. And he fired Reid ordered when art does he remember. Yet ever thought I would bet you're predict letter. Yeah I mean what does that count good they are less let's refuel employer unbelievable that he fired me on four separate occasions. And yet I always had a job. I mean clearly street you are fired did you stuff get the F out now grab my stuff and I mean Sousa to where they are you gonna light is. Like dude you just fired his proposed arm aren't. I'm gonna aren't. I want it Bart got another job got another job out of college that what they tell you know it. How. Long the George industries a person. Mark Udall. You longer viewed my door quite. All know so why did she or did she keep firing you wasn't but based and thank you were doing your job virtues is down but. No secret what I'd sit quite or are truly met quite well what did you mean like religion. Literally by police use heat the wonder could walk out of the room. That walked in the room they had a good shot your dog walked out of there gone back to be acquired. And you don't why it happened. Now as you're out. No religious Jew or was it a lot of people who work there also. Now let me I don't respect that this circuit got pretty good we were doing military court I helped start the company and we had our issues. And she lived up. A witch with a capital B. And I'm lynch to do we. Wish you if you did did the current quit like being wit to do is win which. On Edwards. Okay I'm gonna live bipolar mental attitude and you know I'm require you quit you don't know where to go work for me now is she still have the company. I know she got fired back you're on record. Well you'd even before it is. So the comedy did you start now by somebody else and making money off of your idea. Pretty much remark but here's the funny I'm not only were put my work like my wife or girl well. You have got Uruguay and your wife a word but you went to work has not worked whites. Correct do you have a work life and houses in normal thing for you all don't know I don't have a record now a guy my size that it Bedanova got a Y yeah I don't want to. Bluntly I am no good I won anything in my currently. It I think they're not well that's good enough. Sure cards just almost the gore side yeah I understand this is bad enough since then you're good enough. It just seems like a B a put down every time as I guess my work brother won't your brother and you get into them are currently in the work programs are very like anything could get smaller what does that mean he's more confident that the it's like my won't step down notes that it grows around each other vote we really want to be we have to because of drama bullet twice removed. Kind of in jail. How would job where you fired promise not easy being green according to the AP but no longer being green is apparently even harder. Steve who admired the puppeteer was fired after 27 years as Kermit the Frog. Iron to a secret by any city's devastated dual failed Muppets founder and mentor Jim Henson weren't too mr. Hamdan a place where Mayer's been the the Kermit the Frog since 1978. And he took over he's been with a mother since 197080 took over as permits after hints indicted 1990 freshen him and he wrote an emotional blogger post in the response to aspiring today was made public key said he was let go against his will. And would never have left voluntarily. You're reading this story now I swear to god this story just popped up. And it's about this dude now they're not being clear what it is and again I guess over the top of the show a much complaining about Wi-Fi is a problem that players certainly on that play is just god damn happy to my computer right now I didn't get the Earl Woods said. Our business. Business conduct like unbecoming Mr. Bush repeated and then they mentioned and again I do get to the article before I could do a shot back yeah. It's sad that so he would not address that he'd been repeatedly reminds so to me it sounds like he goes down a bad place. But I don't know taking who try to find out try and show you real time notes came up as you're reading that story from the last time that the mother attend an issue was with Elmo. And what was this deal with no totally wrong people and he had a couple of accusations against him an amateur I they weren't there Amanda without liking what they're widening of the on I'm a woman scorned the Hollywood reporter. The counseling treatment. But I really say exactly what it is but it does have all the homework expressions of going down to the bad place. I haven't seen the moms and started when it unacceptable business conduct for its dismissal Steve wit Meyer has a long time performer. Recruits do you frock the explanation that was issued emotional blow pulls it's evil blah blah. No details of the nature of his quote repeated unacceptable. Business conduct. But he consistently failed to addresses quote unquote employers feedback yes and multiple remedies were were made in the reasons that he was given for his firing but it doesn't say what goes so. What do you think there. But I had a big problem if anything never he came out last week and was like hey I'm bulletin Erica don't write it's not like I've I'm not for this the latest went he's no longer working here. Which in the best of luck. Everything I've read out and when armed Israel right now sounds like he got an idea of what current should be about. And the and that Coke and Disney had his version you thinking what role will come over the strong. Did Ruben different listened to did not go environments and it did commit what Hitler did they do wrote a Brooklyn violence and did. I'm Hillary. Or do you go role on this you can I don't know at least in the first issue is they felt I had been disrespectful. In being outspoken on character issues and small group of top creative people. On character issues a pen are those not run into touchy Feely here I did okay didn't sit there and then be very bold of him to come out just feel like getting fired for no good reason I think Gordon rolled through this if you know. An element hundred birds are strapped and I just can't imagine sitting in front of the HR person saying listen correctness thing really inappropriate things to. If a in Kermit voice in. Random random friend told a regular and got my bad guys act of random friends hello David welcome to the newsroom. All I. I am open a moment to let my ask Dick Schultz and I do you guys got definitely got there. I pillow. This news content to your ring around Neil with in. We have neon Leon. Nearly yeah I'm really isn't okay at I don't know I love movies Arabia today. There's only news in the grade and I thought about that street view B common ground and the turnout was about wolves do not think moments ago. Let's go this one what would you say is the best deal that you ever gotten on something great save little money thought it was a great bargain you're like hey man aside possession pretty cheap. Honestly I. Go to your children out of the budget duties between him and how many do what. Appears those means. To other dude. Might starting and then one of my other roommate started in July Albert Wired News what does this. Look what it looked as if he's using your son learn from me sounds like Larry I don't yeah I don't I don't think he was raised bubble and I don't I don't and I don't remember an out. And questioning you know I did your editor like your scenario is like the scenario the sitcom the noble would believe. Yeah. Do kids don't have it don't happen every losing his uncle and the right thing. Doing almost pulled out without without the women you know way to. Got it got weird click OK and could occur. At the would you save money out of your. Throwing the Mets and uploading honestly when I I I don't toilet paper. Yeah William vines and entertaining as well it was pretty bluntly about how are broke we. Favor either you guys are you don't. You know we do do you do much to lose good though is that something that you forget about when you have roommates who forget about the fact that there's always one person who will buy toilet paper and no one else does. Exactly and I would do exactly the scenario so I think I was one bracket got good toilet paper like all of us. Almost a month which is creating much unheard of and that's adjourn until. What did some your Obama is considered you know. Like you are telling him that somebody else buy milk that someone else always I've been here I mean if you by the toilet paper what else did you find you were on the hook for. Is it by the person about the world liberals who bought dryer sheets. They bought beer well milk. I was the only one who cook. So any leg vegetable serving meat whatsoever was pretty much don't mean and otherwise. Also at the bit about it wouldn't hurt it and what about you Whitney what about the person who has the other kid when that kitty. I'm didn't like to pull things out of the freezer aren't other good. Like chicken nuggets are well that didn't. Look at the shell into Dublin. Yeah food shapes as well our boss or club you have a huge numbers and there's a reason why we ask what's the other best deal you've ever gone out and will donate time to go to way venue for any thing whether it's a concert or sporting events etc. Then the prices are gonna be expensive when you're going to go a little Stan never brought us. And as they are believer not building a new football stadium as we speak right now Ed for the Atlanta Falcons. There is a law on George Little. Open we'll know there's a law on the books in Atlanta and it's as if you are pro team every two years you get a new wielding a play it just opened the got to another day just do or don't that young. It's not that old. It really isn't that'll mean it's like one years. Which depending on age might sound like a long time but these things go Turner Field is less sold and then they just villain a baseball stated this with a built in Atlanta and give your give every ballot. Little of back door community the opportunity to have a stadium for at least 45 years. And they build another. This building the building right now is absolutely ridiculous looking at I don't know if it's going to be. Sponsored by Mercedes looks a visibly Mercedes logo can elect via super homered Okur and a New Orleans is the crazier in the journal world. You know what I did not get to see everything around it I'm just saw all the pictures of what the stadium look longer look at they're gonna play and this year and to present looking facilities like a lot of them are close to Jerry world now. But they're built when he's got the standard and so here don't we all as far as the NFL stint with the NFL. The average price for an NFL take it in the 2016 season any idea what you guessing an average price for a that it focuses 7565. Bucks 86 dollars. A beer is an out of us not getting him appears about seven dollars and fifty says that's written hot dog is about 550. Other raiders they say are there could be some really cheap places yeah com yeah they say the raiders of the biggest criminals as 112 pounds heavier generators home game will cost you will. Almost eleven dollars hot dog is almost seven it is the most expensive hot dog in the league so here come the elect falcons. And they're doing everything they can't account soften the blow of the super balls about a way. Mercedes-Benz stadium yeah about offering fan friendly prices at their new home stadium it's opening August the 26 now here you go these are true prices this is all of a stadium this brand new facility. What do you guys think it's gonna cost you let's just start with the usual Coca coal large Coke coal. Five books. To do really well pretzel with cheese. 552. Mean hot dog to tune with the waffle Fries through three hour rule slice of pizza. 323. Who popcorn. I want to bottled water H two bucks how about a souvenir rip billable cup reading go get give more for books. For now I'll ride it's not Joe's with cheeks should be free. Two books three books. The highest priced item on the menu is chicken tender basket with Fries at six bucks. If you're wondering what a Bud Light draft beer will cost you were domestic draft beer five bucks. So all things chicken fingers and Fries is phenomenal and Larry like Jordan Anderson Fries and stadiums like a 1213 dollar Boettcher in Brazil gentlemen it is time and so does his there's not a bad idea as far as Americans are they keeping those prices they are he goes right or is for the first year that there in existence at says vs their new thing fan friendly prices of the new home opener. Now what do you think. Honestly now they say opening does that open ask her did does that mean eskolaste for the season they don't specimen then the hell no and that's my question is just like the Montana game and we knew specified area and there are no role will be SP and treated the stuff out as far as the prices of it doesn't say anything else about it that's just the first game. Like increasing what do they say it as an opening. Yes come on man not opening of their new opening to me in their new oh home that it says in their new home opening August the 26 I don't know if that's earlier on either way. Pretty can't I'm with the America of the reasons people are going to minor league games. Bribed them to more intimate environment you can bring the entire family and everybody can eat everybody can have a good time it's not like it's Killen who makes it Brenda. I'm Brenda Brenda right hello Shawn welcome to the bedroom and didn't trigger. Blue friend I'd Jonathan Ayers right. What tell what is the worst thing that the weather has done to you forcing the weather's done two years. I lingering doubt that far firing. Flotilla to my getting soaked to the gore by rain it's about when it decides to rein in what your situation is. To a baby and so while Raines who's been random walk off if you gotta say if you weren't a god name suits because you're an outdoor wedding or some crap like that the middle of nowhere. And then dumps on expected depth. Presidents Florida several years ago visiting family. And I had my cousin and I paid out or run to the story way into the store. And right when we came when we came out. It was raining. Pouring down rain thunder. Our emphasis South Florida. I react so I'm diarrhea lasted what like twenty minutes and funders rain and then just kind of stopped. Pretty much yeah out look last flood. We looked at each other out we. Left the store. AA elect Brad Wanamaker runs ordered. Watched him under the car either number rented car a market you run in did in. Product. Didn't work. Although you did and I'm not good and not a thought I was in no original apartment I just for the record sunburn. Yeah I'll just forget about hurting when you get humble despite I'd rather be soaking wet can be some guys you would have been in Phoenix haven't finished with a flash floods with a flash for you. This is of his own efforts OK so it's north it's north of Phoenix there is a huge unusual storm goes through this time the Ernie just absolutely dumps. Where it dumped. A forest fire had been burning for about two to three months and sporadically soak all this area was basically clear cut by the fire. Now when the water started hitting it there was nothing really to keep the water back to soak anything up to write just was a free for all. Six miles downstream words blue skies there's Pham was playing in a river and oh birdie good yeah yeah a wall of mud and water came running down the mountain they said it was ten feet high. Forty feet crawls in wiped out everything. I got a fourteen members of one family nine passed away. I saw that headline and added I didn't realize then what and a good job. Unbelievable. Friend requests requests made 44999. Hello Gloria could I have done it ever ordinarily think wow why doesn't. Or at least to have platforms that we gotta slash wanna go on to go smoke goma mom and I'm never ever 'cause our audience he's not all these stories are nice. Random question questioning for 4999. All the more because go to you're listening to the bedroom radio network's secret. True it was my. About a big Joseph your views a men's room rules all the rules you made throughout the years admin or live dot com all nicely categorize Torre will put a few more in love coming up men's room roles on the way right before the shot of the day in the meantime it is our and it wasn't quite a record 999 alive and hello Sam welcome to the men's room ran. Claire all of this pillow on top does the same with this man. It is time to answer the damn Sandra dance they're fluid they're right Sam let's see here we're a five game bait. Any evidence them. Can't I don't. I'm very well well I thought that there are a little offense servers. And Jerry got a book called yes let's go this what Sam what did you steal. But he stolen in your life. What advice or. First thing that's where that is. Which you're actually out fiber therapy so I'm not sure they're there that was your first those first ventured to be five fingered discount liquor would inevitably perched. You know back when they had that big candy bin. Yeah at this store yeah you're why they don't have them anymore Sam yeah absolutely I got her you know I don't know what. I followed up both think well yeah I just end up with a couple efficient the car. Actually remembers well the first thing I stole from a store. Our number right Nichols forty nonsense some six years old funneled cash to our new was to kind of puffy. Glow in the dark scholes stickers. I don't Wear like on my policy in Brigham also with them there pain in the ass to get off my bike. So no matter what you as hello worsening mutual so absolutely Al Arnold baseball cards baseball go to FaceBook or what was best guards got an impact. I don't remember you know but I definitely remember I still baseball card first time I stolen from a store. Dead people that baby sat me hope their kids have gotten chocolate receives. Peanut butter is if I did not getting that. How is that perhaps the money after Easter and stolen. If you're able welcome 'cause let's turn allowed it's still steel and the fact that three out brought this story a brief live there's more from a now with what did you steal a guy who was described as quote white and a white male with a shaved head in a tattoo on his neck. Went into an adult store in blue springs Missouri and stole two's specific sex toys as the store manager put the guy took quotes the biggest dogs I sell. Those are an eleven inch one that's a war and as a strap on an irregular attendance one. Gaza stole a big model blue book which now doubles and download option so looking tracked this gentleman down you think he's pitching and catching. I think he's catching I think he's probably go to because it's important him to know specifically would sex store to be huge granite and in the loop was not an app. Afterthought to know if I win and I am definitely grab and a flashlight if I am stealing said the subject for myself I would think so those items that are for him and yes absolutely and I think he's catch him like look we can do this you know but blue and I made sure. And I got it right this very important ground receding and and then these two. Frank I don't bring your own thing. Down let's go government agencies I do I no longer own any sexual devices for male enjoyment. Little mining and I had like a flashlight for awhile there what are we guys we got a couple things that other world find it was just analysts have words of stuff going home luckily it. My hands in my day horror at a question question cal and ask continue on the men's Wear a radio network.