07-17-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Tracks It Down

Tuesday, July 17th

Mens Room Question: Who was looking for what and why?


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You what sort of thing here is real. Trying to look. Offend anyone. There's our. Lord. Invited to join the party. This is done. All gathered in secrecy. They say shake your radio more than. Times. Wow. Dude yeah a 1806. People are there. Along with Stephen Drew hill. We're dead. You won't football. By car. It's hard to imagine a. After I hit 200 yard run castles and it was good enough. Today Ryan brings us the cost of meeting at ten hardy backstage. The word has more American praises other countries simply do not understand the threat of player profile list. Yes also linesmen are shot of the day fumbles through emails everyone's favorite TV Danica backlash data gone arterial Florida man upset that he bore his chicken. Starts attacking beach goers with the aid boat anchor. We go to Jersey Shore worry beach umbrella blows away. And peeling a woman downwind in this banker. Javanese city looking to hire and inches and 85000 a year. Woman in Texas fights off follows friend's nose while holding a beer and Moline survives being attacked by thousands of these in California. That's all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. Hello I have mentioned is good day to you and yours are right. Imagine a ten inch wide berth and torrential. Would benefit. That's the real thing and lives in the Brazilian rain poured. While lose their most of the time to these things man who stayed in the parking lot in England. After they got out of her container after container fell over and now the not quite sure reviews tended to live bird eating tarantulas and but authorities are in fact searching for them. We have a story about a man who had a search of his own than this if you wanna find biological parent your promoter of the general story about this goes. But to say the story. It starts weird gets worse keeps getting worse it's crazy and go man on man maybe you should have never heard surge. We're biological parents would searching. Is what we do we have the story of a woman always looking for a long waltzes on to find out but a long lost sister was also her next door neighbor and a packet through a yes while the other system back into the long story but in the end and birds one of them with the and police in New Jersey they were looking for the owner of the need. Posted a mug shot of being number FaceBook page deemed by the way of thug who wandering the streets of New Jersey heavily in my after the search they were successful. And found him so today it's just all about searches some are more important than others some mechanics of her passion it doesn't map. Today we want to know. Who was looking for what and why they brother Joseph call 8449990. Well like the men's room on FaceBook followers on Twitter and answer Graham amend your life. An email for the men's room and mints are my dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio networks. Pages you. Through. All the other analyze our image on our 2008 iron and 64. How sorry I guarantee future rebate. As he targets are trying castles coming to sit and spin and today Ryan brings us the cost of meeting ten artist backstage now. That you need to know this day and age as far as your opportunities go. They are a lot better than they were say I don't know thirty years ago win. Basically the only way you can get backstage is if you were does have decisive apnea do that opening now. As part of our memos in my favor bans miles me too I mean I cantonment and I would volley crew tonight but. You couldn't you couldn't get back there and that was the whole thing if you knew somebody who got the party with a banner get backstage. Well these opportunities now. Don't necessarily have all of that. Some differ from others but one thing that they do all have in common is for the most part you're gonna be to get backstage or two a side area. And you're going to meet the artist now whether that is because your member of their fan club online. Whether you bought a package that is part of the meet and greet package and you do have those opportunities Vegas has them I think for a lot of the shows. A lot of artist obviously don't need that they opt out depending on the level of the artist would you be surprised I mean Britney Spears does a residency and Las Vegas you can meter. A calls because money they all differ sometimes it's just to follow solid told is that semester by played somewhere. And always part of on him what he would do aren't so he's doing his solo thing I think that at the merged group there were. Or professionally printed signs for teachers is that the other way a nurse's hand written note taped up there. And I believe it's like if you wanna meet him fifty button. Since they Hammond BP HR ash yes cash unopened and out of the thing as that that's true too much cash so on the cost of I he's number one by Tuesday in a wintertime tit for you pass he sees number one. On the cause demeaning to an artist backstage is going over the Ryan castle. And sit and spin and the word has more American phrases that other countries don't understand soft. And they were gonna talk about what you were looking for what was looking for you. Who was looking for whoever was it just depends on the situation is everything from. Family members who look for lost family members. People out there who have been looking for lost dogs mean we have situations where the authorities are looking for people those people know who they are. You brought up the story of the guy who was. Hiding in a grocery store. Because not least he. He was at a bank doing whatever he was doodles are back a bunch of cops showed up at the bank it basically bum rush the party. He knew he was out on bond for like a previous drug offense so he knows accounts of their combat but he manages to get out of the bank roads across the street to the grocery store. And each is trying to blend them people had so. About four minutes later all of those optional storming the grocery store that it went through so he freaks out sneaks into the back utility running climbed up into the ceiling. The problem was wont point he fell through the ceiling not all the way out of legs tonight and you record the deli section I believe was grant. So the cops he does not come bombing come down but no he would not conduct climbed back into the ceiling. To their collection on the twenty minutes but. Lo and behold he crashes three day and but again not all all for coming in to meet department this who has been refrigerated leads to Gartman specifically. I his leg pain that conflict comment for a eventually they managed to get this guy and they arrest them for all us obviously. But the bad part for him and they weren't looking for him. Someone had robbed the bank. So confident the bank but who over rob the bank you've gotten away they went to the grocery store where he hid. Deceived because the surveillance footage from there can identify this person what they were never looking for they would out of no he was there to be felt through the god yes you know. Was at a sporting event with a buddy but any massive weight off. We get wig okay good giant week. So was so big that it was taking up space. So the security guards came half the mother body kind of freaks out just hand them is lax the security guards like. Just down and out just take a wig off. They call the I didn't get back. Out of Harvard and like linked to update it. Again I come up and I try to teach at the white kids like. Don't copy anything until it has been addressed them don't know that entrapment and I think those eighth or ninth grade. To those a guy who into another school. And he was a big dude you played football. And he was the best biggest guy that they had it and I I think I said so I Kara let's that the but either way I don't remember how the news you set your own eyes at something domain name or whatever. Either way the word goes around he wants to kill me like the word is Alec if I see Montgomery and would it kill. And I salute was very unique what did you use it to about probably just talking about my life has tied his mother or is I'm probably Andre Johnson's time nods price at the mid ridiculous and I value but it is not more so than him. This is John and off the field to Canada I'm not quarterback now path update I think the matters go for an arm or when a kid and because I think that did you say I. So a lot of bad things on the sports field I've never known anybody to go find the body after the game now the president and then he would look good for me at the dinner. And maybe was either way so egos he tells somebody that our nose in mutual friend he says you tell them I see them. I'm gonna kill and I wouldn't kill you know and I mean and I am like oh god. You know you do remember what you said yes both cat and said even didn't employed basically. What is Israel wanted to what did you say about his girlfriend the basis say guys silly a minimum common for him. Because otherwise in tombstone. It's a cool. I don't remember oh god yeah who now all I do yeah. Wahlberg is almost I don't know an oral orders for the title hello hello oil wasn't that I think I said now I can say it anyway. So they did know him anyway so I didn't matter though like that he's slumped in either. It it will matter to him that so. Generally I think smartest thing I will go to the people I don't try to irritate them you know anywhere during the game it sure did. But the thing was it was it was only a few places you could go so there's only one movie theater income rise there's only one mall there's only like a couple of places. People hang out. Select every time. That I would end up going someplace it was kind of like hell's gonna I was like on a mission in an Atlantic. Literally corner of behavior it's easier to he's not here how long posted its like coming up like. I wanted to go to the mall and all hang out like we are Cano plays the hang out here as a kid parking lot of this you know McDonald's or whatever but. Matheny bill if somebody was that the error every tone doesn't comment examining and has been added that he's there at that kind of doing surveillance. Before Hanley. Okay a gold McDonald's and the people know it reminded her of Mormon and I did really well anybody know exactly that is needed to be some is it's going to be like. Are right here it's on during this is said the negative stuff. So eventually happen wooded Isa. I think is the EC BC. A basically told her that I would have sex with her with someone else's team. And I wanted to the other guy if he's at it as they c.'s ugly should I wouldn't do that with his. And so it wasn't it was just he just came out of amount runner it was a personal. No part of the cougars football if you're like hitting ninth grade and these talk crap on. You know what the virus and off so good to have a hero for all right so here is so ugly or here's the prop eight you know did I know that you know his girlfriend he's done. She's actually very attractive and maneuver that was even worse. So that we get this damn well really you can't cover all men on the today it in the zone I don't learned that a person that sounded to end it wasn't personal opinion doesn't use that a group right regular schools county dance thing whatever. Its own I didn't see him he saw me out into the bathroom he came in there and just beat though the company. Bang my head off this thing that I could two got shot drop us an idea out when he started Google about the Ryder and I'm like hey Rick and his three seconds from Britain zip up manager and a I'm like I had damage that but I knew it had to go down. And to stimulate the waiting was the worst part of her brother felt like I the other and you look I know these these how long pony all we usually don't like his government like now. Accidents and that and I'm like yeah. If I did that it would net you an Israeli. How or what was it like models like 34 months like on that I would just wanted to tell a long time and wanted to and everywhere I would like my heart was being you know and he looked right at it I will be Zaire and couldn't get a pizza nothing you know and keep its side and do the guinier has been our newest go to is just a matter he would your head on us all he thing I don't think they're done. On the big dude a hole through the I yeah I mean vitamin a guy and gentleman the of these there'd be an element again. I think it ravaged good time there really was it was a terrible time on those yeah who is looking for what and why 844999. Cola. Hello my cool welcome to the men's room. Oh. All back. Although a lot more six year old boy. Qwest Field seriously relative want to. They can't be comforting. To know. How it's cooler about it. How Long Will low was he missing from view. About one minute did you take in the Mac rumor did you just lose them and it. When you're while we remind that the copy place in we like I don't wander off simulating. What do you want a jury at this sushi so demo ladies that worked great and an editor on these golf. A man. You. Virtually winter my dad was someone heard me say don't wander off and just snatched marble it. Book of. That's what I take the opportunity grandchildren is when I hear that parents say hey be good standard there reality is that's the problem with the loss child right if freaks out the panic in absolutely as Lee goes a lot of sporting games and often times you see a small child run by in my head. The parent should be here but I'm not stopping that's all child now again we don't right now I'm Oprah I don't know where you know you can't write like a dude I was in the corner with a kid whose products seventy years old he was young and usually for the light across a lake glides across a disorderly. Why all along was wrong or ordinance that left. At the same way you get how can you operate under on nearby studio. Bill Weir but did say on an iron we don't have a mystery dom has gone home. Seeds are currently I got lost their wild ways advocate. So how long did were alerted The Who. He got into the director Lee did see the one right next to me and decided not to tell me and just started walking around well all of the nearest bathroom. And of course I want to security and they've now Seattle police narrow look at or I'm out one point has set up your rundown of the field to stop this game such as much oil care you rescues one of them before you do know. That's a little extreme I mean surely you'll she'll let you let your son and I'm happy down but that's yeah they've carried Florida bar you. There amid doubly parental sold did they are a number did you find around the world where did you end up getting reunited. They found him walking back from the register who brought back to me. All right good and our laws resumes as I question my fears things can remember what are reunited ever wanted to do stuff they did and never wanted to get to the PA level. But his own against today the alerts and people see did you have to be reunited like now they don't really know what's going on like you know an admirable way you know it wasn't your fault either way I was 70000. People like liberal mind when they'll call you the front of the target you don't mean in the kick kids crying out let's hear the a hole apparently there and healing then it. At then you're on display you know against such words. Thought don't fifty years that they've put the order so I called many parents over the PA you know like they get kid out there. Comment there was that was the protocol might keep it gets his say okay we've got a bit of fear. Amended and guy girls not coming out his nose. Usually we just like people while in the bunch of people looking around for the parents you know who they're looking obviously to most above what sort of go at all. If you like we. GM up here in the pair finally show up. Well I think our men and I think there's I think times are little to change until. I don't like doing figure eight so it in this restaurant like you know doing their own thing and parents or pay any attention one gives like Elaine on its share and is like man. My mom would be mad at all Hillary provided any of that to the east each restaurant and it looked at a he knew being polite or ovals off the table and sit down and shut up the economy and elegant little bit quicker. Who was who is looking for what a Y 844999. Old. And in all your parents did mine emerged in front of every now says he acted up in store which is like kids love that cover it. But they don't think you'll reasonable is too much I know rob with an unknown reason I don't but my mother man gives you think she's contribute quote I do this thing. The magnitude grocers or tie up our. You all act blacked out and went wild man and I was like the most humiliating thing under dislodged I don't. And talented man my grocery store snobbery and file members now he had sometimes nimbly. Did the kids. Do you think about it ever get lost a couple times just. We just a walk off that I'm able to offer we played hide and seek did not tell my mom we're gonna play Agassi but my daughter did that and there's upsetting yet and so what a pilot travel or play today. Listen I understand your play that goes into most important thing that we all know. It doesn't but the beauty and intelligence called my kids admit even if you're waiting for your mom and she shopping it's the same wondering if you do just like if you're a parent now it's your life instead of your mother you know enemy assisting them analysts say if he gets called I'm is I'm gonna go walk around us just me you know and I don't want them focused the first place usually fun toy selection did you write his inaugural. And they're gonna go from there it's like that's the ball to the flame man. There was looking for a while and why 844999. Alone can't just hanging out of the drunk on it. Crowded basically you drug buddy our guy got a final look Taylor welcome to the bedroom. Well we're kind of lowered her whole ours. It's. Last year. I mean everybody went on a bachelor party out and show land. And that. Little digger who I should say about like ten or eleven and that we went out the first where it went to. The only bar that was quite occupied. There's a bunch other bachelorette parties and it. So we start drink and talk on the way dug in little ladies haven't collapsed. And well together a group camera and I he you are called mr. cops say he's. He showed no I suspect you make some port you know everywhere else and just pull competence and when this guy drinks. He likes to just you know keep he turned it way out. Well. Fertility. Mr. Crosby concerns about how tight the guy had to do not bear that that guy. Yeah like in outback Subaru classic. So. We were winding down the bachelor is spike. Pirating hard one eye open and so what we gotta get out of here. Jim my camera. We column O dot plex RO RA I mean he mistakenly show up in the bar insurers some young lady wanted to keep that shirt off. So we leave and it slight up forty minute cab rides soda. Pop they're being do you understand. We go to bed. We wake up. 73 the aviation. And there's tax SOS SOS. And where where are you guys. Seriously it's called. That's why it is globalism. Wandered off. And bella sleep on a bench in the middle of social and and woke up stone dying. Look what you don't leave immediately you turn your phone up there when your drought is. The we laughed about it to about 1 o'clock just so we couldn't really really don't feel it isn't mailing of. Yeah well. Elected to sit as who have yet. His didn't look if he wanted the desert is it that the food is looking for one in mind and 844999. All still to come dragons are dragged out Conan since then we've got the cost of meeting ten artist backstage. Coming up with city and spend more your calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Was miles. It's also county deputies arrested Austin van horn after he tried to get away from them on a moped style motor scooter. Debbie is Dave van horn was driving the moped on the wrong side of the road when the officers or another sirens. The driver made eye contact with the officer and he would not pull over near the 4100 block of Dawson wrote. Van horn then drove through a median. Over a traffic count then on to a nearby railroad he drove on this island railroad tracks and tried to lose the deputy who later did lose sight to van horn. Deputy however saw van horn about fifteen minutes later in an apartment complex. Deputies say the man was not wearing a shirt was panting sweating and had mud and tree brush all of from. They later also found the moped deputies arrested van horn and he admitted to running from the officer because he had an outstanding mormons Warren's. Moped was not registered tag or insured it. He is facing charges for eluding driving on the wrong side of the road and driving without license our question who is looking for what and why 844999. Cola. Hello old payment hello autumn welcome to the Madrid. Autumn hello hello all. Hello. Your god guns. Hello how are you doing well on and are you. I had a big and big and lately he outdoor girl and oh yeah that's thermal armor and I feel old Barrett thank you yeah. So those looking for one. I could actually looking bored and I heard. Okay and literally it went how long did you know that you did not know who your birth father was. I don't I truly don't know when it really I think it's. And it may. Eight and that. It is kind of explaining the dynamic feeling my parents aren't too bad they're actually children already. And that I would real glad I'm back and understand those kind I'm. You have Brothers and sisters. Yeah I have and transport deputy and all with the same father. Now I have and yet here and you have Brothers and I don't have people. Aren't. So they know they know who their father art the UK relative miles as you just you magical. A business trip your mom was on whenever. Yeah I got Derek how you crazy story you basically her and then I started dating game and it where am I. I am and eat and are you pregnant and went to the plane controlled and I. And he kind of disappeared Oscar beat and tired is I. Go and they aren't I knew he had no idea about me and see how the area how each. And I'm pleased and so about it will be heard them. And they said that they believed that she gave Ben did they say they are no idea in that state would back name. And stats you kinda ended at Seattle and you know my whole life as. Audio like the immaculate conception. So busy mom says honestly she brushed by a network like well they work together and all you do and I bragged that hey dude I don't smoke bomb without a clear out. How has the option. That would. They you know wondering you know that are they're walking next to related to eat pretty pretty beat. Either. I did actually about form on the go it trick. Okay I'm not now how did you how how long did you started the process of the investigative stuff. I think how lucky our hands are about fifteen years I actually had a teacher a middle school. And I did pretty close and am told that the situation is she home. I can guarantee that we couldn't I hadn't dealt him grind out every do you hunkered down I would hours and again these are. And he goes well what was his response. Did you reach out to him I'm guessing. Yeah I did I and me at. Our nominee basically told. I I thought he is my father. I'm actually lived in Florida. On them hold on hang out Nancy if I wanna Eurovision identification Lira back to you okay. Our question who was looking for what and why it 44999. Alone. They should many games continues on the men's room. On the radio network.