07-18-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Can't Stop Staring

Wednesday, July 18th

Mens Room Question: What unique body part will you always remember?


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He what you're about to hear his real. This radio program. A person. Trying to look. Offend anyone. There's our. Invited to join the party. This is. Other than secrecy. This is done. They say. Or radio more than three times. I don't know why they go like this November 2865. Along with Steve the thrill hill. See Ted spread. Whom. Tattoo. By car. Okay our fundamental. Moon's dark slacks. What you don't need to know these flop addition. Get better player profile list. We'll headlines and injured shot of the day fund illusory emails and everyone's favorite TV time the dead click clack did get a guy you're gonna Pennsylvania where Nagin man on the side of the road tells cops he is partying hard. And excuse for getting caught having sex with a horse catches almost everyone off guard. Newman New Hampshire mean mom wants him to pitch in and look out there. And steal drugs and do them but accidentally stream it live on the air in an old people through a fence while stealing and know. And it's all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. Although lab bench did a good day for you and yours are right. Body parts were all have them some of also put out of another. A bag there's a recent study and Australia and they found that a large percentage of women believe Obama have some anxiety. About the appearance. Of their genitalia. Of all give the whole study but you can guess how much impact that had on the track they met. Let's just say men not quite as worried about what you've got as long as he got. Now that's led. And different studies. Saw them find out. Edmonds penis sizes were important to. Man and basically the conclusion that they reached as far as men viewing their people's eyes. Men do in fact care about European asides because men overwhelmingly believe. That women care about the pigs see they go hand the in the hands of all we believe the women care about value being his hand in hand we care about the size of a heinous it's really. Does that ease and that we also revelers as far as what parts ago now it's not their genitalia. But when it was though the 35 celebrities with the former aren't that you may or may not heard about a few of them like. Harry styles of all the rage may be about to UW affordable. Maybe a dozen some people overly attracted because she. Listen I don't know how judgmental you are unfolded it she was born with a tail. They did hadn't heard what removing just know the monkey girl there one point at a temperatures to heat and the actors she has no belly button. And and I'm a go pollster that listen to come and out but. When it comes the body part to form pretty weird neat cross I don't know so we just want to ask you this question. What unique body parts when you always remember. Big Brother juggle a four point 9990 look like commence their month FaceBook follow us on Twitter and then to Graham and mince her life and send your emails for the men's room and mints are my dot com. You're listening to the men's or radio network. Hey Joseph you know have enjoyed the men's room. And I'll have a go along with Jennifer 2865. Program everyday guaranteed future re Pete as we get the return of who sucks less we understand. That there is someone of the FEMA. To this week's who sucks less. I'll kind of tie in together somehow two out of three Muslim women well let all connected people so I'm right. That's the long story short and we isolate three stories of particular substitute and we askew which one of those three Sox released who sucks less is coming up what you don't need to know the USA today put out a list of the fifty biggest flops. In US history from a consumer standpoint this is everything from cars the the Edsel was still on the list of like number cold air Tony for 23 years so anything that was meant to be consumed the was all of that and more and didn't make it. Well that made the list there's fifty of them summer food some of them are toys cars you name it. If it flopped it's on the list of we've got for you. The ten biggest flops and what they say modern history all I know about the Edsel and I know it's an older car I know flopped massively. But I also know that my parents first official dates. A wanna say my like my father's car died of our newsroom his car either way. He picked up my mother in an Edsel what's more of them act. The inside of the Edsel interior was all red. Not because they opened and read but because my father's roommate had spray painted the entire all soul that Obama birth date time that's very very upper fifty some years now apparently it worked there. There you go guys are right it's something. But what you don't need to know is coming up with a flop additional aggregate those with a child day and another round of profile is coming up and that's they gonna talk about what you need body parts. Will you always remember M we're gonna start with a female side here. And the study was just concluded and it was the largest study on female genitalia. And it confirm something they say that should have been obvious all along. After examining the ball those of 657. Women of all ages a ball above is that ball below the put all your car elderly and wagons you know the suvs. A team of physicians at a Swiss hospital have concluded. That there is no need to worry about what you've got going on down there. The affirmation is important given the insecurity over one's genitalia is somewhat prevalent in women across the world for example 2016 study. Surveyed 443. Australian family doctors and reveal that 97%. And cared for a patient who expressed anxiety over whether. Her genitals were normal and according to a 2017. Report by the international society of aesthetic plastic surgery. Number of women who went under the knife to surgically Alter the size and shape of the revolve. Increased by 39%. Between. 2015. And 2016. And Gaza insurance doesn't cover the procedure known as a lady of lasting. It is marketed as a means to rejuvenate and refine the appearance of the external. Female genitals. In some cases women seek lady of plastic because the skin around the vaginal opening. It is painful after. As a rubs against clothing or during sex. Majority of these surgeries however were performed in women who feel that third ball those are two large. Or they're not. They're embedded that's furcal and Juan big symmetrical ball gap a trend that I thought I mean you hillside communities tell you that right now. Oh boy here we go small symmetrical Arabia and literal hoods and most representations of all the so another words. Based on what diet diagram show Jenna and based on other things. In the current starting. Published in an and a magazine. A doctor and her colleagues sought to finally provide the medical literature with a reference of the diversity. Different types of volvos in healthy women so basically I'm a different types of all was a look at. Thousands they took detailed measurements of the size and I'm learning something new today between a big easily just know this kind of like a thumbprint and got a there's no two that are the so there's always going to be like food and everything else labor yeah I think it is no flagrant yeah you know baby innocent about Jamal CEO. This implant and are these are all between volunteers between the ages of fifteen to 84 years of age volunteers and volunteers. Who showed up. The investigation since those largest examination of bulbous shape today. So if you're thinking how all anyone know if you're thinking that the ball the study and then 1993 had more on that hit done this one's bigger. They found the providing a problem an average size of these female features is practically useless because the range is so wide. The length of the out of lay B a for instance was shown to very. From twelve millimeters to 180 millimeters error and the vaginal opening was observed to range from six to 75 millimeters. One limitation the must be noted however is that all subjects were Caucasian. If women of multiple and the groups were included the variations would likely be even more pronounced you don't know might be like general all women from Argentina have the exact same bulls right. These results may serve as a reference for doctor seeking to reassure concerned female patients after all the Australian study mentioned above also found that a quarter. The doctors were not confident in their ability to distinguish normal genitals anatomy. If you're curious and you wanna see the amazing assortment of female farms check Gabi Levy a library gallery awhile don't do it work for the international vagina dialogue survey of 2006. 70% of women agree that the society's taboos running Regina contribute to women's ignorance about so they're got they're all unique. Anita where there's nothing wrong with them right now that's the dollar you know that is their employees so I guess semi look women will see a real door rides and every guy can be won but in this case if you look at amenable I Graham. Oval vagina it's a standard drawn but you're gonna perceive that as bad as what it to look at. Some of these web but the thing and look I don't know about a woman I don't assume you guys get together and talk about the shape. All of your ball those but obviously that would lead in security if yours doesn't look like what the medical world to only be able Moore also anyway. They do this study and they say it will they concluded is that the drawings that we use in comically pay no attention and I do it if you got a ball it's your own. No no to all those are like Alison I actually just. Also think about one of those things where it's like. I agree and it's just my theory in but I think when you're in relation with Sony nobody ever cares now if you're to make fun of somebody's privacy generally just that stark to comment you make after a breakup short short short yeah yeah I mean it is so that's the you don't mind. You don't but I was kind of the point of the study like look. Even whatever you think gay guy might be looking for that's the case it doesn't matter you can. Because whoever he is with before you look we never would normally we would normally they are circumcised or you're not circumcised what you knows what you know killer you have as we you have actually. On the flip side that we've got to study coming up and even my. The women would and they volunteered this no problem no questions asked it was easy to do on the on the male side. That is not bin is easy to do because in the surveys where they were looking for men. To go in and have their penis photographed and all of those things in measured what do you suspect happened. Only guys and have a magnificent April release and it only men who were confident enough to do that are going even if there if your average size you can be confident enough you lead are bigger than average. Your company sent thirty behavior below average those members were less likely to go and no pun intended of an ass and do the talking about so people look they've tried to figure out away because it's. Private it's a self esteem issue. And researchers had to get through that barrier to be able to do the same type of study for men so that makes sense to me because guys and what's your penis this was severely deformed guy because with the women away at least they model to study. The single women are sure of what they have is it real threat does not with the guys the real closeness you look down your penis and there's the before you know there is so the only thing we basically thing on the science assuming but not before that it. And now part of something wrong with that just if you figure paean small. It's not something new gonna brag about and if you want to feel better everyone likes to find out who all in the celebrity world has a bunch deformities you know it's absolutely bring those to you as well so I don't quite good looking people ma'am what yes I want George clue me. Obama is the guy Gerard Butler Ashton Kutcher honor and Hillary style. They digs. Then I look at people Matthew I. Why does that make behalf Mario would tell what you need body part we always remember 844999. Pull up. Hello Clark welcome to the man drew. 00. Wow. I shout out to not play Christian name and get my favorite. Thanks Clark. Are now. Its first grade edit show adult day in this grow at least you are shot edged gauge issue off. Sticker shock got. But just put on the table she had six toes. On them. It was a super noticeable I could it was a foot wider than the other towards cram in there. I look like a normal legislative action due to dull like Jack up that I kind of weird. Do you think like I mean okay. So you've got 67 tells what are you could Newt could you make the Olympics on the swim team or is that like. But you don't know I think that you've been wed to those in that seven observe your feet kind of fanned them and the natural way that say you know flippers well yeah. You have an advantage you absolutely do and I think you should be able to pushy a swimmer. I know you Jewish. OK I don't know how that merit. I don't know I I'm not sure I do talk about it right. Julie Zito. Oceanic it was stolen usually old testament you have I have sprinter nobody's gap after. I. Now did you have a six toes on both feet or just won their shots up. I did so once it does the until you lemons. Yeah pocono. Last year and at the airport. Our home and she won't run I don't have sought church you're. Yelling. Edgy side I don't like hey you do about that 60. Q I guess I'd. I tell you remember army hey Matt Lauer asked in the question what you need body part. Well you always remember she's got a did you remember to give you all for this up for show and tell which actually the democratic but like I betcha. I mention that at the urging of a parent and she's like look I don't wanna do it and parent to explain life. Kids are terrible people OK am I just got a lot of local kids have no vote they were legitimate. They have so little filtered they don't know that there's a filter you should have to one Julie knowledge that you don't Paramount you are already eight steps ahead and let them. So to personalize the look this is gonna go 12 ways. Use short people maybe it's gonna be weird to you but they will be fascinated. You might get the nickname retaking control. Don't go to the gym class where nobody knows is communiques. Pull off your sock in the locker room and have people see your six. It's a much different world to look they're gonna find out about you to take control of it or have people bring it to. Dental and just doing what don't want unique body part we always remember 844999. Cola. It's like to remove the future. Hello views and so. I think you don't have have have really wide choose or that area describe your speed supporter why choose if your wife he'd already been flip flops gym and we look at. Hello Laura welcome to the men's room. Oh. And you can never Wear those weird toe socks in the north there's no way you're below the age of 45. AS AM oh my god as young as nor in the world. Welcome the program. Well. It's kind of go along with the tone eight year old boy I hate. I would boring. Lives aren't zones but my eighteenth I'm my right foot my pinkie toe and until next to it will work together. So they were they were actually joined together or when I mean where they. This looks like it was connected a guy aren't. You the daily unique thing about it is my right there right so. It looks like it. It is it's round and it's flat so it actually kind of looks like someone took a hammer to it smashing it but that's his relatives. So first volley that's not say that makes it unique but is not the less blood to the right. It's iris I don't know the only thing they're. There were just work together my mom. Utterly unique being born in Washington which I was finding actually know each other. Aaron I think pretty unique a lot of states that exempt everyone else's I know I know that's normal. Now did you get them they've pulled pork erred that they stay fused together. My mom had used those terms there was only figure out how to almost all of my life until later I'm pleased to have to tone set. That we can get does sock Wentz equally distributed. In between the time isn't right my right so it is always a wider than my my left because of that so. How much water I mean like when you buy shoes Putin just by wide choose for both feet or would you have to suffer through. Narrow tortures. I'm its stock that paid the difference but it just it just announced but it insists that the funny thing just looking at which coalitions annuities but it just looks like some of the camera smash it. I think if John hills your entire life. I don't yield an Oreo the CC that's that's the positive thing because of that you never had to Wear heels as true. Okay what about you go to the pool on the beach I mean do you do you notice people looking about your rear flat tone. I don't see don't share my dad. Yeah it so it's it's it's been part of my lease is diluted born so it's a neat I don't like it didn't don't look at it then I democratic reaction goes oh my god what kind of a toll but I. So. I think toes just kind of weird in general they're Lyndon loves Taylor after food that they serve the purpose but the Nokia. So I mean I if I thought I'd like I'm sure I'd glance senate foreign issue again web so that. The you're anyway it's. Agassi is still generally the defeat and those are great feat just finally they got so they got a web. Many many many years ago. I was in Puerto Rico. In my wife used to have a crush on this guy who is on TV show let Melrose Place one of those types I don't. It was. In you know a sister OK somebody shoots you and to listen and read hander shoes I'd like to lose you have to write shall order the bull and we're at the pool and she looks over and she'll those mesa. Church and I'm like who. It's complicated tax. So. But he's here for a wedding guests one of his wife's of friends is getting married. And I called to trust me when I say this can we learn a lot about this after the fact is of course she's very curious. The woman who Andrew she was married to. Is a new morning good morning New Yorkers Oca select their local good morning New York City he's got an attractive wife yes very attractive wife who does morning show on television. Okay the thing about Andrew Shue is like he's got something really weird about this book. So every time that he got blown by men like his feet are freaking. Jack like there's something really you don't exist yes there's word the pool every day were the pool. An initiative you see is normally do is Andrews she is wait a guy like a last name huge. Have a problem lately my thing is now yes OK look look look they have this this has been documented. That OK he's usable on his foot. Yeah she's so like when he was walking around the pool his big toe is underneath. His regular toe it's almost like if you were. It's his strangest thing and is both of his feet I was autos both of whom all out so I just thought it was funny Cuba as they do if I can gather the mangled feet. He's does goes me right. Today I come on right tell you where as wildly and I think that it might have actually on vacation right. Don't Wear flip flops a little slow ever there would go down the middle right just walk around the corner of America and did he couldn't Wear flip is is big toe corals under the rescue plan is. Senator Barack right as we are looking like he's on a person was more dramatic than that it was almost like. He was up on his like his toe is way underneath his other feet. And the other walking and managers feel it was just operate out like Legos are good answers it was illegal organ like this knows all curled on the road. You Waziristan. Our our question now what unique body part will you always remember 844999. All old lyme articles coming up you're listening to the men's are ready on network. Men's room when my. Feel a professor at Missouri State University as asking mend. Send her pictures other private parts and a quest to find out of size really does matter to men. Sociology professor Ali shall walker is asking male participants to voluntarily since follows of their anatomy along with measurements in an aroused and non aroused state. As part of a research project approved by the Missouri State University institutional review board. The study is examining the importance of men's self esteem and feelings about their bodies and their experiences in a society that worship size. And tells men that their less than if they don't measure up. But the man I've spoken to thus far that impact has been great. These aren't sexy photos these are clinical pictures to confirm it reported measurement. For the pictures when they take the survey there is a spot to upload them with the survey. They provide their measurements for girth upload a pig with a measuring device showing there's earth. Repeat that with link it's a link that setter. The pictures do not include faces or any other identifying features. Walker's research assistant most of the study on several X rated red or threads where he said the study requires more than just a photo. We also need answers to questions regarding their self esteem levels feelings regarding their genitals satisfaction with a sexual life so on and so forth. Walker said they are recruiting from a wide array of places online edition or credit my hope was to get a broad section of men to talk about this. Participants must be 22 years all bottle of and it's basically the first time that in she's a student that anyone has been able to command. Com bubble they systematic equation and wait to be a part of the study. The can be documented with universal instrumentation as far as the devices that she sends four measurement you and then the actual photos the proof that the measurement is correct because if the measurement isn't done correctly. They will ask for the measurement say they don't start at the base or running this bill was a no you have to re measure or the kind of calculate the difference in the in the midst. I get a feel and one other conclusions it's like you know Shantee Africa remarkably. Confident. Probably don't know what it is just do that particular cut and our confidence index unbelievable the skakel did and our question why unique body part will you always remember 844999. A lot hello for an welcome to the men's room. 00. Wow. Yeah I got nobody got their daughter who's got this. Birdie and it looks just like what they don't. See it looks like wanted the dog the that it could. So from total recall the original number by Arnold Schwarzenegger finds some dude he's a good for Quantico. And the guy goes quad those clothes and GM's in the movies and what worries in the guy lives T shirt that's like. Basically it looks like an unborn twins OK and coming out of his gut except unborn twins can talk and of course unborn twin much like trickled up yeah Odom is very one tell me that on telling viewers dyed shirts as well. Where. Would you these deals the only eighth if you have a very noticeable high atoll hernia you know like. It Dario to push it out and make it already okay why are repeated what got to meet with a certain well yeah. I realized. Experiencing zero. He did you know he's never gonna figure every dig editing here it's adult adult all right don't I don't I don't know it does do much impart accurate I mean he's obviously doing you know every. They Narnia like I had won a light. I get hurt all the time yeah heavy seasonal might pop out. But I can walk guys on Obama quantum a lot of my gut I mean I would do suck a cock does say it provides an inability to do that no question I told him for lake and there was a family friend of ours whose last name Smith unfortunately. But he had an Alley and it looked like every bodies relate to us in the budget to penises in the if you have been as good as it if he's wearing a T shirt and I was like that you know is a 45. Or instantly. Wouldn't you give. But I think my body than people mistook for a Protestants and out of here like removing them through the first time I came up with like I don't know 5060 extra bucks. I have a savings account. Just to remove that thing where aid that's from a bottom going to be and I keep saving it's it's like finally got Donnelly got cut the for all the. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.