07-20-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Tells A Joke

Friday, July 20th

Emails, Ted tries his luck once again against the FCC! Plus Bad Jokes and the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. From BBC science wanted an inspiring name for Europe's 20/20 Mars rover. Here's your chance to name the European rover that will go on the bars and 22 money currently called excel Mars. These six wheeled robot needs something a bit more engaging and inspiring for when it lands on the red planet. Astronaut Tim peak he is leading the hunt for a new great moniker. He wants everyone to go to a special web sites that up with a purpose and inner suggestion but don't think Spacey makes space face is a go or because this is not an online poll. All ideas will be put forth before an expert panel and it is today who'll make the final choice. The vehicles currently being assembled at the Airbus factory and instead image. But they do have an online form and you can fill that out and submitted and then submit Dennett there's some rules. The name can be a single word a short commendation of words or an Akron and clear it must not have been used in the past. Ideas should be accompanied with an explanation. Of no more than 150 words. This person's name that person must die before this states blah blah blah blah blah that you haven't been close lately you know all those rules and all the lawn to review the Spacey makes basement and you put all the sum of all you want guess what name everyone's gonna suggest. How god the winning entry will earn a tour of the Airbus factory building a fine just got tonight from land alone. Off you should know if it's too much to do not I can't take back again except her generosity. That if they know it. Now I can't really keep edit forgot what the other guards restore it. Can't leave that stuff off the Internet her eyes I don't know when you allegedly put all these rolled all the stuff like white dude. You're going to reviews reasonably space that you might not pick the main when you're going to get ten million submissions for that name. I like it never goes well ever not ever. Why did you or someone else say I've never heard of called up before a 44999. Cola hello Brittany welcome to the men's room. Iraq on. OK I have two new one into an acute he kitty my kid. It out like everyone else and get this generation arts backlit president. Eunice and they started calling a lot. Don't talk because the snowman that talk current board and them or Internet calling every now and snow talk. In essence cardinals in June. Race notes and then I have another one from my eat it. When they weren't letter to. Went out when they want literal one of them with a little bit more lenient the other and what pushed the other very silly don't go don't push don't push you know the night don't touch. All we got that so often that the other twenty started calling her clutch and she would bear burden on how to push forward years. Lovely as a great when you're in school owes much on polish. She would literally say my name is not an LA and my name that collection. Horrible and Jenna Heidi you Taylor via my niece is the same way. She has a beautiful name and she doesn't want anyone to to say her name she once you her name it is PG. PT yeah I dig debt by our real name is Angelina. Although PT yeah that's who she says she's like come on Angela I'm not I'm I'm I'm I'm speech written I think what. If he's a great nothing's going to be different could him. PT Joni. Some uncle Phil accusing junior guys doing as a kid people column DD. And Mike TV these via DD meaning. Latest DE DE ATV. Well that was just his nickname since it's daylight I column lately in my Cutley I'll call Phil proposals for the federal beating. It's weird man yeah I must say you know be competitive. And hello all Charles welcome to the men's room. Yeah. Holes. A couple months ago. Co worker without CNET they're deeper at bats up on a table at like on this deal. And Cuba. But that in my gut ended at Britain's daily caller but the blogs don't read or heard anything else yeah I've ever. Knows. At the end of sliced bread called I didn't eagle. I needed a lot used spots really yeah winning used by the red bus like like tip the part of the Brett you called the bud. Joseph and about it I think so I'm not brood but other did not Barack Obama of Arizona style I've always known as the under the or does it got across like a vertical the crowds on the I don't know I don't want. You want to I don't buy it now and I feel your record as an adult I definitely immediate that if a child is it now such as strange anyway I can beat the crossed. But yet the ends of the bread and white of that's what you were down too involved in making a sampling I'd rather go hungry than needed. And has them both and would actually belongs to with the UK Keeler jelly and what's. Ease of alcohol rob did you have you get the kids doldrums and Harry. It makes no sense but I do remember muscle clearly acting the way my kids act now like I did it you're back and eat it but nothing I can say I can try to tell you are burned to whatever repaired a lot of it takes is saying it from the same bread none of that matters ideas but to this day is an adult if you get the butter the bread that paid for the San much of it. Don't we don't. William by Tampa Bay is that we end it and I'll I'll go Leland further if you make me assailants on plain old white wonder Brennaman ago where and a hell am I gonna Dennis at all. See that's what I want them you know. But I grew up with wheat breads fatally Joseph sadism probably I will never do all metal buyer would get about wheat bread ma'am I refused by god name we bred and it's just every day of my life scoring a police Brett. I don't want to ask it was fine if you call cut it but I'm a peanut butter and jelly peanut butter though and we bread is it just pissed me off is it the way. The may be still mad so mad and I I don't really drink soda like he used to as I'm sitting out in my Diet Coke. I. Two liter bottles of Coke I swore as child and then they would go in there for director for summaries and and they would go flat even if you're trying to be. You're trying to conserve your soda not drink as much it's yeah but it's us it'd sucked and it just pissed me off and I was like man one day. GS cans. Mean Kansas that's it feel them and then the third didn't bid and that three liter camera now and that made things. Worse than when I write a note to our yeah immediately out of time it hit your glass you sort of had gone for you could have a picnic you could have a cook out what people in animated a pavilion. And you could open it and a half an hour later yet to pour that crap out that sort of flat if there's a two liter soda I we've got to be some kind of party. You have to go to our immediately are got my pizza delivered an amount Phil and any guilt at all in the three remember only got a really I don't first thing was they couldn't figure out how to get in different. El Paso is never coal and you'd have to grab so I would just a kid and Darvish went and as a kid getting an ice cube of ice in spray it on your own. Put our breeze and this is like trying to defuse a bomb if you have no idea originally and it mattered Bagram. But when you opened it fresh are number three let the legal document itself like a train pulling the stations like. That was is that they're gonna end in that while legally the soda is flatly give it exhaled. And all out of the bulls are gonna worry its side items or when they're done you or someone else say I've never heard of called that before a 44999. Alone. Hello Daniel welcome to the men's room. And. Yeah. Story I got it got to a bomb background eighteen. I buddy and I were walked out model Olympia. They had one way or they're while I have never read what ultra how to spell. And bought by I don't play well but they don't you surely. See you look at me he would like can mean crucial way. And I'd ever since then every time I think the word I'll lap apple will call my buddy obviously. My skull of Feng Shui all the time there and we sort of this guy this guy it's so mad at mommy late. Visibly. And then verbally angry while run their miles because no matter what. My house and say what that. Like functionally what are you keep saying Darryl but this guy like you can lose it but I knew I knew I know you knew I knew if it didn't matter because that was the boy it. Each educator what I said. Although these sick although the use the (%expletive) them off the most was I'd say every once our. Why has there my favorite TV time and talent that is why he's everybody's favorite ever frank and that I'm never gonna not say that he's he's a bit make the battle at exactly. He he. The second one I was eating dinner with my wife about a year ago. And I nose or hurt our I'd like ending at first thought I'd never seen dumping doesn't know I looked at her I said what are what are border poor's. They did it yeah I think we've all gone through these things in my family or merge into it felt very we. I actually thought that somehow because it out at bat about what 700. I'd never thought that. Board or. Yeah of the death of miss and our nation. Late over the differences he knows or order forms a horrible. And it only is typically look. All of those were little shocked the first time we saw the world orders fell back. And I think all of us that but he said it's just for most of us we were a lot younger. Dep present and that allowed the rest were councilman who won that sex you you wanted to hear you again in the you know overtime to be quiet and another aggravated he was 47 and I used that penalty and I you know I mean it should trust him any little restaurant and sometimes the trend is if it's an Italian restaurant everything news you know it's going to be. In Italian so instead of you like if you like muscles and crabs and are what every liken your latest seafood pasta. They're gonna call of those who invesco whenever I was caught on a North Korea but the every chip to act everything is like in on any link unilateral wide. Restaurant you go to even if you go to a Mexican restaurant and you're not sure how to for ten minutes later in Utah alone the what is the he had to say a real fast and kind of quiet you know I'll take an order them harassment. Me and but what I do is I says the joy is gonna point right yeah and pick and they always say what did they question Olson. You Linda pence as a legit though I that's what I meant do. To then I just say that I'm here for wanting to move Longo could beat the printed out the possibility. Thumping of for the month ago yeah that is loaded. Up with that oath that. Well it's like playing attain that it's look fresher think Dominican and Puerto Rican father on the phone or find. I'll get hurt I don't oh yeah. We won't do a play day visit to move Longo didn't see it Democrats are a little ball and her colleagues of protein and there are many here have plenty injuries frying up and dads guacamole and specific problem says yeah. Could you read so far below are. Double play on go gently teams Seattle the stuff find my hand you but I don't know what it is I'm getting plant and tonight he used to on SNL whatever they. Tina Thompson do you. Big coffee that was it was this thing before we go to promote forgo. Still a combat Joseph Donnelly of the delegates are dragged out will be and kick off the badge of pride before during good dozed. With a shot of the day and another round of Ted vs the FCC. Would take a quick may outbreak could be right back you're listening to commence or radio network. Is smiles. I feel when you're someone else never critical that before you got those emails in the men's room events in my dot com. All we got done emails here from today OJ I get to as many as possible but as my younger sister is a bit heavier and her pants sometimes street down a need to be pulled up. One name a mother noticed this and rendered assistance pulling my sister's pants up around her waist apparently she pulled her pants up too much and my sister explained. Alomar mosque huge. The stooge got a big laugh on had not heard them distinctions. Let's see here. Our guys. That the that the my three year old daughter loves serial 1 morning she was putting a defenders say how much chicken serial. Doesn't know what you're talking about she wanted to box conflicts which has the chair college on the box or from jail. I never heard of called that we are talking about eating spicy food and being careful some that we didn't face repercussions the next day. When one of my buddies burst out and said yeah you don't wanna get the cinnamon not. Cinnamon not I guess it burns. A best friend never heard yens before a matter she's only known you all that from Ashley if you're yens or that's mostly Western Pennsylvania. My then girlfriend and I were in the kitchen cooking dinner and she wanted to ask me for that inner something she couldn't go the name is again really up Libre flapper. So I thought about a Furman and I give the special and in a merry Matt Boland and going on the three years her name is Christine I love you. Flip from other from Adam all of until those. Growing up my siblings and I always thought our grandmother was weird for calling count yourself by Davenport. However I guess that's an old person thing from. Guys I grew up in the seventh day Adventist church and went to a boarding academy run by the church cafeterias serve talking to sell the called an A haystack for some reason. When I call it that my wife of the time look to me like I was nuts he needed taco salad she asked to give a crap for calling it that. It in late in the divorce for the sarcasm didn't help I remarried in this time of my high school crush yes we both called haystack. That from Mike did I went to a small town bar and they were pumped his onetime they're having taco Fries. Not just like. But that was the Tuesday thing for and I think it all right let's let's opponent is down. Hough who's whatever it is just weird like tackle friends most used it Tuesday there's another one friend second was riding a bike and now her feet slipped off the battles she fell off the seat on the crossbar gonna painful look on her face and explained I heard my squishy. When I was in the navy my buddies from Maryland called the maple bar along job. Guys that worked with a guy and construction and he told me to go get the clam gun. Clam guys said he said he had a clam gun still looking confused and said though would you go hunting clams when it. He wanted to give my shovel. I he was a new tree uppity you know what else we return Nate Kramer's. What what does a night does someone who claim you can't like I've been on driving on beaches and it's like new night claiming. And then he's turned into a thing things tonight clamored for Germany in this speech. Some bags guys my daughter would ask for chicken with a handle foray drumstick. Guys guys on Tyler who turns 28 next month hates it when I tell people the cute little things he used to say I hope he's listening here field. Every Temi seeded golden arches he pointed and it's a moot ham. Instead of umbrella it was Brunell and instead of saying it's frozen solid he'd say it's frozen solid out there. And my personal favorite instead of saying from the get go he'd say from the get go. Thanks guys that from the ginger midget. My husband is from Pittsburgh on their forget trying to figure out what he was saying when he told me he ran the sweeper upstairs. And lead just had carpet up there. Vacuuming and running the sweeper are apparently the same thing. Also what does a buggy we go to the store SA we're gonna get a shopping cart he's as yep we're getting a buggy there are more of those the to the stand out the most to me that from Kendrick was he born and 1730 cents a just Pittsburgh won here is out of squid are really really really as we got duke. And it's as well I got through comments this one says well my daughter was three years old she asked me why I am using leg soap on my front but whiskers. Wait hold on. All but again when my daughter was three and then she yet as to me like I was using Blake's open. I'm like for a until bullet whiskers on confronts the buck but with fewer than as a toddler. I'm pointed to an ugly black man in the course restore to explain mop. It's a chocolate pop pop apparently the guy allow other on old ladies that have been called worse. I'll say about him articles a wet bike a jet ski and now I enjoy this one when I was little. My mom called my vagina might Tutu enemy you what did you think of Desmond Tutu. But I happened to go on to ballet and when they said we into her Tutu I was bawling my eyes obituary now. Good Derek US came out here to the men's or women's or buy dot com. Our guys did the bird today's shareholder fellows that we've got quite a few I hope without delay could you please welcome my daughter to the world on her birthday. With a little kids they sand wedge and the Joey chestnut thank you gentlemen keep on rocket. Yeah. Amazing beautiful daughter bill pronounced abilities she has officially grace this planet with a smile. And compassion for ten years now. Couldn't be prouder of the young woman I've you guys remind you were a little kid based analyst followed by some very clean the and age appropriate encouraging words from the dirty Germans how old I yes Ted she's only ten years old it would maker day thanks guys. Yeah. Good news double digits now that it is good to. Yeah of them didn't know I mean. Yeah. I've been dead mum the little brother line. Out of the city German 65 zone. That's not my parents are today who is a tool and die maker he would love to hear the dirty Germans talk about his tool. Thanks guys that from the gut geezer and. I thought no let up for a crucial small. With the secret Emeka can. A beautiful. Little inconvenient for. You paint a certain parts of coupons to. Guys like you always my best buddy keep them happy birthday he has 31 now love the show will elicit any chance we get together and get a penis is too small. And some Ozzie Ted thanks guys that from James. That did it smell it just gotta learn this one recently picked maybe should come over British Sheila both living getting into the yeah. The cost of pocket. It is can you guys think the birthday song for my brother ray junior. And getting you get a shotgun blast from thrill and again it's within Al hitting the window. Thanks guys and want and keep up the great work. Day. Okay. Rich junior Rick duty. I'm Rick to I don't know why it's fun for me. All the lizards today is my absolutely stunning girlfriends 24 term brown the earth can you guys giver and how limiting the window handsome dirty Germans please. Oh. Tonight we were thrown up own Brothers and open. When you talk seeing it sounds like he's hitting out of his TV pollution from Olympia. The secret to. Gentlemen and lava today is my son Paulo's Toney fifth birthday a Marine Corps veteran please let him know his father's very proud of him. Getting you know what the hell is that your penis is too small and and Al hitting the window thanks guys yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's. Then my to a good birthday today gonna get them dirty Germans thanks guys that from sir Craig told us. And also protest I'm not a doctor to check your household you viewed the German Pope can. Your equipment and yeah I don't know your age from amateur to give you another exam 2% to searching for everything disruptions and where did a great friend Ina you've been an awesome help and a friend at a time of need and here's that second up cupcake that he didn't get for my birthday so suck it up cupcake and geez Louise please oh. She won't we guys will be jealous today is the day that the jackal turns another year older the the rest of the group. How about the dirty Germans thanks guys that from death by night. God tonight. We have such a listen to classical music and we'll start to be Toobin and finish under Obama. Jack I'm happy birthday Jacqui good news come over and you can have your first experience for quite disparate. Whereas there's a wonderful husbands birthday his name is what ten day and I know he would love an original face and it wasn't really all I did against bad from your lovely wife Olga. So much. They've our Deborah Taylor he has during the big 27 today maybe it geez Louise and his story is a scrapped or any of that crap from what's his face. We'll wait I just read that script and story out of storybook that. America's birthday shout out for my younger brother the dude I just pumped up twins he has two beautiful one year olds and is the kind of amazing brother and had to make you just wanna be about a person. Eyes also bad as army vet so I can't wait for the stories that are to come what is girls start dating. How about some dirty Germans talking about a crusty veteran and him dating is dating his aged daughters. That would be awesome still listening to you guys NB AFC South Dakota keep on rock and that from Dillon birthday requests for Barack. You know the most stunning blow to the boom and a sixth in the to a crusty. Yeah speaking of crusty fence that separates the consummate some time. Guys as my Sunday foot eight her brother son got me out on your show fifteen plus years ago have a second I'm cupcake in and out hitting the window along with Ted from Melbourne thanks guys keep on Rodkin. Bad from the mom Mary. 00. And it suited them haven't updated your birthday did you get him on the bench him for the 100 students joke that he should be to moments dead. Down on demand out they can't. But those guys are little brother Tyler Sony server and the sun the only thing he has asked for this year as a birthday Jennifer you guys do that for balance and dirty Germans out be amazing rock on that from Lina and Erica. Sophia looked at the touch my clothes and show you my brown eyed cyclops. People who wanted to know if he was like yeah. We'll find out. Hotels can you please remember dates are for Chris slide because he is V8 eat better at everything. I'm from Virginia will do. Guys as my husband is thirtieth birthday is only request for you guys to talk all over ourselves in it enough honor of us moving to Virginia at the end of this year. So please talk all over yourselves about Virginia. Thanks guys that from bugs. And I'm glad right now my journalism I was. His brother kind of average in mom's side apparently there Roosevelt or Aaron amber has learned how to hurt although there what do you call us on a minimal effect. Yeah. Patella is not an IQ is the love my life Tim had a 31 birthday he's a longtime lesser of one of our favorite things to do is this your show how about. Food Joey chestnut and a barber shop they say always love you may be that from Kelly Charlie and Orlando. There's people around this and wins. She's a daughter on the side. Now it is Stanley is he's still around AAC in the morning and afternoon at. And then not. I say is my boyfriend's 31 these awesome like that killed turtle wax Hernando penis and applause thanks guys that from the pirate collect. And broke pianist. It started Germans waste Joseph vigil at 830 for a birthday which was some dirty German twin talk thanks guys loved the show. Young hello twins I have some crucial Leo myself and call them my AT&T T. Yeah it was a two Germans and Americans and for an. This is my friend yeah flush him out yeah. Popular as she has a loyalists are loves the showed their birthdays or would you placing the birthday song thanks guys from Michelle we'll do here's another gonna get a happy birthday to the best is in the world Suzanne 36 years old today have a Joey chestnut and some dirty Germans from your favorite brother Stepan. And. No fundamental attribution to lose the subject. Yeah. And that's the that you've got to get your kind you Colombo. I don't let your request for my son's birthday Alice I get a cupcake and the dirty Germans talking about doing time. And I would likened to dedicate that to bruiser he's 31 years old. Bruiser is locked up and resides in cedar creek where his unit cru 66. Are doing an exceptional job working with a bruiser and his team true 66 ever earned themselves a new title and are now recognized as the hot shots within. Young men who in Omaha. She did treatment. And Aaron of doing she's gonna do not for me doing. God grew sub remembers is only two days and you can time the you get down. The chosen because that the end and how broad and commitment from animal style to be careful with improvement. There's like three yards on his 42 what do you do well for the guy who has everything how about 20 big bong hits. Thank you guys you totally rocked from Shelley's. I did my dad parents reported third round is done. I'm not paid thirty German shocking about. The canopy from Alex and I do not normal who's comfortable and how to me and kindness. The other hammock reminds me of something other emotional. Skeptical of his lieutenant took a lot of time I don't have the last with the German two weeks go by the behind the movement when children to. Illinois you have emerging that other group not coming out to pronounce the grooves not a double save was. He has a celebrity is that these picture brown the son of reasoning got a mugged on your show have been a look at does that bro thanks guys that from Michelle yeah. My yeah. Our guys are no. Yeah I. Yeah I've got to learn OK have you had any bad. I may your day your debut. But saying hey gentlemen brought. Also available through he's world sings a men's line doesn't come another sign retailers. Am sure kind of fun. No no no way we'll drink and tells with a show that the first we need to go back in time to the last Stanley played ten verses the FCC's only good vesco back into. Sheila is that clock designers Sheila cells clocks designed at digger knicks clock and pull him by the dock. Did your next big black clocked at. Design is a hot seller bridge doesn't Sheila is o'clock designer she sells clock designed they dig or mixed. Clocked at Morgan by the talk digger knicks' big black clock. Designed to the hot selling one. Sheila is o'clock designer she sells clock designed it didn't nick Clark reporting and by the top. Dig a knicks' big black clock does that kind of the hot the tool Jill at the clock designer she sells clock is upgrade that big knicks but o'clock aborted by the doctor. Big it's big black rock decided not throw. Frequent I've put it devers if these. Now. 120 plus. Update this time forward adverse to your own little. And then it goes from. Not believable glass miles of us them as well if you are the prize is a humble you we have. Odds are whatever devers of the FCC and instead of Uggla with one of the ones that we made last night as ripped about 3 AM. Troublesome rimes wrote thank you the look a little Harvard coming here this morning and email from a looser read losers first. No let's face it so that's adverse the FCC comes from the kickass accounted and it goes something like this. Zero is Sydney so she's cheap sushi chef. The cheap sushi chef or city sushi so your city salmon for the city's sushi is Sadie says seeming. The way the wind do after the birth of the FTC. As that you need to read that one time through and then at three times fast. She row in city shoe she's. Chef sushi chef. The chef sushi chef of city should she she years cities salmon per city solutions city fishing. Don't fret. Cheryl it's fitting since he faux. A news. Even once the now. Not to mention just been all over the screen. Thousands shuffle doesn't know she's she did he sushi sushi yeah I went from Google there. That's no drama away or Ford 9990. You can email the bad goes to the men's room and men's or live dot com as Ryan castle the rugged charge really dig up these bad jokes next. You're listening to the men's or radio network. Made 449990. Land away we go on the bad jokes. I love Garrett welcome to bad jokes. I want and I. All right what street goes on would streets Google's home. Banking comment. Cobra didn't welcomes the bedroom. Laughs although I. Cell stack in the old west. Like adults hobble into a party that I am looking at a guy who shot blocked off. I don't cornered. Furniture store keeps telling me but all I wanted was one night stand. The room what concert only cost 45 cents what nickel back and fifty cent. What's brown insensitive woods. With brown and sits in the world when these blue when he's proved what I have cowboy what do you call a happy gals a jolly rancher. What's the difference between Viagra in England. I mean Bagger engage pass to Sammy. On that joke yes what do I don't think you have challenges. What are goal and it began cheese whiz last season was. There's more I wanted to come and fly across the room a lot of the condom flagler gotten pissed off. Exercise why didn't go across the road. Why this held to draws the road and have the guts. That's why he didn't then there at ground zero. Am I would be you wouldn't that now no crap. Call here ago hello Chris welcome to bad jokes. Well I I laugh. Yeah I'm good friends that Tony Butler at the alphabet but I don't know lack. What do Disneyland a migrant Evan Thomas would do Disneyland and Viagra have a gun. Wait an hour for a three minute run. I'm I'm I'm not in Africa while it would experience now. This series to be ranked just. Men's room no. It's just who it is. Gotta finish usually heads hindering death dance even throw vilified on nortel's yes and these kids back. Today we chose a nineteen year old Corey brown ski. Of Chicago Illinois now he works as a receptionist at the small web design company and this past Monday. He got a text from an unknown members saying. I'm making new home at twelve on Friday. Many thought this was the text from a random girl that he met through here responded and I quote first of all you and I made me do this. Second off on operated member scheduling. In need. Now on the birds are responded. That's when he found that the text was not from a lady looking to schedule a deal appointment. It wasn't far from his balls to quote god the new number and she was going to make him come in at noon all right okay. Associates say that I'm going to make you go on Friday at noon now he might have been able dog is way out of it. But he ended up posting a screen shot of the conversation on Twitter and went viral and two days later. He quit his job half man oh man oh man. I mean to be fair. The Bosco sent a slightly more clear I don't know I no offense really if fire able offense. One fired. Only physical but just where speaker yes I've made when you wanna pull out there and well that's the thing like why would you put this thing of their right nobody negligible the idea is to get a lot of people's elected and and view it. Rather that he thought it was embarrassing to you guys he would just how dumb was late night I'll think he had just admitted yeah I don't think he shared this with everyone about I think you'll would have posted its Twitter and and as coworkers got Wanda and I'm sure the ribbing he got from that was. And it's just one of those things honestly they. You never know what's gonna happen on Twitter site right erosion proudest boast that they do some you might find it funny and then it. He got huge well Korea to make you feel better I find it funny. I do a love that's his responses bosses like a year now paid. Not know. It's your boss says it's been in phone. Yeah I like his style elements of global figure so go easy yeah. So good for the blues have a drink this booze because when they get the Yemeni yellow flag so all of the tongue and down the throat to party in our Tommy's. Now now now there's no wow. Mr. Doug Heller nonaligned for profile this 844999. Holed up. They should many games continues on the men's room radio network.