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Wednesday, August 9th

Mens Room Question: What did your parents do to embarrass the hell out of you?


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He what you're about to hear is real and the members of this radio program are simply. Educated. Really stupid and they're not trying to offend anyone on purpose and go. Lord and are usually invited to join the party. This is done. Progress on these very important. All gathered in secrecy. This is done. And screw with miles and strip. You know they say shake your radio more than three times. And your. And when that hour. And newsroom wow. Hey. No way they go look at this November 2659. And now. Along with Steve the throw hit. Two dead smack. Demonic dark. I do I admit though. Detonator turner who snuck slash. B word as. You to stop using these office buzz words get ready to play profile this plus headlines to read their job of the day fumble listener emails and everyone's favorite. TV time but to the class period I don't I don't go to Wisconsin workable decides to have sex during the dog show. And beat Wisconsin state fair. Stories that. Command says a lizard it is Heineken has made him more fared the worst for the way I make him trying to confess I'm. What did you have dirt turns out that with a Moscow mule you're drinking a whole lot of copper to. Woman mowed down by scooter gang on London Bridge that there was nothing that she could do in Europe has almost completely run out of water. And it's all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. All outbid his good Dave see you in New York all right since the disease were a kid get beat it kid. That's afloat but after an implement this past weekend it could be Jackie G Smart kid can get their ass kicked by a grown man. I can't believe you know from a bad about what happened. And it's case in Massachusetts of 53 year old dude rough 86 year old girl after he thought. She was trying to steal his game though. When can understand Obama's not trying to steal the tokens of his child or grandchild going to steal his game tokens. Because what grown ass man doesn't wanna go to Chucky cheese and get a water balloon or stuffed animal. Anyway it turns out the girls actually going to help him pick from all actors you drop them if she was very nice as most kids are still decent. Any sort of trouble animal welfare of that story and a minute now you're like me you do ask yourself who would kick the ass of a six year old girl. Well probably the same person that we use of stun gun on the phone five year old son. It happened a woman in New York. She changed her kid. And according to her she did it because her anger management classes never explained her how to discipline her trial I am not making this up. She's an anger management clearly she needs it on the side note anger management not to me goddamn thing for the Cuban easing. Her kid did not understand much gotten so much trouble. But he did in fact. Get into some trouble but this is the thing. I'm a parent now and every want to while yes we embarrassed our kids a lot of times are good on purpose but sometimes. We didn't actually do it on purpose I just didn't realize how mortified my kids were about my choice of clothing. Oh and I happened to say of a joke and. I'm an I'm an I'm and I'm ago look if your parent you know to be true. You remember your Pryor junior growing up you also know this to be two parents. Can be embarrassing and that's really what we wanna talk about today at the time all the that you're more storage by your father that we aren't hilarious you don't find as much to burn them but I. You got the story itself so great they are they are I can listen if you go on about them all day and I'm no good for countries ever bring up your mom rat. Your mom clearly. Had a different way to approach things. Then you're dead but this is this is what I wanna talk about the case that putting it lightly but it Atlanta yet. What did your parents do to embarrass the hill Big Brother Joseph a call 844999. Although like the men's room on FaceBook you can follow us on Twitter men's or live and to those emails to the men's room at men's or live dot com. You're listening to the men's or radio network. Pages you. Through a job at a letting go are gonna show number 2659. When a big chill we've got for you today the return of blue Sox last. And the word ask you to stop using these office buzz words you know some of those words are annoying as hell you'll hear them at work outs and that a buyer but never used it away. They are asking you to stop using these because of driving your coworkers crazies will have that coming up. With the word and they were gonna talk about what your parents due to a bears a lot of you know there's a couple ways. That your parents can embarrass you. Your parents can intentionally. In bearish view of great the biggest military that Starbucks sells that is glad you're gonna have our partners brought. Yeah we got a story about a guy who is a dad and he kind of embarrasses his daughter on instead Graham buys basically recreating the poses in the pictures that he has put up herself. But I president on reenactment of right you'll put on roughly the same quality and I can't remember her age but she's at that aid for everything she Weyers is important to be seen. And she does the duck lips and I guess his theory was like look. He can't really stop kids from donut we understand as parent while we properly dealt with the do. So it was like epic. I'm just gonna post the exact same poses any puts him up there and she was mortified the problem is her friends left and teasing but that you look stupid easily. So do you I don't I don't my win was snap Chad all the time system bears are it's one of the things I do but there's a couple of different ways that your parents can embarrass. I've seen some of the things that you. Anna Nicole then her daughter like black view Laura knows he deletes my comments. Like eat like on integration and I'll just put them like like nice ass crack or whatever Fella you know like the like how did you but did you jump from a balcony to get in those pants like that I'll even that you what's going on injured if you do Chang and currently it it initial to block it's of little kids eat eat eat eat it if he if I can. As the one against travel on a threat hit a little bit jet black bag that hard to believe it let it is shocking. I so. That's one way that your parents can embarrass. Another way that your parents can impairs CU is just based on their own individual actions. And what they do was human beings you know if your dad gets into what was someone in a Little League game or a soccer game or. He you're dead punches a cop when he's out with friends at bar you know you might not be around when it happens. But the actions of your parents are also embarrassing as well also it either way wanna look at these are parents intentionally tried to embarrass you or did they embarrass you just based on their own behavior because. Let's face it. There comes a point in every child's life. Would they realize. That their parents aren't the Smart people they thought they were or not that they're not the Smart people they thought they were but not as Smart as kids to do beat ya we don't have all the in this souls. We have only answer to right now my children that age where I am also. Because everything and wanna know roughly I can have an answer for because the questions they have. Are not deep they are probing and hopefully hey birdie you Korn limp that's kind of crap by giving given to god amen to you want to look wonderful report I am and knows well where where to them. They live in your goddamn imagination. And then I was informed that is very important my daughters you don't want to kitten or you uncle. I'm reckless. I don't want you to one of these god damn things and older so I don't even know you would go. To get the you know uncle that you look to me very matter privately incident at the you know courts. That Joseph yep you're right that she and. Editor kitten court. Explained during you can buy little kittens that for only two days. Have a uniform now horn and may grow in the kits and that thing and it gave all he looks just like tapered to look at and have a false off. Eight with a look at Tom and it is good jet. The satisfied in my daughter Nikki. You Magloire could be dad of the year that a man luck yet she's the president about it in real quick you were trophy I don't want it cast and reason I say that's not that I don't want my doctor to have a cat I don't want to. And when you get your child to pad which you've done is give yourself beep at. I don't believe donut I must open up a little box. What I will have to scoop out of the box and oh god emotional people who want the cab of the people who walked by the litter box and say stuff like boy oh boy I really smells military they keep on locking in using yourself. Hey I'll wait a minute once you're. Senses alerted you do this problem did you ever think. Maybe the litter box needs to be scooped perhaps things were reason it really doubt it but like ours a purpose. Provides smells so if you and all that smoke in the problem is I just know how she is there's no chance she's gonna screw bottle marked by casting your Larry manually done maturity news look at new dislike you don't I'm impressed cut cut that easily seven that's. So let's go to Chucky cheese we've always had a dream that maybe one day we could take a group of listeners to lovely Reno Nevada and alienated Chucky cheese because we have a winner and we have to find some kids to adopt because apparently you cannot walk into Chucky cheese as an adult and to start drinking and playing games. So now to be elected does anything with an handicapped person gets in front rides that do unthinkable to children we can that they for the day but I don't think my strategy that nobody else did I have to pay more attention to Italy and I don't appreciate it's easier to want to appeals gift of the the end really don't care. So we go they do taking a Horne. To the kitten that's wrong ally yes using other children the party Jacqui teeth firm with a cool Arafat goes on and have a good time to write. Categorically can be a kid ride torn up the apparent joy of it is only eat glue like have better I don't want this I don't care whatever dude here's some tokens going hectic or are. We get Attleboro Massachusetts they Rhode Island man has been accused of knocking a six year old girl out of his way when she tried to help him. Pick up tokens he dropped at a Chucky cheese in Massachusetts. Police say 53 year old Daniel Lafayette. North. Smithfield. Balloons Smithfield Massachusetts is that where your people are from. Mac or cape gathers. Somerville. If he told them the girl was trying to steal his tokens at the Attleboro entertainment sinner and restaurant police say the mother of the girl told them she was trying to help Lafayette pick up the tokens when he connector on Saturday. He pleaded not guilty to assault and battery charge he was freed on 500 dollars cash bail. We're assuming that this guy had a child there because I don't think unions which are refugees in Worcester accompanying the child I get but why is that your reaction. Like right now I'm constantly thrown my kids are brought the bad days just based on Mike it's sprint I bug but they look like if they do something online when our founders. You not need to physically assault kid you just look out Heyman. That vetting and working on this are no that's it. What dealt what do your parents do to embarrass the hell out of view 844999. Cola hello Rex welcome to the mineral. Hello Rex. Is now one thing at the army and Lisa. The phones work eight hour yesterday but they are right today but now Rex can't figure out how to work the phone hello Rex. Let me go about my direction like this in the air okay are delivering new Internet. Alley Kelly would you which brother doing. I hear. He's okay. We'll let you know you don't have word on them because I looked you're the sisters so you know what your parents do to affairs bill that is that we need to talk to Rex we can talk to you saluting your parents out. Don't know this help me on the battery life to talk to say love doesn't you you have to go to the bathroom because he can't control your stool. So I talked to the fellows I told him a great story and they said what's up to out of your parents bearish. Is it the same parents he's got. Although Christ I know Rex I racks. The most socially as story yeah emotional and they do it we know that hey this perilous. Restores. Back you and you're my sister who. And about one mile. And and and works for me and stuff news they were home. First. Me and my sister don't want to go to war lunches work our. Two of them six or content and they would put this all mammal to mobile could work Koppel. Yeah. You most Lou. It's political. At least union didn't get too excited about it. Still talk do you still talk to parents Rex. You know liberals when mom but she told me regardless of nursing your digital surround our troops to how old are Iraq's. Commissioner extra. A man are going to be out of to have and I really. Don't want to shoot her. This conversation much threat but parents do Como with nickname for the kids it's inevitable. And I'd like to think the name I have like it's not so bad it must essentially uses bud. And by what's up and and I don't feel too bad about that my daughter. I call him anything but what Michael over how loud is not a bad in my mode affordable resort armed grownup man she called me either Shang a Lang right. Or channeling a Ding Dong something like that time of the my huge current fair or she would call me pink tank. And not think tank now it's fry him would you like four years old and then. You kind of don't notice and apparently things because you're so used to here permanently eighteen you're able to my buddies are on eighteen man the sport. Oprah today and my mom yelled up the stairs is just now opening. Should go in and that moment I realized. God dammit she gets up on them is the look I got from my friends and in the merciless ribbing after that no public event but it appears we are completely two years later you know Bob from a body there took showing how much do. If he saved him on the to a tomorrow goals have been a good idea what you are saying a single way so. Even now I am 48 your goals and she has slipped up Google full shying away but ever want to rile level conversation and why now. If you want to grabber stores to paycheck and again I kind of don't hear it to them so used to hearing from but my kids give me a look like. Showing what the coat check and and once I told him it was just open season on me from onshore yet god is. First ever in the so let's go here two. Texas this is announcing its sixth. Her lawyer says it was discipline that went a little too far police say it was a felony. A woman from Houston named Whitney Weitz has been charged with felony injury to a child for abuse that included abusing her son with a stun gun when he was five years old. The New York Daily News reports that the boy told police that happened last ball after he got into trouble at school. From zero to ten. It hurts as a ten he says according to the court documents seen by the Houston Chronicle white is also I think got it can always made them now six with a belt last month. Quote my anger management class told me not to tase him. But we didn't go into what else to do white told police according to court documents. The boy and his sibling 82 week old baby. Have been placed in her relatives care by Child Protective Services this is a CBS issued not a criminal law issue. White's attorney tells the chronicle brought to criminal issue it's discipline that went a little too far he says he expects the case to be disciplined after white completes parenting in danger anger management classes were you guys have beaten with a belt. When I was younger the boat come out but but the thing about the belt simply this like. And I and you can't really primitive now but. You'd get the barrel but the thing was based on the severity of what you did as what Karen about as you might swat to the gas but it really kept up. The belt came but what we learned. And my father insist on this and I believe my 100% like he is the quickest teacher of all things succeed delicate don't talk to us at topped. Until they actually burn themselves they don't know and then they don't do it again so. When the belt got broken arm and you you begun to understand okay if I'm an app up and do something bad. Based and it worked like this make sure what you do with the misdemeanor don't make it a total felony because the belt comes out with a felony to cater. So he stopped and varieties in his right right that's how you figured at the effort. It when you got beaten like that at least when I remember was he'd already been beaten at school with a pass. That's as good as he's Perez is the second round by the time that you get home and you have to determine. You know how bad it's going to be at first it was a wanted to go out and get a switch from the tree and you always picked port so you had to go out get a switch from the tree and then you know I remember though limbs being Clinton cleaned off and or anything like that hurts like hell I'd almost rather take just does that the panel with a belt. It stings. But it just seemed like the switch was the battle lags. Are they mr. ass and hit back to your Ireland pain level I luckily we only have a crepe myrtle might art but as a good idea isn't at a poetry to it but it's very solidly colorless. Pink pink can car aren't yet they look I love it when it blew my mom loved it my dad hated it okay of gore and every year did you get paddled as a child. Belt. Belts bill so I I put you I think it. It's fine in some cases by Miley thing sometimes to be able. Yen debt indicators for something they really didn't. Obviously there are many many reasons why Google but the truth is you have. June regions of human beings that survived the so we know it's not that links that you get participation. African ribbon now. Just as you present it but when we were grown up. The worst happen as late utilitarian troubled kid that that's what kids do back in the days when you were allowed to play outside without parental supervision and like so. But you have pop what are we did you did an assist kids doing with kids always do but you get your ass beat by your friend's mother right that he beat. The mom would be like the kids that need be Europe us and then by the time we got home. They called your Mother's Day and women and you got your second ass whip. And if or bad enough then when dad got home from work she told him or witness to re ass whipping for one thing you darom. And the way I tried to get smarter about X we were going to be better kids is that's just not in the cards but I was like look man. We need to play closer to my house and the reason being. If we get Boston I only get my ass beat one's and you get your rest between. If I didn't think government when your mom. As were my ass up and about time I get home get ripped up again you only one beating but we both had the same crimes are so I'm like look we gotta play closer and I want him to Oakland look. Global sport I'm flames the government when a Mike in my house whip twice anymore it's jerks like you did you arrest be accurate school. They cracker knuckles a beach harassed at school they already don't that school come on man. And again and a lot of people disagree with the promise you as got handled. Quick of people going about bullying stuff from like back in the day if you're the bully in school teacher beat your. Until you're not a bully any got there more wreckage of two or what became the god improper and it out your own army to pour his ass man we watched that does to a Eric there was not a bully anymore bullying salt with there god they amass a bowl of guns didn't get it. Epic hit the bully that marketable stopping the boat. Gimme a six backers were probably beat that kid that has an up Wallace you're a little bit to go to school he will be kind of about how things work. I I'll never forget them up about a guy growth with named Tim and Tim and I played sports on almost every team that we weren't even on Little League like we got paired up on him to we're always at basketball and we're always the same team together all the way to rise whatever sport was. We were always together. His mom. Was the human definition of global. She. You know sounds view I mean she probably had five or six kids you know what I'm came outside way Q didn't she didn't scream and up and threatening and and you know hurt our call him Robert. It is dropped out she picked him to walk I carry union did his drag it out of the vocal sort of his mama the umbilical cord still that. But but then she would screen at the coach. She would scream that's the referees she was the quintessential. I mean just Bulldog running and you could hear her she was very boisterous very vocal. And I mean and and and Tim would sit there and we would be on the bench or whatever packages for years. Which for a moment. I was from like she just banners and now I'm like always feel like she's yelling in my in my coach in and really kind of like pat to have bad dead guy back. At oh god I mean she was you know just tennis cigarette hanging out of her mouth to flag and loudest and she was Stan and up. I camera old rumor we're probably in eighth or ninth grade and at him and have enough secrets on the Andy's got his hands in this head. And it was just he wasn't he wasn't at the greatest game that day whatever and they pulled them for a reason you know those basketball. And and I will never forget this he stood up and turner and his mom. Shut the app all for a change. In the whole gym went inside and even the guys on the court and stop for the and it's like it the whole game wrote the referees turned around. And she turned around and you'd just eight you know at that moment in time in my. Oh god Tim's gonna died from her. This Tim is gonna die tonight because of all these years of embarrassment he just turned around and told his mom at all the please Sheila. And from that point on she stuff. Ryan and that that was the day yeah that was the but he had to stand up from some guys a fifteen year old kid but once he said it it once he screened that are in sat down he started to crack. Charlene Li I think that was the moment he stood up himself which he shouldn't have to rent this little boy him. Plane or not plane has nothing do with the fact that she sucked at sports when she was ticket and let the play. So now Tim has to feel the rap and it in India was beat his view of the great athlete no doubt about it but. His mom would mean even if he was in the game even in was playing well she would scream at the wrath because he was making bad calls she would scream at the coach about the scheme that we are an. On nailed you know column how do you know we're not you know moving the ball well enough on a 131 who plays a 131. Putting out a break down a 131. Team play basketball than the 131 how they help you know the agency that. Tell me to rotate what the hell you talking about it you don't know if she. What do what did you parents do to embarrass the hell out of you 8449990. LaMarr your calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. We smiles. Our question today our prepared pseudo bears the hell out of you 844999. Cola. The comments came in says all the fellows. About twelve taking those long showers and my parents that a few friends over. I'm enjoying my shower time my dad decided I've been cleaning muscle long enough Intel's. And yet that's an reputed. Our and a attendants dawn on my bed when I asked my mom what it was doing there she replied. Don't worry about it I wash it it's one of my clients my mom the prostitute and brutally arms. Old man. If any as this is only one of the many visitors with a while. And when I was younger my devil go to the store agreement brawler. We know our names out loud in the store master we needed to give more to him while the brawl just you'll share sixth. What did you parent still bears the hell out of view 844999. Hole. And hello Mike welcome to the men's room. Bench and a all. OK so modern mom got rearrested in school. When it's. What does well. Well OK so I would kind of one of those kids who got in trouble a lot. You wouldn't get arrested in school I'm guessing your probably one of those kids yeah. Yeah com. Told what I done this before our lives without a technical until one of those people. Well well you do oh just stayed about a ticket right there. I'm. Basically what I had done the day before it went printed out at eight boards stolen and in my head. The vice principal just doing his job to Maine to order a month that she even. Web just unacceptable so I took Iraq and I messed up the paint on his car. Boone. How bad arguments of the pain. I don't get it. It panel replaced it could be dictated over and how did you get caught did you black bird did so once you do it. No actually do that Jordan cameras so we don't you need and the guy whose skateboard got taken. And we both got taken and you know first thing next morning. And we're (%expletive) man like adjacent cubicles and they sweat out the whole day just. Locked up in these cubicles and then we don't talk to anybody nobody left out that. Come about lunchtime she believed to understand that for the rest of the day. 3 PM copper gold at an hour after school get he told they're finally bring in our company's eight basis that I may talk to me and it they're leg. So well it's important accrued and we wanted to know you knew anything about them leaving the a good citizen I am clammed up. I want my lawyer I want my mama don't wanna talk about. What am I lord you're an I won my mom. Isn't it a puzzle here. And they feel like no no you're not let that now we just want to ask you can bet on Obama and I want my mama I'm not answering questions. You're a Smart kid yeah and epithet at a particular. My how to go along you wrestle it to the contact your mother is like yeah I'd better. No she didn't know at that point. Great color she'd have to come all the way down to pure Oprah a better way a little bit of a drag so. By the time she get there have been in this little cubicle for like ten hours. Ago. Also greatly. They bring India at least let me down in front of the prince will vice principal security officer in this cop. And they say okay. Well we know your son has been up to something and we have a pretty good idea it was him that penalize that car that morning early either Dorian. Well they haven't given us anything to work left them and wit will really be really want to talk to let my mom stops and she just looks at me into the why did you do. And they say yeah and I got up. Okay. Well yeah I mean I don't know she embarrassed you as much as you embarrassed herself on the that when you she just asked you a question you just answer it. That's what you say Panama what my lawyer earlier when did please tell me the trouble there with used to into the trouble stuff. Well. Troubled stopped probably wanted to create crime victim penalty at that might just like fifty hours news service. Oca and M it was at the last drawl for you as far as who has a no radar does that answer gaffe what does that tell you that's your only want to reevaluate radar detector. And it's not a good plan on driving the speed limit. Because you still look the no go rule breaker for right. You know they've made radar detectors and what did down what do your parents do to embarrass the hell out of you wait for Florida 999. All of that's a 44999. Cola. The show and many pins continues on the men's room. The radio network.