08-17-17 Seg 1 Mens Room Watches Some Cartoons

Thursday, August 17th

We play the game known as Big Dummy


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In case he or inhaling a lack curfew. Rooms during the last mid term performance. Tears what you mixed. If you pull. The man's survival on the Twitter we have to kind of serve well Gallic Williamson documentaries and I'll think. That's a fair one path through a man and a half I've noticed a 1000060. Minutes in when he I was a young kid when football ended. Once you heard. Nothing chased me a room faster than the stopwatch X-Men now what wait a minute let's do they're gonna talk about and that I could have been good to be in a bad mood they if Adam says. There you're driving around to see somebody's lawn you think. That's great long yeah. Yes I think that he's put in the effort at night I did way back. Sources saying game from what went to Tom winter's coming and put her short open. Congress I mean look I don't want to show if I don't know like saying we can confirm they've had a winter they have got to winter but it was a scary winter I think they sent a couple seasons prepare for sale mocha. At some certain winter S for a different on the thumbs up as a positive. He took them. The thing is that we're currently in winter winter is here is the news. Oh I disease. Variety is the spice of life. Winters got it reduces. If if if the big thing for them do they get bogged down in game up on global sales of them think the way I pictured renters coming at you know that maybe. Grade their brides that are. How's that for the treatment at the if you weigh in on the whale blubber always governor have prize. All right miles sometimes we talk about an old school TV show that he knew both the joy of Roma I don't think you watch this or this with the call brunch. It isn't the TV version of brunch. About a the shoot me in the words. And up comes the ball and include older Beverly Hillbillies yeah shockingly not a lot of my you know. That that is the most expensive piece of real estate in the United States of America that mansion I think they just put it up for sale. And I can't commit the prices are ridiculous though and I don't know who that was 3151000380. Million dollar Beverly Hilton first payment upon. But I think. It's it's. 45 foot thousand. When a five foot thousand pounds. Didn't even use use the word any order you want to put the game bill. Who look at what this study made by foot thousand chances to win the money twenty foot. Thousands. Though monitor this and then it that I you know kind of a pop up at the I have a 25 foot thousand to keep things. Guys like that it's a good guess how in depth is a bad thing how big is this the 45000 square feet at. It and if it. Stupid as that. I got things I think details to a lot for any amount of detail guide me how many girl to have some big dance. Like two girls because of with from childhood that when I think pig tails to go through my mind give an idea of how little like the one of them basically be a pilot dog as a footman. Ultra toilet. She said the wrong thing oh I guess if you don't mind I don't know what that was the way the story well we have to walk home from school and our question SATA dropper in bomb but she did. There's a pile of dog crap Saddam in the grass but did you get a bare handed bare hand and with that bit threatened her face with the Manso ruin batteries mansion there that she was brought three speedway but I threw it it is mention that they are. Oh god the brilliant shot a man former parent or things that played only picked him. Yeah man but that's Florida but the rate. Details of Abraham a guy who. Sadly that he raises there ended stupid but that is that is why Corley look what big sales could be is this big joy granite we are in second grade why not. Right the right word but that's how I felt about her at the moment. An interim phase from voter so when I think the details I think the girl that got the streets on a phrase in recent article. They'll remember the name of the Beverly Hillbillies the clamp its. And a boy I think it's my kitchen. Great attitude I've thought about it it's about the flooding that clearly this man and I declined to mention how the US couldn't have happened there and yet it's. The guns and there's no I still had his moment. I think if you want to put your hat to that the class yeah do what order you are. And as I personally that I read about it a bit of whatever your into. Good to do your job my sister Marcia Marcia Marcia today she is 52. Let's see here aside from being a wife mother real estate agent the only thing she loves is her Wiener dog Angus. Can she get the dirty German talk about her Wiener dog please yeah I saw the move puts mind will not enjoying. Ya ya dot do we know and and minus maintaining out. I like into the. It's built in 93 sits on. Ten point three acres the pop over. Why don't. Worry carper it's. The professor yes it is a trip escort. It voted seven year old man in Kansas City was arrested after he did a bunch of method threw rocks at cars. He told police that he did it because he cub that's one of thirteen movie the purge was happening in real life we US watch the purge you were articulate what would you do. Of course yes I had my you know my usual got the I'd rather not say how. And tomorrow I'll learn. To think that it's bad when you say it out loud it. You think that it definitely expose a private thoughts between one man and a movie yeah and it will pull the whole thing in Iowa and get. Should get a bunch of pictures on a dart board the and I said. If I think that it's a I don't know if that's specific but I got some ideas from the scourge overall they have to be how I would choose does that put pictures on a dart board that throat that I. Up Jimmy's get it this year. I thought I don't think people think I'm intended and you don't you let this play out tomorrow I hated Laffey for years. If he gets it. An awful horrible I don't know the full. And that's the last he's doing it. We'll cue that shuttle Yelp he didn't pool until the show Bailey's mom and I'm bringing out the childhood trauma with this followed a wrong bay you'll go way down the why can't get enough go to Canada third go to Omaha Nebraska to tap into that in my spurs who didn't really declared a global it's awful awful awful awful awful. Guerrillas were guerrilla Genesis has the awful awful. Well here come accountants are keeping women think they really did drive might be your advice for the coming up. Did you guys see where some of the clues they use are like. You know to look like there where in the cheap ski in the midst of that yeah. Are like rugs that descent people picked up an IKEA. Thought I hit a man they do those Fuzzy things that you can't pronounce. Yeah why thinks sometimes like he just looks old school because it. I don't know because most modern pivotal because. But I mammal for draped over them that's not like the fur coat. Like any good with that like a fur is not an air every day kind thing now enemy but he's also mighty like he magically appear every day in a fur coat. But Michael Irving can. Like he did cocaine a lot of process and death because the guy that's adware but I think he's doing it Jesus and look what he loved them now. I think a lot of men when a new thing. And I mention as we get it out the door about a man named mean and I just about dropped the alternative on the conversion you have it or rubber honest with the Monday he was then me. And a promising. I'm well wouldn't have had the that if the why gold trust me we had nothing to do Texans milk we had nothing to do. Mean to accept those bowl Texas mildest of the western grip it. The cica. Is that there's a note today on Manuel takes military guy you to a few grip on the it. Texans know could also be something I don't know what it is it's been deep profit it's delicious. They gonna ride it out there the idea and looks exports and about when you buy it and we're all Kentucky egg whites. Next thing I know I got the Texas mail if you are all over my body none ever more of the over the bad home for specific question drag water that doctor was right with. Now done men's room legacy continues. Mean what you're about here is real and the members of this radio program are simply. Educated. Really stupid they're nuts trying to offend anyone on purpose and go. Doctors are. Lord and are usually invited to join the party's. This is done. The adults. Progress OK very good. All gathered in secrecy. This is done. And thrilled with smiles and thrilled. You know they say shake your radio more than three times. And your. I don't know why they go look at a doughnut or 2663. Along with Steve the throw he'll. See Ted Smith. Love and Bob. In my car. Did I imagine. Campaign once again we played PA dead today. No I Sherlock is back dead meat and potatoes as the nine most dangerous food in the 10. Give credit to play profile this us headlines events or job they fumbled through emails and everyone's favorite TV time to let Iraq Jane gets it done. Are here to go to Japan where 120 pound tortoise escapes from zoo for two weeks. And makes it 500 feet. Seem upbeat guy has to shell out 49000 dollars for unionizing a nine year old girls dolls that they picked up on the street. In Spain baby dolphin dies after exhausting social media photo shoot. Wisconsin man shoots himself in the heart would nail gun and drives himself to the hospital to boot. And woman dies of shocked when I make an intruder jumped into her bed as welcoming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. Have bad news good day to you and yours all right today is the day that we play men dominate. Game show that rewards you for your stunning ignorance and here is how it works you call us we it's been the category real. Yeah awaited him and then we'll have to question. But from that category. But I knew were big dummy separates itself from your average more reputable game show. We've continued to ask you questions into you get one right because as always. We want you to leave here smarter than you showed up now to date our biggest army ever believe and not a two way tie between the locally Kimberly. And the equally lovely Eric both of whom they dug deep. They channeled her in her Paramus and found a way to answer or nineteen. Consecutive. Questions wrong. Can you do better. Of course it can't forgive the gall at all we go on big dummy bigot doesn't play they gotta call 84 point 999 although like the men's room on FaceBook even files on Twitter meant to live. It's a very mail to the men's room and men's or livestock out. You are listening to the men's or radio network. The smiles and thrill. Oh good you know. We're gonna show number 2663. You and they shall we have worried today the end of his back and ousted meat potatoes the nine. Most dangerous foods in the world who's such acts that can kill you is coming up with a hedge Jeff and Ted's meat and did I bet all of them delicious. I don't look at the list is this my gas and everything I am happy and EP. To building something you're happier on this list you don't want this series aren't going to hear now there's there's there's a few on there that I haven't even temperature. I'd anytime game as they've done is get ready go 844999. Oleg who was our first contestant re play of the game those big them their before we get there we have a couple of comments became man and it's as. What are you gonna stop saying about the two who got ninety wrong just curious it's been almost a year keep kicking ass listen the reason I keep bringing up Kimberly and Eric has our two biggest dummies is because to this day they have remained. The two biggest dummies is that he's a month on storm on the blogs I haven't had dale listener go for a long restrict acknowledgment number and then a follow comments as you know I've been paired Eric he never actually got one right so he should hold biggest ambulance in the curriculum that was Kimberley. Reid and actually get one right. Eric got nineteen questions wrong he answered as twenty of question correctly at Kimberly went through nineteen questions got them wrong we actually ran out of goddamn time at that. And dollar as always when we play big dummy we do a little men's room poll last time we did a polls all about breakfast. We asked you pancakes. French toast waffles we had to vote on Twitter men's remind any idea of the year on the gas on waffles waffles was the overwhelming winner fine I. French toast and pancakes keeping in mind that I sit at the pancakes would dominate obviously I am wrong now this week our men's room polled quite simple. Simpsons. South Park sponge Bob Orr family. In in my because they live and what's not on the list an analyst against big one of the forest that live. Not on the Atlantic and not an and a and a and a. The question is Simpsons South Park sponge Bob and Family Guy the game is big dummy let's get a gulf. Say a note to Tyler hello Tyler welcome to the room. Wealthy meltdowns. Oil guy. I would use over knots over. Over two overtime or work in the field directly answer that question. Yeah I've been below agreed to connected meltdown with a good chance they're nuts over a memo Tyler Simpsons South Park sponge Bob them again we're go up. South Park gullible are boy it's the I hear is your question Tyler Hoover Dam. Is built on what written. That the Columbia. Colorado Colorado. Did. I know that. Fat tax panicked there and I do to give up your clothes the other first letter. Are your question what. Is the meaning of the French expression saying that the no way. That it didn't go away. I only know that there really bad song that life goes like twenty years ago that's like that's. But we have a decade daddy to have that kind of god everything that is the only reason I know good on a first. Retina like Intel also little why is and also a no public the aisle public from The Beatles and USA's and Libby I don't know maybe they do. And what that's been given I don't know I think goes Robbie noble and I think that was here if you're deep breath brass had never thought we never had that why you look the sawmill all the sale I believe somebody just called Robby gamble that hates them and just add your name on the radio waves African had a heart attack and I. I don't Rabin didn't put it to know. Mike if we can find that song little related to replacing a lot of people those people that are either afford to go to a forgotten it. Or fortunate enough to have number do we have a we have it available I'm sure they haven't come on man they're gonna have to go back into the aren't these entities to say on the weekend we're dipping deep into the market until a couple versions of sale of AS where there was there's a Bob Seger song called him on the Roy yeah. I brother Bob Seger the next crappy June Aaron I'll find about a year thanks in he. I Tyler hear your question. What is a poll of the world crisis. I need. I crises are having a crisis he which means many things are going up against just general statement pricey. At four foo bar. David a big guy made 44999. All of Italy had a next Eric. Hello and welcome to the men's room. There all right debonair you. Sober now for over debt left. Over and I Simpsons South Park sponge Bob Family Guy. So if you're an old school a big. I'd never an urgent question what is the name of the deepest known location. In the Earth's oceans. I got the for. All. There's going to be a lot of gut marianas. On the did you big summary who. I know I mean what I had no good morning. I feel that what and that's instantly loved what I thought that Arianna aren't I thought that was over the ridges like the biggest mountain on earth underwater bigger than 33008. Challenger Deep. Challenger Deep is the where's that bugged. I don't someone ocean man no I don't know it's not I I bomber conference same thing you do normally that's an easy question why I am 100%. After all the subs are that they don't you know what's coordinate all L. Inject. What about crater lake. As it is that the the that is. Put deet is greatly do we have any did you were there you go to black look pretty. But let's if that's. The time it's in the war. At least at least in North America 19146. Feet. You guys have beats the DA right here and believe. I don't know what I did that just by looking at. I don't look the bottom of that thing looks like beer can cell phones. That beard and he's got along fine. Innocent something banner record deal or no little probe things to around 191000 feet by 2019100. Who that ticket item on nineteenth out I mean I think nowadays I think to hustle exceptionally bright or wasn't there anymore it would be like Denali backwards how how deep that again. And 240 says I do I think I had under look and up until about your old man. The oil monologue and yet only the older ladies didn't perpendicular certainly as long as they can remember and just traveling around more like I've seen them to talk about it right circles around like. Why wanna use to Palo because it looks like a giant toilet that's deterred the late okay. Ago miles weird that I. I didn't request those or geography what country lives on the border between Spain and Forex. Start to the letter. And. They need and bring it. TV Danica and go clothes and go out and don't Andorra itself like hey an empire plan. Does going to and door to fight the important it. I want song by Michael Jackson contains the lyrics any are you okay. You know anything that actually. And its own. Any are you OK are you OK. Let's. Try to. We'll crypto blue. And the end okay and that opened. It's okay and immediately hit back. You open that bat is talk and a shave man who rob banks. The court tonight they hit shows signs held an ocean drive Ted Griese who don't know me I'm still Steinfeld what was Kramer's first name. The I have no idea easy ones with the whole episode around. But I'd never looked out there I remember we just sucked up. Makes this dog run at the top vote Cosmo Kramer a threat. But I think it's also the name my buddy Matt soft but and that's a great Lou it was a bit of a buddy Matt. I was go to the world aside sooner. The reaction where to Adams of hydrogen combined to form an atom of helium. Is called. It's a reactionary to atoms hydrogen a combined to form an animal Hugh. And do the big brash and it knows nothing about Steinfeld gets all in the nuclear physics that's what he knows about the content and dresses that Sampras about the that the game is big dummy for parred 999 all of those are next contestant ray play the game at the Santo and space joke around together it made me. Shaq outrage shines arbitrage bellowed Johnny welcome to the men's room. All I. I don't youth overnight silver. And silver are tight ends in South Park sponge Bob her family yet. On hard courts instant I got a collection. Yeah it. Everything I got I got mode day all we'll watch the wall clock. Always so you'll have live. No I am a white sheet debt up that where the collect and it you're kidding me with her show. She's got. A shelf with smoke holiday. Our guys I don't you get this Merv shell you get the citizenship. Yeah I got a better deal out of this man and I mean from earth discount and god forbid somebody picks it showed that the start with a ass and then some nerves and sends them. That's a our energy towards the capital city of Australia. I've put up. Hurt no they have little boys not immediately want to name always catastrophic. And there and gas barrack and Barack. So my era that truly think that no it's not just don't know I didn't mount union in Melbourne I don't know what can ignore cucumber is on the Google burrowing sure it is and it added my it in the middle. Near the country. All right who's considered the father of psychoanalysis. In court. This doctor Regina and absolutely rule like Roy is all about sex he's all about the penis in. Well that's a cycle analysis essentially things everything goes back and yes I'm Jim analyzing that in yes and knows more to it but. Here's a guy like anything remotely ballot he's like aren't jumping beans but the deals became mobile firm but sometimes a cigar is just cigar. You know why does he smoked cigar what went right everything if he missed you but then when you instantly but when en route to ignore roe. None of anything I said applies to be. I just like cigars this has nothing to do with a penis in light of looking exactly. Lycopene where we are. It might not be a bad idea to go back and read this study on penis envy it explains a lot. Yes in the game is big dummy 844999. All of those are next contestant read play the game hello Parker welcome to the men's room. Our. I've murder your children out over. You don't go over our car throughout the show. And our men's room full today Simpson sell parts sponge Bob Orr family yet. Targeted. I just a couple comments coming in this thing Challenger Deep the deepest point in the Earth's ocean is in fact in the Merriam different. Oh. But its totality. And it's almost malvo as anyone ever found out if any is in fact OK no we don't know that we got hammered out of the follow on that now I don't know if we could be I'm not wild Hugo de. Yeah Michael never cleared it up and you can't farm never cleared probably fair ma'am why she maverick and he just got Matthews they got name and you know. All right their marker here's your question. Rich five time Grand Slam tennis champion tested positive. For a banned substance. At the 26 team Australian Open. A female. It. It straight yes. Did they did William batter now. Sharapova we have Maria Sharapova. Then moved revealed. Ted and Robin gross. What was the band something known to. Than I thought that helical when we added that Coke was not a candidate are little more of those remind older. Wasn't of course that Hansen well it is speed and I was sometimes we'll get popped too late. If you take a drug that that they knew was masking your like your coming office right right right so people get popped for that to hookah. Who knows she's been around the block a bit more mask. I want takes an average of eight minutes and twenty seconds to reach the earth me. Lifetime yeah Paul Parker I'm impressed by that one really out of just it's him like a ball. Stars. You are meter high and just stop you know me to stop these space Jim. Does an awful experience to extract. There is big down 8449990. Lose her dogs contested race played a game hello Judy welcome to the men's room. I had gone oh. Wow. I don't leave overnight though. Over jewel for the show click okay. You'll Lehman's group Paulson himself marks sponge Bob Graham again. Family Guy that unity I would Judy's argue that would color Julie. Its beauty and beauty of god Emerson loves Lambert and you know Judy you definitely got a beautiful girl. I'm a guy duty you to request the early February countries on this planet that do not use the methods. United States obviously. Myanmar and what African nation. Lou African nation and let's go to Ethiopia. My theory is under this. But another American led period but didn't. And when there'll be involved kept. Have there. Who won the Nobel Prize for literature in morning sixty. But the singer. Say it again who won the Nobel Prize for literature and 2060. Happens to be an easy thing is almost the most literate singer what gallon. And had a hand. They'll do that okay. I'm not a living but will there be Drake. No see the difference is this. Bob Dylan had to get that literature did you read what he wrote that you can't understand anything he says. When you go back targeted a bright red it's him that's really good poetic and never heard the first. These lyrics are so good somebody's saying. The district got 88449990. Look who is our next contestant ready to play the game LO Wes welcome to the men's room. Urban and black hawks bitches all. I went few leftover on film. Look at this show left. Here and broom ball's going to be Simpsons South Park sponge Bob her Fam again. They've got to go to the one that I actually DVR so South Park okay. Of them wrong with so far. I hear the question. What does the name of Washington urban 1819. Short story about a man fell asleep in the woods for twenty years. My I know this. That are listed are wrong forward foot and a half off on the wrong are. He's right at the wrong one came to my mind first that I do the same thing yeah I I just seriously. I thought rescued me but I know that thought it. It is not rescued. No come on man he's got. I don't know you're gonna kill yourself if you don't you know this about I'd say the answer you're going to be a little brother you know now Rick Stanley repayment. I was hitting it a Vanilla Ice. For the rob we'll have left something like I don't advanced analytical. Now the urban who not helped. Me. Perhaps a more. You have more you might be like we're family and sleep for twenty years credible study on we'll look at incentives you should and a little Lawler water too because it opens it up and opened the flavor more if you add water rose yeah until you've it's on the rocks whenever it's actually but it that are choice Hillary in the socket and out of the bottle of him from. Well let's play a mile and put it that our ice cube and about Rona. Paula death star ice that's cool man. Yet it you gotta get a lot augment their ought to aggregate delayed but it's cool things is happening half I mean a lower costs and a lot of are what famous singer appeared in the movie mad Max beyond fund them. All I got this and theater. Mary snow last stretch like our press absolutely. Still the governor Jeb and how feds made a potatoes as the nine most dangerous foods in the world as meantime. Game is big dummy 8449990. Like you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you. You don't have enjoyed them men's room. Our game is big dummy 844999. Cola. I've got a new comments the gunmen as they do Ed says that these far as. Sigmund Freud and his whole thing with the hey everything's phallic Europeans and Bayless and smoke a cigar in which case it's. Some government says that the outbreak quote about the cigar he actually wrote a paper but Allison are could be found it probably never read. More people asking if any is okay we work with the Manny we did in fact as your racquet glitches aren't out there and it's gone yeah oh good what she said let everyone know Andy is a case and he is in fact okay of them this common says. Are we live today or is another guy they repeat well there's a reason this is a taped a show this is a repeat we're just taking exerts from everything we've said in a preview shows in Italy Paxson. It's an amazing things it really does sound like an Olympic recent weeks the went ooh which one of us at this to us. Yeah and now I I'm excited for Christmas tomorrow. I. I am these doors are today Obama it's only not an effect almost every guy in the world just wasted the last minute to get right you know I don't know how independent and I am handlers if there's a busy when we got to north shopping tonight as diverted dead ball. This is our Easter spectacular. It. The reason I miss the game and bring is our god forbid we take a vacation. It more parred 99911. Was our next contestant ready to play the game hello Casey welcomed to the men's room. Bitch. Hey hey welcome to big dummy Merry Christmas happy Chanukah on that are you doing weird you call in to a repeat. Technically. Isn't afraid that you would back a path he knew to call again. At the same time medical laps down to me through their retreats and things Casey is over knots over. I'm over all right if you look at Michelle and are miserable today in honor our holiday specials. I got to pick the Simpsons South Park sponge Bob a Family Guy. I'm gonna pick the symptoms. The through the classic Simpsons and South Park definitely in our miserable. All right here is your quest. And who was the lead singer of the rock and roll Bamba cricket. I don't know old school the little. Who. If anything I think giving him with the meat is definitely holing it but it okay. Not a given it. Thought of it. At him before all over that yet. All of them and go back and look at the looked up and delight wired and I was there and give money to charity goes into the music and all right this is serious quite. A bit do you Cole a group of your local. Ups aren't a gaggle. God you're stupid whatever they look at bag gaggle of beautiful what did Dominic Casey to get on your holiday direct. And the Argentine. Well I'll get me giving it a filling my oh my but it so a group who viewed. This might be when a black woman would. I. The last visible as a whole lot of public I don't know I don't know that. We didn't ambush us. All right Erica and I guess I'm not but I am Steve the group unicorn because they. You made news group these unicorn. Is to be he's blessing you Unicode debit. And it tuition at a gaggle the world has never seen anything like this gag who lets you go. You know your college avenue in case and Christmas is tomorrow and with the we're doing our lives repeat show. We need all of you to help those who are 2019. Holiday spectacular victory played in 2007 team. Founded in 1607. What is considered to be the first prominent English settlements in the new world. Of Clement truck. Stop the games down it is bad news. Available island and letters stations identify themselves games that don't make it more Florida 999 all of that take 449990. Look. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.