08-17-17 Seg 3 Mens Room Gets Dangerous

Thursday, August 17th

Emails, Ted's Meat & Potatoes has some dangerous foods! Plus No S SHerlock and the Shot of the Day


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Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls down right out and mentor and friend has a loan that's right most lane got something primary a lot like this imagine cleaning blacks that's right folks just run homer and then rich and I'm very clean fresh feeling that you're. You know and change your life lol yeah. Arianna I ask you know I'm going there and really nasty dirty clothes and dark and dangerous savings. And works every time. Live music all. Strange behavior and of course we're. All benefiting deceive their foundation and the Fisher house. Yeah don't stuff for us money don't stick only fifteen months yeah Jordan and now homes and my staff. Or bring them. This is dumb men's room. Listening to. This room. Miles and spread. We'll break it tells Calatrava just out today also the return of no as Sherlock in the meantime we have Stewart playing for teams sober on big dummy working on question number seven. I'd steer here's the question. New Orleans. Is known as the birthplace of what type of music. I. I don't like Utah Jazz NBA basketball team doesn't how did they not changed the name when removed from the world and I'm not sure what did you ultimately all African city Campbell would they have called. And gone argument and nothing you'll remember the call it anything that's exactly what and you don't blizzard at this beautiful couple. Of cocked her. If the fact it. I. The fighting. Viewed the what a bad guy named brits. I don't know moat like Utah they're college Steve do you tell you it's that's a good name you'll use. Native tribe OK in the area now they kind of took that mean I got a I don't know what else you'd call something Utah. Right there had to take chat with you. Ed that they have a good name is something that you saw what are we named today we got any map for some. But they attempt to death like hey man look the difference between him and war bonds mutual at least in my experiences. Well quite literally night and thanks quit but I think I the best day when he made it its yet. There is very damning 844999. All who is our next contestant rightly big dummy it's fun to make fun of you tall sometimes Salt Lake City but red iguana. Trust what is repertoire all at the Mexican restaurant down my OK I relative to the area. That indigenous original iguana there with a very good liberal arts of notre. Hello bill and welcome to the men's room. You oh okay. I do anything overnight over. Finally the first book into the shows built and we're doing little cartoon action today. Toledo who himself marksman Robert Family Guy. All you know I gotta Love Boat the boat okay. I hear the question. The first time you know Blake was used in turn informed subscribe to many sensitive fragile. What movie. Was that term used. No fully involved. Food. Edward Norton this is a somewhat recently from. Lasts only what invited. Well I got a little while fulfilling what a crybaby I don't know it's. Quite look quite book like 400 the other. Pool. Didn't. Go to bringing a lot of extracurricular noises regardless new Yorker. He column on only that amount to win a little more bustle Biden aren't doing as radio that. All right. But I like it in spite of the ratings still long way to go. You're quite yet it'll last couple days. As they need a little right. What who. What does the only band that has ever had by the songs in the top five spots on the billboard charts I'm. Seen. I hope that would amount or. Less. The Beatles. It's still a thrill then you're. Rarely death congratulations only two and a and there are and they better I thought it would have been like one direction of The Backstreet Boys. That would make sense kind mamet thinking about you saying wait. Won the ruled 542 top five it's a billboard from one artist. I guess you don't two or three maybe and all I can be with you doing what they're blessed with their lesson music back then. No they release more songs closer together sort of on song now it'll last longer logo low key December 6 symphony weeks and it was like a week. They release another song I don't know I don't know. Game is big dummy for 4999 all of who's our next contestant ray play the game hello uncle Willie welcome to the bedroom. I. Let's say all right. When I had funny how does my great. Uncle Willie men's room Paul Simpson South Park sponge Bob or Family Guy. Friendly guy Afflalo jet Seth MacFarlane is brilliant. And I'm really pulling for things over now so. Well I'm sort of little but I have been nursing at 836 degree men's room black for the last that would have been on volts well we're we're getting there. I was coming in between us out they definitely are that man I don't know of the opponents though was who was for what about. I'd jog one lately and realize I can't really move my mouth it'll ask kicker. They're available because it will move to you there put we'll just let that split again but I've got true or false form. Horses didn't horses cannot breathe through Norma through referrals. Usually comes in an anonymous false. All we could never fail who can't think they can do the staff probably they deliberate food and well at the debates now make mouth harp. And they're. Vick's now it's wild side getting any comment you know I wish my work that it's huge it's big but not intentional. I don't know much Ronaldo with us well I'll that do and pick it sent it is seven years although regulated it is doing a daughter about that you don't. I graphical senator of North America. Would be located and what states. Minnesota. Not a Baghdad. And and on through North Dakota. And to the city that you hold separate from the we'll named appropriately. The Internet. Are you remember the movie speed with what's his face and what the face general re. Any and you have to aggregate all of more than fifty mile an art and I think yeah yeah they are now about what you'd be dead dozens it to five closer to the front. I say let the I don't remember. Either way we need to do well believe it or not the power casting choices for speed and IKEA and re use and Sandra Bullock it was Stephen Baldwin. And what daytime television talk show. Okay yeah. I wanted to wrap your head around Mosul speed if they they've got the people they wanted to do it would've been Stephen Baldwin whenever. And Ellen DeGeneres probably would not over the French as we know to be today it would be a much different movie they made the right call. There's got 844999. All of those are next contestant rated play the game. An old. Jessie welcome to the men's room. Hey are not. Yes I'm gonna do preparation. For the software you can musical bring you are. Yeah after yeah that you do on the problem and there wanting to Yule log on cable at the removal button does he play into Idaho we're not sober. Definitely not sober and I'd you drink it spiked eggnog. Honestly Rainier beer and so so cold in here aren't we got the chance to drive the new men's room purple for 2008 team that. I meant. It's not as and on the Fred Meyer yet now it's kind of like the a beat a purple haze we just ripped it off and that's exactly if there's some more of a blueberry that would. Anders got them there. I'll let them. Here's the question what are the more world trees on planet earth or storms in the Milky Way. Don't know can be galaxy man accused. That's about what before you're in. A lot of things. Dude I don't read it and then they noticed it from that particularly in Portland in Europe. Door around. Bringing up interest rates or 300 trees was never got commensurate with the story all he. Brilliant threes vs 10400. Billion dollar ultimate penetrated. This about three Trulli and while authors is the correct response I I agree doesn't like probably a lot of tree roots go easy on. Up 3000000000003. That was so violent effort or he. A liberal right batteries. The answer is not campus in spite of kansas' reputation for being flat state. Goal in the seventh likes what is the flat this date. In the United States. Are you Mexico. Any yeah I would not against the Florida Florida Sunday afternoon. If Florida or New Orleans to New Orleans under underwater remotely for that that's part of it. All right what it was states what does the only state where the Venus fly trap grows natively. On my. Louisiana no farther north. I know you know. It's. Robin's home state. Nor tech and act. Specifically. The growth in sixty miles of Wilmington, North Carolina visited Brennaman were also wanted to play as well we actually had a miscue I didn't. Bought one and it died. How long held out along the habit for done. I had an probably a month. Like it would give my you wouldn't get any flies drinks saying you know they die and put upside. And just you couldn died you know overnight yeah you remember the argument. Look what. They're think you don't give me is portraying a man. No dude did you like twigs. Plans aren't like touched hairs can you tell us has seen in a closed and Alex now on deck and I. Again. Average NBA than you killed hobbies he's out on purpose we want. A a lot of other things in life like you touch the hairs I don't know but he can't get into yeah. And if it is it a Jesse anonymous of people by another B despite fly trap them pulling your bathroom you know that have a party our house in just a goal fissionable who have. Malia and you'll figure whacked it. Out of the out of 75%. Of tornadoes in the world happened what country. Tornadoes okay. Country let's hope they go you've been there. I don't know man I I've only been united in netscape's. Then there yamana we wow clearly we're the tornado to Harding yen down 2018 they changed the rules you know things change. A lot I sure you don't hear about tornadoes a late. A lot of other places now nominee though Peter but hear hear about the more I'm out all the time when the season starts. See them just because of the geography. I think it has something do with the mountains the jetstream that read where an adjuster had burst the mountains where things flatten out and then just her current work within him blowing over the mountains. The bears want to drop into the plains just things changed our airports into it and live in that area. Count very delegate known as big dummy still accountants meat and potatoes ahead ship coming in here when nine of the most dangerous food in the world I would get your emails on the way from the men's room mad men's or live dot com. You are listening to the reds are radio network. Smiles so. So don't go ahead Kevin asked as Maine and details as the nine most dangerous food and the world the first time for a few of your emails in the men's room amends in my back job. Guys can you please please wish a very happy ninth birthday to my son begin we just move last week from Houston Texas. And he loves losing your guys show please give him three Joey chestnut it'll make its old A from will Bonnie and Hanna in port padlock. Yeah. Just. Just. Gotta get that again yeah somebody's got to get them yet. On the show is all like to wish my number one crazy needs tryst and happy thirteenth so if you would do me a favor singing the birthday song with a kid's face sandwich and a suck it up cupcake. Big love from your number two favorite uncle Elliot from Henderson Nev. And yeah. Only. But. What do what that number one uncles do until razzle and number two on my doors and a beautiful daughter Danielle having 23 did you give her face and Majoli broad. Moving. Good shots. Off the hook up today as well I've noticed RD thirty so she needs a dirty German talk to celebrate the dirty thirty thanks fellas that's from fit. Our look at the human face or implemented a book. Catcher's mask on offered to democracy. Locally acting true to the. Guys did a birthday I was gonna I wanna give a shout out to myself. So can I get some dirty German talk please in some dirty Australian from Ted thanks guys love the show that from Jordan. Yeah I'll be good to me and today a limit your read my home. The level that you publish my home. And Fifth Amendment here. You know the dangers fish but it's fun want to maybe get involved column blow fish she could hit it if it. I've ever day to bred the sexy guy that is feared by minute adored by women actually have been a dorm to. Please give him an old dear Jesus from his lovely wife Lenore thanks guys. Hello guys is my fiance aerials 26 birthday today can you get a cut that bitch up next dollar with some sweet sweet dirty German talk. Thanks guys appreciated that from Colin. Now. I'll. Yeah I mean and it's for both of those in your buns before slipping muscles to sign. John area just to be under the and it'll be a dead in the EU. On the yeah. On. At the children's movie man died today is my son Zach what a seven did you have my husband are together and our construction business listen every day to get a kid based analyst and a suck it up from Sarah Palin love you guys thanks from Nancy. Guys my name is we're all I am white and no my last name isn't Jenkins but it is my 31 birthday today and I was hoping you fellows get me out of my get a LeRoy Jenkins followed by an uh oh look out. In an Al hitting the window thanks guys keep up the good work battling dead you've got the best lap in the business. I cannot laugh when I hear you start thanks again guys and. Yeah. Look go to ball. You guys. Have you had any. We have gotten. Bank pay you pay your case you missed a little extras millennial here. Will surgeon removes them but I agree with a listener from the other day boobs and butter given we can search for super specific specific stuff like you know one piece swimsuits. And puffy nibbled once we see one piece swimsuit women. It's amazing how specific you can be against got to look thank god for Internet porn at from a guy who enjoys port O we look yeah I'll the last search you guys put it. Old probably the one yesterday I guess today freckle but then all right. Hello my guys it and it is as entertaining so the wife of nine Purdue in the didn't stuffed then right is we are about to cross that finish line and I'm about to drop the Joey chestnut line. She doesn't yes my wife drop Joey chestnut. On me coming back complete surprise. To provide America. Thanks guys day well at least you know she reached climactic mediator then blockades well that's why did she time out his or was that hurts. Job for her man pretty good reality Joey does not just an Arab arrive I don't know which are known by and didn't let the world know I'm real and AO Paulo and it locals and all that band there another Joseph just to be yeah are you. It's that we should start screaming Joey Chestnut Hill to get explanation I'm a stream like next time he's a public map and sitting in the stall. When I feel like I have achieved something. In. The way that I would be creepy with him when he would think. You know each. Guys don't get Rochester and there listening to WC a map I realized I was getting old when I noticed too keen awareness of the distance to the nearest bathroom yeah Topper little men's room read festival suggestions bedroom mister red vest mobile announced Saturday September the ninth and eat imply X both senator. This one is bigger and better than ever and we are taking your suggestions on what you would like to see Edmund through red festival outdoor dragon and other dumb stuff live entertainment. Game then of course plenty of outdoor drinking featuring men's room original read by interim gold and we're adding new breweries this year so will be other delicious spears that you'll be able to sample as well. And yes one. It's now eight hours. For the insanely low price. Of only fifteen bucks a cutting that are longer and we've lowered the price live music all day more beer men's or sausage. We're got a crazy crab would you like to see your company emails. Beer fueled bad ideas which is about a creepy German costume contest a prize a creepy German church. Team bugs got talent here karaoke drink a beer jug it's been saying prize an honorary membership to the miles Montgomery thirteen stages to ban super. Night team bus carnival game contest what a tournament of accord carnival or bar game of your choice preferably darts while hammered. And the team boast Bruce counts or a bad from every brewery standards you've got to tasting for a that's not a bad idea that of course that did vs the FCC lives. A sweaty hug from dad would be all the prize will be needed. And they I'm sure everyone agrees you know we should have manned and think about this now. Go at Iowa state fair I think the famous for the pig calling content. We today at the Joseph we just just not calling content guys are you would entertain all kinds of ideas for a festival. I bet a few ideas I'd like to see maybe we can have a rock girls dunk tank. Maybe Agassi at the rock girls would have a hot dog eating contest or jello wrestling. As towards the pros usually get a few are wrestling platforms strangers can challenge and face up without throwing drum punches. This will be my first year's super stoked policy if I get a few strangers to play gaining about king's cup. While we're there. See there bitches that from big G if you do not have tickets yet to men's room read festival go to man survived dot com get those now again they are only. Fifteen dollars we ask you look at a crazy stuff would you like to see there what kind of crazy cramped and we do. Choose an email to the men's or amendments remind your suggestions as we still have time to get this stuff to rip them to get stuff done in just that you know all eight million of you. That email those about to enjoy the clown yet we are aware that we're attempting to getting that it was on African believable don't let you know what day it was. It was all about guilt or mr. read festival will happen Saturday September the ninth and in imply exposed senator featuring out darn arrogant and other dumb stuff eight hours fifteen bucks the insanity and your suggestions and demands or amendments or live dot com again get those tickets now. Edmonds or livestock and fair warning right now if you'd like to lose. Comes he knew corn home. You know I got to Baghdad off by a minute you'll probably kick your ass by the way a couple of the comments coming in. People all about the Joey chestnut room they did yell conduct but who can do the best. Joey I think that the Iraq yeah outlet if we don't think only thing everyone sounds roughly the same with someone I just think someone would know do we just tickets are on sale now men's room live dot com send us your suggestion for men's or read festival to the men's room. Edmonds or my back I don't come we've got the return of knowing Sherlock also drink and tells with a job today but first I can tell. Potatoes. Here's. One. You know it's. We're. All the times like to bring you delicious. Foods. Delicious knowledge. A little bit light it's knowledge you know this is now not sound like. I don't know opera would that be a black chick who's like Britain into the pop world. I go back and that's just nodded and ethnic gets environment and equipment and I. Ethnic given lots of dollars I don't feel like I've been very knowledgeable lately mean either you yeah you're lacking knowledge I have. That's why can't they be alphabet anymore. You think you can do it after that oh yeah a decade in power through that aren't there. What struck back at you that's exactly I'm willing to drive up up up what will be two of the top of the is that I bring you good news yes today dark news don't know. He's the nine most dangerous foods in the war. Very nice. I don't. How god dammit I start at number one oh god that I really can't go into iCloud let us and I know this is my. Hot doll away no way. Again and help my. We both you don't know this hot dog they're dangerous especially for the little ones and the US hot dogs to the number one choking hazard for children. Three and under I believe that yeah those tabloids when I was a child the kid up the street choked on hot out. Did and I hold no apology and everything you want to remember who I'm running out went. But what I back in an album. What you do when industry gonna do it right you're an outlet for it that's how you solve his problem I got hot dog man who's here. I ought dogmatic and I'm real real shows bumpy roads and I'm here to Xavier joking Giles put another neighbor one in it just gave them the Heimlich. Yeah yeah that's what most people would do with analysts say the child if you go back that the most people do I thought Ahmad joke and I cheese one widget. It's an elaborate joke at my apologies if it was she was eager. Mere mile course stayed there he is moved in and it gave the title for a disease that at that she's cheated you survive I'm sure that's on the list tobacco division within this day if I FEMA Bobby that she's at I get legit nervous that I'm not think it definitely want to thank you know you don't grow up I think that Bob argued showing that they've argument regarding take the skin off the top of the roof of her mouth that's for sure. They do that I'm most dangerous foods and are. It raw alfalfa sprouts. Damn man bastard. I don't want people eat him anyway but I want I want easily have the time if you would Nicole irony of these little weird as things from Alfaro at neverland I've never heard of him being cooked either. There perfect environment for things like E. Coli. Also I think we're rapper you cola. And Salmonella. Any good partner. Mel's seven dollars and lawyer here and I'm Salmonella. On my if I could UK and in an accident. I'm Salmonella I represent a goal I. And Dulles just did you get a lot of legitimate them. By the way there is a rapper old terminal knowledge of one wildlife and a decent line. There's no fee atlas Dow gets money for a year ago. Shellfish. Especially brawl oyster. Or come you can give food poisoning. And they can also be deadly if you don't realize you have a shellfish allergy that that's true where yeah. There will give an allergy to anything probably impractical that can be popular reversal of fortune on oysters once in a report notes of each day. Loans and Vijay was the one that did me what was it there bats for. Don't know I can't I through room after McMahon to onto in the priesthood so much of five seconds about why they want war now enemy. I like oysters it's hard for me never lose my appetite and I would diamond I didn't want. Anders to locals at the bar and Jim guy and some of the biggest need is to me. The past oysters and Dow go for the Pope I'm he recently had an oyster that's cooked on a grill. It was it was so busy. That it very much reminded me of something. Of a bit what appears no utter only Oklahoma didn't eat it then I had won 900. Obama you know I just. I just felt weird sit in front of it's not actually back not. Just annoys the visit and I'm most dangerous foods in the world today on a deadly day. Who got. FUGU. Food Google boom boom boom boom boom and make that type blow things. Are you gonna cook goes he would not prepared exactly right because there's enough basic icky kill you but not prepared exactly right there's enough poison in one pitch. To kill. Thirty people all you thirties thirtieth in the my pitcher Micah tournament you know we're doing it you don't know was very prepared right into that he wants it the guys that prepared that's about that have to be certified as yet typically does that extract all the boys and hand in hand. Let me you know learn you know learn the art of the blowfish. These are the nine most dangerous road in the world. I know that a lot of people. Myth but it's almost. Brawl eighty octopus. For a Korean restaurant. It's supposed to reserve while still squirm then. You can joked to at a because of one of the suction cups latches onto the inside your throat which is absolutely disgusting. A the basic thing about six people died from this every year. I'll happily putting I've are to put your mouth with respect to crowd the vibe in your couple years ago I did I discovered char grilled octopus and all right and I was too tough for and I elected I liked it there we talk and keep cousin of the squeeze it for the most part you know try to nineties as much pork is an would do as much red meat or whatever. And then so to me you know again I think that the fish game on right. And I told you about the special I watched an octopus I don't pampering myself down incredibly Smart they are and just the fact that there DNA has. No match on anything else that's on planet earth. And I thought to myself after us all video. Escaping from its angle and on the grain all that stuff. Aided a couple times after that in my you know what I'm done yeah I'm knotty and I originally just don't edict is when I watch scar face years ago. Tonight Tony Montana Hussein it was a cheap fish she's had too much of a political settlement it. Good reason to that kind of conflict I'll stick to squeeze out enough to go to Montana Maloney nine those dangerous foods in the world hunted meat and potatoes. Or six. As zoom margins mood she. C eight CU. Presume this new Mars and M a CU. What is in this she's amazed as the dangers well its value after days and it literally means. Rotten sheet. Because they use live mag it's the ferment of man burned in Pittsburgh it's banned in the US but seeing a patient recent makes estimate rarely they don't want maggots in The Who do you believe that those the first got to go at picked the maggot that and then this is the back is still you cyclone rotten cheese like my grandmother shaves off the mold on the cheese like art still bad news Guinea the apartment. Okay is that not okay. None no future all right okay there. The mold this is not all the credit that general salvage what's the key deals sports. You can visit and I'm most days authorities in the world. So kidney B it's far. I'm hooked it. People eat until it didn't mean I never heard of me that there's a specific protein and that it and then it make you sick even if you have just a few. Once you cut them. Their spot look at I think it's kind of like metals right no metals can stay in New York but I've drank nettles and AT. Why. I think what you cook on the time. Well which are still ingesting poison. It was a cute girl she said hey you can drink the penalty at times that's an okay out of your penalty is an Asia. No right now it's it's a lot of close now aren't these and I'm most dangerous this well. It's bagels. Why. So eat bagel probably won't him. But cutting them is where people keep guy RO JR roughly how many. Roughly and the people we think go emergency rooms every year with bagel related injuries I don't know 20000. 20101000. That's a lot of we know exactly when the injury is well bagel and are having really angled funny and great to this also happens with the avocados. I told Robin is earlier. My grandmother cutter bagels every time like that down towards their hands and every time she said never ever thought fatal that you see peak right. Don't ever forget that I hate this and I'm most dangerous foods in the world and guess what we made it to number nine. We're now. I was very astute on it and I was they don't yet know. Coming into my map of bridges are a number one and we thought we had another long ago we didn't guard all the whole thing corrected him. Again and any broad check and this. That's okay. About it. Coming up on the program a great dad goes with the job today also the return to know as Sherlock is coming up for you next few are listening to the men's or radio network speeds and if my. Well good Intel is coming up the shot of the day is minutes away in the first our own Steve the thrill hill Colmes the globe makes it look good for stories and headlines it's great. And a smile. It's. Show and she said. North Korean defectors as we follow him because words here and low Jarrett. Opt. Charlottesville killer dreams field apparently linked to white nationalist movement railway well. Sure doc thinks that. The moment in Virginia is reputedly rooted in racism. And should not come to. Poor men twice as likely to be single and yeah. It's secret powers that he or me hit it at that feeling bad about feeling bad can make you feel worse well. I'll be monkey's uncle. Sherlock I eat is an unhappy with my hat because right you. Transgender ism is not an excuse treason GOL occurs are you kidding I cannot believe that knows Sherlock is that. An hour have been accused of periods at Princeton to beautiful cool. A little overweight nomad yeah don't worry about those cells and groups that. What's the old left and experts say estimate of terror. Yeah. At that. Should not. Bet but it are at increased risk of heart disease railway well and the president views of science and not based on reality blow. Chara not majority of Americans say curry congress' failure. And this is one of my favorites and cold give a boost from silly war being the people want to buy. And look and act. I'm not. They they're telling people are open people didn't want but I've met at the so they're quite hey we got a plan. People like Biden is what are we put themselves in what he didn't know people started on the goals very. We continue it. Fired chief reminds people not to kill wild nests with fighter I'll be monkey's uncle. John Locke. Teen birth rate spike in Texas after playing parenthood was defund it. Well. Sharon block that you did I know imaginary it down. So bloody day. They're deserves to be ready. Men's room knows just. Kuwait news. You're toast of harsh. Thirty data manager you always had to their very best dance fever throwing vilified on nortel's yes indeed and today week toast. The Atlanta Falcons look in spite of their collapse. And last year's Super Bowl leaving Tom Brady to lead what a great comeback and Super Bowl history Windiz. Fifth Super Bowl title let's face the Atlanta falcons' big and held a job last year and part of the reward is there new. One billion dollar stadium that opens this season and one of the nice things they happen there billion dollar stadium this year. Chick filet them Bryant and Ahmad tonight and it actually it makes a lot of sense because believe it not to police headquarters. Anyway and it was actually founded in Georgia near rise I hate bill I believe the name. Back in 1960 sentinel has been around. Hate hate bill hate. With a piece it back at hate. Ville Georgia. They Lilja or so ticked away it can be opening up into Atlanta Falcons stadium book a rough one oversight and no one really thought about until about Mac chick filet notoriously. Is closed on Sundays which of course is the day that the overwhelming number of NFL games were played so to put this in perspective for you. Falcons fans have one opportunity to try ticked away and stadium because only non Sunday home game. Is on Thursday December 7 against the Norman sites. They don't have one game not on the deadly game it got so go to the playoff right so they would want him. Not on Sunday game at home which of the Thursday game. On December 7. Against the norms. Have a couple more because they have the Tripoli kickoff classic in college right we will have the Saturday. But if you're down in the enough one goal game in the civil civil rights that I have two games college one game for a that's make him a bit of blustery. With more of those boos and we drink his boot because we think it's yeah I mean yeah national over the tone and down the road to party in art Tommy. Now I'm not a whole lot better job. Gonna get death that a lot of her profile that's Keller and I'm right now 844999. Election is continue on the men's round radio network.