09-19-17 Seg 1 Mens Room Can't Hold It

Tuesday, September 19th

​​Mens Room Question: What's the story involving poop that you would like to share with us?


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Sure all jacked up during the last mid term performance. Is what you see. So would you say is typically the better looking person in your relationships. Now you Moeller back to high school people have been of one guy for the past twenty years whenever you go people you data before that including your now husband boyfriend girlfriend whoever it is. But whatever your relationship status it who is typically the better looking person in the relationship. Do you think this is part of an answer for women because deep down they know what's them. Another guy I don't know why that is why does he won the Honda with the exception of the very few guys I know. They would have no problem Tom Miller looked real strong point above our weight class there's no doubt. I don't ever want to be with a woman who is the equivalent on what could scale to meet you all the Clint Howard right is not a good looking guy in relation there's no way. What would you say most terrifying thing that someone has done deal just terrified scared the living hell out of hide in the refrigerator gunman toys I didn't personally I've got I've been involved in Franco someone hiding in refrigerator and just the reaction of people wanna open it. It is fail safe bet you'll scared of them. You don't expect them actually I'm out of Walken is mourning the soundness of the candy has been a mall in this morning. And as god damn squirrels don't some form my feet on the side. And it freaked me the hell out we can do that and not the mouth all right how wide timed it this way. What do literally Jumbo intuitive front. And and once I don't like I did the the gravity and irrelevant now combat as we both will run and run less away from it. Why does my heart beating so fast. Today anyway so it's an unidentified man from a how to desist order news forums Germany and looks like worms but as for now played more rob please the Bourne it's everybody's belly. It's W or immensely world news but it's it's learned during learn more than just yet okay every w.s and beat. Present content. The V will remember it's thought Venus and it's yeah all right around red beat Nadal at the end of the yeah. I think this goes to. Graduated from you if it is all right sorry the effort of all the matters into. Gentlemen as far as what smells. A unique through the same depending on where you are yet every Mormon Church smells the exact same and something like the smell of homemade played O. A brings back bad memories of that from Cindy. Home they've played them yet I don't know what the connection is there. I don't know I'm of the weirdest one I've had forever Ruth. Corn beef and Catholic right I really think about the way people who could or whatever and so many brought this team from Russia I think confidence. Thank them first attention not. But when she opened it smells so much with my grandmother's house like I almost wanted to cry real bright kid my grandma's I of course not that's the Charlie. We've been at my Graham. Once recipe what it's like yeah black magic. That's also. Say the F third you mean like on a speech. Let's announce its annual running ads are you throwing around the. I I'm. He had no you're the better looking. After the relationship 99.9. Percent of the time I no more questions what did you like my mother quiet. I might go and see why. You got a couple people still believe. Oh wait you're my. All the guys he was so I don't want to like his attitude is no prospect your mother who's like this dude is so ugly she looked like as well it was only very why were you within did you like him because he was a nice guy hired me was how do you know really quality person I speak little bit yeah just my first steps. Not only did they couldn't tell you. Okay how ugly she thought he was. Oh yeah I can't. So there are ten things out there. Did you refuse to give up no matter what what is your next guess you've got two strikes for correct so far out called driving your phone in the Internet. I'm gonna say it. To your fresh. Now Williams and CI. I had the they're chaos because her off okay that we regretted that his you know return. If you knew fall on hard times I appreciate your Lisa fresh breath. Researchers found that when things were the other way around. And that was a husband who was more attractive and his wife. This led to big problems especially for the women. Those guys were less likely to do them any favors give him any gifts and make them insecure to the point where. They were more likely he'll says over exercising and diet. Because they thought they were gonna lose the good looking. No license to I think I've always been the uglier one of the relationship aren't they eat the going to be you know we'll find out how its value added that like I mean I have an exit. We don't really speak but once he issues like you were pretty good voice for. Yeah I do all the extra do you don't look good for I'm. But I know graphic into the game of attractiveness what I mean as far as I go to my old Hussein you know to attract the people from a kid moment do we do say that so we feel by now I'm not trying to be demeaning and I just I had a negative way to put people down to sink in until May time and time again and pretty good look up on the senate goes on like things you'll know is rob blow our ugly everything exactly the problem is. I don't think no way to beat the ugly about it I really don't know rob. I'll tell us mr. bill here are turning 53 years old and none of my six heard tales wondering if the German dudes get. Dirty talk my wife and giving of the greatest birthday gift of all tonight thanks fellas appreciate. And I'll look takeoff but how can take this season went to college own personal digits. Now when you're done talking he has something fallen. Is broken you cannot think there. Don't feel bad if you think the old people smell bad it turns out scientifically. Old people smell back they do. He's gonna say that I'm beyond any in my family. There's a massive difference fold people. Between a retirement community and their you know yes it the most noble are not encouraging you to go to retirement community with a potential like minded people around Reno yeah. I don't do stuff and drive and also car I took so many dissident saying they were kind of not imminent harm like we used to live here and I'm. Moon. Silent where do you live in mesa. Final thought that. Well one of those communities of the great great that's all right they're supposed to socialite Brooke and there's exercise classes are things that makes sense for people your age to do right. I am kind of a sense now with like it's too late to do this like Gary white announced in the elevator floor if it's enough. Remember we're Jack we Shaq yeah. Melvin for your own personal. Can you get up. It's called third quarter of pollution rooms available but the two people. I think Obama can Marmol blew through real real real benefits sometime in the future even food. The rebuilding ground. It would lead to part of the move we move through fourteen a culmination you Newsom is not a but it actually met at the pathetic if you could all that is a different product. You've got a few minutes try to connect. She's got a picture of the PP. As treasure who knew if I should know now. Now done men's room legacy continue. Loose. He would sure love to hear is real. So this radio program yeah. Offend anyone. There's our. Invited to join the party. This is. Than secrecy. This is not. They say. Radio more than three times. And your. Okay go out of Arizona our 2683. Along with Stephen Drew hill. Sue Ted Smith. Love him. And I had a lot of talk. It's all right and imagine a it's lovely to Erin de. Lee is and Brian dazzled us didn't spend today ten isolated vocal tracks for your listening pleasure nerve apparently a pretty good summer awful. We about a new words on the word get ready to play profile list plus headlines events and shot of the day fumbles three males and everyone's favorite TV time would take like factory and it kind of goes we go down and go where six non bridesmaids Wear the exact same dress to a wedding. An Arizona man somehow shocked that he got bit by the rattlesnakes he was heading. Airline pastor of sitting barefoot passenger. His bare foot passenger invades her arm rest space. They road rage video shows Oklahoma fell on way to unite all over the place and in Switzerland or toilets gay clocked. My 120000. Dollars in cash. That is all coming out today's very special episode of an injury. Here's a question. Although that meant there is good day to you and yours all right I am I gonna tell you anything new. And well no only it is well understood it as well accepted. The men women are different in many ways for example if a guy takes in impressive don't. Good a chance it will take a picture of it just Lou we can show our friends later no luck. Willow please tell me tell you about it if we don't take the time to snap a picture now women as I understand it. Men don't share the same appreciation in fact journalists Madeleine Davies she penned an article and go urging other women just pulled. Actually the name of the article even titled. Who ball right. That's a mammoth chasing why he is talking about or public places etc. what sir with him a little bit now I'm not saying the 48 year old let's leave language read the article. But there's a warning out for her arrest because. Most improved on the June brush of her estranged husband. Long story short there won't Ferraro gone or for whatever she went to the house Brigham her belongings and after few laps he noticed. Something we'll look. Deliberate about it if you brush yes you've moved on it and there's a war without her arrest and Colorado. Police were trying to track down a female jogger who keeps opening our families won't affordable reason this is just what she does every day. She's even been dubbed the mad Cooper as a much you don't. In New Jersey girls a guy he grabbed his own hands on purpose. He was hoping to avoid arrest. We got planned to arrest them is that if you go to an improvement so they didn't believe them. And then he did there wondering did that actually work not so much they actually cover freedom and arrested him anyway. Clearly you can see a theme of all these stories if approved because the thing about who went boom goes wrong or you don't know boom you know what. That becomes a memorable and as what today's question is. All about. What the story involving hoop. That you would like to share with us save for par 999 although like humans are on FaceBook follows on tournaments are my fans in your emails to the men's room and phentermine dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have gentle men's room. Hotels and all I know wanted to show number 2683. Wanna make sure we have our stated Ryan castle a drug and charged that person is on vacation until we bring in the lovely. To Erin Daly which makes today's didn't spend that much better much easier to deal foundered and a 10% wise and that's label we've got three was ten isolated vocal tracks for your listening pleasure so if you thought like you know what I love the span all of the singer. Sometimes as far as the talent level of the singer goes it's you know you can you can be a good front man and not necessarily be the best singer and of one of your favorite bands Steve is a Red Hot Chili Peppers yeah yeah I want my favorite bands to. This bid. Anthony heat is has the range and he has and that's what he worked with a message doesn't have range. He does not Laura he does not go low Anthony keep the sings I mean it's just this one placement and that's it and marks a portion but it works for the Bamba if you're. You know to put his audio up against Whitney Houston when she could sing back in the day futures Liberia right yeah I mean she was amazing and and and her voice deteriorated as she got older than you you well yeah pretty much your and I don't I don't matter I was a remembered noticing later you know you try and she tried to do tours and everything else and you know. She's that is why couldn't hack it is she just couldn't hack it Ellie we thought for years maybe one of the reasons that Led Zeppelin never got back together was because Robert Plant. Could hit the high notes and then they go over play the O two arena on that one off show you realized not because they'll let you know that was the reason just I want to do so today we just take the isolated vocal tracks from some old songs from newer songs artists that you definitely know. She can basically hear what they actually sound like before it gets an external music and everything else let's go to the since been to an isolated vocal tracks. For your listening pleasure and we got a bunch of new words of Miriam came out with some that there was a new words and normally you shake your head this stuff but it's there it's pretty good this year because it yeah I really does that they are I don't work for that guy he can't believe half of ordinary millionaire whatever self. I'll tell you a question or to talk about the open looks story involving a group would you like to tell us. And where to start with the the story that no less than fifteen people sent us today as we woke up this morning to our emails and it was all about this female job jogger. And according to police she is dropping deuces all over her neighborhood and no one knows why. Police are searching for a mysterious female jogger filler than a wise man asks is that like. Don't spend time thrown for realize you can't keep food from third neighborhood it's just something she does well you know I mean. I have a couple thoughts on this. It is Colorado Springs yeah I'm all right. So from Robert Horry want to know that's not at I do occasionally run I don't run very far but there have been times riot had to jump into the bushes and go number one hour. If I won is one thing man. Who is a game when she it is in Elena try to find the to Starbucks to go into or anything if I could do better at toilet delegate toilet two years' salary closer. But what but I I'm guessing maybe this person just figures you know one amount there I've I've gone fifteen miles a got to prove political. But usually only people's lawns. It's one thing yeah I'm a pile of poop behind the tree I go like look obviously this person did not wanna have to do this but it's understood the situation Blake. Improving the real front yards a man that's entirely different I issued I don't doubt daily but I think he said like I do think she's one of these super fit people who just thinks because. She needs to prove its mind it's late. But who's the rainy places where that ranked. Who think man I'm soil we've been wrong moved rhubarb root Rodriguez what I what I what I did and that is why did not look that's not a playing. No one has ever said you Norton who sold cook him healthy you you can improve for you'd like you can't hold it in its battle. Lord black cat okay well since that time tonight okay there was I just found my health I did one of those what did I sign up for this half marathon things it was a poor putt there to Porter bodies of about miles nine miles a write down the homestretch. Announcing that they were the last ones but they're close to the into the route. And I had to go and I mean that was what. Actually the only reason when a hundred miles did you have to prove. Well I'm Wendy you know you have improved and how many miles did you run before you finally found replace youth rally about three or four months and I knew I knew it was going back and in the brain and is further Foreman are both million. I got to win moved in when I want ran a red another one because nominated so this second one I kind of figured out our I wanna beat my time wanna do better than I did the first time and had to get my five seconds are like five minutes off of my prior. Time because I knew that I was in there for at least five minutes and I know that the guy beside me was in their before me because I tried that door he was in there and he was having a hard time. And then be so. So the black guys and along comes out of the other one and I mean there are you here man and our time outside is he's grunting and he's just having a hard time I think Americana that's a great. Her they don't have a car. Our menus making noises you know and hot but here's the thing. I mean nobody I couldn't billionaire IM guessing five minutes is a long time but no less than 45 people marked and banged on the door got an NN has the clip you can see that it's occupied like come on man love air Mike I'm almost out Oregon out there like. Eight people deep. They're all going for a time yeah so they don't wanna sit there late but those of Doug ammunition they had more powerless but wouldn't you know everybody's like one of the more awkward things to do was to sweaty poop but if she was all right all with really crappy toilet paper write it keeps right isn't it great in your hand and all started sweating now you got dingle berries near as good toderat so you know easily it's the worst case they're not get shot rubbing your butt because you've got this visa card you add toilet inside lady is right next to a shower Fargas terribly good this. Gap now knows oh so this maybe you'll sleep resounding eight howl if she's like an ultra runner. Heard all your marathon energy goes on trains runs twenty miles a day when your dealers announcing that justifies this no you can't file there woods and then I'd characterize how healthy are now you're just used to me don't move in people's yards and let's back up with backup the second. How many times did you run the route that half marathon we ran him out never. Well OK so you didn't know where all the bathrooms were but you still found what I'm still unfortunately they're the only relevant in people's yards and from there she couldn't find a bathroom on the way. Achieved absolutely. And I just saying that she spoofing their calling them heinous groups of what you have is according to KK TV. Hate on this group heinous other woman who local residents have nicknamed the mad Cooper. First jog ended down over the summer first she probably seemed innocent enough jogging through the neighborhood out for some fun party or whatever. Out of the town soon found out that she had a much more nefarious. Intention so. Local homeowner turned victim Kathy bud it told Kiki TV that the jogger has. Stop the squad in our lawn roughly once a week since the beginning of August. It was are young children who first got the woman in the act prompting bud to run out and confront her but the woman allegedly showed no shame just pride and do well done. My kids said mom there's a lady taken up Pope. So I come outside and I'm like are you serious are you really taking approved right here in front of my kids she's like yes our. If it. Blowing didn't run off of that time but the coils continued to come and they don't seem to be the product of some bad IDS are GI issue either according to the the family there are plenty of public restrooms in the nearby park but the jogger has opted instead to drop deuces outside of the residents or in nearby backyards. She even reportedly brings her own toilet paper's of the groups are definitely premeditated. Rick Smith in Seattle according indicate gay TV this burning answer. Has even been spotted then gigolo for behind a nearby Walgreens instead of taking advantage of the stores actual consumer threat. Tough when a sign on the wall it's like please I'm begging you please stop god said. She ran by like fifteen times yesterday and she still took from his. If he is even trying to figure out the loans exercise who have schedule. So she can grab schedule and but the mad Cooper was apparently too Smart for that. Two other times we've got her but she changed upper time a little bit because she knew I was watching. But has turned over video footage of the Matt Cooper to bullies and hopes that they can in this stirred terror police are struggling to grind out a solution. It's a normal it's not something I've seen in my career according to Colorado Springs police sergeant Jonathan shark caddie. Jonathan sharp kid did they get that break out of the British yeah I'm originally from brick in Brooklyn but here volume of Colorado springs New York we don't take a dump in someone's yeah maybe the police should hang up some flyers and that worked in the past what problem Cooper's. Or just keep on nine for runner as though they're look at it we'll definitely let. In the pastoral problem like this she's not the first person to do this. Don't know what are going down in Colorado for real serial Cooper look. You might find a pile of human excrement somewhere that it should not be which again is a new war of of them put it right but is there a fetish like move outside. I'm sure there is ma'am but I don't know. I don't sought to turn I honestly I wouldn't even. I wanna do is group outside when into the her run homer if I know that's coming all got a double coffee don't wait for a little bit just to get my stomach settled down for a go out hopefully use the bathroom for a leave because. Inevitably gotta go let the student. If this happened once one thing I guess she is legitimately put pleading. Well okay should I just I just wanted to get and actually actually I saw a guy to get up poop. By Mike dumpster once in my bill. I don't matter about I know they're what are you doing so. It is so much ado let's see events say if you season proved they could come on it's I had this side grin as a lot of you. I now who is my bills. This is a dumb thing I do and I don't know why do but I do it every time in Las Vegas and Houston like okay what kind of archery is this and it's not it's just the stupidest thing ever but. I'll get up in the morning the first day that I'm there. And I put on my running shoes and there is an in and out burger on the University of Nevada Las Vegas campus the same and we always go to jail all right. Some narrowed my wife and we decided we're gonna run there and we're gonna get lunch and then more than Hoover back. Take a cab or whatever it's like four miles not a big deal so. We get there. And I'm I'm fired up. I am ready to eat it the runs done. I get to. You know whatever they LA or whatever the single an area where the the cheese burger deal as they're delicious my wife gets surprised a taste them they suck just get them well done in the world a better. Also got a military this time again don't and then we I guess that it so there we decide that we are going to. Now run back instead and taking again after in and out burger after an Albert and I don't know if you outpour in here one thing that's very important to understand. As far as these strip is concerned. If you are on the strip and you walk into a place in the only way that you can get out of that building for the most part is back. Al the strip away tonight which you can never go out the back of that building. If you're an employee either serve as jurors all kinds of things but OK so I'm running now toward my hotel. I didn't seem my hotel I'm close I have a terrible. Terrible the situation. I but its service stores in its you know its its its truck loading areas there's an employee only like it there's no back door to get into that okay self. One of the old hotels I see. As a back door and I'm like oh god. Thank god you know it's just because they design allowed time goes and India know they've okay you go back. So right when I'm opening the door. I crack myself he says. A deal hotel that I. The only hotel that was open. Just take a guess. The nugget the Golden Nugget if you hit it the Golden Nugget of Brohm how old so I just pinch as hard as I can't I'm just hoping because I've got these little shorts on a much room and I'm my dog moved yourself a dry remove myself as I opened them he and now I'm like god god. He's really solidly blue now know who knew when it comes on that when he comes on right I never Honolulu I just was hoping for your benefit isn't it is nothing you can put it will get a hold and I knew getting right now you can you can keep the log at bay the right there you can keep the good that tied it may fifth I think there's a big difference itself. Basically we'll do a splash back and I'm like MI on the car completely and if you know anything about the casino world I'm voting no I'm sort of walking into a casino where you can't just walk from eight to be right to get to the battle mode no no no to get a line gets through the blackjack tables or slots and you got it's it's like IKEA. You can't just go in there running real quick read something that is and how they get these places design they get a designed to dig past. Every possible option shorts on and sing my way seriously through the hotel lobby like switch back lies and I'm biased. And I mean if it's so like I could hear the visiting here make a mile walk through the dismantled alive Mosley looked that I got I know he's bathroom so she you know the severity I didn't teller by getting your look at over the direct order. Here I mean I just I've been lined it at that they see doesn't really has gone down. And so I go on the bathroom and sure enough and it's it's it's not pretty. And I and I cleaned up but it was nothing nothing looked external. You could not see anything from the outside but you're still way more tall guy obviously he's here he's very generous there it's it's bad the smells bad the whole thing you know it. But. So so but she's waiting for being outback is this okay so I still have to go out back from which means that now I'm gonna tell her like there's no way we can get through here the zeeland hotels we have to walk. Through. The so we want through the hotel. And keep in mind I haven't seen whatever other street is the main drag your eye for an eye and see the strip the eleven on the other side we open the door. It is New Year's Eve day. There are car. Fouls looks in that deal blocked off it and walked out the front if Steve and I nervous there on the spot and I hope I want Brentwood home when I referendum around the rules on the strip bright side I come out and I'm asked myself. And I mean they've come off the place. There instead of the road the rose up to weigh walkway. There are young people setting a different setting up they've got I mean it's a it's you know you drink beer industry sort of bodies in the house vote for our Internet I can't find out what dynamite you've got to be kidding me it's elbow to elbow in and people party favors you know other. Oh my god I mean it was just like your review proof I'm in I'm just I just see there's no other way to get back to the hotel there's no other way to get back to hotel you don't just like the all right hold those home. Did you figure your mental note though does know and I'll call quality usually. I didn't see it didn't look good smell you know your ass is way and you know be you know the Las Vegas stroll. Like I'm a walker songwriter bill that doesn't that Las Vegas stroll is like no no I and Gary in the formal walls of the whole family is like for side by side so there like. They act like they're plowing the snow road and make no one to get around them knowing can get by them they're completely oblivious to the fact that there. Basically you like the great wall coming down on. And does so late so it's just it takes for ever since Los stroll of you know like. Paul and amendments act of god in there and and then this one dude shoot well right I mean immediately Putin this is like. This is like 1130. Brad I mean you pulled your pants your judgment you can judge. Well everybody goes through your problem I wanted to have a hero rob you're not expressed fears the programme isn't allowed Donovan is the you know here's the problem in golf and I think probably a numbing I had when I smelled in my eight years when I smelled his vomit I almost threw up to calm guy was that I am I am pension money and as an MI god like you like he was more in place in the air you can you were walker Abu promoted keep he'd do it in public in Beijing but here's the thing that makes it goes nowhere with Google cools you grouping yourself. What anywhere and I don't know the bay you know I so not only that but okay so I've done this maneuver all right so I had just a regular shirt on OK I've. But not wanna leave the bathroom I don't I up pulled Fisher down these threats to its horrors I can become the back in Hyannis. You like I bent down and I had. Pulled on it and it and keep riding up on what is a show branches is my biggest fear like that who's behind me it isn't running down my leg. This is showing them correctly you know and I'm I'm just I'm just I'm terrified and sold them finally at this point you typed notes improved result in not until we got cute and then I was like honey I ask myself yeah. Think what do you mean you ask yourself lesson right when I opened the doorman I said just this big score came out. And it was and all of it by any stretch of the imagination would another here's the thing when I used the bathroom. Okay that but I use the bathroom with with what I thought was good. All right well that was just the first way. All are solely those attack gentleness when diary it's man it was just he was a wave number one also I hear are wrong and Mike we have got to hurry. We've really got to hurry because she's like you know oh look there's a and M store hours a night and tonight we haven't really got it. We can't go and then into the Eminem to Tora throughout the iPad may not go in life we can't do it if we just got to get back to the hotel immediately if and so you know like anything else. I've got these very messy shorts. What would do I do with them like it's one thing of I'm at home but sure it's another thing OK so who I watched him on the best loved. You know yes they realize Tora away and that's what I'm sure that's an us think it is so yeah you know. I certainly do well some of my really good running shorts that actually fit me pretty well psyched up to I think actually a warm yesterday. Yeah me and whatever but then what I did taken back and I opened up that bad but I got home. Well because I took you know they're dry cleaned magnet handler if you wanna put your wandered in there and all in the do wander for a job never come forth and just take the bag might have been what I am picking a candidate that's not what I wanna be that guy I think it must improve because you think it's usually went to the bed in Hawaii and wanted to hide the I want to hide if you can't I. I'd besiege you can't hide the she'd say no it was the first time and approved the pact that. It's. I guess it's the eighth as really a no column dropped out of the bed you're neighbors and there was no ball will open up through Ernie is saying it. We just want fresh sheet severed. Meanwhile they had this thing like we don't want to do laundry you anti environment undertow. Now I can numbered you know I do remember Jason is my good man if I could really just run one way of the good. I was putting up with a player miles was not necessary rioting because then. I asked him outside the golden Knight what's you know the funny part about Manning Golden Nugget is written everywhere and for the gold nugget really manned the gold nugget. What story involving blue would you like to tell us a 44999. All luck hold the line calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Yeah. So please trying to drag Downey female jogger who keeps building on a family's lawn in Colorado Springs, Colorado I believe we have some of the audio from the the homeowner and though what she told the local television station there. In Colorado Springs not sure the context just know that this woman keeps running by improving or yarn forever kids so here shears. We kind of math paper I'm great. And it's not like he's prided people can see any worst thing I heard this at a they came screaming I'm not gonna believe this really crying. And Carlton. Tonight there's a lady taking for anti 'cause I think. I'm your hormones that. And now her own worries he didn't bury any movement might marry here really hoping to make gas sorry and their. I thought for sure she's mortified it was an accident today does that come back from an you know I never hear ever again I'm not the case. There's that came across the street or here on our part has port of bodies and their gas station here. Click through this disgusting I mean bottom line is just disgusting. It's so it's not a natural thing we would do in our society teed it it drop your trouser and relieve yourself right there. When you know there's people around this bustling. A solid call Ronald previously don't know for a really go drop your trials are writing off Ohio where trials here. Your parents now and you're right people don't normally do this this is I wanna come. She came in with today's question what story of all improve we Julie to Dole's a walked into my roommate fifteen years ago. Watching his lady friend taking a dump into a glass bowl. In with not cool not cool not cool that's weird how do you why I'm glad you borrowed that I would even about Richard into any you're a broach that way hey listen man I had if you don't mind that really turned them can you do to open glass bowl you know the economies who is who's the guy who either called or emailed us a number of years ago who said that. The person that they were with it was of female. So the guy want her to get up on top of a glass coffee table yet and do business why he like laid underneath Glasscock because you want to do it Brett. I'm in day out I can I don't like I don't remember I had no idea why are very much to remember that like all while I call orders that if you don't do weird fetish Demi and two together how do you bring it ultimately mainly your engine then how do you bring this up I know we had a great time of the movies and I feel when I'm really into. Me like how do you value Segway and a pay get up on that the copy table and Google while lay underneath it and you use waiting for her to go dark journal my missile parts. Follow on that case. Yeah below what is the moment like this is time to bring it up maybe it's just we got those people out there maybe just we meet them. I don't know I think anybody religious person. We're review. Were at ease and I'm comfortable smoke when I learned my beloved idol I think in an after hours club okay or like just go to the Dino drugstore to hang out where they have like this die Kremer something like I don't know if it would tell a story involving move would you like to tell us a 44999. Lola you know dream guy. And you know America did you when you do when I'm in do what are you doing here. Hello Deb and welcome to the men's room. All our vigilance or. Are you Biogen didn't do well man. And did that get. So well you see your eyes closed above all peace. How much and bicycle at a nursing services quite hilarious. How. We Wear our play any game against one arrival and I'll act and dad. I was out in the field playing all that it on the sidelines. Apparently wanted to underclassmen. He asks himself. They didn't tell anyone where the coaches. Were. How did you guys find out that he does have some remained did you. When he stood out did you tell the clearly proved themselves. Blowing and he just did all proud some deadly you just throwing the rest of us. But apparently like he thought when we sit when the coach said he'd only been sidelined that the team than he could feel very literally. People don't look until he wasn't he wasn't in the game very thing I've seen a guy who got knocked out crap himself on the field before. You cannot disease if you can get has an alum and I've been that was crazy too because like he was out out out I mean he was out out out they like ambulance on the field thing and he would he would craft himself and I. I just remember it was bad and was one of those things where it did happen in the moment didn't happen like you know after he was knocked out in what hope you're right he got knocked out those and that and I did not see the hit I heard they had yet. Odd I didn't and then it was one of those things where the games delayed for fifteen minutes because. They brought out both teams doctors. Trainers. And now they've got the ambulance and since in the corner of the field now they're driving under the Theo kind of thing so. Initially initially it close and it was a quarterback of that team he fumbled the ball so that we get the ball so I proved himself bribe I'll talk about some on Long Island field now if you've got to hit good aren't as it was easier I think he's clearly this is seriously yeah I. Seacrest himself oh yeah I guess you're all right so we run out do away from the get off and when maybe they went to turn him and roll him over. On his side to get him on the stretcher man you can peel it off the group home. You felt bad for the kid because I got knocked out there realize it craft itself. A four point 9990. Story involving food would you like to tell us.