09-19-17 Seg 2 Mens Room Needs to Wipe

Tuesday, September 19th

​​Mens Room Question: What's the story involving poop that you would like to share with us?


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And this is the men's room. Real. Got club would turn de LA and for the drug in charge drying cancel this and spend today and what a feature ten isolated vocal tracks for your listening pleasure loses when you're not gonna hear it you're actually hear how some your favorite artists say so. As a military and daily and students. We made the mistake you masculine. Would you even bring up certain finishes in on me now wanna want to prove I'd so. Economic comes in says we used to talk about crazy fetish is in a fire department and one of the Firefox three brought up the then you would love to have a woman who opened Taiwan's in the as preferably a loose too cool and beat him with a. Okay okay yeah. Why would you break oh go. I don't need to know that about anybody oh god I don't need to know that about you. Yeah I mean that's the promise you start a conversation about that if you don't go. Yeah I mean everybody's got one that I was ready and excited like all right you know what is this huge usually you can embryo so don't worry it'll summarize I can see that that would normally let our own now know what I'm. That's all you may now once story involving boob would you like to tell us it's. Hello Zachary welcome to the men's room. I got them there at all yeah. So I was leaving a moderate or notion that gut says they were out so an editorial I spoke earlier today. Say give her driveway the most urgent search. Slipping. No that's allowed to go back and is a major Robert it'll. Marty dark film stock pavlik hit a drive. And if it was very clear that I'm not gonna make it all. So I got shot I can't do that the whole park it is or it with the open that late. And I've ever run inside and every. Okay we know you want to run or did you kind of fast walk and yeah I mean running is dangerous in those situations did you actually physically run or did you just try to walk as fast as you good. Look Leszek pick it out you know according to our newest. Really unable to actually bless her. You me and I'm glad that there. Yeah. I got there he got into the about the gun assault got a close and I'm trying to get my aunt Linda that public debt deal voters who believe it is like a. Well the closer it over the closing that your body knows that you are the target remains I guess starts to hurry up a lot more quiet moment I don't know why is going to be your fumbling just compete vision and holding a particularly if you would only the first thirty minutes for the moment you've touchy bathroom door once everybody knows it's late in the game are men and you have no weird to second window where you realize you've lost control what your barrels. But you just did to count about to Mississippi and everything hits male American anti how many times is on repeat my pants down. I come I am not in control the senate right and remain so what do what happened with you man. So I I got my candidate on the restarting this sit down but it was a little Jew they go to aftershock there and all the laws don't. Oh really all you're really wonder how you can miss the toilet and other can be boob everywhere and had to go that million pounds a lot and I really does. Yeah and I had to go to black I don't have to get an insight into the all over the seat to the court whatever it is Saturday. And slowly doing. Little clean myself on being excluded either up and they're like I'm done I'm a little about the medical. Do you look on the wall. It's not dry and hard in Anderson and Eric. You know I guess that it was zero. I got happily go to Ehrlich and myself a little bit finished up thing here at the finish out there and like I'm done and I was logo. I as you log on Brent Haram Wal-Mart charts. You know yeah I know it's a little other than your own account so I didn't have to it would have been hitting everything was so clean it just put it out. Several the bathroom wall what I've heard it's a different bathroom. You don't put any effort cleaning up we know this we've all walked in there was and it happened here last week and showed miles armory not explain this but. The the toilet. So we approved them probe which is fine and it's not that they didn't flush it but. I was only diarrhea mean these were actual terms. And they were they were both vertical hole. And they were both side by side and they were stuck to the back animals like your entire black holed I would like pancakes here. Yeah I mean like they were they were claimed he'd only just on racing up and down its militants are on the wall all right but there. On the back of the Oilers who co host yeah base of sort of look I look at light on that white background that would clear vertical and yet and I couldn't wait. Carl there toward that I read you get you know everyone's been there to understand how your book written respond but it might. How did you fleeing age shoot out the door to mainly how to to shoot a review but backwards. Right and stick it indeed did it twice in this would when he was sitting there wouldn't flush down there with you and welcome toilet in. But the waters went around my McDonald's egregiously obscene. Is like to ground ball roast. All I know is after oracle and therefore guy was clear up about he was that backs dollars cal walked the walk down I think it if he had I didn't want I want to see week is a funny thing like all that since he walked outside and has walked into I'm like OK I'm out. What. I had to go to as a Baxter also want to use of that so one way or the other he was in there but it wanna you know like you know what you need a law he sees me I don't know if he's going or do whatever the deal yet on a lot of that does look guilty you walk you know I thought oh god you really centered around left yet. People aren't out of the billiard player. Was sorry balling up we'll would you like to tell us a 449990. Are you only a backstop Hoover. I'm from nominal I mean I tried to another there's nobody in here who's are technically what I would consider handicap to the point where they would do I feel about that. Now I use that's all the time Billick and today I was in there and there is to open stalls but some things and in it was like long enough balls like I made it sound and they just wash their hands and left well it's also you use it like getting your shirt open air there's a nice look yes doesn't now I wonder that was what are things that miles. If you look at it specifically for that stopped the see your decision makes sense we have three stalls and handicap on as it is the case in most places. It's a for a little back you army's forward for McDonald's is you can be and yet my makes it the little we're drones and Fred everybody. Yeah economic angle on either side Herrera right late if you you're using three stalls a second hit that not either by using the middle Nolan was really excited are you from one farther of one farther than I can still have what do between OK some check mating you what's your problem. Check this check mated to take a pool my guys exactly I thought it. If you take approving a public place it's understood you want as much privacy you're an actor you know those of her personal moments for those of us you're doing when you were like look you could say they have got stall I think the one closest to murals and we agreed that that stalled between us and let someone is about to you went wrong don't want to even have a son but you. In the zigzag till game words it's not one wins this one here anyway but here's the deal there's three stalls and there is used all there's two great installment there's one handicaps that's correct the reason why did the middle one is because the first one way. From the journal's that is not the handicapped stall therefore I'm here on the exact date could be you know I'd there might be it Jordan also mad mag guy as I hear the wheelchair wheels come on and on the poor guy who now has to wait for me to get done Pope when to get out of that he can actually use the bathroom. Now he's gonna wait for you can during the middle stole the seat back again. Big guy and we'll there's gonna wait either because you're talking in the bathroom or because you took the little stall and avoid those who's the creepy so little bridge that takes the middle stalled pooped. And in my my he's my usual excuse that it is the stall less traveled nobody's ever gonna use the most all therefore earn. It's it's the less it was pleasant but then I'm Dutch and as far as the other work proof is concerned as a woman and Matalin Davies and she writes for Jezebel she wrote about the a problem with a female. And he's that I assume women's multi still bathrooms around the country of other globe. There's a few of them in every office typically between three and four in the afternoon. All the stalls are occupied about women waiting for everyone else to leaves so that they can use it as their own private proofing flap about palace and partially quiet game because this is what everyone in the restaurant restroom is doing. That causes a massive backlog of people waiting to use the toilet. So what she's saying is as or get off the pot. Not everyone is strong enough to move in public I get it because I'm not either given a choice I use my home. Right can take my sweet time and scroll through his programmers on the emails or whatever but. Your work here. And she says. Making all this more challenging is that an office environment. People are constantly guzzling coffee nude having stomach irritants they get things moving in your tummy. If you're lucky you can slip in your office bathroom and a quiet and popular time and you'll have it all yourself biggest holidays golf. But then there's the backlog so to speak in the afternoon and and look I'll wait for someone to leave before a complete it depends on how long it's going to be. I don't really active I walked in a miles moved me it's just it's over talking to me and just unload man yeah coming in Israel and know that person terror. I would yet. It depends on the player depends on the party in both I don't know who it is. It runs a bad get to go to but I can't play the quiet game and abortion up went quite game essentially you just trying to outlast the other person doesn't wanna make noise friends but then. Both of you shot way Aaron fire like shot across the value army you're testing to see if you can far quietly because the pressures now getting to. And is starting to hurt you try to CPU to do ago. But it was like Sheikh and you know that there uncomfortable Vista could it because they cut it halfway total to pay. I wouldn't know for ends abruptly like that on plate I heard just snap it off man in my out of low finish you know and I do the same thing and that's a eventually did just have to let loose. I'm with you and if you don't it's not going right that's the most embarrassing time to me. It's like I don't know maybe you do need the best still amazes. Me because I don't wanna make their animals nobody else is in my god what that was going hi can write. So like think that a deal like we stopped at a grocery store. I used the bathroom but his purple and international markets like I've got to use the bathroom again ranked. Yet it's like a little brick building right now even brick like stone building so I told him there I'm not feeling well. That horrible sound happened and everybody outside the or you'll go if you think there's yeah why not yeah that's why just gaga left. What allows them on dominant ball Baltimore there was some debate with the Myer I was 2015 right to Baltimore to basically started there. Okay put in the small at that time. The road doors on stalls but I had really fifteen souls. But everyone goes and an improved to an everyone's playing the quiet game went wrong during the best they can and he gets forty full it's soft it's you dial. Somebody walks in he can't see you may sit down. And may they do like their test farm should allow me gonna be right so I can't explain to depart sunlight publicity only time a mile away. Rob heard someone for publicly. And a bathroom and someone who was not then then commented on form takes a word to stall. This guy and load a little bit Jonathan. And someone entirely different or. And the problem if if the keys is reckoned with it. Don't think that Jack built actual market yeah I don't I don't even three huge you don't get out of salt and comment on this guy authority. My head back to maybe web part of the bar pretty much proved to roll out. We got to wonder the end and another Doerr and football season on stuff people talk about the NFL red zone is like how does Chris Hansen Scott Hanson's our Jonathan Scott as as a go to the bathroom in the it don't look. We have like five minutes on a commercial break to go prove. Yeah it's difficult Mikey you you really need to know that it's time the bureaucrat to take too much this guy hands and I scratched myself but that it in all of all the years I've you know there would be a story like Scott Hansen takes a net the superpower like at the meaning you have to grow particularly liked it how does he do. I EMT yeah eating idea he wasn't a clean diet is you never have an emergency sort of sailing if you remember not to have a live into those been around a lot longer than we realize run at least 5:6 years of this morning oh okay will you tell me one time one Sunday. He didn't have to go easily addressed and on the air but I know he has about he would run about taken a pagan and dumped. I take a paper bag to my ass. What zealots story involving prove would you like to tell us say 44999. Olaf although I Mario golf coming up you are listening to amend or radio network. Did you see you. Evernote wasn't gonna go scores of people calling here. Sending their comments are emails I mean it is just wall to wall today no pun intended. What story involving boom would you like to tell us 844999. All look double comments the Cayman my dad had a story about when he was in third grade and he really he was really touching cloth. He's walking around class approved let it out and by some miracle of god of assault and not a role models can't wait. And he should get out and left him on the car classroom floor hulls and a woman walked in the store discussion and kept on walking. My work rather but always happens like a five gallon bargain efficiently imported to a bathtub. Usually starts for for the door patches. X GAAP and a break room of my work provides to private restrooms that are placed in the back of the room. Down a hallway hash tag blast. It's the right man I tell him my grandmother before her house got flooded the old house she used to live and those are small bathroom off from the kitchen mean it was an old older closet type area and had one of those doors that is like. There are two panes and had it that it folds like it's a folding nor did the knobs in the middle you pull it rhetoric but had the slats they can McCain's ambition and you can see how you can see delight in the kitchen table like you know and that was the primary bathroom like there was a bathroom upstairs but it was in my grandmother's bed a bathroom the bedroom and he never won the use that thing Iraq. But I mean you have you have the rhythm lately unity if anyone needed in you can smell exit came to the sleds you know I mean you did hear everything you like in the in the kitchen was that he notes that it's the communal area though we're only in my grandmother cooks nonstop service sitting in there is just. It was sold bears to go there now you blew it because I mean everybody can hear everything. In it was no problem virtue of their glow she go to the blown up right there. These are my body uses it's the girl he's gonna end up Mary and rank and that you got to come over her dancing with the stakes this and that. So it's a delicious meal and stuff but I've got to go right and it's a big decent sized house there's only one bathroom right next to the kitchen. I said. A man but where is the bathroom they're like how late can I sit where where where is the other bathroom right and they kind of just like it's right there and Mike. It's so odd that I can think I have to coop who I am praying that my buddy picks up on this he doesn't engender so I go in there and blow it up and I come out of course solid sheet. Duke would you put right there there's other bathrooms well that was the whole play lashed Cuba last year I get. If they you look man you had set up for failure. What tell a story involving poop would you like to tell us a 449990. Le hello Ben welcome to the men's room. Hey hey hey what happened and all locked ought. And I just thought you guys might want to hear little story about I don't know you'd ever. Actually and believe. Who gunned somebody. But I haven't even though no purpose. Apparently. That astonishing. And that I actually did this twice. First time I don't know this is quite a few years ago when I lived on camp let. But. There was some bats and it's going around on this I'm telling you could I was the only person and we had so we had as a dinner party my parents came and everything. Believe. We only Shalit but I was the only one lettuce spinach salad. So we go home I was doing I was gonna ask you ma'am because of its code did should be OK I was thinking you had good security you have one of those raw spinach salads. Yeah aspirin it's dangerous well more dangerous guy and our. Any kind of always. I. I dot com and me and mean eat out it's my ex girlfriend we are deciding that you don't get boasting get busy and not. And after we are diamond. I'm the type I would think it's funny it just you know lists the Reagan heart. And it's morning hey this might get into Larry I don't know anybody who doesn't speak well I know. Usually girls don't think it's that kind let the crowd obviously in the nation. Expect well she especially didn't like it when I lifted my leg and it wasn't just there it it sounds. Eight. Asked what does an earlier accident we knew we used Breyer as long do you actually cheated he was fine Q so artsy like all of I I think she couldn't imagine that that's what actually happened. And it gives MA this on my inside this box offices. I. He shot that's god did you guys break up to carry out real well those went when you two months among and that doesn't go like well what would have run what do you what do closet is the relationship to end of that now. I don't know there were problem there are just. I believe we're both. A little wild and and you know she's. She's still out there running down and so. And you know I don't wanna her friends knows you've moved on her she's a while yeah yeah yeah I know that's the thing is it wasn't the first time. Two. An addict and I'm not talking about on purpose. But just. Ed you prove down someone on purpose. No I don't know understand it it's it seems like it's weird there happens to me a lot plume is weird that it's happened once you keep pulling this move. Isn't that weird. Maybe I'm doing it subconsciously I don't know. With the same girl you do to the seconds and yet he had yeah I'm now eat I don't think she stands for that let's. Mozilla those people bring people to not even when people anyone's. The real little kid you coupon on the quality on YouTube on a dog you're gonna hate you really Matt yeah. And Jack well that I take it the there's nothing worse than theirs if you think is it depends on maybe what's going on sexually with your whatever about wind and it's time to throw down even if you have sex or four times a week or. Maybe have sex once a month or whatever but when it's time to go you're you're ready to go oh yeah and you wanna go in and hook it up and then. You know the way the life plays out. The come over unity den where there may be cut dinner at home and hang out for a little bed watching television or whatever and it just like. Did right when it's time maybe a little later on the evening you your gut maybe you'll start to rumble if you wanna fight through everything. That's going on just to make sure that that'll still go on without one commission of the sexes going to have yeah the last thing relatives you know like even if a girl who was there Herbalife ability and what is gonna go approval I'll come right back we'll finish up I. And now on yeah it is it's gonna get a leg. I don't know it's. It's it's it's too close CNN's and it's hilarious do you think they get a couple copy into the bathroom its distance you could change for somebody to urinate like before after no understood sorry because they ban on the back strap and news and like like my head's gonna dry and warm up for an executive candidate and I'm ready to insulated from that momentarily Stephen Morris number I've Bagram and threw down the mayor's. Sex before dinner. I agree daughter to wander appetite goes. Yeah hi you enjoy the meal more that you're not what you just sit down and enjoy the mail. And you'll enjoy each other's conversation because and that argument about where you and I go over the US that before you go out lake. Out you know what let's try the tofu play or maybe you don't wanna go out another or land here may wish disorder pizzas. Well that's an ideal world but I you know I've I've done it the other way when I can't hang out that long which he him. We'll store pizza to play 45 from famine. It's easy Tuesday with pizza most of edit edit this I didn't good news or anything what is wrong with that it was delicious and we beat the deliveryman. One tell a story involving boob would you like to tell us a 44999. Lola. Hello Peter welcome to the men's room. All of this kid I'll. So my outlook stories about like camping trip. In a window and camping trip probably in general or four years ago would have bunch of friends. And like to eat for days and duke in the campaign. I went in the league would probably 200 feet away from the game. I didn't leaders as of her time did you use the bathroom on the entire trip. Yeah yeah let's don't have an Afghan man I mean like to raise the long view mode Brunell you don't think well I can't they gobble who for seven days and doing whatever however long route there's a time that I will not vote. And outside your body's center held on though that photo but it Alienware this nasty like. Yellow due to 34 days they're not covered it up with some leaves. The next morning I'm wind you know they're not my buddy's girlfriend who's wearing sandals. I have no Allred she's a stick like scraped and you know replied. And another round. How far away and I decided he usually few hundred yards. Alerted to lose late that night you know try and stuff so I don't wanna go to Clark is solid iron 200 yards and I never admit to it so the latest news Dallas oh no it's two billion. If I don't think he'll need it isn't it is excellent color about a they are yet you have ever had to keep them particularly if he does things that are deathly gone camping this and in walked in my front door of the night I got a group. Immediately oh yeah and I didn't consciously holed a good. Just amazes won't know when your burning man I guess import about his. Yeah proved every day you did well that's good I mean it was so that every day. It was only the last day had a horrible nightmare group. Do you mean look like he just doesn't group. No late it was a good solid putt it just couldn't stop wiping our like the like. I ate every day was like eleven writes you can imagine the most news in the dancer the blazing sun. And that last damion I mean they're driven swing path. And I just can't stop white bigots like you won't be minimal because it's all the and it's just like wow I can't put this is a good this is a nightmare all week I've been fine it was like an out program highlighted that motion back but it was they were cleaned the business again and a shower do we know this was the nightmare that I want back to campus and we have a guy camping channels like you I need to use that could bring it. My answer is my thirtieth not over my head what tell its story involving prove would you like to tell us a 4499 idol isn't a communal shower bunch of people in there. Now I know this is he'll like cable jour I like a little arrow magnolia literally he's like my body is like six or whatever size enlisted man just hold back things up. It's got to run down my back it's in my short Kravis. A few about greatly if she should basically. Hello look bio welcome to the men's room. Able to get solid job but let's say your name right. You did it relate yeah it is Mubarak finally your name means the viral. Yes okay. Yeah it's it's a nickname I adapted my. Where is mom called me a trial. Excluded excluded just I know that it be Jesse. Yes. Towards ultimate Toy Story sounds so what's your story. So when I was younger. Work you would down grays harbor and we used to work out there all the art. And I wanted to be in the coming home. My mom's dog will not leave me alone he's an older like Jack local carrier. Compliance and you kind of messed up what he's been around for awhile. And I'm talking my mom he keeps like ultimately it's to some commercial or around just think elect Bibi can't see your arms in the way of somebody wants. I looked down and he had his look on the streets which. Oh man I'm sorry but this is happening so he's course over just push and out of a chorus girls might split. Underfoot. Yeah. You like you very much. I don't know eight skew either that or even Umenyiora hit you where his territory or you're his possession I don't know I don't know that means. Definitely marking territory would be outside. Holes. Eleven through yeah like I put a dog dive bombs down into the ground and try as he get the sense of crap normally have a time they just pile in the yeah pile approved like Dallas small like this why do they want I don't know I think they do back and wanna solid white area was hard to have another Belgian Bart or urged I don't get this I'm on track he would lose and I really wish you wouldn't do that do you look apologetic dirty look like he had did it. Want to pick him up he realized like oh I made a mistake I'm sorry I'm sorry but well I literally had to pick him up and run an outside its users. I mean Utah where out there my mom's she's absolutely died last thing that you did. Do the best thinker in the world. It's my favorite son for let go through but none ever has that it. I stepped in dog poop and all that as a kid man I don't profiles like it married before but me every day during the summer at least. It didn't matter how well I looked it didn't matter were I can walk down a little street some outstanding dog group. And coming out of my parents who wouldn't even let me walk remotely in the house well your karma whatever it is that no they're look there was no such thing as say if this doesn't mean I love the pick up your proved laws and even imply and like I gonna cut grass and it was just in dogs were in the neighborhood. Oh yeah so no dog was we know that restrained so we don't poop wherever they put them in and I had a piece to cut grass and cut my neighbor's grass to make some money and all that stuff enemy now and I always demonstrating crap. I yeah I like my my (%expletive) hole and every Ariel you know how. A landscaper like we generally would clean up the loop before we know somebody's lawn but it was played there was one house where like. We knew the people who live there like they were related to my money and they never picked it up. So we ran over chop up as much as it if we could share it with a high degree relative glory get over this consecutive there for days' time you read it over with a mower. We have the smell returns a full force. Hello he's not welcome to the men's room. All allowed it so oh yeah. A so I would I like sixty years old yeah my dad were gonna do it. Anti golf course of them belly. And his stomach started rumbling and I think we've Paula typical park the car. Idol park the car as he does that awkward block toward the ability. Go to the clock out but am I going to find out and did it occur ever and I go inside my dad look or not. He opened up the ball in he had pain at the end that it saw I didn't if this does this golf course they had GPS golf court I mean it. It would re did hit this golf course and it it would keep it obliterated. And John that he ran all over Simeon who. OK if you live you can name or you can name the play and you'll prove they're two of them. Mode on the Internet are very nice golf course to prove all over the map remember released again. You can walk into the pro shop in my brand new pants a brand new shirts new shoes that he needed in the new socks and went all the way down. You luckily what they would get to tamp down or anything like that happen. But eight U a W their. Daddy Yankee camp now by yet when you boys for a while. What was the medical issue that lead you have loose stools. At a moment's not right. I don't know what lies behind the would be Ager. And you take the medication are now on making that this medication it out and. No I have a reality collide is going to be groans could be IDS could be any that I know and I am I wanted to know the cases to rent certainly a dead let me know this is about a one number I look at myself I know I know for about six months I couldn't fart after I got my M next. It is in the good you are that if you do I don't do I didn't know what it laws you know I mean it was like it was like having tourette's OK so I didn't know was coming out of my mouth and an important time you know I couldn't control it I didn't know what I was saying. And it it was just like I never was shore so he sometimes I would just go and sit on the toilet and far for like thirty seconds to get up and walk away pitches I don't know that enough in unlike an entrusted Entrust the trap door did they warn you about this did you find of the hardware that you can't trust will they rebuild it it takes awhile for all the Mozilla Bahrain to kind of come back in here don't have you you know you can clinch again a new car but up until that point not a free for all the tell all kind of comes back you know eventually you're one of those teeth for me like our Marilyn doing eat crabs and shrimp and until today yet. Thank later that night. It's couldn't imagine the pride right vinegar I mean all the mental mistake prestigious guy but there was so we so weird like sense of relief when you could finally laid to counter fart without word aria does that. Our I personally I don't talk oh this smells like you know of a totally out and year old crustacean. It's let's let's hope he probably twelve dollars and you know it's it's horrible that I mean you got to think like these things were around before dinosaurs any night is eight and under far amount. But they're delicious. You have heard the price you pay a map so well even crabs themselves Writely you need a bunch of crabs and crab every pronouncement. Played baseball so great when you cook on this and that. Only a day later in his heart of all know everyone warlord visually short actually off flight but they eat poop. Yeah I mean crabs eat poop I mean there's a reason why they survive and they're they they eat trash they eat crap I mean they they're delicious but the bottom line is. They're just the crap off the bottom of the floor and but don't demand the worst and annals diet I and commenced the better they taste. Gabriel crammed to bring a shrimp all these oysters and on the news filtered garbage out of the ocean nudes. But there delicious and you know pigs L teleport but the greatest animal world you want to meet elect I can't believe me this reminds me and the crappy the diet the Beverly Scott came in studies what tell a story involving little would you like to tell us they par 4999 Lola. An old G. John welcome to the room. Hey I don't guys on America. Oh I'm so far about three don't want they don't my dad and I we built it UP of Michigan beat them Bichette and and we basically. They found that violated like they land that we can't and I like very small light and double word meters Obama that by the out. But there's nobody Delhi's that we get and I like bigger spots. You know all forty feet from Cameron something going in the bushes well why don't go and it's done it came up and well what they're dog in heat trot. Mike adopt. Nobody I hear all of a bit dark blue. On the island good neighbor like get up at dinner and broad market melt everything. And so you wanted to go explore the island so. I was about twenty feet behind them and that the dog eat at a lot better breaking trillion dollars and that's basically. All the side any. My cousin like all little what do you do a little what is the Anthony goes up there and I Colbert any chomping down on these all my dad I cuckoo. Peninsula. What is wrong with Gomes right do the same thing was captured CNN news any birds and him. Why tell a story involving move would you like to tell us they 44999. All over again about your calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. It was miles itself. Plays are trying to drag down. The female jogger who keeps moving on family law islands in Colorado Springs, Colorado you'd think as big as the story is gone today in her picture being up there that you'll be identified I'm sure fairly a fairly shortly. Here is a a disturbing story staging an action and a net only data can leave these here let's include lucky. A mill where people Smart worse Milford I'm sure there's abuse in middle either Connecticut Pennsylvania aren't sure what I've Delaware Milford as a Nobel Delaware. Feels like there is obviously a better life and anything less I'm going to go be good I think it's Connecticut yeah it is Connecticut post your past. Milford woman was charged after police say she put feces on her estranged husband's toothbrush. Leslie Langer. Violation of a protective order after she turned herself in on an act of Warren's book tour in my mouth from a boot police and the warrant for lines arrest it was a result of an investigation no complaint filed by Lang's estranged husband that she had tampered with his personal property. Her estranged husband has a protective order against her from a previous domestic violence arrest. The investigation revealed that while Lang was retrieving property from her soon to be ex husband's home people what appeared to be fecal matter on his toothbrush. Police and a DNA sample from lying to the state lab for testing along with a toothbrush and guess what the lab confirmed that Lang's DNA match the feces on the toothbrush. She was released on 1000 dollars in bonds of your wondering if you. If you break to protect the border yet and then you pulled on someone's too yes that's gonna cost 2000 dollars dollars and because you get out of jail. 6006000. Dollars correct for just bumping into a car. Our. Basic suspicion of that stuff suspicion of rights especially emailing my neck and improved on six toothbrushes. I could have the same exact cause what you did poop on it but you applied group who toothbrush. OW she doesn't celebrate because then they do the DNA tests and like. You'll throw but I got to question but why tomorrow I didn't do that and come to find out instead Serbia and you've never seen a thing as bad as someone. So my other buddy Chris. Just agree to brush man and put her right from the toilet just peed all over eventuality and watches as you know audit on the line here. These pee all over like all man do read aren't set off and just puts it right back sank in a much. Our Amanda. Beard like that was the that was like. I think physically one of the route that. The rooted things have ever seen someone do to someone wasn't paying rent and yeah I know with still those I like a range between Europe and laugh all those crazy. What tell a story. There with everybody resolve a toothbrush where you put stuff on yeah but it. But it's different music you're all about I don't know I assume much reverses that yearn on it yet I Hussein does that not bad now if you do now do you still I can't I'm sure you know. In fact mid day and I think in. Using my natural instinct always run water over the brush first put. What does that got to bring you would not comforted myself 0810 people under 21. Good do you rent an underwater for eight seconds. Thanks to make a good enough we'll throw that toothbrush or right it is somehow tolerant pagan secret. You both for you if you throw what they don't look at a net and it does bring me enough comfort everything it makes you feel. Better a little bit as opposed to knowing somebody peed on it human right my mouth again we don't want to crush. They had to the Dennis just used a new and every six months. Would you like the theater I don't do it but I am analyses regular to pressure rose above his take one for the benefits you and I just want to get a good brought like the sonic care's great quote just when you regularly brushing teeth look to president heavier and Groupon. Does a great job. What tell a story involving though would you like to tell us they are far I know it's just that these continue our momentum through the radio network.