09-19-17 Seg 3 Mens Room Is Vocals Only

Tuesday, September 19th

Emails, Taryn Daly is in to Sit & Spin with 10 Isolated Vocals! Plus The Word and the Shot of the Day


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This is the men's room. Since then coming up where the lovely Terrance Dailey and far rank castle is going to be a good 110 isolated vocal tracks for your listening pleasure they just had the locals from some popular songs you get to hear whether they can sing with a grab and I'm. That's coming levels in spent a question what story in involving group would you like to tell us say 449990. Look hello Leslie welcome to the men's room. And oh yeah it's. Yeah it felt like there are gonna very small Bay Area I'm aware that battery pretty much connect and get to the door extension and then LA. In London. I was working in the afternoon and I. And did you think morning. I'm a good day. An issue in their earlier period and that and cool Andre. Can learn how did you challenging strategy Joan Tony and an eagle on ones they remind I'm okay. Yeah usually get I really six didn't look like it's telling our drive home that kind of day of aren't spending you're gonna get and he told me don't take a lot of Orange correction and walking back them. Oh yeah. My dad didn't throw it out and Ari can I did she wanted to Biden chocolate scone. Yeah I don't mind actually did so yeah I play is easy you aren't long lunch break because she's captain who. Bathroom next to the bank guys make its chocolate till I was on TV are pretty much heads to me. But here like god I'm a married you really buying it she alienated I am glad. You her approved before. Because people here people I don't feel weird but somehow you're going to result of bad for an extra poop everybody groups I get a legitimate super relaxed forked. And I think some reason it's like I don't find so humiliating and embarrassing like I'm not trying to do. Usually you get high. Yeah it would. Do you hide. On the Asian you know. When John McCain Megan Johnson runs OK. Almost Nikkei you giggle as much when your highs you just normally lives heard the dig into what do you let alone. Unleashed Schroeder. I did I hear like Italy I played it very tired. Now NASCAR Talladega then Atlanta oh that would make way to make things awkward Leslie I like that it can also go by your new dirty as turn on the radio. Exactly at the video on here this will tell a story involving who would you like to tell us hello less welcome to the men's room. Hello hi you guys doing all. OK I'm a retired flight attendant than I was on a three day trip to nice in Phoenix. Second day we go from Phoenix to Portland after Phoenix almost suitcase in my clothes are back at the hotel. We do disservice immune beverage service or done I'm in the diagonally eating my Turkey Markel pull into movies salad. So I was fourth in first class came back instead you helped dismantle the bathroom and I should know. Because they're not that it actually looking into their home I don't know whether I'm at home yeah. Saw I go up front and you can one seat and he's in his eighties is why this connection as she's older than him he can't stand up horizontally puts both at the hands. Fashion around my neck. I call him out of his seat. We take baby steps towards the bathroom. And we act back in into the about it if we get about almost into the bathroom piece as I got a call I gotta go. And trucks to the toilet with this and some clown around my neck. People under the toilet I'm glad it's getting enough announcement or George not know exactly in his first class oh this is first class client side to us and the and there's no curtain between first and coach so everyone in the plane people they're looking to see what's going on purse so he crowd into scrap. An air vent is blowing it right in my face going still has is they have to run. Answered so long as I know you all know I have to so then holy month on the toilet. At. He can't. Under his belt so I had to undo his belt is pants and tropical cool and I see he's wearing a diaper. Oh that's good then think oh. Well what do I do now so he can't because I peroxide rookies don't grow things testing your soul all walks toward the grounds is. Caddie and again you're on his hands. How my neck and sweating. I grabbed the toilet paper thank and it tunes you Y loses his balance. Grabs my shoulder was asked all over his hand. That's all third down and didn't look cop a mile long sleeved white teacher. And so I backed out of the bathroom it and I say to the white so he's wearing diapers and sold the book there's a woman in the rule next stroke to see. And meet a diaper. Okay so are not looking back and their arm it is people look at me they're like taking bad you can take the diaper or not what I took it. One end anyway logs are short four times this happened scientists. After they're out all over the walls the mir's stock or meet my issue is. What did you do this this lady just at the high in the back. Know what I had to do what I tried to call I went to the Barack. This when you still smoke and the point I'm just as smoke and smoke and cigarette and in my mouth I think they're I'm stressed I got a little over my wager I'd go to the back and think I tried to clean it up. Additional cleaning supplies on the plane had to make an announcement Susan whenever sisters. So someone did and I cannot. Beyond the whole sleep awful musher. I'll know I had this like John Doerr airlines with. Like Larry the Cable Guy I don't know cards are you need to talk it. And then you know what I know about the Seattle on the third day I went and had a war. That you could wind 400 dollars if you want national want to talk to fill out this being so you know singled to go low last week in a nominee and they didn't meet. Can nominate yourself to tackle Jeff can I want a quarter dollars. I never got to but I now Moran and you know now beaten Nancy. I thank. Yeah I just I'm just like ineffectiveness smoke on a plane like had to go today you should be a lighted cigarette. If someone else prove it ends up climate I don't care where you are you should be allowed to smoke a cigarette and they asked for scissors. This opinion yeah probably I think that is old school until the smoke appears in some of the old advertisements that advertisements and in magazines and stuff from that era of time whether. Showing like the united fly turret TWA flight and I am delighted. People are smoking and it's just too big seats that everyone gets to sit in on the side of the wildest play a leg room. They're eating food that's served on Mike with silverware for plates and glasses and get drink with their. Yeah and they're smoking you're just like what happened man like what happened. Because Clark I mean. Did you pay for the evening get charged for your luggage on the airline industry pretended what maybe ten years ago that. People travel plug it clicked yes on airplanes people bring so this was new and then everything you can bring more than this when he bag that is still lead the way to the white. Melrose horrible pretty sure that first in my mother pac ten years and anybody else weighed significantly mourn and these suitcases and then it occurred to me. It's just a number of people on flights is right it was two seats yet legroom and so no matter how much luggage you brought it does not ever weigh as much faster now Graham 100 additional people on the same plane and. I don't have to be really as competitive. But also emerges owned by a couple giant 19 what tools are and I totally. Pan am you know if everybody else is doing the same kind of late. That's got to their idyllic we get all those that bad customers are. My mom and she as you do some should travel to Africa and she was gonna tunnel points and then over two or three years she was working over there. She finally decided that she was gonna do the I'm gonna points air emirates. No business class experience and does not first class experience but the duty still lay down on the bed you Gary emirates compared to any. Domestic airline. I don't care if your car go hold its can be measured usually creditors like asleep cubicle. Can't area man or she did like she can recline her seat all the way flat Michigan taken lab and all this stuff like she still talks about them like that sounds like the greatest airline experience that you like this get excited flying birds murder right you know to me that's good enough they treat you like an adult you know we're now well that's right well I wrote an airline that used to exist at least ten years ago and I'm like I'm telling. They repeat seats in the community clean and he's directed the city in that city was unbelievable we take charge you seven dollars per bag people ought to get Entergy announced overnight after they thought I want would divergent there was really I don't know enough. We cannot treat customers with respect like Disney we're setting a bad principle of they look like everyone's got to be decent to each other. Remember before Alaska bought the mountains couple years ago and other. I say American Airlines c'mon I mean American Airlines but airlines better from the United States of America. There are asking airlines to boot virgin one before my own so it's a load can a domestic gates and the root of the problem was just this. They every poll they did a dumb assault against virgin air towards the same places these other airlines. Basically 100% of people when you took points out mark Democrats. Big merger marriage is based on factoid look they they don't assume we're stupid. The flight attendants don't seem angry all of the time we may even choose to see like everything they do makes cents. And that's what we prefer any calls almost exactly the same as you so I heard afforded by some take it why don't want to waste my money as a dry as crackers. And horrible guard service and you didn't yelled that because you spent money to get on the plane in the they've decided wanna burn you on war. You wanna go to Maryland agreed to buy your name at the moment you step on the right they don't hassle you in if you need anything that you take care of him it's that simple so instead of following the Marmol they were like they don't even make the effort to treat you well. They got mad because the airline didn't treat you like garbage won't face amount that was. The issue to gracing I have from virgin for the first time I took it moved in just a quick flight from Seattle San Francisco. Yeah I think you know you pay this much we get like a limited drinks and snacks. But had yet to really get to our flight down you let triple fist it. Bio pocket triple fist and he is there will care. Yeah like I had tears required to file whatever call dirt dirt at all now when you're an adult I could really relatively easily choose to drink limit really neat and I. Because it could mean everything they did this was our superiors at any time I can Weber and so it the wasn't the question about it and you're still alive I think Virgin Atlantic. Yeah and general yeah they've got to be right well did she is here in the states roughing Alaska. Alaska is fine but over and so wiley you do not compared to Virgin Islands Norris on them later lay said they don't even make the effort. Think you can complained he had brow beat by a little down those rosary was it is like. Oh no no no. Oh yeah larger economic Paramount mergers have now and I'm now so they'll emerge. Jerry and I really liked and I credit card mantra Virgil sort of the points at the time and that is I go away and wells it was like it was I guess Barclays must be an English banks where they call them and now open and I'm just gonna go talk to select you're doing good my dad who like I had it and I assume they're English because it's the Barclays Premier League and that is why the boy never really I'm gonna go to good golf. Why tell a story involving move would you like to tell us we get your emails on the way for men's room amends in my dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. Our question what does story boring and converting involving move would you like to tell us or come. Those emails in the men's room image in my dugout yeah. And we had some of these today crap load so heard in mega Jerry Miller but I give you a few. I had what the ER doctor called a court basically als badly constipated and to further up the digestion tract. I had explosive diarrhea woke up with a stomach ache. And what do you use the bathroom the court then popped and did some damage as it popped out so I ended up winning have a day in the hospital thinking that I was bleeding internally. Our guys is we'll probably 2014 I was homeless and it just wash what little clothing I had at today's senator within seconds after walking out the door. A bird dropped a huge dump directly on the go to my switcher now this is a bomber. Considering we had to be added to it to the goal weeklong wait list before you do laundry again on the better off of the Burgess boot directly on the bare skin. I have got my S together and can wash the tube off my clothes and any time now with in the safety of my apartment building. And on that from James. Comment on the story tell you about ten years ago I was working for local movie theater at a customer approached me and complain to someone a blown up the main lobby restroom. Took one look. And my face turn white it was on the toilet the wall the floor of the stall door and also have the look and consistency. Of canned chili. And then they graciously apologize to me clean it up and sent me home early with a full days. If you know it's bad. When they unions and home brewed green improv I was working as a nursing assistants at a hospital in Reno and a man advantage renovation admitted it was literally covered from head to toe in proof how to create a Hazmat suit to Wear to be able to shower this guy took hours all the approvals dried on him. Guys that it worked there's a guy we call the phantom answer. He got his name because every time he has been in the stall he leaves a toilet covered an end but I don't know he was in there because he stands on the toilet. And then does the business so you don't see his feet under the door. Why us why go through all that effort. Condit is my older brother decided brain bigamy a box full of spiders crawled all over me when I opened it I decided to wait a couple months as I've plotted my sweet sweet revenge. I moved in a box wrapped it up and let that aren't as bad signed to Christian. Love uncle Richard who who know box field and it's weird paste thinking his loving uncle cinema gift. He opened and it's such a way that the deer dropping size oop nuggets fell all over his lap I was in tears laughing until I picked up the dank night it's and chased me around the house with a she fifth I was filled with his or Brad as he pinned me down and smear the brown ball on my nose at you almost instantly. So I could just that was your uncle. Maybe using younger uncle rent or maybe that's just is that today. The jaws is based on those stories that Diggins and doctors tell that you could handle the four or five pounds of meat in your Colin I'm here to tell you guys it's true. About eleven years ago while traveling to California pick up some imports for our store. And save money we stated a friend of a friend's place well as the crowd a mouse was obviously the Mike king cab truck bill that night I felt the need to far. So I took the gamble lost badly frantically scramble out of the truck and Doug spare clothes on my bag in my back and ran upstairs feeling more moisture going down my leg creeping through the living room. Where everyone else was sleeping and into the bathroom locked the door got the shower turn to water on. Pulled down my pants and bent down letting go. What came out was almost indescribable. Imagine a 34 outside soccer ball and I just didn't meet him in or I wash myself with a atrocity behind me and proceeded to clean up the nightmare in creep back down the stairs. Feeling so much lighter on my feet. Believe the doctors. Please forgive my spelling definitely not sober you guys rock that from the swords. So it's an digested meat it's really gross no. No I have not been number disturbed knowing that yet another I don't know why is giant gut meat ball bothers me more improvement does didn't. Six months and then in my future husbands and in Mexico within him on a company incident trip. One night this company had a huge outdoor dinner for everyone was fired answers Aztec warriors and tons of food and free fruity drinks. The drinks or so ago that I managed to suck down three of them without really thinking about what that much fruit juice and liquor will do deal. I knew the first rumble hit and I was in trouble especially to the fact that the resort was so large we had to be driven around a golf cart. There were bathrooms near the dining area with a couple hundred people and lots of them oh women it was full but dominated the stall I was already leaking down my leg. Did I mention I was wearing a tight fitting strapping son dressed. On a total blowout before I could even sit down a desperately tried to clean up before leaving the stall but could only do what I could. The girl walked in there after me turn right around the game back out and just look to restrain the faces I was trying to wash my hands get out of there. I grab my then boyfriend drug and no golf cart to take me back to the room leaking the whole way back when he's still married and have a great day guys that from brand. Somebody's hot yes it's yeah you're meant ugly brandy. Not a I am glad memo would render. No it doesn't matter like oh all right she's a cute branding in Anaheim on which your right brain region is strong name if there's any ugly brandish please send us your patient. A couple months my buddy and I were at the silver legacy in Reno playing blackjack. Reno as a joke PS the dealer she'd ever seem to want to move in the casino she's an oh yes I've seen it all about an hour later nobody went to the bathroom and came back all excited he said I've now seen someone as themselves and a casino. Some dude was pushing his way past him. And let loose right in the entryway to the bathroom. He had brown coming out of both legs in cargo shorts no ravens that for a bracket correct batted into what Matt Howard law enforcement see where things all the time it is when takes the cake L last summer I was my word vehicle doing paperwork. I'm parked on the street messy this crazy looking homeless guy walking in circles and talking to himself on the sidewalk across many. Suddenly he drops his pants. Grabs a hold the fire hydrants bends over his big brown eye looking right at eight. He then continues to explosively spew flew halfway on the streets quite impressive when you think of what kind of pressure. All all screening of pedestrians during this once he's finished even begins to circle the pile streaming employing and it F view you piece of yes. Then walks away and still down the attacks. When it comes to yeah we did hangout area there. Up on the my boyfriend cheating on me well I'd been gone for a month and Germany yeah when I went over to put my stuff from his apartment and ask them why. Why did he do it he didn't have a good answer our wood to the bathroom. And a sluggish toothbrush in the toilet in and around the rim and then what's awful little so the maybe he wouldn't notice. I let him use it for about the next week before a Texan him and told him he should replaces toothbrush. We don't dating for Europe let moved to a strong if you sound lovely says. This one all garbage over every November my son in law and I play around the gulf. I'm Black Friday rain or shy. So last November were boy and I'm having a round of my life shuttle 38 on the front nine which for me is amazing. Then about halfway to the back nine. I felt the big rumble in my gut now the problem was I was about the rules away from the nearest toilet while tried my dip Baz the tight she did for the next couple holes. But by the time my dollars and 300 charged the toilet I couldn't wait any longer lose the mad dash just to make it. Which I did not I'm Rosie my parents album my underwear was shut up and ended up finishing around commando style I still don't shooting an 84 but. Well the rest of the Thanksgiving weekend being called. Who became goofy pants but my family I'm in office from a guy goes wise snacks. The bullet that guy craft his pants while playing golf yes. China better Graham and I ever have in my blog know that that there was an 8400. That's impressive day out now as bad reason he gets going like I'm playing good golf I don't care tomorrow but right now it's hard to swing a golf clothes you got a group maybe to steady him. They have is out of respect your daughter if you answer emails in the men's room and as in my dot com yeah. Other jealous I'm running and for my two good friends Byrd and Melissa were welcoming and kid number 5 this morning Jeanne running into the get old little girl may Melbourne this morning could you get a little kid's face and we did a Joey chestnut thanks guys have a good one. The mother Angela had a birthday for 45 trip around the sun did you get a face and originally raw RJ gans thanks from her kids brought Jessica. And Nick Price yeah yeah. I. Jose we celebrate the first annual galactic voyage around our solar system for our son stand any chance we get some advice for his second year of life from Australian dead rock on guys that from Jill and Shannon. And it can't men enhanced fan I had to turn into. A like the rest some traffic jam the listening nominee that. But Joseph though I do is my favorite son Evan happy eleventh birthday. Thank god for only children he listens all the time and he would love to hear a barber shop fish sandwich from your bad dead cold. Is it do movies borrow this and win OG's. Daughter on this. Melodies I wish he's still okay see in the hand and you and you and and not. It's guys not tears coming God's honest I understand it another bird day request now about some dirty Germans talking about professional wrestling man from Ben the official spokesman for the garbage plate around the country loosening up 96 point five WTO. A young girl who wrote some Omar itself through to the ground you knew my condition called the three knuckles Chelsea. I mean first of all the talk not rest until we after the didian but if you want a kid making opportunity choke. Slide into Mason. The country truthfully from boys yeah if he's going to joke and something in Tampa it's. But I Zetterberg demos and Andrew it's his eighteenth one of the best people have ever met in my life so proud of them gonna get an Al hitting the window and a suck it up got gay thanks guys love from the mom. Oh. Well. Hey guys always my beautiful wife Jeanne I have a 41 brought her first birthday from uncle flew. She's the best why the mama could ever wish more please give her a big old bomb hit thank you guys you rock thanks firm Keefe Austin Rachel and haley's. College is all time lows are first time ML around 48 today and with a birthday sharing friend Glen and San Diego's 41. For Glenn can we get now hitting the win no. Oh or myself let's Sarah Palin in oh my god what the F is that thanks guys you rock from Tim well. Yeah yeah. How about Jay and a bed for around my palms re the bison Laguna. He turns double Lagos today big fan Michelle still talks about hanging out with you guys it's an events back in his competitive eating days. Giddy get an oh look out and a couple of Joey chestnut set from Kelly Tim and Charlie people look out. And we met this guy aria probably saw. I guys I can get a shot out to just give her birthday givers and dirty Germans it'd Joey chestnut thanks guys. You are looking good maybe great we are new and you won't soon. Now for breakfast wake up like the purchase of a suspected. So there are 33 Trevor on the sun can I get a little Melvin said please thanks guys have from Travis in Puyallup. That they had to Manningham. Janice you know you can get discount and ending the Steelers like to come over and we give the group. Oh there's my Tony is our days around the son I discovered you guys in August you guys the best I would love to hear a little turtles snakes and some very dirty German talk thanks again guys that from Andrew. Are we have a warm holiday looming Grimes and Jose Perez maestro don't know Kim. I'm in May not bring over the smacks. Us tonight and you go into your country. Germans brought to my men's number original sausage get a town now enjoy my doc I'm leaving it delivered right to your door I recommend maybe a pound or do you gonna do that Diego guys on your birthday or any. I'm really happy about it. Yeah yeah OK okay Pat Buchanan I. I'd pay good Katie Couric debuted. But today a lot of programming a drink Intel's with a shot of the day about horrors. Yes friends it's I want to get it off and six and spending medicine gather around me on the radio and listened to Arizona sweat. Noon you're your flight control. I'm Kathy on this is much better for all of us in here today that few of us have tended Doolittle since there's no math. I l.'s better looks better there's less of a beard have a name oh yeah it's as much nicer I today we. Have some isolated vocal tracks and I I don't know much about this other than you guys were saying earlier that this is. It's pretty interesting stuff. Yes absolutely I I'll tell you this everything the one on the list gave me some form of a goose bumps and even where about in a good way. Also they're all these things are a little more interesting. Then others. Okay and so the music is not there basically you're just hearing the lead singer of the vocalist do these tracks in most of timing and you know to play with a bam that you're get a chance to find out are they any good or. Yeah so I don't think people are going to be very impressed with just jump if. I don't know. If there's. You know. I'm really. Okay. Now. They ask. Now you pretty unique sense of how he's. They're probably thinking in karaoke if you wanted to you I mean any need as I think could probably take that back some process. And you can hear a gold and a quote I wanna say somewhat when he was alive obviously the doctors and even called him Michael Mann of the week and soon. Simply to go avoidable and it became like later in his career woman became a real concern of how these things all the time yeah he was actually angry soon. They go to an isolated bullet thanks Larry Garrett listening pleasure. They're now. Well health Mick Jagger and got a gospel singer it's. An all the the Kremlin is trying to do here Adam yeah yeah. In the end zone. You know he's the ultimate frontman Matthew voice it's an isolated moments actors. Okay. OK. If my for the morning good. I don't. Things around us all to be more depressing let's. So that we can that we are reaching that. This. And a new thing. William once I do not miss Suzanne seven. I don't know think. Julia my staff and I went out. And I don't any part of the song that when he actually doing I don't Nebraska vs having seen how much air is dry then I'm like oh my god he doesn't mean there's a one to say this is not only television bigoted to him but he's spent Galley I don't know I don't a lot of BS from Montana tonight Glenn Close ranks you're listening pleasure today. You're center stood ten room knowing what this world this. He's seen me let me. This is mom will. You figure pretty soon they'll let you out yeah they would always. And they're pretty good enough I'm not I. Am. I. It's home. It's a million men look look. America. Didn't visited eyes light up all your life. Mad Carlos. Long huge. Ma humiliated. Do today even the college and wrong here. Won't she drowned. It's nice meaningless you can go green and he got his son. So. I'm gonna move on his era tonight. Yeah yeah. The only yeah. Yeah. I am as we had an Afro. Only win. True blood is then yeah. All news good tonight like a mogul dragster or listening pleasure. No room. We know she's she's really I only shot callers. I was alone on the New Orleans last. Here's what do you read the MTV shows like surely know only normal for you lose song all summer song I did this thing. This turmoil that's a mere embracing yeah. Suppose there's any joining us either tonight's political track today. It's yeah. Chasing. This little deal. Golden who's only missed the U warming up working out of its. He had. As. You can see there's a Jefferson Airplane all right we got tonight's livable dragster listening pleasure remake itself. When the pimps and create a mom drop it like it's. My. I'm glad you saw that he strategy and go oh yeah. I don't I'm not. We told you do better today than and I come on the program during my tells this validated my also the return of words coming up next you're listening to the men's or radio net. Big chill you don't have a gentleman newsroom I feel great tells the shot of the day is minutes away the first. The word and Miriam my. They're just announce a bunch of new words they've added to their dictionary which basically legitimizes remember better or for worse but here's some of the highlights of these guys like me I guess we use them all the time and Campbell even on the dictionary and the word is troll for Aaron we know better also harassed criticize antagonize someone especially by provocatively disparaging or mocking public statements boasting Iraq. Well that's a new meaning to draw a notable realism to the break. So that'll be beat though probably the first definition and then what we knew we could be will be second Iraq. Yeah imaginary creature underwritten and the problem is trolls troll. Embrace troll so much doubt until whose patrol didn't when I just called communication via you know him no matter what it once nor tuna. Tell me it. It doesn't matter what you post some union address. Next up. She denies it should now I thank all of the shine off the snide excellent ones are harder for a losing streak isn't sports the shoe knife but no one said that anymore. Jake what does the new meaning to front front follow behind. Hopefully that's been discussed at certain did they still use the meaning of like given somebody something before you get paid for it. Alike front cash debt plumber probably probably still is one of the deference front you can hear it constantly referencing props. Goes through about an acre false personality to conceal ones true identity and character to put on for a fifth. Learn brawn as Pope visited a lawyer Mark Sanford this is a new word Miriam Webster's dictionary just announced as of this morning mourners arrived job. Right we know so Russia have looked rodeo. Let's throw I don't know the number one new term he ran a three games. There Soledad in back to begin drinking alcohol before events or activities such as a party or a night out pregame and he has them I guess being a pregame remitted to during intact. Yeah it's serious to be ready. Men's room knows just. It is. It's not as measured Joey had those are great day Afghans even throw a little fun on nortel's. Yes indeed the daily dose 22 year old Calvin limit of Lexington Kentucky but it should be pointed out that his particular story takes place in lovely. Columbus, Ohio now becomes in Columbus, Ohio they got a call last Thursday night about a break in at an apartment and when I got there. The hospital window in fact they did see the burglar that was our boy Calvin well include only made himself at home and his new plays because he was naked. Sitting on the sofa. Vigorously masturbating. Not a cop stormed an arrest of a much games quite shocked him renewed penises and hand most of the time we expect to be left alone. Here's the thing the entire thing the entire you're saying was caught a macabre body camps elements in the entire thing. The entire thing trichet you charter burglary and public indecency but the point is. Nobody can return by an evil when they started looking through the window so here's this guy has four when he goes to court but explained shall we Obama video ever since we beat. Richard your masturbating and again if you if you see the video which does exist for the most part it's dark. You don't see much in the about a minute and let's just say the lights come on in and you see was due just going to attack rabbit that it's. It's disturbing. Its quarterly dividend our own hall yeah I look straight reporting the supposedly drink this booze because we think it's young. Yeah national over the tone down the flight to party in our town it's down I'll allow a better job. Ticket doesn't align right now take color nine to play profile this coming up 844999. Cola that is 844999. Below. They should many pins continue on the men's room radio network.