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Thursday, October 12th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines


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This is done men's room. Try to console is standing by for another round profile those killer nanny for 4999 a little player profile there's going to be in it. Editor at your headlines on the way one hour from now the first quick check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right a woman in North Carolina went to an urgent care clinic for a snake bites. And she posted a photo of the snake on FaceBook define and it's it was poisonous. The answer was yes yes it was flatly he's okay no Menendez there are gonna make it was. I'll head home for head yeah. That's poisonous snake you don't want fighting yet I knew that I don't move will be able to identify. But I do know the cover his post and I would not wait to find I was just go to the doctor. He's. A big rage isn't my day just to clinical flip over don't do take place. Really yeah and then we'll put. Political social media for the people like get the copper had fight me at how would shoot down a little where do you know where Hollywood didn't do you know she went to an urgent care clinic dad's third I guess the people on FaceBook relate to a real hospital now. Okay I'll take a moment of every don't know. It's clear nor do. But in its North Carolina it's like that's crazy to have a comprehensive know there were. Holland yeah yeah and a lot of water warm weather they love it for now I'm not going North Carolina. They're barely beneath it extracted off the bucket list this drama luck. When you experience snakes in the wild throw those things where like may view. Can see it whatever but when you're swimming in one comes up and takes a chunk out of your leg would normally look. I've come out does recover and our do you think Robert Albert gotten gotten tougher had I ever had by about what's on the lookout for measures that renders a matter okay. Those limits make you don't mess with the OK you don't. Many New Zealand recently took his black cat to the vet because it was acting weird and they put it on anti anxiety Mets come on man it's okay. Then a week later you realize it was actually his neighbors black cat that is. Okay. Because I thought I. So I'll I'll I'll have to go out. It is. I don't think. News is next general let's today is included Micah my mandate like at the moment the federal. It got there they had to do not like there's no creed color of their cats anymore. I mean not modest to meet also Marie indoor I guess the front of the TV never gonna put the thing outside put a caller on the damn thing. I agree ma'am if it could have been if he he does now. Jimenez neighbor because obviously neither of them were collared when I hear the question what happened that his dad that at no point you've cancer in his home it. Matador melee. Yeah neighbors can't come over it if it's acted weird because you know he's still looking for boots but rather the other cats like Romero man you know me tournament got them over a parent trap. I don't know what we want I don't think that can left on its own volition their growth I got in June 15. Officials there. And I left a pause as officials that Robert. To the board members voted to change the school's name to legacy of educational excellence as gulf. Rolls off the top legacy of educational excellence. Name would be lead he sees all and I don't know. I'll man. You're still gonna support separatist who killed American soldiers back to brilliance. That's the message you want us into the kid but now everybody or NASA's efforts as they killed American soldiers trying to divide the country because kids that they've really read in Akron and that much a strong position to stand them. We support separatist of one of the bowl this country that we've written everywhere we wouldn't be just route shortly before that's why repair the flat. Yeah you're not a patriot intercepts understand that you can look it up among maybe about Fred. A city official in Clearwater Florida is on administrative leave after he got drunk at an October fest events and crashed a golf cart innocent tables at an outdoor restaurant. And then put a guy in a rare show called for filming it takes. I love you Democrats. He was a what was his job. It just it's it's as a city official in Clearwater is on administrative leave the street got drunk at odds over vessel I mean that's that makes sense to vote for her. I know we'll look of a golf cart crashed the net and I had a restaurant. And then put a guy at a rare show called for tougher filming and you'll be surprised when what is or is there is a really cool little beach town there's relatively no bars and the reason there's no bars there is because. Originally in the seventies the reverend moon. Follow all the property in Clearwater and an evening kind of made his. Whatever like that that was like this compound right okay. So all the scientists have been Scientologist heavily took an oath. Yeah yeah yeah they got so he did basically neither of those two groups have any alcohol so I'm I'm really shocked that they have an October fest yeah. Yes I was a little strange drag and OK and now after this doomed because of Minnesota. So I can probably not pay you know look at the condoned driving a golf cart drunk but I've done that but that's the one vehicle ever drunk person believes eyebrow about this thing has everyone in this room yeah golf cart tamraz the fight if they drive up to you when their own golf cart full of food tonight and they come back around five more times before it's all saddened to see you again I'm still don't Playboy bunny and one man yep let's clap yet common refrain. Ice Mon I on her when I do not like try to honor her and she was dead serious about her fake breasts saving. And if she wanted to give me she wasn't like oh my god you're here they know my moves things influence of something we're all very thorough yet her boobs in the Balkan Elaine and Almonte are meat then you had to we can't overlook you pick the card off you well you're you're dead boys. I talk and her to make sure she's okay and this would lead its limited access to configure did you think these are hard on being pulled the ultimate car landed on Ted hope had a little things I doubt about it gaffe and it goes I think the scoring and now he takes a quarter but you're right calf outlook. Ted knows more about how me myself I'd do it and it's it's a lot of dumb and all the fifth the fifth. 34 years or 35 year old man in New York got stabbed in the heart Monday night then walked five blocks to a hospital and checked himself in. Wow okay that's a man right there out of the tough mother referenda you that we got from New York with like talks about how tough it is you ought all right man. You wit it yeah. The Dagestan an all male wolf Bob Larson the hospital her uptown the effect. It didn't let us know we're back at it I don't stop to give us we're prepared to talk I think I get a slice it. It is going to be the bank waited in line it it it it coma guru quick got a hero who is it the images and a lot of food on the play and hospitals and it went on the Lombardi got about strife are not exclusive hi I like street car to beat. According to a new study Asian Americans who are overweight are viewed as being more American and Asian Americans north and think it. Yeah 5050 that it that it could well be brown left this dude is a mayor give. If you lurk right texture from Africa. That that is fast Tennessee Thad state through a liquor company just launched the first ever pre made alcoholic iced coffee drink. It's called the fraph a chop. I was the one foot on alcohol and it says I'm now working on. If you think that's thrown some kind of like if Irish cream and yeah. He has Bailey's and some of them I would think I guess they run Johnny has ever had that fall rob shot is so good taste like cereal milk and I never even or other wards island. From John zarrella in Florida shot a but it has rom built in and they now make coffee Kremer aside soon enough clr one of its ground cream of your redrawn cream tonight. That's exactly what it is all gone wrong creamy as. Fools just my arm China home with the sun belt and it won't say you were sold feeling little green amounts you're gonna Jamaican man bring back some banana rom cream your mind movie blow. Spirit Airlines flight out of Vegas was delayed after a passenger removed all his clothes well he was supporting. It's going to be comfortable for them what it is funny man according. Both underground and assertive Dario Dan and if you if I picked up tornadoes under the illusion for people are. It's. Possible to go off. I didn't know I was so I don't know on the middle seat is mum but Megan's when he's maybe tomorrow Blake first thing I do start on time I issues. Again. Before but this keeps it light or if you're not really gets it next to me right now are you gonna go and you're not sitting nicely for prefer that I don't care what you paid. Your may get bad romance that mentioned mammals got their play do little bottles of whiskey plays his. And finally a man of Florida try to do is homer before robbing a bank will tell you what he did when are now they might not could ever headlines and a one hour from now the first day males off. Precepts. Throw him to please everyone how profile this is playing as short ten miles it's a simple game where every service you let new story something that happens right here. I'm planet earth. A and as you listen to a story based on the stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make. Well as you would it is you think makes the story a star race. Hello Michael welcome to the men's room. It's our job I'm Michael we understand how this here game is played. I do fantastical lasted here's your story we of course go to the fine state of Florida. Do you would think we've actually hired specifically to provide content of this game but it's not true. And those guys who go to Saint Augustine or woman came home to find a naked intruder in her home. Even her canned pineapple. At W says that when they arrived at the house who suspect told them quote the door was open for me to come inside. Now 63 year old now faces charges were burglary and theft the homeowner. Upon finding the intruder she went outside locker softens up the car while she called authorities know beverage is also determined not to suspect entered to the homeowners front door. Took a T shirt back home to the victim's son. Ate leftover food from the refrigerator all of that before opening the delicious canned sweet sweet kind. It does not appear that the homeowner and the suspect know one or whether I know one another however deputies did learn themselves but look about a half a mile away from American. Anyway he was taken to the county jail. Do you believe that this naked pineapple eater is. Black and white Maxine would you. Well I've got an idea of voting yes and I think you can cancel out Jewish. Because this is northern Florida and that's not where the Jews of parents through San Augustine is a very very old town this in the Jacksonville area in the northeastern part of Florida. I'd go wider black. I think there's a lot of signs the white hear from one naked yes. Number two and Brett thoroughly enjoying canned fruit. Pineapple yeah and it just seems like a mighty white thing to do youth mover here and join canned fruit happens to less pleasing about pineapple on pizza. It's a white person that right I'm not yet. I've on the Hawaiian thing anti Canadian it. And Canadians lot of white people bottom line avenue in the spirit of America pineapple I think is the key here that this green's wife. And naked yes yep why didn't make it you know and pineapple come on buddy you're white. Why can't I really believe that's true that I can't bomb man is can you don't why be negative I believe they should hire us to go to different countries. To play this game for my looks and if the manager didn't get a pineapple new home. Why probably why why I like other doors open I'll strolling if you hit it at articulate person they won't tell them they just kind of went out to their car hung out waited for the police to get there. And I don't think it's a white woman who I think it's a white woman. I was final answer. I didn't do my suspicion the little boy and gentle find out if they were black white makes the art Jewish next. Fatigued you are listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles and smiles on the faces a Saint Augustine, Florida and a person who comes on the discovers a naked 63 year old in their home. Beating a campfire and. And a bedroom and keep in mind they've stolen the homeowners kids' T shirt but they weren't wearing. Yes they stayed NATO which is always a nice touch to thank. But Michael we ask you do you believe this person is black and white makes you or June and in the end you went whites the racial consultants agreed review. Okay. Our flag and so now Mozilla is time is time for TV damages. Sure. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. Every time you get this time a year there's gonna be some crazy spooky stuff attract great Bruton spooky stuff. Fresh hates Gould's Wolfgang goals both the blue Dallek kind of stuff you guys in the scares. You I and we all watched things that are considered scary by anonymously scare easily. All right Matt in that world I don't want to confident terrified but there's Favre goes and stuff but that's said. To me there's a world of difference I want to do movies are much documentaries doesn't bother me it'll make me think I can be fascinated. But if you said they spend the night in his old man and asylum I'm going to tell you know I am not going to do I think that. As far as scary movies go there just not my thing is something I don't like it a few of them. But in general the genre isn't something and watch all the time I think real life sometimes is more scare mean. He thought her life is frightening death. Yeah well and I don't like scary movies. I do like some Halloween stuff like going to much haunted hay ride or something like that you Uga fan a map for a yes then I know right. Is bad now get scared at some point we'll bands third gold remained give what you're with a girl and you jump plate. Not high did you physically jump both feel awfully arrogant. A decision Joseph. Now pocono which yeah look terrible if you think this is my buddy told me like outright without the word out to her. Ask us generally aren't as. Before for her and I think it's okay. It's obviously. People on TV news anchors like to have some fun. Is kind of funny this is a clip of people talking about scary stuff and then their coworkers. Ranking them and scary. I'm excited about this. They knew that was gonna. I saw him go over there I'm just I'm. Reporting. Yeah. I think tonight on today's attack. That's how good the ledger takes a page you can watch the whole video. The video is awesome by I think it's I mean there's some all right there's some new ones that isn't just any local news station. And somebody is having problems we were out we were on the we're on the East Coast were working for CBS and CBS the time way. I'm Howard Stern was still on in the morning so he had gone on the satellite radio yet and CBS had a bunch shows it may be your familiar with the the Tom like it show they had to. Don and Mike in the afternoon they'll set a show called. Ron & Fez Opie & Anthony on different shows that we were part of our lineup. For for a small period of time that we're going to have and how exactly you rendered almost all the ones I don't know why we only we win and you can't we were we were stuck in the image in the middle of greatness against the so as a solo boldly we befriend. Run and friends and I wanna say the Ron & Fez may be moved on the satellite under new Yorker can't remember exactly where were where they ended up BN but. Anyway so they invited to come down. To the studios of WJ FK in Washington DC. And they are going to have us as guests on the show yeah yeah which is a big deal we're we're excited we love Ron & Fez loves showing me they're inviting us down and one thing about Ron & Fez is oh they did their homework. And they lose no show quite a bit and one thing that they knew at the time which was a hot topic somehow on our show was that Ted was deathly afraid of clowns are correct the idea being creeped out by Clarence up. What I think it too much of this. We doubt about that at all any we we would get on the air with them they bring us into the studio we. Sit down or had no mention too late I've already been working in radio for two or three years. My mom had never been one of our pets but she went to Ron & Fez is offensive could always do things to work with a pattern our show that they all knew Ron & Fez just got a big deal that we were going to be other show I really do things to point out though OB three continue the story the way were set up in the studio. I wanna say miles you listen to the right arms into the left the door to the studio is two to four writes in about remember correctly Ted. You'll like 300 pounds which is also important today is yet to really get an idea what happened. Does ruptured the company you are stating to Myles is right so if I remember correctly you're standing closest to the studio door correct so. In the middle of this interview. In walks the creepiest clown that you have ever ever seen in our life I mean any wires or be scared to this do I mean low man creepy. As all like you could not stop staring at this guy. It becomes an and in just stand there and want to see into the wall and then instead head in and here's what yeah. From the time he got the T out of his mouth to say Ted and gotten to the Ted and 300 pounds and basically jumped over to hold me and much more on my left side yes I yeah noted instantly and then he just proceeds to stand there would watch us and scared us during the entire interview that you know like now you're used to creepy clown statue was Sosa and you yes I did little Florida Grady time army as it was cool. I mean even now I think people would tried to get preview Ohio was the sailor man near parity Conakry because he's. Yeah hey now we just wanna get FF you can think we he wanted to leave it in the industry but that's all. Yeah there was whip over the years I've had a lot of interaction with cramps. Just in different events and stuff. Did you have to do is on the gas station promotions or something but wait your partner there wasn't quite yet and I get it out isn't my brought in work. The clowns like kind of like thrills they cloudless cool and lose looks on as well. I'm proud daddy militant into a couple of before you gotta dedicate that hit a fact that this is. It was even weirder because she would break character built our man myself system works pretty good we'll do this and like I. Fans can't Erik LeBron think you're iPad so creeped out right now with the gift that DM little. Balloon animal away from them both though it looks like a pain since you get that that's. After a it's a winner goats for the Americans and again PS plus ups its. I don't get fighter from your first day of the clown. Hey can I make your bin F Mantilla Y attack yet we're gonna ask you leave now if he doesn't bug me that's where you cross a line. I know little reprieve of let's seat in jeopardy right in jeopardy and I still went in Austin yes Austin Rogers good do you remember does make some. You sell the fictional astronaut. Or cowboy Alston Rodgers so the first clip we don't play yet it's him still winning and you tell me I don't know it out your back is pumped that he still winning. And Latin word for a sea creature. In photography. It's a color that conveys nostalgia. Austin the Latin word for the couple fish is CPR. He wrote on the correct response. You're gonna go over 400000 how much did you risk only most qualified. Right because crush it. Yeah so with a all that money and stuff but keep in mind he's a bartender where do you think he shops for his close. Goodwill. Yeah. I only say they do not seem. All right I'm happy goodwill but right he's where an old school like. Almost like tweed looking Jack Clavet implies not that he looks bad there was the closing was wearing a white. There's not a places lot of places you go two by eight tweed jacket with the exception of like good well. So you'll hear talking about going to first shops and it's a man he's got a zinger at yet. Noble. Austin Rogers bartender from New York let's talk about your wardrobe because it has changed quite a bit. In the two weeks you've been on the program. Everything you have Warren though has been purchased winner for shops. I buy everything everything except the blacks should have worn everything a warrant from sheriff shot every blazer every tie jeans shoes. All of that now is that just for our show no no I buy everything after shocks people at the upper on the opry sidled giveaway completely good things except health care apparently. A couple. I don't see it if we got it in the dead. It's okay houses like just were shown a high death Alex because I go on national television that's among white. After north luxury now he was gonna have a wardrobe you know to be out of television show for three weeks straight tomorrow as a minute. I'm a hard time by dressing up for one television appearance. Yeah I'm with you I don't know that I think you'd have three weeks had a problem is with Alastair backed his eat any doesn't necessarily mean arbor he's the guy and like. Ted welcome back he is serious third week here he made over 400000. I've noticed you've worn the same sued fifteen of the episodes. Why do you think I like it beat you outside and remember lesson yet no excuses wardrobe furnishings with exactly so we've deleted the socially and give you some what do you think he dresses like. If he's not doing geez they get run another hallway Dak hero attacking Roberts the 100 W heard about a drug makers make. I mean honestly he just strikes me as one of those guys isolate. Even with UNICEF anything yet but he's still a bit he's still a gym rats a picture of walking around like. Khaki shorts flip flip flops look at golf shirt I'm sand the lure sweatsuit. The deed is a mechanical. That be awesome little broken heart and I'm matters in jeopardy. And another epithet. I mean it's never gonna finish joint is lit up the right with it. Yeah I mean I guess also he might do where it kind of data right he's Canadian GAAP monster and velour sweats it by the way to get someone folks. They are comfortable. Unbelievable they're real comfortable just got a new one has been put it on a night I'm worn out yet. It's like Rolen ran pillars of charcoal or hardness of charcoal gray and he's very broad program worth a go wider Bruno Amanda brought his woes when he gives you with the adjective before the color. The ambulance dark gray book you led stroke over navy blue but the reports scream bitch if it. This. This one probably could have gone in no less Sherlock. Basically. We remember every year on New Year's Eve right on CNN yet Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin and yet. I'm not the biggest Kathy Griffin fan okay wrong one. There's got to be a lot of people are really like here but I did always enjoyed her. To me it was kind of funny before Anderson Cooper officially came out Brett. Because. She would always kind of problem and make the jokes that he wasn't out of the closet yet see kinda had to do it yet comfortable laughed me like it was just hope Lleyton make the meat that was what was. Funny about it I think she just on the say you think his positions like I've never really ended the closet yes yeah I'm on this Gloria Vanderbilt. Yeah quote exactly. But the epic a drop I might not lead anywhere near a remote normal life I grew up in huge amounts and piles of cash. I think that and so actually so this year after that picture came out of Kathy Griffin. Colleen a fake had the president decapitated pose a real head of the home and so a lot of people there were some backlash for that I imagine for height right there. And again at any rate we want backlash of mass who didn't do a good idea Stephen Anderson Cooper was like you know like he just popularity with a mom and rightly you know like the you know better than wrecked so. She's been trying to go on are a little bit of a towards Sam right now I just wish she called me are supposed to be friends so this is why they shouldn't be shocking she is out. As he co host for her New Year's Eve there on CNN now Andy Cohen will be and there aren't any telling you know from. Is it. It he is a show on Bravo I wanna say watch what happens life. GE he has people in there he does an interview it's pretty funny I think sometimes they have cocktails donor I heard the map numbers seem to show but I seem to commercials and yeah. If you wanna keep up to date on any of the real housewives did win at DC Orange County whatever. You gotta watch ash and got. So basically he's gonna be in there Anderson Cooper corset and he's the life of the party wherever he goes to big of what's a bigger part of New Year's Eve it's going to be a blast I suspect anyone can host a show on Bravo probably the life of the party if they go to a party. Yet I did they told credit like that. Again I don't watch a bunch of shows yet but generally when I see him he's pretty funny dude that was audio on canceled and he seems like. I just visited do would you take it with frank he's funny seven drinks on a show people let it get any that's all I area like. I want who I like you already yeah me everybody likes a good beverage. One bonus of not tricky now if you're not having to beverages you might lose some weight everybody would know comedian Kate. Cake Craig Robinson you mainly from the office to see them in a bunch of movies the black guy from office and hi I'm told time he met that I rule of. Oh to act. So I so he was talking to Harry. Got a junior who shows just thought hair every area that is just a terrible thing coming up at noon on Harry Harry and his familiarity. You look at the farm the scrolling through my through my guide right you other cable whenever. Would you see Harry and I don't know them they're coming generic I have no idea of the show has but I'm not gonna want to. Well Jerry got beat in the ratings up closing of the Bluetooth isn't a patent activity really here you know that an act. And yet I got creepy and now Craig Robinson was on with Mary he talked to it gives them a compliment you find out great about it. Let me start by saying you look fantastic and you look like and love and want to wait. I'm also must worry the most about fifty pounds fifty now. The problem you know I haven't been drinking and so that was like him in January arraf has just put down now call you know I was going to tax but you know I heard I don't know how to abusive well but I heard it. A region rich and leave them you leave your liver and I think a lot of leverage to get there there's a liver didn't even my little era yes. Is thought of I would look at the missing logo six months and is this. I just haven't gone back and then working out in an amid China's legalized out through this wow it's amazing. I mean if somebody great like. Begin restaurants and going going dishes and it's much easier than I thought it would be. Person decide you don't want to push away from media stuff for a little while and we miss the most from which you reading before I can she's second seed. See the pattern grading. Yeah I wasn't as though I like the way he kind of phrases that lake. It is like yeah I decided to some drinks for a little bit and then this kind of stuck with it. Arteries and more than that I think you may as these cut out life. When I mean anything at dinner or not hinder you tomorrow among Canadian made another mean those are some very substantial life changes do you like Lil I can see how we lost all the way I think for I'd be curious from a guy like that. Sounds easier to digest. In his sometimes you just look like you know the fit fan people whenever there's all ripped up associated that they are to did you look at them whether or not they have it you just assume they have all the self discipline. So to name your guy like him saying I just kind of put it down for a little bit and got into the V instead he went a little more just basically was like. It was easier to be obedient than he thought outside who has everything he said discussed and yeah yeah I can keep glass and we're good. All grabbed a. I have a begin chocolate chip cookie this past week with a good. It's shockingly was good okay and the with a thin I had had real sure Michael we can talk like a little theme is death from corner to have a structure cooking the nobody even when it's not a score out like. By the way he explained as a pennies are obviously. He's on right now they have guys I robbery being an hour movie anyway I think if you did any of one of the things we need right people who clicked over every little don't know alcohol what begum. Yeah he might kill them a piece of that going on there that it could be good the whole thing mouse and degenerative. Perform for preferred it if it. Commercial out. Aren't you do did you guys ever watch breaking bad. Now didn't I might Mike hawk is a huge breaking bad fan probably wanna receive it shows on TV ever. So there's this famous scene. There at this house in Albuquerque might explain it to me basically want to whites trying to link when the family back over whatever so he has this pizza. And he's frustrated is the wife says no you can't come over like he can't pay out here with a pizza if your Mac dealer Gary here. Paraphrasing here I'd let you said a word for word if and if your Mac dealer get out of here and so he. Pucks that beats up on the roof now the problem is is that people keep going by its home. In hockey pizzas up on the roof I guess he's someone actually lives and yes there's actually people that live there to realize it. It basically saying middle clearly people vandalized or else they stolen rocks in the landscaping. Not only that. They said sometimes they'll just be standing outside their Housley doing normal housework and people tell them to move to get out of the way of their pictures. I am I'll call highly you didn't hear her like opened the garage it's what they do that somebody's. Health. It's so basically they're gonna put a fence up around it. The owners of the house and we feel like we can't leave because when we do something happens and that's ridiculous. We don't wanna do it ourselves and we're the ones who were being locked up we did nothing wrong. Now Julie I can't figure out here is did begin late financial did you get money to allow them to film your counsel would be in the show. I don't know how to permanently bonded well after the era look if if if you can't really mid Jeremiah from the show I haven't seen it I think it external shot most of the time doesn't agree on the ends and on the a little but here's the thing man wouldn't that is your house. Basically. You can't go wrong. Because of you opponent and we keep it in you ever wanna sell it that's that's that house so they can beat the house was in the Amityville horror. The boathouse that was in sleepless in Seattle if it's a famous house like the Brady Bunch now please don't go my way to go war rooms only donated whole idea they did then and not only that listen I don't know or how much government gets its iconic jaws five I think it is the thing yeah definitely ups the value property for sure. I think look at the end of the day like I feel bad for the family lives there and stuff. The saddest thing about this story is the amount of police pizza business I'd be thrown on the roof you can only. Piping hot fresh pizza. Thank you know every citizen in my god we've got headlines coming up Fauria and minutes you are listening to the men's room radio network it's timely and Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real. Tighter a Florida man Google's how to rob a bank before going and robbing a bank. Meanwhile state of the breaking bad health now has a huge fence and pizza drug fans you can thank. And Switzerland to that I had two million in gold is found swimming with a move. A drug dealer selling on FaceBook live was easy for authorities to scoop. At Northern Michigan University now offering a degree in part growing it is time for your headlines. It's Sunday it. There's might call. I had just started a man of Florida's been arrested for robbery after he handed a teller a note that read quotes give me money no faith I have got. And made over the last 2000 dollars and I knew that it was Tarzan there's a part. Could have gone if remain wanted to give me money. He was quickly apprehended by photos released of him and his mother is actually won a tournament after positively identified him. A certificate from his computer seventieth out of the proper method of Robert back actually deciding how to rob a bank into Google. Good oh registered don't. Yeah. I felt like I know you're told autopsy did. Right that's that's not correct that he just Google it and apparently it worked as a mini Madoff with the two Brandon. He did that he was fit to do beyond his mother as the one above Soviet germ Google's credit you take your mom out of the equation you know stand by the time they found him he had blown through all that money was preparing to rob another bank exactly it was an idiot like what did you say he paid ransom paid. They're odd odd rent utilities and narcotics depth series how to rob a bank if it FF FF FF. Go to people's clothes for put on ski mad as yeah. Seriously when here I was trying to dress up as it. For Halloween. As the clay feet FBI agent. The that I kept doing my faith FBI badge is another piece of that yeah. I just like somebody's flag is gonna go off on me well residue you know there's all the Simone from October I think indoors is rich and yet if you're don't know like November 3. They're already visited house and you want experience. Around the world in Albuquerque, New Mexico Doug about the eastern TVs and the owners of the famous breaking bad house have had enough of annoying tourists and I've built a fence around home. According to the honor jurist on the they have the right to come into the home and demanded they closed the garage and remove themselves from the areas that they can take a photo of the home daft. And also lose it doesn't end times people would actually throw. Pizzas under the roof on the home's garage which is just. Can we not. Hang on the house you make your money eventually. Yeah. Once you have the story that means if you wanna sell my house you gotta stop telling people that I would your local pizza is under roof. I didn't write immunity this other thing worth it at a pizza can I have the pizza in the one of the high as naive and house issued a solar already lifted just within the military because because the stories about people throw pizza on top of the house came out awhile ago so that was already an issue of its never gonna stop. Now because PeopleSoft. Fifties and they can't just let. You know they killed while by thousands and that's the breaking meadow school click take a picture of any walk of life on this group consumed now you've got to be a jerk. And tell people the owners of the house because you're entitled Jack wagons. That they need to get out your ways you can take a really nice pictures of the leave or is he on TV seat at the same view. As a strong points better. So they are and on the roof for the beats back. How shallow battle so to throw pizza rolls out of town and a little gun and pizza roll guns. Amanda Milwaukee Wisconsin was arrested for selling drugs with the evidence out for everyone to see yes once again FaceBook proved to be undoing a dumb criminals. I can be streamed it on FaceBook life of man telling her about Carolina semi automatic and dad began dealing barrel on Wall Street Paul Wolfe filming himself on phase of life did you do. Lied to me and say that is not what he did. That's just I really don't like my I think when I lose faith in humanity it's not the people sell drugs on the street like I'm aware of this I understand you do bad things that. So when you FaceBook get liar about my real name now you pissing me at all. Because that's so stupid exactly really the life of crime you're trying to make money and Anderson we're drama money's the thing but when your FaceBook it Mara as it flipped. What do you make all people look bad yet. Now you're an alien from another planet do lately people who so goddamn stupid why because when they commit a crime they go social media and tell everybody. I guarantee that there are a ton of people that make a living as a crowd. They have their own hands and a rise you know they'd they'd sell their product they lose some and in and number of them faced reporters right. Not ACLU and the fact that as long as they just kind kick back and don't go over the top. They can actually make eleven do in this put if you want to be proud of your work. Drug dealing is not embryo from a crack at it made me wanna be low no. About ultimate money that you're making no the enterprise that you gotta go on on drug dealing is not for you start a legitimate business maybe bring those those skills are selling to people. To a different enterprise you know man and blue. A new high school so I could Matthews I listen. All the you have the ability to make money and features some you might be a criminal enterprise. I can't sell this act is an important do you view that other people know how well you don't if it is to make she knew some legal. Look at you reach us. Graduation coming out I could do speeches. For me back. Because that's what they wanted to say that's right. I guess you really pumps and I'm not saying don't commit crimes and bring it up until Reagan out there tell you how to get them fired from the lifeguard job. Walk off Arafat. That's literally next door Obama in the eye one more thing I got one thing to say about life it was time as a snitch. Sorry I know you always. In Seattle Washington College student was studying and a formal remember sorority when she looked out the window to see a man staring at her while quote making sexual motions with his tongue. And he pulled out of the figure out how about the visual folk classic my there a date I've ever gotten out what I do as Susan asked. A man that they had lines of that my god I. In my way a British general C annexed after the return of Ted vs the FCC bad jokes and another round profile lists you as indeed it is all true but we'll be all about this bridge for Niles until next time please. Would you do best and moral lead this thing. Stand. Beautiful.