11-09-17 Seg 2 Mens Room Gets Tatted

Thursday, November 9th

We play the game known as Big Dummy!


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This is the men's room. David Greg donates more Florida 999. Cola and we have some guidance role already unable bombers all of the guy about a airplanes in recent days he's masturbating on her point intelligent enough. This new governments to comment. It's the sky mall chick she was looking hot. Someone else's parents are my slide generation I don't know why. Someone else says almost acted in the Greyhound bus bathroom hall of god and Greyhound man called McCain tan is the sonic Greyhound bus them Jesus there's nothing on a Greyhound bus and it's actually turn knew nothing. Curry is nothing on the great ho man OK merit james' big dummy for 499 national hello Mike welcome to the men's room. And I. I'd like to blame for things over peanuts over. Holder. And I'm fighting over a group called tattoos and piercings today. Would you rather get your tongue pierced your game your ears gauge stuff for him dead to. For your exes name tattooed on your next. If oil that is what would you get. We look doesn't know what it's like Denver or the yeah float. You are important to you have a foreheads everything doesn't he intends to follow him like that he's asked me about it oriented sensitive. Good. You're motherboard had Texan who should you put it on backwards you can read in the manner like an ambulance and medical worms maybe if it's a design. I don't know what the I don't know many people for a incentive for the guidance that you made tells me early on in his career through low man on the totem pole. You do generally the worst statues of the dumbest ideas for statues of guys that come and recovered exits and all the rest of like you're the guy get stuck doing so. He's California of the time there's like. Ancient densely comes Rolen then man in this dude wants an Oakland Raiders had to nobody will not even Mazar. He wants about his forehead. And his likes are all right man. So can on the comeback mainly in the deep cal for lack of better term and recruit and Trace it. The guys like not a man whose light on I don't wanna center. I want Paulson. Like you won like over one in your eyes even as I know man I wanna waste a moment in the middle market oriented school just. All senators are usually don't party mood Einhorn. Are you she wore you know late are you sure you won all center for an tattooed out Roy yeah. It's also what would you do like I tattooed Oakland Raiders. The Lola Lola also an era we ask for it is so strange to me he's like look this is not a guy who can argue with. Yeah they're trying to talk them out of road and Indiana and also her forehead to enter. All right your question. New Hampshire McCain Della Mckelvin who think kilogram the meaner the mall and the second. Part of the seven basic units of measurement for what system. It. Canadian. And bella tells them. Near Baltimore M the center. Wind. The metrics used to call the metrics it. Tim gee it's just pathetic yeah I knew the Gramm in the meter all the wrestle my way I started Calvin curtailment and royals mentored Obama was don't think. I. Don't I put the ball quite an old 2000 tell them to some of those Integra. Are using Calvin and hobbes and Shelvin tell him. I'd be atmospheric temperature at which water vapor begins to condensed informed do this cold what. Lol I could get a little to do you do now. The you point. Correct sorry ass I'm nickname from my Amos the duplex to pull this you know put some advice from over and to actually do point games may generate powerful are 9990 look who is our next contest and right to play the game of the fellowship I welcome to the manager. All right John you sober now over. Eighteen over overnight defect. Defect existed and this guy isn't as these lies beneath her name. I don't seem close. So move from New York for signing the TAY yes sir I am I OK got you. Hi John been Drupal would really get your tongue pierced gauge fears for his dad to your ex is name tattooed on your neck. You know I am all about god can't put all of those are horrible answer slowed it appears they don't like playing your fingers got you. What is the name of your most recent tax. Jamie. Japan. Course it is you do is do adult little movement clan. Good nominee and the fact that we know exactly what these tough and that's. All right still question. The European Organization for Nuclear Research is known about what four letter acronym. All NATO. Oh right nuclear recent. Oddly enough. Yes three of the four letters when applied to European Organization for Nuclear Research. You know letters a CER cern CER and you know I don't know rewards while mile particle collider all like I'm spoke. All right let's think of acronyms Clark FARC. Is the acronym for guerrilla movement originated in what country. I'm guerrilla Montana might get after it. Do you like that animal guerrilla hard. NBA here I don't know I didn't know you don't have to do into the eighth up right. Different rules for the guerrilla warfare it's the. Low rising after O'Neal. You're. Each Cambodia. I mean Colombia. Off it has rock and roll call Brian Boyle a terrified my cock. Tumbled Mike McLaren have been. Barak whom was the original singer. For the mystics. I have no clue what I can guide you gotta know yeah. When normally the way. He is now so long. Always just a short interest to shorten your guy since. Source English. Oh drawers with king's mother right back and correct come on man he's this thing they're on the ball. Obama had two years we learn a little road and our words did he's been a moral courage during remarkable resume our world probably a little longer essay and then damn good news and added. Oh god whether it. Probably musical artist on tattoos maybe would you say. Each missed it's black flag and corrosion of conforming for the most cards for statues dedicated fans who support those three. The sentences commencement it's just cool that's a bad as exactly. And a great man and gray lettering just real great if you are not familiar with the misfits mean for the named Donald admit there is awful favor gentlemen. It takes two minutes of your time per song and somehow they're very cook. Are your question let's get presidential who assassinated president Abraham Lincoln and I woke. I'm Greg who didn't make Demi four point 999 all those and other contests online read play the game. Hello frank welcome to the men's room. Okay. Are you and thank you so we're not so we're nowhere near stoke. We've crazy Teradata. Hi frank I'm miserable today it's a tattoos and piercings if you had to pick one. Here's Tom gage ears forehead death to you or your next X is name tattooed on your neck. Flawed policy sorrowful Justin winters and those players should get my total eclipse from Jack. Reviews where did you headed mir's Menendez and for the Tampa drawn back. I was towards its diplomatic Pearson or try to milk shake or disappear and we talk about disappeared the fifth fifth at the my guess drinking milk shake and then when I was wondering if you don't situation might Fargo in my told Darth. You swallow this. Are fairly with the notion. I guess cell phone most delicious way to swallow yeah okay thank you could install that thing if you wanted to you know you get a glass of water but accidentally swallow yeah I don't think gas military about a dozen McDonald's Jake I'm thinking how often talked to Jack Ma saw an. Darren you Zach. More the Apollo among new motion what are you all on its own peers over the what was the other the positive aspects of having a son pierce cougars and with. Ladies loved it okay and an unarmed man I mean is there any in the if you take that away from him why else. That's why I don't think that's ever editors did so again I am I know that it is only still don't like come on man I mean considering the fiftieth floor and bring convert moments that you understand what it is simply. All right here is your question what is the meaning of the French expression assays I'd be. Move. Boy alone. I. Then there are confident harm doesn't even need. Lou you are okay but doesn't the Lagos. I don't know a song. Seeing daddy and daddy caddie say in the is what I'm pile senior cramp marijuana today. Our current events from the continent is normal strong currently visiting. You do over in China continental also alcohol or are. Johnson and since I got sad I. I think an entity itself Gaza but in June this nut case and this is very unpleasant since he's been. It's funny and our friend so he saw all the smackdown we don't know we heard his retirement I'm content and I was there aren't a great country. Look fantastic people as a nice guy were you like a man we talking less about me they didn't think they're gonna bump into the no lover are thought so good man everything's been cool so many bad things around you know just stay internal colossal media you know this is what we do homey. But the years K okay here's a you recent Cecil may have pandas they did which what are you doing here couldn't get good good good at protective if yeah. Even little this city has a weird another crack at it yeah so gun had just gone dead meat and potatoes all of a the most. Popular sandwiches that you need to and these sexy new trend in food that would be. Sexy veggies and more of your calls and contestants on the game known as big dummy for 4999. All we got more big dummy coming up. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you see your. True Jeff funneling tens of Intel's. Popular San Jose and the new trend sexy veggies that is coming out with the head chef and dead meat and potatoes. In the meantime here has been done 844999. All who is our next contestant ready to play games hello Clark welcome to the Madrid. Make sure he's overnight over. Welcome to chauffeur. I Clark miserable today it's a tattoos and piercings pick one please pay fierce opponent. Engaged ears for a head to head to break his name on your neck. Beautiful before her forehead and wanted to really get under Florida. All involved then I'll probably did it compare that to their. If you I just thought of a cool one where he's got to third I catch you on the forehead and you have an oil oh yeah. Floor. Appreciate your eyebrows and put America on. A lot of women want to do you think you determine my eyebrows and I can draw them back home if you could leave home. Save the time but a lot of people get their eyebrows tattoo I don't mostly this intensive. We'll never know well you know on anybody Jetsons like an eyebrow and playback and please give yourself cool which aggression. I ground eyebrow fashion these changes. It's like you get tattoo it's cool right now ten years from now those may now doing now than they got a browser. Yeah Olelo that's what I heard from you put off the comments have really no notice people's eyebrows. I have great what's gonna look at him the moon. All right and you a little girl to long term about Iraq think you don't listen and I look. See when you try to purpose doesn't work when you were standing there looking mean if you're right I somehow was actually arsenal. Aren't they isn't question what is the capital of the country of Turkey. Bangladesh. I guess is the mall. College now. Where instead of save more when I combination. Bullet don't know them. I can failing that test and what is the mood yet. All right in Disney's movies a Little Mermaid what does the name of the human that aerial falls in love. Who he is meaning of that trying to keep it that way. Not a bad Disney moving now girlfriends Charlie. The same name. The woman who called earlier to say names to only extradition offense student Eric Eric Eric and mr. prince Eric Eric Burke. Her get help from Kirk. All right according to Bob Costas. He claims what are popular sport may soon quote collapsed like a house of cards. Who. Is made to stay number yesterday's order. NFL football. Dangerous game slows things people praying for my family marching and MMX. I don't know hockey right word yet since the collision sport thank you Bob god. Time to live your true. Which one of the seven ancient god dammit which one of the seven ancient wonders of the world is still standing today. Ball. Clean go to either. Emotions. A guard him. Are you battle all went down then closed for summer and I rest. My. Three to ensure the car and an alarm yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. That's a bummer of them all media goes all the air strikes bros and the ground troops there's almost an air strike was forty days and local Dara who you are unravel our Broadway and they're not there anymore sorry. Sorry. Are truly or call school who is well no I knew you're gonna ask you can't help you did not go to David Graham thanks. Brewer calls. And weight of his sexual assault accusations I think actor Kevin Spacey whose character was completely edited out of a definition movie. Moved. The bachelor. It took. Our son home in the movie's been released yet but it's calls on the line all the money in the world will remember him as one of the main character on autos a movie from Finland. And I don't really is I mean he just got edited the fact. Yeah his big dummy 844999. All lose our next contestant ready to play the game. Hello drizzle welcome to the men's room. I Google are you sober or not so yeah. Don't care who. There's no. Pick one please pierced tongue at ears forehead to add to our your exes name tattooed on your net. Let's go to town kid king is OK. Is enough. We like you already. Such Irene have Mexican name tattooed on me I don't know yet again where it wasn't whats is name awards is that you look at. Yes my name is Jeff Bennett on the inside of my honor and how long how long did you have the tattooed before he became your ethics. How about your marriage and months I had a just just get a mural of Timberlake well let me just say your methods Timberlake fan at that. I'm actually in the process of getting elated option. Lazar there's another new renewed I think that I know that's significantly more payment is getting a tattoo we get there's nothing they can do to just make it look like something else. The only and we nasty out aliens I thought about being employed stamps but I am I getting married again and I don't want another. The man's name on my arm and closing in its present the merits guy's name is Justin or void. Thanks well diet and helping out yeah happening here. You never know when you could mean an adjusted or has that name and ruined for. OK I kind of got it. Dinnertime. I don't know your Guantanamo the names of kids whose names that you like to. But inevitably you start thinking about the people and also more current some form that exercise stuff like that these people. I knew and I'm like I can I do this because basically if my daughter and this is the main we're kicking around. Scalia and I was like look man. And I hate to be the driver remembered as a memorial. I like the name Bernard Manning did back did you not know and when I hate my dog. Hey does all you do happen to know that in the world radio. There's a few guys out there whose name is Justin right. Oftentimes though and radio people change their names all those in Europe our own names including my carpet. It is there's a couple of guys and just in time. I'll get there just in time again aren't you leave it eight. Just a guy I think there's no reason I mean just in case of football players don't know there's another radio got in just gazans are gonna. All short course. Just jab just Jason Taylor run it and it would need it. Until I make them laugh when we're good money just in case you didn't. You can Google still girls well get a dog for Google to get. But all are on a club Luongo stickers to give out the door just a little off roles in Turkey who. I knew your question you were given away a hundred twinkies and hundred minutes. Hello dad did tweaking that has renewed if you broadcasting live. If you want your broadcast about me any other dude you I'm Justin Tuck my program director no way is admitting that you. Pleasant if you are get a radio station may have you seen a two hour vandalism grand did you know nobody wants and wanna go live broadcast I want to let your program director and understand. As dumb person and you're likely to report what. Thrown out there man. I your question. We're helping my role was a women you want me. I'm a Saturday and to go to the goddamn grocery store and hand out free twinkies and people and you wanna broadcast this did you think people want to hear that. Whom okay. Your question who's the only US president to serve more than two terms. I don't know. I don't think you deserve all of war and are selected fourth time. Do you make of the fourth. I don't remember who did or not. I'm not that stood out so let's just get a new usually gotten good reports are they don't know what the bad guy even today it yourself African why I don't wanna say. It was after his four terms that they amended the constitution my lower two term limit the answer. Really wanna know the successful presidents so blessed just stop includes a remembers that. All right at hand door is a type of what's at hand or. I just. Clinton you. Ted got it yeah. My goal. Only Jendrzejczyk. But finished pandora. I just kill doesn't taste yeah it is likely be there forever to chill from the food to food chill the just got a good fruit can now look ten dollar check in there yeah I can lose delicious man and it's non brand. Well it or not doing non bread should not in the kind of Brennaman is to meet their new items non bread meat. I am I doing now and as a result is that why it's number I don't have sexy way. You Mathisen. I'm a yeah ours too I thought it was an idea how I missed two days non Mac nigh on camera and I would famous horse woman Triple Crown in 1973. No act. And I don't know the secretary. In game goes. When your jealousy. It's 79. As a moment from the sports Illustrated's John resemble. I was swimsuit edition has in fact a dozen different is she American. What was the first governing documents of the Plymouth colony signed aboard the ship on November 11 1620. They signed it aboard the mayflower the no concerns. The mayflower compact. Some reflection. You can plainly today and it's been getting some of these standards and now I'm getting there. Yeah daddy hey Aaron we know how it goes the more they generate ran well there were sure it all before do you. I here's a question Gloria how many magic beans did Jack sell his cal for. Are. Simple. I do little yeah. They don't question 600. And it. Puts would residency not summer. Waking up waking up oh. Yeah then. Are your question which European countries will you find the Monroe mountains. Part of the UK. There is. Here no you can't. Probably we have our off audio audio daily double my. Look. Do we have a Molly and really don't we do every. In my view of the audio yeah. Here's the question we want to listen closely. It's also the primary inspiration for the T Rex and always in the Jurassic Park movies. What animal uses a belching noise to communicate. They contend for providing meant no problem. I made an automatic. Automatic. Yes. This I am more at play that again this animal is so much. Moeller then you don't choose. Problems. Now and while the red. Car. Wow okay keynote demo and I don't know Tom Qualls who what I have heard from Ozzie friends are like look you Americans think they're cute and they are cute but they rules drawn over your face off injury and children hairdo. Ali bears a little raccoon. Now they'll Colin Wallace bears from a couple. I think you're wrong I don't know I thought it would fit. All right there it is oh what is the name fully conditioned that creates baldness. I. It's no. I have no idea it just popped into my head got to blow wind is needed knowing I was like yeah the only you know. You know trying to do late night TV show infomercials. And. Check is normally you know that canister and you're setting yourself. What hell I don't know validation are I don't got Lemaire my head I'm with you leave I. Gave his big dummy for 4999 all lose our nation doesn't write a play I'll throw you correct that while there is not a bared all to marsupial. Oh Jacox pounced mental couched ma'am I don't know where pouches Marion. I honestly I didn't overall the coolest Gerri what impact what do you think the inside of the LA can oracle while pouch smells like play how bad is what. Because they didn't stick your finger in your belly button and act like that's a nightmare smell despite the path to rush hours say three hours earlier. What does the inside of that panel small. When you might give you didn't buy access and ask yeah David Lee kangaroos and on punch in the face. Tired smells like or ass hole that our job and take a brutal you're exactly clean it threatened. I don't I wanted to go with both. Any kind of pouch you don't know what's the very bottom of the premises or stuffy like this daily what is this leg like smell this house site. Yeah I'll tell you dig your hand a year in your jacket pocket any other kinds of crap only lower and our man it's like you gotta may be rule in apparent Monday when about babies and as a madman could prove to the but he used diaper and none of those animals are wiping. Riley you never underestimate pouch Ohio. I'm chairs known smells like easing you go we go either. Now hold a button hole man can't tell you why I got to this morning Abu bride no big deal I don't care they get a break the smallest. Are you undertake showered I'm like. No man I think I need to wipe my ass again and I did and apparently there is no evidence of a white the first to tell us why don't I got our game is big dummy for Ford 9990 lose our next contestant reds play the game and all my proud. Hello John welcome to the man. All. John Young seemed sober enough so. General miserable. Tattoos and up piercings today pick one appears dung engaged ears forehead dead two or your next x.s name. Tattooed on your neck. I would go a gig is change gears and is. My my gauge your friend here is your question what kind of insects. Live and a former Kerry. The gunman say slim and a former terrorist. Why. No they live in big helping him around. These there are certain types of this particular insight. Amaral there always lethal when you're very painful but most of them and we old experienced them at some point to Ramallah. Spider everywhere they all are flying everywhere and so I am and I answered yeah. Cause I ransom bullet internals are born into I think blow an engine more painful. Than firing firing two more dangerous thing and a I want kind of as it is used in car batteries. Cologne. And get. Oakland. And. Are the Colorado beetle as it's not on the Colorado eagle is known to attack what vegetable. I often described as emotional as you're essentially likely be pig of the vegetable world. You need it. You need it but do you believe in every trick in a way medicine you can take away encoded in will be. Yeah. Nice to learn men don't got nothing in green leafy vegetables as there isn't some residents are living off of that. No ma'am so much everybody lies that's an insect thanking get behind and he's gonna dig in a ground Needham. But it's worth it man. Look at night and I think that thing about a fly like going out early for similar good evening in fairness to our knowledge and digging into the ground like delicious potato I agreed that he complemented conventional thing you knew it had to be the TI spread I don't compliment a lot of questions still like to make it doesn't play big dummy 844999. Mullah Omar Mora big dummy coming up you're listening to amend your radio networks. Smiles. Jeff Conway says Bieber tells us and which news and sexy veggies the hot new trend coming up with a head chef in the meantime the game is big dummy 844999. Olin who was our next contestant ready to play the game hello Gerri welcome to the men's room. I carry sober now for over. So that again. Our team sobriety yeah. You're deportees. Surprise. Yes I asked the stats now that the that the industry ever need to move your historic gym minutes or so ago. And I just they don't have been to live soared sixty yard age Fischer black bordered. And I ordered children who were hospitalized and grateful my hot shot plotted. You're saying you've only been there for ten minutes. Yeah channel maybe it seems OK god damn Jerry are mens room cold tattoos and piercings would you pick one song pierce gauged ears foreheads at two or your exes name tattooed on your neck. I had destroyed this congress and hung Pearson and Jack. Are here is your question. One way or did the pied piper play. All of that NATO could help you. Oh ya I mean. It's yeah. Jitters real smooth. Camera let's send it. Whatever it also drew. Almost. Aren't you rich and and birds and once Disney classic includes the mutilation of feet and I he's being plucked out at a wedding won't. I seen so rewarding is this an original version of it didn't include any yeah I did my mutilation is also. All you wish to see. So. Thank easily beat beauty. Say hello Sarah. What's. The original versions of many of the Disney classics. Now if I thought that was placed there is like a made up version. I'm so confused Mike told me about it earlier opposing Brothers Grimm or close a lot of regional versions of storage among some internal Batman gonna tell kids about it we saw from the little bit but. There's two or three like old Disney movies if you read the original story when Jesus Christ man you know Brothers Graham wrote a lot of those movies do those stories and eventually got adapted into Disney films adapted to like sisters carving their daily dare heels to finish your or cutting off their toes to finish at a machine doesn't quite make a Disney movie I thought it was the opposite I thought these Brothers Grimm guy you were like quarter take your Disney movies make you sicker go now and they're better and I don't really wanna make some meat fairy tales yeah. Do resort are shut off the horror shock and literally are so vocal parts of the movie from a killed it's pathetic that. Power I would character of the wizard of Basra is played by Ray Bolger. Very poser did he played the scarecrow. Yeah Jared I would guess scarecrow but he's senators though he knew that I haven't had no idea how he knew. Yeah he knew what I wouldn't guess scarecrow is of the data that's only agony many of the other actors have played cowardly lion of the tin man earning that. I don't have I could not tell the other man now what you faced Jesus suddenly and help. I don't allow our god damn dirty girl Judy guard Christ yeah other than her. And Toto if that's really his name I don't know the names of even join us. There's no doubt 844999. LO who is our next contestant ready to play the game backseat to those real name is Nathaniel. And I think my way you know I'm trying to get kids to watch some movies and are just all the stuff the comes out now. So I brought a wizard allows the other day and so my son has not seen a movie my daughter has seen a movie. She generally did pass which of the blue monkeys so high Heyman in order I don't wanna watch this again. So good for all these other movies they're double Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory and I think equally library it was a low but why don't tell battleship shore mammal don't put them probably knew bad move relook at a mile. Where is your deposits are they say had they seen Shrek. Yeah they saw this'll short awhile ago petroleum a break on that when Binyamin Pixar one's going to plug. I wanna go Mathieu the old classics so to speak and our viewers want to regroup with. With actual people involved and eggs and everything that watch now as a cartoon Narnia that interests us make sense you are posted totals name is actually Terry. Terry and she acted amounts sixteen movies flaring was Darien. On an unorganized and if he's just that whole show now announcing a little. Since July to make it doesn't play big dummy call 844 in 999. Alone let's say 44999. All the more big gonna give up here in just couple seconds. They should many things continue on the men's room radio network.