11-09-17 Seg 3 Mens Room Gets Sexy

Thursday, November 9th

Emails, Ted's Meat & Potatoes has all the sexy veggies! Plus No S Sherlock and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Had just gone up says they have details as a popular sandwiches and sexy veggies and no as Sherlock is coming up in the meantime the game is big Demi. 844999. All of the we have a contests and online replay the gamer you get them more comments I just a few comments coming amber talk mokuola bears earlier the question we ask is 80% of the diet is made double what's in bamboo losing answer. But we we learned it koalas are marsupials they'll pouch all the rest of the stuff so. Some call why all the knowledge that I otherwise did not know Chrysler C a thrill did you know. The koalas feed the young the old poop because the babies can't digest believes. Matt is lovely stuff also is kennel like guy you know like Gerber it's the food is just Matt mash up. It has been freed I just got it and it also 80% of cool while I did know that's not forgotten about this for 80% koalas have what's. Sexually transmitted disease or call. No crash out they got mom hepatitis chlamydia chlamydia. Comment yeah. Path to the burn baby burn cents a they're wild the bears absolutely no one who's so angrily unbeaten on but I have played apparently man somebody's telling equality it is Deepak. Yeah exactly so it's always calls it the most and how weak of antibiotics and they're really gonna like it's one of the best ones you can get if you gotta get one come all cause stupid animals. Game is big dummy for 49990. Look who is our next contestant read a play games once in his pouch. If you think about it I look at this it. O'Shea and welcome to the Mandarin. You know. Are you sober enough. So we're showing it. Chain men's room holes tattoos and piercings and be lying if pierced tongue. Gauged and there's a forehand and two or your anger and name tattooed on Internet. All floated it to or had cancer or the solar wind on your exit the angels starter in the right little dunhill would you put on your forehead. Fuller's the sticker then these apart each around the do you have this week. Ford had got to look they have Tweety bird smoke in a big old blood. In the censored on his four kids yeah he didn't. Probably still loves that is a steady build stickers out of a ban. It's not scary thing. That's what you reference to the sticker ran out the got to be something more than just a million until sticker or journalists. Seattle police don't think it's adopted standards. Our next. I think you should stickers her sticky he had some good for. I ran a promise to crack this man the state of the ground Cheney. Are which part of the human body contains the most gold. Oh yeah. But I cannot imagine it's the IDs this I don't know why it's. Delivered school's rules. You know I'd done that and I'll tell you about it. Says if you if you would hate to more than anyone if you had a goalie beat toenails toenail off not present. Who knows. They attained gold the most gold. How do they know who took the time to find that. Metal detector. Are commonly made into powder what is the assault this mineral known to man under water. England. Challenged it's just stuff downstairs there's change precious little left. And Geoff Pollard yeah you know if they keep my boys are moderate friends. So funny I never use it during the day to win nighttime activity gallery under the act. The holes and ability did a whole the hole and Justin brown and root that I treat it like a natural. But so my head I just didn't drop then you treat and nothing fabulous and I can do to grow nachos for so many people if you duly get dipping zones up that is gonna let you probably get a hit them into. Round not just go to the data it lenses throat of an old and I am road. No data that are sometimes you salt shaker we just pull out Japan's Soledad a winner and a token in a hurry there. All right the question which non alcoholic cordial is made from common grants. Fool me. I don't know anything about it won't help all things. Hello Gordon. All. Using a lot of missionaries. Extremes that I dreamed that a lot of people who at this. Chris I don't know I didn't come here man okay and then. Kimball Oregon upcoming. Didn't mean Italian miles on the team with its champion Loren. Jim morgue area which at times through listen guys I learned to talk to Italian star on the ocean below levels and so I know nothing about the sort temblor most we have brunch thing. All right also I think I was picked and obviously. I'll listen intently and it's not a sound very raunchy no wonder I don't know that. Also Leonardo DiCaprio movie Alexander dumb ass no Alexander do mosque was the whole third. Of the mayhem in the what. A canoe and. Yeah yeah. Issues its New York it's. On the man in the iron. It's doomed. I questionable fortunate. Has a tough role for him it played selfless. Well they like twenty some little movie or what yeah I know nothing but I know the name but throws the brother like in iron mask and put them away. So you can't by beating or something Powell can always about the came. Aren't multiple choice and it's 116 presidential election. Alaska accounted for how many electoral votes 313. 23 or thirty. Worried. You need an advance for airing on. Game is big guy made 449990. Do we have time for Lamar maybe two more contestants in the game known as they've done it hello Janelle welcome to the men's room. Oh yeah. You know your sobered up over. Sobered Janelle welcome to. Hi Janelle are miserable today tattoos and piercings take one police. Dan your tongue pierced your ears gauged your forehead tattooed ear x.s name tattooed on your neck. Forehead to forehead and we're gonna judge you gonna get in a quarter. So hopefully like a little change with the engine to have. Good. Can pretty. If you sound like a lunatic but that's okay I'm afraid to be an awful thing to. My neighbor may amount of fairly described as a look at where you may get down Britney and gravely Nancy premium my hand. The American I think he'd be my only been dead for now I think you might have militia as per my quotes. How dare you question you definitely should look. Only now it's. Notable in my cabinet and sitting in my thank you err hour lull no lungs no if you look like over. A chair a dream I hate her tattoo idea. I hear your question what was the first James Bond film. The odds are now my daughter. Stay on the radio. I. Am. That's another thing teacher at Norris certainly lose now third. Brown thing. A lot of people like that in my life or other actors know. Tied the long walk to freedom. That was the name of the autobiography. Written by which leader. I am all different. Peter leader. Pitcher had out here than anywhere in the world under. I'm logos and I think content on our staff. May have you all walked to free go and was autobiography written by Richard Lee younger Griffin. And you can. Yeah still now unbelievable. Shares. Why odd Stearns roar in overtime believe yes it is my dinner like hey man I do the best I can right. This is what I got to work with I'm doing what I do I think when you will more annoyed her anywhere near field. But I'm. Josh welcome to the men's room. All our job on our. Mother Donna and her bowl of tongue pierced gauge here forehead to add to add his name on inequity ticket. New Year's Day here today as I welcome the show. I hear the question. Buick and Chrysler they've the first companies to put what into cars in 1951. Cigarette lighters. Radioed from. No big parallel parking. Provided Howard mayor powers they're bad news. Decrepit. But if that's the defense so we'll. I in 1942. Howard Korver made what Egyptian discovery. What did you discover in each. In all. That's IDs are favored argue very good judge I swear task into that back in the day. Steve Martin had a very very good physically that would be in his corner and Arizona you on an out kind of Condo may Arizona. Kentucky into. You tell us of our bureau in Australia knows that it's basically tells the history of getting to come in and saw. As long as you don't need to know the anchors or whatever it was a young man I never thought he'd see people stand in line to see the boy is king King Tut. There are next on the live for goalies are only could we start asking more name specific questions wouldn't but I like her idea. To say which Peter. Just like which nick as the day this thing that. Saint Nick Nicholas Shea to Griffin Peter Nicholas K chance that the Telecom had just come we got tens meat and potatoes on the way popular San was news and a new trend that would be a world of sexy veggies also know as Sherlock is coming up along with your emails in the men's room. Edmonds or live dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. So I Chirac got away right before you drink and tells where the shot of the day but first did time for a few emails here for the men's room mad men's or live dot cops. Guys carry amber deja onto our son Ben who was eight years old today he wants and turtles having sex and a little kids they sail into the birthday song his mom and dad wanna say happy bird day. That from Geneen. Youngest son Manny is nine we listened to show to get there all the time could get a barber shop based damage that we go work on the harmonies thanks guys for Melanie. Beers it to move people all around this and wins. She's a daughter on this. Television I wish I he's still really AAC in the morning and afternoon at noon and and not. You guys in my boyfriend's eighteenth birthday today I want to know that I love them so much in a blast I'm very proud of and his name is a brief can you guys give them some dirty German and Ozzie dead. I thank you for your awesome show huge fan rock on that from K Li mom dad and sister cherish. You are I don't know just like the dosage of temperature with the German needs the moment. And it did for men and if they do injuries know all about today and hit. I want to go out try to get them not a good day they. We got a response. So called great. This is there's not beautiful lines dividend feet. I heard Tony second birthday wasn't your show every day you guys are the best let's see here billions and dirty dirty dirty talk from the Germans gave on rock and guys that from Steve. You almost become eligible. To join him tried to take the job. Not just in the coming on a special breakfast food. Since then house. All determines my money our thirtieth birthday today could you please give my you have a small penis and it Joey chestnut thank you from uncle Ben one of three Cambodian listeners. OK. Okay. Hall. A so I think downs they still regularly Jolie just hoping that yeah. It's just not man visited Michael I'll order Ryan bird take it miles which in my head Bieber Dana's best Jane Tom Jane impression thanks guys rock on that from nick. You are wearing and don't be happy to give you a beautiful pearl necklace. My husband dirty thirty is name is Brian Lee can you give some turtles thanks ended European houses do small thank you from Emily. Out of formula dude looks like who's. Iraq and robs bird day's work for us for fifteen years in a lover of German chocolate cake in good Canadian whisky. All the employees here at Durham pollster he would appreciate if you guys can wish rob happy birthday with some dirty German. You're you're a German suddenly kick the habit German chocolate you don't. My whiskey too good news for you does that mean he's got. There's a voting at a birthday Jennifer my husband Richard he's 32 I would love to get a kid they sandwich in a second up cupcakes thanks guys lots of love from his awesome ginger wife Brandi. Well. Carter's Dan's birthday today could give a face and widgets and dirty Germans talking about packing a trailer it would sticks amass that from Patrick fish sandwich. All right yeah of the trial I would do the. You're gonna be like teachers. Don't worry too few. It is my brother Dan 35 out of his luck Denver days today I'd like to request you guys giving him oh my god what the hell is that bro it's a dirty Germans from your Big Brother Todd yeah. Yeah. Crawl. Yeah put a book they didn't play my local home alone with my penis. Just a bad for the three shots in the noses and. Check out. It is believe it or not is another desperate they taught bids are out there and you notice the dead animal he's 37 today when your closer to getting old man b.s gonna get a classics they sandwich and some dirty Germans thank you from sure reside. Fish yeah. Yeah I mean I mean show me your son. Donald Danny boy. Am I for a special student. Attends a Phillies pitcher once I love. Joe's over having a lovely one out of my joys love in my life Danielle pass happy 45 birthday here's a Legos Villa mex matching a track suits are growing old together. Could you please give the dirty as Germans on the planet thanks so much that from jail and yeah I do this every. And you can just like a woman golfer. June and you can. Come over here and play with my contract. This is my baby sister Taylor's birthday can I get a little Beckett faced sandwich dance and dirty German thanks fellas and Robin yours truly Marty mullet and. And her kid I was real name of my time. I was stupid. And emotionally throughout the day and with cream is frustrating amounted. I think my dad's thieves 54 dollars wondering if you get a 20 lead just not followed by a sexy move from Robin thank you guys that from Taylor. Yeah. All right guys here you yelled happy how we haven't done a good hey have you had to be birthday attack me and the only. Thank you I can tell you. May Day is not as a did you Germans brought. Also available through news and world fame on men's lives doesn't come another sign retailers. Who I am sure I thought I blew. Truly. An easy. Yeah. Say there aren't that that the that that that's a couple extra emails. Let's see here my incidents from the incidents was exciting. My girlfriend and I were starting to get a lot of what I saw off the east appear in the sliding glass door of our apartment. I got up went to the door and yelled the guy go away he didn't so I grabbed the stick from the bottom of the door open the door a bit and jabbed him in the face with a stick. I yelled at them to go away but he still didn't upload the door all the way open stepped outside and started swinging his head like Els gone for a home runs this is when he finally came around and started to run. So I chased him through the apartment complex while swinging that sick occasionally making contact I finally realized that I was naked and running for an apartment complex and screaming. It was a little more attention that I wanted so I stopped chasing him and walked back to the unit's girlfriend was Ariel followed police department manager and the owner all showed up department pronto. The guy in the window yet he was the boyfriend of the teenage girl who lived next door. Their whole family was loud and obnoxious they get an eviction notice the next day. Two years ago guys that from John the Jumbotron. Guy. Couple others. Lola as far as a grand exit this concern. Me and my co worker who rides in the work listen your show long ride working nights it's a two hour drive to thank you. After a long talk we decided to tell our first supervisor who was let go right before he was to retire from the company. Story began with a our supervisor we call mr. tall. On Monday the company advised him they were letting him go on Friday. So on Wednesday and Thursday he cleared out all the stuff and his office there on Friday afternoon he was called into the CEO office. When he was there and we all got under or street clothes and waited outside the office. After he signed his paperwork he was about to walk out they stated that he couldn't leave still wearing the company coveralls. He then said that you'll take off before he steps outside he walked to the main lobby were still behind him to make sure he didn't do anything that would get arrested. When he recent lobby he had taken and a pocket of zip Loc bags of his wallet keys that senator. When he unzipped the cover alls he wasn't wearing anything but a pair of socks and issues. He gave it to the girl the front desk he grabbed his belongings and walked right out the front door in front of all the other employees visitors and everyone. My timing was getting into his guard we are rolling around laughing so hard we found that. Found a few miles from the company putting some clothes on. Sincerely be JD the top secret strip club guy. So thank you for that. Other journalists are like we'll bring it tells Michelle today the first time. Why can't we take you into the afternoon. While audience today crazy. Well no. Sexy fruits. Sexy vegetables no such thing. All right thorough actually these this vegetable things trying to. Aimed at people like you. Press send me the thing miles eats his vegetables yeah. I mean I eat them I don't really necessarily that's not my favorite part of the meal but I know would you eat that I do my point and I do not. Correct so a lot of people really don't like did you eat the nationals are supposed to eat because you can taste and yet. Yeah you're an enjoyed my Brohm was well I'm sure it's fine but I can taste it. Brand like golf even people they eat clean all the time but I feel like you've got well I should sit at some will say thank you very used to it's announced it. In that amount prison too man Galileo satellite records get used to it with that Stockholm syndrome as someone that can. And so basically the same like they're kind of jazz and it up if you will. But with this sexy. Vegetable names so I think hey would you like some would you like to carrots. My car. Now of course tourism projects what if you got twisted citrus glazed carrots. As a team they're trying to do but when they Indo Terrence now is his outlooks in the grocery store or how they sell it on the menu is sellers sell it on the menus okay to have that I was gonna say this sounds very menu Alia. Definitely dynamic. Our diet yet. Dynamite dynamic dynamic Chile and ten you land season beats. Again no. I would call on a massive beach that come on man there's a personal thing is you've got to add everything to this to make it taste good as it sounds like command and this is always my. Used to think George knows one. They have the jazz of the beats you know begin the state they say revive. There are those the there's nothing else they're gonna say about a got him requesting an emergency and you can give him a suburban murder bat but that's about the topic loving and vegetables they have to give help to look at the sun come around right and then the other thing is Obama on extra vegetables. No early charges you fresh vegetables but if one I should meet they charge a fresh to me there's a reason why there are charges fresher vegetables. They are not worth. Money Ted I know you're part of this generation on of the experience and not but the way to Amman not gusty vegetables was just deem them and then cover them and cheese. Correct that and I know everybody glad to meet cauliflower broccoli and that's double just slathered in delicious cheese that vinegar. I get that yeah we put vinegar on a lot of things got. You know I mean and some of the stuff honestly like I know I like the stuff Scott sweet sizzling green beans. Yeah like it sounds good until the finish from the vegetable. Also sounds like a weird plate futuristic curse word swing it's certainly great if you're not careful America's the other we won't know moderately badly terror you know we can make it has boiled and bacon and onions for hours. I'd like the other alternative is just as bad like two years ago I was the only Thanksgiving or something in my house the house they have mutual friend don't think these are the best Brussels sprouts over at my life. She's like yeah what cooked him bacon frak yeah I'm good track record that's all right. Marksman or never goes the Reagan like Brussels Roger knows its out right that's the whole thing like vegetables are gonna get big physically sexier night. The names that just I despite that problem then hopefully it'll just make it taste better all right now let's talk about. Look they do what they are good restaurants they do make the vegetables taste better bat there is no question they do all the stuff they do don't but in the end. You gotta do all that for the vegetables to not sucked as well what are our green bean Fries. That's based not really about having those that are I'm a deep fried green deeper idea you would well look idiotic letter pride tournament take a bite me all right. Brent might breaded. Our has regretted it dipped in ranch and I think now let's talk a little robots and just throw I know you like savages that's right get one today and that's what I doubt she's. Was at a sub night and I get a sandwich and I don't know should I got here late today given all that was yesterday to help delegate. I don't know that I'm gonna say on balance those two days ago I got McDonald's was chicken salad mr. pure McDonald's at NASA but if you wanted to guide him right thrown into the front yards must say yes. Better. A new survey says that 90% of people say the eating at least one sandwich every week. Easy at least 39% of us. Okay come in that category the survey also found that 76% of us sleep eat sandwiches for lunch which I agree. I could've I have a sandwich at dinner is just a cheeseburger. Pretty much there I don't think we'll be cheeseburgers at lunch I always go sandwich Iraq and I I'm in total agreement with everything you're sent a message to delicious Ruben. Yeah your grilled sandwich like a cheese steak or some like that I turn to that as dinner. Well Toyota's cold I'll probably say you're right Atlanta Rubin is a dinner dinner meal plus out of us like good sandwich ate dinner. Now like this that 44% of his city won't share even a single bite of sandwich. Now addition of another or their kit yet. And I think that's the difference I think of I think the difference is mainly on just the temperature if it's a cold salado heated during lunch meatball sandwich steaks and would Ruben. That's more of a dinner item based on the even of its like a hot open Turkey sandwich ever like he does have its high dude if you're a 100% right during the day Audi a cold Turkey sandwich at night and get fancy and not a piece of American cheese on. While. Boom. The black hole missiles does from my style voice. Bundle opponent so now I have vials. The five most popular types of sandwich yes. Former five on the list. Club sandwiches club's amateur Georgia classic Turkey ham bacon three pieces of Brett and avocado if you really wanted to California. Yet the right man looked archivist of the club sandwich was invented by guys who you know you open a loaf of bread militant Damon had three slices it's just this close to blt it's close not going to be LT as well. Eliza Luna. Yeah I got BL yeah yeah man just just motif from. I could beat him some B. No T for me yeah I don't like the tomato. Trust me this just happen to me the other day I ordered a BL TA. And I said no teeth and I was like no team does a lot can happen to choose the walker got one on block may think that the attack attack attack attack. I hope for a it wraps. That are Atlanta the W you know what man if I have a wrap up a bird in espionage tortilla. Oh okay yeah the Greenland Robben you don't. I just I may have wrapped specific cure has said last night when I had my last night and around that's a wrap that threaten. My. Go Arizona is really come out and run a B to a drug abuse if if if if if it looks funny because wraps in beats. No I couldn't be farther partly did you think beats. I don't think of the kind of people they generally eat beets and recruit and did you say you like espionage threat. I don't think if somebody even physically progress if they're very opposite ends of the spectrum but it. Turkey I have led us to use its oldest wrap it makes me pleased. Yeah. Sandwich wrap it up and widows. On a jet freestyle that's like eight paint color white that so why. Do the tonight as a child heads wrapped whites who let you channel that it didn't that. So it's a great dreams. But ultimately you're a deli sandwiches that then a short mentally where are kind of belly. Everybody yeah at the daily what does he give evidently Delhi to me means rye bread. A grabber attitude that is Larry and I I don't know anyway guys write read a moment and a sour knows where attack. Yeah grilled sandwiches and Jan grilled cheese repayment geez I get a up the knee need for us. Who'll phantom ball man oh man it was that you Megan it later Megan grilled cheese is it any better than just doing pandora and growls tell you I've had that thing for about five years' time and I have never used. That that the I cannot connect an awful weather the whole deal nerds what is legal and lawful sandwich and I just can't figure out why and what ever Olympic a damn thing out. Don't number one learned a number. The five most popular types of savage is number one of course is Jay stake so out. Some of our idea area by the way today you've been given a new nicknamed the commons. C tackle more so I don't. Thank you radio as saying that's a wrap on dead meat and potatoes. So you don't drink it doesn't this job today coming up next return a no as Sherlock you are listening to the men's or radio network. And chill. You don't have enjoyed the men's room profiles coming up and we will drag until Saturday is moments away the first round Stephen scroll hill Colmes little bits at the gave birth stories whenever I do. Do and show. Knocking up more people does not reduced room. No Sherlock. Experts say mass public shootings are getting deadlier than. Fat. And alcohol and pot dependent teens are less likely to meet with success. Oh. Darn rock. The burdens and gerrymandering are borne by communities of color well be monkey's uncle. Joseph rock band the boy you have it. Right. Childhood spanking can lead to adult mental health problems GUL a gears are you kidding I cannot believe that notion. Sherlock. Trump performance lagged behind public expectations. Oh yeah. I'm. To be fair insert any presidents and that's probably going to be accurate yeah. News workers unionized days later there were jobless wasn't payback. I felt. The guy that fired them basically said it was payback right there he's like yeah no I told you don't do it they did and got room aren't. Opinion new gas tax would do little to relieve California's traffic jams. Hello. Jarrett god and one of my favorites so driving Boston bold and accidents on first day. Sharon Lott could you be able to red brigades out. Bloody day in his standards to be rigged it's I. Men's room knows just. Kuwait news. It's not as good as usual way ahead does a great gas cans stevens' trial finance nortel's yes indeed and today and we chose 28 to rolled almost demand our rock. A somewhere and Egypt are those what you need to know. O's man he's enjoying his last night as an unmarried man. And as is customary at such celebrations in the Middle East. Guns are fired and we've all seen this before we've all heard about this well unfortunately. One of the gas accidentally shot the groom. In the penis old fashioned winter is hand his thigh. And his penis the guy who shalom took off from the party tip my this wasn't invited guests he was aspiring comic several miles when he shot the dude in the pianist. He took off the cubs eventually found him the groom was expected to recover but the wedding was temporarily postponed about a lot until his penis can heal it. That dame in the pay of the do you mind like so in the states a view of a bachelor party it's. I'm weeks out from the actual wedding right it's just a date that we set aside and eventually you get around zero wedding thing. They're you enjoy the party the night before that's a bad idea right like this is the right dude you don't get shot in the deep and it's just a bad idea about records you're going to get hammered gold one of the bachelor party. It's funny women always ask me to go as do we did exactly would you think we did we would booster club and we got drunk we don't really do anything else noted it is an excuse for us to get together made very poor decisions. Did very very very very. Very very drunk in the only thing we don't talk about. Is the upcoming wedding it doesn't even come up nobody can eaters we go out and we get absolutely drug unfortunately. There they do the night before my man took a bullet to the deep pain he did say that there are gonna go do shots. Did you did that thank you might. Report this is imagery this lose because we think it's yummy okay so over the tongue and down the floor to party and aren't Tommy's. Down and oh yeah there's no. He doesn't live her profile that we'll take overnight right now 844999. Alone that's a 449990. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.