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Wednesday, November 15th

Emails, Who Sucks Less, What You Don't Need to Know: The Drunken Family Member edition! Plus the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. Lusaka last gala ball so if you don't need to know the drunken relative addition our question today. You friend or family the number of blank shots most people get a story that us I'm cal. Was smoking eighty cigarettes a day before he fell down the steps and decided warm facts that's four pack cigarette or freight impacts the cigarette today got a woman in though Wisconsin they've they've they've they've got a call about a stray dog that looked pretty bad walking around the when an ambassador to have its 52 dogs illegally killed her house but that's the real story now four inches of fecal matter. On the floor of the house the officers who went in had a turnaround to come back because their nose and eyes were burning so bad. Question you friend are relatively number a blank shocks most people late for 4999 old. Hello Jessie welcome to the men's room. Along you dinosaurs are not a I had that they can't do and that is all fine and she is very bad thing. And that there. Her art go. On your program that's right you're not my buddy. Or let all my brother creeped out go. My arm and boom I've. I got it right there although I do it until it's a closed door island where are all of your body's levels as soon to guarantee normal location and. To learn the stock locations death stud and it got a couple of like wanna bump like underneath. One of them that all the other one just on a freelance vomit you out. Places that we're better than regular size and bulls are they smaller than that and Mike you know. Could you tell them never really had to be pointed out as an apples. We're really one Obama looks more myth polish the other one. I mean I think you just try to push it forward to get a look on a weird European at all. I looked at examples of people provide extra Nickels and don't look at tell that the levels I would never tell people that the Noble's. I have one album adept only at certain it. I mean yardage up three model client you know what about your body a full count with three balls two strikes with is what's the situation though. Actually my brother and he started with two. And acquire the third how they what do you think and evidence or minorities steal it from someone how do you acquire a third festival. Oh. I'm sure you guys are familiar with Dutch showed checked out both our hearts. Well that was when all of I would hop and everything in there was a lot of ball games going on there weren't too friendly you know and envy and dole like after awhile it's up to the point that I don't wanna vomit raptor brown the other one and created a third ball rolling on down. Lilly had sex and create you know. It woke up all right. Almost all white all government and hit the boy Colbert over and over and over. And so they've brought it and and yacht during W the third one of chamber there. Okay you aren't. Did he have how old is your brother. He's about thirty now getting kids if and when you're about eighteen or so I don't I think I think I rather doubt slide now. If they took out the third warm. Why and she did there for looks and the other ones all sports. All right so two out of three and Brad that's right I'm Camilo was singing about and most people don't notice it. Interest little and he. They won't let it always joked around like you have three ball but no one believed them and then it ended up being that they actually did get a third. Where there's a will there's a way lucky to your old I guess that is like Dick I thought were token PG Barbara. Check out the employment poor boy you know it has no matter OPEC says please. Those unsightly thing you've ever seen to coordinate more on one man he can draw like no one's business failures like half crosswise or up pepperoni pizza. Cats lava is a good. You friend or family the number of blank shots most people. It out there. Hello Mac O dammit hello Matt welcome to the men's room. Pat okay. So hot my dad one of eleven my mom to a five. All of my aunt and uncle. Have anywhere from three to five kids so I have like it's the content. Oh my gap how often you guys altogether. My good there's a way out and every one post. That's why I mean certainly the New Orleans now. I thought I got the other what's. I like six years ago. Are when you have when you have families that big they typically don't leave the general vicinity of the area that everyone grew up in correct. That's correct and unlike the other black shape let's. They do lose the door soon whose. We're on the buy you. Sure you needs them do not learned our affiliate there we get free. Tabasco hot sauce man they should disappear those are cakes and hung that's her Italian law. King cakes debt level tones and that's. They hit that people really camp where there's so my dad's sixty very yeah dispersed. It. This cursor or from a previous marriage as Terry got 4542. I'm 32. 47. And ten years old. Dance my you know my eyes. My ten year old little brother. From my debts first kid as a 45 year old nephew and pay. Four year old great nephew now. He's going to be so confused and eurozone ma'am do you have that the war three has her swim I am. Yes new friend or family member a blank shocks most people late for Ford 999 cola hello frank he welcomed to the men's room. They can't all time. So I. Am one out of six girls and encrypt the household and seven women. My god man. So were you might bring other worry you in the and a series of girls. I'm the youngest my twin sister had seven minutes on lake. Okay and I'm working your favor let let's say the youngest get spoiled do those seven minutes buy you a little extra something something. Absolutely not what is the difference between you two are you are you pretty a pretty similar errors hernia. Now I feel like we need even Indiana and here in Seattle we need at least six states do between now what does he doesn't kill each other. I like that isn't alone super about an hour and then after that we got at K cool feeling or has it always been the yeah out pretty much. You're because usually you for all the those that are not twins most of the time you hear about went into this unbreakable but yeah it's this thing will go like look man they've. They feel into trying to get it and you guys hate each other what what is the point of contention here's a viewers that are. I think she's gonna say that's where I. Yeah yeah. Tolerated in this way. Every tender little July is China's steal steal our friend then make your own died and I always let her have it eat. So ended my own thing is trying to steal your boy difference. A fair amount of that on both sides but most. Orlando I went on both sides of definitively on your side then so did you guys pull the switch a rule or our guys know. I think they got to know one of us and then it worse so different. Once they got they know but the other one about. There's a great zero do you think they wanted to sleep with a more damn them. I mean. I'd I gotta say need to eat. Junk at you how how similar do you guys look. I'm well we don't know four identical or fraternal because my mom had all of that at only two megabytes. You can't dole. Have to people we know they look identical half people we know what they look nothing alike you look like getting your letter do you look like any of your other sisters. We are next oldest sister is also already had my desk and we look a lot alike don't they don't get through that. OK we said you had those seven women in the house how many were red heads. Three it spoke okay what are that is dramatic color then pigment from the rough it's so many. Got any. The craziest thing my parents about Burnett's my oldest sister did Burnett and then the next ones and blonde and they get. And then three round heads and and then very red hat's your households like a Neapolitan I scream. Yeah actually found out about her half sister about five years ago memory densities have finally biracial. Elders spray the talented somehow. Yeah if you got Brunette and blonde and random like those guys are so that I can that your dad having an affair. Yes OK and when and how old was she. We found out about five years ago I achieved what he said then Ben says she's in her thirties now. As you love your half sister she's dressed to stop please give them right and I let's say. And I. Can't have a boy that it is lights okay. Now apparently someone gave volcano will split up also. Welcome back at the end up losing to get close enough as changes in Athens if you think that's a special. You friend are a family the number of blank shots most fatally 449990. Yeah we're gonna wait till what's that. But if you'll eat if you only have one sex and babies the end of this morning the other one just can't even amount. People keep silent a lot of people keep track my mother versions of it was that she wanted to divorce. Parents are you worth a fortune had too much now which got two boys and bad juveniles doron slab and while kids and I was done I think there. That's all think we're like it's the numbers to China people always ask Matt Light in our payment due to border grow and I was a goddess like and if the kid is healthy in my you really get that ran on and it was like give the kid is how the American Idol as long it is at the age gender than I but I understand who exist I don't care hello well. We haven't eighth gender or your kids that will that would be weird but otherwise I'm like I don't care for the boy or girl something in between just be healthy for God's sake please now arguably is just be quiet forgot things played amazing how worked yeah. You friend or family on the number of blind shots most people. Hello Andrea welcome to the men's room. Yeah yeah. Actually now I am nearly an independent that called Arabic. As I had 62 president's first cousins extra money be. You have sixty Q first cousins. Did it and use a rabbit. Adamant that Tina M I'll let let it. Yeah ma'am were worded they grow up. Well certainly the end of between street. Our annual related to this and I knew there's no way you're now they act act. I got by you listeners talking to us today joined again marijuana and I flew windows 2000 and having sex. Or they can't be euros over the sound of all the older children whose moves with a normal. Normal growing aspect. I definitely had to be effective and they get married. How about your own Brothers and sisters how many do you have a guy that seven QT want it now or where did you fall in line there. It idiot okay did you ever have milk in the house like I have to think like by the time that you if you like you're got prison yet you have cereal or like how would you live. And we never. Yeah I don't. Cold Fairfield County now we never had called cereal because that was. I. Did not seen the golden not affordable program theory though they'll look at a premium and yeah I'll eat like in May they said. You'd left your they'd think oh when somebody dictate it. Yeah doesn't if you do Andrea do you eat. Do you eat fast because of that still this day. That's one thing to always know the level lie other siblings man they eat that yeah I have a friend I've never seen anyone eat as fast as a person and rightly come for me Lauren finds a race it's a race. New friend or family member a blank shots most people are thanks for Gaza Persia were about your emails and away from men's room Edmonds in my dot com coming up next you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Pages you. True I should you friend are off now play the number of blank shocks most people. And we want your emails there in the men's room amends in my back yeah. An image is people are shocked when I tell them I have 5000. Hot wheel cars give or take 500 that's all I have in my garage boxes and boxes of pop we'll seriously. I have a problem. That's from drew says thanks for the laughs guys you don't from a new guy that I collected the exact same thing app I every fall no boy. My fishing buddies and I make a trip north to British Columbia beautiful British Columbia we drive over the border in Blaine. And for the last fourteen straight years the border cops pull my vehicle over for full source they take everything out the rig. Ripped through our luggage scanner are gear all over the ground fourteen years in a row. Because of this behavior by our hockey watching cheesy and denim wearing mullet haired stupid ass they're down football three down football player neighbors. I make surely pick up our smoke for the trip after we get across. Loving kids is that from uncle will funnel earlier suspicions itself for summaries. Well there go my uncle Willie. I think easily they think I have drugs in here are a way to buy my drugs like our across the board like him you know lead them all of them. Only yell is about my brother from another mother they had fourteen kids and her family and I say had because several that are passed. Youngest was her son he would be forty years miles less my friends age fifty. And the oldest is twenty years his senior at 75 was quite the family glad that I got to meet all of them and become an extended family members that from the money like cowboy. Guys my mom is a ten time cancer survivor that's since 2007. She's been cancer free for two years now doodle a long time chemo pill. Before that three months was the longest that she'd been in remission for. Guys are great grandfather a mother grandmother had sixteen children eat each from two different different fathers. Not as many is that one lady who was great grandmother had eighteen but still a literal ton of kids at least half of them are still around. That from bacon who says PS what you call where wolf with no limbs. Would you go where wolf we'll nowlin Kerry. Most people are amazed at how many places we've lived I've grown up in central California. Moved to southern Idaho then to a small college in central Montana there I met my wife who had never been beyond Montana and northern Wyoming. A dollar you marry me she'd see the country so from Montana we went to Fort Wayne, Indiana. So I can finish my degree thanks so listeners there on the fort we lived in two different places in the year we were there. There we went to Denver where I got my masters and two of our kids were born in the five years we have been there we lived in three different places. From there we went to northwestern Wyoming where our third child was born after that press got Arizona where we live into suburbs in five years. From Arizona we went to Boise Idaho were around the house and bought two more places. My wife and I got into scuba diving and then moved to Washington. Where we've lived in that six different places to be damned. After Davis panel apparently is wanted by the F yeah. All in 2015 on the my father out of this house that he lived in since 1952. I cannot believe the number of electric motors that he had stored in the attic and garage. No exaggeration 435. Motors because I counted. And I don't mean a little fan motors and talking old school heavy. Half horsepower of to hate eight horsepower of the big ones were 100 pounds each got a lot of money for scrap. Also what do you call a man will no arms or legs sitting on a porch. Matt and we have any comments today not really not getting their tempers your extreme Nelson measurements are mud duck out just. I again would have to apologize because I approve a bunch of these birthday emails you sent during the show. And of course none of them printed because we're low on toner is he saw a lot back there are still low until I was still loans it was I walk back there and yeah that I apologize to mr. birthday this year everybody back there's pretty tasty and yes there. Do today is my grand puppy mama's twentieth birthday and nothing would make me happier than the sinners and dirty German from thrill. And said I love you Erica that from Ashley and oh god to mold believe maybe Moe green. Beautiful night. Not on Christmas is coming. So my. God deserves click. She's unelectable it's like Ricky will go directly Nomar. I'm losing you for eight plus years my younger brother Matthew listens every day while working at car star auto body image is 23 birthday. He's my best friend and I know he loved your shot up from the guys maybe isn't turtles thanks in an original faced sandwich thanks guys in cheers at from. Asked governor five years turns 27 today Sharma Asia Sherman retiree Crandall Lopez. US's spelled out the middle of her name I'm gonna get eternal lax with the U like dad's at thank you guys out from change. Okay. Probably. Hello on the Jolo today my boyfriend's 35 he does not knowing this but he's an amazing step dad and I would love to surprise them. Is there anyway nagging did you guys do they had a birthday song I Joey chestnut and your penis is too small. That from the lovely Casey. Yeah. Yeah. Has grown on ideal amber deja to myself regrets on surviving 36 years may I get. New Jersey drill sergeant talks stay frosty that from the little angry drill sergeant. New Jersey drill sergeant talked. Are a good job bottom accorded Jimmie Denny they're very funny and low grade gold haul you off those old boots even blouse its editorial more than forty gig like a mess over there gentlemen a lot of longtime listener love the show doesn't every day do you guys you keep me sane driving through North Dakota. Anyway today I'm a year older 35 no that would make me happier than a Joey chestnut and they your penis is too small. Thank you guys that from the Fed ex IT guy known as Michael. It snapped the. Since he's right they did nobody ever dates yet out and Thong from Amman Dorell pronounced mom did you you know look at a LeRoy dig advance internal sex. Thanks guys firmer middle child Zach pronounce that go and. Moving. Size today is my best friend later it's nine birds regularly raw I Jagan follow bio what I know is that bro and make him. Feel better about being an old thanks guys Ryan. Yeah. Throw all of its my niece Casey's birthday today she lives in Illinois listens you guys every day can you give her a big old bomb ripped and a turtle sex and he's got to T shirt appreciated thanks for all the great shows over the years that from George. Always love my name is Christopher Walken both stocks today I celebrate my last revolution of the sun in my forties thankfully I'll be celebrating with some VIP all day drink it. And don't live day let's clear to you guys give me some dirty German and some Ozzie Ted thanks for all you do bitches that from crests. I don't know who like Michael Jackson and I want you to fondle my bubbles underneath the blanket. The today screen she AP. Can't hit it melon headed to birthday this news in the coming they slept attempt I am I don't know koala. The dog does not give the board barred downloads internalize a wedding if you get the first spas and me Ted Smith Vietnamese in the other. A love the show listened every day thanks guys that from Harold. I. Even meets. Sorry guys jail have you have you had OK I'm here I mean I the American and I haven't had nearly nine. I cratered anchored to you know. Mid day is young as a did you German drug. Also available through these world sings a men's lives doesn't come another sign retailers. The shrine plus. Oh yeah it was and if I considered almost all the floor laughing when I heard Mike Cox say that he couldn't understand why some people have a problem public transportation is fun and safe. Were his words I believe. I dare mr. Hough to ride the Baltimore transit system for just thirty minutes don't do it and see what he thinks about that statement. The only final have his fundamental understanding of drug culture if that's the only state health find is the one that the driver belongings are locked in to keep from being assaulted her shots. You are funny my cock. Still love the shows guys your longest listener Greg in now Baltimore Wrighster down Merrill's I wanna Greg what I Greg won Iger is I didn't meant I was the guy who wasn't horrible bosses there for 23 years and every time we got on the bus. You basically spent two dollars and fifty cents to enter an active prison riot. I that is what it is like to get on the bus it is loud it is scary everybody's angry it's it is not challenge accepted right. Subject palm device a mile ace pumpkin spice is not cinnamon with a never named pumpkin spice is a blend of cinnamon. Cinnamon and Nutmeg ginger and allspice come on that from Barbara Barbara. Although spices are pretty damn close there's a reason they're all they're really tiny small contain certain except for sentiment they're pretty close allspice incidence all the same thing though comments are what. Would go down no arms no legs in the jacuzzi. What Stu. Shields. It should as far as name to goes on my cousin is named to tyrant white makes the Asian energy you guys tyrant. Quite reality white Asian really also have a cousin named thunderstorms sunlight and suns star of the family jokes about naming our kids stop sign yield sign and Travis like you thanks for all the LF set from baker. I yesterday a guy told the story about naming it's kid after Spiderman and I got to be a must superhero story. My dad is a huge coming nerd wanted to name me Britt Reid after the Green Hornet if you don't know who that is that's terrible movie with Seth Rogen. Obviously he did not tell my mom worry got the name from but she suggested instead of brits about Britain. Annan will close announce my dad went with it after they signed the official papers. He finally shoulder where the name came from but mom had her own secret Britain was the name of her first boyfriend all guys love the show. That from Britain. Zapped as far as the story out of Indianapolis guys cola I am here in Indianapolis right now. When I heard the story about the chicken nugget brawl I've first sides. You got a hold of epic story that cannot be real. You can do to chase Clement to be drive through windows correct for make millions Bono is for real then realize where this place was I've even been to this McDonald's. And it was still the worst fast food experience of ever had. It's inner city near all hospitals while my ensembles recovering from surgery my wife semi out of McDonald's with others to be fast and everyone knows that McDonald's menu. On Thursday evening it took an hour twenty minutes to get our food I can suspect these ladies RD waited too long it could have to have someone probably in the hospital. That's from the wonderful lesser known as key role they'll go Barack let's see here I come out of the program the return of what you don't need to know to parts yeah. Israel wants to know. Yeah yeah. A title of the Guevara whose Sox last season throw you bring us three stories from the news it's up to us what do determine which of these three stories so affiliates now if you like the men's room on FaceBook or you'll follow us on Twitter and men's or live need to make is already underway into who sucks lax yesterday and today we have about two heavy hitters that you're very familiar way of and then we have I guess an anonymous group of people who have president Donald Trump. He'll be competing against former Texas governor and current head of the Energy Department one Rick Perry. And then they're taking on some miles. Well anonymous troll for me in an empty well beloved star or president's role is to most of us know he arrived back in the US late on Tuesday and after a long trip to Asia and he sends condolences to victims. Of the won't mass shooting a gun. So he he lands back in the states and he sent out a tweet says quote may god be with the people of sudden springs Texas. The FBI and law enforcement have arrived. Apparently led to tweet about it Tuesday mass shooting in northern California and makes a report calls some twitters to speculate that maybe even using even the same template. Dissent tweets. Because the thing is when mass shooting happened and so when Texas he sent out quotes may god be the people Sutherland Texas the FBI and law enforcement around the city. There's the exact same thing the reason to be wrong people upon landing back in the states that's a major flow. Now let's go to energy secretary are Rick Perry former Texas governor and we know a lot of what's going on in the news right now the Harvey Weinstein whose. Christ and Kevin species under mommy goes well energy secretary Rick Perry he's suggested that expanding the use of fossil fuels. Can help prevent sexual assault on Africa he can't make himself. He was speaking during an energy policy discussion about energy policy with Meet the Press host Chuck Todd has. So very discussed his recent trip to Africa and is that a young girl told him. That energy is important her because she often read by the light of fire that has toxic fumes announcement Perry said quote. But also from a standpoint of sexual assault when the lights are wrong when you have that light that shines the righteousness. If you. Wouldn't say if you will on those types of backs and sheds light. And that's why we should use file is also the guy that thought of that. Department shouldn't be there the one who is responsible for. When you do know even though they did notice their own doing nuclear arms and stuff like that might Massa went through utility. Right and we continue now with two of them will be taking on a group of I anonymous folks who post on mind so. Some of the concert goers who survived Las Vegas mass shooting while they've been targeted by death threats. From online conspiracies that you can't make this. Like many mass shootings Las Vegas massacre that left 58 dead hundreds wounded abruptly claims that a tragedy of course was a hoax and some of those conspiracy Thursday Spain and social media with threats and abuse. Because the victims were found. I YouTube's mobile social media sites to fill posts and videos claims survivors are crisis actors you might remember Alex Jones gonna came up about during the first attributed to the same give a mash unit. Well here's an example FaceBook post quotes. You lying piece of ass. I hope so we're truly huge unit he remind you just survived mass shooting they continued your souls discussing a dark you'll pay for the consequences. I'll FaceBook mean circulated the photo thirty year old British Columbia and after the shooting captioned homo why you see Bob. So those who have the trolls you decide to so you have trump who's treating me about the wrong mass shooting although there are so many in this country you can understand how one gets confused. You have Rick Perry who for every reason I don't even understand how we connect these dots but decided. To say that one of the benefits of fossil fuels is that it will help reduce. Sexual harassment if you might know when asked him about. And then you have the Internet trolls attack in people was survivable stages smashing. I think this is pretty easy tiger. Which were you president trump trump yet. Honey socialist. No it probably repair and just. Well but the brawl that diminishes. Sexual assault and makes it seem like sexual assaults is curable. From using fossil fuels which is the most ridiculous and it almost diminishes the idea of sexual assault. I agree but I think that says more about him then what do you do for such a good at the time he says you're right. Boulevard once again species and just from the guy from Alabama the prevalence of rearing about a nine. You can demand that light are all of Hollywood and the reason so that's why putting leave trump I would say second least. It's like me and I know you're tired I million the long trip to Asia but like hey man it's as president when you have these mass shooting that it's kind of important to make a statement right. Yet even that is just between but it's important to make that statement I gotta get that right it's great. And I'm with these easy scenic. Patrols of the work I would agree to thank you know these are people have actually been shot and yes but I think it would thrill insane I think Kerry sets the least well. I'm with you that's an insane statement I don't know. I don't know why you know mine just came out of nowhere like you always talking about it right which makes it even creep near lake. Anyhow I missed it's weird man Greg but I think trump sucks secondly his late. The game of the day like I don't care if you approach from birds not promptly he's the president played what he says matters like somebody should have you know. You president Sylvia let staff to proof of that thing and yet but I think we're used to reach you know. I don't think is appropriate Ramos right now on an out and look I make terrible we felt at times but I understood radiant heating it. Just my feeling of this lake through the president plead your words have tremendous effect on. So like humans are on FaceBook site says you yeah you make this too easy for us a Perry sucks Lee stupidity is a medical condition. Chris says Rick Perry sucks the least that's just do but it the other so more hurtful. Eric says trump nobody expected anything it is tweets I don't think anyone is surprised. And Justine says trump sucks the last at least I look at the ball I just said that. I thought trumps tweeted I didn't have to do it don't think I guess in the wirelessly and Abdullah freeware and gore won on the comments gives you can't even say anyone's name. Stop LeBron try and get you like it. Don't think I don't care who the Afghan president is when you send out the wrong tree like. Relax a little beds found my gap if you think he's an out the wrong tweet about the wrong mass shooting in and out of allow you. Him you loved him card that humid than they came car dash he would have taken this place you get it now and if you go to manage remote ledger live dot com there's a form you can fill out in we will refund your money you know. Told me an area to be a full night everything labor and only get these are scarred as soon know it doesn't have grown to leave at homestead coming. Tunnel during Intel's maybe you mean onto the shot of the day is on the way also the return of what you don't need to know the drunken row intimidation and coming up next. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles and I'll I'll ask Alan I'm will bring adults with a shot of the day minutes away the first. We're pulling useless information. And do you have hard too many brain cells not to let us killer season. So Lyndon here on the men's room shares would you don't need to know. Now melatonin you know we'll talk about family lives over the holidays coming up. And your time with holidays and now oftentimes that includes a little bit of alcohol may be a whole lot of alcohol so. A new survey asked more than 1000 people 1000 people which of their relatives. Is most likely to get hammered. During the holiday dinners Thanksgiving specifically and they added up to more than 100% because like a lot of families there's more than one good answer. Which relative do you think is the least likely to get hammered. And holiday deaf mom. My guns then actually at number eight. 10% of the correspondents believe that their mom had a 10% chance of getting hammered aren't you got to god does not going to be a month. I'm a grandma. Grand mom is the least likely member of the family down to get hammered only 2%. A family's said the grandma's gonna tie one on and she's going to be the belligerent drunk for the family that wow okay all right. What do you think would be number one. Most likely yes I'm saying on uncle Ted get a vote. Yeah I'm looking for. Your uncle is correct. I'm 26%. Of families that if there's one person it's gonna get hammered family dinner. It's gonna be the uncle I think the battle against Bobby morning ham on SNL had a character called the drunk uncle it's so universally so from what that is is understood and check. What do you think is next in line to get him at your uncle. Cannot pay X. The hands the end comes in at number six about 12% of families believe the answer is going to be a wanna get struck I think the brother. The brother or father or brother to brother comes in at number three. 21% of families say it's gonna be the brother that's gonna get him so someone between the local and abrupt. Grandfather. Grandfather believe they're not only 3%. Comes in at number not I got to run your grandfather and grandmother or your least likely family members to get hammered lease would most fans. Thousand college then accelerate the crazy cousin 24%. Of families. Number two on the list behind uncle say that the crazy cousin is the one that's gonna get hammered but it's never the cousin who's the all spring event although he never knows that like. I'll go get drunk his kids they maintain its Lincoln Park and an entirely different guns and it's been smashed basically the front of this list is male loner met back in is female look how. How are you related yeah demanded your family that's essentially what forget your dad comes in at number 490% of family sit dad's gonna get hammered a number five people they tied with dead youth. He looked and there are going to be a lot of that you'll get that I would be then followed by your ends and then your sisters so it's dead 7% or 12% of families and it's going to be the sister that was your take on there so yeah 12% of the population and you on that thing up. Relative most likely to get drunk Thanksgiving that would be your uncle. The least likely that would be your grandmother kids should be uncle and the cousin and the dead I don't know but I we're going to have no idea how was this guy really did choose and I know that sense of pride. You gotta limit during attack somebody else there deserves to be ready. Men's room. It's just who it is. Saturday as usual always had the very best dance diva drama find out nortel's yesterday and today went so 69 year old Al but Campbell. What did you say of Ohio this is what you need to know about 69 year old Albert Campbell he's an aging man he's terminally ill keep in mind. He's terminally ill he's also imprisoned for murder and he was scheduled to be executed. Okay despite being terminally ill. They hate this guys so much they're gonna execute him anyway. So the first headline comes out yesterday and it reads. Ohio executioners you special met pillow to prop up terminally ill inmates and he can breathe while they're killing it. Just think about that we wanted to become rosary sucked the life but okay so they get him down for his execution and then today's headline reads. In its execution called off because there's nobody. Yeah execution team worked for 25 minutes to find a vein in his arms his right lower leg as he lay on a Gurney in the death chamber they couldn't. Find a Bane to kill this guy. That they've made comfortable so informed of the execution of being called off. The condemned man shook hands on the two members of the team wiped away tears of what they can make to yourself wow there nodding in a mother tried. AM. And he says and I love this I mean remember was there for the roasts in my life. Yeah yeah you will make them. Where they prod them the whole time yeah as they were but in the end that they also use this and like in ultraviolet light I guess you can find me they couldn't find a Bain I'm the guy to kill again. Is your life yes he's alive he's conscious is to go back to sell the lake in a lot he's terminally ill we can't find vein. Birds can wait to Mecca fallen or cruel and unusual punishment. My guess. The alternative is being killed which you feel like you information out I await the fact he. Wolf both those boos from a very does lose because we think it's yummy now back over the tone and down not brought to Barney and aren't Tommy's. Down our our Daytona. Ticket does not allow her profile little Tyco are not right now a 44999. Old La. They should Manny is continue on the men's round radio network.