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Friday, November 17th


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This is the men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. Our listeners that 965 WC MF in Rochester we get your emails on the way also on ninety Iraq California's rock station in the Sacramento in the colors there are miserable likewise in looking back maybe blank was not such a great idea 844999. All. A judge may I ask you who are you pretty good dancer. But apparently and he did. At that time I get and I hate. Would normally not a big bad. Okay now from what we understand and and Melbourne Ted could maybe chime in here as well but. Is not if not one of those places that you always hear about where if you go there and you're Americans you have a pretty good chance of getting laid for some reason have you done heard that before. I heard all the it's like that. Poke at the is that is that accurate. Yeah Soledad I didn't then people like the big reason why did. We have more bitter note that like that the men over there like. And saying that. Australia. If American men myself included if in general we have better manners. You don't something wrong man. God to play one think Americans are notorious for always take certain amount runs a week or obnoxious everywhere we go like. That's kind of alcohol ago we have swagger we're goddamn cowboy the reliably chew gum we don't care we are cigarette boat industry and tell the media really about gentleman that could lower on the. I got a buddy that goes to World Cup's are gonna happen he said the British think those due to the worst deal really feel strange is to drink and party and right behind. Tell me. But idols are just a lot of hot chicks in Australia my body at a conference of liberal what they like American Idol. Well Americans that don't like to know is amount like sixty years ago to visit the event there's got to be something about it you don't mean that our accident I don't know. Italy and what you're an Australian accent Robin and may determine that they like it in your GPS Australian public yes it is I'm not exactly. I'm hoping RS and some school they those are guy. Back in the day in radio. And his name was he was is a program director in Washington DC and I interviewed for a job there at. These it was Craig ash were so Craig Ashworth all right he was you it is so I go there to do that to apply for job. But he was also the voice. Of Outback Steakhouse hello yes he will really OK so illuminating to nobody was like it was so distracting to sit there and like answer questions from because. It's it's the blooming onion guy it's like you know no rules just like Outback Steakhouse you know. Come on down to get through Google but are rings today to Mike Cragg Ashland Craig actually that you'd say okay you interview that guy I'm friends of the month he's OK art what he's right he's the original call live easily original. Take out guys I'm sitting there and interview and I can't get past the fact of doctors and to the blooming onion to an editor at it was seconds like I just thought he was so worldly so knowledgeable you don't mean just because. He knows about the Aussie cheese Fries on the boy could accommodate him I didn't immediately Izzy I wanna I don't feels like it's the scene voice like no matter what do you hear that thing what. Another sound stupid I know that sounds you've. Cousteau it's also weird though just like we said look I wish I got to beat them like man I know this is done coupon wanted to do is accelerate the author of friends and on FaceBook. And I'm not sure that he's doing radio cell okay but act an accurate up to them I'd be willing to hop on it and talked about I mean yes specials going on and do their stuff anymore you he's the original death of candles well when I was interviewing he was the guy right Sony's talking deal those commercials ran. Every break and our station American artist and like. Dan do. This is so cool I think I think I don't know my mind is blown so we're just based on the exit. Miserable likewise in looking back maybe blanks and that's that's a great idea it's like being a mascot at a cost him. Yet you would know well sometimes they tell you images weird oh really. Could you kind of have a Hoover I can't say they always that's so you can mascot goat and I am still hide he break the rules battalion. Now I'm just VIP it has become and how okay Aaron. It's a weird feeling to petition can never reveals that tricks but reviewed all mask out. Like you hit the Mac can't tell you reduce. It's a when you've met him when I parties but I can't just below is it is a leg Disney World besides loses big time big scale the president of a Major League specials from Major League has a good professional or comments. Why doesn't bother me man. You can't say Hillary you just nudge you continue your finger on why don't you know who thought he dropped knowledge. Yeah known around Maine yeah how hard GAAP as a mutual friend. It had gotten back to him but I would he be fitted mask obviously a well that's an idea and of course a little time get. Yeah and Toledo and I don't think we're about this what about that without the at that out of that that is the Norton and Gordon yeah. Miserable likewise in looking back may be blank wasn't such a great idea 844999. Cola that's HO LA all the hello Kimberley welcome to the men's room. Oh. Yeah. So what went such an ideal. I watched jumping on the black husbands little extra truck on a gravel road shouldn't. You guys arguing about. Going to barter Alice park's problems. I want I'll go lawyer who want to go the bar you order dated. Of course Giguere and back couldn't it I would boulevard that's why he wanted to gold error because he's you know what. My wife that the government wants the jump out of a moving vehicle on the gravel road you believe that it's ironic that the word is barred it would you're not allowed to go to a bar. I don't would you give barred war. I look I am I done went 300 dollar agreement if somebody Clark are not fighting me. When when you leave Kenya do we do your prior to that again. Western Kenya your. Who won't. I I okay Montgomery bell and a woman who tried to jump you almost drug dollar car me when it was moving in that very same state. It's just the movie rebel attitude in our QL worry you must Virginia. I'd actually count him out dirty match in Charleston oxygen and I'm sorry could you drink the water. Actually nominate class action settlement of the water aria. All I'm shocked by that I. It's a little overlooked thing that in the state capital of the state in this in this the United States you you can't drink the water granted Flynt gets a lot of attention riot police snow oh boy. But yeah you can't drink the water West Virginia nobody knows that but it's ready who am I shoot and I am I you know I don't know did you have an orange thing for I was I applied at a batter I got ten fingers both that are on my hands where's your it was her single orange. Scenario I can't get my grandmother's as a Mingo county to they have a statue erected for what the hell's been athletic so Doesn't matter who garnered an editor of a Jennifer Garner a statue there. Turkey I wanna turn yeah. And I is apparently having sex. Who woman you don't go to movies legal government apparatus you mess yourself up Cumberland jumped up. I broke all there at the my right side structured much it be in India. Head I have that feeling in my right Charlotte or my left side. She's still have a look at from the water hello again just to go back to that I may have nothing to do daughter out of a moving to. But once you get a tutors biscuit world and make it all better. I meant so much ado about I don't miss you sound like you're crowded too bad you get barred from there it's good sale on our thought that. Woman must continue to go and get a biscuit man and understand that if I've actually. Was the last thing he does lost your mind my when's the last time you had a tantrum somewhere along those lines. I am I'll look at Kimberly Iran had. I'm sort of yeah okay. Did you say no kind of sorry yeah I don't whispered yeah they like to read into it seemed okay and you value stabilized now new husband new boyfriend whatever. You want to think that he's thirty years ago what else have you jumped out of the I would since he jumped out of the truck to allow Lebanon to cheat don't run wasn't that long goes those six years and you guys are still together. Right okay and savor the right and ATV OK and how many kids do you have with. Why in just the one and what else crazy day have you done this is just let everybody let channel logo what other crazy stuff in this relationship dissent. Some. Kind of beating not want. It to be up live what object that you had to hit him. Okay and what I don't iron cast iron pan was too far away do you remember what he did I was intoxicated. Is okay and he still drink. You know a good good it would make you stop what happened how am I I'm OK and and and and you've been clean ever cents. Yeah well how old your kid. He is common statement all right so for eight when these two years old you're gonna need to drink. And what we know now I know sounds bad man so you've been sober for about a year and a half against. Okay and you feel a little bit better you do when you look back now do you think boil some dumb stuff most don't though Larry how can how old are you. Now most when I'm I'm glad email out of West Virginia alive those probably a good decision. I'm well if you look do you miss about what Virginia on periods of not having a job what do you what do you there's about a little way governor when everyone. Archer animate the source even actually cheated. Every talent you. The four seasons I know union hotel yes exactly well yeah oh that's nice resort they have there at Greenbrier it way to know that battle that they lack of our season's going to do well okay. Why don't always think he's and then it didn't help her husband dug out of the season four season but what you want to miss it's don't. They've had the poor thing in my hotel in Cambodia before they would put the West Virginia and all this over there are kind of like three is that you can stay at the Union Carbide there that's assured yeah. And I'm glad you're one. And I now I'm glad to read and pressure now and better things go well for. Miserable I question looking back maybe blank was not such a great idea 844 at 9990. God dame she did not do a lot from West Virginia and no she did not but I guarantee of the sexes nuts and Hillary relative I'm telling you she's a war we're still together and I'm like. Donna is exactly is crazy if you had to be red states who want a trailer. It's insane it is absolutely insane. That would of the house did you see on the road that they put together the call a double life. I like trailer like a NATO action no yes they are that the two sides together as a single and on the middle of your living here is one of those. And I was yeah that's right that's only being used to edit trailer it's game on and it's not. Best sex ever had to throw the blanket Tonya Harding sex tape at seemingly which are gonna get it but remember we Tonya Harding is who you're gonna get back to zero I think sexton and and vehicles always better. Given that the harnessing the woman who want to call it trailer home today against the Israeli leader when you say when you live in a trailer I'm telling you sex is fantastic in every other things whether it's got yet is an absolutely ghastly and breakfast in the morning it's kind of like when you stated placement at a continental breakfast the next morning. Deere run T breakfast in the morning when you have sex and betrayal. I will say. Sex is good but the dumbest argument ever gotten to in this trailer. Thing is she's kind of drunk and wanted to cook pizza. With like a frozen pizza yeah chizik now you leave that cardboard on our. All look back it up a little you know. If it's a battle it's it's a huge she disagreed. She did but she was the original person in the next mortgages they. Any half is the carport birth you pretty insisted to me I am sorry forgotten I don't know why would he be got that option traders six. Mr. Mike what do looking back maybe blank was not such a great idea 844999. Alone hold the Weimar your calls coming up your listening to the men's or radio network. Did you you don't have enjoyed the men's room. Measure of likewise are looking back maybe blank was not such a great idea 8449990. Look out we have a couple of comments that are so looking back shooting the all duty sheriff's pickup truck in the paint ball gun. While he was driving it. Now the best that you know. Followed a group college bad idea. Not much pride among all the Molitor and I'm not the girl anymore but a Phillips wanted 5000 dollars student loan debt but he co coo bucks a pop pop pop pop. I'm embarrassed when they won't predict. I'm a police officer. We have a suspect in the hospital threatening to kill all of us and Jim both of restoring to your bed she was messed up on alcohol value which is never a good idea. But I asked her how she's gonna kill us while she strapped to a hospital bed. Shouldn't have breaking out of the restraints and radical maverick books are written all of man on the dark at all so is the thing that not a bad idea home. You know you're you added at the break but we're gonna do manuscript and you can try if somebody had a relationship with her knee wasn't a cop who was armed everything that California. Miserable likewise you're looking back maybe blank was not such a great idea. What's. Hello unnamed. Nick welcome to the men's room. Oh wow. Thanks for call that we appreciate man. And we look into about what now Michael you're good you're good looking man nice that he got I don't say that nick liked you for what the Indians magazine outs that disturbed I'm just in your physical appearance. My open shall like that right. You run the weirdest episode of the bachelor. I thought they should do like you're gonna make a phone call whoever answers yet everyone out of it didn't solos and a great idea there for you nick on the show you get some bigger than a row this is that the. We'll have her back well what I want you are a little bit goat here. That and I have my Grammy without how we get there isn't much time do. Burial party and bring home eight young lady browned chicken brown and yeah. And though. You know I'm I'm beyond. I quieted down either my girl. Our pocket you're they had been abducted I have to drink and she. You come back in my go back in my dormant bush then were that there are and then. You know it didn't know each other and and so I'm Gail I'm like are gonna and they let me out here. And I look over her and she should look like she's about burglary at GQ that light blue you know that outlook. The look feel it's like he's the artist are what dry heat in a dry heaving no. So I don't really good my incident and don't hear it later Kurt and a great out everywhere quote whom mental. All I would write out what a proper graphic art can't it's gonna try and allowed to go Ebert a garbage can. And or on yeah the mild tablet and that was the effect although. I grew all of my roommate bed every next. And she would drink it like out or drink give it smell like rotten oranges. That's what happens when you're that age man and you go further. Kamikaze you can then watermelon shooters of the sex on the beaches of the world and all that crap is just about a thirty sugar. Well you're you're an awful and I bet you all of the net basically in my. Or at and washing out out out. Well the building up this path out of your plays or did she man generally get out of there while you're stuck with her home in the bed to did you take care ever. Mariachi I felt. You were told got in Elkhart. Well I would never think that a woman Maria toga was gonna throw them around the world but my problem then I would never the day. Election current Porsche. Oh I I kept staying up all night taking care where I had heard o'clock the next morning. So I what little you know with the change my clothes. They say hey you know technique when you get up in your field better and how they upper bracket then not get Michael back up. And but I had in the Big Apple like 5 in the morning I clap like setting and yes I Earl they would do. It is negative in the second day out of it we're out of the back out there at a time where you know does that mean if you're drunk you're drunk. Yeah yeah oh era it. I don't like that how bitter battle front but not in overcame a bit but I'm biblical. Yeah yeah I cool the other goal as I would also look I always old white man oh man I only wanna bring that kick back to my dorm room. Because I think she might puke on stuff. That's terrible that's the woman on his terrible feeling when you heard you conceal that because you don't know at that point in time it's like I'm just gonna go out I'm gonna get drunk I'm gonna have a good time. And those of the worst times because that's when you maybe have an opportunity but there is that you didn't expect an opportunity you were just out having a good time in the yet as the night goes on a local maybe I should attempt this but you're no shape to do it I just never gonna not do I've done. The it was a girl I was like friends with for years and there was like this Christmas party and this is my chance right and they apparently like the whole room is watching this answer really close and everything and and I direct outside puke and that was you know. I could is that couldn't that was like the moment that was the only time the door ever cracked open forming right and I ran the other way puke did. I had you got my and I was not the one having sexual effective were having sex in my bed so birthplace of moved into the role house of Baltimore. And we're going to lead threat would be and one of my best friends we split one bedroom in his bedroom like the size of closet we both twin mattresses spoke twin mattresses on the floor separated by a little table. So he's having sex with. Rather rotund woman besides that I say and but anyway so I knew what was going what do I don't care you know I know is going to be on his bed so. And back and still party downstairs was no big deal unified the party wasn't going on in this dude got on the settlement. Walks downstairs and talk normally plug but nothing like he needs a controversial and I've plotted. The so I sort of think he needs him and you repair estimate what. Is on Saturday. She duke had to battle it. Look why keep you know my bad. You wouldn't do her from behind you search Reggie is like we're facing you can read. And she pewter like over the new role gap that we have between and it's like there's just a puddle that so no I don't kick open the border of detonated as the winner would have grossed an opera peaceable brown the crappy and mean Errol mad at. And here's this pile of brown puke in my own remember seeing part of an apple slices and probably PH hello Ali I tell you my herself. How does she not fuel for a bad economy let out that's the problem but it would sit in my beds are basically but the rest of the party. Cleveland the thought man I never think about I don't mind in a subway I had flipped us the mattress so it probably came on meet she's. Got a Hewitt over it. Apple's slice but it might. You're helping giving me. I mean if she got that size of an apple but I'll make me think about another together I guess your body was deployed and under the idea that the the the problem with that scenario is whenever they then when you're that age man. Like the farthest thing from your life is doing laundry. And like wherever that washer and dryer machine or the like the like ten miles away like there's a regional wash your sheet once every six months when you're nineteen years a laundromat but worked you don't even have an extra set of sheets to put on your know that I put my mattress old little. Like I had no money but it is obviously stoked through the mattress because I was an adult only to peace shield right but now it's just inflict this kind of fake remorse puddle of common metric. Nothing I can do about. Except for African matches and ends are like what's it looking back maybe blank was not such a great idea and I'm mad about that now we're there was Julie. Yeah Jordan bugs. I'm good good back I think I'm a good group out there was badly how did this happen. Hello Jay welcome to the men's room. Oil guy. Yeah out there and good JR you. A Moret and Jack. So maybe what wasn't a great idea. Well there wasn't a good idea to open up but in a pickle with a steak knife. Is it that that that's a bucket of pick and let's start with the. Yes and I figured Steve would know how that goes in the rust and the rest belt bit. Yeah at a restaurant in Atlanta and no offense but in our mind we just release them backyard barbecue I got none and wrinkled brother. Dogs like giveaway five gallon bucket kind of maneuvered around the edge they kind of perforated. But you still. You know it's a little bit like there's a special two malicious code used to break them lidge sealed right that is correct. Yeah I couldn't find that banks are you glad that they let the starters on the way out. As slip and about slice my thumb our goal. At the. Look man I'm not gonna lie there I don't know anyone. And to this day I'm sure it's the same an industry that was Big Five on bug in the big thing sometimes it's. She's pickles whatever may come and those of you can't get to god they're little like it was easier to open the CD and was pitcher pickles but everyone I know you tonight man. I even said they don't use the knives and he's turned his back and read thank god damn night but I don't know anyone who slipped and almost got the thumb off. All Jesus manually you really took it to town that you do what were you doing later thought was in the way holding on the top of the lead. I had my mind that man opened the lid. You know it was on the floor is not that the left him on the live in the right and it's gonna let me fill it and. Got wrecked. But yeah I ask you always do you have there now and it was OK who was a blood shooting out of your hand. Oh it was awful it would do I could see you know like it was totally opened up I could feel like. Muscle and bone. I. Did. Did not that anyone in the kitchen care does my experience like. It's a very passing Kerrigan's everyone gets their wounds so if you like either go to the hospital duct tape it but don't make it a problem that's generally how I go. Well it happened late at night to do with the belly like. I don't know. You download chain new Delhi's here cold hoagies corner and it's with a crime itself to the hospital. I know. Does the paramedics came and went to college really young back and probably twenty. Five years ago my parents came in May dictate to the hospital they had those digit inside my hand and out. Man did you guy you yeah I guess you've always been careful of the night since then. That'll take you now when. I don't remember any time and presently you burgers I mean lets you were on fire in human man if you could put it out before they burn the skin that was. That scene in Star Wars and Barbara had canceled shoes Credo for a second. Everyone turned around that are about school go back to the dream it's got to download them to all I gotta go I realized that he glanced for a second annuity. You get over there dude I didn't realize he was about him. Music rhythm yet how you thought this shop manager really do want to note that in a little opal hit I know this better. And I just want to do reasonably know or you and and there's an effect of all be all about to let the background by the attorney litigate the rewards track he was the original dog the bounty hunt. Men's or bike was in looking back maybe plank was not such a great idea better looking that much better looking and on about it or his. Hello Eric welcome to the Madrid. O'Dell yes all gone. I had so looking back it was probably get bad idea Q. Disable the door ajar. Alarm didn't disconnect from may include CC machine. What they see NC machine. It if they updated drill press serve machine metal in the so you do is able to. The door ajar alone. To shut our rights lol look at possibly happen. I care about to find out our league. Would probably say that. And did you did you lose a finger. Almost lost about a quarter trigger why did you disable it in the first place if it's actually something that you were using. They had quote so what happened was I was receiving it as soon as part per race car building and basically. They're flexible. In on on the eve enclosure at the door and like blast was so. Baton not clear that you couldn't eat you're welcome to the epic and it opened the doors just a little bit. To be able to see what's actually happening inside machine gun and yeah so. Just about any art it's not good soldier that I. Actually hit the tool and almost lost my middle finger on the right hand. Who can 3-D printer do that stuff now. Renewed how and why it. It's a little different mechanical properties of treaty pretty metal are a lot different then billet metal. And they're not sure what that means. But we take you. Our daily 3-D printing limbs artificial heart guys of them sent. Mr. Mike wasn't looking back maybe blank was not such a great idea yeah thirty print suit. They've actually sums yet that the right ingredients but the two are so if you aren't they doing now it's like iron elements Reza bubble block. Apparently NASA's testing of the way the space station stop like look here's granola DOS Bryce dolls balls on the cramping and now possible and all of our. When backups are quite and that's what I mean I cheeseburgers and elegant yet she's burned our slice of pizza wind is right like that just I mean if we get great food going to create some decent I think about crabs and shrimp. All right now we can do background yeah I just printed out publisher. Went through by question looking back may be a blank Vista I think it's a great idea why older farm raised I printed three and Brendan Brendan. And the old bay and move grade on printed food. Those Cerro welcome to the bedroom. High paying oh. And I am well it cited long and that there. Kurt and all we. And all it though I was about twenty years old living and we PI for college. Yeah but sleazy. Yeah. Yeah I think I'm African American history no better place. No better place wind one black eye at the bar rating and. There I went to a football game of Boise State in my body was down and he I know where you in the bar he does I'm with the black. And I thought he was kidding me and I walked in and found him in media and the. A legitimate. Are completely but it's I. Go flat anyway and funnier the old umbrella around and they ID. And and you know we had spent of course tonight drinking and keep band to play either street. I drinking and that victory. So up and down a street drinking and had the previous caller mentioned the belly fat twenty year old girl drinking three during that with me of course and eat like Mac in one dollar watermelon shot and it Egyptair off how we decided to buried and I had the dollar dropped. That we are going to get my car elect as he did happen EB. We get the car we decided let's go to Garden City will Garden City is like eat. Trashed Paul. We Idaho and there they barbaric and it called the grant club and grant club. We're very popular with the I would hate. Back leg kind of people I I still don't know. And other words you wouldn't you would tell me maybe I shouldn't go with it. Back then I loved it I love hold Wal-Mart I thought it was great I would note the one and I looked at bat in the bar everybody else. Sit home and I want to feel better serve our car and drive to the Wal-Mart as a mild goes through Reno yeah is George Clooney do not go to Huntington Beach, California that is the one place you wanna avoid at all costs you'll leave there feeling like crap or south nice. And Huntington Beach lead you just feeling depressed and awful about yourself. That it quite so I would go to this place next look at. Add anyway to get the bar you know I am totally over it I mean not I would say not Albert B situation but I should not and probably the stop our out well we picked out a bar or. Our bartender at up there and tell everybody hey you know. That's like 1 o'clock so it everybody still drunk but it all the rich at the bar and then I'll keep it a shot and there. Only had you'll want to elect and I hate. I think of Sheila shot and the night night. And yeah that the deal is notorious for men its it did not and I. Am I hit the shot and I mean I I will never forget even ten years later it hit my two. Rocha my dad and immediately every single thing I drink and eat that evening. Came out into the shot glass with spree back in my date and. The bar with our guy you know both I would like to Cuba but there. There's something about tequila for me and mourn any other shot it's almost like you can be drinking hole. Night and you've maintained. And that want to keep was shot it's like. It's like during a pebble into upon. Personally I was ripple affect them don't want you feel it man there's nothing you can do and everything's gonna bungee jump right on your mind now laid out here in future. If you're not a tequila person you're just probably drinking a well drink at that point in time that right the worst tequila that they have as with a pouring you and that's that's ever gonna be your output of the way the amount of wealth tequila escalated when they canceled the shuttle program and they didn't need you. Now to be well tequila is roughly that I told my daughter by the way speaking of those fruity drinks is an if you go to a bar. And they have like eliminate machine behind the bar or anything like that and you see some fruit punch in there don't don't drink that that does whatever you do stay away from that even some robbers and the it don't drink that stuff that's in the machine based on the daughter I know you're probably talking to you know damn well he's during and I know but I mean if I gotta love iron we've been right we all the state of the morning line you got to I think you gotta go through that phase drinking terrible stuff I think it was more like my angle I believe it's going to be good kids can be kids are gonna do everything we did but stuff like that like look. As a father I'm obligated to tell him. But I'm also just telling you this because in the future and really get to say I told you so are you know you're not analysts and here are some bad ideas. Have batted. What I'm gonna say I told and so when you go to that bar and that frozen drink and a machine is only for a four dollar and taste good and you got forty bucks totally hundred for the let's look at my daughter if alcohol is involved in the name. Euro cash. When you don't know what it is it just gives you a name. Do not drink is among goes like. It would do little buttery nibble now. His buttery in nipple there are drinks and that is made out of there things on the beach is not any doubt about all those elements that today you wanna run and go I demand from coach that's fine thing if the names and drink it if not it's made up named Andre. That's a mr. Budweiser looking back maybe blank was not such a great idea 844999. Along mobilize more your calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. I'm sure started dead birds as the FCC and a bad jokes get governments of those bad jokes to the email at the men's room diamond from live dot com. Our beds or buy question today looking back maybe blind was not such a great idea idea we go to allegedly bad as the rapper. Who in a looking at the clips. Without using glasses it should be noted that he tweeted before the eclipse. Hot hot dog really need to Wear the glasses that he made reference alone and this isn't the First Solar eclipse and his big point of reference for this was simply. Our ancestors outlets who looked at it and I'm hoping they have protective eyewear he has a rocking brand new eyewear after up pulling what DMZ calls a trumpet looking directly at the solar eclipse. He has been. Doctor prescribes new sunglasses of these a's got to Wear during the day from now on. For now at least he seems to like them in the style as he's calling them pretty fired. Our men's or blank question looking back maybe blank was not such a great idea. Hello Lisa welcome to the men's room. Oh wow. I think I. I. Have a lot of I don't why. It I cart opener. How about how are you did you drink in the course of the week and I only ask this question because most women I know that decided they wanted to bottle of wine. All that decide they want to bottle wine but would that they know whether corkscrew it. I. He didn't turn. Idea. Why it at all but can it popular and I'm. I. Heard of it I didn't like the other. Night. Can't. Eat and it can't that it. Let it by car. You can look right through there. And I did it get hurt. It took like 808. If you're seeing now Redick I hit it. I'd be. There. You have to did hit the floor to. I had I hit it. And you have a corkscrew now. And it's very go out there that I want. It yeah I don't know ordered. To date night but the steak knife for what ever reason if it's anything kitchen related if you keep an open public. Grab a statement they can be a tunic Hanley said the pickle jar the bottom line for whatever reason that is the only other thing were reeling Vick. There's the proper way to open something and we don't have that might just rabbits they chart one thing now I've also noticed is that say you buy a bottle of olive oil right and it's got this plastic seal around the top of the as a little perforated edge where you can peel back in middle cannot open it up a break there. Anything that says organic. Does not happen. Would organic. He just doesn't yet take a steak knife and jamming up I drop off the top that wraps around it. In I think dangers that's rivals get into trouble is it's a statement that the tip planet you just got to make a little terror and it's you can unwrap it you know revenues but not them and care. Miserable like what's it looking back maybe blank was not such a great idea could easily get in Myanmar novel assignment don't got muscle like the step myself in my own chin doing the same thing. Because I as guilty as everyone else. Grabbed the statement same thing had been of perforated thing on the bottom to get an awful actually trying to pull it all this but I grabbed my gym and under but quite a bit with such force that the men know. You know running. A gym and I think when it comes out gorillas like my wrist is racing toward my own Mac app that's on my Andre Barbour nice steak knives rarely used for state. You have now broad stake the least well. Hello it's got to welcome to the men's room. Oh wow. Just how hard. And are doing pretty good. So my story I lived working on them somewhat. Shelves were house knew or didn't time. I am so I had everything to adopt at shelters up quirky you land we had our Internet they're getting they're. So cottonwood or not on the table saw. And like an idiot I didn't have a need guards or even saw. And add edit somehow kickback or something might my hand went through blade up and saw. All there are no you know. Yeah. I'm so I a couple of Ab how. This out rouge rebels have a good morning. I may see a movie and that is EG that. If we get those bite the hand going to a table Salt Lake hey about a way graphic I've seen a thumb on a band saw a table. In eighth grade to sit there right there looking back maybe blank was not such a great idea 844. 999 election many games continues. I'm the men's room radio network.