12-04-17 Seg 2 Men's Room Gets A Little Smashed

Monday, December 4th

It's time once again for the Random Question Question


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So is still men's room. It's. Big video games. Million we'll. All the other news. You're listening to the men's room. It's not an automatic six point 95 and Appleton Wisconsin also 105 point three the bear Blacksburg Virginia is the random question question also on tap today your guess is gonna mind. As the men's room we'll bring it tells Alicia today. And now profile that's our random question question what pledges thing have you promised that you'd never do a lot of celebrities like to a wide with a round of golf. But you never catch the guys in new tool on the golf course and that's because in the beginning they promised each other they would never play golf. Model recently said quote YouTube made a pledge early on as teenagers actually when we formed the band at the one thing that we would never ever ever do. It was a sacred pledge. Was to play golf. And simply because. We just didn't think it was rock and roll enough and even though there and Ireland the home of golf and everything else is there it is it is seem like Iraq general thing I do I'm not a big golf guys maybe the right made the map but it just seems like appalled things do we pledge not to you man. We pledged to bid we're not gonna stab anybody react we're not gonna play ice now like hey we're back in new drugs to Raikkonen to wake anybody can do backyard zeppelin used to say we're never gonna sell out we're going to be our commercials. And now. And I found half an hour rag enrolling new catalytic. You know that god academy and golf definitely has that stigma so they're just and that's why they were like we'll be a part of it yeah I do to understand as far as like they've been around what forty years now. They probably had his plan for 4550 years from flea. All right you say the American play golf what is this stigma ha do you think. Rock and roll I think what I think done a rock and roll isn't stigma of golf they think it is least as far as the work place is concerned and has forty toward yeah I don't forget bags go to reduce our guy that's number substance on rocket Randall Alice Cooper what plenty of people playing golf. But this is staying mum Dorman rich dude sport and are going door frame grab Obama about so you're you're a teenager and a rock band. Late movement around the dream that tomorrow at six name's Eric after his. Dunn work here grass figured out the negative is there's a lot of negative stereotypes around gulf obviously golf is earned that reputation but. I've played golf since I've been seven or eight years old that I like golf at that used to be affordable or we go out and get out Allison played all that stuff. The difference between the gulf as a child which I really enjoyed playing tour and golf as an adult is there's one thing that pisses people off more than anything else about golf. And that is the fact that if people play golf they play it when they're supposed to be working and. Now somebody comes up it's estimated that nobody got hurt consumer goods does that make comment you have played eighteen on Saturday you know anything going on everybody's out there are cool man have a great time. But I know for a fact one of the people who work here is golf and I'm pissed or show you makes me mad they know damn well at other us they'll call a dilemma another knock the ball thing Brennan intellect that's the thing with golf and then let no one would care president from golf no get a warrant you know all of a golf. But when he called me a lot of Medicare but either way they don't care about your new working they care if you should be working that's what all it is man it's so similar public office too late. You know late. ITT how many times really you don't learn to play golf and I used to really like golf tour they go business deals you don't golf well everybody says writes I mean that's like golf I think kind of rightfully as that's Gemma there's no other sport late. Now let's heavily you're more power that's why they've said look there's a reason why certain things exists I'm convinced of this so. The people. The played golf when they should be working with the bosses and they had no problem telling me hey. I'll go play golf c'mon you really don't possibly all three days a week I know exactly who you're talking about what but what would he say. It's more business deals did the Arabs who are they came open that staying because they wanted to go play golf if we might say hey man. What I can do the show on Friday because we got a great business opportunity for everybody. We're gonna coach you goblet of fire to go to Zain. The bedroom were real estate deals are made but I until I come off you know who set it up. It's good luck when it rains and away the person who got married when it was really counts that yet so I don't really play rain and games of basketball before or after work. Not during Brett if I'm saying if you didn't do the same thing I can talk till I about a business deal billiard ball. As not good enough we we prohibitively it would never fought. We eat your lunch for two hours we can't go play golf for four that are would you go to look everybody looked Auburn bread quote Obama at a ball. Well they talk about those let's go get drunk in the middle of the day you've frowned on. Yeah and and man I've and and you do make a lot of connections at they're getting drug that tornado whatever number of endurance anywhere you make connections made it look it's not about gulf of about alcohol. You can post your club you can do to the bar you can do it on a plane that don't if you add alcohol business gets and the golf thing I respect him for that but I've. I had to relent and allow itemize all never do that you watch Star Wars. Yeah I mean I don't really care. And it's not like Star Wars is that my friends were friends is on all the time so it's harder to miss like star horses and all that often back. But even said like and everyone else every need you hell about it and did it dawn often in my home car notes and they don't already know he's just cocaine. But I made it this far so Muirfield okay yeah I don't award an okay I saw how poorly I might watch. But Atlanta if we give my late thirties like and that and out by this. I'm good will negatively positively okay new lifestyle I've been big on star quarterback can mislead the problem is though I can watch that Star Wars but then it I wouldn't. That is within a year if you'll fall apart quickly you have to what's the next 10 I feel. Okay I'm no good I got my friends I'm friends are things that you would not currently before when billion. As as does the night drinking liquid cocaine ever get fooled I don't know that the drink I know a little weir okay and that that's that's a comment I don't think hey what I'd greatly would go to and then also a payday loans. And you know again that's raw and then mile view that a long time when I speak we already know this with some home wanted to remind you want otherwise decent number I don't lab will be right. I'm again and Applebee's with my love of god bless you man played. Who signed off on the backs. Do Bud Light do something like that man not Long Island ice these. Good a good five dollars B division mountain hood hilly Hilton is feeling good. Hello ridden a welcome to the men's room laughed on Iraq. Iron and Columbine away miles Obama would go to use guy then that I have and goblins Scott Aaron I am. Said that almost let all the same oh my god it's like things not in Tacoma to Seattle Pacific currencies in two separate countries I know that the my god they're five miles apart. There emptying another father never do get the idea come on as well although violent the ability ocean. Ballots all right any reinvent the burrito right yeah hell yeah we did the mission style and put crappy rice and there. Renee let's go to Cuomo would you say is the worst thing that you did as a kid what do you get into the most trouble are just based on Mike what you know of yourself now as a person may be looked back and you think to yourself well. Let's get a means to that person and I'll we'll global sporting news what do you think you cannot cross the line. And I never did anything bad when you actually. A charge toward god I never its class I never drink and drink hello Tony one and you anything bad when you lose your virginity and visitors. I was Tony the clintons and are sporty but I don't and are you an example of when I would like pioneered old. My neighbor and I account that some eighty bird that had fallen out of their last. And we were like that got them birds if chat now. And and I got in big trouble for that because obviously like mom look they gonna take care of me more so my parent had the ill. So adamant that the biggest trouble you've got mention is that when you're five years old you do what many innocent five year old kid would do gonna say to try to rescue. And then maybe other you to you hit with a hammer somebody made a very early bat I was a kid. Well I'm elevated her to death the stick and housing after four years old or incompetence and why would you do that I know I don't either I mean you didn't know I don't remember you beat I may be a horrible. I don't most days I remember the incident mileage on my mom like I think he's going to be syrup goes. He got a man he at least our mayor tried to say oh I admit I'm that they honesty things he was bad because you try to failing navy guard Renee what do you do what do you do for a living. In particular so you're receptionist okay Aaron was I think we've learned a lot more about miles yeah Ahmadinejad not there when I was I don't remember chief strategist at what we just how old do you remember. I'm so I wanna grab and we at all I heard today they remembered their day. Yeah I didn't it's. I had they had they do bird sabre and get. Tumbled United States and bird's eye candy I'm glad that amount Renee if I even met you if we shook hands we would both disappear. Probably we would Miley to I cannot believe that the bad things that she has done in her life you to go back to five years old. And present it put it but only the bad this is a little dumb things of five girls do you know a tournament unless they drop I've had many pet her forums I have a pent. Caterpillar that made it about three hours and my daughter and pets. I'll guy do what you have to have last year I think it was a grasshoppers on the man. I don't look rowly police mug should go all the campaign Obama would never moved a little greater things look like I took. So I don't know what. Now cuts. I don't know what her motivation was last summer but she insisted. On having one of these goddamn things of pat and trying to talk her out of the flight eight straight hours from working outside. If they had no matter where you work outside these African bugs around so she kept finding new pets and finally did. But none Darche poke some holes tomorrow to crap America and turn off a nice day bury his dead and that's when she learned about death. You know I feel worst about his drinking those is this this couldn't even worse than beating a baby bird of the state as far as how I emotionally felt about the situation okay but then I got so they don't have any recollection of that instant. So they could just villages means he is no remorse Fries right yeah you have things that matter I think he's an adult I don't know your brain and remember like I really don't remember it's only thirty did your back but vandals this kid named NBA the incident and we had pointer are mavs only target accidentally we community that didn't have a net second place finisher OK I you don't communal game play basketball there and as we did those one street like you Goodson does play into the evening blah blah blah. Those can and JP and JP was annoying as hell. He was a year older than us but also still in our class he might have been two years older than us I'm not sure. We are thirteen fourteen years old this point in time. JP comes down stretch run is not doing his normal stuff. So for some reason he he's guarding me he's got his hands out and I looked down my JP. Other of those whack off marks all over your hand man you can certainly see that you know you have that and in the palm of your hands area Gallic almighty god you've got it that means master page. He's so I started I started to school and after I think. How many times does did you realize how much you have to whacko to get up more on your hand like deadly food they do like three or four dozen excluded. I think yeah yeah yeah I don't cry. And took off running and home advantage. And I. I try to catch like you know in the like when I tried like I did try later on the doctor those they know the argument you and I mean how they do our job then. It's a judge however these together bit. We're joking I mean I really time goes on you figured out how much power and I just I don't know leader really can come play basketball team Hitler and unbearable heat it eat it and they need big rookie year I don't go down as the TP mantras I do or talk Joseph you know just kidding right there. Don't talk to me could you eat if it if it at a Randall Blackstone small animals and making other children thought that the best of it. I'm masturbating with us on today's didn't look you gotta look at the masters of the flights have been great if it should be a I think that's why you are gonna forethought dot rebel or York. Brand question questioning for 49990. Morey calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. And that's my. Turn accidents are going up yet because of brave Assyrian Neiman termed issues an email to the men's room Edmonds or live dot com and make the subject at some answerable to ransom and you're gonna break before during. And those with a shot of the day. Rendell and he's got a very unpleasant questioning for 4999. Hello hello Colin welcome to the men's room random friends friends friends or. Hello laughs. Illinois. Gary get your younger and then it comes though that's what. What would you say. Happened to this up right here. I learn a day for consumers single for a change to whatever build and you're bring in someone over you gonna cook for a what would you say the best thing that you can cook. The best thing you can make. In all probably gonna go all the equipment that connect with him. That they'll have a go at probably achieved Turkey could yet. Cheeseburger case and he got. All right okay explain how you make your family and and there are case India I have not but I'm interest it is it ground. Ground beef and then cheese between two tortillas. Yeah I did. Around I mean I make like. Are you want all the day Matt Light homemade baked Mac are there. Look how do you put your home made big Macs outs. Big Macs it's no secret sauce called out now how bad might it might figure out I mean I'd expect either bigger battle out of a little mad at me I. I did I don't quite fit in there well. It didn't Erica. Might can't get demanded it and I throw like can get a million and it. I'm that you put that inside the case idiom what we knew he did thirty blunt tough when you're done. I don't I admit it all luck and I might challenge or relish her I'd pick overall Ben. And I blather that or he had Mac. But it on the burner then but the grip the ground meat on the cheese melted. Already on the court Ian and I get much it altogether and move to other cases like how big Mac needs to be really. Especially. Over here in my act I get the idea over here in Montana there on. I'd be doing it where they have a bit bit getting greedy people sitting got another one call that the key that he gave Matt were basically like a big Mac. He how many of them how many of those head for a decade India on a new lows and oh god how real speech is a B drives. Italy it'll it'll. I don't ask it anyway you look at how downgrade is any thing to Montana on the willing to me no matter where I am a Montana anywhere else I have to go Montana somehow out of the way. Well let me put it after. Hour commute every the work Qaeda what is the what is the biscuits and gravy pizza if I do they put anything else on there to the good cheese on top of that. So it sounds weird but it right that you lead your life that she pretty much well it all together and keeps it intact so it's good to know the biscuit and doesn't. Yes like all made it it bread and inadequate and a it is here ladies are all over and an agent but she's on top of that and so when you're all apart not around the like a bit between gradient candidate all on that. Sounds great those are men Zetterberg got to give that a shot is that they're really good when what's the name of the place. That it all the outer case the power hitter and went down that in Montana. I'll get it step. Eighty Montana little wager all walked in North Dakota. And also east. In Montana good until I. A animal they can't beat down there you didn't death penalty do we have any really close to where it is clear view ten actually got that right there you honey you know stereotype and didn't think he would have to get our. Drag I'm OK I don't play. I am pictures of this do they have pictures of this I'm gonna have to look at the outdoor market and regularly powder keg in Fairview armed camp I have what's best thing you can go to. I mean that group crock pot related note I mean yeah Charlie croc hunter grilling about he's gonna cook a dinner. I'd probably just I'm probably get the broccoli. She is due to civilian life you cook it in the oven you know spice it up a little bit with the like that with the fact that blast. And it lasted broccoli right dug and god bless other raptor brunt of it doesn't look at these rare kind of an estimated. So I big broccoli that some sort of chicken breast probably on the still in Kent I'm. Steve you cook for years old you'll would be your signature dish I don't know if I'm not making any. An American made whatever does not want to eat I can make without question we got. Andre who has Elisabeth thing that you can go out now the whole point of a waffle houses and it's always there for you when every needed breakfast dinner middle of the night. Alone on Christmas one app is coming down from Ohio and including a slice it's their a lot of loan amount and I got a couple don't they put out an entire page and Ramona Grozny is no don't want out their open up a lower open. So and so is always there. Well 36 year old guy named Alex Boland was drunk on Wednesday night anyway the Waffle House in west Columbia, South Carolina which is what you do and let's Columbia, South Carolina. But when he got there the one employee. Working that night had fallen asleep in a Booth. So Alex he did what any of us would do. He hide behind the counter and started cooking his own meals. He said he took himself quote a double Texas bacon cheese steak melt with extra pickles and and they posted Alnylam FaceBook including pictures. A lawful house spokesman says they apologized Alex suspend the employee was asleep for one week. And they really hope that in the future no customer goes behind the counter and makes their own through a treasury cleaned up to he didn't yeah I don't know if the mustache did overly even steal everything else. It made it ends up well into the wall file and and think about those who looses. You don't want the story goes viral these days you do cut ties with whoever howling like luck. Orient suspended for a week because in the end it's still the Waffle House where we're not gonna fire you man I would be so excited to go in the back and notice Canadians say Columbia basin of west Columbia do right could you imagine being could you imagine being and I know you view work in the kitchen so you can imagine it and it sucks but. If not bigger different if you don't pastor con man. And you got carte Blanche on the kitchen sure you're going there cook anything you wanted to and I mean that would be off I would just be so I would know what to do with my. I'd be so excited like the blooming onion. Whatever like that where you go well let me moment. You don't you like I go to any better at home make anything however it out back that were already known how we got steaks. Nothing I have stakes you do make you go point because it would said that you don't Aussie cheese Fries are African or believable you can go to the grocery store and you can marry any fees that are restaurant as you can remember as good spirit lake. You'll never know or care who you or don't email. Don't know comment not open yulia recreate hello and onion and hope I can't really deep friars in my house you can do some close. But this black going to be an app and a blind taste test I'm totally 100 some time Deutsche. That's the only would be dropped mozzarella sticks with the directional chicken wings. We be dropped if the onion rings they go in the back I mean you name minutes gone in the basket it's gonna get fried food cooking up on the grill I've done it takes you like you we've rated a a restaurant cook whatever Nellie but I mean like what we worked at this will be over to the same Barley there was just certain times that night are you fellows and be like. I he wants them eat like art what turn on the friars are Coca burger aren't I was very specific in you can make okay the deep friars to keep and we said this before. Other than take cuts if you go to the store and buy anything that you normally ED prime at a restaurant I don't know how to spell list the distribution company and there's your prize memorable never remotely going to be as good as the base tomorrow to relish that with the kids who get into the Stafford act Canada and some mozzarella stakes and they look. Awesome act but a bake them. A bite into a moment this is crap out against what I think our man magic as well the PF Chang's and I operate a lot but I wouldn't be nearly as good it would be an enemy and apparently they use the wac Columbia amateur I don't I don't think so. Yeah on the deep Fryer and he Megan's crab Rangoon egg rolls in a minute that can. And nobody at the extent that we get video did you do it from the beginning right to listen look welcome bit of change. We do have delicious food but you to make your own crab Rangoon I know you can drop a handful Lambert they say it. Here's Cooper offseason crab I'm assuming but you're gonna fold and overall I married a little I know money and drop and and they. Don't you and they are only Brack right to go back to a rolling joints is what so whenever I feel like I could make a good dumplings I could do. Oh yeah I got my dog lives a little bit big he's a little dove and I put the ball not I don't mine a little bag of money you demand it's so when you make a doubling it thirty Michael wound up forty brown did. I think yeah I guess yeah can I instill brawl. You don't feel right blows over the deep prior garnered cracked as brilliant a little bit that I don't know Merapi review before paying some people win it. It's trust me it's a thank god meant I think Cheesecake Factory would be the ultimate hey I'm here in this kitchen and it's closed experience I think that would be the spot where you could just lose your mind you the difference an army Hamilton she's been factored unlike every other restaurant but I plan on breaking into. I'm not going to you do your part I'm which was straight up lift your Tuesday. You don't really wouldn't bother with you really are I'd be I wanna go get that Peter Jennings I mean everything we got in the Al walking him. But Cheesecake Factory the food is good but I'm just feeling that the Oreo cheesecake that you all they got they got fried chicken sliders that are just I don't have those in the Basque him. And I don't have a slider and unless another thing I would need Ruth and I regret that he's big boy you could friend hello Marc welcome to the men's room. And looted villages are. Let's see here what we have real a guy. Out of all the people that you take a picture way. What picture would you show us. Did you have a picture what it. The person. The dog the situation maybe of the pyramids behind you maybe at the picture with the situation but who do you have a picture way what what what is going on behind your your your craziest picture. And. I'd pictured Jacob and I sure remember orderly what you wish I had an accurate. An indoor in an airport when I was like seven days. She was dead no moonlighting. What the solo shot. Symbols Albert gladly take it mattered here young man what's he was on youths like a huge star at that point that now she bought it and should do a little bit about posing for a picture and I looked like really does that not. So the arm around her told him slew. Young and old movie. Oh my god I'm so I don't really c'mon really Al Franken norm listening to move on and Randy Bennett who heard it. These are you should do I know she really. Body was big the other get a Jack to manipulate like they're really. Or one man oh well I'm Italian sound I would I don't. You're roughly seventeen years old and one of the beauties are getting older is that there's nothing that a seventy neural does that you don't already under what and that tip. Like what you're seventeen year old young man with. There's nothing except sex under brain nothing man do they have to give that rorschach blot test to a seventeen year old guy trying to gags and time note vagina through Regina vagina the reason I asked duty have a a a picture worth Santa Claus is back to the malls we all know I know when your kids man you gonna marry you wanna get your picture take with San. Around Harare as some kids do some more of them do what some have been talked out of it but it's not bad out of put it this way a lot of kids freaked out I think my daughter. No problem yeah during adolescence you dial 80 guiding vision in my son if he does not know you regard and they do. It's free consent clause manly that's got a great. But he knows of a good of you that you don't want taught doomed them wanna be nearer and in every time I take a picture elements like my daughter has a smile from here to here. My son looks exceptionally uncomfortable well modern times Gaza as a modern pricing modern technology and everything else so here ego. Malls all over the country have been jacking up their prices for photos with Santa that I am here are some of the prices. And a Cherry Hill mall in New Jersey that's outside of Philadelphia jawbone or is this little boy okay all right so you're in line. Our wedding percent right all right you lay there for about a half an hour and then some jackass family. Just passes right by everyone in line and goes and gets to pick it. And yet again VIP pass no they've got a fast past said. You know fast path than Santa and that helps you skip the line and gossip fifteen fifty bucks. Any of fourteen different size press let's go to the gardens mall in palm beach gardens Florida. They're packages begin at 29 dollars a second one is 56. If you wanna do multiple poses as another twenty. If you want the digital file pictures it's another fifteen. Biltmore fashion park Phoenix six brands. Forty dollars the grove in Los Angeles. Packages start at forty dollars and you don't even get any print photos for that you'd just get the bit that you have to by the digital presence or the print print. If I think it's forty yards for the picture that you can't get yet they pay for the pic I didn't know. I don't really know how the racquet worked until like three years ago I guess taken care of their and so. I never knew my parents had to do you famous to me mad at Saddam dudes lab here's a picture off ago. Now as a parent you know there's. As your kids that maravent elf in a film sees you know cable pointy ears on display in the business deal. So to a bubble ball so they get upset not the kid but but the people who worked their little my Newton I won't take a one personally well. Do you send these the fans might I will take one print and even then I have to find a place to put it the most expensive that would be New York City there's a special studio percent of follows. Package starts of 135 dollars. And if you want any re touching you're looking at about 300 room I am and 25 dollars. Reset your chance to man up about absolutely I remember seeing sand in the mall and I am sure I took some pictures with them. But he didn't seem like it had to be that this. This thing that had to happen to walk and play put those my parents never took readable mall to see Santa there's times or the mall obviously shopping for Christmas to remember and they ask if you wanted to see him and only could you walk by they get tells an afterthought like outfit that hey. You don't sit and even then it was 5050 late. And I've always been impatient I'll look at the mine and so that's my problem not a man Afghan army and it looked to me the way I understood Santa Claus that the kids like. Basically being derailed by the do all the time he knows if you've been out here guys vigorously Islam like dude obviously of eyes army. He knows my transgressions he knows around risen above which is very few I don't need to tell. I wrote even though I put an envelope and said North Pole and I want Cuba the outlook so little poll and they got them mailbox I'm relieved to talk to ethics and I like. Says children. Not a child. UN stay off and a flat that there were children. Who's surveillance and slipped it if it's a big thing that ultimately I know really to do it to row whether they have children of their couple they get the picture of the social media. Brenda yeah about a standout good like your head beat in every disgusting as simple as that manhandled I'd last year god damn ground after deadly vacuum softball sized Branson had an amount so much rescue. Yeah it's why you guys didn't it has its banks like if you've got to pay 45 those that stand now god there's followed similar media. Hello can know whether into the men's room. Hello I'm the American horrors. And here again until this was here. Again. Tough question Torre about what would you say is your all time favorite cookie. What brand of cookie is your number one Cody. Like not a particular brand but I did how did not go for the white chocolate macadamia not Mandela and it. Always get talent dog darted. I'm I wanna make fun of you can buy a what is called. But now I think it was subway rides the subway I was out of chocolate chip cookies and one that I'm mix it up in a way under oath that you have white chocolate chip. Magnetic dame might have put up a man Antonio is that the danger danger they're really go they're so I but I hate saying about labs one point lead yet I want mom. Content kind of an interesting choice I strong diplomatic break is to be applied to start the chip cookies would mostly be universally liked right. Yet in his white chocolate macadamia assist. I don't know I don't like that with a little sidekick what about what about just John. Just in general one would you that you don't have to buy and and a cookie store boy you can buy in the grocery store give a favorite grocery store code. Find out right at a time to deal. Those like really frosted sugar cookies you know like the quote that the yellow light on downtime today. The guitarist bring comedic who. They did sugar cookie was sprinkles and we're talking about the app and I'm wrong I'm. You don't bring in another brothel amount of the Hebrew are held the line. They do pretty well on something like the fudge stripe cookie they used to be my all time favorite cookie that I thousand chips ahoy for awhile I get chewy chips or the red activity also got milk. They don't know where admittedly authorities off so I'm feel as disappointed now you're right the Milton country all on the outside of a strict no post Cokie what about what about peppered farmed mammals Melamed yeah. They're pretty good to see if you opened one of those bags you'll eat that entire bag they have some really good cookies but see they made cookies seems to know he knew like man. Instills the cookie patent from most famous Amos little tiny chocolate chip cookies are dostam and they're there that have to be I didn't know it's national cookie day. I did not know yeah it's all grew his doors up another Christmas decorations and and cookies they put those out to this time a year. According to a new survey they ask people their feelings about cookies and shockingly our people are really into cookies. Here are some of the results only tumors in of people say they never eat cookies a person of women. 14% of men eat the more than once a day. Slightly prefer the homemade cookies to store about 154%. 46 says about even. 65% of people say they prefer dead chewy cookies over the crunchy ones nice. But Orioles are by far the most popular. Brand of cookie standard Dennis loves and 43% of us have opened the package of Orioles and meet an entire row in one sitting there around their over thirteen Orioles per row just if you want to. Take a shuttle so bad we all do it ran a question questioning four point 9990 Morey calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have entered the men's room. Your guess is as good as minor categories today would be roommates and the food your guess is get his mind to another after emails in the men's or amendments in my duck down and after he ran the President Bush and I hope our 9990. Hello my. Welcome to the men's room. Did LA Grande de de LA. Haaretz. There wrote I don't know Mike. After that I felt that I want to render a business story about me. Mike I really do latest one liquor got you super drunk. What is the liquor they got you super drunk or still does to this event so we'll let that other than it Ulan. We're proud of words being mocked al-Qaeda so it was black belt. Who bag valve it. What is why no they actually. Yeah. Your co host Al Abdullah. Ecology. And Chad played here on late oh Jesus man how old are you million whiskey gap how old really you made this decision. Fresh unique all of her back in 1980 makes them now they'll work out for a not so this is it what do you remember most you remember the night or the next day. And a day away now put it in my bed in my limited on how many you know and that. Do you model onto the next morning likelihood ma yeah. Are yeah yeah yeah Ramallah Arafat had a black velvet nighter that the Yukon Jack night. Who I had a black velvet that a southern come tournament Arafat mad dog was one more I got my com opens so to speak like. Because there's the first summer relate drinking drinking and a strawberry did you believe it or until late. That doesn't taste bad at all until boy do we get messed up on this two bottles later man I've I've never had as the first in my head spins. I do not know about dropping anchor and I thought I was so Smart mama who PF the spin just close your eyes added rows of critical address its speed couple hundred. That was I remember that night and I wish I did not remember the night and armor to the next morning and I wish I didn't remember just. And I remember a black velvet is so smooth is legally. And Colin Melvin who wants to protect. Re absolutely we're got to super drunk up apostle managed to break into a liquor store in fort Walton beach Florida last week ironically enough where was I last week Fort Walton Beach fort Walton beach Florida. And I was in a liquor store we're not sure why he went in there but apparently once he goes inside he took advantage of the situation any cracked into a bottle of burba and an employee found a possible the next morning passed out drunk with a broken bottle may own they called animal control who tournaments over a month. And and they released him back in the wild a few days later once he. Got a scratch together you know that blossoms like us. The McCain campaign event and transparent apple are undervalued and your cabinet. Is there a T nibbles on love manages the alive red. Classic was an aid for Florida 999. Although more because coming up you're just couple seconds. The show and many games continue on the men's room radio network.