12-04-17 Seg 3 Men's Room Enjoys The Local Cuisine

Monday, December 4th

Emails, Your Guess is as Good as Mine is between Roommates and Food! Plus the return of Ask the Mens Room and the Shot of the Day


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This is the men's room. Good man yeah. You're listening to the men's room. Miles and spread. If it's. Other sort of as a member of your dad's is as good as viola brigade doesn't this the other day and today we do random play and close friend 844999. Hello Ted you're saying you did you had a while ago a friend. Yeah I feel when your kids who black belt. I'd do great things about them never left the last I remember. And it happened twice. I felt I actually think that they have to pay a Mecca for my buddies he was straight game behind the black belt he's. And then we were waiting to get out of the concert we had to wait in line. He was he was really messed up right and yes but it's gonna take the last few years. Aaron back. He takes off after about. Ten or fifteen minutes were convinced we've lost I guess he went Hubert ever get back inside we are now filled because I know that guy and he loves black belt that. He's a trooper maybe that's really slogan just as smooth coming up as a logo and a Adam blackmail. Carlos got such welcome to the men's room. Oh okay. Hello Scott. Redundant. And ask you this random question question where you leave or find a number two. I tell them they usually do and houses. The Abbott in places where they're not supposed to be I would say I decided the toilet. With Leon I don't have put him benefits both side the door because I walked like I expect to occasionally. Find a term so floating in the toilet I understand this is how work but then you won't go to the bathroom and you have yourself. Why is the poop. Next to the toilet toilet is right there at the pile of poop is right there how does that happen. Right so good explanation. I. Okay do you wanna share with everybody I'm not a problem it's a big secret. All right so called logo question yet. Amok and ask you dynamite. Where where did you leave her find a number to. Do. So number. No way here. Guys is your first I'm using a bomb. Hello and eagle Palo. He Basilan I don't know I think he was gonna try to be used in order to take it live what he started. Like he was trying. I don't think he knew where to go in on any fabulous tricky can't. Right wacky I think you're right I think GPS cut out flat I don't know were not an organ legit. Just be dead if you're gonna happen because you let us not doing what we've all banged the number two don't you ever left wants them. You don't how yeah well wanna get your neighbor's house. I personally have not been able to pull out just based on the fact that I really need to have a comfortable place to do that but we need got to go and illiquid I just never did not think I am I mean look dude I'm lucky I've slipped on a fart numerous times North Shore and then my pants yet obviously much joy in your underwear but I never intentionally rule was able to drop oil and and defiant you know and I mean I hate using the word intent on the flight yes my intention multiple my intention. Was not to do what Brett had to do it if it's one of those unfortunate places. Like yes I was kind of settled I was doing but it's only because I'm really really really really. Really had to go you know and get my number intentionally just let duke like outside someone's house or something like. Ted is your love the story Sunderland AFC fans. Recoiled in horror are all wrong all wrong and one was allegedly sick when a fellow supporter appeared to. To approve Tennessee 80 Lou low launch fans in the black gets its they have had it bad enough there to you know winning at home for a year but the teenagers alike if dedication wearable was the last straw for many who demanded his arrest. Supporters claimed he had defecated in his seat though the club has denied it. Police also arrested the fan who brazenly pulled down his pants in front of people taking pictures which were later shared our mind. The incidents at the stadium of light during the team's 31 defeat to reading was the subject of outrage on Sunderland fan forums. Basically one supporter on the on the forum roads with sort of filthy adult does something like this he should be locked in the cage. Another fan wrote. About the teenager dropping his fans to his ankles squatting and curly one out before everyone around imparted. A child in the front row saw the movement and starting gagging before spewing into our row. A Sunderland close spokesman confirmed the teenage fan that had been arrested. They were dealing with the incidence and says so far they have been unable to confirm what action was taken against the teenager but yes they arrested him for grouping. That's what happens when you have bad sports keeps people it's still born in the stands a discrepancy. That's what happens yeah I don't call the Cleveland Browns make change the name may get better and by the way apparently a lot of people have that needed comments covenants that are elected Duca my old drug dealers front lawn for taken so long. Do dot horse came into his yard that's exactly how he wrote them I dropped to third in the your little let some fast food restaurant when I was in high school. I boot to the complete stranger tiles are not I proved and completely messed up a stranger's house then his son came home to a like five minutes later. And this one says and we bird count shopping at Macy's. My daughters that all my gash daddy look at this and also bulletin about ten pounds approved against the well no outside you know I think. Beyond that it Thursday far. Do we frequent every once awhile bits that's this close to work. And it's one of those bars where it won't start to look ability. Now starts the letter B are hot but by acting to rock. But it is it's in it's got a very old after a minute and occasionally the bathroom floods Melissa Beth and pleasant talking about an inch of water yet on the Euro and all that goes down to the ground. So it's not a journalist a wall you're you're already school you know guitar and old black and wild white tiles did you find it. And I have proved in bathrooms that were the equivalent of that nasty. So let those in a club and wasn't really a club would be a dive bar type situation more than a club but I mean please are like I can't believe I feel bad for there idea this I would I've improved outside but I pooped in some Porta potty. In some bathrooms where you've probably better off to a good I have to. I improved outside of the dirt searched on the nickname for bar used to frequent and seldom anyone have to prove there but you've gone MP and it could donate food they distract that man and shot heroin Alley and I've battled no lie rights over the wall thing about the Smart. And this is true every time someone walked to the men's bathroom but you don't want white table and her. In the going to be to get hold your breath because it just smells a much ammonia and act I don't I don't know I mean it was always kind of like wet and when you win in those which noticeably more human what do herself. There's a night and were thrown down man and I have to group like I've got to go. I'm trying to at my head in disappointment crowning and Mike in the rules of me just use the bath among what. I'm not use and about not for this purpose anyway and and I can do would be when you walk out of this map would be huge started squeaky all the way back to table the exact kind of back right away. No wave is needles on the Florida wanna prove that so. I hold those bad ones like I don't have finally I'm I'm doubled over in pain. And grab a handful paper towels. I go across the street across the street with a light rail tracks. And the nurses steep hill to wind down to this art school and so I can go halfway downhill. I dropped my pants and this Villa is really really steep some holding up basically it's like little sampling. We can be 83 stake in battlestar and I am proud of those put on handle my business and I approve bounce up and all concede you go to one of its light to I'm halfway down the steep. The problem is one other guy dim light rail train pulls up and stops of the light that's directly above or improve. Now I understand that night if you're may lit environment looking outside you really don't see much interest in the glare. What you feel comfortable because that night when you're outside looking into a well lit environment you see everything and always remember. As black teachers are red hoodie put down. Their pullback in a ponytail a pair of glasses and like anybody disagree on the train waiting for traffic her head bouncing back for a look at the different things. In at one point it look like she's staring at me and look there's no way. She saw me but as the lights just sitting there red. I felt like she stared directly at me don't want your picture looking out of a window looked downhill. Anderson told blackmailed his knees up by the ears his tail that Ronald angles and he's holding on to a little sampling and understand back. Right in my theory is as a train to city and I don't wanna mu. This whole thing so long as she's looking in my direction of like oh my god. Like don't mode that he moved to look at moment that was I and I can't tell if he sees me but if I'm move she might. And trade sitting back infill sampling certainly give way oh right those who have played happening and my dad told backwards and I'm white. Almighty god like I cannot believe ominous situation and on the and it's slowly in this field Toledo police finally the train to golf for the sapping rough battleground wipe my ass ran back into the bar. And blew my mind because I went to the bar wants my lament McComb and I can't believe you did that from like I can't believe you can't believe my dad. Have you seen that marathon right it was much better through bouts I still feel very very confident in my decision back then like poop outside of. And don't track down friends friends friends but not your life long friends. Hello Trevor welcome to the mentoring them and ran 100. God manager ever. While they all still third but elegant and Jack and I don't look at surgery and ran questions. Did you get Janice thanks Trevor who did you catch in the end. Yeah. Okay because I know she litany right now I'm gonna over forty. I call I wanna like YouTube debate. Everybody clearly that's right having that on my diet. Mario I'm your bed why couldn't they just use the other bad why yours. Unbeaten and told them they weren't allowed aspect of my dad bet which they ended up doing anyway. You write a tell someone not to do something they're going to go and do it just to prove to you that they can't. Yeah and a little or cop their parents are like some right of authority of most of the time people don't take kindly to being told what to do these bright but I will say don't have sex for my dad is one of the few rules and it's. And he was always pretty easy to follow that agenda that what people like you watch their south earnings they don't have a girl they get they don't have that tonight and you open the door and catch them where did you find out later. I don't know later in there at any moment now. Yeah. It is. Yeah yeah yeah I was bad. Are related story she now has that bad as her bed they gave it to hurt it's so nice little memory sound. And that boyfriend ended up being my roommate after they broke up. And you're the open question earlier that Scott didn't get and there aren't a no answer for him. I hoops in that roommates. Kitty litter box because his cab that you can do key and I hated it. You proved didn't I cat's litter box. I'd go to the cat litter box hasn't present I happen. What am I old friends he had a cat named prince literally fifteen years old I get him cleaned up little bark scaffold on his bad. He flipped out and approved in the cat's litter box and all you're the rest of the day it was. Yeah and. All our problems you know all grandma it's. Reason we ask that you get having sex nonsense he went outside for his cigarette it does midnight and he saw a couple under blankets on her driveway having sex. She's that he was considering whether to even offer the look up the tease shall give them more armed call the police whatever so she decided you know and they do. I'm just gonna let you guys keep having sex and is on the cigarette I'm gonna go inside. When she woke up the next morning go outside to go to work at 730 they're still under the blanket and still having sex AM exactly. So that you called the cut I beat dale thanks all night under that kind of like press stuff that. Critical I think graduate got three now the way for the men's or amendments or my back I'm coming up next you are listening to the major radio network deeply into the newsroom went to my. The question why did and we get a bunch or emails here for the men's room and men's or my doc yeah. Question question one of them today was about a guy who threw away his computer back in the day that had a ton of big coins on release are drive Disney's figuring there probably were somewhere in the millions and millions of dollars in the way. Our random question question. A basically would you wish did you still have that you have back yet today as simple answer my porn I got rid of it handpicked magazines dvds Blu-ray movies realistic dolls. And parts alike. I trashed two days before I moved in what might then fiancee days before we got married and moved in together how dumb of me I thought I would need it's anyone be embarrassed if you would find them. Now I'm married and desperately need it and don't care what he buys the guys but I would never do again I did love lady named Sarah years ago who wanted to marry me. I did teller I couldn't because I achieve locker watching someone's hard crumble in front view of his life changing talk never cheat again. And guys that moved up my apartment balcony on the money. Ebbers grow below they were Subaru of yeah yeah we ask that question word did you leave or find a group. I've figured to be more stories to finally get mount our listeners leave here is the small sample of what came into the conference and approved on the driver's seat of the vikings fans are be that I broke into dwells inside account cushion. At a party both intentionally. So turned an airplane toilet a pollen mold Indian woman that didn't know how to locker flush the toilet. It won't demand new giant. I was in the proper spot it was and brought like those on a group and orange county and there's a neighborhood a truckload watermelons and whether or not he would not let my friends and I have. So after all day drinking we took one hollowed out look at how an outlet pumpkin AD inside and then fill those are as in the put the lid back on and returned to his truck. He and that won't well there are more. Well garbage man and I approve the back of the trash daily. My breath tonight we had given food and we will we had to go there was just one toilet crack out I usually toilet my friend used to think it was horrible hello. Not here's what I love doing upper deckers and row from bathrooms they give me horrible service. What is no one else bring the food up in less its ethnic group in other words I can have the worst diary in my life very. Thanks to moon whatever the fast food camera marriage law that but if I didn't even now wanting to think about but I'd be like. Our lives Mexicans and I'll tell you why that's why this. America and blew it make you puke. Did you get food poison or something like that it seems like once you step out of your comfort zone and try a little Indian whatever makes him a blown about and or the more we cover our bodies. Like how I tell you that this happened that extra debt every time around if I was over in junior high and a body mind is on the golf course we'd sneak onto the golf course tonight an S in the holes. Soft pop pop pop off on all its often off this slump and I constantly out of once I found the number two and a box of brake pads talk a dangerous you know adds up to make more ads. You know your mechanic he working hard all day hit just let it fly as it. They lose Gidzenko are not a line right now we can't tell our 9449990. Look and you'll be contested on your guess is as good as my coming of the September if you extreme Els hear from the man drew momentum live duck out yeah. How does say is my daughter Kylie is eleventh birthday. She left for camp this morning but still wanted to shout out could you please give her a little kid's face and we Jenny second up cupcake love you says he pans love mom dad and Ryan. Oh yeah yeah. But yeah. Bridges my younger brother Michael's officially becoming an adult this data means eighteen for all those uneducated folk. I'd like for you to give my birthday song as well as some advice from the dirty Germans about what you should do as an adult don't hold back guys that from Brandon. I wouldn't become the dog duke fund one of the favorites meal can be distancing. You want to come home biscuits with dual member. Down another two adult two things go to a sex shop thing don't do anything illegal you will get directed. At seven under the section look. And our guys are doing drugs and Roger have a 21 birthday love your mom if you can give them an original face and a legitimate gold bond Brett thanks guys and Kathy sandwich. Holing out a name well birthday wish for the greatest honor in the world today Taylor turns the red festival age of 21. Now she lives and I know I got her hooked on your show when she would come to visit and now she listens you guys all the time I'll be guys can give me a big only wrong. And I give Ted in my man thrill my blessings for the dirty is dirty German thanks guys rock on special ever appreciated at. Move okay. Arm and then I want to swap deal and it's a tricky thing coming good that night. He's thinking god ten to turning 21 number 100 you'll need to make Boston look to. Let's continue this yeah it's no less common than maybe you can horizons but. I don't your birthday John-Michael ordered Tommy. She is 23 and I think you'd be great if you could have the Germans in Melbourne Ted teller what I'm not he reception this year as. Thanks guys from the anonymous co worker. You don't look at your notes whose social mobility given the experts who won. One night's game. Dan finished Mellon. It's quite the little receptionist then you'll like it daddy outplayed getting hooked on them because Colin hey up the back are you back. It is my life values birthdays she loves you got the time closings in the very beginning it would be awesome if you gazing at the birthday song also little turtle sags and Ted from Melbourne plays. Thanks guys that from Larry McGill Kennedy. I. There that is the smell that good news yet you options. That's clearly a little while but yeah we'll just eat up until the made by. Home until they almost guaranteed about boyfriends got the email but I love anyway it's my birthday is a guy please have a birthday song. With some super dirty Ozzie dead. And then miles and girl talking about geno and his blow thanks guys that from the lovely Jessica yeah god doesn't call local local local. And Hewitt they hit a matter of addressing many and as Jessica Stanley analyst Gary he's in those fancy getting give it to. Had no other guy is gonna be decent guy who teenage dream I had a new audio every once in awhile you get big dressed yet been you know Austro. Opening day you may Saturday he does that was only nail on Jaycee and the ladies out. Got a big got canker look greener they'll give news. They know get this place names and essays on beautiful girlfriend Renee pronounced machetes Tony seventh birthday and honor this joyous occasions he would love to hear some dirty German. Thanks guys that from the L that's a dollar and offer a book that's who the response from you a dozen. A video DP the designated. Yeah I mean you can come over here with my head start. If he chooses the melanoma. Guys realize husband Justin was new guys all the time today's is Tony said those hoping you give a bird they shot I was a little dirty German talk. I know the oracle listening with his buddies thanks guys that for marquee. Now for a month so people are Muslims I offer you faxed to. Yeah I didn't do you play with the adults. Flooding. Is my fourth quarter I've heard they can I please get some dirty Germans and Al hitting the window thanks guys that from the lovely Kimberly and. Let's be familiar faces a presumed destined. My chocolate mountain. God and looks like natural gas before the unique hotel. But don't you shut up my 37 per day how about a little to no we just not anthem Ozzie dead please. Yeah. There Fifth Amendment. But to come of age how much he goes to. There's also a critical rockaholic Kristen is 37 miles I think nothing would make her birthday better. Then you'd hear for you for her to hear your sweet sexy voice say happy birthday beautiful thanks guys and rock on that from do now. Happy birthday. I wanna give you a wonderful pearl necklace Christen. You can washing off from the shock he'd be. Where I want you. Did you ever they always is my now husband Chris who turns big 45 today he loves IPA thanks guys have a lovely Carrie. There aren't enough nobody's idea of by the hot the NBA fans loved the club and so I did yeah. What happened on these folks. Guys get your ballot taken out hitting the windows a dirty German guys write 54 trip around the sun thanks from Bryant go look at. Are important that you look good Cuba they look because if you meets leaves. Improve on the blood sausage and so did. Not going to Rocco and discipline ninety. Isn't please wish. My work has been ready to happy sixtieth birthday. Get them hooked on the men's room in March and I was ten years ago having sixty bridge much loved that from Gabby how about the morning you're gonna suck it up cupcake. Who did Lois. My guys you know. I'm happy it's. Okay it's. Time. Take a good play good you. Mid day and they're two gentlemen brought. Available through these world famous on. Love doesn't come another sign retailers. Shy but sure Lou here you lose odds by cowboys in now way. In Hawaii at the subject so that gave the cowboys in Hawaii are members of that era memos like eight terrible movie that you guys are like a comeback album. Count out boy isn't Mallory. Two more big country yeah right maybe currently there's a lot of their early work their cattle ranchers I've driven through cattle drives and talk don't love the show you the heck IA guys took that from land. If it if you DIA my leading Eli has to get a I as far as it was an accident a Jumbotron parts are like giant electronic Lagos the with a video screen on one side you stack them up. You'll lock them together and give big eight build big you build a big giant screen. Well a couple years ago I was enables Florida building one on some scaffolding that was built in the water. I built the bottom row and started the second row when I noticed that it was no longer centered on the scaffolding. Hello Jennifer second then walked to the other end and saw peace in the water my first thought was that. That at peace we dropped to know our last year's right there and then it hit me weird drop anything in the water last year. Not only that I drowned at 3000 dollar piece of electronics I did not have a spare the company had overnight via Dillon not cheap to overnight stuff that heavy. All of you awarding of the tournament called the article man for the duration of the tournament. Tears up from John the Jumbotron guy he's it's of the biggest screen you see unit coming in nineteen of their holes at PGA tournaments but now though we don't like Legos is not as impressive rendition of holes I had it but bill and up there and Miller found in and that happened. And we'll do let's see here one more. Guys. When I was about nineteen or 18 I came home at about 8 o'clock with a twelve pack of Miller Lite. After a few I felt the need to be but the bathroom was occupied that time by my teenage step sister. So I decided to use an empty cans which are placed on top of the TV set I don't quite remember when I fell asleep but do remember when I woke up I thought hung over and thirsty for a drink. I checked around with and realize that I drank all the Beers it was about 5 AM to relive liquor stores to be selling so I thought I'd go around with each can from the night before. And during any leftovers. When they've around the one on the TV I found a full can of beer already open for says that god bless you mother Mary that I said a must of open this up and just forgot about it. Well I started pouring the content of the can down my throat. After the second gulf I thought this beer is really flat. After my third gulp I realized it was my own urine. Quick note it does taste like flat beer after night of drinking Steve aisles as well the cigarette but keep on rocking. That's from Ricardo the stone. Download them bragging about it. Coming up we'll bring it tells what his job and they also coming up the return of Assam and there but first time for little your guess is as good as mine is an easy game to play we get a contestant there and you've got one or two categories pick prominent manner he try to get as many correct in the category as possible before three strikes. And you're out Steve who has our contestant ready to play your guess is as good a time. But it doesn't go mother fund name of David hello David welcome to the men's room. All I you know are a great fit are you doing great band. Okay. David here's your categories. A new survey asked people to name the most annoying things that they're roommates do. There are ten of them. The other categories is food and the ten countries with the best food from around the world. They surveyed 25000 people they voted online and they found the ten best countries. Or suit so the categories again food around the world and annoying roommates went to a category do you want there in your guess is as good as mine. All built around the world food around the world today it's Barack. David. 25000. People were passed. What country produces the best food in the world period there are ten multiple layers of America. The United States of America. Coach sorry I was number twelfth. You've got to put France on the Atlanta think the birthplace loosened what brands. Italy and Japan I mean even in India and valuable places will be resolutely the most populous and French is just French we've been through everything Italian food credits include good and I don't let the joke. Mexican food number seven fast yes Mexico comes in at number seven as far as the best food in the world again that America number twelve. If you pick equipment that's it and we'd love Mexican group yes they do yep and got to go to Italy clearly not overloading where. Italian food in fact. How. And we know how to cook and store you think that the French cuisine would be there have been no infected go with a nod goes to attack happened library one library and interact with Ted replied look. For instance a tremendous amount of respect for the than him whenever a little loop Italian food everyone down on and hard David you've got Italian and Mexican Greg you got one strike with the United States which are next guest on the ten countries with a best food in the war. We're really India. Indian number three and number. Three meetings on the list of the best food in the world yellow water strike in three out of ten they do make our bread and Norman come absolutely. About Russia. Russia. What is your state and Russian food. Up up close and Carrick a bearish hey aren't your audience two strikes Russia does not even make the top 48 and I'm gonna make a what do I like Chinese and so different Berle to restaurants everywhere. I like Chinese we'll go day. China is. Number nine nonetheless that is correct act. All right David you've gotten four out of the ten on the ten countries of the best food of the world yet two strikes working against you though there are six possible gases remain. Look for it. French cuisine at number two on the list you've got number one Italian number two French cuisine at number three India and number seven Mexican. And number nine Chinese correct you got five of the tenure have put a home but you've got two strikes. What's your name gets on your guess is as good as mine. Walled old. How about. Japanese. No actually our guys that is correct. I can pick up steam six so that's and you still have to strike demanding there are four countries in the world left. In the top ten every. Greece is though there Greece's sexy you are correct your honor roll now seven out of the ten to strike the three remaining. May have other than your rose among big Greek food and yet it out and Yahoo! because. How about you. How about. A career. Ha sorry. It happened again an elegant on the right over there with you I think it's got to be some Canadians like do I was thirteen. Curry who was thirteen I enemies who was eleventh what about high tide comes in at number eight all right. So you've got an eight out of the ten correct now ten and ask you do you think anywhere like Brazil Argentina to face some mistakes like. Goes the food carry over into Joseph Moore roots. No more routes on all of that on all on those ID. You don't want to go South America right. Argentinian team. Well not necessarily from there. But they got there. Spain Spain is number four OK aren't as number four on the list and any idea Robin was the month. All Honolulu around the world as a word comes from beyond your German. And Jeremy Soledad. They think Andre two of the best for the world we started number ten with German followed by Chinese. Todd I and number seven Mexican sixes Greek. By the Japanese. Course that they sleep Indian two French number one the mid town react here and there you will blow your guess is as good as mine and I got rid during Intel's. Shot of the day is moments away and a return to mask the men's room is coming up next you are listening to the men's room radio networks. Don't know how big is your list. Through its kind of we'll bring it goes to Saturday is moments away bumper. She's been sick and that there are no stupid questions. We disagree. Because you keep us get over yeah fine them. Yeah this cannot be. And ration STD. Is filled world round. Is my mom who are questions that need answers and yes we can help this is an. Room. Democrats Nebraska men's ambitious an email to the men's or women's or live dot comic the subject as commander Miller got. The guys who rely on the shelf and wanted to know if we brought a few joints of you guys would smoke out with us Taylor turf and out smaller possible carrier we've. And this is where Nokia I knew I think what he's a gentleman I'm nineteen years old and I've started losing my hair. My question is do you think people care about mostly women but do you think the people care about my hairline as much as I do I'd love thrills personal opinion since he would do the same thing that from George. There are no longer gonna care much airline as much as you but that doesn't mean the people don't care I was like look ma'am. I even knew the hair restoration thank you that's almost. That's a pretty standard procedure if it matters who who you can just go bald or you can shave her head I just shave my head but just keep in mind. One thing about shaving your head and anyone that's ever shave her head will say the same thing. You have no idea that your head actually looks like you know into you can the last five and don't put your bald head but when your baby and I'm lucky my head does not look like a penis and does not typically peanuts it's a pretty standard has so I'm okay with that plus plus the fact that I would have to think that they you know it takes me ought to shave my face once wings Philly and within a day like I if you hold on too long but women will notice the jets and ultimately either get the surgery. We have air or on the back yet if you got a huge would widow's peak whatever. That that's when this weekend yet but I would say this puzzle will win those. Island and and I would say this and I really mean it's like if it bothers you that much. Then made the decision about what you gonna do before did significantly worse. Right though get to the sees a ring don't get to the point reverend goes he told them on to what is that right if you by the barrel no glad you're gonna hold onto it. I don't want out of the airport. And while more on hair guys I've hairy butt and I'm always afraid of going number two an amount about I always feel like I missed some jump this clean down there and I do like front to back. Then with a new piece of paper back to front her repeat those steps five or six times when I'm still in fear that I'm dirty down there. A friend suggested giving paper in a water bowl and then wiping the wash after dropping the kids off I'm assuming you meant after flushing otherwise I don't see how that would make anything any cleaner my question. What do you and other people recommend for feeling clean and fresh after going number two when there isn't a shower or other watching tool available. And a follow up question for Robin and the women do women even have the same issue with their backside. I love you all and Ted that from none of your damn business. Some women do that led issue because I inherited partner early yet just like men some women are Harrier than others. A just generally speaking. If I had a remaining college he shared far too much information and I happen to know that would mean going under shaved clean things up. Our whole process easier yet who you could very carefully shame between the lines and make sure that it's just eat your clear that the long. We'll tell you gotta hurt by our current yeah I mean that you are you white feels much of the good news got to do is follow the law but I mean. You've got to make sure you got me directly Gail earlier in the day if you have a question hey that had great I saw him. Yahoo! buzz Nebraska men's room to shoot us an email to the men's room and enter my dot com and make the subject as cement MRI around and have admitted to bring into. Lucky there just yet still be ready. Men's room knows just who it is. Our shots yeah. Great job as manager if you only had to be great desk and Steve throw vilified on nortel's yes indeed and today. Well today. We toast Michigan's Pontiac Silverdome. And opened in 1975. The Pontiac Silverdome and beat it up fiberglass fabric roof held up by air pressure occasion wondering. That is the first major sports stadium to use that technique. And the seating capacity of 82 fouls on people. Arsenal sold about 40000 tickets doesn't for a while for terrible but with the seating capacity even in 2000 it was the largest in the NFL for 22 years until Ted would stadium over. FedEx Field you've got it all okay FedEx Field 1997. Appendix feel so we have more than I was the second polls but for the last fifteen years. The Pontiac Silverdome obeys its descent apps obsolete so this past Sunday at 8:30 AM local time. The scheduled implosion took place and like any building implosion. Well there is the thunderous bang followed by an explosion and plumes of dust and smoke but unlike. The other Iraq building imploded when the dust settled after about a good five minutes. The Pontiac Silverdome until Blair. Saying that in spite of being included the building itself still stay at the company behind it and I'm old group. It's at for whatever reason and they don't know 10% of their explosives didn't go off and I don't want you to imagine the beauty of this. There's explosion there's the wave of Gaza giveaway five minutes and the guy named building was built. No need for Marta we poured the boos imagery does move because we've taken yummy now drag over the tong and down look like to Barney in our tummies. Down oh wow that's young. Get a good does a lot of her profile that we'll take color nine now only 44999. Alone. They should netting is continues on the men's room radio network.