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Thursday, December 7th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. Act as a player profile those racial Gonzales anybody right now take color 9844999. All you'll play profile this coming up in minutes. And I've come away one hour from now first quick check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right a Christmas display on a porch in New Orleans has some people upset his life. If the mangled carcass of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer being cooked over over an open flame post. That's not from a dozen children I'm laughing as an adult for right like. And yeah please put it in the backyard bragging by your friends over make you laugh today. And it's like exposed in the middle of like the ribs and boy ribs are showing it was against me completely like skinned. This burning. A man it's really well done and I'm sure are you say there's only really well done you guys all places I think the citizens of New Orleans can probably get a chuckle out of another two clinical. Plug it it's it's just let us as a parent I'm like Bono when I didn't have kids don't care my society and you don't like it might in this all live lake I didn't find it funny. But when you're console and your crime tune from the back of the car like listen ma'am there wasn't really him it was a fake Rudolph. My gets introducing a concept to them that I don't think they've ever consider. Now and that's the thing because now they goes into my go to overly brutal when official word among gonna bring about but if you're gonna ask yeah. I'm in the red nosed what does no blues reds got a big problem of third. Let's say how do you have Rudolph on rotisserie amended its like identifiable in Rudolph was viewed you gonna read to know if these Ohio and Atlanta doesn't have the nose on managed to slapper Rudolph rolled over the fire slab of brutal as. Yeah and let's not fight this picture through the oldest lab to spin on it. Anyone Evian there's he would never knows. You might be watching themselves and or an open open flame and you would be able Dell's it was it was him. I had like eight. San Amorim amended just that the favor that I've seen so far as you've put up your lights halfway and you hang a dummy by his arms from your gutter and the need to fill the latter. Yes so look for the future taste as good as we got to everybody out yeah I try not to have the cops come. Class minds might soon cool down cinema sorry you're OK if that's all I mean yes kind of frightening that picture Rosie thanks. They won't. I told you everything and oh yeah it's very well Don that it's yeah. Still odds and odds probably don't know more why would you have voiced NM before you put them over a fire 'cause you want on the cooking themselves. Kind of kept his own juices hair down literally hundreds. Yeah I fueled him he's. That Christmas is I think that's monitor or as soon as yours and I can't let your best but think. As a member of children found room. Now we go to Deerfield. All Deerfield New Hampshire. They have a life sized elf on the shelf doll named zippy that they put out every year sniping and apparently someone stole them earlier this week. Go herded out police tracked down zippy and he's okay they tracked down city they dragged down zippy and the people were outraged man they want their health on a shelf. It's a stupid. Bell on the shelf it's so ridiculous. Well busy ebony bird is everybody give it their names and armaments as they did this dude experiment I think but don't be freaked out. Brad I think you give him your own that his own name. Yeah idea is that the elf is watching you so that he can Mike relay back to satellite tags Seve and not be over here. Well that's why you think he's. He might who want to my kids. African if you're not my hired baby sitter like hey man if this. I'm not cool because it would if you want to bring your kids that really bad and you'll be off on the show for it now when they fall asleep but that they embed myself included backpack packed app does. Room at considered and everything else on yourself now I'm in new car filed in this thread doesn't work better keep it Perez I had to get drove that to this close to Christmas tale come on. Analysts say that with some I didn't. Our thing was only six as our front muck and and hopefully all Opel but he's I stroller for you know he's in the windows he's always watching down. So I was like holy spirit in my house this hour impact. A man onto there's been eleven months plugging Outback Steakhouse to let him be the blooming onion mascot that's how bad bowl this year that sounds all summer so this week they said he could do it if you got 101002 weeks. Mommy's got it did an about four hour gas. What a great guy I know you wanna be the movement on my god is looking forward to watching him just relish in the glory a little bit out of the blue and I know I'm Seminole now just to see if I can see the blooming onion mascot. Nine I had they had a blooming onion mascots no or he says hey I'm gonna do their first. I don't know and I you know an hour and I had I had I guarantee this is this guy's idea. An ice cream shop in New Jersey culled dairy air. As a sexy cal mascot incest. And some people are upset about below the words but. Something here. It's a cat. If you hit around by Carol I mean look if I complain about a sexy yeah I'm okay now. When you lose should talk to someone and I completely like I was there I was like it's a child. Put its account so if you find that sexually a lorry again I don't. Follow up up up a global call to someone. Day is just throw it out there. Olympic tower might have got to beret on its got a little earrings man there as you violate no do you want this to the dead child and Llewellyn Jones to the girl and she's. Just like sitting on the oh Leonard but sticks out the man's got a little DH at 200 I'm gonna die every homeowner had say today challenge and I think your fault she's blonde do. Of course shields lawn joust. All the more jobs are easy for. And ask I have I was going to be into a towel fix and online hot hot hot. Nobody in that sense of Manuel brought big road doesn't mean and I wanna send to the gorilla come on down in my hometown has been chosen six cats who. Some idiot at Florida shuttle until you're serious they're making a statement about women from your hometown. What I was joking about I come from a town full account instead our dollars and insulting women. Kamal Nath. And master. Guy in Florida senate laser pointer at a police helicopter dad and I are. And the pilot actually landed the helicopter and arrested him for it wow now that's going after his negative I'm dead men might question is though why do you stand there as the helicopters landing. It does seem crazy guy can lay in the helicopter catches rice bowl and know that because look I'm just assuming maybe standing in the zone yarders on the news. OK sure. You don't need to send out on your own home and do it the new guys general there's nowhere to go down you know always has an idea the feeling in that moment you're better off to slam. Sorry did you get into the salary into the night. A statement. According to a new survey almost three quarters of young people say that being called a sensitive little snowflake is harmful to their mental health. And I should get our news on their lives LA. Stuff and just such a worthless insult anymore. This and make throws that and everybody was sort of they're going landed about a way you you guys are missing the bigger mean yeah. And that's all of them might look maybe its entire statement but if you let it bug you. You're missing you Wear a bigger statement about calling you just know from the bush for not staying it is as turning our friends have liked out of Jesus and don't fool people writes I guess that's. Right. 77 year old man in Florida got to rest of the Saturday after he kicked his roommate in the groin for refusing to move out. And the place roast pork report specifically said he kicked the man against is well. Both demo crew I do kicked me. You know and lesser in college. If Brennan made. Arsenal put the sign under best. I am generally right nobody nobody freely whereas you can decade right they don't wanna get kids live and that's why it's a story and a mother and Oregon red card. It's a fresh look and a mother and argued that it would control ports pirates of her neighborhood house that a tale about a one hour from now. They might not penalize are coming up one hour from now the first good. The street sense. See the prohibitive please tell everyone how profile this is playing that's our Dan miles of the symbol game where we share with you real life news story. Something that happened right here on planet or. Are in as you listen to the store based on the stereotypes you believed to be drew people and the decisions that people make. Well as you wouldn't do you think makes the story a story. Hello hunter welcomed the moment you. All. All right. And hunter are you understand how does your game is played. Yells. Fantastic here is restore. A female police captain and Indiana. She was pleased and administrative leave after telling a colleague that he benefited from white male friend. And during November 1 training session on the treatment of transgender people. An unidentified male officer will be Plainfield police department he questioned the statistics. They just in the transgender people three times more likely to springs police violence and others he said quote. Most of the people that I know never been accused of police violence I guess I don't get that statistic come from baton did officer says he demurred on video. Well good afternoon female she's off camera with a she says to the officer quote because if you're white male privilege. The man alone harassed to the police chief you go to get away with bad. As we talking a comment he said he found it extremely offensive he won on the filed a complaint alleging that he was. Recently and sexist please learn sexist mean. Slower. And sensitive discriminatory views of central Jews put on administrative leave the leave my and a boat could decide her future with the department overall. They're gonna wait to do that vote I believe next week would you believe this woman who accused the officer of male white privilege. It's quite quite some exe or Asian. And I can go either way from lack quieter next season just because it could be quite the good law line. It. You know these races there. Yeah I mean I'm just paraphrasing for anybody and I got a translate for me I'm with you right is if she's accusing or seen him because you're white privilege. Naturally you think this is a black woman I I was on my transaction which is now that. Do you don't since their return for transgender. Teams questioning a statistic was complaining about religion you questioned us history. First they will you would know these are your white male broke. Yeah I would have a good reason I think this is a white woman famous to another white dude I have a good reason. Because if the gentle almost black in you said I think that you do this based on your black privilege OK she's going to be a lot of black she better be black to. Young means so I think it's his wife based on the fact that that's what she said. Because I wouldn't you don't mean like it goes another white person. It might be easier to say that than any other ethnicity because then you're just being a racist but everything in your home. They don't see it that way they still fun and obviously offensive or UMBLET and certainly don't I'm racism in the police department threat so just to put on that I would I would go wide but. I don't know I really don't know storm. I don't know because you're gonna leave that would make it. Blacks do. What do you think your final answer. I'm nickel black vinyl and. I we're gonna find out you have black white Maxi or Asia next. That with the tees fewer listening to the men's or radio network. My. Nobody asked me and I Indiana and a police edgy little that's old first saying that one for officers suffered from the white male privilege if you can suffer from it yes yes and as fast was he black WiMax importance. And hunter we ask you never questioned and any and you Wear black. Sure I know I'm sorry. Wore out. These people every time Iraq actually she was in fact why can't we have an update. Good guy lose we do is in Indianapolis he says look. The police actually voted on this about two hours ago. Do you think he was reinstated lost her job. It rethink this loss due to reinstate reinstated if you look reason and don't. Now Ron do those times Jabber TV time entail. Now. Injured countless hours in front of a talking marks the end of presents. I think is standard on late night talk shows is that you bring out big scary animals reptiles that all gripes. Yeah even my caucusing here I guess this is an old Carson bit yeah but I think Carson started it but. Being ranked as Letterman always had stupid he thirsty David humans are stupid pet tricks right so I think. If that was like his take on either way there's always animals on late night talk shifts but is it all NBC. Literally fell Madonna lately. Now do so are that is going across all networks and yet these ABC I Jimmy Kimmel spent out so he can have a guest host in there. So and PH Neil Patrick Harris. A great actor. Great human. Great man in the world he has. He was on there they brought out the scary animals and of course they brought out the big snake. You're just lucky I. Oh minus the water. Not. A good. Look at just your brought your brought your brunch there will look. You're allowed to like Brit Brit at the and they get. Is up public all of us and hit it comes from god put you. We've got to take got about fifteen seconds flat. This maybe it's me but. He's had a little fun but that being is around his neck yeah and it's a massive snake. I don't know. 1213 feet I mean if he's Matthew would see the video by the way. Of the whole segment there from the scary animals to lament your FaceBook page and it starts at these. Little snakes and also quite poisonous ones but they're not in it's a milk sneak. Which doesn't say how much pride from I don't know I'm an MPH even says like I think I drink at a bar what's called Knox hated you. It's another good. That's pretty good and then we'd bring out like really scary animals. I'm really really really really good it's like one thing to say something poisonous right or can constrict you and all that while the numbering out like a bingo. Agha has little Fella here that bingo. Did a biting crush your FEMA. Like that's a scare bring out a guerrilla. Yeah this is Pope Mo problems granted we have learned in these third alleged don't stop scratching behind those years he's been bad for ratings and human being gets ripped apart you kidding like Roy Hall have been the biggest ratings that got killed while ago that I never once he Siegfried Roy until I heard that Mike I want to see that so. And is now the door open for carnage but deep down you can't open for a golf cart of course your development by the bring dangerous animals they don't bring squirrels because he control freaks out has rabies and bites you. Is still doesn't seem scary. Put a figuring out why and you're gonna barbs that just on the off chance of that land is having a lion type day in rips Osama. There might be somebody in the audience Q remind there's no barriers or what Roy Lauren and upcoming show writing ever nominated to Lindsay just goes up and attacks somebody in the stands his whereas you watch. If they so we have our you know you would I mean you know you what they said the city had these erroneous it would not be pretty it's exactly but we have put in it ripped limbs off of people male audience from a man that's horrible that's terrible we have video like to him and yeah I mean it's like you go with that the attack at the pool in India with the tiger apparently two years ago but you knew that was good and bad it's was like yeah I watch it. Usually the video I wanna Susan India and he's he's writing an elephant and it's coming to this tall grass. And and about one and a half seconds you she'd grass part you see them it's tiger this guy like little bamboo trigger something and if tiger jumped from the ground to where he has. Yeah video kind of adds in raising you showed it to me is that the tiger attacked them. If it didn't attack him you and about the video we love carnage. Did I was watching it sure did they it was about peace relate wild animals gonna screwing up your vacation or whatever it's the first one was kind of funny. Because it was a girl. In a bikini at dolphin show in the dolphin. The dauphin popped up she was asleep at the dolphin area the dolphin. The dolphin mount got up and out yes that's what dolphins do precious as she was like. So it was only is your back in the husband's like I do not care fort people in the crowd really really nasty stuff. Yeah. Like I feel kind of monkeys they Wear it big small. Kind of medium size you what might have been a baboon. She's right it's a different thing altogether yet I like the giant nose yeah yeah so there in a car right in it's that in their kind of looking this bad dude he's real peacefully justly pickets up out of Zaire. So they stopped their film and in and then the husband got bases like we should roll the windows just in case right is a very long arms it was a huge motive that. And then another one shows operates and how they got the windows rolled up there watching this other kind of bigger angrier one kind of look at I'm right. They didn't lock the doors and that baboon opens the door walks in and attacked him. Okay. Here. And other Leo yeah well the video. The video Shipley basically you just hear about it turn the other door honey if they used over the door and the videos a lot of screaming and cameras is getting thrown arranged. Yeah look bad mood I got to move this man yet. Like origami like our I can't believe it could not long to think about locking the door drawn to dwindle believe rode the wind I just maybe he didn't think about I don't know. At a loose ones and family yesterday guy and his wife but that was released opens the back door comes into causes. Get away from wild and calls it happen. I think one of the best stuff Cindy did not intend as one of these nature shows and there's got to Miller around and Africa on the donor thing there they're filming everything and nothing bad scary or exciting happened. The camera kind of turned around and one of the guys he sort of smiling. And is like. We voted to respond to travel. The attorney Cameron showed the Jeep but the pulled low balled the engine was warmer three god damn lines and sleeping on. There one on the hood really into the Formula One on the very top wants done over the entire in the back. So they stay a little attend mental totally control. What do we do do and wants to standing in the bush something's gonna eat right but we can't wait a month and it's crazy shows these guys. They tiptoe popular G man and from the time to put the dormant here are put her hand on the door animal. Open up dive in when they slam the door my life story lines wake up. And it's our drive to open jump ball fields a sitting on a good stereo and blue dornin if it wasn't me aggressive with the guys like. And apparently trying to look around at Ted and Ted is just like the windshield. It's there's and have to like maybe a quarter mile to jump. Yeah both Owen and you're telling me I got you in mad Jeep and our three lines sleeping and. We think the lions look was tell them like you better stop this car or like I guess I believe I'm on this hood the Marlins come away. I don't know part of it looked like. Look I'm a cat just like your house can't civilian washing machine so it warmed I enjoy the vibration. And and so it was vertical home but it also had the look. We both know I can kill you. What's alliance to some positive Philip was a lie and airline land slide and so I and that's probably doesn't realize that the thing she said not gonna drive away LaRoche and I know receiving care wait Jean definitely was not threatened probably enjoy the ride from little of your image unifil threatened at all I'm glad to ride the tiger in for an. Squire I've been tied. You break he wrote a tiger the lion right refugees them and then we'll soon know that big cats all different kinds of things mountain lions. They like bicycles four wheelers. All right. So first I wanna play via a clip of Donald Trump speaking because that's from the late night shows that some fund Vista first let's hear Donald Trump giving a speech and he has they've a little. A slight slurring problem here. So today. Let us rededicate ourselves. To a path. Of mutual understanding and respect. Let us rethink all of the assumptions and opened our hearts and mileage. Two possible. And possibilities. And finally I asked the leaders of the region. Political religious. Israeli and Palestinian Jewish and Christian and Muslim did you join us in the noble. Qwest's top. The lasting peace. Thank you. God bless you god bless Israel. God bless the Palestinians. And god bless. The united should shut thank you very much. He just what happened. Red heart. There's a lot of theories honestly I mean he's an older man I just thought it was dentures as I figured we guess that Marines and doesn't know what the loop holes it was sort of standard is like Sony won it can be have a mini stroke. Dot battles dangers I don't think he threw the book but who knows a minute if I mean he's he's her number one I eat it. In this beanie and you'd be hard for any president to really get like. Drunk. And you don't know and don't think she's nice I don't know if they don't act out our ninth day now. So just like writes I figured I know it's dentures or something there I don't know maybe I really dry mouth that's that they set that's looked Sanderson. They're all just super dry mouth golf course Williams as she says again. Yeah thanks. But anyhow obviously the president have a have a little trouble off slurring their people are gonna have some fun with it. Jimmy Kimmel has not been in there Neil Patrick Harris is said earlier has been guest hosting so you know they have a little fun drum track. And god bless. The united should she. He learned to insurers. Anyway that was so weird if we slowed it down and make it seem like he's drunk. I now present tonight's edition of drug Donald Trump. This is new. God bless. And how the Sunni news. God bless. United and shortage. So that I think I only they had actually had to slip that one down and our other kind of funny. There are a violate title but he did some slowing down from our stuff down just as funny. Really yeah sounds the most slowing down the most drum. That's tough. I don't have the strongest grass the language to probably make a good I thought that the eclectic eclectic. But he's a great trip. He would slowdown any audio just that he moved down drunk no room yeah and that's like. You'll see a lot of drunk people and at the sale Friday night eagle out like we knew that point the nightly bad guys realtor. Yeah mostly learn getting served at that point Yankee admitted that you know word got out knowing his last beer you have. Seem people trying to Aurora Carl I know a man you're just not right it's that her birthday actually we had a friend cap. Years ago and more important and we had a friend and he is at that point has. Aren't as in a matter of feet. He thinks he's looking UB looking about five feet away right. I isn't that state and were at a bar and most of us are maintaining pretty well literally wasn't that late we had more than we'd planned on doing that night. And miles and I could I mean he's slumped over. Call the right move everyone else in the remarks come abuse as of this point because he's becoming like our bartender walks or like to know who dreams of the world in my leg left. Cole not. Well. Roland what does he have to do did you come off the list please legally murder someone that we carried him to a hotel they get it down. Always got Darryl out no kids don't know look we didn't want him to but yet to announce. Add two more ounces a crazy. Philly whatever I'm at that point like you always order an eyelash straight birdies party get down if it image goes if it comes up what is your disarray. Larry our own home. I darn hard I don't. I mean it's SNL last week or whatever when they had help me out of Iran and I don't see your name the Irish the Irish lady. It's sort shot short shot short shorts and its car wash a car full of ice. Shorts so they are bringing our Irish like stereotypes or whatever they talked about the Irish exit. Jeanne moos play. You know like we don't really do that if you just leave without saying goodbye to actually just renewed. It's an ugly. All right who bet I did the Irish X two is good once in awhile. Obviously. You know be and be NBA NBC today show has been going through some odd dramas with hadn't heard. Yeah Matt Lauer. NBC just found out the needs of the nugget. They shot. And as soon as they found that they they let him go because they're not gonna tolerate that and the record Fella place. I dammit John you still Megyn Kelly thing too Long Island al-Qaeda generator power forward. Yeah I. Are people there just don't like her. And it it again Megyn Kelly's enact tough position. Because she can animator bone that fox. And was so one way you know and I mean it's hard dead but it's hard to join a show a two day that's for us to appeal to everybody rhetoric there's going to be a bulk of people would just look at Megyn Kelly. As they fascination really bright and then there I also think there's a vocal people like Fox News the don't look that think but she's. Not when there's a deterrent for sure I as a vice NBC minimums for part of you can be right right to make Kelly like that had. I didn't see tennis is popular for Friday night I don't think what'd I don't know what his job either I mean that's the thing we're expecting to watch that show any thing people say about her side I don't know her personally I don't care about it one way or another bought from what I've seen numbers show. It's just not a good show. Yeah they're not otherwise look at how lesions rounded and goes at this point play a first a much so annoyed anomaly can all good African firmer. She's a lust she's on TV she doesn't care that you know she's a lush. As should be Sangakkara boys her age yourself Boehner today. It is kind of amazing that they show every day this has wine glasses that now are there there's you don't wine or champagne and oversight for regular around people consistently. They don't talk went anything that ever matters of all they don't converse well they do terrible and abused. But I think people derive some pleasure read only the reason they suck is because again drunk. Poses so to their credit. Started drinking and at 10 AM every day would be our hard. Right yeah bathroom wall and maybe you wanna go to the gym one mayor does not have to go home into an for isolated by a surgery to attend every day right I have to get up much earlier does everything we have to be done you let this be the end of the day yeah. You better maybe just go home entity hop. Do you own and a. After I'm through here and there I'm over if you keep shrinking ice and oath right so just would you keep in mind if they show is on NBC yes they've been having their own issues of metal power. But timeout person of the year they decided to announce that on NBC. Noble time magazine named its person of the year this morning and guys he silence breakers who purported sexual harassment. OK. Okay. They announced it on The Today Show. Al Roker was like here's a look at the elephant in your neck of the room. Probably more allegations of sexual harassment thirty democratic senators called on Al Franken to resign as senator of Minnesota. But he's already got a backup plan he's gonna run for senator of Alabama. Great eight obviously very had to deal with times and console person that is you have in their hands on the sick irony that I heard and I well our does that fire for out of our game plan anything ahead in a week in that environment without world going on right now. Surely you're gonna step on their own meal now we got. Yeah right I mean right night they take you play and we clearly knew on SNL. All of that we now than you know jog out here ago we know what former cast member Linda yeah so yeah I know I think I saw what was it Travolta's movie Donnie. That just act Lleyton. Whoever was gonna release it like sold it back to ten days for the which is very rare that it happened. What is why hold it back to Ku so much to Travolta or who to their right to the company that originally owned. Why now. No he's really positive. There's a revolt over the dune is on them or how no one knows so mean all the mail misuses that came after Travolta how god that's right yeah I don't know I just. Of them live on and I'm just saying like utilities like ten game is about Dottie was only ten days in the rose there was no the content of the movie or anything in the movie you just don't want to result in about something they are just like give a sold back to own tendency for the major release is probably agrees doesn't. Well you've. At all. Thank you very Brazilians are headlines on the way would my cock you are listening to the men's or radio network it's timely and Swiss miles. I'll see what's happening there every five or go to New Jersey were plump Girl Scouts dealing delicious chocolate candies from home. We got to Philly where eighteen Wheeler crashes in the weeds in surrounding areas you should call. It is so nice no officer accidentally inject himself with a horse. Moments ago package the package is box containing new babies potent force in a format now runs police on his way to have sex in his Dampier headline. It's kinda hit. Mike I had jobs Diane happens every year during the Christmas season. People labeled thwart pirates who feel like the more fortunate all of them something still freshly delivered gifts from people forges and the one mother and organized on a way to draw people that may be preying on our home. She packed a bus full of used diapers instead and I don't report for the season ticket their convenience. That's pretty good idea I would think he would wanna spring load that thing that they would open a go Deng and then shoving aside moment from the day before was an explosive thing. And then this when I hear about is just a box full of food I think is gonna continue throughout the season I think every day we're gonna get a new package these stories I. I don't as a manager and about half of his they've got the cameras out there that traps that detonate its obviously have until before over what happen again so yeah we'll tension immunity or not to want to go the nanny running down somebody else on the North Korea yeah as a leader asked judge basically held her stringer for the council to gaffe. And to be does good for them both yeah knock this crap off. I paid for that not you know. Fun to ride them some my door and you want doesn't mean you get it I've had this conversation many years and Rahul. And it worked out best of my best. Flew in on those shows both people should. It if it's as it makes no sense. Because you don't even know what's inside and if you could open up it's like president like the the oven mitts that I got from my mom that I ordered off a Amazon deal Benito Deng of and it's not a computer that I wanted and then you just throw away the gift that I buy. Now I don't ever give and you stills of the for no reason there and I 64 grams and I'm glad dress for seven year old girl my lob pitch and you know you used you know that your daughter knows what she's getting. Move. If it's the fiftieth. Around the world a New Jersey family that has the tradition of putting a holiday tree trail there's two Beecher was stunned to find that it was ransacked 1 morning. But thanks to surveillance technology they found their culprits and obese coral modeling its way through the senate distill the goodies inside mortgage or it's. I just. Close the whole point of the of these goodies trade and was it was enough for people to come by in and take a piece on our girls and tanked. It's still fluid burger for the delivery guys they about a lived out in the wilderness I wouldn't do the same thing because you know it bears like to just have easy access vote totals bears like to do let you know. The goal. And we were back I. Now there's growing element there's enough from a few mothers that thing was a Murray and go like Ellsberg picks always grab your tomato all the time like right when they got rice ripe and ready to go ahead world not volume target areas where my day. My dead at cherry tree out of his backyard bird would come over eat the cherries as they got right in the crap to mull over is out. Wow just insult to injury I am still wild animals eat fruit darn it. Hell off my lawn for the what do they think and and a bird feeder over their and a bad for you over there why you need my chair it's due to my buddy's house gym today for them. And and his parents' house the players come in the back yard. Thank you know the bird seed at the bird's feet. And I were to Dubai suburbia girls do the same I guess they don't pick status quo that was kind covered pretty good beat bird feeder because it was like it. Two gallon jar and got American and I'm in Pennsylvania tragic crash occurred on a busy rambling 995 when a truck tipped over its village hall all over the highway. It was at that moment that workers had to remove all that was left inside the hall of from the truck so they could be righted. And crews spent hours removing boxes of Tito's vodka from the crowd and shattered on the highway on a bomber. The driver suffered minor injuries but images. Tenth hell yeah I'm over my clean up the places where that that vodka was gone and I'm gonna be just no match. His bodily shattered their all of his plea in this damage and the last month and officers spotted a car that was a part in a church parking lot in the middle of the night and decided to investigate. The owner of the vehicle was acting suspicious after getting a canine to confirm suspicions they begin to search the vehicle side. Unfortunately also to the car one of the officers accidentally stabbed himself with a syringe that was loaded the hair wet. Oh. Man he was taken to hospital on the other officer continued to search to find a lot more syringes and drugs inside the car and I just love that this happened in myself. We select all and that's billed for wrong name for that talent exists even accounts Haram. Fed chair finally Debbie in at least for somebody who might you never tried Airways should just be reaching in a car in the new standards of like oh they're like the heroine this just the idea of getting stabbed by Neal what feels what's on a disaster for Atlanta that might are. Our died today by the way just you know we wanted to dedicate today's show to do recently departed TV. Davis from time and I were how dare we shall return until we speak again due to do best. And orally to sink. Staying. Yeah.