12-08-17 Seg 2 Men's Room Has A Crisis

Friday, December 8th

Mens Room Question: What memorable thing did you do in the name of love?


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This is the men's room. He's thrilled. Our listeners into Iraq one of three and Fayetteville, North Carolina also 105 point three America. In a Blacksburg 10334 rocket enough for Wayne Indiana Joseph Torre today Ted vs the FCC coming up we've got the bad jokes on the way as well and they were talking about love and are questioned why a memorable thing did you do in the name of love 844999. Cola. Hello mayor Leo welcome to the men's room. Okay well that was happy that Maryland hello Emilia. I guess it doesn't wanna talk to you and I understand and they always disappear I think she's blown way Obama divorce. Hello Mike welcome to the men's room. Oh and odds are now all I'm not I'm an Robin. I that we have a situation go anomaly has our board exploded today on the right side but there's some that in the sand the stance and then through. Collectively earlier than they just can't drive the deer supplement you see him drive merely. So million. I don't know ya know here that that I read and I know I know and home and no no. I feel we can hear of them they just came right era. Well a million muralitharan out speaking Bryant and his days are movie here and I just you know they are our board blew up into Bob ball of flames this morning an hour we're trying to get back what kind of person I'm trying to hang up on everybody hello Dave welcome to the men's room. Yep I'm god. Is the problem go to dog show us. Did you want a minute that's the game over the Grand Slam. That's his type of people. I hate to stage yet exactly 2. AM what time I drove to Kentucky. Yet another woman well one of the things we thought about it it was brought up as we're in Canada and it and it and to trust this could get worse here's what. Just the comment that I atlas it's some of the common to fairly normal part of my Eckstein did army and high school. I made frosted brownies at different in my didn't do for his birthday the frothing at seemed imminent oh a record all of me spitting into the fronting us in the tomb after about an amount we get that. What is Robin bond is magic number in order for her group in front view in his shoes at three in a box Luka. Well. The group in front of the eulogized in general get an issue I'll do for two feet but I don't think it's got for a because if it's it's in your shoe on some level I want you to watch. We don't have normal circumstance I don't watch I just want it's no that's positive is up indoor Hugh yes that's all now. The growth in the putting you know I mean let's owns me I don't think you'd like rolled off the side the laces on the floor scoot it up and put it back announced fans got to go straight from. Point eight points out reduce reported point 83 and out he didn't issue you are first thirteen. The idea the guy probably two of them contempt. And I have big foot when it's why not long they'd that was why isn't the only 100 a lot of room to shoot. It's not a lawyer comes veggie dog look at storm Omaha he started working on this problem success of this morning he is just pissed you become an east academic look on his face like he is just had enough decent and it kept bumping from O'Hare one boot probably is yes. How could tell we're talking about possibly using the bathroom in studio and how difficult that would be if we wore a male role diver yet. I just the fact that doesn't want said an adult lives. Yes well actually I found out more about that as far as the way that their bill they are built specifically more sold. They are doing them are male and female equivalent to those diapers as far as just the way your built more if you want your good afternoon Slaton did these important Vizio front loaded her back loaded and as far as where your problems are so I want to rescind or build Bubba Sloan so what we started talk and I'll do and it's good we're really gonna do this might that maybe even go for for holiday special for you guys. In the restored regimens and original read halfway through the show so that we can really need to go. And it went to see if we can actually do because as we had a listeners say like look. You guys aren't the pioneers in this bright idea bunch friends and we went out try to do it in the problem is. Is the conditionally. You can not. You cannot pee or poop your pants because it's just not a normal thing to get the breather though most of my friends and psychologically. If you know you can go to America. It's very difficult to convince yourself just to do and underpants even knowing you have the dike and a run of the the story from back in 2007. And this was the astronaut who was charged with the attempted murder astronauts to pass the police and Orlando Florida filed. Attempted murder charges against captain Lisa Marie no we remember the name oh yeah hey NASA astronaut to the authorities say attacked arrival for another astronauts affection. And Orlando international airport after driving more. Then 900 miles from Houston. To meter in flight captain Nowak a navy captain who flew on the shuttle mission last summer. Was originally arrested on attempted kidnapping and other charges and a judge initially set. 8151000 dollar bond now what you have to remember laws was that she drove straight through in my later possession. Shares steel mallet a buck knife with a four inch blade of BB gun. A map to captain shipman's house it was a lot of all these things were in the back of her car ducked staple like crap but remember when she was initially arrested she denied. She did not at all but really do you ever address duct tape and what exactly everything you need to pull off a perfect kidnapping richer your details that that's not your goal she was wearing a trench coats and away when she was arrested. She told you probably never recognized me loud as you can act and act as. If you act divert the journeys so that she would not have to stop to use the bathroom so she could arrive in time to be captain shipman's flight at the airport that discourage that is. Industries and I had it in the thing is she didn't even know the other one. Now knows as she had a crush and his other apparently astronaut love the big thing in Massa who knew. But the guy did she had a crush on I guess they've hooked up maybe once or twice before. She got wind of the fact. That he was having a relationship of the so demanding more dainty they had just had relations for a finds out that he might be dating or it also ahead relation for those all the woman she knows she's an astronaut has never met her before her alive and decided you know on. I need to knock her off man and he can't be a part of novel about his that's about as crazy as it gets an era in you yet but the thing is I think the thing that's most mind blowing about that is. It's NASA. International and one of the things if you're an astronaut. There's all of the psychological training that they put these people through because obviously should you be fortunate enough. To go into the vacuum of space this is an extraordinary circumstance where. You're claustrophobic around strangers most of the time and every little thinking killing their logical but it but it the club does not. It's not but I mean but but that's part of the psychological stress test is like Clark. The love to get them like hey if a screw hits the space station may 2000 miles an hour you gonna die like the can you handle that and you say yes from known and go do your thing can be too quick even have to look at the deaf rag heads really gonna blow don't sweat it. I think the differences but it's also your around people shall psychologically how do you deal for the people to I don't know what she did to trick a moment to Aspen obviously she has people problems and a and I are both kind of right now but it's only shocking when it's a minute and asked not to drink they went through all that train wreck but I also was miles slate. Yeah I think the most seen people when it comes the sun and deal with love they just lose their month just to cash in now. I'm losing half a million everybody else if you are on hold somehow we got ready to try to call back if 44999 alone we're gonna see if this damn thing works closely here. Hello Dave welcome to the men's room. All knock. Date if he had come on Dave why don't we hear all the travelers we hear then they get here so our sins are. We've got the reception and but our sins are receiving. So that means how do we hear them. And when I hear what can I say it's gonna like it Joseph grille tape the though the microphone on the phone in energy desk phone. It's like you've been here but they can't hear you because our end is in sending our end is receiving their Indus and said I'm not an engineer out. Veggie dogs and they're not in and out he's he's got he's got all the he's go he's an argument that's exactly and the stage is set for what would be a drawn out legal battle between two estranged lovers for a disputed six million dollar lottery jackpot. And the lawyer for Denise Roberts and the woman who claims she's entitled to have their prize says the decision by Ontario is gambling overseer to award former live in the boyfriend Marreese. An undisputed three million. Hurts our clients is chances. Mrs. Robertson feels that she is now placed in a position of unfairness. I'll basically what happened was this. Copy of which was obtained that the internal probe prompted by her legal challenge of the jackpot was essentially going to be over. And that was good news for him meeting more legal wrangling. Because she's trying to get to share. As you claim entitlement to one half with a prize. Being approximately three million dollars we'll retain this portion of the prize and that other half price share is undisputed by U and it's our intention to pay the same share. To your girlfriend basically what happened is this. They bots. He bought one of two winning tickets at twelve million dollar lottery and then it moved out without telling his go for anyone. Our claims that his move was a bid to keep roughly six million for himself but he said no. The couple and always argued and they always been and a bad place and during that two year relationship he said many times that he was gonna get the hell out of there. It just happened to be one day after he won that the six million dollar lot and that's a good time ago but that's what it well. But that I say late. I can fathom. Espouse being like I was with this person for years like I mean I took care of the kids and it is an appetite. He won that money late in it day. And I was she had any claim to a well she does have a mass of the court ruled what would you were in a relationship for two years which are most states is not one to become law right got to accept. You don't have any no motorized or written agreement. But to edit and infants a legal thing unfortunately that happened so monthly did you write this down did you get it notarized and we have to know the corporate world. We believe you. And and we're very certain that you guys had this conversation but that doesn't mean Jack when you get to court and amended does it doesn't matter and yeah. Right it wasn't like she was supporting him while he was work it's a job like new. He won the lucky on the tickets yeah he bought the ticket and of course he said yeah I'll share with that baby of course. Course that's gonna rival carrier the likelihood I would give a bye bye bye to get in when and then the entitlement is is that well my brother could jump them a sister to jumpin Obama's job than dad probably wanna jump in M I was a piece of that I won't tell you I bought the ticket rub them play like. Imam behind the lottery is the person who played the lottery. Now keep in mind if I buy you guys scratch officer the holiday season. And you win I do you actually seriously expect to cut because I gave that he was a gift but who do you here's the thing unintelligent but I gave that he was against Hamas started in front of him. I'm the scratch to the home in a when I'm going to tell you you can't have somebody yesterday demand part of none though in this instance I think for the ticket I will give it to you on the chance and if you when he goes with my memory into you're surrendering ownership of any of that once you give it to music that was all right it's a loner. Who impressive if you just want people with not bad luck to scratch your ticket that's probably more friendly which is done it and you really give anyone can make you clean into your lottery winning this thing really as parent like are raises big referee Tim it. I did it all fit and I'm not as the Ernie if you learn if you are waiting on hold there really get the crowd stood and okay I'll organize for a memorable thing you do in the name love a 449990. Maybe some of your calls coming up week. You're listening to the men's or radio network. Pages you. I cannot return instead vs the and CC our question today one memorable thing did you do with the name of love a 449990. Look. Now want to declare we're gonna throw phones again okay but before we do we need you to know that one of the people that helps anytime something technically goes wrong for us which is more than you know. Others got to be called veggie dog. Who lent a helping hand owners and address this one of the comments came menace that. Who's veggie dog and has seemed like a very fair thing veggie dog I don't know exactly which title is but basically it is a always work with and that. When things go wrong he faces some more of just in front we've guy I've ever worked with and by the voice on busted ass round from your office all my guy mental experience is in the hallway a little you'll wreck I really think someone just tried to proven my when my shoes. And Mitch yeah yeah. Oh OK I'm at ten miles by the way a lot of people willing to group and issues hundred dollars while. A new cannot believe the number comments coming one deficit to do you want him lead to do it again why do you think you'll be so hard to do that bush ordered by the go back to us wearing the diapers on the air NPR and it's just not natural mechanism to poop and someone should know but the difference with the aces but blocked. You try to put yourself because as an adult we're trying not to but we've all had a moments were. You ran into the trees you hid behind a dumpster like that's not where you want to go but this is different because aimed you're gonna bring money in the fact that I like defile one of your shoes and maybe there's a lot to do that psychologically I want to do a good time I'd be given in are really took my. Hanson know a community Julia always ready to give this guy's gonna work. Major buildup. Well the full. We do for a good job. Hello Terry welcome to the men's room. All I'm. Very Lulu on on era is Americans Terry. Terry. I'm a did you hear better. Okay. There's. Yes the BB. We can now hear them speak we saw you heard that we reported to him he's saying hello we responded either he's acting with us which cases are comedic mastermind and and a bit of a Danish. Or he does not heroes in return mostly online struggling to join Mike took it all on reading atlas try to sort. How odd I. We need yeah. We're doing a talk show how oh yeah back. Are you glad. Hello my welcome to the men's room. No no only the no animal. Easier name. Out of mind your bag I'm all I'm saying hello. I wish you just tell them pay when you hear the click just go to your story. Just before you got the baby's okay I don't know what we're trying to dramatize it if you might well directions Verlander might. Aren't I gonna say if you're not gonna hear the slow and I would say hello Mike but I'm gonna say it why you're still on hold good we'll that they yell boulder here so what we're gonna do. I'm say hello my discount to like three innings guard a nuclear area. How far right. Live beyond. Hello my. McCracken. OK we got beginning here's what color I can hear you guys I was drive and actually this girl we're going to talk about I thought about that we're looking and you know how to make it denied that he genetics. She's ugly isn't logical over. It brought me and I try to get back up next to work and at Lincoln's unrelated but all of rob try to get a closer I realize I'm not gonna get up next this girl. She's hot. I wanna meter allied. Do fun things. Like getting behind here and I didn't decided the light I'm just get out. Bump into her arm and a home and garden cause any damage but enough to get her attention of all over. Loans. You crashed into an age on numbers. I bitter herb about seven lives and there's bailout story I I try. It's very. It is Korea broadcast radio. One play phone conversation. Mastered that. He did the whole thing perfectly we need now to interject in all he just told this story he couldn't hear us that was absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much like that that's up to the fact that he's a guy names like about think about that. I'm driving down the road I CJ got things out so I'm already doing weird thing where I'm speeding up. And I'm trying to get your attention that's not working I realized hey I'm lucky really catch up let me does driving to the cards starter Max. But he did have a seven month the kind of word of worked it did work I just don't look man I mean. I don't know I mean I'm glad it worked out form from what they match he's talking about Krajina. Okay. That's yet nuisance but I think you weekend that is overtime what I all right what are the chances what are the chances that we have to listeners who just can say the story all I can hear us all off hello. Terry welcome to Obama all you can hear you energy. Good Jerry. Do it. Come on come on hold to tell him to go and that this is normal. I'd Jerry and I you can hear because you're on hold when we say go count the three entire story a gut one. To. OK so. Close only her on Twitter and although I think it outta where rooms we're in history and on the phone don't and you're on the all of does matter is still sort of these intervening who has it doesn't matter what doesn't again here you appreciate your help you get here is now. Only girl literary. And she's kind of been a little now. And the issue respondent does some things I said finally after all here you know it. But why dirt tweets or whatever promotes you know and I am going to go away you know and I've you know you live in LA area you know of course should you see all the movies. Yeah but I wouldn't run a nurse or an animal I don't know but. Check LA nobody lives there. Everybody knows everybody and I'm an old town the Los Angeles. Yes essentially wipe them but the previous couple Baylor what what the ball. Convention thing in mind and your they had people there are guys like you draw upon closer on the side Odom and Doug grow at a comic had her. Does which is that you are the mayor and what doesn't pull the table you know it. Now I'm trying to figure this first in his dad's family always and England but. It. Yeah so and last name Douglas was the only person I don't think against I was with a credit card sweeping occurred so scoreless opens why he's quick he's just what you. Or hope you let it. But it worked out of it is an event. Like I left it a briefcase in LA hell hole. And I rode on the back are you know like. I love you but you know Terry you're older men on tests and I hit the ball more about a train. Our. Perpetrators of that old Obama's there's also a ball. How old that are. Again Erica Pratt terror we had to put on hold so that you can hear us because this is how the conversation has to go to Seoul. Were you legitimately leaving quote unquote bomb threats are there out relieving bomb threats. What ya all on Google Voice and a lot of it coming in and out but you really call it a bomb threat. To. Well it. Google Voice. I'd stand right after we get another you'll either really I think I think veggie dog thought they had they face these early on Google Voice Sino Australian caller even actually works are really although there were here can you hear us all of the John hold just gloriously this really we're gonna he's using different take now I don't know a lot of time. Did you hear us right now we are trying to put things on hold as a whole kind of put America through beginners when he's not Arnold. And here are our I can hear you here Rick reed in here mocha. Oh don't get it at all but we got did you call we started bomb threats he said there was another one cellular one and the storage unit and one at a train station Sunday night. No it was the other one and Ole town hall. Yeah major political these did. Over the single vote has ever get a kick off the train buddy wanna be homeless in that counting minimum Owen sound a little bit more. And yeah and and military moms and. Yeah bomb threat okay do you would do so. Mission accomplished. So yeah we series comic book. Obama no no way I got it back I went back oil and I had picked it up you know. I don't want to do was lose. It was wrong to believe daughters over Williams. Though. I got I like if you by the dating life would take a turn for the worse there I mean listen man what we said that we know liquid Huron boat. You do stupid things but. But that was really suit that was really don't relay again I'm not picturing like hey I spent three months in jail because I thought maybe I put a bomb in Los Angeles to stoplight. You know again the say anything I thought maybe but let me let me give people quick story OK I had a buddy he had a girl that he okay if she did not care for him. Right they were just friends right but he really liked him so when game ever back in the day to buy star. Always a guy yeah yeah yeah. So he bought her star it creeped her out convention if you wanna be friends with them anymore at all from buy and stop our. I put my name is Starr I think he named after Harrington. Those earning. Cat who was heap on the net or pop pine after. It might have been a Stephanie. Stephanie. Given yeah he he's tried to biker star while out stupid and lame and week it's the sound scary. Right I'll bring a lot of saying whoa man act like that and in this wasn't able some would you do kiss then there's someone there really hot who's on Twitter you're responding to what she's saying. And like most people that trying to drum up business through social media. Of course are going to be kind to you the response that's why not every bartender waitress is actually working with you. Few of the event can now get a phone call or the worse than not talk about Obama. Julio luck. We'll visit. Alina that others online until the news could play the build. I'm only need yes. Hello ray Lee welcome to the bedrooms. Okay. It's a big this is a big deal great to talk to it so I had ever has applies. A low volume we memorandum book that he relayed to first grade you saying all along for Christmas and you gave your library level heard the end they did nieman class port. In the now I know I I then that kind of you know shortened and that. You know Ariel and I got some people clapped you know our guys in revenues have been good right exactly. Like you don't want to embarrass yourself right you haven't even humiliated yourself properly to get applause. I don't think that I possibly have a best story a guy goes through today okay added so I added I like technically we're up. In the in the city that would be Bellevue. Anyway but I did have horses and I and I was and I said horses and I have two of you are so that the time and I was just in lust with says this guy and and trying to win his favor and course he was the city guides here but I was determined to act. It changed him and so I surprised him and brought him out is the stable where I birdied my vs. And had a big battle and one of my horses dental and I was against army. You routinely given me course. Issue. Well not legal leave that I. Well it's sort of hoping that he lived act evolve into sharing my passion that that did not. What was his response. His response flares I have to go out. No no hold why are you friends who were you before this. Yes I was friend enemy for a there's video as he would that guy that I wanted to and I thought. Canada I kind gesture and I mean it would you know technically a joke I went and that they hand over my horse but I thought I was specials. And that he did not hear. So use your doctor is Marion. From a distant. What do you mean from a doesn't she screamed out I'm locked in he is the rare brain. And they aren't abandoning diverted just glad I'm. I don't sorry. Eight it pretty much avoided me further extend whenever this guy do you know. He drew more easy. In relations he won the Kentucky area there yeah as yet no actually I found out that he had his day very well. Which is even more. And it sucks even learn what is your guess CEO of some companies probably loaded right now has is yours. His parents while a lot of money and you think there are amply. Now all out he worked hard. AEA is speaking at Phoenix have been here and back in house now understand your big pile of money someday what does that what does someone Donald's drive to win your hearts. Additional one vendor and you admire her. Oh boy here Rio and never got applause and owns redwood artists. I America and apply it now they'll like that the best that I can come up where is and I did I did meet and AEA a person that Ramallah and time and he did ask me out and then we have the next night in a limb off. I'm where did he take you haven't if you end up at the Taco Bell drive through it's not as impressive how. Did he did he get pregnant they can let. So today I'll while so so you learn and that you are in high school are they involved. No doubt about that and I have it I was in college it was that I think I would open a plumber didn't know aren't that cap net then he turned out to be. It's like now. You show horses right. So you never had one finish China the people clapped. They give it at a horse program or Vista and opera news show in the horn a world. Well they are are unable horse jockey gets like that I had include Bob gone outside now brown band you're looking out I don't. The horse win the tournament crown. Our hand and helping me out they you know I. And I thing applied that thinking outside the court's oral as far as Weller a little bit well it can make their little bit different. Yeah how do we know you have we've seen Bob Baffert didn't he. Pray pray and I know I can't read like narrative that the alert I really love three U. I want to. We didn't. Know. I'm ball that that is flowing blonde now great locked out which call that. They're all our car our mortgage or my freedom I don't Michael McDonald got a base. Terrible market we got him as hair. You know boom boom right into my level do you know who's who's to boot. It's like I level be jealous of your anger is a very you have solved I think he can call it it sort of have a good or it is okay and it needs to be cut really easy credit doesn't really give you believe the man behind but yet but it's also get an old people brits about a like I have nothing to say even. One memorable thing did you do in the name of love a 449990. Hello page welcome to the men's room and our top. That on here I doubt I lit it and I I am I black. In order a trap and I came back with Lilly. Has now they are saying that it get that hot to me about aunt. And finally get blurted out. You are you Heidi I think I mean. You keep it in me and I said. You know why would you why did you think that it as well. And teens and weight lately so while you're gone I changed my as. And I would like I I don't know why he wouldn't go to that yeah look what that's great extreme they have checked. You can't write I changed my mad and. I'm hearing it get it but hate it started having all need to act and not. And they couldn't your friend list so. I don't want it I just want if you were hiding something frightening and I bet. You. I. Need to get the next four got to get out it would not at that they thought she apple. But no I'm not try to make it clear he got. You know my therapist told me not to bring that up here and they said you should definitely within your stats. That. You don't know about a week later I went to break out what am and I would actually Brady didn't know you will opt into a war on the ball and me. In my heart get into eight and I like player than a trend that you don't like it and I think that what would know I would add. Hey man how wanna go on a day was owners pack in mesa just in case someone who aren't good or consider that I might die and I know this person and they know me to some degree but either way they're and we dating a worst case scenario as at least impact inmates. You probably have money added you know with a little bit I think they look so when I had a double then he clients and I'm gonna cheer at. If we can just do it one last time. Before I let it. Drug use the word girl dude journal before you woke up that don't just do Wilma I'm not used to wind. The players really I mean really thank ION three months later I got mad that your him out of the. So I'm accusing you giving him appetite it which I 100% did not an actor that I blocked him and the hard as he's there are at a. I. I know I area I think and talk to again guys. What Joseph and emerald thing did you do in the name of love man oh man 8449990. Yes we have more of your calls on the way you are listening. To the men's or radio network. It's miles. Bad jokes all the way you can email the bad jokes to the men's room and undermine dot com we'll drink it tells drive after the bad jokes coming up. Are causing today one memorable thing did you do in the name of love other stars that that got our eye this morning is a young lady named Tiffany Hamlisch. And she's kind of having a big moment right now thanks to movie girls trip and a recent gig hosting Saturday Night Live on her and she's not dating anyone and she says blow blow blow I'd like to date someone this summer. Someone who would give me butterflies. I'll adjust my schedule for butterflies which is basically the feeling of love nothing when your for outgoing GO physically met butterflies miles but does he does in fact have a new book coming out called the last black unicorn and she talks about how she got back and a guy who cheat to honor. By relieving herself in his state repaired or Jordan she says quote. I did a lot of corn a lot and I didn't shoot so well. And yes she was there when he put the bond she told him she did it to quotes four quote although poop you put me through and our question what memorable thing did you do in the name of love a 44999. Alive and if did know on a quick side known models is offered me 300 dollars to poop in his shoe guy you're leaving but I don't have the ability I need to update to shoot a good picture when you complete the shoot. We've all the job already picked out when he issues a commitment to the Muslim I mean do shoot that all white one though wipe all yeah yeah implement it news if Miley she was in Keanu to do you. Him well he had the eye camera that they can move on thing about like the matrix fan and they do whatever it's over I thought you'd like they capped movie. TI don't know yet I don't think ever seen of you just don't know marsh and a place that you generally I'm why do you remember the story doesn't. Step Billy said you've got high of ours and we should check it out. I don't know the name of the movie I had to see it by giving us a carry over the name of anything that of a solemn mob indicate that mean. Yet I don't think there's a lot of moves offense that genre specifically I don't know how to check it like Abrahams in the vampire hunt unless I know that one nothing about losing my violently I think you remember he fired up like dude you gushan watches pretty funny gets to vote and you have I don't you got apparently are not. And dangling a 24 hours. One member ala memorable thing did you do in the name of love a 4499 I know how long those. I don't wanna look you're here and I don't think he would appeal they made the movie they're khaki store but here's the good news might as worth checking out because we know you liked it how can I you will you earn double life all right that and our Mary and senior fellow David welcome to the men's room. What sort of guy you got a brochure right thank you got to appreciate the boot. So are there inertia drives goal. She got they're really good job. The sort of route orders or try to be archived and syrups. I let we're going to Armitage output or restart. How old are you still with Foreman daughter. Sir well let him in a woman that's fair in army the outline how long you guys been together if you say a week I'd say that's right. Girls. Ardor girl left arm Marleau. All main goal. Did you lose your job then or keep your job. Lost my yeah I sure don't look so. If I hope the reason given for losing your job is surely you did something that I mean you know why you lost John Donovan Marley with that OJ was in jail for killing someone threatened. I don't know words. It's split with Clearwire is pretty much. There. Is no OK here's what stories seven years. What about the Foreman because he doesn't feel like our Jesus mentally I have nothing to do again do it did you more. What about ER that's about it preach the tallest structure ever trust girl outside that little it looked horrible. In light sport there and her brother worked there too. You know I. Now not available what about I mean are they still there I'm assuming all of that is bygones are bygones now. Yeah yeah I Richard Richard quite a few years it's probably familiar grandchild or summarize move that over right. There you go bottled got a good shelled earlier culturally resume and they really really bring people together who normally don't wanna record that we are going to be nice our Nazi rag tag hanging Bono. Or time that he still with there. It's just that first year 20 why did it again yeah and you know the whereabouts I guess that and all about your old girlfriends still because of the are you gotta be so completely apart from this operation that you don't know. Now another. Pirated gal there actually boasts art every school now. You can look year old girls in my hand with anchor yeah yeah yeah and yeah there isn't it. Yeah seven Oregon loses I'm just never had the opportunity. Got to wait a little while I guess ultimately like I can't I can't think of that though I have to go back awhile but I mean I don't levity any problem giving to anyone that would still hate me twenties and former relationship. You be surprised on Norwood I think it was surprise. Surprise visit HU. You never know it's still you know I mean you all know you don't you know what else is gonna come out like images Baghdad age narrow. Only 27 years and I'm stories in years later but you bubble has burst on to airports. Jeanne vicinity of the bark like even if things ended terribly. I just can't imagine that after 27 years now. And I understand you wouldn't. I have to go to some of them it's flotilla memorable thing did you do in the name of love a 449990. Well he's on my girlfriend. The ex wives maybe a little different. Yeah XY are probably different but yeah perhaps but still after 27 years in the 27 years. Emotionally 96 years old at the beginning of the tour like so many things have probably happened in my life that it's just. I just don't know I can go back in rekindled the bitterness that I had in awake now in the last night when he's so I'm currently guy like me I remember watching a movie a year ago I can't imagine why would be Madison what that's what Zelnick. You don't ought to not only did you easy watching the movie here and you came in and told us about the booted him. And then recognize need I know you vote for any really good to screen job checking our moto got attacked I don't go mob aren't really what I'm cool words cat. At its impact. By gangsters and Abraham how many other look like an. I think it was moving in battle reminds me you know frank. Way and I think this is a look familiar. Yes yes great. I didn't admit I was taken out of the that's that's that's five stars into the funny movie I had told. I just have to see the picture make again again again yeah dad yeah I'm I'm gonna rent is half message if the tiger to have dinner that not be mapped. What's now what memorable thing did you do in the name of love 844999. Cola still look on the return of dead vs the FCC and bad jokes all coming out. The show and many things continue on the men's room. The radio network.