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Tuesday, December 12th

Mens Room Question: I know I would have a hell of a lot more money, if _____ didn't happen​


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He would sure love to hear is real. Trying to offend anyone. Doctors are. Invited to join the party. This he's done. Other than secrecy. It is done. They say. Or radio more than three times. And your. Hello I really don't want to lose another 2733. Love was Stephen Drew hill. Street sense yeah. Who are good ball. I had to lie con. I. Yeah an amendment a. They won't return dailies in Brian castle on sit and spin today. Beat Tim highest paid musicians in the world. The world has secrets medical sleigh. Did you play profile best plus headlines images shot of the day publicity males in everyone's favorite. TV time to take effect flat Mary McGowan I aerials we head down under where town celebrates 150. Anniversary. Three years to like us. Meanwhile Immelman fired a shotgun and a starter but there was no songs was jump and it was all about pace of a ghost. Doctor's visit Tampa native as nations are coming in all the time. A family receives fifteen point six million dollars for some lost in his beer pong playing Brian and Merriam Webster's word beer ads that. We'll have might tell you about a one hour from now got a book coming out today is very special episode of men's room. Here's the question. Oh allowed. That is good day to you and yours right let's face it if you're an NFL football fan I think we can agree. That being a kicker in the NFL if you're good at it might be one of most good jobs and I. You know I've taken a lot of hits you got there you score the points are great for one's fancy in you get paid to take Indianapolis Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri. He's 44 years old. Still went global he's been in league for over two decades and a man makes good money but understand. That according to a contract. If he averages 90% I met him Tamil struggle at times he adds an additional half million bow right. And that's aggregate for the entire cities well everything was working out well. Because he's one of those guys. By the end of last Sunday. Get the blame powerful. An embolism and is blizzard to do. It got a messed up its game three miss two field goals and now that they whose average down to 88% and keep in mind because of the lives in the buffalo. He might be mad at you might be out 500000. Thank you snow thank you whether I guarantee efforts meanwhile today fitting since I think he's still hang and I'm close hell even as the song about. But he's out 1000 dollars after accidentally brought some DJ equipment at a club but that's kind of what happens when you jump on the speaker. To a table and an injured DJ moves Booth and unfortunately you land on top of the makes. They've got a thousand bucks but I think you can afford a look if you have kids your money every member if you like me miles and smoke. Your money every day boost student loan. Christ almighty mess there's all kinds of things that maybe when you think back I could've done better so today with money on the brain. We are mormons in Poland the Boeing question. I know. I would have a hell of a lot more money if blank didn't happen. Big Brother Joseph caught a 44999. Only you can like the men's or month FaceBook followers on Twitter events or black pants and those emails to the men's room and then to my dot com. You're listening to the men's or radio network. Miss my. Full adult men women go along the Missouri number 2733. I have heard today as the lovely Karen daily. It's goes to heaven Brian castle on since then and terror and brings us today the top ten highest paid musicians in the world these are the people who bring on the bank. In many forms and fashions are musicians and they made a killing so. As some he'll know some he'll go all right line and figure they made that much money it's kind of like when you read listened you realized that judge Judge Judy. It is making more money than you know anybody anybody you know and in the last time anyone has seen her show on the idea what's her millions are like in the thirty's or forty million to care what I was ever around forty million a year yeah I. I watch her show loosely. The two or three weeks again I'd I question like two minutes of administered you can turn got to treat us fine I think people will watch daytime the love her. Arms shipment Jimmie your forty MAME what was the other do judge. Well there are only when others others aren't you a little Joe Brown Judge Joe Brown. Yeah you know Dr. Phil makes a ton of money which is remarkable and a lot of people Larry who may doc or Mario you can you could even imagine and the same holds true with with musicians there's a lot of different reasons are there's so. We have the top ten highest paid musicians the world coming out today was didn't spend also on the word some secret medical slang. Now basically what they did was there was some data collected from around the United States and in England. And in some instances this slang or these acronyms were only used in at one hospital. And one particular place but they all represent something different as far as her medical chart is concerned. Soul. Let's just say that it's all right. Let's just say that you're you're charred dead says that you've got a chocolate hostage. A chocolate costs if you're just constipated you are talking to pad exactly guy that's right. Some places soon there are other places and have some different medical slam like we worked and Akron incomes yes you gotta you gotta sound good how are you gonna make the job site in any below zero if you copy we are have nicknames for different I myself. I don't use seven different expectation doctors didn't know I mean this is the medical profession and now an accurate. Let's see here I'll give you a more let's say there as fast as Halladay. I'll boy how about an Nahar. How about an FLK. That's an FL okay. Fat little kid funny looking care that normally when they are they when they believe the kid might be in Britain. Okay. This tour has cigarette medical slang and Akron and coming up right before we during a tells with a shot of the day. And today we've got a men's or blank question for Jeff I know I have a hell of a lot more money if blank didn't happen no look it doesn't necessarily need to be a bad thing. If you like smoke and we didn't you've. Smoke weed your entire life I'm sure you spent a hell of a lot of money onshore on the flip side if you didn't spend all their money on we'd. You would have a hell of a lot more money. Same is true with alcohol good times or look at and most people can write off what they enjoy spending their money on and justified is like look. I worked my ass off this is what I like to do and this is where political mama chore but it we didn't do it you'd have more exactly just like anything else manage your gear head you want. That the newest motorcycle the newest jet ski whatever the deal is it just would have killed a lot more money if you didn't buy that boat. If you didn't have those student loans if needed Havoc in college there's a lot of different reasons why you're doing so well and then. Someone took a huge chunk of your money said authority about having kids does on site kids all the other crap I like to do it you just don't get to do you see it's at two results aren't sure now are no good an ultimatum has its own kids in army and is just you have to endure is gonna go kid first from a month. I'm thinking Red Robin I could be getting a tad too soon. Yeah yeah added our medium onion rings how safe to say this tendency to say the jury is great and in his thousands of dollars easily when at all. Absolutely yeah I'd rather let arsenal club. It's funny the thing to spend money on things you won't. So like certain clues and stuff like this from Mike how people spend that money. But I found out Friday nights and a box in a bar tab right and I don't think about you know it's like I guess I could've just been fans involved that T shirt occur right sneaker culture is another one you know people who collect sneakers and then by you know 45 pairs of the timer. Spend a thousand dollars or more on apparel limited release shoes and I'm with you I like him maxis but there I have a limit to flight 200 and after that. It I go again okay time. So let's talk a little bit about and above military he is one of the most accurate field goal kick your safe to say in NFL history one of the top without question. Wanna say he's got a couple difference a rebels if not more than that I'm I'm pretty sure you got Lou all the patriots does get a game under and I think you might of one with. In the year or somebody with mending may need at Indy may be definitely didn't I thought they don't want to with a path maybe he did he's got I think he has to advocate the Indy. Indeed did win one with both within and adding yeah I think he was there from that of a break as they were heroes and beat the payers. Yep yes there I just don't ruin your way in that you you know this guy man he's a forty some years orders for. He's been wholly forever and a 1990s. They think about there's June's. There are getting draft wait in next year's draft of the unified whose guys are like as long as I've watched football Adam Vinatieri. Has been one of these two teams don't ask dude has been in the league for 21. Seasons and. And any any any good except for last week. The Indianapolis Colts didn't have much luck. Playing the bills during a snowstorm in buffalo on Sundays you have activists say that they're clever if he's he's he's he's. They did lose out thirteen to seven in overtime but kicker Adam Vinatieri may have lost more than just a game. Adam has a half a million dollar incentive clause in his contract that kicks in if he makes 90% of his field goals this season. Before Sunday's game Adam Vinatieri. Even though he's on a crappy team with 95 point 7%. Is money. That is I mean as a trade gap for him but during the game he was asked to try to field. In a blizzard. As you'd expect he missed them both that brought his average down to 88%. Tomorrow. In order to get back up to 90% Adam has to make five in a row without a miss. Definitely possible yet here we go gold's gym per game. And there are three games left so there's a chance he can climb back up there about yes you Linda owner says is the coach like hey man look. I just don't wanna pay. I have for my buck so. Dude genocide and about the legacies you when you're. Outlook don't latter's military like god damn it man like an informal role and over you're the fifth when I get half a million dollars. I know what owner call the coach to say hey. You're gonna try to take this 61 yard and you don't in the third quarter were up. My 24 ghost stories are there. Blair stories about guys they get them running backs can take an early gains like the last game of the year Oregon Boise and we're not getting touchdowns there's stories of like linebackers didn't take any games they are close to get their bonus on tackles. You don't land I think the final manifold players in our state and my agent like look. All those incentives are built and whatever position you play and obviously it's more more freedom of playoff bubble block tome like look. I mean my incentives to be late for the first. Thirteen games of the season the reason why. Because before gonna make our trajectory can get into the playoffs and Ambac notable player they're gonna bench last week but but I know mr. now I'm. Countless what does he think about it quite well. They Marty clinch this let me governors of the Benson quarterbacks have been the second string guys relate Matagorda management Seattle like four million homes yup I'm running imagine not implying he's missed about a three million now wait. There are not thrilled to be sitting there on the got him satellite knowing millions of dollars are going away in spite of the fact they put a team on a bag to carry them to the point. That they're gonna go well oil drama that's all the game to look like you're about a foot of snow easily that's really doesn't say that that was not a snow game and that that was I don't know what does she know that almost I thought they might just call off. It wobbling time when they had time to be able to do this because the touchdown scored by Indy. They had time to clear the area for Adam Vinatieri to actually take an extra point in my clearly area you mean all the player ran off the bench and use their feet like kings moved to take a spot NA NA NA basically kicked this this strip you know the normal running area that you would approach the ball. In London military kick the ball thing Gotti and hook because the wind was still bulletin. And it's a blizzard so the snow is blowing which got enormous nose blowing around the wind is crazy. And he probably. Drew that ball back in by about 45 feet. Just on an extra points from 35 yards out that's how hard the windows blog I mean it started out completely wide right. And this is just the extra point. So in the event of someone kicking a field goal unless you specifically take a timeout wrecked and you go out there and you clear the area you don't have that opportunity because. The field goal unit has to run out. The play clock if you are mortified and drive you got forty seconds to get that off you can do the best you can. But you're not going to be at a clear that area like you can't after you score a touchdown Havel the Timex here because sometimes there review play there's a break in the action the clock stops and senator senator. So I didn't yes exactly so and not an only that but. The snapper is involved the one of the stance that he missed it was it was a high snap it's understandable guys throwing the ball and there's no and the wind or and and and holder does best job to get up bring the ball down. It's amazing he even make contact with a but the idea. A just what this does contractually data military half a million not that Adam Vinatieri necessarily needs the money it's not that it has nothing absolutely a million dollar commander taken in the blues I don't care who euphoria that's I was enough I was in Las Vegas probably for five years ago I can't remember what was but. Then the Baltimore Ravens. Had basically just lost to the New England Patriots. And you could you do pretty well put down when all on the ticker. At that point into what was that it was busy playoffs and it was a year before they went to a suitable okay yeah you know that December 8 in the ravens had a pretty good team in my mind. And I thought well you know what on earth I should do one of those things where. I should just debt like. They're pretty good odds is a minute to play out yet really into the championship yet they still have that that thing where we we knew that they at this point in time who is going to the Super Bowl. So you can bet on the upcoming season. So I was like all right well that's one thing I wanna do I just wanna go down and never done anything like this before I'm gonna pick like three or four teams and that they're gonna be pretty good. And one sleeper team and just put like Tony 550 bucks an exchange. Now I got a little distracted it never made it down the booking parlor and als like. Doc got. Anyone I got the airport as I should put their money now I know I should put their money down I know wash and I can't I can't say what the odds are going to be fairly good things that they sure. Either way the ravens in next year go all the way when the student. And we are again. But the year before that I mean I even told my stepfather dinner until my step mom obliged and didn't do it I'm like dude I'm just gonna get down they're doing this because I forgot. Tony I just never got around Baghdad that's basically all it was and I I don't know what to pay out would have then maybe you know a thousand bucks. Whatever it was I wanna watch for like 51 out in Hollywood arrow was a mean a vote of fifty bucks down I would have been able to I think I would be able to fly back to Vegas. And make it worth my while to become a winning sure. Actually yeah. Just you talk about it's Vegas at the sports books in every hotel know the car everywhere you look man I was getting on a limited time. I was betting on bowl games. Which was great because like I've been number Jamie tag Manning kick the crap out of somebody as I that they never lose a bowl games unto itself. I was I was doing really well sports betting Brett which side traditionally you know don't do but I mean like. One game at a time like you didn't matter of those like Missouri today takes. On apple latch and there and I'm like all doubt Dan got a blue we're bullseye on our actions. If they think it is fear that I just because it's always get my dad Amanda one Bennett and meg just. The one only Kashmir and our question today hi I know I'd have they held a lot more money if blank didn't happen 844999. Cola. Lol Paul La welcome to the men's room. Yeah. Will welcome. You guys still and how Paul how are you. I'm doing all right and drag it. I'm I'm. Well wait too much money I'm not the problem animal it's my application. And down problem animals. Yeah useless and release he downed animals that neither this health. Yeah a more interesting than the one that doesn't handle so like people call Leo and say here is your kids you know. Terrible situation and really take the cup my hand. In hand down one of them had spent the most money aren't as Israel Trent Pepe the alpaca. Our eyes L package or how much does doesn't compact could go for. Well see if you do animal rescue people collier and they'd say hey we could. And yet they're sent him up a bit you know packed it in a field round must they need to you know. Yeah would you all you volunteer for this to happen. In me like you make it readily available though like blood you're willing to dig and just about there's a reason people call you Pollack. I know that yet and I don't mind and I you know I'd say no when I when it's so I can't. An all or what do what's an and we can't handle only if you said now pack it's for the I don't know enough about alpaca is to agreed to take it quite I hope it does well I want to be healthy all that stuff but I wouldn't even know were to begin with exactly. Are you OK I got a question for Paula I say and I shaven alpaca from the pairs of socks my guess now the steel. Well how many can you hit. I I don't know like jazz and then like as I've got some alpaca socks and did the blank it's unbelievable fantastic on the planet idea and now packets over the past everybody's that you know Lama as the stakes Ayman Al packed Judy dealers selling compact is just whether furlong when they walk around there just comfortable yet are you all told they like how many aipac is does it take to make your blanket. Osama bin man because usually like when I have mine shared when most people here have theirs there or sheared. They give it a way that the plea on it it. You know people don't have time to do all that. Knitting and. Then I have time to knit themselves small pack of first they do I don't I think you're getting I think here you I think you should sell it. I'll tell you I think he's so look for a profit you. Like you're on had a great golf and very relaxing Paula what are what are some animals you've turned out like Jack I got like you'll take an alpaca but I call you and say hey there's a a tiger cub you turned me down. I'm again and I turned around on. The Nile crocodile like old iron up the a crocodile he's I'd I'd say yes to a few other. You know like door crocodiles and I don't know how big is dwarfed rocket. Old email came any time you element disseminate that children see and when they. Get big big get about I don't know 34 feet long or did you keep this thing. Well I never kept them for burial on I would have done a a lot of animals belong to somebody who could adapt in a boot camp about but in the meantime they'd they'd usually be at that tab. Yeah you know I'm I'm in Korea would ask get it out and. In America obviously they're in the top volatile how much money do you think over the years have you had a rough estimate how much money be spent. Probably out tens of thousands and a do you get any help good to veterinary clinics offer the services for your rescuers that I got. You know you still bad old days back veterinary. Help has you know that veterinary it is now more of a boat he. The street. There there I didn't catch a break from some of the livestock bat at. Let. Went on there's a specialized chicken doctor out there's no we're trying to tell me. You know the famous. The thing the airlines flying to Turkey it went when I I happen to know the person who had a Turkey and there weren't especially Turkey that that Turkey. I am a special I don't Jersey cartoon event doctor butterball. Darn gobbled it. Yeah yeah what do you think your parents and only when you say hey man not only be a veterinarian and specialized Turkey's. Toronto Mike did in Europe paying for the rest our school and Israel do anything a little plastic thing popped out of his shoulder. And ask. League you know like. A lot of time there but the best will specialize like they'll get the general veterinary and then now. Who specializes in birds which in bird you know in general including Perez then and now raptors another thing in common animals do you have right now. Not too many I I have a fire I'm not even the government on a good evening I've got a few words did Blake steps. Three quarters therein. And I got about. Real packed into a Lama and some chickens and take our guns aren't iron over twelve. And I don't have the chick I don't eagle eye Eddie eagle to go Eagles you bald Eagles. I bald eagle I don't have them but I have to say they come around. No they're not you know you don't rescue bald Eagles they just have to be probably did you go to while laws and things. In my extra chicken army I sell like hot. An interesting an interesting yeah I bet they do so no way. It can't I had you know I hit in game three alpaca is we're really good job of congress mr. only go on their own chicken for dinner tonight news. It's men's or my question I know I have held a lot more money if blank didn't have an 844999. Or more although I'm or your calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Until you know as did the men's room CMOs. Builds bigger Adam Vinatieri had a. Clause in his contract to remain 90% of his kicks in caesar's Allred does chance to do this real way he would make a half million dollars. Unfortunately he tried to field goals and buffalo in a blizzard and as you would expect he missed them both and that brought his average down. 288%. From nine to five point 7%. Which means that he has to make five in a row without a miss to get back above 90%. And get that half million dollars back last year the same thing basically happened to him and he lost the half million as well whatever last year he played an inclement weather game and this takes that game day are dramatic guys older he's great kicker he's one of the most accurate but he's also a kicker. Who predominately kicks indoors yeah that's true and he's embedded teary he's almost most famous for kicking in snow exactly heat and output that was you think that huge of an effort twentieth walk and seasons playing football solely. Although the fancy memories you have a home plate. You're right but that lead be twelve yeah how good these from the cold for like a decade but here's been taken indoors for a long snow is no end in between breaks they go out and they. Shall all the lines on the field and they do all that stuff and you know. Even even if Jerry Green Bay Green Bay gets no I didn't do it it's much different I think the lake effect snow hitting buffalo. Whenever Alexandra in unlike anything you have blues on the you have time to be even got to find the lines on the field I think and I think his man is just like. O'Malley and his government that was a critical what thunder snow. Yes exactly I mean you have thunder during. And I mean instantly that I've never seen a game with that much now now I Wear it you couldn't control on the field and they couldn't do anything about it like that. You know any of it probably would have been a game of the week to watch Alicia would have been on Kaduna and entertaining to sell Arizona Maryland and Missouri thirteen to seven but yeah they kept in this thing red zone specifically about touchdowns a red zone opportunities are were not a lot of those from the to have won back to the game I think just because everyone enjoyed seeing these guys play and a foot of snow and down. I mean it was pretty so which couldn't tell the guy went out of bounds and into it in a little. Went on a fairly orderly step out more than we don't know you can't see the border and hit the problem is it's like he's a kicker who's the most of the gains seen in around. I go home game I have these feeder like little frozen rough weeks ago. She's scare some other way as far as the question goes. And ought to have a whole lot more money Boynton didn't happen says I've held I held a lot more money if I'd never married that lying thieving cheating floor. A moral danced I'd have a lot more money if I pulled out three times. I mean does his three kids and and I knew I the thing that's very specifically know which which not much round guys every time to. And and what a way more money above wife didn't buy you ready are what you think the vacuum is that she I would see. The efforts. If it's a higher and 1500 dollars. You need to go much better. Thousand dollars 4500. Dollar round lol what you've got what kind of bad wolf I don't know and they value value value is and has been more information than that I want to make it 4500. Dollar backing Clinton yeah. Like come on man. Many of them in the Tampa Bay or like I did so so this sounds like futuristic but it's not kudos to that idea but back in the day. In my first or second home in West Virginia they have what they called a central vacuuming system. And they recently plugged it into a day on the wall right there little hole there was it was new toner somebody made this thing anybody here's the thing. The farthest point from that bag in that you know which was down the basement yet. There was no suction on the vacuum you know daylight. It run up like two floors like down the hall way all across the relate. That's a long way to go for for for you look at you know and means a leg but time really got to know the ins and out like this they gave him a better. It's nice it's package and make it spin and it's just a second. I'm miserable I question I know I have held a lot more money a blank didn't happen 8449. Motorola. All hello Lawrence welcome to the Mandarin. Oh god. And he has. So. I'd have a whole lot more money you are never discover books. But it could do it all I've never been married myself but I know a couple we go to our. Well but. A the reason why I say. Doesn't really matter your computer you have a girlfriend. Altered its final first day opened this quote from actions. There's a lot of money in its director. Hello I just spent there and it's a lot different whether you're married or have a girlfriend or lived together. Casey needs it trust me sit on the day might sound like on a date yet you're still by the same amount of money if you're willing if you're like that's why I mean dissects. Well yeah a bit on the that's the beauty of it but on the backside of that relationship then it then it could be something that's it it's incredibly different then just a regular dinner so. So what how much my idea how much money. How much is this your hobby did to try to go out the bunch of different people what. Oh no my my hobby Rhonda. Your average. Realizes how much money you videotaped. Please clue woman's but that. Would tell how could they see you go on. I've been on new. I've done my fair share and are used like has so I've never been married. And I had a long term girlfriend and we lived together in. Just just how would how women are these. Iraq we'll right well it's a lose that was the last time you went on a day how it's been a month. It's always good a year the year name where did you go. I actually occurred thirds there. All right well I don't know Vancouver and I wonder really Smart good demand hold up. For sale are talking of Amara diesel as prince configure restraints on government today. Men's or black question I know I'd have held a lot more money at blank didn't happen. The show and many games continues on the men's room radio network.