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Tuesday, December 12th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines


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This is the men's room. He's thrilled. There's no standing by car 9844999. A little flavor profile that's coming up in minutes. And we do have your headlines on the way one hour from now first which again in my car for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right Bath & Body Works is now selling a bunch of booze scented items including candles that smell like gin and tonic. And a new hand so called winter seeing green yes. None of them veneman washing the hands of reaching the boot fifty. I think some people don't need to wash their hands then surely wearing gym being OK and just very new and unused drugs on the head. Though most who were trying to hide the center of the franks made good on why they do that so I burn Mick Campbell no Intel how drunk you live vodka and gin exist. Meaning right but then what happens if you you know use these products and then you get pulled over. Cancer ma'am we could smell him on it right all the circles around my breath it's my hand it's my shampoo I want and an almost certain while luckily there's no law against being an idiot. But otherwise they give it to you if you wash your hands are always singer. There's significant trend they say like I like drinking but I just never been like. Us military can. I was wanna smelling the bureau and Brent there wasn't time I can remember going up when I was younger but my mom had a can't appear in the shower. And you know as evidence there and she said it was her hair and yet it should wash your hair with a flat beer and I just whenever. Did I I have shower beer's my beer. You could veer a beer in the auditors that I would never meant I would never sit a shower just frequent. It's an hour ridiculous for Larry the Beers are very few of those hour until last Demi had a shower bit Saturday did you have on Saturday yes. I got to do that's been alive and wound we'll make you decided that was the day. A sports in my life within a big deal didn't it was all like shower beard down to do this thing alive. And then referring it was 11:30 AM posts and our prayers our prayer. And excuses advanced. But immunity to sit aircrack what 1130 to counter. Feel like if you like I've taken this in the shower beg your no warrant I think generally show our viewers happened more night. We turned the hours at night. Well I. I do cry okay. It's relaxing night every night the last night you know that's likely drunk and aghast but before I just have never smelled alcohol on somebody win that's constant. Houston also right yeah although other B Smith and almost been smiled and thought of got a chance at it. Hope all all all all our top. I think I ever go on television over there home. Right you'll play has a bunch of new Yorker flavors are supposed to taste like Girl Scout Cookies. OK Ed McMahon I think there's. The younger that I buy has a little cup in the senate and as a little peanut butter pieces and other than just to photograph and make CO Goodell allowed. Yeah I don't know my yeah literally you know they have a minister and an in his DNA let's listen to get them sending it to flips and I'll probably same idea. The other than I was like and want to forget palace snapped I didn't I didn't jump on younger till my early twenties. Jumbo loan you're dragging your body outage that yeah I didn't agree can only weird. There on the your return and I immediately think in my view as you think if you look awful. If you're flying December 15 on Alaska Airlines virgin America whole horizon air you can border early if you show appeared gates in an ugly Christmas letter. There's a gimmick what qualifies as an ugly Christmas what are you how to be able amend their feelings hurt not realizing. Right exactly you're not trying to marijuana right here and I wanna distribute coach you're just worried right as you think military analyst. Fuel freedom Morgan does one ugly sweater you legit like this letter writer Mike what's the what's happening is that the ugly sweater but like your grandma or your or your aunt so brief. Knitted for generally yes that's how it started and finally I don't know if you usually people would chip would dig out told sweaters it was kind of a joke. And then it's turned into the trendy thing. Interleague play and how much can either way guess what everybody. The flame with everyone on and believe that the exact same time it doesn't matter when you get on the plane the plane believed. Let everybody vote but half the fun as getting on their first modestly wanna go for I don't really understand I think you'd be more fun to get offers guests at the I serious do you think part of funds get on the plane first no. For first class here ashes and I could sit there and drink the what I don't like what did he tell via any time your your fly first class and in hell. The isn't it like these are there any way for plane they will listen nine different things. That you qualifier in the civil for everybody else remember the goals you're server to a friend that owns around collect just smiled and wanted to it was like now I just just gets an African section. If it's if it. I don't Karen got don't do Brussels are gonna do what I do miles to go to the carrying yak confused. I don't know I am I'm in this for our forget. I wrote I'm please do good. They oblique recovered to sometimes I sit by the Chief Justice lecture with my foot up and highway to the final last moments but I don't get on now. It's like a long flight the company bleacher but our fans have seen that don't have more time. And if and when we covered this yesterday a woman tried to smoke a cigarette and one of the bathrooms on a ninety minute flight from Portland Sacramento. And then after she got 'cause she threatened to kill everybody on the plane dead she's a class act which is a great thing to recommend things are still in Sacramento they're trying to figure out how to get the home. Yeah. Gerald client as we shared. Dubroff a great point yesterday like number one. He generally smell cigarette smoke and ranked number two is if you're not a smoker you can smell it on people absolutely when they come back game. Federal court to consider when I have a flight making good I think I just think she she had to be offer made to waste to have to think what did you think you people that are you never went down the drain but it also can't be surprising because also a strong mentioned they have that nice the reminder right there at the beginning of the flight that hey. You can't smoke on the flight began tamper with any of those within it a fire systems that are in the bathroom he can go to the bathroom and smoke on the flight. Marriage illegal without cigarettes for the for the flight that you are you tell us that we're what idiot would do that the leaders cheers and there's always a reason for the world. Our flight from Russia to Switzerland had to make an emergency landing in Germany after a woman freaked out because they wouldn't give her any more champagne from the Mississippi them. What counts is a freak out over champagne. They cut you off. Yeah why did you freak out on a flight over mega mouth. I visited in that they learned they weren't serving any thing I'll do they were just waiting as soon as those a little bomb. Failed a son like me it's cancel service facility just sit back here so I'll do anything. Didn't shoot it hit the button for the reflected that but no I knew those a bunch of bottled water up ahead so disastrous I wanna go there break in and start and a announced their. And nothing to do with the lakers had everything to do with something wet in my mouth. And I've provided that form but I'll still thirsty if it's a salty. I just. Paycheck after thinking about what excuse. Look. She's obviously was on his only real man this is a different for you Kim wasn't on there oh my god you're going to and they weren't still dry they ran in that company. I thought we thought tires. So that we'll do what's. This careful though the moon's surface and it's not because of a danger of the boos man but they were gonna spill stuff that they tried did they try to servant a veteran quarterback you drink it builds up I don't I don't know. Yeah it it wasn't that bad the whole time and they are defensive in your defense. But they did do most of the plane they just got an offer they got right well. Right bare ma'am we'll wonder why he was someone in my not in a drink and don't mind off south African mad at the ladies and gentlemen. And really tee into the community again who's good why do you think that I would honestly spill a drop I don't care my goddamn head slammed into the top of the they're playing in an ambulance and police do man. Severe turbulence he kept his drink level given to me as a duo dropped don't know who you are miles. All they know my name up I mean we know we justified only hero. And finally Merriam Webster has announced the word up 2070 and it is a tail following up now thank you I got headlines are coming of one hour now first the game ends up. True precepts. Cipro and only to please everyone how profile this is playing as short Dan miles it's not a simple game where we share with you a real like news story something that happened right here I'm Lynn and her. And do listen to story based on stereotypes you believed to be true on people and the decisions that people make. Bless Woodard as you think Mason story a story. Hello Mike welcome to the Madrid. It's. I'm Mike you understand that your name's place. Are certainly they're fantastic here's your story at malls and 27 year old woman and a 27 year old man. Who visited Chicago last week to celebrate the guy's birthday. And just after they got there and they got mugged at knife point. There's and they stole summer June 12 at 121000 dollar regained her friend 5000 dollars in cash a 3000 dollar Louis Vuitton suitcase. A 2000 dollar MacBook air and more another woman so what are homeowners look like fat Alberts and her description. That's what you told cops. Ever the police investigated and found not only was made about the couple couldn't get the story straight security cameras didn't backup DB teammates then input from the airport. Joseph that they didn't even have logged. So why did they line. Well according to them it was quote to have some fun for his birthday and he said because she could he has bad friends that's and one. Comfortable facing felony charge for falsely reporting a crime to question is do you believe the boos enterprising young couple is black or white match he or aged but. Oh man. I got to go to miles on this one. You're really gonna meet young homered you to do. You know I think Fat Albert leans completely 100% completely wiped. I'm agreeing with that you're fabricating a story. You have all the most expensive gadgets are and again I didn't have any of the stone. But you amazed that they lost yet 121000 dollar engagement ring 5000 dollars in cash for 3000 dollars Louis Vuitton suitcase a 2000 dollar MacBook Air. And more. This conflict it is Google expensive stuff a birthday quake scam just screams and white I think. And we think in. We're we're just in the couple right the other content he just seems like white people really really really really like their birthdays and go to the three months sometimes like rather be like now average number of them are there. It's nice to get a thousand over regulate what you do is just only white people there were visiting Chicago to a birthday month. Toward do you worry Cabrera didn't put that I think is why we've got. I'll take my final answer is also all the way and they say it's also Chicago and may mean a plate he called elegant black for the tournament. Yeah Fat Albert senators. I'm my final answer we're gonna find out of this dynamic goes black white meg C or Asian next. Of that room seats you're listening to men's or radio network and did you know you don't have turned the men's room. You know I'm throwing over profiled as sad today. I come all the way in on the birthdays and oh my god we got my. I'm we lost all our stuff we were I don't look at like Fat Albert solo stuff here and man they had some. Children can still pretty Italian stuff and 121000 dollar engagement ring 5000 bucks in cash and 3000 dollar Louisville bomb's suitcase 2000 dollar MacBook any error. So Mulder does some stuff would it turns out they denied and by the way I will say this I've been to Chicago. Numerous weekends and always had a great time Julia city as wonderful the people are wonderful one thing about China you know you. As far as being a major city in a major city I mean making Chicago's future. Chicago is. Reasonably affordable students are literally I'm not a you're gonna live there I'm sure that's expensive as hell but you're gonna get us amateur dinner or fear or something like that as far as the cost of living it's not. It doesn't knock you back so you can have a good time whenever they anyway I had a Great Britain times guys vampire his eyes are particularly on the on the quality and a number of remove my Fat Albert but my first interview did you believe that this double is black and white makes your agent and you remove miles as a man wipe it just feels quite a big man reveals why. Can I ask you are correct. One of homeowners fine Albert mush mouth was behind the beer there irony today. Congratulations you win nothing now relativity as volatile as Sabatini Sabatini. Countless hours in front of the talking again in the newsroom presents. Most cities are kind of known for there are certain types of food or whatever short but I think a lot of we will get there identity from a sandwich. My algebra from West Virginia IC Pittsburgh you think of Paul Abrams right. Exactly right Virginia I think of a pepperoni year old or a hot dog eighty go to Maryland are pros at the back crab cakes are 18 am really you know got the cheese steak you go to Massachusetts. You go to the lobster roll you go to New Orleans you get the po boy. Right Italian beef at Chicago near its digital city you get all the barbecued and possibly there's a lot of cities defined by the hand held dignity half. Yet by any New York's probably more defined. By Pete's California looking at burritos this amendment Garrett the vote out burritos and smiles and of course I'm. Fight back so last night. They're having monetary football. And Jon Gruden is their late news Grunin and he has a thing at the end called greens grinder. By the way if you would all find it funny really jogger in talks gets fired up there is feet John grooms on Twitter I highly suggest you follow. It's just he just you know like his same intensity both whenever message or semi open yeah and it's just like even a little bit cheesy here. OK you know lake is corny but you can't help but like him because. In spite of how dom some of the statements kind of soundly but he means maybe just younger John Madden. Yeah basically I mean there's so damn fun I mean his foot pocket you know like that. All right. There's a lot there's a lot right with them there's a lot wrong with them yeah he's a little bit he's easily he's a strange character via its place chuck. L a coach. So we sit there right now I will see Jon Gruden is kind of cut and dry you either like John and they don't another guy that's gotta like that guy yet. You don't intravenous shaft and do the hive hair drive in the dives. I'm back on the yet he trained I met him once in these are very personable got to let it go just because he chooses employees also at its restaurants open. Yet somehow with Jack yet guys and we don't wait man. Right and you know you guys Brock he adds an extra stuff so here he gruden at the end of the broadcast into the gruden grinder so he. I don't know why Miami they had and they make it Philly cheese steak this doesn't make any sense but. The anyway they're Cuban any shows about it. This is him telling him how he put the sandwich a proper Philly way I can't yeah. Bode could hear about it. He has been the lead on the don't like it doesn't. Near. The money. Guide to Dubai. Don't just want lobbying on your. Okay. You'd go watch the Vietnam would be saying there though what should be at the mention FaceBook page about the Philly. Panetta Eric crouch or whatever he that the current I would thought that was a Chicago thing with the Italian beef. I mean like they did a certain way you gotta put to butt out clean up on the counter yeah resilience drop about it I'm. So I don't know I I didn't. That was my question try our new Jewish drop button right so I was late. If necessary I think you might I don't know this it really does anybody have a certain senate seat certain ways either way excited please visit messy you write irregulars. There is opposed you'd if you know that when you take the body of silenced the bank capital gonna explode. Yeah Gasol there's nothing you can do you're right there's there's weird kind of thing you do with him back to make sure that it drops directly into your point. Yet it's weird is that good to eat that wait till you yuck you wanna get that one corners deep in your mouth as time goes Everett. Yeah so you can see the video that I really thought I was like I guess that's a silly thing so it's kind of thing to retire. Somebody off grant not just take a bite of the slope but take it right in the middle. But no one eats the slope with wise in our time leukemia eating like lengthwise when corn near me like no one does that does take a bite right in the middle of somehow it's more offensive than if they just took a bite at the tip. A 100% correct I don't know what I wish I may have owed to provide the somehow you've been in the middle village you some. If you get a sandwich wrapped in paper it's going to be messy yes the best analogy you mean. Yes and so sandwich is gets a message yet and put them on a plate. Couldn't seriously man. All right well it's the world of TV and stuff so let's do I continue with these sexual harassment. We'll of miss for dinner. Oh movie. Blamed the delay have done. The joint venture forth for. A beverage wars as a coach or player. They were commentators some of them role players really. Oh a big unknowns. NFL network. Just basically. Marshall. If you aren't good all the wheels no substantive I donated. A total. Marshall Faulk and Heath Evans Ike Taylor. Eric Stevens Donovan McNabb and Warren sat. Well worn saddened surprised those on Hollywood system. I mean they but they were all done point is that although the following on at the NFL now. Heath Evans I always enjoyed Heath Evans commentary and then upon our company goes into. He's an Eric Davis. Eric Davis I certainly don't question for all he was a great outfitter for the oh Cincinnati Reds he's. But I go back and forth with him like he's are able to get like really been Donovan brilliant break at. Yeah come on man with some of the things are crazy to why it is so hard to keep employment problem this stuff is there's evidence. Right in this instance he she guy hey. Here's these penis somewhat false press. Hey here's Don Imus penis on my phone hey here's some really nasty text messages from you know being moral whenever I'm in approves of though the promise she's. If she's right about all the stuff. Released the allegations based on what she has every won the basically it is a great thing about this so the up this morning and I look on ESPN I ESPN says. NFL network suspends 23. Of its commentator yeah. Those three commentators happened to be still working on the NFL network that would be Heath that would be Aaron Davis is now he was on ESP there. Another one. Either way. So Marshall fault they call these guys out in the ESP article. You go halfway down the articles is all by the way ESPN has also suspended Donovan McNabb an air date right yeah well why isn't that part of the headlines. It should be NFL network ESPN network to disband talents amid allegations not NFL network gut dirt balls by the way at the bottom here we got river gobble warriors do like you jackass is cause I mean yeah my god. I company in new data demons that stand that's what they would all do now with the two yeah. Yeah I mean it just looks bad 88 goes back to wake you kind of seen in a lot of places it looks like obviously at the NFL network. For awhile there is a culture that it was allow an okay. So yeah. Good news for America came and we I would take these allegations seriously we had no idea treatment of the quotes from Warren Sapp were exactly what a poker game. I did see Asia I was like all right what did you learn words as they put you also look. She's passionate let's let them guns is more of I see that speech. He's not really used very good football mom that you got to listen what he says yeah and only doesn't rhymes. I think that reunion won't blow you over to a very thanks for the other side Warren. Obviously with Hollywood and everything else we've talked to talk about the it's sexual assaulted miss a match. So when Jimmy Kimmel was out for awhile he had guest host in there one of them is a very funny I Tracy Ellis Ross you know her from black dish. I know when she was Holstein. She made up the Dr. Seuss kind of rhyme here called the handyman and it's appropriate as it has been unfortunately for the last two months. There is a guy with ten long fingers pretty eagle there isn't hugs that linger. If you're a woman you are not a fan. I speak of course a man and easy man. The man. On the news you should be a bit confuse. Listen and I'll explain to you all. Things you may not do him. Are you complement my back you may not coming home or slots. As yours or drunk do not exposed me to your job. And your employee heat due to rest your hand upon my need no I won't six all your lap. I wish this is crap. Yeah that's why are you creep or grab my boobs while I'm asleep I do not want to back besides did you. Apart. So can he man. If you're still confused. When they hear me. Here will be excused. I'll say it could only nice and Sloane she is she doesn't use and its. The third is now. I'll play very funny. Just like I can tell you how many days I come and work down you see these stories just she's just mimic everything yeah. And honestly. I don't know Pete I was he fortunate there on lake it's unfortunate this happens to be able I think it's fortunate these sores and keep rolling out. Absolutely and now they have a floodgate to vote it's like anything inflation. From won't come forever everyone knows this from one opera or the companies that have overseen the score was but it may feign ignorance which is ridiculous but. Now the delegates Strathairn and it's almost safe to to be honest about what has happened. It's only when the bell rings in class in the first game gets up and everyone follows that's kind of like what has happened. Yeah one for coupons and aim and it enough of this nonsense and everybody you know what. We do my own and basically said if you're a dude and we've heard of him but good giant delegation to governor what he. Lets you know it's a miles that are that the problems a lot of the stuff now is did you lead. Record. If you end your picture of your pianist just understand that's medicine quality. Evidence is digitally recorded in also lose the cons strengths constraints. Constraints yes. Of the work environment has changed. Rightly gave you know we keep their social media people can get information out they Iraq quicker so it's lake where he's used to damage is. Like hush up about it not talk about their personal thing well. You'll FaceBook now where he happily if it's on front street for everybody. Some good news of all the stuff we all know of course of Matt Lauer got let go by today's show. You know. Basically we as we found out on the relief of the few times NB CDC knew about his predatory behavior but kind of brush you know America's Lara was a star anchor. This kind of thing uniquely can't farm problem. And now since he's been gone. Savannah Guthrie in total open host at Kuwait during the show it is skyrocketed for two weeks in Iraq. Chris I really really craving to have just there ratings have been front and also. I never knew anyone who watched The Today Show because they love Matt Lauer now he seemed to annoy me and my grandmother back in the day but other than men at. That there's just nothing about him that was appealing several mutilated just loses more ice warming was the right way to describe it what was is calling her clothes and as you would CBS news' Katie Couric dating card by a to a lot of people watch it for her people yet because you normally I heard right like Katie Couric she's nice person and he was just there might you'd except that he was there because somehow she made India. It's like putting salt on food. But you're not gonna like this Matt our meal but won't put a little kitty Carrick comet it's it's more power and then when she left leg goods are. Yeah and I knew I knew a friend. It's a little bit all right when his friends was dating Katie current road and she would like show up to parties and stuff they had. And he says he was like. If you've ever watched the show and you thought she was nice and cool music you brawl she's better. Now they are good usually Katie Couric was also you really think you have the same story meeting Matt Lauer on the street my answer is no everything right by an ally I don't know that featured on the phone with a spent a but I would just guess that he's not gonna be the nicest guy oil income before those social obligations and the good MO one Hamels and he was just to do push. Yeah and our Malia are steady Kurt back when she was in DC shoe bomb dynamite show in my favor rated film like. She was great from the good she was forum she's a cool person. Yeah she still lived out. But that's in my body but apparently she's in an area hit. We don't usually do. He ain't nothing like too crazy do you try to use that money she's really funny. He is thinking as they keep the cameras are not. They sleep. Easily sturdy attractive but he would easier person using she's beautiful there's about I believe they mean even his wife would gush over the all right I'll come back on okay detect any character. He has longer sleep every. Content and the ethics. Mike and I were talking earlier a lot of ITV shows are coming back era they're trying to restart in them. One of those of course was Fuller house. Season three that desire coming out soon. And I know that they can why bring up a warehouse ready nova that was true but what would you think about a blossom reunion. Yeah well sure but probably to top two of my favorite celebrities in the world but once Steve Harvey okay. There were two Joey look at what Joey Lawrence was obviously Barbour you talked about that's so this show is didn't we moved some glad we seal blossom reboot. There's been serious welcome. How to believe and not and yeah I mean I. And five and I both Sydney usually. I'm we've talked to Don real about it who created it. There's a way in then I think were all downforce which a lot of people because I leave your view let's just say you didn't collected top rival would you care to be up to now. Well they're showing it where he went off the play baseball he's a really good baseball players I think that he went had a great career. Probably got married several times like you know he was always going on dates and you're out there and that. And I think he came home now for the first time in. A long time maybe decree is over right in the nose mid late thirties and out and got my settle to do it is like thing you know he doesn't have much to fall back on these enough. He's not done enough he's got a job at the brazen firing on all cylinders yeah. It could do. More Philly he's describing his own life. It's almost like if you wanted to know namely your auto bio on Brad did you blame it. Or George glee like no may be when you played a minor leagues of like rich men in blue see you know they knew Canas knocked and you blew that your arm and you try to you hang on too long and then you come all not not to a hero's welcome it is like to like. Always back but no we are drawn carriages like and I had beautiful women all around me that dated them and had tons of money in gold and and come back. He's given they don't like it's OK they your character was down. Yeah like everybody understands. Doing more insecure and actor run but he seemed very first violate Jews and everybody's into Lincoln. During her lawyer because you know everything else going on and that's not meant as an insult but we understand this right and right now I just thought it was funny think how well he didn't have much I think it's I think nobody thinks it's actually you. You say your character was dubbed blue. I think it was a as Joey Oracle's explain what he believes is Carriker be doing in my I'm pretty sure he's just explaining his life. I don't know how good are already on the damp problem. Let's appoint. Luckily the clock to run my character but yeah I go until the writers in this. Jerry could probably be just for that he's just the size of the secretive. And yes I now so I was on them and they'll the path Denzel. Nearly that's ridiculous and yet I was doing a movie without any help them Allen now what I've got to go on now. They just haven't come from not good. I'm Mike Fisher last edges out Madonna the Fisher right we both were utterly unstoppable Denzel Washington right played black says I'm white it's. Heavy people all of that I. Brought my. But my Mac. Egypt's historic star did this I wanted. Break your and you're picking your own characters like those play in me. Any any any girl that shows up as they get love interest whoever's going to be like Megan Fox. So feel about Barak calling me for faith you don't get to play and it'd be true a lot differently when you spend your Summers in this year filming of the cape. I. If I did those at the cape. Well I'd be amazed I'm gonna Peter I'd think good very good they just think 020 yeah he's employment. The guy for game thrown down one what gore on the ball white dude yeah you got rated well it into your independent I think that's plenty of ups and I think that's a fair. I think if these movies are weird that it might yet do they are they sure are. Yes. Some of those terrible. Wild fires you see going on down in California it's amazing to IP and a late. If you've never been better in the country who are stealing those fires. Impressive they're massive in marriage hugely populated areas or yeah I mean is are usually boring re and we certainly. Thousands of people being evacuated now want to thousand thousand buildings officially the striptease yeah. I had a friend that lives down Georgetown and that had tax the last thing we did you. All right Dan actually Jim I. Susteren bush destroyed but we got out I'm told everything burn down for sure yeah where she was kind of yeah they have as a bunch of celebrity you've even celebrities like. Mother nature they don't get it takes no prisoners everybody's everybody's fair game. Now this year of duty a bit of a rabbit. That I feel feel better about it here's a guy trying to catch the rat states and we appreciate and I don't know my documents you are listening to the men's or radio network. Please and Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real I don't know who had done underwear town celebrates its 150 anniversary three years too late. Meanwhile woman fired a shotgun and a stalker but there was no soccer he was drunk and it was all about the heat. Dodgers pistons have a big east Asians are coming in now all the time. A family receives fifteen point six million for some loss in his beer pong playing Brian. And Miriam Webster has its word of the year it is time for your headlines. It's Sunday. It's news might call. I had jobs story Miriam Webster has come. I had given us information on something that we don't really care about it. M announce the winner of the word of the year word of the year they say they'll look up for this word in 2017 increased by 70%. Despite several times after key events and a series of movements throughout 2017 that caused people to hold views and look up the true definition of this work. And without further ado Merriam Webster has announced that way winner shall we play the fanfare musical duet. And I'm Amanda we're gonna make him make paying me. You know you went through all of this building and this is the word of the year in my life you know I mean this is like winning the Golden Globe for work. Without. Well Darren had the that the winner for the prestigious. Honorably annual award of the year. Feminism. Feminism feminism. Congratulations. To the word get a free party does get a we ask what is learning and growing area by an idea if it's a plaque on the wall there well. Are right around the world would go to Australia and the small town of Charles Hill who have been planning a celebration for the 100 and finish fiftieth anniversary of coming into existence. They went through all the hoops or ready to get their party started as they brought it into the yet when he eighteen year only to find out there was actually disagreement decades ago. Add to the true data in which they were declared a talent. Officials believe that the town was founded in the 1868. What state records actually show that they were established in 1865. Making them three years late to their own party and some things can congratulations. Everyone that's Sox move. Now really mean is still draw the party ask you throw the party you get offline I. I realize what I have heard the thought. I'm fifty years or close I mean it gay you're pro party Camilo who leads it to Australia April part of and a fun look at it was a 153 years and it's enough reasons still throw parties. For people gonna celebrate right there 34 birthday you can certainly sold right away under the Chrysler is actually makes it better known Muehlegg we will celebrate a 150. We celebrate the 150. That's why we have here dynamite and yet you know there we saw an old celebrity into our 300 in sixth. I mean if I was run on the board that party and this guy comes up this is actually this was established in 1965 it's a you keep that to yourself if I don't want to go out and I Iraqi information about to have another dispute blow you all the Millen actually went through a shout out could expect that. Do you see the bill for all the stuff that I made that target you guys are a little incorrect to match yeah yeah. A look feel like we we will we got to sometimes it doesn't do that. I think yeah. At eleven B Liz yeah but I do that I didn't. Hefner who has the whistle blower who was so proud that eighty in new there was three years earlier. And the Diaz did is we can't because they don't care about Jeremy. It might even look at all it was obviously agreed upon amongst everybody that 1868 was the year who actually join the army but it's. That's still saying it's that do it is it's always act got to let any or all bad man. There's a reason the PGA tour to basically just came out of luck. We've had a couple situations where. People are watching the tournaments and then the ratting out players on various Satan in Iraq why he's taking these these suggestions from viewers and people who were following players around. And deducting strokes and and penalizing players Syria that would be like me saying you know what. I think both his feet were a bounce we're gonna give them that call and I can call up god damn whoever it is. It ahead of him I Sheehan and New York here pit and they would overturn a rule based on what happened on the field. So it is in the PGA just recently you said you know what by the way of we're not gonna allow that anymore not only is always a prison nearly. Saying things he still is a before he made and net interest killed and. Plus that's a terrible I'd yeah it was terrible idea they know there's a reason why we call on couch quarterbacks because wall on the surface are right there's a reason why they did that not only did he look all that kind of crap on aren't the people who are gonna show up and party with its seems so shut up. Raise your own home watching. And my department and I. Then he tells us I will tell and eleven email dad remembers parent ever to start. A young four year old man as has been spread all over the Internet because of the challenge that he set for himself or Europe and they're. The fifth the day you went to four or else every match stick. I'll wanting to be a whole Lotta loss was they wanted to be Smart like his sister and knows his love of Reading inspired him to read 100 books in a single night no way 100 no only on the way and we had to be like ten pages right I worry about four years old or years old and he's gonna read a hunter but probably not pursues kids' books right until. At 400 element and not. Eastern needs our job on FaceBook live and elaborate as every timely coverage and he actually did this might get your time there with your Dr. reference there when you have a child I'm gonna buy you all the Dr. Seuss books GOP hopefuls you can read the because some of them are over 200 pages long plus some of them are longer than others but now. Duck majority of them are longer. Another is a matter shocked at how long so look I'm John Maine green eggs and you don't want to go along as well as a goddamn matter I I still have a few I will bring them in just so you can see how long. It's a pain in the yeah don't do it he's got a lot of mean I am alone you don't care they get home and really thought everything starting even that was. This and greenery the hardy boys do is just approved view that is not an easy read my grand may be good night I flew need to throw and there are some crab well you lab tech do you think you'll get Lucille bedtime story. Bottles under their red fish blue fish years doing crazy. This cat misses are more milk mr. brown can move was about a far. Yeah. After I like to go dogs go I was good month of Pennsylvania woman it was a cause for police to be told is she part of shotgun in her home to fend off an intruder. Unfortunately for her there actually was no intruder she was tripping so hard that she'll listen to be general basically firing a shotgun while all good though she fired the guy that's. Bet offer here. If that's their grandma and my. Yeah I reversion don't CNN's Deborah positive during used during their turn to the Sox last and we'll bring it to us again with a shot that it has indeed it is all true we'd be all about those bench but we will be back tomorrow so until then please. Do what you do best and poorly for the sake. It's okay beautiful.