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Wednesday, December 13th

Emails, Who Sucks Less is back! Plus A Positive Drinking Story and the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. Israel. Tough holiday celebrated de Sade is on the way also the return of who Sox last our question today. Closure most unique or unexpected experience we have a woman who went on her honeymoon in the Caribbean. And she was bit by a nurse shark which traditionally built by people but in this instance you have owners got bit by a shark you most people can't say that. A George Clooney. Apparently gave one point time fourteen of his friends one million dollars each taxes paid. Six that said you've been my friends my entire life. I just wanna make sure that you guys are taken care of because it wouldn't be here without you so if you have to be one of George Clooney's friends you've got a million dollars. In twenty dollar bills soon need a briefcase in his house. One night for dinner that's a fairly unique experience or question dad's always your most unique or unexpected experience a 44999. Alone. Which has friend George clean room hello Mike welcome to the men's room. All. Yeah. Well it says it pretty good morning. Back in the day that 1966. They're real winters up here and northwest. There's breaking the ice split Brady you know. It my neighbors. And you heard about breaking the most potent he decided to start children ever happen here. And he truly fighting in the looked at me there might move that I stepped decided. And all it did I have heard it really is I heard a bell. You know plop into the camera stuck in the parliament and it. It's. And it isn't it that you like docking Jacques. And I went running into the house my father that I actually create each week its site that outs. AA is that hammered fallout hit the ground. And it's only and now I couldn't do you people are. If you took my I have not been about getting your blood everywhere. It's sudden I was most popular kid in school they appreciate. Of course in my hair used to just. I'm a citizen to get. Or seen. And gentle looking back would you rather just have your entire head shaved or just the patch for the stitches. Well I know. Attention and recruit that anyway I'll think about the those side has attached didn't hit the kicker just what I do believe it. Here in construction. No. I make commercial pilots earned it through it. Oh wow okay that way the kid had a hammer striking was any rain into the side of a house. Is now. Flying people from one side of the country to the other group. A little oil and jet. I work works the best place to fly into form your position as a pilot leg work workers who won destination always happy to go whether to get a little lag time in you can chill out a way. Well frank church order. In. Charity up. OK okay and why you're gonna say something. Having a hammer throw another in the air landing on thunder head Bosnia had motto of in not that big of a deal compared to being a commercial airline pilot who flies around the world like that refresh is unique any jackass can put the hammer and that's an accident like this that let you know you might not think it's that big of a deal because that's what you do every day it's your job whatever the deal was. But no that's that's kind of a big deal. I mean when you when you fly domestically that's a big deal but when you fly in or content you know your your flying from country to country and everything else it's. And seemed like a different ball of you know remain. The media unit for awhile you your I would Abigail Adams big deal as I mean how long even flying. Including air force thirty years. All right now what has been the most unique situation where you have had to make an emergency landing. Do you. Look man we read a story today all right I'm not sure the flight originated or were was headed but they had to end of diverting flood making a landing again as a pilot I would imagine this is irritating. It wasn't a medical emergency one of the passengers decided that there were to start by eighteen. Other passengers. It's going to be great I don't you realize you're gonna land someplace you're not supposed to you know I'm saying like you gotta size that bad boy like here I come to speak at. Or wherever your drop and then I don't think steadying does the exact words that I imagine adrenaline probably phrase I'm I'm sure some people passed on if someone dies in the plane to keep on flying her to get a marketplace. Signed nobody socially five yeah actually the way on an airplane. Known officially pass of what he's not on the grounds make sure that actually happened. I'm not exactly sure why. So if I had this guy you're playing. I'd die under going to make maybe you'll go to the bathroom usually CB fall out of the seat I'd drop dead it's obvious and gone but by the time this makes the news. Somehow I do not what I did not officially die from a plane. I think it because they have nobody to declare. I see that's what's got to because I've been on a plane or somebody died a guy who aren't releasing died during the flight and almighty adrenaline but mainly in the literally. In immigrants with no lights came on they were not rushing. They put him on there and then it just kind of your ball through till my Gary have you ever made an emergency landing pretty reason. Not done nothing to sporting. I think they've never heard never shut an engine now intent but it turned Coke uplifting it says Linda when I was in military. Do you over you know as a commercial pilot you're watch like the shows light air disasters and all the dresses them. I like to watch it's good to. Clean out that this script. He has. Okay ignore those guys I do the same thing don't worry man general we now know is what you know when you're involved in something like. If we drive to another town and some of burglary all my god maybe it's all good I gobbled Mozilla time it's not the only color eyes and made it we can't. Keep our mouth shut up I guess that I think if you're movie critic. And I don't know what you farming out the date you always want I don't care how much he says name and take into movies like listen. We like each other you can't go to movies with me I can't now keep this thing ala arrives it's horrible I asked her to commit such a Smart ass. Whoever I'm weather like. He's strapped in. We're in the middle for a minute free ride apparently this is going to be great on assembly are left on this bat boy authorities staged managed to always has got air. Thank god for the forty minute free Iraq. But I want to pay this anyway it's radio of course it's free and Jack ass and forty minutes for Iran and I'll thank god you know like sometimes you just hang out a home like you don't you go far right now. OK okay or emitted Franken for your route that's an ID not chicken wings or be here. Not a good movie not a date not a stake now and an end now I'm really looking forward to African forty minute free ride. Jeffrey than the double shots to. Nothing better out here in this slow lanes you know institutional home to 240 play from the band all the time. Franken who's never doubles shot late Wednesday Thursday that you never do that to always on the week. Yeah we can too big for that you have ended doubles does she not only had on all we do long thought. Somebody of your program and I do remember when you do this way there I know we're gonna do a doubles John weekend no way. A block party weekend Arnold why that's what we'll do that's one more song isn't telling our playing three got. That it is what I did I know some woman and dads do that in the double shot during the week. This week a little break and I was duper Tuesday on DC one of one global time that I know you didn't accused double shot because we have work somewhere somebody late. Would call an ambulance that was the single shots like Tuesday or something. On the united. I only had a TV stop doing that years ago right fights with the class that entered under regular Brooks and Micah. Mean hey you know for Carol thank Ameren tells frank these same arm. Closure make our own experience unexpected experience a 44999. Cola. Hello David welcome to the men's room. Okay. All right so current result I did you guys know ahead of or separate them spirit song stuck in my neck never happened. The down the tie when what song free ride them outside his Lowell absolutely we're the middle of a forty minute free ride here's underworld. Yes I think stuck in my head now then later at the meal but edited yet matured there in the color so that all the hammer RL eight or nine years old. And it didn't matter Canada playing. Then let parents know their plant nurseries such arm. And serve punishment we edit backing clean would hopeful now post. This involves pulling their Oscars or whatever else them quite upset got tired I would start kind of took Dawson. Are well Lola ordered the next thing I know that incumbent down my hands. It is certainly embedded into my head. Old. You don't go wrong. I start screen. Are running back out towards other house which is probably a groups fortified border guards. Our bloodstream at my head but I like it up there and the let that take a look at it Derek pulled it out. Oh etc. but what are your broken dumbed down on the nowhere there. Don't don't just early little such quote I don't let us. The incident never really thought much about it till about street where I don't look at the story on the plane we are actually in the green houses putting out. Wreck system through the plants and we got done much I don't know a thing we're having Airways saying we have no Barcelona between the queues at the polls and I had when I had strayed into a full jury where it hit a bad or am. The exams and aluminum and in this Slobodan nursing is a local query here yeah oh yeah. But don't cut your head. You got okay legal knob on your head and no not anymore that I'll know I think they grandma under now I'll know way more people should do that common ground. Now with more deregulate Gasquet injecting another neck grandma. Other guys get Snyder county Pennsylvania is there were Snyder's chips come from tonight he's on top cracked I think so let's just say yeah designers chips. It's kind of yet yeah no doubt that just in my area I know don't later chips weeks later chip seems like an area we grow up I'm pretty sure senator chips runs like a lot of chips now. Good again one little area Pennsylvania have for whatever reason just produces like a low low sacks it's different I over as they're called Snyder's of Hanover it is low riders of Berlin which is different fighters battle those two up and then there is probably two of the same name is Charles chips I think all kinds of the grid don't know whether it's Duke Snider is their guests and Purdue is that whether they'll look we're Snyder's of Hanover and more Snyder's of Verlander exact. They split with a big wall between content Hasselhoff came and knocked it to her if all the chips did rejoice as they did barbecue mingled with salt and vinegar. Well you know George Clooney give the million dollars and twenty yes that's like 50020. Dollar bills you out there. New York glued like glowed when you open of the brief strong and yeah Parcells won't. Lawyer you are what was your most unique or unexpected experience you get your emails coming up men's room and then Jemima dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have to turn the men's room. Oh come third startup whose Sox last in a positive bringing stories here's a clear during civil destroyer night that is all on the way as well as the emails here mark question what was your most unique or unexpected experience and here come those emails in the men's room. And men's or live dot dot. Guys are the single long view with Green Day in 2009. And when I got on stage I gave Billy Joseph a big French kiss because I always said it. I would if I got on stage the videos epic despite my horrible saying mother show guys rock on that from a column that's a pretty legit thing. That's a big deal via guys most unique thing I've ever done is I got to work alongside the Bremerton police department for two years as a cadet doing ride alongs and helping the community. That from Brady. Does seem odd he's not a cop yet. It's been a long time. Yeah yeah I'm sure you see a lot in two years I'm sure you see a lot in two nights I'm sure you see a lot of two weeks to look on somebody saw more naked people on those two years and he had seen collectively in this life guys years back driving December Cisco with a friend we have some LSD on us and had agreed that they don't we to get pulled over we would eat it. Around 7 AM near the Oregon border account turn on his lights behind us and we both 85 hits. The officer then got into the left lane and sped past us about forty class that's later. We made that drive our beds and it was pretty awesome experience so we are just trip this total you know by the entirely a that's great wow. The old unexpected passenger I don't know I got. Him with that possibly be just. Drove a car that far extra baggage 2004 when I was fifteen went to Disney world of my girl scout troop. We were wondering around the MGM studios when out of nowhere and employee wants him to our group fifteen. Points out for a dozen says you're sixteen your sixteen your sixteen your sixteen. He grabs all four of us to be part of the show. Even directs the rest of the group to cut out into the front of the line for the show and tells the other employees that he has grabbed the foremost and they need to get fraud proceeds for the next shelf. Backstage we were all confused about what we apparently volunteered to do. We had to dress up in waiters and water proof suits we're welcome on stage enacted out two seeds one of the ship and a storm and another of a ship being attacked from above. I participated in the storm seemed allow had to do was sit in the chair answer a phone wouldn't rank pretty civil right. To my surprise as soon as answer the phone at 300 gallons of water dumped on top of my head if I'm the sales pretty memorable that's part of that trip that from a leadership. Does does organ a DI airports. Alaskan airlines flight we have Russell Wilson Marshall in the aircraft will be guiding in the entire way. In other words C brought the aircraft from the tax away into the terminal to unload pastors also I worked the Iron Maiden and force one flight. In the last and they came in and got to meet the entire men are actually cool to have become instant it. Are you gonna feud says oh count hang them. I was on a fully loaded logging truck and I was at the bolt of lightening it shut the truck down and exploded the tree right next. Some and also the war fed up foreign oil field service company and Deepwater Horizon week prior to the explosion damned wolf than this one I'm gonna. Change of the language a little bit most unique experience I've had was. Singing karaoke for a guy discovering he had literally want us to talk about some. Well if that's the that was her comment and I am aren't very. That's our viewers rebounds in the men's or amendments are buyback jobs. Casually to a show my co worker Corey black Jones very special happy birthday I'm running as well work and I hope she does not get in trouble. Thanks guys that from Lia and I have emerged as the regular fish sandwich. Fish sandwich shot onto a plumber Aaron got his birthday gonna get the dirty Germans. That from fend for Marty and all right Carl. Tonight there will try to crack. Now I'm a good deal of momentum they simply. The dreamland. Until they Walid the other day what's the picture you took. Oh yeah a man this dude off. Right in front of the building were outside smoke are rarely do this but this guy I mean he walked her out of it takes them like thirty seconds just to sit down but during the process like essentially insurer is riding up liquid improve in this paper to sliding off a disaster and he's real slow to sedan. He probably sits down he thinks he kind of pulled himself back together. But that's just pan out man so I was walk to remember the dog on your right behind you immediately sent her to Robert saying hey. If it is still got an idea. That he's the thick of it. The move out of a car she does with the blog pictures. It leaves today. Well will be in London said that NAFTA the appropriate time. I mean he walked right up behind him that it at these enemy was you I'd sit on the stairs yeah. Fifth. It's a great great ultimately come this. I don't think that is on the worst feelings in life Alia when you feel that little breeze and you know you're sure it's not covered rang in my ass to everyone hi guys please please my brother Barea had a birthday police blame your Piazza's two small hands dirty German dog from thriller and says that from his brother justice. Job when we are definitely looking to coupons lotion on the local. Yeah I'm very much very much so much that you make my first the last. I don't here's John's my crazy brother Glen a man who in a way came to his memorial naked. Friends brought pics of them. And his drunken night streaking could get out your peers as do small I think you'll like that from his kid his sister she lie. OK. Guys. It's just our Bonnie Joan happy birthday Mandela and dirty Germans to get him through the day thanks up from Dalton and Keaton. You are sorry if I took a look at some of them under my mouth and Huckabee. Yeah I am a little on the stuff loses out to girls than that she. Yeah. Guys I'm up thirty three and I'm happy to see 2017. And this last year is a real struggle emotionally as far as I'm concerned Lester can guess the fattest part of my past. God please go to Roy. We. Oh hole. Guys Jeremy from angry kids here is my beautiful I bring out his 33 birthday today and she is holding frozen dirty Germans and a drop the beat. Thanks guys for the great show appreciated probably. Yeah our. We proved to take she complete with me I penis. I'm free book they display and it's a game how much fits in the back pocket. We're just as my attorney 41 and yes dead arrives in Spanish. I want to thank by this week's big nose West Virginia baby Jesus Montgomery for advising me how to carry on after my divorce. Now I don't drink beer but lots of tequila and smoke that we son. Every day asked three miles when I orgasm thank you Montgomery may we can have an Alaskan style party. Please if I get have Mickey Ted this they said they and the dirty Germans. And maybe a European is is too small that from pocket all the modern darn moved at all. This isn't true or makers who feature. Dimensional and wounded dozens of people are determined to hook up with a team. My goal could cope through my house magic kingdom. Until we don't. That's McCain's inclusive. I mother and I don't know it's out some by the feels that this you second in all right now of his 29 birthday today. We love your show be ultimately good ways and again happy birthday when they fish sandwich thanks guys that from Amanda thanks so much. Guys all the shows ever negatives and birds they waste my money to and the wing man on his fortieth or brown the son he makes weren't enjoyable can you give a little kids they sand wedge and a European is is deuce. All that from Luis. All that pain and goes back to. Today I was already up for a night you're on the plane another would make me happier than to hear the barber shop facing Iowa Janzen dirty Germans. Thanks the last every day you guys rock and PS data have something for you from Galloway day hope you get by Christmas that from the lovely Christie sits. There's people all around this Sam wins OG's. Daughter on the side. Television cameras and he's still really is she in the morning and afternoon and news and NN now. Some momentum went into the royal veterinary. Of the you can work on your apps. I'm still gonna suck the cream company plan. Tonight's extra. Hi guys every rule. I mean having everybody I had it's OK happy have anytime. I could you tell you take you. But they're you gentlemen brought by a men's. Also available through these we'll stay on men's lives doesn't come another sign retailers. Know him shoreline fly. Look like guys don't go on a damn grows the less you like staying in a floating zoo hotel combined with a circus and a flip the shopping mall. That's what it is nothing but flip and relaxing I was a Muller for Norwegian cruise lines in Hawaii and it was a rat race I enjoyed every time I can get often spends a peaceful time on the beach. Camping out on now I. That from our buddy Paul down in Salem gay love my Oregon. Miles and an update on but gas. What happened he was also we Junior Mints or oh I did not notice that photograph but as Robin kind of blew it up we know who's. There's a boxer didn't next through barker hoosiers now make an empty gas could hit it doesn't weird place to put small little truck did you hear that. OK maybe I'm taking this question a different direction but as far as what crazy thing did you do in the name of love what I do the name of love two stories. On his birthday until twelve package is a very as flavored star verse a poster board ruler. And double sided sticky tape and hand crafted a three tier cake out of starters. Following Valentine's Day he said he didn't celebrate the holiday because it was too corporate. Which was fine but I still thought I would surprise him by wearing a single star burst on each nipple. Friend you'll enjoy after the third aliens movie which we watched by my suggestion. I informed him it was Valentine's gift for him let's just say. He liked the Valentine's Day gift in case you're wondering five years after these events we did break up in hurts but I wouldn't change anything he was a love in my life that from jasmine star burst knuckles. At least a star burst that was. And one more as far as using depends. All the Jill it's. This morning Michael worker and I are chatting about our weekends and I'm not even sure how but the topic abusing the pens came up. There was one time where her and her family were stuck on the highway. But as the freeway was closed due to a brushfire broke in heard her two daughters needed to be and only one that was willing to do it next to the freeway. They're having to be too depends of the car from when my coworkers mama sick. The two shy peers strapped on the diapers and the daughter just unleashed her entire Blatter. This is apparently a bad idea. Because the depends are not able to handle the full streaming of Fidel Blatter and the daughter ended up having a blowout panels covering here. Until the proper way to. Can catch and absorb everything I good luck guys what wearing those on the show looking forward to the hilarity that will and so. Liquor and bars that frog marching gee that's good to know helpful wouldn't automotive what yet. That's right that's my work as could those papers are made more for accidents. Yes. That was not an ax I would not imagine not actually have you had on white right now I don't let her fly new answers in my my guts from Bosnia held. Still to come up positive during a story has. Different Al balls that maybe you should steer clear of if you don't wanna have your night destroyed we'll do that right before the shot of the day but first yeah. Newsroom wants to know. Yeah yeah. And blue. A diver who's thus less Stephen Troy LU bring us three stories every week from the loses out to us to determine. Which of these three stories sound the least now the debate is already under way if you like the men's room on FaceBook or follow us on Twitter at men's room live. Guillen whose Sox last well today we go down the road of addictions country today headlines that we get to meet both the story. All of these take place in New York City by the way put in one case lamm board tries to evict 100 year old 100 year old woman. And rent controlled apartment and there's an explanation we'll get to that they're taking on the whale lord who called his elderly mother a C bomb and now he's trying to evict her. This equality and doesn't and the north adult trapped in an apartment for two days after the owners eviction but initially the landlord didn't want to let them back. So let's start again the New York City we go to upper east several landlord is trying to evict a 100 year old and it. For more rent controlled apartment by claiming that she is not a matter. But according to ms. Lopez Hugh eleven lounging on beach she broke her hip and a full in the apartment just in the last year and a non hospitals. If he claims and landlord is once again rather to to make a lot more cash understand that right now. Or apartment is rent controlled and about 500 bucks but it would go for about 2700. Jobs. If anyone else moves and so she's convinced a landlord wants to get around there. To make a little more money and by law if you're gonna have a rent controlled apartment you do have to spend a certain amount of time there for argument to suspend him man I was in the hospital. And and doing a lot of rehab as well since you have been home as much but it's where she lives about the way she's lived there since like 1940. Of course just she has been there for Tim for their parents about their situation. Well this time we just go to west village of New York City. We're landlord who called the 72 year old mother of the C word and then told her that he was waiting for her to die. Is now trying to evict her from the 500 dollar multi apartment. Would she stick. So John Sealy a's 49 years old man who's the owner of a five floor walk up and suing. To do his mom won a list Acela from the two bedroom apartment claiming lives she refused to give them access to fix the pipes dozens argument I don't. But her attorney Eddie Hayes is episodes strong Mitchell's mother of the distress of the trial. Quote remember. Should she dies he can see a quarterback into making huge profit as the opening statement. And he also served up when you are right now let's stay in New York in this case you go to Brooklyn moral landlord victim family and Jane to watch. But you have to pit bull trapped inside the apartment for two more days and other owners like came out like my my kid but. He finally got a court order a forced landlord actually open up the apartment and dogged senator Craig cage or global water and toys. The two dates from the finally got to the dog believe it or not. The dog and started eating some of these two doors to the news is that for economic base and then realize that the boat start grouping and real results so America. The ball will be all right but right now the plan on taking via the landlord there to court to get some concept. All these involved conviction you have the landlord wants to move the 100 year old lady Alex. You have the well Morton's either waiting for a mom to dive and he's now suing to get her routes. And and finally we have people that were written in Brooklyn subway or more wouldn't let them back to the apartment to get the ball. Oh let's see here. I mean. For me. The landlord in Manhattan. Yet I can say that you must. And you drop the C word on your mind trying to kick her out I think he sucks the worst and he's trying to say that he's trying to killers through the court system basically it's the lawyer that her lawyers like look man is already said he's waiting for her guy called Lucy bomb and he seems to believe about putting all the stress on or maybe they can speed up the process. Yeah and then. I mean the landlords the landlord. There were they trying to keep up 100 year old lady he sucks too I think the guy and Brooklyn sucks the least. Because at least they hit the dogs they're for two days but the dogs came back. Yeah right they did their did mention of the book sure all right so I feel like this sucks the least just because in the end everybody's okay. Where is lake we're throwing a hundred year old lady on the street and when when she's under forever brain and when guys called his mom the C bomb waiting around the diet that's just horrible. I think Tim kind of tour I'm mostly agree with you. That the story with a dog made the list looks looks the least because as I went through these stories one difference in his case I'm unhappy about the situation of the dog. But the one difference between him and you'll be doing more. They got a big because they won't pay. Yes we do win Angel a lot of lives and that's a different that's a different deal going on. That's like I've told you I've told you right I told you salute my ultimately hold you right I mean numerous times and if you don't take care of this said. I would have to change your blocks and them in there that's that's all we can do about it so I'm sure those enough warning there. I think the guy who drops C bomb on his mom. Just by dropping out and hopefully she dies he sucks the most I would agree I would have to say be. Yeah Alabama had to go broke but yeah I think you're right I mean just jealous because then the more they legitimately we're not going grannies don't you bases. The due my almost paying the rent that there is want to die syndrome more money and then 100 you're waiting so he's been in the hospital also in the thing is. One of the points that she may just like what I was in the hospital as a pro broke my hip and available my hip in my apartment we did some believe all the floor. Thank you she didn't suit them well she is like working out a deal that whatever but in the end patent and it ruined her her trying to get Dick Sheridan she's never there. Mainly to do with his mom it's late in the seems mission. Now he just looks like a month. I. It doesn't look like he needs the money no you know he does manage your landlord New York you don't need the money. If you like the miserable on FaceBook the debate continues there on news sucks let's all of you follow us on to where does remind you can do the same there as well. Coming up we'll bring it doesn't show the day is on the way in a positive dream story coming up next as alcohol that you should steer clear of if you do not want your ninety destroyed that is coming up next few are listening to the men's or radio network. Obama feel another yes we will drink we will close the show today is moments away the first miles. So this adds another positive drinking still learning how many of the had a zero holiday party here again and Oregon soon enough hopefully this will save you from a little bit of embarrassment because one thing we all know is is that. It from going someplace to have some beverages there's nothing better than having maybe one or two before you leave at home Aaron hello Ron Murray doing a little pregame. But how can you make sure our pitcher pre party does not ruin your entire time. An actual party you're asking me that's the simple way to say I don't know how to do that 45% of people said in a new survey that they've gone to our pregame meeting and that. So what were they drinking it didn't ruin their night. Well according to the study they've come up with some liquors in drinks and do a little better Korea then knocked in some that absolutely will kill your night so it for a Dusan free gaming. What would you guys say is the best thing that we can possibly hearing. Bob go I saved Pierre a beard appears actually pretty bad. All right soul okay. The best thing that you can drink before you pregame the best thing you can drink believe it or not for pregame. It was our nominee would your pregame innings before you go out is why. So really yes you'll get sick according to the study 13% of the time if you have a glass of wine before you go out. The second best thing you can drink the only hard liquor that makes the list any idea that makes complete sense. I don't feel Rome where are you a wrong turn rumble only mess up your night 16% of the time however when you get into beer. 26%. Of the time medal after nine up but get 26 whisky goes to 29 and the worst thing that you can pregame wit. And 35% chance of rooting your nights. That would be tequila they pass save that for 1:30 AM where it belongs RA is to get other contaminants and bring it down. Have you read. Men's room knows just. Saturday then as usual we had the very best dance team with royal find out nortel's yes indeed and. Today we chose the homeowners of orchard park New York after Warner were ordered part is that's where the Buffalo Bills flagrant deaf or we are look I think Bill Maher bill. I have a drug bills mafia so orchard park New York while in all when you live in a neighborhood there's always a different set of problems you might have maybe it's bad neighbors may be street lights like a sidewalk who go but I want to read to you word for word. In and that was taken a lot by the residents of Orchard Park. And then published in the Buffalo News happen. To the person's last jogger who was whooping on our loans and a village of Orchard Park stop. Your violating health ordinance that prohibits the positive untreated sewage on the land or one or your putting our neighborhood on the serious health risk. Especially the children. We've installed trail cams to identify new Yorker park police are increasing patrols in our area the homeowners whose property sincerely the homeowner's property. Who you have invaded. Why this is seen locate people that because you're running you could coupon somebody's lawn I don't know but I don't understand how we got to become such a massive problem in order for a look it was an actual. Then took out an ad in the paper try to give us to stop and Obama Koppen Orchard Park where women are. I'm on extra patrols through what. Are those that I'm looking for a guy who or or Darryl who's who's being in people's doors. I had to close off a big big big extra men last night. Our I don't know where came from I don't know who came from given my live in the city and I just those that I. We're born loser but usually if this goes I don't want to know does everything good yummy okay over the target down liberal Q partying and somebody. Down a whole other Ayatollah large impact on the real bad act if that's gonna get does a lot for probe by the star and I now. Shenanigans continues our momentum through the radio network.