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Wednesday, December 13th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines


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This is the men's room. The result is standing by car 9844999. A little play profile that's coming out being in minutes. And we do under headlines on the way one hour from now first which I did my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right Amanda New Jersey was adept at getting off the side of the bridge earlier this week is going Iran if that's that's the open the floor apparently when you gotta go you gotta go out. Yes jump off into a river to avoid being hit by a train. Well yeah I would do that tomorrow when I was doing its own means awful bridge. And then an effort to not die you now as a jump his thirty as you know removal and that's kind years your own little personal the day there. Good times right for an in my view and wrong. All that intermittent. Imus say didn't spend thirty Daryn we've got to put your who've been in on me. You're gonna relaxing the muscles so to speak married on the train I doubt it took the time for the rams. So we hit the water wrong man media get an unexpected cleaning. The deep clinics yes I would put above average just so that I can watch it fall. It's my army major T shirt that says that badly that the biggest plopped. My had to hike onetime analysts say outdoor toilet with a professional seats that fell into holes atop this mountain a professional seat yes like he was a fifth. That was dug up for the intense use of abusing the bathroom there. But as you looked out you looked up over the the vast valley. And all the mountains so when you got up there they had a functional laughter awesome. And I actually did not need to sit down on that thing but I did anyway because I thought to myself. This might be the most beautiful serene place that I write adoption yet that's fair photos relaxing duke you'd think nobody was out there but just mean a bunch of flies I mean people think their bathrooms to be a landscape like that so that they can relax as much as you do I would hate the toilet. Not very often you group with a breeze about Sam how cold was another man I was mad battles moves they like I don't normally group outside of the briefs the I don't know what our mission and no really feels great like sun dog man I don't realize that your penis never sees the sun nor does like follow my god amended preliminary date for my favorite things I love my parents had taken garbage out and I know you know dark outside and I was looking and I just. The fact I wouldn't go out there but I would think isn't that have what are your favorite things to do was feed your parents yard into the gun yeah it. He sorrow I feel loved my OK but I read thing my life is all gonna get better for you realize. Well imagine this you're out there you relieving yourself angry did you look up you see the stars you see the moon and my guy take the trash and every week now and then there's the stars and the moon lunch I don't have to be mad trial once and other did you realize is a good dark out there are no other than the city coded up in front of my ankle I think country a little ways. Yeah. Thank you Ted freedom that he take active painful defeat in the kind man it don't wanna act it is awesome. Danielle out to me on this I will man fight if it. Well because I know the town he grew up in yeah and there are some greedy that they so I think it was your right near mountain. But then I was Zeum spots but I will say that that seemed to have a different town I was statement the crawl and you go over her house. Flickr's step dad is doing an amendment BP where he won the yard and I act like Mike I would get real excited Buick for little things like yeah man like. Our game alive it's a great feeling never done a lawyer Al Gough and miles is going to hit a bush of course on every hole and I feel great yeah. You ought to do the drank four African cores like a threat. Drive fuel grades. Saud Saddam time and time tonight I can't I got to drink beer to. Get through FEMA drugged up 34 year old drunk men and Illinois got arrested after he crashed his car and identified himself as Burger King when cops started questioning him. That this is why you're right it's not gonna get better you know through a bunch or racial insults. Do you really all he went full full. Nut job regime whenever you read now over the thing I think she's very king's death the greater yeah. Talking racist it's likely that. That's what she did for us. Then forgot I think if I would've kind of the black people what a lot of things like OK okay. Can't yeah yeah. It's awful awful awful awful awful couple. I have posted a whopper of people or animals paying off on Burton's. Ticks don't want him Roy you're as more to have the whalers. Got to anger an opponent made with real whales. A factory in China cut right through them all my well though is that tuna safe. The particular respect and that's it it's it's. Strapped on him. That all the bowl for grieving students and out of slavery. Factory in China cut fire earlier this week and a worker ran back inside to get his phone come on man. When he came out he was engulfed in flames until we got a video vault and they'd videotape of it could have been you know I could help my coworker but instead. This is do good that this has got to be like back drafted his running out of a burning building and holding his phone cradled in his arms. Yeah physicals are on fire to the and he's okay but listen he has some serious burns yeah but he got ran into him. Still no gunfire death in his home premium. Sunday night. You went back home run backing for any bad I'll tell my kids like jumps all warm outside unsafe ice that we went over our problem all you'll what you bring you over to go our morning. 79 year old man and we came up with a plan she remembered the IX. If you'd come out here. A 79 year old man and England recently got caught with child pornography after he went to a story complain that his phone's voice command function was to returning results. When he told a define quote. New children's home easier for. That's some boys ma'am if you got some call if you lock in a million dollars you'd I'm doing now do they don't have a brain. It's not that you are you just dumber than hell. Dad bullies the phone does not follow becoming the means someone had the the forethought to say hate. Some people lose some weird stuff looks great short and Alexa is not an election took its common right. And he 79 years old how long does this guy I've been doing this crap 79 years probably has been done to him the first ten in the there it's all on them damn. I mean shout out to the phone. This serves little and I'm glad we'll hear you go according to a new report people have been taking out mortgages on their homes to buy a morbid points. Probably a bad call. I get the field at any time you don't know any no no you don't borrow money to try to make big money news if you have money it's okay elusive. If you have twenty bucks in your pocket. It's okay to bet that twenty bucks on a game tonight. But if you don't have twenty bucks and you borrowed Tony bugs from Steve. And then I bet that twenty bucks and I lose that twenty bucks I can't pay him back and all that bright against just like anything else is America. You don't. You don't borrow money. Two investment. Yeah we'll don't make good choices with their money miles I'm saying never borrow money to invest money. If you're not gonna get the same return because the interest rate is always gonna work in a note in the borrower's right. Malone always someone who goes by the name Santa BP has spent tens of thousands of dollars over the past few years paying for other people lay away items a different wal marts in Pennsylvania. And they just did it again. They dropped about 40000 dollars to pay out 200 lay away accounts at a Wal-Mart Everett Pennsylvania they also did the same thing in the Wal-Mart last year. Well actually act out good news that man. I would have to be the guy. That gives money on a condition that I can look in itemize everything. This is that the stereotype I'm dead serious and I hate to be that much I did do the Legos and I get you know American literally all the worst thing in the gonna think you've cataloged every month. I'm done I'm done doing you a favor I'm gonna save you money. You're not gonna get this doll or a ball with one outfit. And I'm not putting on the email what happened on Thursday that would go through and align our crappy right now it's a waste of money he kind of spreads holidays they're like yeah good thing of the 2013 years they've as I do don't wanna get above flood tonight the net and yeah. I anger goes up in your closet Jack and I think I don't know underneath it and and I don't give a figure that that's why can never be a giving person that way is just like minute remaining are you're exactly right. Don't know more about how that's going to like none of them the only you know it's and I I don't want to get. So heading into effect if you don't you need you need a pan am right now it's the and the Sox. If you just taser or earlier on notice again the value against a unique because Sarah from Christmas stern message and I happened. We're gonna feed you can give you items of two million terrible sent off to give you a vacuum Timmy. And finally a singer's music video it. It was so X rated that she is now going to jail thank you anti L about a one hour from now they're my god we got grit and I've given a one hour from now the first game Obama. Precepts. Seem prohibitive please tell everyone how profile this is playing a short ten miles it's that simple game more assurance you real life news story something that happened right here on planet earth. And I do listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be true of people. And the decisions that people make bullets when it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Tyler welcome to the men's room. Or not load Taylor and end it all enough. Pass eighth tab are Saturday. Guy. View there Taylor. I've got to say another game is played. You understand how your phone functions. Yeah fantastic here is your story at 25 year old guy from Connecticut he was arguing with those 22 year old girlfriend and they were once again I'm a bridge. This is on Thanksgiving. And I looked like it was really escalating sword guy that was walking by try to intervene just to make sure everything was okay. That's from the board from pick him up and throw him off the break. He fell 45 feet in tonight's poll watcher again this guy president good samaritan came guys all right. The board for delaying your pitches you don't sit and throws them off a bridge. Now fortunately he was rescued quickly and he did survive but it was seriously injured and still recovering but not the police just finished their investigation. The more forums arrested. For attempted murder assault and reckless endangerment and his girlfriend was arrested for interfering with police because she lied to the cops when they interviewed. My question for you Taylor is do you believe that does lovely couple is more quite MacKey or Asia. Yeah wow. I'll what do you say zero. Claude know the answers. Just imagine trying to do there no I know earlier today there was that this what some are Connecticut and I don't I'm wearing Connecticut it is Derby, Connecticut. Vulnerable to suburb of the city look and trying to bridge the arguing you come over mission borrowed more from pitched this guy up and throw his ass. Awful the brick. I have to help blacks. Using black people hang on bridges. I think black people do whatever they can't protect their girlfriend. Yeah Alabama mere fact but I can't say this I've watched plenty of videos of people doing crap on video on video on bridges are all white. Are you all right that they were. They got into an argument on the middle district senate they're just walking across front yard grab and a drive right to walk and across you have an argument and obviously the because remember if it was all the people walk. This guy tries not quite break it up good to see. If there all right back now with that type of film black do content in Austin that final answer. I don't think about I am sick. We're gonna find out who's loving couple was black white meg C or Asian next fat with a tease you are listening to the men's or radio network six is you. It's true plus comments once the only go to Connecticut and I was gonna double and a prisoner having an argument and a gentleman wants bodies as a man. And I help Peter. Chill out guys. And then they boyfriend Benjamin grows Marc Rich. Yeah if that's what people do and until we ask you did you believe this couple was quite quite make seaport Asian. And you have black and so looked at it as far as you can tell manual white guys are gonna protect your girlfriend. While with some of courage. I am I white I don't quite. I mean and can kind of live earth I'm blown well. Yeah all right look this can be really racist. I kind of just not like you the obvious super strong dutiful humble with Leslie let's see what you've wiped out. Bradley Manning brother Mike. Holmgren. And actually the picture I saw. He looked a bit now that the girl for Thabeet is as. I'm just if you saw the picture you see which one of them through some nonfood Prejean would rather not have. Now Crowley on TV news all the time it is time Virginia drama team and now. Countless hours in front of the talking and the presents. Try to get into that series TV stuff after I thought you'd like to know. Today at a solidarity for you and I watched an episode of patrol did you want me. Yeah it was up. It was on message you know what will never. Thing else no other options I thought thrills got to watch your show all the time now and you bitch about it oh yes I was like let me watch you to understand what's going wrong. Miles EC Paul patrol. No tea but I had a very similar experience and I when Rudolph the red nosed reindeer came on a special watch this Taiwan as a true and I didn't because I've watched like five minutes of it and it was just awful it's. It's terrible I did watch I try to sell even if you have children who probably were there they did have Taylor. And and I did a real far the only major one right yeah honestly I don't know whenever it was getting to the plot might guys. Why rules. He's on the street that it'll be initially wanted to watch Emily Keyes and five minutes and man boy I really meant. Then rolled up they had no interest in a real high sat there once honorable guy Dana I'm not really sure I know the exact story missiles like you know and I should sit down watch this just so Ted I can I kept up conversation and I'm. I really did try and about after three minutes of like this. Is terrible you're better off watching Paul patrol yeah. And we what do they think Paul patrol are obviously is an adult for it to a show made for children and I was at bat. Did you watch saved three of them in a row every day five days a week I want the bases that the Paul the dogs are nice in the cats are bad. Shortly Zenyatta now sorry there's there's this episode I watched had a mayor and it. Yeah we did a blank should. No it was a white dude look where the monopoly Daryn yes Jack he's the bad manner and I don't remember what you need is almost a guy like a code word lately mayor. The cheese yeah there so now. Like I've sounds like kids won't get a but I isn't going to like he's the Baghdad. There's a black chick that's the merit their town are always in conflict and he had their legacy and the Village People but the adults. Yeah I hate to show today and I don't model citizens lack ticker racing and there's a black lab dog it's a female. Boy chased the man knows how they all know it all other Gaza is Seattle and I saw every little dog just don't no no no no look man got the dog sauce you can rescue. Aren't okay aren't everything about this town is normal except for the fact that there's talking dogs talking dog I had a double acquired an accomplished yet. The math error it is a black woman that Malloch brown what happened that account did you deduct the hook if it would get through to black may iron to the black lab although and and listen. I'm not Mexican governor nota Chihuahua I don't want to read too much into line with the Merrill without the black ticker. And you can see you're you're episode that she was in everything we're more worried about the white marriage America. Just pitch it. Oh yeah I'm glad I came and other mayor though his name is Tom dinner the idea merit I'm digger he miles I giggled. Every time they like that's a great term miracle and that. Or hum bigger started out as a as a testament to. That got a real swell a man burial Monday here you when you go hounding her army commanders on one thing comes to mind years I mean could says I was pleased to optimize the show for children mayor Tom yeah. Power I don't know a couple of our I don't know. The dogs were learning an ancient martial art that episode. From the cats are trying to practice kept teaching club tech channel ten on Kentucky just suit. That is of more of our form of of an engine blow warrior loses its weapons it is they were like in puppy food or something and okay so was it a little if any A I disliked it is the dogs are gonna show such. All right. You know even really confident about something a year like you speaking about it. You're you're confident right and adjust to find out if you were dead wrong you were even close. Yeah Alston Smartphone mistakenly care a lot of those situations. Are used to be more prevalent back in the day now imagine not only are you confident you pretty proud of yourself it's national TV. You're good right sure you're not gonna get called out to men have a long Paul's silence because you're dead wrong so the man whose company is Ted Crockett. He works with Crockett. With the more got a lawsuit Roy Moore right or more were. Roy Moore. Rory more than forty say the harder it is yeah Roy Moore Roy Moore Roy Moore. Roy Moore Roy Moyer so this guy is late he's a state senator something he's a spokesperson for more. He's on CNN that Jake Tapper. Jake Tapper seemed shocked that he doesn't know in the sky gets schooled very quickly. Judge Moore is also sad to. That he doesn't think a Muslim member of congress should be allowed to be in congress. Why oh now under what under what put it says you have to swear on the Bible. You when you you when you are it before I had to do and I'm an elected official three terms I had to swirled about bull. You have to swear on the Bible to be an elected official in the in the United States of America. He alleges that a Muslim cannot do that ethically. Swearing on the Bob. You don't actually have to swear on a Christian Bible you can swear on anything really I don't know if you knew that you can learn Jewish Bible I'll know library only gobble and that is three time I'm sure I'm sure you've picked it a viable but the law is not that you have to swear on a Christian Bible that is not a law. These amounts are you know you don't know that. Aren't tech Crockett I don't know I know this Donald Trump didn't want anyone we made him president because he's Christian and effective that's what he wanted to because we want to swear I'm. Crocker with a more campaign good luck tonight thank you so much for being here. Ouch yeah. The threat is miles I do so the viewer earlier to pay. The best thing about the videos that once he finds out does the sudden thing that you don't have to be sworn in on the bar of his mouth was hanging over Bolton cameras disarm him. Right so he. I mean you should doesn't though aren't you in town but it's not an excuse he's really your elected official to come. You three times right what does the video that I just didn't got a shock there two of the men from FaceBook page. And also I would just say this out of you which I dropped that guy needs to know more stuff. But if you're elected a thank you don't know are hurt you don't underground truck knoller actually talking about this jackass who went on a television show and didn't Knoll some of the base threatening to go on national TV and if end and be the spokesperson for somebody beat you should know what you're talking. Period yet. I heard you. Come on. He you know. Sounds like a broken record football still dominates even when every see the ratings it's always Sunday night Thursday night that's he football just kicks kicks butt and Big Bang theories are always in there until May to sixty minute season for now. Games are out by the way NFL games are getting better the match ups are getting better as he ended the year goes I don't know if they scheduled that way or whatever but. As far as its shaken down what we're not getting terrible Monday night games are marketing terrible Thursday night games like these games are competitive there they're gonna. Sunday night games and reflect. Oh well we don't they were like last week I thought every game was pretty compelling the week before that I remember so much but. Like last week it just worked out that every game is good I mean it embarked armor ravens fan but even Pittsburgh taken on orange traditionally that your twelve to nine score so much they both amanpour from. Tons of points to the game still ended the way they always do forty seconds left summer kicks fuel gets out but even wore a white. This has been a very good gain I would and we did not lose but it's one of the best games I've seen all season. It's kind of funny when I mean. It happens so rare really one of the more boring games out who's the dolphins permanently to beaten up on the pats did you know really shocked me given is still what is go with that I know the pats are kind of like to see ultimately both squads and attorney injuries translate. Dana White that dolphins' season. I have no problem watching the patriots lose. I don't into the gap all at yeah it does not past few and far between. But in a bad Brady had a bad game of course the next day that's great as the balls does mode I don't like my god people and head. A bad day and believe it or not. It happens he would remember Ben Roethlisberger was washed hope our collusion to Chicago did you anything's gonna quit or something like maybe I don't have it anymore and was being facetious although they were kind of shut up the reporters but they ran with it as though he was making. A real he wasn't right what I think he's been fine right. I think right. I think one good thing about playing in your division your conference whether it's good routes bad baseball football whatever you have to play those teams more man it doesn't matter. Look it could be that the jets win against the patriots one year it could be that the bills upset of one elect. But there's always going to be one of those teams you play tonight twice you period the stuff out it's going to be a good game. Yeah I'm with it's very hard to beat somebody. A generation if you're one and thirteen you still don't wanna play at 1 PM good problem where you can exactly tonight that's the best team in the day and any NFL. Yet especially too when you look at a lot of rivalries like stuff like that like you have a bad season but if you beat down one team. And you won the right right and every team outside of LA Grande river June 14. But what we beat fill in the blank look it made everything. Army navy right at Findlay daily those programs whenever Goodyear army had for army a great year right forum when they are at commanders in chief Terry late this and that. But even if they want oh and nine and they beat navy in a year almost for that car it's just that yeah that's a victory for the boys on the outlook Jacksonville seven LV here they can kick any team's ass may prove that week in and week out. We're gonna knock the living hell out of the last scene they wanna play is that Tennessee Titans price. Are the colts. Now the times outright grant doesn't say they don't ultimately one employee resign there's a titans are good idea the current but the but it's not embarrassing to lose to the titans right now if you get. The cold so warmly in a stumble in and find some way to beaches. Let's see IG discordant from late night on CBS he recently had a baby. So leads third couldn't. Is this third kids yet and I think I read and how aren't I don't know it is a very productive young man he does your health. It up easy sings all kinds of plays and had. You can't expect that path of polio as a singer and got you're doing imitate him. Let he's English Harry styles as English so well he was out here he styles. You guys know hairstyle yes I know who Harry start houses are right he was destined to. The past three months that airlines. I've done to correct go to one point two billion dollars in excess baggage. So I should say they only received half the money. The airlines lost them. It's being Cleveland Obama. And. So what you are talking and it's up that. Now I imagine they didn't like he didn't. Diversity died here was really pumped about B and there but I was like also late thirties thousands used to singing. Inept in the crowd right and I mean the lyrics are there in the monitors final weeks but when these onstage he's not like looking at the lead out. I think reading from a teleprompter from cue cards and hosted the show which is so just so you can't count him entirely different experience. And here's sounds pretty likeable it's not your thing you're doing something completely different then rent that's a long or short immigrant I saw a picture from. The floor backstage at the Guns 'N Roses guns are Guns 'N Roses won my favorite bands. There's a monitor there the says. Take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and girls operate out of the myself. Hell man I got that you threatened to hit it you gotta learn Monroe valid but you can't get through that. Like I know that my whittled those words right. Welcome to the jungle I got back. I will say. Just being on stage and singing a song forgetting earlier that is a very awkward horrible thing but it happens yes I saw. Always is mean Gwen Stefani sex Gavin Rossdale and I saw him perform and I can acoustic little lounge once this was years ago. Indeed he did one of Bush's biggest Sox are closer and at the end of it he screwed it up anyway you'd think I know the words that when I. Eroded and yeah I can't lose feud that played it poorly at times yeah. But it just it just happens so I had a buddy I was posts and some some MMA fights right. Now he knows my name is Ted since the whatever but when I left the KG he's had given up early Ted. I don't know Williams or some pitches in just in heels I'm so sorry I mean just I just point but I don't know. I think your name I found that dobbs and what this lady just wasn't there I'm seven all of us Matt Light are what fifteen years we've been doing the shot of the day. Yeah and what once a year man as Utley you just have this weird boring for Romani I don't know think how and why not know back. Yeah you have said this over 2000. Times and for whatever reason it just completely state. Yet and it does not let the pretty crazy moment. It exactly. Well listen you're talking to BSE to fight through it you're singing a song people wanna hear those clear X. Especially if you've got the rose ever that all its dose of they know her lyrics there and I think now as a reason karaoke Basra before. You kind of hit and I what was the most watched basic cable channels torn seventeen. Basic cable channel Tony seventeen most watched. Although Fox News and you sir would be correct doll both parent deaths have figured out you both win them why. If Joseph I don't know when that's all yet daisy if this here yet finalized and that adds up. Mean he got a year re the Republicans take back the White House in the in congress in this and that he. Seems to fare that resents the rightly Nina station would have the most stuff. Formats and only an epidemic that governor Bill O'Reilly and number other vote prominent posts and hasn't seemed to affect the ratings. Not at all now they're not at all yeah. What's the guys to serve juices and Bill O'Reilly off. In ugly. If you do get fired from a place particularly if you do broadcaster you would like to believe that you have something to do the reason why. People choose to engage for a short so like death fired me kiss my you're not a replacement good luck events like him I am not a blip on the rate were absolutely fine. Right on the flip side of that is Megyn Kelly. It here and be seen shoots they're going Mae and she's dominate everything everything goes my together and method and enough every year she's taken up a little bit these days but not too much. I was enjoyed Jimmy Fallon to ease that's a very good bits and here's are my Christmas was thinking. Santa. Three men magical time of year where parents explain to their kids my sense is QQ and a cup car. Why did you like it. Finger things from being the season's hottest collectible toy and whereas dvds could have and enjoy the ragged. Stanley Christmas newsletter. For letting my trash can know my cousins are two. Thank you local news Santa tracker. For keeping kids up to date on Santa's whereabouts as they watch their favorite show. Local news. Megan Markel being engaged to Prince Harry. They're proving that Hallmark Channel crystal's movie plots can happen in real life. Thank you. For somehow managing to make a bunch of us. Small bag give seems special. I will say I nearly thought about that I heard that nobody's you know he's right and out which she was an American. We became an actress in and went over to England in the truly married a prince. Yeah who's the who's the woman to do that is yours ago. Oh from here yeah she was the actress and look. Dick I mean years and years and years and I can remember grace relatively hilly Grayson who was dead maybe so. I look I I don't I find a more believable than your yearly recap of what the hell you've been up to its gonna be read by meet. I think is more probable than my daughter you go to England to Merriam friends with that I'm gonna sit there and read everything you've done this year with a key dead in your dog. No way not happen that's a strong point I would select get off to England so like there's a better chance to view mirroring and friends the mere reading this crap. Have a recap of the year from someone that I don't care and start. Our differences. Thank you very Brazilians are headlines go oh my god you are listening to the men's or radio network. And Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real fire here we go Pennsylvania dad beer forget baby in the carrier on the street and comes back to get in my half hour later. To the gun range in Texas for a man escalating his rifle and accidentally shoots a man sending him back to his grief. I did in series and then on video goes directly to jail a thirteen foot Washington a story in Canada with a U look no leads on the trail. Hey I'm worthless wildly loses fans sound very headlines. It's Sunday. Its peers Mike Cox. Our Josh army go to Egypt where singer shot ma is currently the flavor of the month and she has released a new music video where she doesn't put provocative stuff. The video shows are stripped down to Wear undergarments and eating a banana and a pretty suggestive manner. Now you're in the US that's called a music video. And in countries Egypt that's ground for hard jail time in which he now faces two years of jail time for debauchery and publishing an indecent field. Wow man who. Relaxed. DA every country. Arnault Pamela were pretty uptight here about everything right but you still easy for him male if that's the definitive right in the grounds for removing. Yeah I think about point as far as Adrian Miller a pop star and gonna do back. Kind of thing I I've been pleased in the pub called to a new gone someplace somewhere yet but you need a fourth can run and I have been. I've gone to jail. The religious Juanita banana they wanna do with the gentlemen without fear of jail the fled there obsessively wants to do you expect act act Rico watching the video got bad you've limited Xavier to jail she yeah yeah we can. Keep you one place. I mean I think it. We here in the US are are waiting for the next woman to do that. We're looking for that next. Pop star to be suggestive and do those things so that I'm surprised there we don't act like we don't like it. And I'm surprised that somebody here hasn't said hey you know life bull will just take her about that thriller Miley Cyrus or anyone cared about a radio for wrecking balls as you would make it and I like mark stars like Bruno Mars or just bring the pop and the music Fernando. Netanyahu needs to honing the sex just just bring me good pop music and I'm good yeah. Hunt for the Carolina miles I. That's not part of its. I you're right I wanna have sex with a Jackson that's right. Got to go up there you go and it's very kind of defeat and the because they're twelve right not the dead some of the repeat right well liked The Beatles were ugly there's country music you need to have sparklers shooting from your nipple miles. That would be good call I would I also voted yeah dammit I get the whole time beyond great video. It's that simple but I hate. If you're right fifth UN. Fireworks and nibbles trumps good music. Doral the world in Reading, Pennsylvania man claimed that he was loading his car with recently bought items got into his car and drove home. Upon arriving at his house you realize that he forgot something. Has made me throw our brand new to the police station after he found out that his baby was not out on the sidewalk in the forty degree weather where he had left him. And admitted to forgetting his job please some of the man was clearly under the influence and he was arrested. I mean come on man has since. Guys what you're figure out exactly when you wait your baby is not even. In ginger youth is this is. A brand new baby they can't do anything for itself. And on a limb thing probably what an infant is I honestly I don't intend to do everything from the that I won my toddler that's what I'm thinking of but there I don't care fed is the way to the does that say and it waits for you to tell what to do it how different court rough at that they expect a lot of their I know you don't know. But you realize that their kids get older clear cut so I can't believe you would get your baby but. I want to give you get older you realize that the baby part of bringing up because it's the easiest for him park at any point because right now they're stationary. Right or a house plan to feed it water in the things fine now after that until they are moving in the near Sharon and everything. Everything anyway iron gates I have to ask act grade that's when you got to Ohio almost all things like. That is not the time to begin messed up but my point I'll amazing the babies just don't. These countries. Simple but that's a good on the floor I'm thinking of things linger on a toilet in my house and they have been enemies in a baby is now there's never any lack of trying man. I've seen kids they want around the grab stuff to put it in them out some say hello everyone I'm here we have many granular you start with the Lego gives. Yeah. So this idiot can't put it and it's nice to flood filled truck and it it'll and you look at it to get a look when you have a kid man released in the first couple months you. You do have this believe somewhere deep down like look man anybody can beat the game changer in the world someone can be. The big thing that makes things better and they do realize though is different forefront in a plastic like going to like what we're probably not much. In Detroit they would be burglar put on an excellent performer for the surveillance cameras of the place he was trying to rob. And I was trying to break into an auto repair shop for some reason to rob plays but as soon as he made his way inside he tripped over his own feet and fell on his face. Luckily his pants were kind of on its feet on the way down so his ass was completely exposed to the camera on the ball did you see the video I did not I've got to put up the video because he is right there are out for everybody deceit that is outstanding didn't use it Avaya. Did I show you the video. May need to. They fell down his pants an hour on his knees he gets a full that goes behind the counter for two seconds. And then runs out as if he's gonna find something that's worth at times out of an auto repair for the holiday headlines without my art. Yeah it was a nice time there turn a big dummy Ted's meat and potatoes and no less true yes indeed it is all true we shall return tomorrow. So until then please do what you do best and for a lethal sick it's. Diane. Yeah.