12-14-17 Seg 1 Men's Room Has A Night Out

Thursday, December 14th

We play the game known as Big Dummy


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He what you're about to hear is real and the members of this radio program person. Trying to offend anyone. Invited to join the party. This is. Other than secrecy. This is done. They say. Or radio more than. No names and Jordan. I don't know why they go to Arizona our 2730. Pa. I am not. Along with Stephen Drew hill. Huge red Smith. Talk food ball. I had in my car. Yeah I'm in the men's a. Once again we played me DNA. Just meat and potatoes as a cinnamon toast crunch taste test extravaganza yes. The way Sherlock is baguette braille played profile list. Plus headlines read your job the day fund Melissa emails and everyone's favorite TV time the tip click clack dreamy guy I knew in Oregon where Taylor Swift and with scissors. Attacks an innocent man on the street. Meanwhile I cal escapes a nativity scene and wonder still hoping not to become cheese steak meat. JetBlue flight makes emergency landing when passenger begins to bite. Family of dearly gulf region Iowa out of a car eighteen Wheeler right. And Sean Hannity Mary's Mickey Mouse that is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. All I've read his good day to you and yours all right today is today that we've played good dominate the games. The moment the field next to David Kuo feel and it's a game show that rewards you for your stunning ignorance and here's how the worst dad. We'll from the category will there has fairness. And them I have a question from a category. But here's where big dummy separates himself from your average more reputable and filled. We will continue to ask you questions continue gets one right because as always we want you to leave here smarter than you showed up. Now they are bigger than we ever it's a two way ties between the lovely Kimberly and the people we love you Eric. Both of whom dug deep and found a way to answer nine team consecutive Frick in the questions wrong. Can you do better wolf course you can. To go to call and off we go on big dummy tickets as a play big call 8449990. You can like the men's room on FaceBook files onto Letterman survived answer your emails to the men's room adventure might dot com. You're listening to amend your radio network. Smiles. Now I know I shot over 2730. A larger charge program we have for you today. As Najaf is now stands me details we have for you a cinnamon toast crunch taste test extravaganza. Believe it or now in the last year Steve being a huge fan just the original serial loan cinnamon toast crunch and Brandon three for whatever reasons the latter has it's just fine on its own however. Much like in my mind every hour. You don't mean like when you expand into the other horizons you don't need to still put out pretty good product I like regional ice cream guy up there you know more times than not I'll find that it say you like more adamant as far sure sure absolutely without question but today cinnamon toast crunch. Has now taken on many different forums. Much like the devil himself and does Steve willow are learning community whose annual give us say I'll play by play on which feelings as by the new product you are you going to drive he's with me we even tried to arrange it's that look mantra I'm reminded spread the wealth. It's an amateur I think everyone should enjoy the different cereals or whatever but there's one thing that miles you definitely try. Okay it's it's can be delicious well look I tell me authorized and I said you know I don't think Golding Graham's gets enough credit I think it might have been first. Golden grams was first and I think that they did he take down the door what they did kicked down door but then cinema don't want to when and and owned the goddamn I'm so it's like it's like Cheerios stuck Honey Nut Cheerios here exactly I had a guys aren't yet on that experience and I am the original isn't bad it's just fine the next stages there okay yeah you can't find the one you want we've also Alcoa. It's cold grips different. Cereal it's different. Backup quarterback not a quarterback with an apartheid years look you know the playbook it's just. When a hot shot came in with some mementos from what the sheriff went on the field all just started cut development and I'll go grab a Tony Roma on her own grandest he had a moment that you're gonna and I I didn't know crunch is golden Graham's with a cinnamon on top now not not Tony Romo yes it is not Tony Romo. Tom Brady to these job Romo took his job. Bledsoe Bledsoe and Drew Bledsoe. It was diamonds I know. Twice a golden Graham is alive and well. It isn't yet this. When it isn't usually what are your favorites but I don't know anybody else that he ticked IE you are a lot of people in government are I don't try to win the tree yeah sometimes instead of buying like an adult healthy cereal. Which I do on most occasions. I will buy the eight tiny little package to cereals and little small boxes and I have a much fun time and it's much more enjoyable he breakfast in the morning I did and as those. Those are often included. In those little eight. Oh yeah it is a little left to quantum ripped the lid off and go yeah yeah I can be email and a guy and we would have America's black Sunday well I don't think that is really so hard about cereal is it pouring in the ball yet why don't just put the cereal the bowl. For the people who can't do that bracket I mean my god themselves lazy no describes what happened. It's or am I using her toes and we under the authority even Johnston. It just you just about Iraq if I do not like ditto Saturday what is it all under the total could put a broader audio only I definitely am legend like you know I got a group a room and holiday like doing a study like guy. With the hardest part for you guys about Syria who. Pouring into the bowl on home man okay we got you a record no worries all right said he normal problems and Kara. It works like mine. But a big gas strong who just suck it up. We didn't shoot a serial spit it or you don't all right and added to. Your border zero Matta bird feeding its young and can. Is also the they would play the game known as. Big dummy how easy game to play it's easy game Laura Laura asked initially one question right annually to be playing for team sober or team not sober and as we do every week. We do a little men's room Paul now. Last week we decided to ask you won't be one food that you would be willing to give up the rest of your life. And the choices were tacos burgers pizza and chicken wings. Shockingly enough to some of us here in this room. Chicken wings turns out the most people would give those up for like I'm shocked other than anything else say on Twitter number two tacos. Tacos came in at number two. And I was surprised that pizza tied birders are figured everybody would. It would take burgers over pizza as far as having you wanna go to your lifetime but as we did say with pizza. You could include anyone of these items and kind of replicate that to some degree on a pizza. You could have a taco pizza you'd have a buffalo chicken pizza you can have a cheeseburger pizza and all these things you can do with a pizza and and we kind of stay on the other top at a food today but more in vain might. Power asking you about a guy's night out and you need to pick one for dinner and dancing we'll be an eye that was miles Steve general Mike. Those are choices we'll take you out of the restaurant of your choice and you'll go to a club able dance tonight away so that's how we're doing our miserable today. Henry got a game has been done 844999. A lot who is our first contestant ready to play two days out of four dental assistant into the business at hand. A regarding Goldman grams and cinnamon toast crunch to some of the comments. I'm Mike Holmgren frequently for a treat to breakfast in with the result that either way the illegal immigrants aren't followed by our local programs. Some of the just golden Graham to chocolate milk I'm assuming that person is very unhealthy but it still sounds delicious. And in golden Gramm's own cinnamon toast courts are referrals so we can move forward on health and for there's a reason that cinnamon toast crunch is getting all these additional products and golden Graham is an. Yes that's right credits is off and yeah I can even admit that I mean come on I'm just saying the Golan grams or not that bad that's not a lot of people agree with him. Are the games they dummy four point 9990 lose our first contestant Reyna played games hello Peter welcome to the men's room. I'd hear. Homer and at all period is over now it's over today comes over an hour right here. I've done our poll is guys' night out they've won for dinner and dancing will be mild Steve dynamite. I infield as though a lot of fun and I said okay norm and I go Mike. I was gonna pick I mean I was gonna in my native he's gonna is gonna save your money. All right have a great time and I think you'll be respectful Wilbur Benson. Well you guys say it's I don't know what we're going to close I give that to ensure this. We're gonna dancing would you take if you like god country line dancing life. I think that the good timing of the mechanical bull and everything all right all right I don't I don't know that I have a good time we're gonna have some like he has played a pitcher or two. Customize advertising from the blindness it's kind of nice to have dinner and the junior's legacy of globe. Oh yeah we're gonna go out is safe. That's just have to champagne what you thought you wouldn't let alone you bottle service. Do it tonight and dinner and incident that saw alien and whatnot. He didn't I don't know that it can at at which probably means shrimp for children. All right there they are you ready for your first question. Yeah. Who recently defeated Republican Roy Moore and Alabama senate race. While in politics I'm. Oh don't nominates say. Hillary Clinton lags. I knew and remembered. I do but I wanna make the joke so what's the real thing. Hey managed to members and over again doesn't know co Doug Joseph blow job hello dog Doug Giles. Through mantra we are as a plane name. Doug Jones before you don't like I MI all in this historic resilient again you know probably and so I'm Dave and you win they look like who Doug Jones left nothing wrong with the plain mean says Ted Smith. Yeah I know I can remember your neck. They're out of your mind she'd be every day Evan and Joseph you know America Jones could DJ Jersey these and what might be dead remember. I. Our current energy question which of the following cities is farthest north. Samantha Georgia Tijuana Mexico or Houston Texas. Food. EE ED. Go way die might go. You are correct you cannot honor she's won two and then followed by Savannah. I believe Savannah and in Houston as an elite yet look at Davis they done a 4499911. Was our next contest and ready to play the game. Say hello to Mike hello Mike welcome to the men's room. All our Iraq. I might just came over to not field. Feel better not silverlight plug into the show thank our our men's room full of guys night outfit won for dinner and dancing miles Steve Jeremiah. Finally you might get it together as a Dana wave hello you're able for you to name though it is maybe it might and might. Ted you don't mean the guy who. My god I'm the same I gonna blow pull off right. You got to move million coming out you know it's a move this remember men a new day we do that here work. So Bob Bob do another Steve Sayles does he read about them the same guy who blossomed chemical or reject you can't worry. I was thrown off of Mike and Mike as we both just ended. Well my golf man while. Sports rooms even then yes I. Hear is your question but an Allah Micah what. I think I'll I mean Tre window right OK. But what for Mike and Mike the Mike and Greg we've got my DiMarco this is gonna item. And they leave him alone but he's just triggered. A thought I. Knew I am how it is hardly any particular Florida yes. I don't want. All the all I didn't do and I got to hug the cameraman put it lets us into another check it just that I can mallet. I've watched it. You can already see if these tires in question it 35 cents. Looking a bit more power shell by our three get the heart felt like break down to the other might if there's a lot less Wear and lows six. Audi Bentley who got new Lamborghini and Porsche believe it or not they're not competitors. Are all owned by the same company hopes the company. Our man I don't know porn company well. You heard it crap. You've got one little problem you can let them you've had one break down to just. GM. It's like yeah. Yes I'm gonna go I didn't not know this but yet. Audi and you're left or really who got do you remember anything import. Wow. Glad to gain Italian now. They won't harm the Germans made it now so is he saw definite yes there's in the world. Yeah I'm happy color and it was one of those things. Our which of these MC hammer songs shorted the lowest on billboard. You can't touch us. Had you seen her or too legit to quit at the scene in that got us all stuck in my head assumes a road course. He hit his team. Like yeah who didn't quit the Buick on the radio talk regular that. I was a young fans. Can't touch so even those who want the every passing all the time and it didn't do bad is it topped out at number eight. Don't suppose it was a like number 5% we have. Tillage it was massive do you dirt. Or should your quarterback hadn't done it hundreds and doctor Aaron Carter. A different humps and bumps. Aruba that's what he went down to Atlanta and became oh yeah yeah yeah and make it Atlanta Falcons Jersey famous homes involved. Yeah quite a career that MC hammer. And I've questioned multiple choice according to Forbes magazine. Who's the most overpaid actor in 2017. More cool word Brad Pitt or Dwayne the rock Johnson. Mark Wahlberg. Act Tom got to Max and I wouldn't why are you so confident about the yeah no one heard and don't look at them I don't know why did you haven't seen. That's the other thing we're deep hot water horizon only put that out this year and critically I think it did what are on order when he went to see you. What's it like toured the real Al daddy's home noted that's a no new Farrell right what Will Ferrell. And Mel Gibson the lovely and talented Mel Gibson you just can't beat the rock I had no matter what they pay him the return on the and the return on your investments that it did muffle Mark Wahlberg is not that bad actually so he's the most overpaid but for one dollar spent on him. The returns like four dollars and what are you gonna be back in the day the people on top of that for one dollar you spend you mean like thirty like Jim Carrie at some point for me Dolly you spent for him to be in a movie you returned like 39 cent as the messiah really quickly so that not even adds ambassador you do Mark Wahlberg a dollar he gives you before it's not bad days it's offense is bad as it gets like sign me up that bank. The game is pretty down 844999. Hello is our next contestant ready play the game hello Casey welcome to the men's room. Yeah. This is over now it's over. So we're Kasey welcome the shift. All right to guys night out that's our ball today. Pick one for dinner and dancing will be miles due to in my. You don't amid the opposite in the right after gold Robin yeah onion and on files are around maybe. Mean you whenever you wanted to live this. And I got to do that is I didn't know I gotta do is losing the wildcats. Children and. Hit sand skewed sense. I guess I mean you're in for the dedication and Julia from him. Here is your question. What is the only song I'm Rolling Stones listed the 500 greatest songs. That is Max in English. Group report about Ritchie Valens and Colbert did years later by Los Robles. Our community day. On Hamas. Okay. I'm back. And I got a lot of love I'm confident until I didn't worry they're relieved technically. Technically. Technically. Technically if they charged up the song tequila. Should be on that big deal that's the only it's all right there they say the entire song. To do with English. Love to do is say it. So you're saying it is Spanish the only word you said that it doesn't want tacos winners more political Congo to go to the top Democrat so tequila which is called dealings. Particle and a Mexican resorted to a slew of episode two do you think you'll won't call led to Ricky. That is that the now the question no candidates aren't as well and that's all I don't verifiable data rates and so now probably yes probably enough. Records show greatest songs of the number problem look it tequila and man man man man man man. All right there's your question so hopefully to what lay users not 7000. Pounds of what fruits per day. What actually went to correct them. The lord oh yeah well. Now and double check the rules of fruit and then that not only is it approved its. Typical but a one seed Berry not only were off avocados are doing now not so well with everything that was going on. In in California. But now wire thought wild fires came down there and burned a yes huge crop of avocados and grows going to be like. All the avocados were really were open before Mexico there would be more expensive because all the stuff those going on with the trade. And then they said okay well California we're just gonna do more off condos are short even though they're mill the drought there a lot of these damn things in and burn them all down the wire fire. It was the is that Tom Selleck. The U together as the outcome I thought I'm fine for for watering lot of houses are like hey man you know which we just gotta come back I'm watering a little bit in. And a problem would try to get away with something like that do any part variant. People intelligent watering the lawn usually ends when you go into a neighborhood in everyone's loans brown accepted that that the car in front resonated with a drone of his good flew over neighborhoods like blue jays he's out looks just I if it if there beyoncé thousand dollars go down that characters ever houses George yeah Gloria always got to be he's gonna have. He's got a golf hole in the backyard of experience brag about it here it is no way to hide your warning had. I don't know any offensive. That's kind of that's what the story was told. Disney Demi four point 999 all of our contestants coming up you're listening to the men's or radio network. I. Hello Najaf and how sensitive details we'll have for UA cinnamon toast crunch taste test extravaganza. As our old Steven broil we have blow a three different times of cinema until well I think for fathers to different cereals there is like. Cinnamon toast orange dots that you add the milk right so you want to know tournament aberration I guess it is crucial to cereal into a fine powder form what that's quickest on the moon. And that's going to be good because look man we knew we cinnamon toast crunch and I'm sure goes against you. How would you know the cereal that bit of milk you have left. It's delicious man is a little you do with the milky just drink the milk this is like pulling quake in milk yeah child the only guarantee general cinnamon toast I Kyle slammed I don't have you on the serial right I don't have time to put the cereal in the ball he doesn't have time accused Syria the Santelli so now. Limited you pulled off a guy like about it cold cereal you know and I'm district and vote ever gotten to the the bottom of like Gilligan drumstick in light drizzle candy are there is always had a little chocolate thing yet the very bottom right you've got to eat that whole thing and at the very bottom sometimes the bottom cone is filled with chuck yeah. But you got to work to get them anyway just take a bite off the bottom and eat it and then work your way up brother still sort of some of your life and Thompson donut holes I don't wanna hear I feel like is just the album in the back to avoid you want to hold known I think you've got to work your way to earn that milk I did you don't mean like I mean you have to eat doesn't. I'm Bob if they saw an article makes it. I eat just chocolate you Hershey bar I don't know but I mean like the whole goodness of the milk in the bowl as the fact that. The that this cereal has soaked in there for. Ten minutes fifteen minutes it doesn't I don't at all Conosoga. Move the microwave oven that's my helmet is we're just doing for it just seems like everything you know the horrible accident yet his jaws wired shocked they're gonna be now he can't have anything that you just can't even dirty guards off the cinnamon toast crunch now. Comes up that's a good time and I yet I think you're gonna like it I've not tried it I do believe wholeheartedly in like this out toast crunch balls are going to be the best ball when he. But the ball like little like our pipes are calling balls they're bright they're bites. All right I got in and I just heard that they most phenomenal cinnamon toast crunch taste test extravaganza coming up with a hedge yet intense meat and potatoes in the meantime the game is big dummy 844999. Cola. Below. You know and I'm on thought the numbers and hello Ruben. Hello Rubin welcomed in the mirror and not include this man is seen. Along people on animal lover now and actually got slightly thinner like five seconds on the human way tie that's all there proving yourself or knots over. And soldiers are welcome the show ruined our men's room called guy's night out. Daryn no dancing with miles Steve dinner might be taken on the show. Miles this is all right men love free. Nagano and everyone else. Wherever you like it got through the life probably you'll say left. I mean I'm a browns now who's gonna happen I really limits are as good a time ago unlike. He says usually about a fourth until the party merit. Yeah okay very good on a day. Fifth fifth fifth. Starting difficult really hard here to question multiple choice now there's about 117. Million late in the world but daily Covert. 2%. 4% 6% for 8% of the Earth's surface. All. 6%. We'll take two. 844. Pork. Seventeen million. Make the marketplace the biggest the biggest ones really can't even go into this. There are the ones in Russia that are a full bolt react as well dad they turn things we have been greatly greatly elevate awareness McGovern I have about well could stand out to bloom not also but otherwise how would not jumping to a Russian snuck something about it. All right in my other Russian league jumbled and you could. Half of all the master degrees earned in the US our business and what other major. It is. Education and there's again okay. I'm never definitely. Another multiple choice for you what those say Harrell mean in Arabic. It was a mean desert sand or camel there. Fluid Sahara where as in the Sahara Desert. Well. And Oslo yes room. When you're gonna deli owner Ruben and asking for your name and you say Rubens. And I think you're lying for you out. Well actually act OK so if they don't they ask you can't get written record as we don't like mormons don't like it because as measured name. Clinical mostly it just did and I did it is due to Bagram okay when you and I just the way would you mind if I got arugula guy EU. Local jail I don't know if I mean I want Rubin I you're taking the cause of the right time root out I think you really need to evaluate what was dissenting. HT TF can be very own genre movie do you think about this for a minute you really wanna go out. Look yes it's that crazy you know these are important roles autumn I'll tell you Rubin. You can either incidentally it's all right OK so thank you. Mark big dummy coming out of you like to begin designate for far 999 cola. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.