12-14-17 Seg 2 Men's Room Goes For A Dance

Thursday, December 14th

We play the game known as Big Dummy


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This is dumb men's room. Oh Charlotte there's joining us tonight six point nine to fox in Appleton Wisconsin and rock 100 point five to catch the legendary rock station in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma come on guys what have come on guys are gonna send some more underwear under its current commander of Rivera because of my innocent you come here today he they're dying for this time of the year ago this is this is Ferrara liner package of putting it. You're listening to the men's room on 96 point nine the fox Appleton. They're getting out tonight black first inning but experts and in my element of local problems local city alone and all right. You're listening to the men's room on rock 100 point five the cats act. Apparently engadget wasn't enough act now as those horrible. You're losing to the men's room on rock 100 point five attacks and Erica are I was there and that was good coming up guys they've got Disney details ahead Jim with a cinnamon toast crunch taste tests extravaganza challenge you know I Sherlock is coming up. And profile this of course will bring themselves with a shot of the day to reject the poll on Twitter real quick the cold miserable yes. Sure there. As far as guys night out pick one miles Steve terabyte. Yes I'm I'm just excited about the percentage right now Jack what do when he does I am but I met 69%. This is. Our car alone. There. My here's what else are golf right now and so it's. Yes it did lose it on Twitter and check the list 5% we go back to a close we go back to Rubin teams over Ruben you are on question number four here. And here's the question now a new video games are released on Tuesdays. Emily wood and that's all things to save them. Back in 1992 and we're building behind for the release of what did you gain. 92 us 92. 92. I don't know anything about these games say. Tomorrow at sonic they had certain. After the moratorium and care apparently rabid again I don't lose or actually some of their talk to but I kind of blows like oh really I'll call you later. Games may donate 44999. Olin who is our next contestant ready play the game just record first ball Ruben you never a lot of demand for someone you haven't even been on a date with a net debt we Jesus Christ would cancel my day. His music wherever you want miles when you looked you looked and said yeah pitcher to change your mind. Short and then within two minutes it doesn't he's market things off the matches like this look oh. Let's golfer to you know what I don't care we need to think our greatness go get tacos. Seattle do you wanna go get a dime. What they did you care. They do have an event you could only using this I definitely just don't want these you if you do do that then I can deduct the rest or just say this I don't care. But I care more of the New York or judges are you care less than me that's what we're gonna have these Richard just say it should be your first explanation that should be like this. You know what I had tacos for lunch today so anything other than that would be fine. And I got. An unforgettable thing game play and knowing my favorite one was would you contradict I don't care I don't care either. I hate if you repeat sex. He's really thinking about sushi. Oh is this. I'm that it just asked the question by the way miles it's. You're giving me grief about the cinnamon toast crunch powder stuff now did you and is usually usually you remember the listener I only dropped off on top of North Korea's highest mound and helicopter not only my preference on their for the new heights no right to do that I don't know but you say you should earned the right very good to drink the delicious life and then you wonder about that you enjoy the drumstick she. Random guy yeah I know the nuts on top Bret yes and miles as we saw little ice cream cone bottoms. He not know see now you're well I don't and it not only has no ploy to old to your failed generally although bottom this column is what I'm here no what does that what I'm hearing I don't know what is that but that you do and earn it. So would you not by those. I on the fact that by your own I don't believe they actually exist I'm notified that that's horse hockey. Am otherwise one of the guys says oh my god I thought it was only my bad ass to live from the bottom of the drums to chocolate. Yeah related to miles more than those moments that no way that it you know it's a more adult animated takes time to get there when there are are merited our. There're burglar robber so I modules are good then when you don't of the iron like they're just they're already played and if you're not gonna do it it's just like it's the anticipation of of of getting there to that point in on him in Sierra but also fighting does give there. I mean I can walk I don't play country but I'd prefer to give our employees think about like sex you know I mean if you can do it take your time and historical level and then at the end all be words but still ever want to while she said look me in all I'm going to do it all the time to give an orgasm a 52 penalty six seconds he. I'll be right I never had that offer before maybe if they have a little bottoms of the council think about an hour ago. He's. Just off the line. So announcer I never did the ends of what's Haram means an Arabic leery about it means deserts of the they're tired of guys the desert desert on the biggest desert in the world mean is that. The sailors of the Gobi an article is the biggest sorry and I am happy I minister. It from the game is big 844999. All of that was our next contest and ready to play the game. Hello old JR welcome to an injury. Yeah. And do our. Redundant JR not sober or sober. So sober JR welcome the pro draft most of the people I grew up in the West Virginia didn't have names they just have to initials is named there are never relate to it. Miserable guy got out of that right now in jail now why should I do I do grow did you pick one for dinner and dancing miles Steve tanner might. If the world the world on this one aren't. You remember black man before him. It that way when women out there and I haven't done it even if you spend time with me I'll be horrible lows and I don't think about a leadership that's I think that's I do my research. All right here is your question. How was back here maybe I'll probably go to from OK here Yelp review get there you go there backpack for NASCAR. I take I take ya. I'd take three lagged far start independent. Which are great but courtroom serviceable between me and a pantomime to Starks got the job done very got the job done but about the bends. An 1859. A man brought 24. Wild rabbits Spoelstra. In the next seven years made reproduce so fast the direct comment 1000000005. Million or ten Billy. I'm Dave yeah all billion. How big this can't be like regular size racquets survived a diameter like. Only thirty pound flat and I'd probably have more news on clay I don't exactly know laughter the thing about California with 24 and seven years and we're and that. Billion of these things run around. That's why they say like rabbits and I would assume that's what those things started. All right only twelve people in history had ever won an. What's four wards you have to win to earn and he got. I don't know he's got it. Most people don't. It's cold in the OT EG OEGOMG. And get the win for supper rewards group closely for him and he's got. So take it away gulf. You know you when your four majors to a new and old big to do. Are you gotta do kind of yeah I think I have it has around the time of the year that you'll start hearing some buzz about. Him. I knew was important. Yeah let it let parents. I. Got to win Emmy and Golden Globe around here thought hey I got the got to do an Arizona dad has but I guessed Emmy Grammy outskirts of the article maybe making calls and got to clear the Golden Globe and I had an attack. Against time. Do you see is anybody one. About twelve people have wanted the money like share and one person has been nominated for all four in number one in one of the 40 wow yeah. Madonna now she got to get nominated who. All right in addition to Bulls and Bears and the stock market also references what word to describe the behavior traders. Lay it. That would mean them the market is paying me and I think your play better offense. You know stuff. In my fifth the from the firmly in the often. I'm not known for any worldwide nor do I dare question for. What famous presidential address only lasted three minutes and it was written on a train ride it to the site of the speech. I guess I can't bear yeah the site of the speech is what the speech is no match. Trainer right. There's still a presidential. He's a famous. Speech you've heard it many times. Four score and seven years ago. That's the bush and given to. Yeah well. How many. Good guys they are big Gettysburg address America Gettysburg address wow man you know this speech you don't know the name you know I'm not far beyond a movie you know in the name like I don't know the name and I remember right back. Just like there's no the movement Gettysburg address do you feel okay sure that's pretty close. There isn't a domain for 4999 all of the we have another contestant ready play the game hello match welcomed to the men's room. Match John James Overton knots over. It's over it's over Matt welcome militia. Men are men drew pulled into guys' night out pick one for dinner and dancing we'll be miles dejudder might. Oh really thrilled to who get all the formula I group. You know nobody look until you. Learn more important if you're not there featured on stone Matt. No ploy and warm although it was an hour ago I look at it until I. Foreman policing thing he thought one bone hit an hour ago must own a milestone. I'm too high you know. Here's the question what or again regenerate itself every 27 days. So I'm pretty sure no live debut game. All right always what I've done all I got users can do that. I look at it and everybody is and again we turn out by now. The title is good handle yeah and you got I know are not a half a that's not here he's sentenced to death I was gonna say mega biggest guard thought that that would be very nice. Why don't parliamentary ball as far as the guy's night out today looks like my ideas in the lead right now. I wanted he wanted to line dancing with payout might blow a dull or whatever but to go to a dinner where you think in your your lovely day for day and you know identity etiquette in Beirut the Gigabit. Are nice all right for a barbecue on the line dancing afterwards and very good. Yeah it was big dummy for par 999 all the more contestants coming up you are listening to amend your radio network. Big chill you know have gentleman's room up head Jim announced today on ten to be invented those little boy we have a cinnamon toast. Lunch taste test extravaganza. On the way right before we drink it tells with a shot of the day yes sir bunch of new cinnamon toast crunch products out there and we will taste the ball. Comments yeah we do and most of those believe it or not we have to regarding B poll that we have up today in the mid Drupal what does the guy's night out to guys' night out you haven't dreaded big go what myself miles Ted or Mike in metro wanna Don is not to get lucky. And says can you just fill Ted that I of the biggest radio crush on how we all do that from Erica she adds with a K which I could tell go through she wrote her name Erica that a K. But I like the double affirmation. Hey thanks Erica. Gonna have a minority plug dinner date with miles and thrown up from Lacey Lacey the prom is that's not so much of my magic wall for us that is the doubles trying to. Yes it is so prose is not what I want accidentally see miles payments and that's where we play horrible things we've dude you week there's no way we wouldn't gross lays out what he means by that is me and you would have sex with the devil. But you finally knows that you're in one. I mean you know I've been I don't know on my bucket list a minimum lows and the lonely I'm and one in the preferred guys and now you've been part of the doubles and Alia. Yeah. Colombia after you act as far I was a punter brown. It's not an index ticker now are upon your people do dehumanize Nady was is now browse the whole. The right to its members Ronald. And is that your kid there it. As far as we one of the question addressed earlier is if you win an award called and NT EG OT in only twelve people have ever done. And someone who has won an Emmy. A Grammy and Oscar and Tony. So one of our listeners out there says about the way he got the word of Filipino sync problem of the embalmed. Pow wow. Ha ha athletic club. Rommel I I don't know I know they had no black actors racked up just one you gotta order elect. All my girl boy he got I didn't move ahead if it would even read it if it. Yeah before it was a little. A look at the look at the list there's only like and need to you might even recognized shore. All the visits like what wardrobe and things like that just various categories and I think almost a religious pole its back on the day you crossed over OK everything damage since you know you read dance and you did Bradley did move all right you can tap out our game is big dummy par 4999. Alone who is our next contestant ready play the game. Hello Mike welcome to the mental. Yeah and I his summer knots over. I'm not so look like they're welcome to show off thank you Letterman group called guy's night out of the blood for dinner and dancing will be miles deep tournament. They would all do. I don't think it was only have light I. Guess. Because other blue ball. Yeah yeah that's right. A battle answers as someone come and literally asked. All right here is your question. What year did the pilgrims land on Plymouth Rock. Okay. Blues. Who as you overnight. 1492. Seeing. 45. Earlier they still seven finished. 1620 fat city twenties are asking me can I didn't you saved Little Rock of like this really on in front of him it's a couple. And how they do so much notoriety when what. Like I've been on a boat for months I get off the boat right now founder went all the stuff we are problems does he all the stress and somebody looked over sauls and hi any ads rockets and really remember this come from this drug that's right that's what happened that surely you remember. They don't know wondered countertop Drummond. Or all right. What does a yellow flag with the red stripes mean and motorists. A yellow flag with red stripes and it's correct what plea from strictly come. The Orioles are shouldn't read off. One lap he saw. A precautionary found slippery track time. Hood river. So look for their attention. The next time you've. I believe it or not it's not farming it's not prostitution what is the world's biggest profession. Manufacturing. Yeah. Hole. We've all experienced. People in this for theft. Everyone you know construction. Teaching teachers to become active script. Yeah. Our question Foreman. And here again. The French eat on average twenty million of what animal every year specifically relates. All. Fresh lows there frogs here. Twenty million of them would double the frauds the snails are good double their upon suit. Man I think it was just this like back in the day you some luck once plentiful. I other people haven't trapped and people live and man like man if you will limit each slimy things a limo immigrant you back in the go hungry dolphin restaurant and I generals literate yet but if there's an animal some wet you can dream like if you're willing to even if you will need insects like yeah Mac can go hungry guy. Does serve frog legs. I Nazis and they're on these are I know now they are the front half of the road when they play tonight off the bag the rule on fraud like if I'm out when should I not he'd probably one months. Generally the wintertime. You're when he winner frock. And only summer hopped from UN US offering frog OK I do best yes summertime and it's and frankly just more fun to go digging in the summer some of Ferrara you're makes me feel. And they've done is a game a four point 99911. Was our next contestant read a play I know I I stole your jingle I'm sorry I. I think it's funny that late in our country. Rightly gravity Keegan frauds are the kind of like. Country music but that kind of thrown doodling right but then in France you think of them as being you know fu fu makes emerging from unsure whether they all like. Problem we ga ga. The government do hello Chris welcome to the men's room. Or it's. There's your children out over. So the press club was killed by Greg Norman's ball to guys night after. Dinner and dancing we'll be at mile speed dinner night. I don't. We'll go now better. Really it was you couldn't get a room groove and Chris we're gonna go to Ruth's Chris. They go slow news day. They're all. Day like a state right. Yeah okay when you have a good day. He's been given a few notes sweep the aren't. Measuring any one foot wingspan the queen Alexandria. Is the largest species of what insect. Thought I had. It. You butterfly flew. And I hate to be the guy I mean I know butterflies in the. I still bug in effect if at some of making before because he's meeting motions. Like I I understand the butterfly I just really think that would freak me out and I would decide late this this can't coexist with. What's going all the kid Chris. The kid. Are not old how old is. At eighteen month old ladies. Oh yeah boy or girl one boy girl girl when he got pulled out Orton and yeah at six people. Playing well they're little okay I'm gonna have to get this center I'm guessing you for going out to dinner at their. No independents. Joseph Arpaio doesn't mind I don't at all. My god and and you just clean diapers for a living billion. Yeah yeah content authorities say the stringer to smell like. Known and all the mustard I don't want any mustard Imus I don't Graham I Carlyle could become leaders. Are your question what is a computerized. Axial topography better known fans. Or you're absolutely I had no idea. Actual. No drama my gas. Yeah. Tell him he's telling kids. Your question which president rode a horse named magnolia. Can think about the presidents have you ever seen on stage your reigning horse on the limits of a bit. Yeah. And door to. I am very. And other brings up conversation we're having a daytime. The tide so these are the things we talked about but this is the truth okay all right so you've got the president and he's gonna be on this this this this horse. There gallium looking horse you know remember to always some of the old monuments on these lows and these these are beautiful. Beautiful unbelievable but the guy who did a sculpture I he had to make the penis on orders and testicles and testicles completely anatomically correct. So are wondering you know the research involved how much time did he spend. That he can you gotta read the first time and if you backed. India hate being a school there in that moment come what you look at these money yeah right. The president levered is celebrating David dead ringer ran. The horror saw how incredible the dude and it's important you don't all fields are in inning I'm in crafting a penis and a horse ruefully three days in you have to think like. This time we come up this Bobby Jones is there any hope I did come alarm at the most completed the death the golf writer Pete. That's got us our goods and David Merritt. Michelangelo at our ever attack got a letter on an employee at some point oh wait. I hate to spark I swear to god I eat. This part of the chills out a satchel and opinions are the worst part is that to the kid to sit there just stand an athlete just day after day that two big stared at this jazz I didn't make everyone that makes me feel inferior opponents are more. At the bench and that's why they was literally drag and not you know I mean it's and I think that's Michelangelo that are looking for funerals were blessed me when you go look on German potato half inch off your dad average gave his big dummy for Ford 99911. Was our next contestant rated play the game. That would be great if you're a statute was just hung like Apollo public records it's like wow you know pirates yeah. If its own steel and thinking oh people because they gravity I get up guy and maybe rub for good if you know. Endesa is on the line today James. Welcome to the manure knock it out this is James is over now sober. So we're not so Virginia welcome the show this. Miserable guys' night out big one for dinner and dancing levee miles deep center Mike. Well I gotta say they're very busy dancing continue and we'll look at you go and get rectum tequila and I count on him brown okay. I'm not someone else lead comments about what she's thrilled just to stand them why are. Wow I don't phone alone we are now Carlos they get a new challenge. OK question will Democrats are you offended by the term ER. Luckily only environment for the movies you can otherwise I don't know. You got to keep. Gonna UB doggie got back here. Each week it's do we need what you want to Italy AP. What does and I need wallet dot. Because you know over 100 day you're gonna hear the term to win it's. An eighteen guys I'm pretty chill daughters and hybrid out. Normally he's really Childress there's a dog out in the hallway there that he likes to get about your that we McGill clarinet. Rat. Yeah hallway dog could always call all smell oh wait to boot camp could go on out there the second hallway dollar. Okay here's is that dog have does that have more of a dozen years and is have more than two while lawyers. Alex got chew all ears okay. And actually. What's the things names on a cure and telling Clint Eastwood is Juli you feel lucky dog to you Chile Christ. And a dog enjoyed. Sorry. And then you'll be here and I think I did and moved to know why do you know why can't Colorado. July. July chooses but. I don't want our. And again because he cabinet until I attacked. Junior but if you but you do have a job it was relatively new government program about and say hello there well you sure you buckle up did tonight we're. Aurora ordered her are true about religion if could. It all right here's a question cockroaches eat pretty much anything except what veteran. Most do you like his vegetable. C'mon now I mean thumbnail summaries vegetables you hide I truly do not like the stretch boulder is something they do to convert his vegetable to kind of another product. Which actually more. Most people multiple no. Enjoy dispatched. They keep telling me I think they are what do you what deadbeat a newcomer. All eyes yeah well it is refreshing what do they make he has no say let met with cucumbers are the people really liked. A pickles. A whole. Would you Alter kind of what it wasn't for me EU just made it worse than just being in the cockroach won't eat cucumbers Meehan cockroach have them come on the dance OK if you came pickles at all. Now. Miles you're that he physical person I'm I'm I'm very excited I had no I had tribunal they'd offer miles a huge bagel person. Yes I love pickles I get extra pickles if I'm pickle enough that's enough there that the extra pickles. There's no doubt made 4499911. As our next contest and ready to play gays hello Andrew welcome to the men's room. Okay. Sanders over it's over. So fulfilled welcome to the show serves. Harbinger bulletin guys' night out they've won for dinner and dancing movie miles said Seaver Mike. So I'm not proud group and Jarrett all you go on the ground Julio real and even need alcohol. All right here's the question. What kind of grades are used to make champagne. Concord. Concord. Champaign you know it. Chardonnay Chardonnay. I don't know what he serves a stripper of Cleveland blew. No mention. Don't know meanwhile are whom are filet mignon. I'll meet you know Gracie yeah who you may not three year old. The comment. He likes softy inside and satellite elephants I don't know. But the result is back I don't oh god don't we go I'm losing days. Humanity when death was a police say number why they just chasing after the site. If he weren't a voice and I'm. I didn't welcome back to the program. That are linked to most part our side air that is our. Not only did he just say acting side now gladly done the best free advertisement for the sparkle insider community. That's what they need right. Carl what breakfast food is the number one pizza topping in Australia. Who's gone home. That would have been my guess but no what breakfast food is the number one people. I mean angles. Eggs egg. On pizza and you'll. We've entered a new low I mean are we given the trials comes up. Go to did you medicine now I knew when he put eggs in the oven they're naturally gonna get hard. They're gonna cooks like the idea of having a running at ridiculously cracking on top of the here. Let me crank and on top I don't know I don't know they also scrambled they're kind of just cooked into. Your breakfast pizza. And yeah drivers and it quiche. Yeah probably does it he's just all breakfast pizza that's in it's that applies to all of us at a breakfast pie. Guess Marla breakfast items across is a little different colored red salsa but this is such a weird fine line and its occasional for taught. Isn't there another one I mean this is a high right to any degree and that it's a packed. All right according to a survey what is the average American's. Favorite food smell. All. It all. All of cucumbers. Are safe. As they're Amanda. All right and your question for. Police suspect. I wish I could say that word to even ask that put. He sometimes might just give me these were two engine nozzle struggle what those aid. You know give a damn figured out and attendance. Perfect ten. There are examined more big dummy on the way if you like it begins as an 844 at 999. Hole like you are listening to the men's or radio network. Yeah. I Sherlock tell I'm trying to Farley drinking and tells for the show today enemies and the game is big Dunning. 844999. Although we have Andrew on the line he's playing for team at the sober and working on question number four. Current and drive had time to figure out how to say this work and I still don't know if I'm going to save her. What does that goddamn what goes SF biologists study and as I hence. They have big studies every four years. Of. Every corner every four years that the big studies are before. All. Every election to election. Through the ultimate study elections in general provincial elections obviously there have been minutia. We'll sing it. What does the main difference between falling and admits. What are those where it's visibility but which one can see or. Oh did you could be further. Your very confident about that Andrea did you know that. He bought a lot OK behind learn. Slate with a little thought to be so thick you think zero visibility devastating news she for a little one kilometer into missed if you can't see that far it's followed just remember check your viewpoints check your temperature there about even even have thought yeah do do pointless for the second of the night. Disney donated four point 999 Nolan is our next contestant I like big game. I was gonna really fall laughs again this. That is on your dueling followed the correct one but there was forget I wasn't positive how it started or where it came from Somalia relates. Obama goof ball. And I did that and I had thought I'm your fellow pro blow welcome to the men's room. Clear pitches on wow promo sober now for over the past did. Knocked over thug steadily. Okay pro blow here is your men's room called the day dinner in dancing in night out you know miles he did in my way. All because I have been in many clubs with head and I see you see it is. Nothing nothing turns me off about it so long as they go with the bathrooms in these guys that these models I'm hoping it's expect. Computer. We'll show through my hands. Yes that you love Lucas that's. Unbelievable remove anyone really doubt or oh yeah no no shout outs he picked me dude. Sorry cooked the. So far below and he has every catches from the radio station on them so you know yeah see and I met him and he had lease on his arm and now he's getting. Oh so gloat at Saddam is gone. He showed us by screaming at us in front month over month and ripping off his shirt. It all came out ask three ripping off their shirt screamed at and any of understand. This is downtown man result all of these are the people go over Caldwell thank you learn about to be a fight because it sounds like F is about to go down. Our response was I'll pay a man there's Margaret. Security we came out of the building we had to explain on an outlook and as you mentioned this trouble seeing and a half hour these sounds dangerous he's not really kind and. He's harmless man he's just a true rock at all. When we do we told security all but we know how it looks he's fine. Here's the question. Ms. Jolie rouge is the original name for what flag. I. And try generally about oh news. It's awesome guy you medalist at the threat Jolly Roger Smith and Ciba. And you'd like. All right speaking of the dollar Robert what hi Rick you know what pirate captain the ship called the queen Anne's revenge. Why don't they Jack Sparrow so you know it blackbeard. Trouble I know your hair they're only I'm really different pirates can even name and there was black beard there was red beard. Yeah there was a blue beard and we established at a Philly wins them debates and someone said yeah. The was blue beard. Captain Morgan captain Morgan and Morgan admiral Nelson and Nelson we'll let us are known as your remarks and you try to think. Well they're all realms smugglers. So was Gupta Morgan pretty much only guy that we know of who was not white beard. But was he a pirate it or was he just accounted. Just because your captain doesn't make you a pirate Brad doesn't mean he was up to legal and you can only and we can't do I have to have a pirate ship correct shark I don't know. No idea for some reason I'm thinking he was apart I think he's a pirate to at least Wear red jacket. It's all about Rahm you tell me you never been a pirates of the Caribbean adopt a Walt Disney World and that you've never done that ride no it is one of the best rides in the park you mineral. Yes we're the only time what is it like what if I get a all right I'm I voted to go underground to get our hey you got a sly you're in the water and there's pirates burning down cities like Savannah strike women it's just like that part of the law right. Now it's the pirates of the Caribbean like. I like the long ride to the very erratic all manner mr. Pryor rabbit our anger animal models are gross UConn which gathers to fire there is you know there's. Right I forgot he he's racist there's pirates. That's recognized me out on the town to figure Aaron Hill black tires and I can't say that I just might bureau the rabbit is racing hall of sure your fight your pirates by what's he races. Yeah like I live. If you thought about this before ironman movies and kid but then. Yep David there's obviously play at least racist stuff could just be somebody will let us know like yank its races Kuznetsov a pretty I don't know that he drops and bombs are these races. Rare rabbit dropped I cannot imagine revenue environment yes not agent I went seven and then don't like I just if what you mean I walked what do you will Farrell and we're drops these say he dropped the idea is that code and let lately over the topic is friends they're like you know. Did they tell Joseph to anybody in like Jay's ear disease. Now you start by looking over shoulders. For a tells a joke it is they're repeat do brazen if you. Do I do bigot doesn't play big dummy call 844 at 9990. Another contestant coming up here in seconds. The show and many games continues on the men's room radio network.