12-14-17 Seg 3 Men's Room Enjoys Some Cereal

Thursday, December 14th

Emails, Ted's Meat & Potatoes has a new taste test! Plus No S Sherlock and the Shot of the Day​!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. Was thrilled. It's those crimes taste test extravaganza and challenge coming up. When they had jet fuel to stay tuned to it's meat and potatoes is on the way the meantime the game is big dummy 844999. Cola. Hello Troy a welcome to the men's room. August oh and I. So I feel an outfielder. But also not so overthrowing of course welcome to the show definitely an hour and yeah. Try our miserable guys they'll pick one for dinner and dancing will be miles Steve terabyte. Why have to go through all the articles on buffalo we will. So long enough so I'm like it was just trying to build up. It's terrifying it's gonna weird Alan people due date and end up being together I don't know they just look similar. But they did eventually start looking like each other I want only date mold black kids it's an amazing thing that I. Can do you know express specifically and Grace Jones drew her hair back he was out all of our minds on the view and whose ticket that you dance. Narrow road member wrote good to have them did you play three bonuses to a behind her. Is tonight. Oh by the way. So mother pirate. That we do not know about it will recognize the name Osama captain Kidd. Long distance or long John Silver that we don't know the statue and Jose captain Morgan he was in fact pirating is considered horrendous. Islands on the ways and be killed inspired some gruesome fear but even he didn't tasty roms a little long John Silver makes some delicious relationships I gotta admit their house of his or some of the best in the game. I don't know cause but poppy husbands. Pudge thought we were better than her that she would you took long Johns so erratic and whenever he was a fire was 16117. I don't know somewhere nice and high rise rides they're like hey you like you're likely goes to the club much like Amare you know are the ghost of Christmas past right. I must adhere to see your dreams but I am ghost of Christmas to my right and I wouldn't take long John Silver into the future right OK okay he's gonna see is unbelievable chain efficient chips restaurants and scattered the northeast and eastern seaboard. Do you think that he would is mine would be blown by his legacy as I mean if we longhorns voter check in mind is blown that we drove there. The price. Well I'm talking about eleven caller we brought them all very well and had relationships together to this entire time I don't think I've got to be blown away. Okay and he completely political made it feel like that guy at that they demeanor. Conrad Mozambique. We sit and Downey could be introduced are the true sir that I mean. Who else is Bradford ultimately I think captain Morgan would be the tough when that deal is he'd be angry. And violent deadly attack in people like you and. Hollywood to don't I think the guy you'd have dual most. Would be John trapper. We came annual thanks and indoor plumbing and in virtually no way prince Albert because this guy I think our guys all right I know he's not you're gonna see a guy that sliced green as it is pregnant and we'll have a great album be like yeah I was down of that don't even. Meanwhile don't Weber is they like mom how they came into this hole I let. We called the cool after me yes I'm would you take a crack. Like you tell me the trends. Albert actually got to pierce W that is orwellian thought okay that did not know he's the day all right there he got the freaky they say wow. All right here's a question. What are the five colors on the Olympic symbol. I. I would be out in red yellow blue lights. And great. And then move. When he warms our all our life so called black in the world class. Ted disgusted with you. Literally hundreds of life. Everywhere. I just like I eventually stood in front of those rings and take a picture for pretty cool so yeah I mean it's it's it's it's pretty off. Our question easily compete in the Olympics do you have to have the ring tattooed on. Wouldn't you guess Nixon I really do look if you if you meet again they went via our register realized obviously had Internet Simmons and as a big Olympic thing on shoulder I would everybody made it didn't see Olympic boxer they have that Texas have only gotten. Yeah why well because you don't get that led to if you did not compete in the Olympics but if your team wins the Super Bowl you're more than happy to get your team to global energetic you tell me how many curling shower right up enough whenever a guy I go to the shower and as I can tell the Olympics and by the fact the curling the Libyans look like they got what you're absolutely. Yeah looked okay and I'm imagining there's him right on the net and all right what is the oldest most widely used vegetable. I do like this. Thing I got people aren't allowed in the from them. It's in the ground below. It does say that and out of Baghdad on and on and off. You know owning all cafe disagreeing on hell. I was a song. Green onions yes look the Indian. Another similar rates of their tequila then I do know three truck. Anthony Daniels who is the man inside of the what scifi robot Thomas Kuhn. You know little sailor at all. Hey Gary baker BL OO she sleeps heel hard obviously I didn't take so there's a Star Wars trivia Geist. People are asking you desperation move. I must tell me if you heard about oh we wanted every caller you're almost there. I guess overall. Article it's continued. What organization's motto. Is fidelity bravery and integrity. Area UB corrects them yes you would be correct you read then what's how I'm laughing now about federal booty inspector how. A car that you are in that if we are all evidence. Monday Jack back if it I have the most original joke you're gonna hear from a seventeen year old who I met these are. I have never done anything that I was actually just with Simpson book of that as an auto body type I'm ready and neither of hasn't gotten close to even like kissing a girl right now I don't believe there may never umpire. There's no doubt made four par 999 Nolan who's our next contest and read a play the game. Hello Richard welcome to the men's room. I heard your YouTube announced over. I'd like to Bloomberg. Right Richard Smith group called. Guys' night out big one for dinner and dancing we'll be miles Steve tenor month. Ominous finally Dennis Rodman and be thrilled. Barak thank you. You know that's always who I hope almost as closely as opposed to Dennis Rodman. He had to go to North Korea's that's right of the Everglades basketball of the world leader as they made it famous a sushi bar and now Miami that he likes to go till death actually this picture of them sushi bar and I'm Miami. And and I sit down right but the way I'm sitting down I'm facing the sushi commercial street so let's just back there and every time I look at the chef and you try like sixty something like that Japanese dude right foot. If look at me you kind of grand clapped his hands together go quick little Barack I somewhat OK you know what I'm. The two minutes past I glance in his direction yet I can now look at some point right he doesn't get what this huge one around through the entire course from a launch and it's weird man goes like he keeps dormant an hour north you're supposed to do a bank you know I mean I am only culturally insensitive but like. I'm not gonna keep bounty man you know army like we usually handle some of which I can't talk. This guy who's going to probably the way to comes out he has tournament check in this as an endless. I know you're not but the shaft is absolutely convinced that you're Dennis Rodman. There's a wake up down enemies and that's exactly well claims kidnapped from weirdness and I know. And nobody star struck. And they abiding get a free meal doesn't know that no Rodriguez Robin new guard who opposed the waiter knew I wasn't Dennis Rodman yeah he. Dead. Room Holdren you should just looked into you know not Dennis from the bridge. And Ali Mohamed I was take you to. Carmen Electra hormonal I met her and that argument she spent arm of I've been drama when she looked me up and down chief determined that we looked nothing to lose because she was attracted to Henderson. Aren't here is your question multiple choice how many muscles doesn't elephant have been that strong and I'm in a one on its face into my middle income. 4040000. Or 400000. Sortie now than. For your 100000. Who knows what will you do it will fit right I mean think about all the things like there aren't supposed to play. I have no idea from them since tolerant. What color is she ruling him. All paint. Really doesn't blew blew through it. Historically the case. It's got most of the main content in the same guy named car colors don't think winters nipple like veterans are gonna make your house where OK man. Added to download the winters medical pleased. Look at the board is plywood usually made for oak birch maple pine. And. Okay cool bird bird bird. Thank beer. And I question for Richard. Aren't really that Middle Eastern under. I fully. OK. Okay. Didn't move we are in which Middle Eastern country discourage the region. He has been interest from it. Out of my. Mouth. I need. Never live to talk about the saved. How do what you can really. Up I was a traitor and others. The American. In the Middle East yeah it's Hunan. All right here's a question off though like olive oil oil. Continues drizzle it's bad I dissipating into humans all welcome to donate it. Lovely piece that together. All right. Lefties are specifying that astute left handed people were banned from playing what equestrian sport. It was a wonderful overture absolutely right Richard Bernal a look at implies that because your what you can do and hit somebody in the head with a stick. Yeah I think he's just got to be how to dinners the game already is in the durable one person who's on the other side again everybody I'm immersive media gimmick since. I don't know I go on the game known as big dummy you're gonna wanna hang Elliott a very special Ted's meat and potatoes coming up. As the head chapel do a cinnamon toast crunch taste test extravaganza. We have a bunch of new products here from cinnamon toast crunch and give those a world coming up with the head chef and also your emails on the way from men's room. And men's or live dot com you are listening to the men's or radio networks. This is your. True silver dollar I don't know I'd sure like decimated details ahead Jeff we have a cinnamon toast crunch taste test extravaganza coming up. With dead meat and potatoes the first time for a few emails here from the men's room and into my back job yeah. A look at today's my son Harley seventeenth trip around the Golden Globe this guy can beat him drop the beach and thrill and Ted it. Doing some dirt German talking about gaming and many happy birthday from Wada and thanks guys that from Robin in front of the Monroe he had probably. I do not know much about gaming but to no good to have the joystick and reluctant to. Yeah happy birthday enjoy being seventeen. I'm looking to book says. Radio gods can you believe is by another Heather re happy 23 birthday Debra LeRoy Jenkins and a little kids they sandwich. It is her birthday thanks you guys are awesome that from Gary. I. Yeah Paula do that a lot of today is my brother Adam renounced Allen's 3727. Jerry Brown the son. I gotta look on your show any analysis you guys every day in Newport, Rhode Island power room there is an awesome brother uncle and friend and deserve nothing but the best. So that in mind connect your birthday. Shout out with a dirty is German from thrill. Something laid down under from Ozzie daddy and maybe some Baltimore miles thanks guys appreciate it love the show that from Justin. You are looking to people might she misses freshly rolled his in and no. Bad and if amendment than if you're familiar M back with them but come on down here and regulate you look at drop bad. Yea and I mean rather die than like I read your mom. Every thirty turning into my baby daddy mark you made it to the aids campaign stage of your life love you more than you know love your pain in the ass mile. Can I get an Al hitting the window and some dirty German talk please. Oh. Our what did she do like a football field spike my balls deep into the end zone. Young and come over here for dinner from a severe abuse of soul to this community. It is my wife Patricia and I Justin's birthday. And anniversary yet she made it easy for me. Which he's a guy to get her turtle wax and during the Basel ladies' man faced sandwich. We'll be listening from beautiful Banff Alberta this year thanks guys out from PV. Thank you these fairways. Overlook go to. Only has like it was my fantastic friend Adam had B 35 birthday today he loves your show listens every day could you give an original faced sandwich police thanks so much that from Nicky price average guys like it was my father in las got a happy birthday he would love to hear wedding puke a LeRoy Jenkins and a Joey chestnut. This. Movie. I thought they have reverted to my wife Angie she's a huge fan of you guys have been like yeah you'd hitter out of the original they sand wedge and can I get a chain company guy birthday wish thanks guys Iraq gone now from Joseph fish sandwich. Happy birthday and G are not to a beautiful pearl necklace. Guys know I've been as a longtime observer your show today is our fortieth she keeps saying something about a fish sandwich anyway if you could give her shout out that would be fantastic data from Anthony. So much Anthony verdict at the brickyard AG OOK. Guys do predict big it's what the hell out of here and yes Julius and slacks. Oh yeah of course d'antoni right yes I had a friend you know you live hello I am really yeah dumb as you remember Maria that you believe and has never married and wishing ardea had a 47 on the sun giving you know we're all right Jack gans also his employee DeVon birthdays today so they can they both did some dirty Germans as well thanks guys. And that from early and tomorrow it's. Garland teacher my favorites such movies police squads and dump and that's my job is now a student of Kabul my favorites this dozens of good you get to be the boost help provide stuffy. Hi guys oh. I mean yeah I'd. Yeah yeah OK have you had any. I I have to say good for you. May Day is doesn't they're two Germans brought about men's. Also available through these world fame on humans to live dot com another sign retailers. Try to fly you. Lawyers lose this is a really go to and I really appreciate this one. Hello guys Ellis in the everyday I love your show and I remember over the years hearing about some miles your daughter's a struggles as a newborn. I know she was born on the East Coast and inspired by her struggles in your stories I recently donated some money to Bender is one big kiss radio fund. Kids in Seattle and for Children's Hospital nice for the past two years your honor I've done that I know the industry does not support cross station supports. But I hope you read this email to support donations to Children's Hospital during this time of the year. I'm happy holidays guys if they're not able to read it my fiance and I are still huge fans and congratulations and best of luck with the recent syndication daycare. That from Gina Shackelford and Daniel Barnes thank you so much for doing that. Of course and all that but I wanna say. Then in the time that they did a radio Farnham and we give shadows to people ready all the time who deserve it. We don't know what radio is just barely over itself like. Like if you want to late night TV and say what channels on ABC so I don't know he'll talk to someone who's on NBC in Lehman thing. 8 o'clock and NBC not it doesn't matter now does radio is scared of it's an Allen have a dinner show I want a say in thirteen hours erased almost 800000 dollars definitely deserves don't have any idea how my friend has its you don't realize what a big deal that is not only for just to generate that much money but but to give it to a great cause and Children's Hospital it is just that so. Absolutely and thank you for a donating on our behalf. To be honest we're we're in here listening to our stuff we don't know what the hell's going on the most that an ideal world around us being ignorant it's just affecting her well ignorant for work or not intentional word govern how memorable flights. Hello dinosaurs. When I marinara. Or alms I drove up front and loader to Broadway from Butler, Pennsylvania get Africa out here. I without the equipment there since we would be there if you weakens more and I got ripped on Saturday night hung over the entire next day. But the army flew us back on Huey helicopter I was hanging out the side of tubing on from what I can tell. Was the fox chapel neighborhood but good for those rich bastards give of the great work banks that from my your he would know your booty threw up all over the the rich neighborhood their outsider. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania I think he earned the nickname you'll be after peaking is only concerned that maybe if you're if it. It I am not chair and as far as. Unique experiences. Guys as a child I was completely run over by car passed over my head that castle he had itself. Pushed out of a tree house a mole almost lost and I to a stick fell off a roof almost lost my other ride to Iraq. But I'm never broken a bone the worst thing was last year of my birthday was in the hospital for a week with. Perry occurred ideas infection jumped in my blood started to lose ability old box doing my fever trying to get out of control for IVs one are another two or any other. Under par was they gave me a lot and every four hours my visit. That as is magic can chemically ten times stronger than morphine from doctors that I hit a nature's power ball on my complications of nature's power run have very yeah. Oh come on the program the return of no as Sherlock but first ahead Jeff is announce it once again in his stand Forte it's meat and potatoes I. As been well documented on the Manger for years and Stephen throw hill eight cinnamon toast crunch crunch enthusiast down that that's my equipment there's been a lot of stuff out there are different does cinnamon toast crunch products. So today. We're a taste test fuel yeah I think this is the first serial to kind of branch into this realm was evidence that a fair I don't know I mean late. Like frosty place had frost and rice were wildly Tony junior I would I know but these are completely different food on Jimmie you can make a rice okay I've got to turn up and regulatory sees as ice cream you peanut butter finger ice cream what about PX but this is a little teary about your golden Graham Siegelman grams borrowers. Yeah Iraq yet they do have been up really go wrong kind of went down that road America to play you don't know they make in cereal bars but this is gutsy and yeah visit the serial I'm RTC they got presents. All right first let's start Allison cinnamon toast crunch oatmeal. Okay now in fairness. The head chef the dead give it was quite familiar with how much water still wish in this it'll also be opera. Beyond okay. It's not good looking up I didn't I don't know who it was and who. It doesn't go on as hell. Idea that's so real there's real there god dude. I'm not not why don't you kidding me you know the Europeans. And if you think do. I don't bags and there's all evil in this parent don't mind it. Is the act would add another pack. Well I was microwave the green I save time. I had no seuss Jeff nobody is on the day mommy and. This car to the right of the package I would draw Thursday that. You know about it and yeah. Only this letter if if if if if if you know we don't even serve oatmeal slipped into the there's just no matter how I don't give those now back that are all serving slow exit from the bottom maybe oh that's it for a minute aren't gonna take a little time for Leo merely an enemy can't just Headwaters in need to redolent I. Oh maybe that's the first peek yeah this looks dangerous almost like I can talk to the that you could hurt somebody okay that the thing but this is the cinnamon toast crunch. Milk OK so we've added the powder. Oh we is this. Okay all right so we've added the powders like that I don't current okay yeah I'd so that's fair you can take a sip of this event I just tastes like sit in the toast crunch milk. Have you tried. I did you did and it is. Really diligent in this yeah I'd go running about my character I added an entirely new package. Also me in his very simply. That's good parent isn't and so it is it's the getting hurt and everything you'll find out who's let me know it's still pay me money going to the doctor. Our Internet. And Internet at any to Syria on a it's not fair that I had just economic. God that is good I got a gathering that is good area based just like I sort of little sip before I think we started yet and that's simple you're gonna have your marathon amount 45 that's for you. I don't throw one knew if you yeah I don't want to run 26 miles that's ridiculous if you started about 45 IOS I have one of the stickers off you are donating your motor one or zero dollar pay the deaths yes that would just simply mix CNET a powdered mix in with the milk now relative neutrality oatmeal so we are not. That dot mealtime geared. This is the super useful meal I added a whole other package man submitted sealed deal about the Kooks. It's all right. Tell me it's I mean yeah you do though. You get that first why justice and human right which is good and in terms and oatmeal you know when you're gonna eat oatmeal anyway muzzle I have some cinnamon toast crunch flavor to it it doesn't do you like my bet you can add some of that milk powder into battle male American a lot better team. That all you I had it about three times as much waters and that's what with the is he now Balkan. What is next on the played here had similarly gone. Is this Osama what more we can make more I can drink more milk when there's so now we're gonna try India variation of original sin toast crunch this will be cinnamon toast crunch strawberry ul. Aren't which I really good there you have your spoon I do well have you tried all of these Lauren. Thought we were all trying to isn't the same time to avoid this morning and I think that this I look this is to do more to the kitchen the chef has to take something I guys like took a little swig of milk and then. Yes I had the dry run version Imus has robber or that the strawberry. Miles and give his Boone. That was yours booties just keep our users that are we at the same diseases. Brigham I mean it tastes would you expect Greg to think Jenna toast crunch was struck out little strawberry I just don't like. The texture compared to regular cinnamon toast grandmother would do but it's not the flavors and I've got to do what I thought were different series that the didn't say central front for Boyle both like a lot of our threat. And good expectations for legal Google for the shape of the cereal that normally am I immune booster merely some of those crunch has three Michelin star Natalie right in my world. That's that's got in the shape of dry dog food no offense to dry dog food Milan paper dried out. Jim's and it doesn't have the same texture. The shaft white satin and got our shot seems as if you do with tonight's second minute I have another variation of original cinnamon toast crunch is a cinnamon toast. Apple cinnamon toast crunch all you're a big fan of Apple's I mean who has the latest cinnamon roll out gesture apple jacks meets cinnamon toast crunch. I'm not an apple Jack in while I'm just really. Is it green or is that a red out. They flavoring. Looks like it's. That's charter one and a good thing flavored and colored tells you flavor and bolt already you know green green is got a little bio but well apple is why. I think the margaritas are only a few levels not yet why I mean. I don't know man like cattle are going all out and honey crisp and they're just doing a red delicious sugar levels are put in there. Maneuver. NC hey it's flavored with real apples in dozens in Israel Apple's tried the others dried apples and it does say that. I'm digging the woman he thought well this apple and cinnamon actually go to get. So apple isn't as good as America as good Bennett and Jack I hear you out while better on the road project tell us who got over the this. All right now this one should be as we thought. The recruiting tough. We've been. Better than no strawberry got hundreds and hundreds. He's still thinking yeah. These are cinnamon toast crunch bites you got you he did them in the microwave. It is easy to get heated them in the micro live he'd determined that way for you must OK so the warm it would they have in the middle some escort my mouth and eat it. Local late Dana you have one these have not I want everybody to have widened at the same time a guy get what Aaron got one. Terry go. Did you mean it did tell him. Not a lawyer at the took me a second. Given segment pretty damn good villain right now even half. All right so it tastes like. Like after the bomb. As exactly what is the sticky bomb. But not roles that you messed up Matt Newman a fundamentally wrong with you about and that is and son Brett and earlier the tow trucks are brought out on the senator crunch bites. I I would buy those and I would buy the apple certain what is the number one thing is the milk. Yeah the milk is number one but to me. The Milken I was just crushed the hopes and those commercial they have right around factory make it does when it's so there's no question that's an outstanding the cereals. Got to go all strawberry and apple I would certainly buy an enjoyable that and cinnamon toast crunch bites. I have enough we'd there's a good translate then I knew guys were all weekend I donated more to Stoner thing yet and you and you Coca six at a time for a 32 rest peace donors thing. Thank you had a very all right still a government drink it tells this other days coming up the return of no as Sherlock is up next you are listening to the men's or radio network. It's miles. While while those on the way we'll break Gamal tell us the shot of the day is coming up as well the first our own Stephen Drew hill. Colmes the globe takes it voted for stories where headlines it's. You win only. And Sharon and. Polish up on your picks what women prefer strong men. Yeah she cannot thank you scientists and Florida men who drank short behind boats and charged with animal cruelty. Yeah and people who constantly we how grammar mistakes are pretty much jerks sign the monkey's uncle and Sherlock. And there's so proud of it sold so proud to know something and I think great you're good at English. Bear. Glad you majored in that. Rex Tillerson and meeting with US diplomat says Russia interfered in relation. Right well. Sure it. You'd Schumer who had thirty plastic surgeries to look like boyfriends favor porn star who now regrets it. I. Now and I am female and seen the pictures I am themed picture and are now and again you'd Schumer who had thirty plastic surgery to clear boyfriends and they're reporters are now regrets yeah it did happen. Former FaceBook exact says social media is ripping apart society. And Jarrett god I don't know why he would say that I think the civil discourse of people have online that I've won more warming things about human nature can really I have a color card the total best in people. The best in people when you go online. Especially before you go to the comments you never spirals out of control of people don't lose your cool but that insulting the treaty delivers. And that person never post drama but they're called a map a one time all year one time. Just the twentieth game. Cordial pulled discrimination against women is common among races ethnicities and identity. GU Alec cares are you kidding I cannot believe that notion. Show our luck that's when so man up is ladies never went three to labor management who might need them and why blank Asian no matter country go to. We've coupon you. Stress test new study find seals are stressed out by sharks. And look ma'am. I'm not gonna pretend I'm African marine biologists aren't. But other than a killer whale I would just generally assume that any other animal. In the ocean get stressed how when sharks around. In the bigger the shark maybe more distressed I don't know but yet again the new study finds. That you can throw establishing. I think yeah maybe at dolphin. Still is still stressed yet you know. He might really get out of there my beautiful Nagle something but it's not a great situation. We continue. Forcing kids to masturbating for cops and sexting case was wrong court fines. I know that. I'm kind. You read why Gloria Chan man outrageous the hemlock I think we can piece together. What happened here but I and and restore but again the headline is forcing kids to masturbating for cops and sexting case. Was wrong that was according to the court. CEOs. Just keep that part of my CEOs. Agree that corporate tax cuts won't trickle down there for the wealthy at the expense of working families. Yeah. This show. Even the people they gonna benefit from it. Yeah I mean look they're not saying don't do it they're the same home hey look man do impetus to trickle down piano accompaniment. You've got to know by now but that's not how weren't very. And we don't plan on doing it in words no and an anti you know. Have some people say drinking won't make the friendly more tolerable this holiday season. Monkey's uncle. Sherlock. You didn't get the path of evil it's gonna bear through it and this is probably my favorite moment. Homes and streets with names like but road or cheaper than houses unless embarrassing streets. We're LA well no sure not an easy enough around and around him imaginary attack somebody else there deserves to be ready. Newsroom knows just. There's an there's usually heads of the great Afghans even thrown I'll find out who were tells them. Yes indeed and today we chose an unidentified woman from West Midlands UK and today's operation actually very good samaritan. She was driving home earlier this week when she spotted a homeless woman covered in snow on a park bench they've been having some pretty bad stormed over there. The woman was not moving and so this woman but appeared for safety sister called emergency services and believe and I'm Angela derive their almost immediately. And instantly when they approached a woman they knew that the smoke over woman was not in fact a lot. On the bright side she never was alive because there's snow covered almost woman was actually statue aptly titled the lady in the park off. And assists coming pension and and it was in fact govern this mountain. So they were kind of wasn't about a vision so look duo is the faith like before your calls about and so does get out of your car like Pope the person. It's a good idea that I guess what when he sees the picture Rihanna for command oppression that they posted it. I don't know maybe it's DOS for sometime around then and if you don't know caboose it's this the mental side of the woman she's in fact covered in snow and she's just sitting out eventually you do know you better. If they like some homeless living just. Froze to death outside now memorial like he'll donate the bench after they passed away their favorite spot I think you you just sit there like when you're done like this just put me there when you're gonna die my bench of people it's a beside me a check out this lovely view. Maybe our Luna. We did for my body. What you put him on a bench yeah he passed away he loved dogs it was at the dog parks that we got a bunch of money yet and we put a bench in the dog park for people of his name on nice article Eric your calls old Blake dog park friends are like. It's great we got a bench other dogs beyond. You know you probably at Charlotte and beyond everything it's the only art he wouldn't mind it's a dog park. And until his love anywhere that you see the sign that says like hey you don't you don't who appear whenever there is no pets allowed only the grass is in coral one. Completely apart from all the animals moving directly to understand you put on a sigh and I don't know what it is that is a bull's eye. For a domestic yeah. You don't mean they don't move anywhere but if you put a sign in new York and they're gonna go let's signed an improvement that's yeah home protection. I hundreds of blistering report those boos imagery does booze because we've taken to yelling out banks over the tone and downloads right to party in art Tommy's. Down now oh yeah did you know not. Take a hard on right now for profile this date for Ford 9990. Look. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.