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Thursday, December 14th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines


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This is the men's room. Write your result is standing by color 9844999. A little play profiled as in minutes. And we are your headlines on the way one hour from now first we're checking my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working all right there's an aquarium in Spain that sets up any activity seen in a shark tank every year. Pretty mean dreams I think it's the following the Marines they really do and it's 1995 but the foes just went viral. From the three wise men of war. And how wise your owner and a sharp back to its feet and says. It is and isn't what is it penalizes led the underwater castle words we don't really understand that it's underwater but. Or is it like actual name of the play like army the gear. You don't mean right place if you look at affairs David Villa Maria blue castle neglect OK I get it it's an underwater kingdom I think Jesus relates to help walk on water brother for re a good thing anyone can pay their knowledge the bonds of walker that's what they should do. He's a load of government had blown it. Walk and of. Talk to announce terms. Had just I would love to see the three wise men in my scuba gear. Jesus as a local technical apparatus that has faced harm Barack from a Franken slam. In the winter just wears you know we followed the north star fish. Kind of lookup farm animals are just underwater Manger Jim seahorse all you have to seal the sharks. Sharks probably seek out there if you don't. Our business insider posted a list of nine things you shouldn't say at your office Christmas party okay I got to deal with rules of explanatory. There's a 150 things you shouldn't say an obvious though so don't tell your boss staff Bob don't hit on secretary. You know that has just the secretary I think he just secretary did everybody a fair game our act like you why it's awful it's awful awful awful. Jane I didn't. Beyond the you know like threw around some time that. I'd I'd be up for you your wide margin next week we'll try and all wow that's great. Let's go to on the list. That's a good lineup and we Yousuf Raza and they wanna make out I'm cool with. If if I mean if you want to we want him I wouldn't say no isn't saying you're too good to better protect my mouth just click wheel and can now. Full full full full blown political from. At a moment that needs a good cross hang on my left. Because they're yeah whiskey on the right. February make up their film and my mouth get this isn't it but for the and ahead of and his boxes some might as on my crotch just awful awful Kessler's inside. Clearly you have your senator arrived here you know whenever I got here I love best. Design arrived and every section married next she's awful awful awful awful awful awful. Haven't even heard that's August. He's a bucks you haven't heard that song yet but I think she okay we'll bring you back here. We discover the sort of shot of the day someone in the UK recently governmental is that they saw someone sitting in a park bench covered in snow they thought they were freezing to death because they were moving but it turned out to be a statue. I'm just statues I can't imaginary and any kind of a perilous position if you wealthy who. The fact no they usually sit now marine years. This is literally sitting on the bench then that's all she's going to lose one of us she said they're frozen there I'm not concerned about the style it's fine. But to read them that we have statue the way the guy when he hits the ground after falling seventy store right filtering that is so much better than how they are now I don't wanna give the person too much credit most of the time he wanted to walk by not even check the city you know there's somebody was over the top concern sometimes a another that's the best thing in the world has started doing another miles they were concerned enough to call the police for not concerned that go over to CIR OK I know who spoke with us that's him I should call someone wanna get involved I'm not call somebody's. Then you both kind of right. I am telling you that he dared go I want vice abuse overuse I'm troubled faith he'll be fine. Two minutes later neighborhood showed up so I felt terrible than two weeks later I see it dude looks he's beginning trouble. I think hey are you okay just after you get away from it. Well for you want I almost feel bad comic comes and miles who froze to death and Chicago park follow lol lol yeah man. If one person just one of calls moved. Straight Barack FO status and like that is a better for you but I. Hey decades if ever there was a story about a mad Hooper who is deprecating on people logged in Colorado and you know now bullies on the lookout for another Matt Cooper who's been doing the same thing in upstate New York. It's amazing that that becomes a copycat correct yeah is it though because it's so ever less. Well you gotta be daily jogging by. And then just move on somebody's lawn finally go to you keep talking about proven outside things that easy they do you approve outside alive have done before. I 'cause you haven't met them before. The same night I think it's odd strategist drop Trout prove to somebody Jauron says freeze feeling meant. But that breeze tell us sort through. Clearly I don't like jogging so bonds are gonna put him in New York. You literally run equivalent yeah it can convince me to go jogging. I'm a dog your house who pretty hard to enjoy a whole little area you know hopefully if we go. Phillies required dollars a pair of those little bag easy thing you know where your dog and all of the dogs spread of the militarily get away with it all the time are. Porsche Bangkok. Yeah I don't know the only view bumping and about your dog while the horses had to believe will be in the middle of the streets. And then getting ground down by every car that goes by and a viral. When you don't know Muslim flag. Hey Jim OK now to their credit the horse doesn't give a whole lot of warning or notice that he's just proved understood map but I must say in my dogs birds were never as big in his monumental. Ended Vince. And estates and as evasive. As any worst are met if the horse proved anywhere. Some other approved by the end of the day of sort of 120. Foot radius small car run of over. That they don't have a whole intersection basically run on the horse. But the dog is in front of you you can see it because it's gonna stop you detectives did that horse is just gonna keep on Roland as he drops you hear the and that thing hit the ground I don't know he just keeps on asphalt dramas a piece. Right you hear that term I know you've got enough good more storms keep walking mullah prove them. And I don't know do do I gotta keep water. Please let me he's not a good feeling bears stop don't stop there than what courses they do they can walk through it well didn't do both well doesn't bears men they squat. I'd horses don't. They can launch that crap up that's why during a break is just like a trail of exit all right all right around right is give myself. Find out when you see it's funny too when you go to parade since it's like dollars the big beautiful police sources who live and there's diligently and chiropractic there's been through and be paid. If you want to be in that part of the operation you like to be a brave sir what I do. All right the healthiest state in America has just been named anybody have any idea where it is not to Mississippi it's not bad yes I'll say Colorado. Miles bloom I don't know Arizona Massachusetts. Massachusetts. Why it was number one last year but they fell to number two of the rest of the top five or Vermont Utah and Connecticut snuffed. Dead last any ideas for dead last less urgent is it. Dead Alabama miles ansari was West Virginia all our congratulations. Again like where the reigning champ. And do you own a giant movies and people making four choices are just not having access stuff most fast coming in tomorrow. He continue to make more choices when no gives you access to stuff no definite. I says remember that video of the man saving a rabbit from fires in California last week yeah yeah turns out he's 21 year old named Caleb why men. And he just got to visited the other day at the wildlife center. It's still being treated for serious burns. Those are his rabbits now know he's all for that kids are on the side of the road. In and that massive fire and has made the decision you'll say yeah and they won his pads. Right side I mean every that story I've been under the impression they were his rant all they have found me probably eating freshly cooked rabbit he's you. There are no offense ram MM ITV in the backfired he saw these four rabbits cowering in the corner. Trying to evade the fires you save them and then people said that he was terrible many literally need a system. Does he seem rabbits right come home. And finally jetBlue flight had to make an emergency landing in Las Vegas. We'll match until about one hour now that you like our headlines on the way one hour for now first the game a bomb. 336. Yes the drug to please tell everyone how profile this is playing out short ten miles it is simple game where we share a few real life news story. Something that happened right here on planet earth or. An ambulance into the store may sound stereotypes you believed to be true people. And the decisions that people make bless you and it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Jacob welcome to the men's room. Hello liquor and ours don't let. Our job our Jacob and how this here game is played. I believe there are fantastic Mike not to steal your thunder but we're going to the mighty points. And this case a man by beating his fellow passengers on the jetBlue flight that they're forced to play to divert to Las Vegas were the man was then taken into police custody but. Passengers on the flight this in the somewhere or Ryutaro which kind of makes sense the man suddenly began biting his seat next to apparently he knew that. Many starting hitting others on the flight that was supposed to go from LA to JFK in New York City. There're a couple of doctors on a flight and the doctors they try to help by examining the passenger. But they were also attacked then another passengers and he jumped and help restrain a man basically his quote was. I grabbed his hands behind his back and held on ball flight attendants put restraints on. At that point he started yelling and try to come toward the flight attendant that was behind me at the time I really had a hell of a time keeping him in placement. I'm so I know people want to bite people and real hard to return on the pilot turned went around land Las Vegas were jetBlue said customers were ordered off the aircraft. The remaining customers resume let's go to flight to New York without further incident. All was well. Would you believe in this guy lost his mind started biting people. I'm flights from Los Angeles to New York was black plays he makes you would you. It's. No they let him flying from Los Angeles to New York City would still not open any capacity. There was only poor you tall when those guys sort of biting people they turn the plane around land and they used to get his mighty ass off. All that. Moon and what are you guys they get so he got not that's not a bad. Based on the routes. I'm thinking wider June. Based on the fact Jim a flight from Los Angeles to New York. When this happened was a little before Chanukah. No fly home I don't know I'm I don't know myself how I'm just trying to think. That's a pretty regular around. LA and New York there's a boarding Jewish population of both of those cities. I'm gonna say wider Jewish would be my guess I don't know if. All right I got a situation that's why. Final I learned this is weird yeah never I don't know let's game usury wanna do this. And black place here and that's not wise white man blacks like to make your view yeah. Oh hey. Now under federal open but. I saw. We are also black. I'm glad that. I'll let you find out there are black why. Makes your Jewish next. That was fatigued you are listening to the men's or radio network. Yeah. Other segments of the friendly skies and a flight from LA to JFK wells almost a flight that way Angela pastor started biting people on the plane ride every you don't. Yes finding friends first and removed on the other pastors he did not know couple doctors try to restrain him and figure out Dell's going I try to bite him as well. Eventually they animal shackled up and drop them off in Vegas for continuing now. That is correct and take a we asked you did you believe the captain by the here was black white makes you or Jewish. And and and you pull on a wild card and went black. I. Yeah. It's our job now but generated an area that's a feeling I know palladium. Exchange now there really I guess on isn't my thing anymore. No throwing out there and Florida and people go yeah yeah that Mike Tyson sort of turned everything right there to us now. Now a broad TV news all the time it's time for TV Sabatini. Countless hours in front of the talking and the presents. Do you think TV could save a life. I guess in the mean if you learn something from television that you can apply. Maybe I don't think it's gonna do it at the time that maybe hopefully like a bear grills thing they've said like I watched her girls and I applied to note that it lives and I have. Yeah and that's true I mean I learned that you treat gay and knows fleet by putting your head down and pinching your nose and Jack Jeff. Those who put their head back was not a cartoon GI Joseph yeah they do a little lesson at the end every show puck. I learned that you can if you're in the desert and you find a dead Campbell. If you got it open it up and climb inside you're safe from a sandstorm. I don't know from bear grills use underfunded they're camel is a grocer grill it's hard to say girls but I think grills the I don't know. Now I have the UConn growth. Guerrillas guerrillas band rarely a religious. Who who high demand asked. Says the couple funny stories about Netflix number one between app in a day like eight whoever the LA eighteen people are so no watches same Christmas movie. Play that many days in a row lake. Like what's going on or something is appealing counting on. Has Netflix he did know that much about it about people and everything but think well if you streaming service they're you know they're ready now. So obviously Netflix has a bunch righteous stuff. Is this guy posted on now rabbit and how they were in court a quarter of funk one summer. And they kind of went overboard. Binge watching and Netflix noticed in basically almost illegal welfare check. I think I finished the office and something like five to ten days I don't quite remember and I received an email from Netflix asking if I was OK hang out. How he says obviously made me feel better just knowing that someone even stranger working at a customer service person to our agency cared about climate does great customer service is so what's it they're going like. It's day six. He's gonna watch another one. Live in an hour goes by half hour his legacy. Do you manually have to do in which you just belong like let let's roll call and I don't know that feature a never seen and so every time I mean don't you how long do you watch it before it's as he still watching. You know I've never had done that I don't know. I've never seen that feature them well you viewed as a binging and Brower right. Okay a news. Least judges me regularly. Applying only. I'm proud of isn't like a badge of laziness but it's not that I you call it a lot of the propeller Bradley and. Have I. I don't even know what the time limit I don't know at the time element is. Okay when did say what is composing an alert like duty a lot of it is yes it basically it will all I can't remember if it pauses what you're watching in the middle or if it's just at the end of an episode it'll pause. You know the process of going to the next. And it fatal essentially have a grace screen that covers were you watching anal saint. Are you still there. An anti gives you the option keep watching her stop it really should say you're. Our business only and are you okay have you seen the sun today have you interacted as I mean I run it yeah. But should it show us like she really should I should limited Hillary proved it in over how abrasive it is within so years I question this guy not sweep. Because at some point you figure he went to sleep debt. So I would have come up deteriorated just watching guys not talking about the math I mean I think he's basically just trying to smooth this over as best you can you know an island drill for 510 days man there's there's there's other there's sort of a story on. Yeah in the city finished the offices of the like five to ten days and that shows on for awhile that's fast. Yeah all of the common to dominant person anywhere from three to four episodes in 53 to four yeah about three hoops the average to good. All right so maybe did go to sleep and and he just get up and start the engine he had a Vulcan three episodes is not a sign that and I don't feel that bad for having seen that screen before you okay yeah miles your attentions semites has been short. What but we think that eggs and I think people tweet about it talking about all the time on social media play but I yeah I'm still watching my don't make me feel bad. Yeah or either a may eighty miles just watch emotion and yet there one then he was done. Often times in his political environment you don't see a lot of good stories involving Republicans and Democrats trying to talk you make humans and and being being there for each other. The Joseph Biden was on the view Megan McCain is one of the newer host on the view. Oh yeah paranoia that I was like Robyn I'm pretty sure was viewed June. I thought so Megan McCain was on the air she's he sits up on the panel which which you're gonna listen to. Is basically she starts talking to home she's a Leo emotional and then in the kind of silences. Former Vice President Biden co owner of that kind of talk torrent and comfort. This is the hard part bear with me okay at the cutting it after your Buckeyes tried your son though. How does seem cancer that my father was diagnosed wait six months ago. And talk it there's a lot of holes I think about well almost every day and there was told sorry. That this doesn't get easier. But you cultivate the tools. To work with this and live with that I know you and your family have been through tragedy that I couldn't conceive of flu what would you tell you look at him about every one I don't know I don't. No way it is about everyone but look on and one of the things said and gave hope courage my word. Was the charm them you're dead you may remember when your kid you're dead. Took care my moral. Your dad when he was a Milli did were groomed me became friends would blow. And boat talked about your dad's courage and not about illness for about his courage. I mean obviously that's a little sentimental and many Eagles total very Wrangler but. I just I saw that doesn't mean that is correct yup you know and I I did Joseph Biden. Thanks Emma parent loses a kid you shouldn't be traumatized and not that any death is but it's even worse because it's comment. That the natural order right exactly so for him to be a little lake lake sit there and go over there in income for somebody else's child you obviously and a man he respects and you know Joseph Biden and John McCain they've gone to. You know I don't think battle because it would doom the McCain has been through the day they've had a lot of fights and stuff in your version of the road Pixar but I like that do you still see the human side both he spent. Our culture are things used to be that. Hit right I mean I'm still in government would you can argue and fight about did you do when you're fighting for what you believe in front nobody steals when people argue about anything that is why it. But when you start treaty each other humanely that's was like wait let me that none of your position to be there because for the rest of us. Right now we were bickering vetoed the run craggy. But in the end of like government wouldn't want things get done grant all the walls one where now or just want things to be better for everyone that's it and it's not. That difficult if you could just stop crying and whining to each other about everything. And tell Michelle Michelle Obama used to roll her eyes and it's and John Boehner said anything and you can see look on her face like. This is my husband's friend who hates. Yeah not that she and maltreatment and left there have friends I am that they get together he comes home reeking of cigarettes and he spells yeah lose you know Nancy neither of them would tell you that it got I got there at. But women and the things that word malware family were together I mean what better and that's why she hated them because it's his belly buttons that but what are you guys gonna do and what I mean Leona. A minimum. Right he's the guy we're your husband's a smaller singer Bret. Yes and wasn't that was the thing with Boehner that he he gloves like red wine. Cigarettes are yeah that was like that puts you knew that Obama did two bombshells and I'd like. I love my butt rag don't see any of course really. Almost Rogen and more are my bro when you said that you may and when you play golf did come to whatever resolution like. Now I would beer just figure if your relationship with a smoker what ever side of the world at some wherever you are the other person who has a nonsmoker has been begging you for their entire life since they've known you to quit because they don't want you to death. Right so and it's just you can just year old Isaac. It's gonna kill him since he's country very billion dollar loan. He's gonna come also like nothing large part of it too is a really. So I just don't like a person. Oh yeah I mean I've. I've met up like the that was the look the look was come on the look wasn't like I hate to you don't mean it's more like an elusive myself again like you did you know I really exactly yet yet I liked you when I'm tired. It's an annoyed Ira if you re not an act I don't hate you but I would be happier if you weren't here but Berger thanks but yet if you can you can stand by the way Johnny John McCain. Is not doing very well right now he and great unfortunate accident happened he hardy got rushed back to a hospital had area in the DC area there. Right and John NSA and McCain is suffering unfortunately from the same thing they killed. Joseph Biden's son you have boats. Powerful and good times and yeah took. I don't know how to accurate there is the essence of others awkward stuff. Thought hey great segue. Dealer David I had thought don't do that do this to stand it and this is I'm very proud Ireland is that way Adelaide I had no idea I don't environment that the best segue dug in cancer than ranked. This is not a good that. Well I'll now hi I'm out dead as a shock anybody else thinks they'll vote different and are God's unnamed though it's like BO they're like no it's BAU. The yeah yeah well tell the Bo Jackson do I go Rob Lowe was felled one right. I don't vote no mood PAU before Libya are you sure sure it was both Jacksonville and on to lead BO. If you well maybe I didn't vote Jack wrath of the viewers goes way up the eagle bridges all the Bo Jackson. Most of them is white one of them is black. You know both of them probably smelled the same old short four and don't even say would've felt filed annual bull regard to Bora Bora Bora B ball regard Bartholomew I still aren't all just bar far I got is obvious arts. Any of artist bow and Bartholomew I the same grown up Fallujah say both whom. He's a bow bridge over bridges Rosenberg yeah like as a little kid and economical than normal overtures. You like debt vote Jackson is the man yet on what about Bo Diddley even be open about Bo Derek. What is she BO a ten approval or think she's Libya at the front and a moon. Oh man I just wish people would spell it BO it's easy for people need to do you know ho. I got out Johnson what my god sends about how we got since you have got to know that's not his only major the godfather to their children. Minute and if you're beautiful maiden he got you know makes sense they're godmother twice correct wow yet as he's learns. Class two and how many think our money trust you whether children and I have children and I hope that's that is an amazing thing that's been bestowed on you. Yeah well little Bernie I mean big Bernie nose like you I'm an advocate it's right history. I get hit it daughters of my man like me my attorney my whole family could just unfortunately it's a tragedy but still no. Yeah yeah I don't it and I don't know why anybody else got out there takeovers of the road that I'm proud of what might give him a partner whom yes and actually get those guys probably doesn't lovely Daryn. Did you guys know Bernie literally rip driving to the chrysanthemum. Yet petty you got this thing but that he you know can kit this. A fast enough. Face estimates say it which can get him a gift. I act this way data fell off a problem back in 2000. Dollars in 2000 maker that is yet to gain out. That's why out in this very loud and whack he sure I think is the time off it's been years what they did take six years off. After there's divorce rate after a while phones won eleven. I remember where it was also a senior he got divorced. President this year they brought it back which again sixers off as a lost yeah yeah I like somebody said to media daily. And I just kind of fell out with that shown you it's not you it hasn't been on the air for six years right correctly look would you stop watching it like it that's not been there. But anyhow became efforts ninth season out of my house you that your big curb guy like me I thought it was very funny. Good so the bigger news is is that deadlines reported an HBO's decided now renew curve for at least one more year. It's it's very awkward to seize. Incredibly awkward yet and that's the beauty of the show it just us Larry and some really really awkward situations which not everybody can relate to but there the related. We a lot of comments coming in. Up close about the man Barroso and the guy named Bo who says look it's not short for anything original guys name's Boe and a short for bow regard someone else points out. Both weren't for boyfriend but as far as Bo Jackson goes you know BA used fresh for boyfriend. Don't would they believe probably you hey you ask them there assures DEA did and I do you know how Bo Jackson's spokesman. We know. Well depends because his name was considered Edward Jackson. Both just is nickname please vote anyway what Vincent Edward Vincent Edward Jack's son is dead. Mean he's a ledge he's no Ted Jackson you like him more motive though Ted I think a lot of animal doesn't impostor. A man to both sent him and apparently the name Bogart burly. Beautiful gays often short oh you have when you have a boat it's just that's just. And Jeff the beautiful days that wasn't us that's what my car my mama. The more government out of state do you think ball regard to meet. Ideas and Asian somebody he Dallara golf yeah like in Georgia I intent is giving those cinnamon toast crunch bites a beautiful gays from across the room there is totally gonna and a Paul regard them yet not to be confused Bogart and now with entirely different if it could. You but yet you Bogart a lawsuit on the issue can look at. This. Let's see actually you'll we were talking earlier about kind of creepy actors in this match. And I think oh I think we have this conversation off the air but we are talking about actors they appear to be a little creepy Lebanon's. Jodie Foster thought I was recently on a talk show. And basically he should meet basically she confirms exactly would you think android yet a photos Durkin. No. Everything on him he was carry. First day we had a reading we looked a little read through anybody and it that I never once talked only I was. I really avoided him and then what I was need to just Shalit who has the last say and he came up to me and he's he she was silence me and I said. I I don't know I sort of had a tear my house like. I'm I was really scared of unions yeah. Oh. Its cars until that means is that we are just the entire movie she was so speakerphone she never talked to a a new era I'd like this story's been a people who go on the character when they go on the set whoever it is evident that they just rattle him is. I don't think he's every time I think they just literally hand them a script this they say these words could be yourself. The idea that live there and maybe immigration headlines on the way oh my god you are listening to amend your radio networks. We are Swiss miles. Now see what's happening in the real. I would had already MR Taylor put them with scissors randomly taxman just hanging out on the street. Meanwhile Callas gave to nativity scene and wonders the Philly street a street tonight hoping not to come cheese steak meat. JetBlue flight makes emergency landing a pastor begins to bite. A family of dear leave a bridge in Iowa out of complete pride and Sean Hannity Mary's Mickey Mouse is down your headlines. It's Sunday. There's might call. And I shop started up first timing of her this today and nowhere else we go to 37000 feet the error on a flight bound for New York. You might not heard that he might has a profile as the plane had to make it Aaron had made it's way over the state of Utah before one of the passengers began acting weird. The weirdness began when he started biting some of the people that we was on the plane left and then moving to the doctor that was trying to inspect the said people that he had just been. Before it was restrained by another passenger and then the plane made an emergency landing in Las Vegas and the man was arrested. As he should. We just think vessels. I don't know maybe we don't want to be didn't you know say mr. miles what did your own planes only can go anywhere in the aluminum to with a bunch of strangers you just. Can you do is hope for just a normal flight with a crying baby but narrow like someone fighting someone on the plane had a problem with alcohol and admits he's like Conan two hours early and shop and our. That is the entire business model. I'll every single airport in the United States of America okay but if you've been so messed up they you are lighting people to the point where there's a doctor on a plane that is concerned enough to come over to the people that you're sitting next to no written knowing but than expected they'd tell you about my first trip in first class. I'd invite me. Both is that things got heated Mike. He got to remember if you're going to be if you're in a bar and someone hit someone over the head with a full fuel you all I got us some serious craft you are not involved in it you're just there right that's the environment that's being created when you can sit for three hours in a layover at an airport bar before your next flight to Frick and let me. And I don't think he's drunk though because if you're drunk and you're angry you're gonna throw fist not teeth. Either of them fit into started with the buy all night and then you've never been bit notified Don that I did you think I've been a flight. Okay good all right my that we need to you I did you do then I'll realize those jobs are gonna do it. Are you tonight I really don't know how far you are unified before the and I have arguments are dotted seven involve me just shutting down I think OK I mean I envisage the confrontational are I think yet you never been a physical oh okay are gonna look good for you. My knuckles are completely you're a you're a decent person for someone who's never had their SP most of the time they don't get all all all I had my as being out despite the lead out oh yeah I was gonna say it. You can always tell someone who has never Heather asked me because or jackass would be in the need to have the raspy aircraft. All right around the world they do the ads he can gather you know around the world we got to Portland aria where Taylor Swift as somehow commanded a man to attempt to kill someone. Officers responded to a call the man had said that he was. Attacked by a man that was acting weird and who eventually chased him down and attacked him with a pair of scissors when questioned as to why he claimed that his wife told to kill the man. And that has what happened to be Taylor's left. Yeah horrible tragedy and you say look good which you may need view him when officers asked him where his 28 year old singer of what was that he responded with quote we are one. And stuff entered questioned by police saying that he had top secret clearance you probably rest and I'm quite a few charges. She was probably local honey for the fab. It's just Taylor Swift. Why would she be there for the deep kind of go killed at random death. Half right. I don't know so Taylor Swift I'm sorry there's no gone. He's good he Suez with DC gentlemen this sort of weird with her man I I have personally had an interaction with somebody thought they were found. Watt yes is that person crazy otherwise. Was this guy shouting at 3 AM said read below your apartment building is hit it and now they're. But everything you make an amazing says it was a play live concerts where she did look at me and I thought the issue it to me to say like. Allow your way too old to be here she did that yep today and I'll look on things you. How much we like our guys cheers to that old man pick if you think that every show I was on the troubled side cheesy concept a house that. Also but he went to one side that you guys what caused trouble they weren't you over our side. Our oh yeah bids are realizing that my gosh that night. Version will do whatever bad jokes are based on the return of ten vs the FCC yes indeed it is all true but it felt they had pleased. Do what you do best and for a league that say. And beautiful.