12-15-17 Seg 1 Men's Room Can't Get Past It

Friday, December 15th

Mens Room Question: Within your family, what is the story that will always be told?​


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He would sure love to hear is real. There's so this radio program person. Trying to look. My friend anymore. Lord and usually invited to join the dark blue. This is some. Other than secrecy. This is now. They say. Or radio more than. Three times. Okay go log in Arizona our 2730. Back. Along with Steve the through he'll. Do you should read you all couldn't ball. I had to buy car. I'd imagine a. Hey here comes the bad jokes bridges. Turn up dead birds is the FCC. Get ready to play profile list. Those headlines and in your shot of the day publisher emails and everyone's favorite TV time to check lack. After getting dark eyed you're gonna England where men as does seam running down the streets screaming and chasing a rooster. That kept him up all night. Meanwhile it could have been me thirty inch sex toy that made his rectum and mouth feel sometimes. Jordan I know our men's fields one boat that can stuck in the middle of the lake. Hey man burns down the strip clubs or his girlfriend could no longer dance and shake and survey says. People are calling over over ambulances headed dog coming out today is very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. Thrown out. Meant he is good day to you and yours. How I learned to think of the holiday season and I know this in spite of the fact that today's shows a real piece from the future. Anyway it is the holiday season and holiday season brings family and family brings wealth whenever friendly birdies. And suburban Chicago family that brought it shouldn't. In this case a father tried to kill us off because the sun storms back. Through thing. Allegedly the 22 year old son replacing Michael but he drank with water well that and remember shouldn't do that I as a dear old. That father son bond or nothing like it. It's about. Meanwhile across the pond in England a couples enjoy a quick ride them out viral video frame frame and that's Jason Bowles or toddler son. Who when told that Santa was in fact when you visit his home this game was so blown away and he said and I won't. What golf. There are kids they do with friends but family is family and that's I would go as well look every family good or bad. For better or for worse embarrassing or inspiring them a story they always held so today what the hell most an aircraft. So within your family what is the story that will always be told her brother Joseph caught a powerful. Or 999 all you can like them in Vermont FaceBook follow us on tournaments are mired answered your emails to the men's room Edmonds or live dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you and gentle men's room. Golf Channel or yellow gonna show number 2736. And a large and in charge program we have created that. Returner Ted vs the FCC here come the bad jokes Mattel is we will drink. And we'll toast another round of profile is on the way and today we're gonna talk family all you love him so much hopefully you'll see them over the holidays but a little quality time together. And let's face it this famous go and we abroad there's so many times. Every one believes that their family is completely screwed up and the truth of the matter is. There might be some aspects of your family that wrote a little bit messed up but everybody out there there's not a lot of people out there that have what I consider. To be the perfect fan I'm sure there are but illusion it just easy way it just seems that sound not the norm. Somebody somewhere in your family. Maybe screws it up for everyone else Brett like it's you know what if it's like look maybe everyone else in a friendly roll there's always an F student as far as the family members shows are. There's still dragged down the average meanwhile tenure in her family not a lot that goes on when you get outside of the you know of the regular of the human surprises yeah does that tell him what's the uncles all these are little nose and Omar that the pop out of the woodwork and everyone has those in day if you government to a big family reunion news you get to meet the people that are supposedly related to you and can you say things like all heard about you didn't and you have heard about them and there's a lot of different stories out there and some of them like we always say like you're on a date. They get to major family there's always going to be that one little side conversation the next and it just absolutely needs to be had to explain. What you are stepping into. There's a new and ever decided to going to that you. I know that I grabbed TV commercials man but it is anyone I know if that's never been the case now let's put up a side conversation something. I don't know I really don't know anyone in my immediate family. The doesn't have a messed up family dynamic. Of somewhat you know I don't think demeanor is not a perfect families I don't there's perfect people Brett had just regular family where everybody's got problems that the man. Oh but she's got a life. But it's I don't think OK I'll bite my here you know I government don't know anyone in my immediate and I'll and I'll about famine are they look that. My guy got to ask I hang out at. And I would you do or what don't you know then I'll work on all this guy's got to reset his board was prepared frosts are well lawyer quickly I I didn't I didn't I don't know that the technology here's Hussein is already here felt like he's in the future is really really in the past he's already working on. Then Mike he would probably have been ideal perfect family. Is that correct I think idea OK now your mom and your father have been together their entire life during but they're thirty 3334. Years right and you have but you're yours Sonny of the severity of his sister you have two sisters Jeff give two sisters so you have little boy you have the two girls the other dog growing up. Uh huh I'm not growing allowed you to turn out announcer Tom and dozens of drive okay end you know why they get into lemonade and yet your own you had your own room in your community your sister's at their own room as they did he outside in the yard I did okay and did you have any other pension account. It. And had yeah we had and we had a bunch animals drawn out there on the cats were never around him and I'm sure your mom cook dinner right here home you have. Everybody ate together at the table if it just seems to me this sounds like a functional normal thing for our America is everything I don't know I don't know Americans they just all I know you'll I don't know what do you shouldn't be as this would be ideal scenario for anybody who gets in any relationship who wants to have the family home that this is the kind of thing that pans out somehow that and that's never really the case you know someone's always not. But you don't have that now though you don't you know I don't you know weird 'cause I don't have the drunk uncle I don't have none of the weird cousin did know I don't know man and a fly lady I thought you know putting your family. Well there's one has come a jackass but I mean he's I think he's not with a dog that he Marianne. Yes OK okay. They dad I'm a parent there OK so for the most part you know I really didn't via traditional wood so what what's your favorite meal that your mom makes my favor Miller my mom makes makes a sprinkle chicken Davanon it is actually sent it what is. It is it's chicken it's like cream of mushroom soup and it's guide. Tell broccoli you know which I know that you don't like my rock the thrill and an onion congress this whole thing it is so bathed and everything else says it's me as well as comedy you're getting there are related casserole that it's got to it's it's got look on top and does it have on the onion like it's like cheese and reading on the top move that over about a white rice and it is my right right right OK it is the my mom my mom didn't cook so I that in my commodore Obama stepped on the terrible why you when your mom just never Trier she just didn't she wasn't a good cook. I don't know I can't imagine your dad keeping his mouth shut for that many years without saying anything about the. We know we got daylight McDonald's a lot of they don't give our environment as a team he would you know. It just it wasn't as you what I will say this in her defense if you mean in breakfast this protects a guy but I believe it's all right just like look I'm not this is not so I don't zealot cook but I honestly if you had to pick one thing you'd probably just your chicken salad. Boca but I don't have fair enough fair enough they'll block my guy you got to vote on the on the most normal. I think family and I'll say yes we don't wanna just sit here and and throw people under the bus and our own family friend I'm their comments come at my by the way congratulations under family but different genre the government says Mike if you don't have a weird cousin. You're the weird cousin. Idaho hall of demand and radio course on the world unlike you people think you know and then noted that the other one that I Joyce's C I had all that too. But my dad sold map 2000. All Baja. I had a chat well Douglas hit I didn't believe David Cook food in and I go more I can't drift back I guess it's easier just yet appealing to less people can enter your dad's cell and that I mean it's like having a short order cook there all the time yeah I'm. So we put the work of the live. I've been a guy once in a party the Toby was an gang called the essence. That's tomorrow and then he and my mom would to a diner Bob I'm Allison whose work in the grow the ascent all that's ahead. The RL and I think hey man the legal yeah. Police say it is no votes. A lot of guys report concluded they Hollywood watching Oklahoma what do they do if the essay he was sleep with he gang I guess in my area what can really early eighties when I was a child there really cozy as of 140 old man's at a party were teenagers to begin with you didn't. As you do Elliott to buy as Flickr and he hit it I think if 68 wins is that a week later I'm like mom discusses using these different things and you know my aunt she's like Alaska and learning. I think if it's asked. I don't see air AL west suburban police sergeant allegedly tried to kill as adults on the for stealing his vodka. Now Ramon the loser blows ordered no bell bonds are a loser Paul LE US ER loser. Leisure what is it LE USE. All that allows her blouse are you sure luge are now. Loser looks like Lou and veggie dog comes up for somebody dug you read for a little professionally barometer how would you say this guy's name loser Allison. It's commute loser loses a lead. Okay no lose. Hair loose OK is there. My god your Bunton are gonna colonel Raymond lose hair was ordered held without bond as prosecutors laid out the alleged mode of of the shooting in the home on Chicago's southwest side that's why you know that name it's here it's from your freaking hometown exactly. How do you care if it's a sergeant are met volusia brother with the Indian head park police department and once served as intern chief now he is charged with attempting to murder his 22 year old son. Who's here called in sick stop by convenience store and bought vodka pizza and popcorn around 2:30 AM Tuesday. The son drank three cups of the vodka and then now. He replaced it with water. We're not. What happened. Some would lose their discovered the switch when his son walked into the kitchen the other it is there shot him in the stomach hey how did in the five game. And both shoulders hey dad. The defense try to pay a picture of silt fence saying lose their head a black guy prosecutors say the recital struggle I'll meet who he punched him in the face and after a few more times a day I don't. Over vodka had said yeah. But against the guys alive he's not dead. Lucky him he tried to kill him but he did not so unbelievable. I mean how old was the son to one another to make certain that this isn't like I believe that that insane that this happened to his dad stash like that you don't need to shoot the cute. Four times yeah and then start punching. Over Bosnia you don't need to look like during the vodka but don't watered down. I agree I mean that's the rule like looking at stake and a great gobs of I would do a lot by the way have the plus side maybe scared he thinks the dad's is gonna come home and look at. And then that goes on looks at it he probably headed in the head then that might try to tell. Yeah yeah well I don't do it absolutely saw a lot of water and actually don't drink his volume and yes. Let's say here all low gone over to it's and. And telling your child about Sana they say can be a precious moment Santa's gonna come he's gonna bring you all kinds of press be a big day right. The same can definitely not be said for this family. Santa looks extremely excited for Christmas in six year old. Oh boy. NA. Apparently. In not Maxine. Tells her side in this video Leo that Santa is coming now he has two years old. And and he is obviously somewhat puzzled and asked why Santa is coming. And the 27 year old mom of three tells them again it. The Santa is coming and the confused kid says out of nowhere well let's just play the audio replica do we have a. You can and you have war. And all our. Yeah that he did news accounts say that it. Little Leo apparently hilariously agrees and admits he's been Nadia places does that not seem as bad nod to UGU monitor yes I had a tomorrow America how does seem cool a lot of decent no live close to death if you already like in the pub culture I'll tell you how Obama we know now I'm not playing now a college guy yeah. All in all he does a lot of according to the mom taught me golf with the male family members. And he desperately wants to be a grown man he mimics his dad with a laden with a deep gravelly voice. Any pretends to get in a taxi every day to go to work. We have taken and decease and now and he loved it so he's very excited he's already a fanatic soccer fan I'm sure that yeah that'll be a story it'll be adult daughter I low key moment I think it's a I'm one I don't cheat and kill them all key eating his picture look at true. Arguing that to impose so no it's already the mental thing. The Bad Religion and a two year old boy and a grown man has not to fall so much at all was no heat. Says comment I think it was up. Our budget within your family what does the story you'll always be sold 844999. Obama. Hello Cody welcome to the men's room. All rabbit and the. That will actually Tony metal there ahead of myself located on so he said Cody at Daytona. I'm so glad that you don't you do cell phone case on. Is out throughout the debate why don't we did that day and they were wrong that you could you responsibility. Might start tonight's runner in the guerrilla comments and insistence on white rice you have no idea. Don't just wanna crept up the stores really quick to get reverend norm Charlton he was pitcher for the Obama urged. Me. It's an juveniles that Americans thinks of well anyway it's still basically and I grew grimmer obsolete hated this guy with a passion couldn't see in the state contain anything about a video refused to grab as joked my grammar aptly hated. So anyways and a video of that these balls back committee from Mexico at least this solemn and how all the pieces like can repeat junior although. The players on the ball. So basically my grammar used to collect dosage in that given it to her mom that we hated norm opened for Christmas. Hurl it around the house. We're Graham opened up to get my great grandma and it's norm Charlton ball she just went straight to my grandma who gave it to where he goes you've got to be kidding. Throws the baseball hit during items are of course I. Okay. I am to get a pretty darn. Yeah European what like ninety years down into the baseball fan obviously the listless base and I mean few people get out there play as she's obviously got some skills. Until some point out he really doesn't like this do. Yeah I couldn't believe that we were all sitting there in shock like what the heck just tap anybody laughs. Oh we all busted up laughing there there was just an absolute and show after that. Did you grandma go down and it is you need a bag ice old deal. I think I don't know who Winfrey at her lap and out here are some fruit and chaired that he would put every ought to put on their last six. Does anyone buy frozen carrots peas like mixed together for anything out of the bodily injury I do I peace Garrett I do actually eat I'm getting it down I'm getting more into the vegetable medley these days. You the vegetable medley of getting more backing her when he's getting into and it's awful I'm enjoying handle some point it I don't know something must show land you pulls it out your frees you laid him on your face. You growing whatever it is Hearst throwback in the freezer and attempt to even running a smear campaign gets to mention we generally are here I have that fab and the price went down and now this woman violent scared the should be you. Now did your guys ever your grandparents are they ever really hate somebody who was famous. They just brought to the memory as I would and I know you don't like her great great grandmother hates you know it right right is aces baseball player. My grandfather. Hated. Hated Richard Dawson okay well. Outside post the family's view beginning of Omar and right family feud okay so like the same family feud Steve Harvey knows this is back in the day you know this guy name Richard Dawson hosted the show. Now forever come feelings about Richard Dawson I think he was more famous for were kissing all the 2000 mash may be. As Hillary got a star was any mash. The movie maybe even not the TV show that's unreal is famous for being in the host and that's how I nomad did he commit suicide to know me. Man why don't have a few less bad scenarios history all of what we didn't have assumed they would bring on the family members drive there just like you said. The two families would come out and Richard Dawson would go over and introduced. Anyway he tried to get to know them he would walked on the roads. If he would kiss every woman of every member of the best quote on the cheek. Always love stories in that just absolutely. It's my grandfather often no way. But he loves this job he could not standards of golf so he forced himself wanted Hogan's Heroes Paul Hogan Hogan they're already run you know that one of those. If the way it was just I mean he would do the chiefs here who are so why did the power game stand because you know what you just don't kiss a woman you don't know. You don't just walk up and she's somebody look at adding that a very nice yeah and that sees why didn't want aegis open kissed his lot with your grandmother. Watching it with. Well yes that's why I said it doubted us and nobody would give you know put up well at Vegas Nevada 200 different woman won't family for your vote on mama don't go to Ramallah that's no bars they can do is going to combat shooters and some news for Roberta and nobody wants to achieve the end. Whose lives he originally go to a woman you do I gain a girl her grandmother hated a friend of ours who's a local weatherman simply because he had French cuffs. The I'm not kidding. I don't want to and I was like I know this guy he's really nicely. Easily be ideal person you wanna see you in your TV every morning might argue that on and off. Just didn't wanna hear Cusick. You know I think it's you can't trust a man grill was what does he do about the French thought she thinks France French cuffs are awfully fancy and trying to do. Put on airs if you will all Democrats say no that's where you have a three have letting you know like French cuff you know like folds back when you put a couple of doing this I'm too long recognize there are others that William I was driving accident yeah mighty god damn right it's like Yemen and really those gloves finisher. I'm conflict that's been good although that's not a bad idea it's French couple of friendship gets you just like to simply because the French cuffs and excitement just the same scenario. Megan and I cannot grant and as soon did you guys left the room. Your cardinal marched into the net. And you know us live though there are against. Meg in hand when they when they the wrestling was out of Georgia they did a lot more talking and that at this stage of the and they were they started this theatrics and a lot of lives like you know the WW we was. Still doing their WW levels still doing their thing but. There was a lot more talking going on George dialogue it was you know like the days of our Rick flair when you're starting analyst people my grand that was the other thing it has migrated off. Talk tall couldn't hall couldn't talk. And no overhead swept. Who gene. I don't care who studies and said jeez did you wanna beat up while just give up there indeed is this thing that she the a quick talking it. So I don't let me and geno could literally like get an estimate of how he I was hoping to haul in the book it's all they know how to do it if I can give up fame because I have an almost see wrestling. It's called grassland. For America are questioned and within your family what does the story that will always be to only 449990. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Men's room when my. Should come as I return non Ted reverses the. FCC are questioned within your family what does a story that will always be told and I've got a few comments here Juan and talking about your grandfather miles. Fading chatty WWE wrestlers family feud host Richard Dawson. Those first rats in my grandmother he did and Murray. Because she boiled alive lobster and a number of growth in your own. That the cult of death it's weird aliens where what makes people hate other people brass plate and what is really small things you have no idea if he didn't know that was they had someone came up to you in select I hate your guts ever since you boil down live lots and everything like he. What are you talking I don't remember I don't have no idea what you're talking. And then says speaking events as compiled stalk like his granddad from West Virginia for the whole show that was hilarious I had tears of the governors that resonant for all the talk all he did this settlement. Talk talk you know Echelon people. What's good now your family what does the star individual always that'll always be told a 44999. Hole. Hello say welcome to the bedroom. A lovely Cheryl has. Yeah. I got. Crazy uncle Emporia street at all of Asia who you don't hang around military and almost look crazy hunger zone. Okay well there's there's three of them so. One of them was sad. It agent Jim very often the only dead lone grove is here in and out of jail just like match and the rest of the Stanley is inside the house you know or opt out and then. Whatever in each other. But chair or local. It's getting out of the car and it picked up. She's I don't know Charlie if you sixty pounds so I had the key local then tried won't live to be unrelated man unbelievable. Trigger right now now it very well. But couldn't find it looked like he had married is becoming very good crack Korey did at Nuremberg to open much. And all the kids were in the room till like oh no. End until. Don't ever lower retail this story like a daily setting a landmark battle got a I don't wanna hear it. Okay here and I don't that's completely inappropriate but it only did my heard. Anywhere from five to twelve. During you know you know searchlight pictures doesn't give them there and I mean you just blurt it out like either. I know where it is drank or girlfriend. And rerun of worries about toss our kids are the rhino the Graco are still together. They I know you don't you rotation that thanks so he'd let whoever now. Was I got seven he's got moving right don't crackle. Oh yeah what about your other uncle. I wonder than married you know pretty much at all let them alive he's got all married to fly Asian and the other 18 adds anything trumpeted. At the barns. Those are on every couple months so what's the. Okay well I'm OK he's one of those who run around the world these girls are in it's we can get when my parents really via we have dale hold. And the answer is big like big family and he's a very analytical guy I'm sure he somewhere on the spectrum grab legitimately. But very very Smart Massachusetts is found and that is organized as one of those things are wanna look Villanova. I'm dead. And fight and a Mac and we have bad news. Did you think you're given that like we've hopefully got all these years. Forty we didn't know that you didn't know the wind blew from the flu what could hold a are yeah okay. No kidding. Good for human moving on yes I was just like a weird thing or are we okay yeah we know I think he was disappointed like everyone knew it yeah how. Yeah. You over the same guy cardigan last summer is here. You don't send out thirty years about a thousand but we knew special bodies and we didn't know who they. That you didn't know we lose like Burt and Ernie they're really Jesus Crist. First journey into grandkids are. Uncle miles on them doesn't destroy and Susan Burton and learning I mean they they live together to join in any sleep beside each other and separate bags. Abdul when the cameras don't manage to put some Gallo and cameras are still need to do like Sesame Street after dark like they do with. What does the that the whole one I'm at least there's a licensee burden aren't pushed the beds again that's no excuse going to grow Eleanor. What did your family way to combine smacked for miles from the ground for the story you'll always be told a 44999. Ole. Say hello to your job and hello John welcome to the bedroom. Did you notice it's time. Did you do very nobly sir how are you there at. LAL. Are extraordinary commitment OK large families. Many simply cannot in my eyes yeah. Mom and dad each had Jen simply dump their own as well also. Feel like a goal for the failures of lieutenant hands or not I. Where there was one of the diving score. Perhaps and we're just very important back and I don't know news outlets. And cash in directly. But I doubt it was just an Obama certainly don't think we're very large and he partying woes in my. We had dislocated quite remember exactly what you Belinelli actually pretty young women I'll let down by it. We had rented out a big all under and it got really really drunk and to bounce around up a wall and get this happened to shape somehow caught up and landed right on her head. She was a solo home. Us since you talk first about the mere. Did not match her clothes. She took all of her clothes off looking forward on this. To change your clothes that match. She did nothing wrong where her crazy aunt crazy uncle Jack. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.