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Steve great to Alaska and track performance she. Sits immediately. Is partially when they come back and you'll take turns out you're right when it was pointing like yeah I could connect. Went to vet comes when the Bieber comes back and goes hey man. You're off on that one right dial Bob I am a bit of we're taking 800 dollar thanks. Yeah that goes on and the looks on the faces one thing about jeopardy and all coaching keep your asking them you will afford the industry and yell you they have jeopardy you keep it got. It appears nobody for her hands up you know things around so when Michael met in the break room that we're sorry you said what is the Renaissance attention rural school. And that Virginia eighth on the way and they put the camera and went. You know how hard it is for that person into the camera not in the mouth like. You don't like that if you're youthful glow of their moment but you folded together facility just loses control back I'm overweight or who lever. And that if you. How did you get that thing you got a 44999012. Volumes they name Rondo get hello my dear old. The Jules yeah until I collapse you reckon I don't know her name is Miguel but the other couple and we wouldn't you can't. Get the deal. No luck always. Mike what's on our men. A month later gray had to go to Atlantic goes crazy it was the question he clearly you've rehearsed this many times ambivalent. Does an amazing over Ashley 35 trip around the earth she loves your show watches and listens every day if you guys conduct and dirty German tour that would be great thanks guys rock down from Jamie. I'm not saying that it is chilly but I want you to buck to a commission. Yeah I. How much you can put them right. God catches my. I think over time the more we see how extra backward realize what a main yet. Malware you've played I do like he made the angels and all the way how old is seventy some years only does that. Yet you feel like you put out direct south from Canada to look at of course. And Nike top wouldn't back him. Yeah he's hunted down and moves earlier that day here that we couldn't even you know what at anything of him is like being in sixty years and when he's he's quite a little. Yeah used uses almost led to the boomerang. Read write all the space they got a bird come right back windows live. That would pretty cool I believe that's back keeping dramatic like smokes up a hotel room with that John or anything like that in those global. Any statement. I don't know that I just address the ball into the BI as soon Canadians who enjoys it here death that could be just stereotype. And other illegal under water tight but I do believe you enjoy it. Hello old Russell welcome to the bedroom. All wall. All. As far trip you've got to clear that you know aren't puppies there the American down tomorrow. Quayle puppy W. But yet it was here eleven years old what did you do you home you call here to do they talk about puppy napping I don't know what more I got murdered that the red lobster to. You're the second light came a year I think that's usually work in radio. And all the tell you about Bobby were putting down tomorrow I'll get Merced red lobster and had their correct. And all you need to know. The candidate strip through. So does the dog being put down with a puppy yet know after the third round tomorrow she's the lab is out of it's you know because people. But for a whole new level you're both new. And and it's clear. Jet that dog eat amoral you won't that I don't know. We could. First quick check in in my car for some of the stories and headlines he is not working up. So. Well you know it's going on there. But that his microphone doesn't work hey are you have to command that then I don't think any of those microphones were. Expand the primarily. All the microphones are dead yeah that was a killing and you turn on the megaphones they don't work. This is well oiled machine if you should no money down on an island that nobody wanted design is news is it the now familiar place for you go out socks then another and I had operated a 900 documents that they unsuitable for Anderson you wanna and posted anything that might have a like if I forgot your birthday by the way I was I'm sorry apologize right cannot get a ball I was. Listen the would you consider that I think that can't be true. Although monster home border if they don't know I can yeah. A tribal all the middle American now I know. I had thought Evan earlier prey developer big public health exam. And Sandra absolutely a toddler sons is there. You will be able. So it's. Pretty good look smaller program. It's. On the 1967. Million my god tournaments pre nine. So remember talking to all summer long. You know maybe it's not that weird. Urge overkill to disarm in 1994 it was still OK good variety. But if the father and Obama and I think that's oh and often go to jail is like the second half. Holdup to making my own methods get jail and compete in the could be possible coupon. If I'm alive and of welding as a white professionally do. You know because there really well I think that either of us have ever seen in my life it's not like today have that knowledge of knowing that that would work you've got to read it in a scientific. What I'm going to give the way articles they say that's on the news right. Because they did they definitely. She'd twelve or whatever or darker so right. I mean those welder guy doesn't play but if the news covered it for him pedestal car is stolen car look out for watching steal a car he has no idea they trail with the common man has been really good sentences like get your girl. Just never seen a lover's mask slip up and to black to ever would not surprised by what I wouldn't no matter what welding might yet. I have two friends that are randomly just well be now just to kind of do it. And yet it feels really want it done there is picking up welding kind of for the hell to me well to look like granola than conservative person I'm of that. It seems while I was thinking to think it will the Carolinas all the time exactly. I'm alana I don't know. She's gonna you're trying to answer the phone he's a nice little bit I don't know I didn't hear it if this is stupid love is immense come off now right yeah. This would follow the trend is there a little bit goes to put this out there. I've been doing a great job we're doing good man survives we'll find a way he had the united remarks that never really know you don't who have this. The Michael were you could have at least he's not good domino Bob could you write a book that there are. I'm about gas slowly and LR I want to let go our own thing and it'll never come back in my here's the thing that we had about a half I beer in Iraq and after. Is lucky to cool it. What bad breath. Not a lot the that only a little lady and now you're you're now you're going with it into a bag every bit. Yeah do you go to a movie theater airplane. People pick you up he didn't think that things. Doesn't have an actual band. Yes why would you be good to go or I mean don't you watch the skiing to stay in the back and white and creativity that I asked if he did it isn't clear bag you CNN. Yes like a doctor scholl's wildly and that he clear to me like the look like a gel insert with a blue liquid but it's district. So what food. Are you shocked that doesn't digest as well as other people on plainly see that. You can see court street it it it's not merely okay and you can even more like it shouldn't if you local neurological. Good ear corn and it's when you equate it is what you've seen it. You don't fret if what you do and you're gonna look normal when you don't go Arnold he was tied and crevice that you can decide I'll let him. There could. I can't guarantee uncertain and gloves we Americans are unstable and corner we can have a go to fan would think that. Now done men's room legacy continues. You what you're about here is real and the members of this radio program are simply. Trying to offend anyone. Important. Invited to join the party. This is the. All gathered in secrecy. This is done. They say. Or radio more than. Three times. OK I go out in Arizona our 2607. In that. Blow was even throw he'll. Be Ted Smith. Want to lend. In my car. Yeah are in the men's room. Ten maybe return a boost to our slacks. A positive bringing stories celebrates October oh best. Get ready to play profile this. Plus headlines read your job today fumble as their emails and everyone's favorite TV time with two black factory ended down trying to go Canadian woman hits coyote then drives twenty miles with a lives. In the grill her car. We think halo where a 101000 dollar reward is offered forty stolen blind baby goats they hope didn't go far. Turns out Kim Jong-un has a really really really big mama. To the US Virgin Islands where lack of need is not keeping the locals there come and it's official. Los Angeles will host the do we really care anymore 2048. Summer Olympics. And it's all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. Oh not bad news good day to you and York aren't big about your call or your truck whatever your view move towards. Weird things happen in it and around it or because it really quick sample of what I'm talking. Does that headlines. To drug runners get caught after living thirteen year old driver car. That was in Colorado and Florida. A guy with so high on drugs and a bathtub and the wheels. And the the grass. Into rehab sit down to being in England a guy he decided to wait the call while those white grabbed a few quick groceries. So imagine her surprise. Which you came back outside to find her husband being arrested the seawall she was gravity beaten belt he's started milking his meat. Someone saw my estimating they called the cops and off we went to jail. But the UK's things where we go to Wales but the woman at a car while when employees reached over window. Grabbed her boobs and said and I quote. Nice. I got there and Florida the whole world of whole book we'll put what I'm just as good a bid or walk I mean if if if if the quake the third they've never been a goal it's a magnet for the goods orders a woman in Calgary tomorrow to brought her up. Can't be stopped by a stranger before realizing that kid you know a coyote stuck in the rollover car hey man these things happen but. It's not always so what what you don't by accident car. It's just things that you do in your car so we are man the man oh man imagine a market fall. That means that they would tell us and that's exactly what today's question. If you're car pit stall. What story would attack their brother Joseph go 844999. All Uga like commence their month FaceBook follow us on Twitter amends in my answer your emails to the men's room at midterm live dot com. You are listening to the bedroom radio network. Did you see your. True Hollywood John Bell I don't know there's a number 2006. 117 I wanted to have great data excited maternal positive dream story as we get into the a yearly celebration known as October of fast and the return of who sucks lessons they were gonna talk about your car without about we're. Temple and again the question. A different ways that we could phrase the question obviously due to get the correct response but ultimately one thing that we did understand is if your car could talk. It definitely has more dirt on you than any of your friends any of your significant others I mean that you do things in the car that you would never do in front of anybody else. You my master made good nose which you actually listened to you would never far forty times and for your significant other in the morning would you get in that car menu letter written currently dude. Every single whatever it is manifest venues graduates on the line every morning your constant nose picker I mean if the car can just analyze you look at you you it would just go man body. Come on man I'm your car have a little respect but fortunately for you. You Carr can't talk but today we go with a little hypothetically here in if your card could talk didn't want story. Would it tell and we'll start with a well the story that happened in and Canada. Wiley Coyote so the story goes abroad may be accustomed to vehicular chaos but it was one of his cousins in the great white north don't go wild ride last week this guy are great writer Ed. I owe you slow boil. Gregory are ansari Georgie knocks. Says she was on her way. To her job in Calgary early 1 morning when a coyote ran out in front ever car. I heard a crunchy rights you'd just like serial coyotes for now the do we is this a coyote orders is a coyote right well no look I always say coyote but we got a got a gold show may be last week I don't use from Wyoming and then the man's man he called the guy who what he did the best when he's drunk you can do both. Thirty your time and target see this sort of sounds like me you call it title are Billick is someone that deals with the actively like some of my all right let you guys are futile malign him like me if it's a coyote I've noted is but I don't have to be a wily coyote just like the writer says while you. Yeah so basically she heard the crunch and she thought she'd ran over the they're the coyote in there and hadn't survived so she just kept on driving. It was when you got a closer a little closer to work last stop at a traffic light that a construction worker flagged her down and noticed that there was a in fact coyotes still embedded in the in the front of her car. If he looks. It looks like just sleeping in something here he actually looks call for me clearly he's here not bright yet in the journal of the coyote that she did back in air drive. Was caught in the grill. And it just looked up and Blake did meet quote. Knox got Albert has fish and wildlife agency to free the coyote would suffered only minimal injuries believe it or not it was given a thumbs up and released back into the wild some twenty miles march almost which is how far they went down the road. And I give a ride back. I think I know today I don't think I don't walk bat well today burden they're stunned that. The fact that the animal denied to sustain a much injury because she. Coordinated at highway speeds you're assuming 65 miles an hour oh boy those two kilometers around the say that says an unknown ninety's is that I don't know ninety kilometers I guess ninety. Do we know I mean you always yours and was 65 miles per hour I or non college I don't know addressing it in. In any Canadian car is the kilometer us madame that are bigger. I really am or numbers I don't daylight when I look at my American car and driving can I got to look at the small little numbers on the into the original intent to drift ahead to looking at the final that notch as you know I'm not really sure and that figured out and have an unlocked and but if I mean that a car go by car in Canada I mean technically wouldn't kilometers per hour being the bad guy number on the power does if you by the Carter camp right I would think this madame well they've had a Canadian numbers you are call or anywhere on earth outside of America technically in Monrovia Liberia I believe. Yeah being clobbered so really it's only gonna suck if you drive your American car into Canada. And at least use work. I thought Canada all the signs had to be in French and English. The sale of car owners may want retirement plumbers of the number of letters yet. Within the numbers would be different and allows us I'm miles per hour. Cindy card thanks market being the predominant number of the kilometer number would be the predominant number that was my main numbers Susie 65 miles an hours a 104 kilometers under former artist for a. I'm very other until the matter of its friends who would still say. 100 item or now I know we would what happened there was I was you don't listen to realize this is number two man you have to you mention English as a slap highly Novak is a terrible movie Canadian bacon thoughtful and I was thinking in my leg or my job my American car out there they got a cavity kilometers and miles out and now they don't well the woman who headed it's hit a coyote says clearly mother nature had. Other plans for the special little guy who survived. Motion then you put that as part of McCarty got hit in the commoners or lose the woman who hit it I don't clearly the sweet sweet sweet little coyote woman yet nordic identity kept on driving and select people comment like dude if your decent human being when you just pull over to see the condition knew him hey you hit right. I'm just keep on driving at all had precious little god and Christina did they give a flying F mail and you hit I think he just kept on driving. If you check when you hit a squirrel what you see him back there yeah. What are the squirrel I get the pass like if you really think that like Ohio we really thought you hit somebody would have fills a dog you didn't see when you least pull over to check which is would you hit him and when I yes it was OK and on the Jerry hit something and not know what it was. Sure and it's a horrible feeling it is. We just hope was eleven or glass yeah I told him my father and told us before it's all horrible story but it was just. We were used back in East Coast we are on I 95 in my father look man to him. The speed limit as a ballpark suggestion. It is willing to go within forty miles an hour faster man. Some ninety miles an hour his average speed at any point that he could go so. And I piece of that and it's my parent loosening up front I'm sitting in the back it's at night I'm like fourteen or fifteen years old. And I'm not really paying attention at the last moment here Obama to say something. Profiler pat or whatever it is when I look up you see this dog and it was it was a white dog has a big dollar rent a house he size or something. And he plows into the same and I mean just. Boom right hits this dog he's. Oh my god in it when you're gonna back window. To see is bodies a veneer spend around this thing to splatters on media I'm 95 and as she's about to say how bad he feels is a look on his face man like he feels bad as he's about to comment on how bad he feels for what does happen. He get another don't all know that had been run and this one is about the same size and that's what was black man he wiped out these two began as dog to my ten seconds maybe. While it was all duty or home get out there no no no not I don't know I mean look I guess that you could put god back when I don't think that dog is. It's not get Nablus that leg gets up sever that link in this kind of thing so but the long ride home and and it was. It was so quiet and meg card like he was on comparable ethically even the radio was offered a remained just it was so somber and so have incite. That is why I was going to add to that what I wanna get why we all over whether I mean like these don't get your bill old literary and both her. Obviously she didn't seem weeping because it was stuck confront here I think you're the size of a dog have you guys I mean the I guess in a newer models of some of the cars we put that big ugly grilled looks like a mouth. It's like a plastic thing it's just right in the middle that's pretty common and now. That's with the coyote went into so yes based on the design of the car and I'm normally just be a bumper there mean but now that the thing looks like it's got to lies and a big ass ugly mouth on the front of it you look at our livelihood as were kind of got lodged in that plastic grille front do you think coyote then thought we could direct channels like a dime out of my leg got beat by a car is a giant as monster run down the road mountain is jobs by my buddy you don't know what to call our. I can't get over how common Cooley looks in there they're they go out like this though you are lodged in the grove say a semis and I. And the truck driver was pretty sure he did hit head felt bad about cab driver for the next morning miles good that's how the former operate side. By the time we find junior you've gone twenty models I think at some point you've probably just made peace with the fact that you're probably going to back to introduce shocked that you didn't some uncommon welcome from Czech guy and if you're real call home like our man up I thought we got to say good bye to everyone in my head I'm. I'm Tom a piece. I man. My buddy had a car in noses baby was a 280 ZX and he'd he'd he'd say no balls money for all summer jobs everything. And he went like. He went back home for Thanksgiving and his buddy game arrived back so they they were their friends gone up they both went to school so Chad look discard me. Well I was probably not a greatest idea in the world don't know it was a 280 ZX and in it was it was nicer car than any car that I never had to be leaving with like hey you can use it or do you just leave it in the house he just loved this car park like you normally what looked keys in the house and I don't think he really thought too much more about. But he did not specifically say hey you know MIT I thought if you need if we don't you know what I I I rarely are they are the reason why don't you think you're saying like you thought it's just. You stated that the scar me not the smartest idea I think. He he's let it definitely left his car he loved discard our apartments and I left the keys there which is the dams they never thought of a mile the government do that dump. So I it. When he drove all the time trusted Google went to school heroes job the car was never there are so. But the 280 ZX you know may now having Annan arrived some like alright while I'm gonna have fun to listen. Just went out did what you know normal people who do probably is drove around placed a wanna go to you know we will still got nor be able to take other people's cars and your religion and so were we live we look on the side this giant hill did don't you just took it. Right away like to pick up chicks are not headed every day I don't know I'm not. I don't I don't moment that I wasn't in the car like I mean Allen the Pittsburgh NN. I am none other in a tropical event today that I did do ladies yet Clara honeydew donuts and Kmart parking lot I'm having a good thing and it's. It's good distinction to do and are they really want. You can jump started to drift you can do anything you want but rather than usual for the god in my he's always do due to so here's what happened I did does I did die I was OE breaking in a parking. All right and a bluesy break. Look at so that was that was those kids somewhat problematic I got that taken care of the body use mechanics that we began to try to pad set up but. You just pulled out and it didn't work so basically headed it needed to replace entire thing again it's Thanksgiving weekend. There's nobody in the shop rite the snow and and half the time it was like a gas station with two doors and as a guy and in a Earl will take care of Merrill's you know even turkeys so that's not gonna happen. So apart the car in the garage are on the and another parking lot. It's a gravel parking lot it's on a hill with a slant in the hill goes over about fifty or sixty feet to a road below that's a very busy road in the mid West Virginia is incredibly amount as they they cut stuff into the on hills. In and they give you a flat land is based on what they cut out. It's gonna like you know like platform gardening if you do run down like that so basically the car's pretty high up on the hill where we live but there's a huge hills so I think to myself five. We'll put the car in first gear. And ask them hold the car on the hill to have no emergency brake. So when a parked car guy that's on park the car put in first gear you're right he was stupid and you are no locks up right. And so like I don't know if I can I don't know how I don't know what the time limit was but at some point in time could have been fifteen minutes could in five minutes. It could have been an hour I don't remember here. I'm like an open the door it's the girls okay. And like. Where where's Chad did shed them like what watermelons in his home and well among them for Thanksgiving. And other like. His car the east is it easier glory is down the road sideways covered in so what so what happened was was that the the the the card and staying gear. Did you bloom of the Ebert in a rolled backward over this hillside that was covered with trees and shrubs and weeds and everything else backwards. And then across the four lane I knew breaks off the no no break and they crossed the four lane. Road covered in shrubbery. All over the back I mean you look like it look like if you're to put earlier deletion like he's running down a road on the daily geely suit Obama but he is backwards hillbillies who regularly branches that bush is there's. There's stuff that's connected to like the rear windshield wiper that pumped into the bumper he's worked the cars dragging its free. You know on any reckless small tree unraveling like an opera I mean it's. It's in it it looks like a big shrub in the in the road a much. Oh god. Almighty god so I run down there aren't the two girls come down with me the car looks like it's completely messed up to scratch marks all over the you don't say yeah. It rolled through sixty feet for downhill and then on to erode right and and I mean smacked hard and in you know and this car honest to god was maybe five inches off program that's just kind of how this car was there was not a lot of ground clearance on these cars in there are very heavy. So you get down there met and I'm just them but there's still traffic trying to drive. All on this road to four lane road man carve out a middle road man and I'm pull branches out from underneath and it's kind of like a plastic parts and look and see if there's an oil coming out oil pan. Forget how loud and amazed I just put like a whole look like a pile of kindling on the sidewalk all the branches and stuff from a car. I started up the car I pulled it over once ago stuff out from underneath us the answer is start a fine. I drove up to the top of that everything off of a legacy pullback of them all I can see a whole bunch of visible scratches where do you put America abort it came from well I don't blame it on margin differently. A marketed to different angles so good rolled on the hill apart to kind of like in a weird way you look at a course of the web any which way would discretion of the house. So they're basically that's all right iPad tablet it's integration in the house would now like you know Munich I caddick all right Andrea I'm does that tell you a guess though solution that that data comes on the second plane so I take the car at any point he stayed don't touch my car. Now now so I take the car man and and I think the first thing I knew is I take it to the Karl. I don't lying I think it's that are like that's gonna do my friends my first instinct take part of our water authority as a first Wednesday. Because I figure. It's so that kind of you know me man I know vacuuming it out like I'm just like oddities to kill me I just got tickets are and I got so that I went to wood or an AutoZone or some crap about Mike a turtle wax car black shale. And basically I and it like a like out a scratch remover. And so I spent three hours on his car. Like waxing it's putting scratch remover pudding and just there's nothing suspicious about I don't know I don't know so he comes home in his car looks like he just stepped off the children. So immediately he just walks in the door like what the F did you include your job and I'm ugly dog and out due to decide take your car out of the day in and I mean I was going out pretty dealing girl Madeleine clean car of serving as always liked. Don't lottery and there's no way to go out of the day of the regular girl like he knew right away you they do what happened in my car might. Mean I drove around whose journey he's like I'm not buying this and Michael how. Just over two you know the words you have got. All right I'm Charlotte iPad Savard did you know they put solid on the roads in PA the solemn look cardiology and know our product is like. Thanks amendments that for economic songs who tripped over that worked out yet our area what are the late great West Virginia they did have salt the roads are excellent but assault at that point time if you didn't have a rest protection whatever you need delivered element of cars as soon as you got solid car had to wash off. So I told. Oh I just on the you break it failed on me that's due Donnelly is thrilled he's telling me if I never totally gotta to do there are it looks like someone drove a horror and really that Hillis is there is no. Question about what has happened here it's all the all the weeds are laying down right side everything's been cleared out late there's dirt that has tire marks were rocks were drug and everything else and it looks like something bowled over this hillside now you didn't piece together the deck and possibly that is going bad call or shaped car when you compare apple way the lead down the street and that brand new sport now we can show improvement rating and ultimately I did reconnect and ultimately I knew that if anything was really wrong with the car than I was gonna you know I was gonna and it took up to it and pay for. But until something did happen and I wanna say. Like oil pence are leaders and it might and are you argue and I can't get that look you won the pieces together at that point it really mimic guiding loyalty you know I mean maybe somebody had to much to our play by ear I don't know. And did everything I lifted the hood marathon runner I need a new look like you took his car he drove into Pittsburgh you broke easy break he rolled into NHL right that you spent sounding a total of five hours clean it up do you remember your gonna talk you remember I don't think this court is going to unlike in a Friday and Saturday the flying I actually did spend Thanksgiving you know I'm also as I could drive that he didn't you can assure our writers he. It doesn't really nice got to Iran ever wants Aussie cargo. You add the two ladies react god damn man and he never knew Joseph was man it was that it was just. He was that drew metallic brown color like I don't know who thought like this is the right color for sports car but it was loud metallic brown the coop color I mean it was that it was ugly is colored it with Greg Cardona bit wrong I just don't know who pick the colors back at those important my parents at three different vehicles my mother had in 1973. On the grand am which is the width of an average four lane highway we had this ugly as Volkswagen bus in my father had a crap. Either as a triumph or bad Donna Dotson to sixty what are. All of them were brown could have been an MG all of them were brown in a bar them in my brother role would you say are now looking to drive way right because clearly there is the family car which doubles why it must. Among those car or to the Pontiac Michigan bear department has. Huge NASCAR followers want evident from sports car but we the standard driveway my brother Tommy our driveway looks like an unforced. Is I guess is like there he also proved to be every goddamn Carly Morrow was brown. Our question if your card could talk what story what Intel 844999. Hole although I'm good girls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. When smiles. Why should your car gets knocked woods story what if Dell late 44999. Aloha hello Trevor welcome to the men's room. Shop on top. What story widger cartel. My story or my car story would be. I had abused the living hell. I was operators and content or in three years. I. I don't know I do literally just got the oracle could and might not even a week ago. Are you doing different than normal people to drive cars who does seem like a very singular problem to me. Yeah I guess I haven't had a chance to get diagnosed gonna don't necessarily always have the money or. It sort of put my money on it. It would cold beer shorts somewhere. Okay both are now only shortest because that that's causing your alternated go bad which probably more of an expensive repair every time than your it was a war we would tell you them Richard Karzai and is broke as we'll get reject out. Yeah is broke GAAP to non paved with zulus are wrong movie which Robert okay about you know and way our co worker unfortunately actually sentiment wise veggie dog he's a man you can by the same is that miles M is that car and one runs fine and in the alone for whatever reasons he does does does does not just relating to answer. If your targets are what storing and tallied 44999. Cola which it looks like Matt is. Another Mike are not effective. Afresh hello Brady welcome to the men's room yeah. Belo auto shop. They guys I misheard the question Doug I tell you got to rest during a candidate Barack motion but it did about. I really didn't miss the question not what did you think we asked that that's the story you called Hewitt to the pharaoh mushrooms what would happen. There were hit locate delight our turn up my car I came and prematurely. Didn't Chet. That at a cheap shot all day and I kept my card really get a course I called in I wanna get shot I got time. However so amazing what you just told to get on the average have no idea what the question is you called random that tell us about the time your trip and I mushrooms at an amusement park. You're here you deadly right and the guy I have. The story about Mike Hart so wet that night did you Honda Civic. Leader and now. Just tell guys I tell historically he's all right call open you know nothing he's got a story does I'm guy that was going to go to amusement park tomorrow should start like that authorities said. There and they don't sanction. OK so what do you donate money here my car what are your bets that. Hardball. And our question of the day to guard the dog was story when it doubt this is certainly easy formula. The gate to rush back did you honestly I had a long time. I had a multiple encounters with women in the backseat. And that important for a bit and well one day or give up work of market are IR restaurant and I come home park and I bet my house. And I did as good a remake you get on go for dinner. Yeah and I'm Mark Hurd literally about a minute ago and I got good news or go back stolen cargo. Did you leave a running. No I don't it. Didn't pull it need. It slowly get these sales of 92 Honda. Denied you wanna guy that's what about that that's our Manolo lives I mean dude Toyota Honda is specifically designed to vehicles to be stolen easy access because apparently like. This is three to six year old out of steel car. And if you do it's a Honda Civic Brett I mean for whatever reason and that's that would go why is that weren't quite as large limit because big kids are racing them. I guess you know. I solar power is easy to steal. They've got to be. Yeah right they're good on gas mileage when you do still Gionta put too much money in the tank driver on our way to run from the top commanded them to go a long while it's a numbers game and a lot of them. Yeah that's true. Maybe we should a guy with a mushroom affair story true. Although lime or your golf coming up. Shenanigans continue on the men's room radio network.